Bluey (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Hotel - full transcript

Bluey and Bingo run a crazy "Hotel" with Dad as their first and only put upon guest. But when Bingo quits over Bluey being too controlling, their Dad needs to teach them the importance of compromise.




- Bluey!


Bandit, I'm just having
a quick shower,

then I'll give you
a hand cleaning the room.

All good, I got it covered.

-Now, where are those naughty kids?

- Yeah!

Oh, whoa, here they are.

Do that again!

Kids, no kids.

Kids, no kids.

Kids, no kids.

-Let's play Hotels!

Oh, no, not Hotels.

This episode of Bluey
is called Hotel.

Oh, Bingo,
we have a guest.

I want to be
a crazy pillow!

No, you're
the crazy hotel helper.


No, Dad, you have
to push the bell.

Oh, okay.


I might just fix
that bell's volume.

Let's try again.

-That's better.

Hello, how are you?

-We are very nice.
-I'm good.

I'd like a room,

Oh, yes,
we have some rooms.

One with a TV.

Oh, yes, sure.

This way, please.

Thank you!

Bingo, grab his suitcase.

No, my name is Slobberdobba.

Oh, yes, grab his suitcase,

I have an important cleaning job
to do in the morning,

so it's very important
that I am not disturbed.

Oh, of course.

We have this lovely room.

It has the sleepy bunny

and some toys.

Hmm, no thanks.

We also have this room.

Hmm, maybe too many computers
and not enough beds.

And we have this room.

Do you mind?

-Oh, no, too stinky.

And this is the big room.

It has a bed and a TV.

Oh, and there's a lady in the shower.

Is that okay?

This will do nicely.


Hmm, this pillow
isn't very comfy.

-Yes, it is.
-Oh, okay.

-Yarp! Yarp! Yarp!

Crazy helper!

Okay, see you
in the morning, sir.

Yes, please see that I am
not disturbed until then.

Oh, of course.

My helper won't be crazy at all.

Oh, I'm sure she won't.


Me tidy room now!

-Yarp yarp yarp yaaarp!

-Oh, Slobberdobba!
-Yarp yarp yarp yarp!

-I'm terribly sorry about this, sir.
-Yarp yarp yaaarp! Yaaarp!

-Yarp yarp yarp! Yarp yarp yarp!
-Well, I should say so.

I have a very important meeting
in the morning.

Yarp yarp yarp yarp yarp!

Do you need a crazy pillow?

No, he doesn't.

-Yarp yarp yarp yarp yaaaarp!
-This is very embarrassing.

It won't happen again.

Well, please see that it doesn't.

-Breakfast time!
- Huh? Wha--What?

Breakfast time!

Who wants bacon?

But it's the middle
of the night!

Who wants
night bacon?


I'm so sorry, sir.

This won't happen again.


Well, night bacon does sound
pretty good, actually.

As long as I'm up,
I might as well watch the news.

Yeah, the news!

Bluey, can I be crazy pillow now?

Come on, Bingo.


Try the TV again!


Oh, hello.

I am the TV.

Today on the news --

A wild storm kept banging
people's heads into the bed!

-Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

-Cartoons are on!

Now, back to the news.

We have thunder!

-Oooh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!

Oh! Oh! Oh! Ohh!

Bluey, I want to be
a crazy pillow.

No, you're the news.

-And lightning!


No, I'm not playing.

You're bossing me around.

Slobberdobba, come back this instant!

Ah, TV.

Always people
shouting at each other.


Alright, kid, I gotta get back
to making the bed.

No, Dad, wait.
Don't stop.

You have to keep playing.

We've not finished Hotels.

Well, you better sort it out
with Bingo, kiddo.

You have to let her make
some decisions, too, you know.


Don't start tidying.

Please, Bingo,
you have to keep playing

or Dad will stop playing.

I don't wanna play anymore.





Please, Bingo,
I'll do anything.



Alright, I'll play.


But I wanna be
a crazy pillow.



Crazy pillow!

Hello, sir.

I have a new pillow here for you.

Oh, thank you.

Don't worry.
It's not a crazy pillow.

-Well, that's a plus.

My, oh, my,
this is very comfortable

and not wriggly at all.

Okay, well, I best
go to sleep now.


Agh! Tickly nose.

Hmm, that's odd.

Hey! Pillow!

-Get back here!

Now, stay there, pillow.

And where's
my blanket?

-Ah, there it is!

Ah, that's better.

Tickle him!

Hey, wait a minute!

Hey, this is a crazy pillow!


I'm a crazy blanket!

Aaah! Runaway bed stuff!

I'll catch you with my net!

I'm coming to get you!


I thought you were gonna
clean the room.