Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Bob Bilby - full transcript

When it's Bingo's turn to bring her Kindy's Bob Bilby puppet home and record their weekend in the scrapbook, the family resolve to put down their screens and attempt to show him a good time.




- Bluey!

Please come in.

Oh, your Dad's here, Bingo.




Oh, that was a hard one.

Dad! Dad!

Exciting news!

What's that?

It's my turn to bring Bob Bilby home!

Oh, wow!

He's a bilby, and his name is Bob.

Bob, this is my Dad.

He's not actually real.

He's a puppet.

You have to fold his ears
down when you say that.

Oh, okay.

Hi, Bob.
Nice to meet you.

Well, let's you get back home
and show you around.

This episode of Bluey
is called Bob Bilby.

I took Bob Bilby home
when I was at kindy.

Do you remember that, Bingo?

Um, ah, yeah, I think so.

Bob stays with us for the weekend,

and we take photos of all
the fun stuff we get up to,

and then we stick them
in the Bob Bilby book.

This is Bob at Jasper W.'s house.

And this is with Harley.

Ooh, you did a bit of karate, Bob.

Oh, wakadu.

I won't be messing with you.

And this is when he went
on a holiday with Mrs. Terrier.

Oh, yes, she took Bob with her
when she went to Scotland.

Wow, Bob, you've really
been around.

I hope we can show you
a good time, too.

What do you reckon, kids?


-Hey! That's mine! Let go!

-No, Bob, that's Dad's.

Careful, Dad,
he knows karate.

Okay, I'll take
the photo now.

Come on, moo cow!

Walk over here!

Moo --Ah! Eee! Ah!


Okay, smile, Bob!


Let me see!

Bob, this is the tablet.

-You can take photos with it

and watch cartoons

-and play games.

Let's show Bob that game
where you give

Santa's beard a haircut.


-Not too long on that, kids.

Don't you want to teach Bob
some car games?


All right, there you go.


♪ Yeah, yeah, baby ♪

Okay, who wants to be in charge
of the shopping list?


♪ Yeah, yeah, baby ♪

Bob, this is
Mixed Up Murphy.

He's really funny.

Yeah, really funny.

Running down the wing...

♪ Yeah, yeah, baby ♪

Kids, that's enough
of that thing.

I'm sure Bob is sick of --

-Ah, whatever.

Kids, I'm putting our
photos in Bob Bilby's book!

Cool! Let us see!

These are just all of Bob
watching cartoons.

Oh, wow.


He doesn't look like
he's having much fun.

No, he doesn't, does he?

♪ Yeah, yeah, baby ♪

Oh, Bingo!

Are you all right, Bingo?

This is the most boring time

Bob's had in the whole book.

Now, that's not true, kiddo.

Yeah, it is.

I'm the worst friend Bob's got.

He's never going to want to visit again.


Okay. Let's sort this out.

What's the best move right now? Hmm.

I know!

Bob just copies whatever it is we do,
and we were only doing boring stuff.

So all we need to do
is really exciting stuff.


But how are we gonna take
a photo without the tablet?

Ah, leave that to me.

This is all my stuff from
when I used to be cool.

Ah, here it is.

What is that?

This is what a real camera looks like.

Are you ready, Bob?

- Ooh!

- Yay! Eee!


Wheeee! Hee!


And this is Bob visiting
Daddy's friend Stevo.

He let Bob turn the siren on,
but it was very loud.

And this is Bob and I getting
a book out of the library.

The end.

Well Bingo, it looks like

Bob has had a wonderful time
staying with you.

Now, why don't you give Bob to Missy.

It's her turn with him next.

There you go, Bob.

Thanks for coming to visit me.

I hope you'd like to visit me again.