Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Wagon Ride - full transcript

Bluey can't wait to get to the monkey bars as Dad takes her and Bingo on a wagon ride to the park. But her patience will be tested when Dad keeps stopping to chat with other grown-ups.




- Bluey!

Monkey bars?

Uh, Chilli?


All right.

Let's do this.


Monkey bars!
Monkey bars!

I know!

Let's go in the wagon!


Oh, not the wagon.

This episode of Bluey
is called Wagon Ride.

Jasmine is coming, too.

More, the merrier.

Okay, let's go!


Dad! There are no seatbelts.

Oh, yeah!

Off we go!


First, I'm going to go
across and then back.

Then I'm going to
do skipbar one way,

and then double skipbar
on the way back.

Oh, Jasmine,
your hair is so knotty.

Morning, Bandit!
Hey, kids.

Ooh, you're up early.

Gotta be done.

-Hey, why have we stopped?

-This isn't the monkey bars!

Dad, come on!

Bluey, I'm talking.

I'll leave you guys to it.

Bye, girls.

Oh, okay. See ya, Rocko.

Bluey, if I'm talking
to another grown-up,

you don't interrupt like that, okay?

Dad, I've got a plan.

You're not allowed
to stop the wagon

and chat to your friends.

You have to take us
straight to the monkey bars.

No stopping.

Interesting plan.

I know --
how about this plan?

I'll do what I want, and you
don't tell me what to do.

No, I don't like that plan.

We'll stick with mine, thanks.

No problems.

Wait! No!

Yay! We're going home again!

Okay, your plan.

Good decision.

Okay, how about this?

If I'm talking to a grown-up
and you want me,

you just come up
and put your hand on my arm.

So now I know
that you want to talk to me.

Then I'll do this to show you
that I know you're there

and that
you want to talk to me.

-What do you think?

All right!
High five!

Got something in my eye.

Let's go!

So, then, after I do skipbar,

I'm going to go upside down
and be a fruit bat.

Oh, Jasmine, is it really
your birthday today?

I'll have to get you
something nice.

Morning, Bandit.

You're up early.

Gotta be done.

How's the little fella?

Yeah, he's good!

He's just learning to roll over.

Oh, wow! Good boy.

Yeah, we're all stoked.

-Hi, Bluey.

He keeps me up all night, Bandit.

My word.

Yes, Bluey?

Can you please finish talking now
so we can go to the monkey bars?

Oh, you're heading
to the monkey bars?

I'd better let you get back to it.

Have fun, Bluey.

Thank you.

Okay, let's go!

Now, that was
much better, Bluey.

You didn't interrupt, you
let me know you wanted to talk,

and you waited till I was ready.

-Well done.

I still just need you to be
more patient, though. Okay?


I just find it hard to be patient.

I'll give you a hint.

Next time, just watch
what your sister does.


High five!

Ooh! Itchy neck!


Come on, Bingo!
Let's roll!


Jasmine, I've got
some birthday ferns.

Morning, Bandit.
G'day, kids.

-You're up early.

Gotta be done.

Come with me, Jasmine.

We need to get dressed for the party.

Come on!

Why is it taking so long?

Jasmine, my dear...

we really must get going.

Oh, no!
Our wagon is broken down!

How are we gonna
get to the party?

Hey, Bingo, I know
how you can get Jasmine

to her party on time.

-Come with me.

Bus is stopping.

This stop is the art gallery.

Don't forget to tap off!

Please show me your ticket.


Thank you!

Can I sit where I want?

Yes, wherever you want.

This bus is heading
to the party place.


Bingo, you're heavy!

Again! Bus stop!


All right, let's go, kids.
We're almost there.

Oh. Uh...okay.

You won't get us today, bridge troll!

Yeah, bridge troll!
Eat some other kids!

Right. We're here --
the monkey bars!

-Can you take us back to the bus stop now?

What? We just got here.

Oh, my! This bus
certainly is late.

Oh, yes.

I simply have to get home soon
to feed my pets.

Here it is.

Ah, finally!

Tickets, please.

Anyone else?

Nah, I'll get the next one, mate.

Off we go, bus driver.

You ladies are certainly up early.

Oh, yes.
It's got to be done.