Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 13 - Spy Game - full transcript

When Bingo stops playing Bluey's spy game in the park, their device to control the grown-ups stops working properly. Bluey now sees how important Bingo is and she needs to win her back.




- Bluey!

Bunkers, can you
get me a drink, please?

Coming, honey.

Hey, can you grab us
the onions?

Get 'em yourself.

Oh, yeah,
that's real friendly.


This episode of Bluey
is called Spy Game.

I got my mum!

I got Chloe's dad!

What's the password?



-Correct. You may enter.

Here's the samples,

My name is Sparkleshot.

-Come on, Bingo.

Now, I'm gonna go
and get Dad's sample.

Bluey, can I get Dad?

No, Mackenzie and I are the spies.

Your job is to gather grass
for the potion.


What if we don't need a potion?

What about if we use this wand instead?

I already told you.

Only potion grass can control grown-ups.

-Oh yeah, that's right.

So, you go and get
some more potion grass, Bingo.

Yeah, yeah?


Let's go, Mackenzie!

New password is, uh, "diplodocus!"

Where's that sausage tray gone?

You don't know what you're doing.

Oh, you're burning them.
You're burning them!

They'll be right.


I need the toilet.
I'm busting.

Hey, what are you kids
doing down there?


You're meant to be getting potion grass.

I don't want to collect
potion grass anymore.

And my name is Sparkleshot.

Grr, you're not
playing spies anymore.


Come on, Bingo.

Don't turn those top ones yet!

Good riddance.

Oh, who's gonna get
the potion grass?



Bingo's not playing anymore.

Honey, you have to get
the potion grass now.

What? But I'm a guard!

Not anymore.


Uh, Chloe,

do you mind getting the potion grass?

Um, no thanks.
I like being a guard, too.

But I can shout "password"
the loudest, though.

- Passwoooord!

What if we don't need potion grass?

We just use...
this chip packet.

That won't work.

It might.
They're barbecue flavor.

And the parents
are having a barbecue.

Let's try it.

-But who's gonna stand guard?
-Whoo! Whoo!

You do it, Bluey.
I'm off to spy.

Hey, what?

But I'm a spy!

The password is "grumpy."

♪ One man went to mow ♪

♪ Went to mow a meadow ♪

♪ One man and his dog ♪

♪ Went to mow a meadow ♪

How you going in there, Bingo?

I can feel my sausages burning.

I started just doing a wee,
and now it's turned into a poo.

♪ Two men went to mow ♪

♪ Went to mow a meadow ♪

I got the hairs!

Okay, now you
stand guard, Mackenzie,

and I'll go get some more.

Chloe's almost finished the spell!

Let's put this pinecone in, too.

It's ready!

Whee! Now we can control the grown ups!

I'm first!

Okay, Bluey's mum.

Get up and dance around.


Go, baby!

No, not Honey's mum.

I said, "Bluey's mum."

It's not working properly.

-Let me try!

-I'm going first!
-Let me try! Yow!

I can do it!

Maybe we need another pinecone.

Little bit more.
Little bit more.

Hey, Bluey.
You need the toilet, too?

No one's playing
the game properly.

Ah, is this the spy game?

Yeah, no one's
doing their jobs.

And when did this
start happening?

Hmm, it started when...

Bingo stopped playing.


Check this out.
We're dogs, kid.

We all have a place in the pack.

Now, look what happens
when I take the bottom one out.

Does that make sense?


Okay, just do your best, kid.

This one...
and this one.

And this one.

Bingo, can you come
and play with us again?

Bluey, I'm Sparkleshot.

I've told you this before.


Do you still want to play?

Well, can I get to do a spy?

Well, no.


But I promise, I'll think
of something really fun.


- Mackenzie!
- I'm going first!

-No, no, I can do it!

-Let me try.

My turn first!

It's not working properly!

Look who's back!


Okay, here's the plan.

Mackenzie, you and me
are going to do the last spy.

Honey and Chloe, stand guard.

And Bingo, you get the potion grass.


He was
thinking, "I'm not going,"

-and I was like, "Yes, you are."

-Ahh, mozzie!


Sweetie, we need
the sausage tray.


Uh, "sausage tray?"

Wrong! That's not the password!

Aw, never mind,
I'll use something else.

I'm going first.

-No, I'm going first!
-No, me!

I know how to do it.

I'm going fiiiirst!

Nooo, Bingo's going first.

For real life?

For real life.

Oh, thanks, Bluey.

-Go, Bingo!

-Yeah, Bingo!
-Go, Bingo!

Okay, grown-ups...

go crazy!

-Whoa! It worked!

Well done, Bingo --

ooh, I mean Sparkleshot.

Nice one, Bandit.

Get him!

Looks like
we're gonna have pizza, kids!