Bluey (2018–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Sticky Gecko - full transcript

Chilli is taking Bluey and Bingo to the park to play with Judo, but they can't leave before they finish their game - waiting for a sticky rubber gecko to drop from the ceiling.

Come on, kids, we have to go!

Quick sticks.
Oh, why?

We're meeting Judo at the park.

If we don't get a move on,
we'll be late.

Oh, can we not go just yet?

Why not?
Just because.

That's not a reason.
Now, where's your hat?

I don't know.
Well, find it.

We're leaving in one minute.

Is one minute this long?

More like this long.

Have you cleaned your teeth?

Show me.

When did you clean them?
Last night.

OK. Go and clean your teeth.

Come on! I'll time you.
Ready, set, go!

Bingo, package.


Whoa! Hey, Bluey, hat. Bingo, teeth.

I just need to deliver this.
Deliver what?

Sticky Gecko!

Oh, no.


This episode of Bluey
is called Sticky Gecko.

Come to Mama, little Gecky.

I'm still timing you, Bingo.

But I have to catch Gecky.

You brush your teeth,
I'll catch Gecky.


You find your hat, I'll catch Gecky.

Keep timing!

I can't find it.

Have you looked.
Yeah, I've looked everywhere.

There it is.

Oh, yeah.

Come on, Gecky.

What was it that Grandad used to say
when he was a soldier?

Hurry up and wait.
Hurry up and wait.

Bingo, teeth!

Oh, yeah.


Are you OK?

Yeah, I'm OK.
Good, then help me tidy this up.

Oh, why do I have to help?

Ooh, OK.
Who's catching Gecky?

Argh! I am.

My banana!

I'll get it!

Here it comes.

Yuck. Toothpastey.

OK, let's go, I need you
out the door in one minute.

Can I have my hat like Grandad's,

with the side bit up like that?

Oh, look, Bluey...

OK. Go and get a badge but hurry up!


Time for rollerskates.

Mum! Gecky.
Sorry. Come on, Gecky.


Chk-chk, stop!
Ooh, one minute, well done.

Now let's get going.

I'm just gonna
put on my rollerskates.

Bingo, there's no time!

Alright. Let me put them on for you.

No, you have to time me.

OK. Ready, set, go.

And we can't leave
before Gecky falls off.

Oh, look...

..I'm gonna give him a hand,

I found a badge!

Great. Bluey, can you please grab
my hockey stick?

I need to get Gecky down.

The rabbit goes round the garden...

No, no, try again.

Look who I found!


Bluey, hockey stick!
I couldn't find it.

Did you look?
Never mind, give me that.

I'll use Chattermax.

Dammit. Really stuck!

Gecky doesn't like being rushed.


They're on the wrong feet, darl.

Are they? I'll start again.

Oh, Bingo, there's just no...


Mum, have you seen my hat?


Argh! Right, that's it.

We're not going to the park!
We're just staying here, then.

So...we're not going anywhere?

No. We'll just stay here forever.


That's it! Come on, out, out, out!
I don't understand!

We're leaving now.


I just have to find my hat.

The door. It is right here.

All we need to do is walk out of it.

It's so easy!

Why do we have to go right now?

Because I don't want to be late!
But why?

Because it's not nice
to keep people waiting.

Especially Judo's mum.

She can get a little funny
if you're not on time.

Oh, why?

Well, I guess she thinks it's rude.

But it just takes ages
getting out of the house.


Because you kids don't care
about being on time.

Because you're too busy having fun.

In fact, that's why
we're going to the park.

Judo's been asking
for a play date for ages.

Because you're a lovely little kid.


Because I put a lot of work
into making sure

you're a lovely little kid.

Because lovely little kids
turn into lovely grown-ups.

Like Judo's mum.

She really is lovely, actually.


Well, when you were born,
she made us five lasagnes.


It meant so much to me.

That's the sort of person
I want you to be.


Because I want you to have
a happy life.

Because I love you!

But why?


That's not a reason!

Oh, OK! You win!


So, what's going on, Bluey?

Why can't you get out the door?

I'm just nervous about seeing Judo.

I hear you.

It's been a long time
since you've seen her.

Just be brave, OK?

Like your grandad.

Attention! Forward march.

Hup, hup, hup.


Oh, chk-chk-chk, click. Ah!

Was that one minute?
Pretty much.


You have no idea what a minute is,
do you, sweetheart?

That must be nice.

It's Judo's mum.

She's running late!

Oh, well, take your time, kids.

I'm hungry.

Ooh, banana.

Whoop! Oh.


Captions by Red Bee Media.