Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 34 - The Dump - full transcript

On a trip to the Dump Dad claims he's the best at everything. But Bluey discovers that Dad's throwing out her old drawing and questions if he really is the best Dad in the world.




- Bluey!

Dad, do you know everything?


Bingo! Here, girl!

-Prove it.

Bingo's about to run in
and ask me where we're going.

Where are we going?

To the dump!

-Yeah! Dump!

This episode of
Bluey is called The Dump.

Can we have a hairy
monster attack on the way?



What are we gonna dump
at the dump, Dad?

just some old stuff.

I'm gonna play car rainbow on the way!

Red car!

Brown car!

Brown's not in the rainbow.

Oh, yeah.

I thought you said
you knew everything.

I do.
Ask me a question.


Where was I before I was born?

Ask me another one.

-Can I drive the car?
-Oh, that's easy.


You can't reach the pedals.

Oh, yeah.

Green car!

What if Bingo does the pedals
and I drive the steering wheel?

Well, if a policeman caught you,

you'd have to pay
100 dollarbucks.

He wouldn't catch us.
We'd drive away really fast.

Police cars
can drive faster.

But we have
more petrol.

We can drive longer,
and his car will stop.

Then he'd get in a helicopter.

Then we'd drive into a tunnel
so he couldn't see us.

Then he'd land and get on a motorbike.

-They can go in tunnels.

But we get 10 red cars
that look exactly like ours,

and they drive around us
so he wouldn't know which one was us.

Who's driving all those other cars?


Where are you gonna get
ten butlers from?

The Queen.

-We'd steal hers.

Well, yeah,
that'd probably do it.


So, can we drive the car?

What do you want
to drive the car for?

'Cause we like doing
the squirty thing.

Can you push it?

But the windscreen's
not dirty.


double please face.

Oh, all right.



No, it's a waste
of water.

Do it! Do it!


Why'd you beep your horn?

Oh, that guy in the orange car
isn't a very good driver.

Ooh! Orange car? Where?

Are you a good driver?

-Are you the best driver in the world?

Yeah, probably.

Ooh, wow.

Red light!

So, did you know,
Bluey --

Yellow car!, that
little chubby gnomes

climb up the traffic lights

and paint them
red and green?


Ooh, what's that picture
on the side of the bus?

It's an ad for a movie
about superheroes.


Is that one a goodie or a baddie?

-A goodie.
-Are you a goodie?

-What about me?

Well, it depends if you do
good or bad things.

Um, I set the table
and I do the dishes.

Are they good things?

Those are
very good things.

The gnome is
painting the light green.

But sometimes
I ignore Bingo.

Well, you shouldn't
ignore Bingo.

-Do you say "Sorry"?


It's green!

-Then you're a goodie.

Why was that car
beeping you?

Because the light was green!

Uh, yeah,
I didn't see it change.

Are you not a very good driver, Dad?

Dad? Dad!

Are you not the best driver
in the world?

I'm asking you a question.

Dad! Daad!


Yeah! Squirty thing!

You're the best dad in the world.

I am!

Purple car! Hooray!

See that sign, kids?

It says "the dump"!

Yay! The dump!

And... dump!

I love the dump.

Hey! Stop!

That's my drawing!

Oh, is it?

Aah! Those are all my drawings!

You're dumping my drawings!

Uh...well, you do
a lot of drawings, kid.

She worked really hard
on those drawings.

I know, but --

That's a picture of me.

You're throwing away

You're a baddie.

Hey, Bluey, I've put
your drawings back in the boot.

I'm sorry. We can keep 'em.

I don't think you are
the best dad in the world.

Yeah, you're right, Bluey.
I'm not.

Or the best driver.

And I don't know
everything, either.

I was just being silly.

So you don't know where I was
before I was born?


You'll have to figure that out
for yourself.

How do I do that?

I'm sure you'll work it out.

You figured out how to avoid
capture by the police.

Yeah, I did.

But why were you
dumping my drawings

in the stinky dump forever?

Well, I wasn't putting them
in the stinky dump.

I was putting them in this dump.

Any drawings you throw in this dump

get mushed up and turned into new paper.

Ohh. Like brand-new bits of paper?

Yeah, so some other kid
can draw a picture on it.

And what happens when
that kid's dad throws it away?

Well, then it gets
mushed up again

and turned into another
piece of paper for another kid.

And over and over.

Oh, wow!

I know some stuff.

You can
throw it away, Dad.

Oh. You sure?

I can do another one.



-Good dumping, Dad!

I just need a pink car.

Please, everyone.
It's the last one I need.

Okay, Bingo,
I'll keep an eye out.

Me too.

Uh-oh! Uh-oh!

What is it?

Hairy monster attack!


Here it comes!


Get us
out of here, Dad!

Okay! Vroom!

Hooray! Vroom!

Nice driving, Dad!

Dad, you know my drawing?


Was that someone else's
drawing before it was mine?

Well, what do you think?

Yeah, I think so.

Bingo! Pink car!

Car rainbow!


You're the best dad in the world!

- Yeahh!

-Whoo! I'm back, baby!