Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 41 - Octopus - full transcript

When Chloe tries to teach her dad to improvise and play Bluey's game of Octopus, he finds it hard to understand or enjoy, until they both realise they can play it their own way.


You're going to love this game,

How do you play it?

Dad, can you explain it?


OK. I'll explain it.

Dad's the octopus.
That's why he talks like that.


And we're fish or something,

and we have to steal his treasure

and get back to our fish home.

Ah, is that all the rules, Dad?


This episode of Bluey
is called Octopus.

Come on, Chloe!
Eee! How are we going to get past?

Don't worry.
Octopuses aren't very smart. Watch.

Look! A robin!

Come on! (SQUEALS)


Chloe! Help!
What do I do?

Do that knee thing you do.

Oop! Oop!


Ah! I'm free!

BOTH: Hooray!


Now we have to get back!

Let me try.


A cockatoo!


BOTH: Hooray!

I told you they're not very smart.

My dad's here.

See you, Bluey.
Bye, Chloe!



Dad, can you play Octopuses with me
when we get home?

It's so much fun.

Um, yes, OK. That sounds like a good
way to learn about sea creatures.

There. Now you have to be
an octopus.


Hi. I'm an octopus.

Octopuses don't talk like that.

Well, octopi don't talk at all.

Yeah, they do.
They go... (BURBLES)

Blub, blub?

Yeah, like that, but more.

Blub, blub, blub, blub?

And you have to wave
your arms about.

They're actually called tentacles.

OK, you have to wave
your tentacles about.

Blub, blub... (SIGHS)
Look, this all feels a bit silly.

I think I'm just going to be
a quiet octopus.

OK. This is your treasure.

I don't think an octopus
would have treasure.

That's more of a pirate thing.

But he has to.
And I have to steal it.

Ah, I guess.

Look, a robin!

Why would a robin be under the sea?

Dad! You're not meant to be smart.

You're an octopus.

OK, got it.


Let me try again.

Got you again.

Ah, Dad, you're making it too hard.

OK, OK. Go again. I'll make it easy.

Dad, now it's too easy.

Oh! My knees.

Let's try swapping.


OK, here we go.


Got it.

No, Dad, you have to go along
this bit.

But this is the safer route.

OK, OK, I'll go this way.



I win.

What's up, Chloe? Is the game over?


You're not playing it properly.

But this is how I play it.


Bluey's dad is more fun than you.

Oh. I see.


Hi, Dad.
Hey, Chloe.

What are you reading?

Oh, I'm reading facts about octopi.

Oh! How come?

Well, I thought maybe it will help
me play your octopus game better.


Turns out octopi are actually
quite smart.

And you WERE right.

They do collect treasure. See?

They collect objects
to make their houses strong.

Ooh. Wow.

So I'm sorry I said you were wrong.

Well, I'm sorry I said
Bluey's dad is more fun than you.

That's OK. He probably is.

But you're fun, too. Really.

It's just that every time
I do something, you say,

"No, but octopuses don't do that."

Do I?

Well, that's funny because I feel
like every time I say something,

you say, "No, octopuses
don't do that."

Oh. Well, how about this rule?

No-one is allowed to say,
"No, but octopuses don't do that."

OK. What should we say instead?

How about we can say,
"Yes! This octopus does that"?

Yeah, but in octopus,
that sounds a bit like this.



Is there any more things
about octopuses?

Well, yeah, look.

When an octopus is scared
and wants to escape,

it can shoot at a cloud of ink.

Wow! Ooh, what's that?

An electric eel. It's an eel that
can make its own electricity.


Animals don't like being hurt,

so they do all sorts of things
to avoid it.

Oh. What else is there?

Well, see this? It's a flying fish.

A fish that can fly?!

Yeah, just small distances,
but still.

That's clever.


Hey, Bluey.
Hey, Chloe.

Do you want to play octopus with us?
Ooh, OK.


OK. This time we're eels.

Got it! I'll be
a south mariba octopus.

Oh, no! That's a poisonous one.

You have to freeze for four seconds
if he touches you.

Ooh, OK.
Let's go!


Bluey! He got you!

One, two, three...
Don't worry.

I'm an electric eel. Zzz!

Oh, wow!

Got your treasure!


How will we get back?

Watch this!

Look! A flying fish!


He squirted ink on you!

He did what?!

Octopi can squirt ink out.

I didn't know that!

Don't worry! I'll save you!


I made it!
Ahh! He's got me!

Bluey! Help!

What do I do?

Turn into flat-backed sea turtle!

A what?

Grab the cushion!

Here comes the turtle!

Pull me, turtle, pull me!


Ha-ha! Let's go!


BOTH: Yay!
We won!

That was so fun!
Yeah, it was, wasn't it?

Can I be the octopus?

Can the octopus be poisonous
AND electric?

BOTH: Yeah. This octopus can.

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