Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 27 - Grandad - full transcript

Grandad is supposed to be resting, but when Bluey and Bingo go to visit him, he makes a run for it with the kids and takes them on a madcap adventure into the bush.

Make sure you eat
your pumpkin seeds, Bluey -

I want you to grow up
big and strong.

Aw! I don't want
to grow up big and strong.

Too bad.

Shouldn't it be up to me?

If it was up to you,
would you eat them?

Then, no, it shouldn't be up to you.


When we get to Grandad's,
can he take us in his canoe?

No, honey.

Grandad's just had heartworm.
The doctor says he needs to rest.


Dad! What are you doing?!

Oh, struth! Quick! Run, kids!

You're meant to be resting!

This episode of Bluey
is called Grandad.

Aren't you meant
to be resting, Grandad?

Ah, there's nothing wrong with me.

You get in bed now!
You'll have to catch me first!

Yeah! You'll have to
catch us first!


We gotta head bush, kids!

Get back here!

Oh, no! She's following us!
Quick! Hide!

Where are those cheeky dogs?


No-one knows this scrub
better than me!

Oh, that's true.
This is where she grew up.

I will find you!

Grandad! I've got a plan!

I didn't hear any of that.

Ooh! They're over here!

She's gone.
Nice work, Bluey.

Where should we go?
To the canoes!

Oh, good idea, Bingo. Come on.

We'll follow the creek.

Come on, Grandad.
Yeah, yeah.

Just guarding our rear
from a sneak attack.

I'll show you a trick
I learned in the jungle.

She can't find what she can't see!


Good idea, Grandad.

Are you sure you're OK, Grandad?
Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

Is it much longerer to the canoes?

I'm hungry.
Yeah, me too.

Have you got any food?

Do I have food? Follow me.


Grandad, why did you bury a backpack?

In case you need some food.


Oh, come on!

Do you want me to do it, Grandad?

My thumbs pull up a bit these days.

Is that what Mum wants you to rest -
so your thumbs get better?

Yeah, probably.

Then why don't you?

Well, it should be up to me -
they're my thumbs.

Yes, it should.

Here, Bluey -
have some pumpkin seeds.

No, thanks.

You've gotta eat
your pumpkin seeds, kid.

They'll make you big and strong.

That's what Mum says.

Well, your mum's right.

But shouldn't it be up to me?

I'll eat my pumpkin seeds.

I want to be big and strong

so I can paddle the canoe.

Ha! There you are!

She's found us! Run, kids!

You're not meant to be
running around!

The canoe's down this way!

Ah, now, hang on -
did I lend it to Maynard?

Come on, Grandad! She's coming!

Oh, I can't remember.
We'll just go this way.

Hey! What's going on?

Hi, Maynard.
Hey, kids.

Maynard! You've gotta hide us!

Is it the aliens?

No. It's Chilli.

Grandad won't do
what Mum tells him to.

Oh, why don't you just
do what you're told?

Oh, don't you start. Just hide us.

OK. Come on, quickly.
Come in the back.

Have you got Grandad's canoe,

Here I come!
Bingo! Come on!

Oh, Chilli! Fancy seeing you here.

Can it, Maynard. Where are they?

Um... Where's who?

You know who.

Did you get a haircut?

Come on, Maynard. Keep it together.

He has to accept
that he's getting older

and needs to look after himself.

Well, IF he was here, he'd just say,
"Shouldn't it be up to me?"

No, it shouldn't.

I'm his daughter.

He should take care of himself
for me, because...

..I still need him.

Well, only an old fool
would ignore that!

Oh! Is that a bite, Maynard?

Oh, we're cooked, kids!

I think that IS a bite.

It could be a barra.

Oh, yeah. That's definitely a barra.

Aagh! I got it, I got it, I got it!

You had one job, Maynard!

Run, kids!



Don't you ever quit?!

Run, Grandad!
I AM running!

Get back here!



We got away!


Don't you ever quit?!

What are we gonna do?

We canooooe!

Paddle, Grandad!

I can't - my thumbs!

You kids'll have to do it.

This is why you have to go rest.

Well, this is why YOU
have to be big and strong.

She's catching up!

Canooooe! Canooooe!
That's it, girls! We're doing it!

Canooooe! Canooooe!
Yeah! We got away!

I'll find you!


That was fun.

Yeah. I could've used you kids
with me in the jungle.

Will Mum find us here?

Yeah. She'll be here soon, I reckon.

This was her favourite place
when she was young.

Where should we go?
Should we get back in the canoe?


I think it's time I had a rest.

Why don't you kids have a swim?

Yeah! Swim!

Hey, Grandad, watch me!

Oh, good one, Bluey.

That's the way, Bingo.

Caught you.

I knew you would.

Mum, look - I'm eating
my pumpkin seeds!


And Grandad's resting.


I remember when you used to
take ME swimming here.

Yeah, me too.

That was a long time ago.


It was yesterday.

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