Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Escape - full transcript

When Mum and Dad describe a made-up world where they can relax without the girls, Bluey and Bingo decide to burst into their fantasy and chase them down. How will Mum and Dad escape?


Where are we going?

We're dropping you kids off
at Nana's, remember?

BOTH: Hooray! TV!

No TV.

What? Why not?

'Cause you've been watching it
all morning.

But what are we meant to do?

I don't know. Use your imaginations
and draw some pictures.

But I don't know what to draw.
Oh, nonsense.

Don't worry, Bingo,
Nana will let us watch TV.

I heard that.

Hey, hang on.
Why aren't you coming to Nana's?

Because your dad and I
wanna spend some time together.

What?! Without us?

Yeah, hard to believe, isn't it?

What are you gonna do?

Well, we're gonna lie in
comfy hammocks, wearing sunglasses.

Drinking from coconuts
with those little umbrellas.

With no kids allowed.

Yeah, no kids allowed.

BOTH: What?!

This episode of Bluey
is called Escape.

This is outrageous!

Yeah. We're gonna come and join in.

You can't stop us!

Oh, no! Here come the kids!

BOTH: Yah!

Well, we've got a huge wall
that pops up

and it's ten hundred metres tall.

Nice one, Dad.

A wall? Why?

I told you - no kids allowed.

Well, we hire an eagle to fly
us up over the wall.

Oh, what?!

Well, on the other side of the wall

is a huge prickle bush
with big prickles.

Oh, good thinking.

And you can't pay the eagle again
'cause you've run out of money,

and anyway, he's on the toilet.

Well, then...

..I brought a lawnmower with me

and I'm gonna mow
the prickle bush down.


Oh, no.

Good one, Bingo.

OK, we go down a secret tunnel
to our underground base.

Which also has hammocks.

Well, we go down the tunnel too.

You can't. There's a manhole cover,
which is locked.

Well, I get an axe
and chop a hole in it.

It's made of metal.

Your axe breaks.

Hmm, what chops through metal?

Uh, diamond?

Bandit, don't help them!

Hee-hee! We use a diamond axe
and chop through it.


Oh, no!
Quick! Time to bail!

We get in a car.

Yeah, but a cool car.

Let's go, let's go, let's go!


Bluey, let's get
in the dream house car.

Oh, yeah.

The what?
(DRAMATIC VOICE) The dream house car.

It's like a giant dream house
on wheels.

Yeah, it's got 11 burger shops

and 20 bedrooms and 40 toilets.

And a spa on the balcony.

Who's driving it?


Oh, no. Punch it, Mum!
Punching it!

Faster, butlers!

Come on! They're gaining!
I can't go any faster!


Right, that's it.

We drive into the airport and get
in a helicopter and we fly off.

See you later!


..we push a button

which makes the wheels of the
dream house turn into rockets

and we fly into the air.

Who made this thing?!

Jerry Lee.
He's our science butler.

Dad! Get us out of here!

I'm trying! I only just learned
how to fly this thing.


That's it. We're punching out.

Ooh! So do we!

But we have special parachutes

that still have the spa
attached to them.

And Jerry Lee is there fanning us.


That Jerry Lee sure earns his money.

Well, we leg it!

We throw cupcakes at you.

Ooh, good. I eat them.

And we're getting away.

But, you run into a big cliff

that's a million, million miles high.

We're trapped!

BOTH: Thanks, Jerry Lee.


You've got nowhere to run now.

OK, you win.

We give up. You caught us.

Uh, no.

You have to keep trying to get away.

But you caught us.
We'll play with you.

No, we like it
when you run away from us.

Oh, don't be silly. Give us a hug.

Run, Bingo!

Quick - they're getting away!

We run as fast as we can.
We're chasing you.

We jump on a scooter
that's electricity.

Well, we get on a scooter
that's electricity,

but we've paid Jerry Lee
to pull us on a motorbike too.

Oh! Jerry Lee, you work for us!

Not anymore. We gave him our coconut
drinks so he likes us better now.

We scoot to the place
where rockets take off

and we jump in one
and take off to space.

Yeah, well, we jump onto the tail.

We just want to love you!


Well, we go up into space.

Yeah, where there's no air.

Dad, quick - take a big breath!


They can't hold it forever.

BOTH: Hooray!

Oh, you got away!

BOTH: Hooray!
We win.

BINGO: We go and live on the moon.


Well done.

BANDIT: We're here!
Hi, girls!

Have fun with Nana.
BOTH: We will.

Thanks, Mum.

You two make the most of it.

It's not easy
getting time to yourselves.

It certainly isn't. See ya, kids.

BOTH: See ya!

Nana, can we watch TV?

Well, OK. If that's what you want.


No, Bingo, let's draw.

Oh, OK.
Oh. Ooh. OK.

I'll get the pens and paper.

Ooh. And what's this one, Bingo?

It's the dream house car.

That's what we chased
Mum and Dad in.

Oh, the dream house car.

That's the spa, see?

It has a little dome on it.

Oh, it does, too.

And this is Jerry Lee.
Oh, Jerry Lee parachuting.

Got it.
He's one of our butlers.

And this is us on the moon.

Oh, goodness, you kids
have got good imaginations.

BOTH: Yes, Nana.

I don't know where
you get your ideas from.

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