Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Hammerbarn - full transcript

On a trip to Hammerbarn, Bluey and Bingo create their own mini-homes side-by-side in the trolley. But Bluey quickly gets jealous of her neighbour, Bingo.




That's no good.

This house is falling apart.

Well, nothing lasts forever.

Yeah, I guess.

It's just got character.

Dad, Bingo's watermelon
is redder than mine.

No, it isn't.

Yeah, it is. See?

Oh, yeah.

Well, the grass is always greener
on the other side of the fence.

What does that mean?

Hey, Bandit!

Check it out.

New pizza oven.

Pretty sweet, eh?

I just got it from Hammerbarn.

BOTH: Ooh.

We're going to Hammerbarn.

BOTH: Yeah, Hammerbarn!

Gee, his lawn's looking green.

This episode of Bluey
is called Hammerbarn.

Will the pizza taste better
from the pizza oven?



Dad, Bluey got more sauce than me.

No, she didn't.

Hey, mate,
where are your pizza ovens?

Aisle 300. Left at the fake grass.

If you hit a flamingo,
you've gone too far.

BOTH: Trolley!

I'm going to aisle 300.

OK, we'll head to the garden centre.

Come on, kids.


Ooh, Bingo, these can be our houses.


This is my yard and that's yours.




Hey, Bingo, look. I've got a garden.

Yeah, me too.

Can't have too many of these?

Ooh, you can be my husband.

Hey, no fair. I want a husband too.

Yes, yes, here you go.

Same as Bingo.

Hee-hee-hee. Hello, husband.

Hello, my name is Hecuba.

Oh, hello, Hecuba.

My name's Gerald.

I'm going to do some yard work.



Hey, Gerald doesn't have a shovel.

Mum, Bingo's husband
is better than mine.

Just try and be happy
with what you've got, OK?

I can't be happy with what I've got
when what she has is better.

Thanks, Mum.

Hello, new husband.

What a lovely veggie patch, Hecuba.

Fairy lights.


Hey, why does Bingo...

And more fairy lights
that are just the same.

Thank you.

These can be our pizza ovens.

BOTH: Cook-cook-cook-cook-cook.

Ooh, look, Hecuba, a pizza flipper.



Mum, can we get two
pizza flippers, please?

We don't need two.

Try swapping something with Bingo.


Bingo, will you swap some
of my plants for your pizza flipper?

No, thanks.


What about for my husband?

No, thanks.


Oh, but that pizza flipper
is all I want in the whole world.


Thanks, Bingo.




Ooh, pizza stone.


A dining table.


I'll swap you back the pizza flipper
for your dining table.

No way.


I want a turn with it.

Give it to me.


Let go, Bingo.

Give it to me, Bluey.


So how many BTU's has this one got?

(YELLING) Bluey!

Ah, it's probably another Bluey.

I'm sorry.

This is what happens when
you're unhappy with what you've got.

Someone's husband
eventually gets it.

I just wanted the dining room table.

You can't just get
new stuff all the time.

Why not?

Because stuff costs money.

There's no magical place
where everything's just free.

Bluey, look.


It's everything we want.

Are these all for free?

Yes, they're all for free.

BOTH: Hooray!

Hmm, Gerald, I'll put olives
on your half, my dear.

Sharralanda, darling,
you wouldn't have some lettuce

I could borrow, would you?

Of course, Rhonda.

Here you go.

Thanks, darling.

I'm just enjoying this hamburger.

Poor Hecuba,
he always loved hamburgers.

Would you like to try some beetroot?

Oh, thank you, darling.

Isn't it nice having everything?

Yes, it is.

Just try not to get used to it, OK?

Oh, it's that lady who said
we can't have everything we want.

Don't listen to her, Rhonda.

Oh, that pizza was delicious.

Hey, why have we stopped?

And what's that dooting?

Oh, my plants.

What are you doing?

Hi, guys. I have to scan
all your stuff, OK?


BOTH: We're at the checkout!

Ahh! My pizza oven.

Give it back.


Don't take my dining table.

We have to pay for it.


Bluey, relax.

She's taking my husband.

Ah, I might meet you in the car.

We worked so hard on our houses.

I wasn't ready to take them down.

I know.

I guess nothing lasts forever.

Hey, would you kids
like to try my beeper gun?

Yes, please.

Here you go.



Can I have a turn?

Yeah, here you go.


OK, kids, are you ready for the best
pizza you've ever tasted?

BOTH: Yeah.

We'll see about that.


Looks a bit bodgy.

No, it's just got character.

Tuck in, kids.

I'm just going to give one
to Lucky's dad.

Hey, yours is bigger than mine.

But that's fine.

Hey, mate, have a go at this.

Ham and pineapple.

Aw, yeah,
swap you for a meatlover's.


Oh, my goodness.

BOTH: What is it?

This is amazing!


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