Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - The Show - full transcript

When Bingo drops Mum's breakfast-in-bed on the floor, she's convinced she's ruined her big day. But Bluey helps make amends by putting on a play of how Mum and Dad first met.

Happy Mother's Day!

Ooh! Goodness!

Oh, Bingo!

Come back!
Yeah, I thought that might happen.

Are you OK, Bingo?

She's sad because she thinks
she ruined your day.

It will take more than that
to ruin my day, Bingo.

I ruin everything.

These things happen, honey.
I'll tell you what I do.

Bluey, checklist.
Ooh, OK.

I have a little cry. Wah!

Then I pick myself up.

Dust myself off.

And keep going.
The show must go on.


The only one of those I know
how to do is the crying one.

Then just do that one for now.

Bingo, let's put on a show!

This episode of Bluey
is called The Show.

Please take your seat.
The show is about to start!

Oh, it's so nice
to go to the theatre.

Oh, yes, I've heard very good things
about this production.

Welcome to the show!

Bingo, quick, this side!

Bingo, you're going to play Mum,
because you're both red.

I promise my best
I won't ruin it, Bluey.

You won't. Now go!

♪ Doo-do-do-do. ♪
It's me!

One day...

Ah, wait on.
What's your not Mum name?

Oh, yeah.

One day, Chilli was walking along

and, um, this was before
she was a mum, in the olden days.

Chilli loved playing hockey,
and, um...

Oh, yes! And dancing.

Mmm. I'm a good dancer!


..she was very lonely.

No, I wasn't.

Yeah! No, I wasn't.

Yes, you were.

So, she...

Um, where did you meet Dad?

Well, there's some dispute,
but let's just say at a party.

In London.


Blow out your candles, Your Majesty.

Very well.

I don't remember
the Queen being there.

You wouldn't.

Then suddenly this big blue guy
called, um...

Bandit walked in.

Alright, here we go.

♪ Doo-do-do-do-do. ♪

Hey, babe, smell this!


Ooh, delightful!

Yes, jolly good.

Who wrote this?

And then, Bandit asked Chilli
to marry him

on a romance trip to, um...

The dump!

Ooh, marry me, babe!

Ooh, why should I?
'Cause I love you, babe.

I love your ears, babe.

Do you love my stinky feet?

Oh, yeah, I loves your stinky feet.

And my bellybutton?

Oh, yeah, I loves your
bellybutton, babe.

That is not how it happened!
Oh, yes, it was.

They had a big wedding.

And then... Come on, Bingo!

Is this a toilet break?

Bluey, I haven't
ruined the show yet.

Good one, Bingo!

Well, I'm enjoying this very much.

I have some minor quibbles
with act one, but me too.

And then, Chilli had
a baby in her belly!


It's me.

How are you doing in there,
little mate?


OK, let's keep this moving!

So, then they...


Ladies and gentlemen, we're
just having some show problems.

Please, uh...enjoy some dancing.

Oh, no!

Bingo, what are you doing?

Get back out here!

I knew I ruined the show.

It wasn't your fault.

It was.

We can just blow up another one.

Oh, there's no blue ones left.


I ruin Mother's Day every day.

There's green!
But you're not green.

I don't mind. Ooh, I know.
Let's stuff the Queen up there.

But she's an old lady.
How rude!

Hey, um...

Get back to your seat!

I have to go to the toilet!

Sit down!
Hey! Hey!

Listen, Bingo, we're
finishing this show.

I can't! Just do it by yourself.

We can't do the show without you.

You're Mum!

Bluey, checklist.

Ooh! OK. Go.

Have a cry.

Pick myself up.

Dust myself off.

And keep going.

The show must go on.

She's back.

Whoo! Whoo! Whoo!

Chilli! Chilli!
Chilli! Chilli! Chilli!

Er, what? Hey, hey, what?

Save my seat!

So, um...what was happening was...


Chilli went to hospital and...

Are you ready?


She had a baby girl.

Goo-goo, ga-ga.

I'm going to call her Bluey.

That's me!

Ah, yeah, I'm you, aren't I?

Let's see.

Daddy, me go boom-boom in nappy!

Change me, Daddy!

Dada, change me!

The end.


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