Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 22 - Bus - full transcript

During a game of bus, passenger Mum is too scared to tell bus driver Dad that she secretly loves him, until she gets some help from the Grannies

♪ The wheels on the bus
go round and round

♪ Round and round
Round and round. ♪

Bus stopping! Psshhh.

Doors opening.

Hello, passenger.
Where are you off to?

Boop. Museum, please.

Oh, OK.

Doors closing! Pshhh.

♪ The wheels on the bus
go round and round. ♪

There's not much traffic today,
so we should be there very soon.

Oh, great.

Unless something
slows us down, of course.

But that probably won't happen.

Pshhh. Door op...

Oh, no.

Here come the grannies!

This episode of Bluey
is called... Ah, I forget.

One granny to mahjong, please.


Listen here, you two.

I don't want any trouble out of you.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Oh, good gravy. Oh!

Is this seat taken, dearie?

It's all yours.

Where are you heading, love?

Oh, just to the museum.

Oh, you should catch the 19 bus.

It will get you there faster.

No, Janet, you'll want the 21.

Oh, you don't know
what you're talking about.

Actually, I catch this bus

because I'm secretly in love
with the bus driver.

Oh, really?

He's bit hairy, isn't he?

Not for me.

Oh, well, wonderful.

You two can get married
and have bus babies.

I'll let him know.

I'm not ready to tell him yet.

But you have to.

We're almost at your stop.

Oh, for goodness...

I will tell him.

I just need more time, OK?

Oh, well, we can slow
the bus down for you.

Next stop, please, driver.

But the next stop's
the sausage shop.

Thought you were going to mahjong?

No, I need some sausages.

OK. Pshhh. Here we are.

Doors opening!
Thank you.

Ah, changed my mind.

Oh, OK.

Doors closing!

Brooom, broom-broom.

Next stop, please, driver.

But the next stop's the library.

Yeah, I need a cookbook.

OK. Pshhh. Doors opening!

There you go.

Actually, I can't read.

Passengers should only ding the bell
if they intend to get off.

Is that clear?

Tell him you love him.

What do you mean "no"?
I mean, yes, it's clear.

Good. Doors closing!


Oh! The next stop
is the motorbike shop!

Oh, good.

What? You wanna buy a motorbike?


OK, bus stopping.

Pshhh. Doors opening!

There's the motorbike shop.
Go and buy a motorbike.

Oh, there's no pink ones.


Right, that's it! Pshhh!

Doors closing!


No more stops until the museum,
and then you're ALL getting off!

You have to tell him now, dearie.
You're running out of time.

Where's Boopsie gone?

I can't. I'll do it tomorrow.

Oh, today is better than tomorrow.

Oh, Boopsie?

Bus stopping! Pshhh! Off!

I can't find Boopsie.

Who's Boopsie?
Her snake.


Oh, there you are Boopsie.

Get it off! Get it off! Ooh!

Arggh! Arggh!
Naughty Boopsie!

Quick, grab its head!

Get it off!
Oh, no.

We're gonna be late for mahjong.

Suck the poison out!


Hey, why's the bus moving?

Oh, Rita's driving.
Oh, OK.

What?! Rita's driving?!

♪ The something on the bus
go round and round... ♪


Stop! Come back here!

That's my bus!

Quick, do something, Janet!

Oh, time for a nana nap.

Raoww, sausages.


Come on, Rita,
back to your seat, honey.


Arggh, the steering wheel!


Raoww, cookbook.

Why don't I take this, Rita?

OK, you have fun, love.

Stick it back in the thing!

OK, OK! There.

The steering wheel's fixed.
Now what do I do?!

Hit the brakes!
Where are the brakes?!

They're down there!
The big brown block!

What big brown block?!

I love a good lamington.

Arggh! Rita's eating the brakes!

Next stop, please, driver.

We can't stop!

Oh, excuse me.

Oh, Rita!

That's not helping!

Uhh! Ooh!

Hoo, made it.

Oh, hello.

How you going?
Not bad.

Tell him!

Tell me what?

I'll...I'll tell you tomorrow.

There's not gonna BE a tomorrow!

We're gonna hit
that custard factory!


I said next stop!

We have to jump! Grab the grannies!

Come here, ya old chooks!

Put me down, ya big brute.


Oh, my coins.

We're alive.
I can't believe it.

This isn't mahjong.

There's something
I've been meaning to tell you,

but keep putting it off
till tomorrow.

But now I think
I'm gonna tell you today.

I'd like to get married
and have your bus babies.


There ya go, Rita.

Thanks, Janet.

I did it, Janet! I told him.

Oh, well done, dearie.

I'm proud of you.

Thanks. I'm proud of myself.

Now, you go
and have some bus babies.

Oh, no, he's already married
to a giraffe.


Oh, Stretchypants, I was so scared.

We almost hit a custard factory.

We'll see about that. Come on, Rita.

OK, Janet.

Here come the grannies.

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