Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 32 - Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound - full transcript

Bingo is sick in hospital, so Bluey and her Dad make, and send her a homemade video to lift her spirits. It tells the tale of Barnicus' quest to heal her spotty dog named Bumpy.

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- Bluey!

Okay, take a big breath
in for me, Bingo.

Ooh, that was
a big one.

Can you ask her
if I can go home?

Do you think we can
go home soon, Doctor?

We might just
keep you in

for another night,

just to keep
an eye on you.

I wanna go home.

I know, kid.

Me too.

It's not fair.

Yeah, I guess it isn't.

But here we are.

Oh, look.

Dad sent us a message.

It's a video!

Can I push play?

Go on.

This story is called
Bumpy and the Wise Old Wolfhound.

Hi! I'm Barnicus.

-It's Bluey!

Why is she wearing
purple underpants?

Once, there was a young lady
called Barnicus.


What Barnicus wanted more
than anything in the world

was a puppy!

I really want a puppy!

All day, she would say the same thing.

Here's your carrots, Barnicus.

These carrots are nice,

but what I really want
is my very own puppy.

Maybe you should wish upon a star!


Oh, twinkly star,
please may I have a puppy?


And then the next morning,
she woke up...

Oh, my wish came true!

My very own puppy!

- Arghh!

I will call you Bumpy.

Hee hee, Bumpy!

Why is everyone wearing
purple pants?

Barnicus and Bumpy
went everywhere together.

I'll have some carrots,
please, shopkeeper.

Bumpy loves carrots.

Oh, yes.
What a lovely puppy!


So gentle and mild!

- Cut! Stop it!


was finally happy.

Then, one day, Barnicus woke up
to discover that Bumpy was very sick.

Oh, no!
Bumpy's sick!

Lots of days and nights went by,

but Bumpy wasn't getting better.

It's not fair.

Barnicus wandered around
looking for help...

-...but no one knew how to fix Socks --

Oh, I mean Bumpy.

Shopkeeper, please can you help Bumpy?

Sorry, I only know
how to sell carrots.

Finally, she asked the baker.

Oh, no, Muffin.
That's my good vase.

Hi, Bluey.

Did you want pancakes?

Muffin, her name is Barnicus!

Why don't...


Why don't you try
the wise old Wolfhound, Barnicus?

Why don't you try the wise old
Wolfhound, Bluey?


I mean, Barnicus...?

Oh, yes, of course!

Thanks, baker lady!

Was that all right, Dad?

-Good luck, Bluey!

Oh, Muffin!

-We can edit that bit out, right?

Don't worry, Bumpy.

The wise old Wolfhound will
be able to magic you better.

Hee hee!
It's Aunt Trixie!

Oh, wise old Wolfhound,
Bumpy is sick!

Oh, poor little fella.

It's not fair!

Please, can you help him?

I am not a puppy doctor.

Please, can you magic him better?


Please, please, please!

Okay, little one.

Perhaps there is a way I can help.

Oh, wonderful!

Bring me a pair of purple underpants.



Now it's making sense.

Whoa! I'm not finished.

I need a pair of purple underpants

from someone who's never been sick.

Never been sick?

Never been sick.


Have you ever been sick?

Oh, yes. I had
a runny nose last year.

Well, it will have to be someone else's

purple underpants, I'm afraid.

No problems!

I'll get some from someone in town.

We'll be right back!

Good luck, Barnicus!


The wise old Wolfhound's
gonna help my puppy!

I just need a pair
of purple pants.

Sure! I'll give you anything
if it helps Bumpy.



Oh, dear.

There you go.


Wait. I forgot to ask.

Have you ever been sick?


Oh. Well, yes.

I've got bum worms.


-Good grief!

She can't use those pants.

Oh, okay.

Thanks anyway.

I'll have to try someone else.

Good luck!

And cut.

Baker lady,
have you ever been sick?

I was sick yast lear.

-was sick yast lear.

-I was sick last week.

I had wabies.

- What?

Okay, no.

I can't use
your purple pants.

Thanks, baker lady.

Bye, Bluey!


Barnicus kept trying.

But she couldn't find
a single person

that's never been sick.

Oh, I can't find a single
pair of purple pants

from someone
who's never been sick.

It's not fair.

And then...

Barnicus realized
what the wise old Wolfhound

was trying to teach her.


Everyone gets sick

not just Bumpy.

Being sick is just
a part of life.

So from then on,
Barnicus stopped thinking

that it wasn't fair
that Bumpy was sick.

She read books to Bumpy,
did coloring in,

and watched cartoons together

until one morning, she awoke

-to find Bumpy all better!



The end.

See you tomorrow, Bingo!



Careful, Socks,
he's got bum worms!