Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - The Weekend - full transcript

At the weekend, Bluey and Bingo are playing in the garden with their Dad. But Bingo gets upset, when she discovers a walking leaf insect and for her Dad, he is too caught up in the game to notice.

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- Bluey!

♪ I'm a digger
Strong and tough ♪

♪ Beep, beep, beep
Get out of my way ♪

♪ I need to dig
The ground today ♪

What's today, kiddo?

It's the weekend?

That's right.

How many games should we play?

This many!

Whoa! Okay, that's doable.

I've got a letter for you!

Oh, thanks Bluey.

What have we got here?

It's a drumstick.

Oh, you beauty!

Doo-doo-ba! Doo-doo-ba!

A-rum-pum-ba! Rrrrrrr-ah!

Tic-uh-tic-ah, mm-pa-pa-bow!

- This episode of Bluey

is called The Weekend.

- 7 for 279...

Don't let him get up!

-You're not getting up, ever!
-Stay on him!

You're not going anywhere,
you wild beast!

I'm just going for a run!
I'll see you later.

-Bye Mum!
-See ya, Mum!

-Let me up!
-No, you're not getting up!

I've got to give
your mum a kiss.

-No smoochy kiss for you.

Oh, no!

Hang on, hang on! Shh, shh!

Boyd is out,
the first ball after...

Okay, I've --I've
actually got to watch this.

-Noooo! Get his legs, Bingo!
-Ahh! Come on!

I just want to see this wicket.

Hey Bingo, you wanna
play statues?


How is that LBW?

- Coming!

Dad! Yeah, I'm coming!

-Okay, okay.


Oh, hello. Would you like
to buy a statue?

Ah, yes, I definitely
would like to buy a statue.

I-- Wait a minute.

These aren't
magic statues, are they?

Oh, no, these aren't magic.

These are just normal statues.

Oh, good, 'cause I've been
down that road before.

Whoop, pause the game. Beep!

♪ Bilby's digging
Bilby's digging ♪

♪ Cockatoo, cockatoo ♪

Phoar, it stinks!

Well, you're welcome
to wait outside, kiddo.

Boop! Unpause.

Okay, I'd like that one, please.

Four hundred dollareedoos.

Thank you.

Enjoy your statuuue!

Now, where am I gonna
put this statue?

Ah, yes, just here.

Oh, I forgot my change.


I think I forgot my change.

-Oh, yes, sir. Here you go.

Thank you, shopkeeper.

I'll just get back
to my statue,

which I'm sure
is right over here.


What's it doing over here?!

I could have sworn
I left it over there.

Oh, well. I guess
I'll just put it back.

Is everything okay?

I think so.

I could have sworn I left
the statue here,

but I found it over there.

Well, you're probably just
going crazy or something.

Oh, yes, probably.


What's going on here?

Where's my statue?!

Hey, how did you get out here?

There's definitely
something weird going on.


What? Grrr!

This is a magic statue!
I knew it!

You sold me a magic statue!

-You get back here!


Where are you,
you little reprobates?

Oh, someone's at the door.


Oh. What?

-That's strange.

-I thought someone rang the doorbell.

Oh, well, I'll just
go back inside

and carry on
with my current tasks.


Huh? What?

Well, that's twice now,
and there's no one here.

Certainly a very
strange occurrence.

I want to do it.

Okay. I'll help you.




-Hello! Yarr!

-It was you kids all along!

-Where's my 400 dollareedoos?!

- Run, Bingo!

- Heel! Heel!

Is that a leaf?

Are you a leaf?

You look like a leaf,

but you're walking.

Are you a walking leaf?

But I don't understand.

Why would a leaf want to walk?

You should be in a tree, leaf.

Daddy, come and see!

Where are you going,
walking leaf?

Come here, Daddy! Quickly!

-Give me back my dollareedoos!

Daddy, come and see.



Have fun.

I'll miss you.

-Where's my Bluey?

-Well, go on.

Give your Mum a hug.
What are you waiting for?

Oh, Dad!

Oh! Sorry.

Where's your sister?

There she is.


Is there more weekend tomorrow?

There sure is.


Night, sweetie.

Already tucked in, Bingo,
you little star?

-Oh, what's up?

- Psst, honey!

-Come up here.
-Yep, coming.

Oh, and she's got sushi shoes,

and there's rice at the bottom

to help the shoes stand up.

-Hey, Bingo.

Daddy, you didn't come
and see the walking leaf.

Ah, I'm sorry.

I didn't hear you.

That's okay.

The thing is, I don't know
if you know this,

but I bought this statue today
from a shop,

and it turned out to be magic.

Yeah, every time
he would put it somewhere,

it would just
keep running away.

Yeah, and then I went
to see the shopkeeper

and tried to get my money back,
but she kept running away.

And he chased me
all around the yard.

I kept running away.

Yeah, and I didn't even get
my 400 dollareedoos back.

So I'm sorry.


-It was me!

I was the statue!


You know what?

I did think you looked
a little bit familiar.

-Night, Bingo.

Night night, Bingo.

-Yes, mate?

Just leaves the door
open this much,

so the leaf can come in.

No worries, kiddo.