Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 37 - The Adventure - full transcript

Bluey plays with Chloe and pretends to be a horse as she accompanies the princess on an imaginary adventure to find food at the family farm. The friends swap roles and adopt a variety of personas as they save the kingdom from an evil queen




- Bluey!

Oh, another electricity bill.

How will I afford to feed
all these babies?


Yes, Kindly Queen?

I'm afraid you're gonna have
to leave home

and find food for us all.

But I'm much too scared
to travel in the outside world.

Please, don't make me leave!

I'm sorry, you have to,
or we'll all starve.

I'll miss you ever so much!

As will I, Kindly Queen.

Waah, waah!

Oh, Honeyhorse, my oldest friend.

Whatever shall we do?

Wherever shall we go?

Great idea!

We will travel to the farm
where I was born.

They will have plenty of food
for everyone!


Honeyhorse can't talk, remember?
He just neighs.

-Oh, yeah.

This episode of Bluey
is called The Adventure.

Oh, my, Honeyhorse,
I'm not sure about this.


Oh, my,
what rude fellows.

Oh, my, what rude fellows!

Stop copying me this instant.

Stop copying me this instant.

Dah, silly terriers!

Boys are strong
like King Kong!

Girls are weak!
Chuck 'em in the creek!


Pbht! Chloe, let me be
the princess for a second.

-I've got an idea.



Girls are strong like King Kong.

Boys are weak.

Chuck them in the creek!

You've beaten us, my princess.

When you need us, we'll be there.

Why, thank you.


We're here!

This is the farm where I grew up.

It will have lots of food
for the Kindly Queen's babies.

Oh, my! It's all gone!

This was once full of fruit bushes.

What's happened?

The Greedy Queen

turned it all to sand, my dear princess.

Grandma Fairy, it's you!

Yes, it's me!

Why did the greedy Queen turn
all the fruit bushes into sand?

Maybe she really likes sand.

Someone has to stop her,
or there'll be no food!

-What about you?

I'm not brave enough.

You are, too!

You have the heart of a hero, my princess.

Here, take this treasure.

It's really magic.

It can help you beat the Greedy Queen.

I'm sorry.
I'm just too frightened.

I have to ride home at once!

Honeyhorse, where are you?


I'm the Greedy Queen,
and I'm going to freeze you!




Oh, no! Honeyhorse,
my dearest friend!

The Greedy Queen has
turned you to stone.

Well, I'm gonna make her
turn you back to not-stone!

The Greedy Queen has frozen
all the villagers!

And I'll freeze you, too!


You can't hide
from me, dearie!

I am too powerful
for a little princess.

If you keep being mean
and greedy,

no one will want to be your friend!

I don't want any friends!

I like being mean and greedy.

Oh, I'm not brave enough to do this.

-Aah! Help!

No one can help you now!

You want to bet?!


Get away, you stinky boys!

Run, princess!


Thank you, brave ones!

Protect the princess!

Freeze! Freeze! Freeze!


-I'm coming to get you!

Oh, no!

You're a faster
runner than me, Bluey!

-Let's swap.
- Okay.



Oh, there's no way across!

I'm doooooomed!


Fairy Grandma!

Oh, my dearie, you have to
stand up to that Greedy Queen

or you'll be
frozen forever.

No, but I can't.

I'm just a scared little princess.

But you don't have to be.

You can change
into anything you want.

Can I?

Yes, you can.

I have to go now, my child.

Wait, no!

Remember the treasuuuure!

Treasure, treasure, treasure...


Haha, there you are!


Thought you could get away
from me, did you?


Turn Honeyhorse back
to not-stone, or else!

Or else what, my little princess?

Or else I'll turn you to stone!

Ha! Oh my!

I'd like to see that!


Ooh, I'm scared!

-Go get it!


Uh, whoops!


You did it, princess!

You beat the Greedy Queen!

Oh, Honeyhorse,
my dearest friend.

We did it!


More tea and cakes
for your children, Kindly Queen?

Oh, they couldn't eat another bite,

thanks to you, brave princess.

What'd you get up to
at school today, Chloe?

Um...not much.

Bluey and I played princesses.

Oh, princesses, eh?

Oh, is that where you sit in
a castle and have tea and cakes?