Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 36 - Backpackers - full transcript

Mum and Dad are going on an adventure for the day, wearing the kids as their cheeky backpacks. Seeing the sights and buying street food, backpacking is a blast - until they lose their passports.




- Bluey!

What's this, Aunt Chilli?

It's a souvenir I got
backpacking, Muffin.

It brings good luck.

It doesn't work.

Don't listen to him.

What's backpacking?

It's where you go on holiday

and you carry everything
you own in big backpacks.

Can we play it?

We can be the backpacks!

And Mum and Dad
have to carry us around.

- Yeah!

I told you it doesn't work.

This episode of Bluey
is called Backpackers.

Well, that was a pleasant
two-day train ride.

A whole new city to explore.


Get out of it!

What's with all these flies?

Man, these backpacks are so heavy.

Well, let's
find a place to stay then.

Mum, you need to look
in the guidebook for a hotel.

I need to look in the guidebook
for a hotel.

-Right. Where's that guidebook?

It's in here somewhere.


What is that?

I bought it from someone
on the train.

She said it would bring good luck.

Ah, you ding-dong.

Here it is!

Don't let go, Bluey!

Right down...
the bottom!

Got it!

I'll find us a nice hotel
in the guidebook.

You're very hungry.

I'm very hungry.

Hey, look! Some guy's
selling croissants.

I'll be right back.

Please don't eat too many.

Bonjour, mate.


I'll take one croissant, please.

No, no.

You want all the croissants.


I'll take all
of your croissants, please.

How much?

Sixty hundred.

Okay, one sec.


Here you go.


Uh, do you take bananas?


You do? Oh, what luck!

Oh, so good!

Namaste, mate.


How much for you
to take us to this hotel?

-Three hundred.

The guidebook says one hundred.

That's a good price.

No, no, no!
Three hundred!

Ready to roll?

He wants three hundred!

Ask him if he takes bananas.

Bingo, give Uncle Bandit a tummy ache.


My stomach!

I need the toilet.

Pay him whatever he wants!

I know how this ends!


I told you not to eat too many.

But they were so cheap!

I hope it's not too far.

You want to stop
and take a picture.

Hang on, driver!

I wanna stop
and take a picture.

Agh, come on!

look at that temple.

Oh, great.
Another temple photo.

Now, where's my camera?

Ah, here it is.

Why did you bring
a potato masher

instead of a camera?

I don't really have
a good explanation.

This hotel we're going to looks lovely.

The toilet better work!

This is where you get off.

This is where we get off.


Thanks, mate.

Here's your money.


You're really thirsty.

I'm really thirsty.

I'll just get my water bottle,
which is full of water.

Where's that water bottle?

Ah, here it is.

Hey! It's empty!

How did that happen?

No thanks. I'm fine.
No thanks.

You can't find
the hotel.

I can't find the hotel!

I really need to get
to a toilet.

Just stay focused,
and don't get distracted.

No thanks. Ooh!

Yes, I would like to look
at your beads.

Sacré bleu!

Bingo, tummy ache!

Mama Mia!

I need to sit down
against this tree.

That's better.

- Get these flies away!

I think we're lost.

Oh, what?

You need the toilet right now!

Let's just stay there.

-Are you sure?

Buon giorno! Come sta?

I'd like a room where
the toilet's inside that room.


You need our passports?

Hang on.
They're in my backpack.

Yow! Sorry, mate!

Jeremy! No!

I ate too many croissants.

I can't find the passports!

Oh, wunderbar!

Can you check my backpack?

are these passports?

Yeah, they're little books
with your picture in them.

They're the most important thing
when you're backpacking,

so we can't ever let them find them.

Yeah, ever.

Okay, Bluey.

-Got that, Socks?

Where are those passports?

I'll check my front pack.

They must be here somewhere!

Give them here, Bingo!

Check my backpack.

Why'd you bring the toilet brush?

That's it.
Empty the backpacks!

No passports here.

Hey! Come on, lucky souvenir thing!

Pleeease let our passports
be in here!




Looks like this thing worked.

Now who's the ding-dong?

Feeling better?


Ahhh! It's good not having
those backpacks on.

This place
is all right.


And it's not even in the guidebook.


It's time for
your mountain hike.

It's time for our mountain hike.

-You ready?
-Sure am.

Let's go!

These... new...
hiking boots...

are good...
aren't... they?


So... light...

I can... hardly... feel them!