Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 9, Episode 12 - Episode #9.12 - full transcript

Good morning.


I need two minutes with him.

He's not here.

Well, when he's back
from wherever he is.

He didn't have an early
appointment on the books, so...


Text from Nuciforo.
The boss ditched his detail.

On the last court date,
the defendant pled guilty

to vehicular manslaughter
in the second degree.

A.D.A. Reagan,
what's your recommendation?

Prior to my recommendation,
Your Honor,

the mother of the deceased,
Maureen Lee,

would like to deliver
a victim impact statement

to the court. JUDGE Yes.

Mrs. Lee?

My son Jackson was a curious
and funny four-year-old boy

that brought our family
so much joy and laughter.

He liked to tackle his dad,
get slime all over my house,

and sing loudly in the car

to his favorite song,
"Baby Shark."

Jackson was playing
outside of our home

on a beautiful Sunday morning
when he was struck and killed

by this reckless teenage driver.

Samantha Wright likes to party,

and on this night, she was
partying into the early morning

before she decided
to take a joy ride...

a decision that has taken our
Jackson away from us forever;

That has made me wonder
if God gave me

four years of laughter

because I'll spend the rest
of my life crying.

Thank you, Mrs. Lee.

A.D.A. Reagan, what's your
position on sentencing?

Your Honor, the defendant
deserves significant jail time.

We recommend
the maximum sentence

for the crime she committed.

If that's all... Your Honor,

I have something.

May we approach?

Okay, Counsel.

We've just completed a
psychiatric report that we think

should be taken
into consideration

before we determine
Samantha Wright's sentencing.

You've had months

to bring this to our attention.

You're choosing today
at sentencing?

It was newly brought
to my attention

by my client's family.

Let's take a recess.

We've already delayed sentencing
long enough, Your Honor.

So all parties can take a look
at the new evidence,

yourself included,
A.D.A. Reagan.

What have we got?

Detectives. Officer Walsh.

Detective Reagan,
my partner, Detective Baez.

Really nice to meet you.

Okay, what do we got? Right.

The, victim is Wayne Brown.

He was found by the
janitor this morning.

It looks like he was
practicing out here alone

when he was attacked.

Looks like there was a struggle.

Probably somebody he knew,
not a stranger.

Any of the other players around?

Yeah, yeah, they all started
coming in for practice.

I got 'em waiting in the locker room.
I can show you.

I still can't believe
I responded to the homicide

of someone I know.

You knew the vic?

Not like knowhim know him.

I'm a... I'm a big fan
of the team.

Where is the team?

This way.

So, the team's good?

Good? No, no, no. Great.

New York City hasn't had
a team this good in years.

We were bound for the playoffs,
everyone thought it.

I've been tracking Joshua Taylor

and some of these other guys
since AAU ball.

Who's Joshua Taylor?

He's the captain of the team.

Great high school player,
got better in college.

Thanks. Is expected to be even better...

Hey, you know what,
I think we got it from here.

Everything okay there, Officer?

If I'm being honest?

That'd be a good place to start.

I don't need some young guy
coming in barking orders.

I've been just fine
riding a desk for decades.

Sergeant Wade, he and I,
we had an understanding.

You're one of our
most veteran officers.

That's not lost on me.

Here I am, driving you around?

2-9 Frank requesting a 10-85,

corner of 11th and Riverside.

RE Dispute. It's probably nothing.

That corner's always
got some something.

2-9 Sergeant.
Show us responding.

Light it up. Yes, boss.

Calm down, back up.

Pipe down.

Hey, break it up.
What do you got? Shut your mouth!

Calm down! They won't calm down!

Shut your mouth!

Hey, calm down, all right?
That son of a bitch

thinks he owns
the whole damn city.

Who you calling
a son of a bitch?

Long. Long, grab him.

Long, grab him!

Hey, drop it. Drop the knife
right now, drop your knife!

Drop it!

Put it down!

Get on the ground!

Face down.
Hands behind your back.

You're under arrest for menacing

and criminal possession
of a weapon.

Here you go.


Can I help you?


Commissioner Reagan.


I know what I want.


I'd like to talk to you.

I'm at work.

When would be a good time?

That would be never.

Do you want to order?

Scrambled eggs, cottage fries,
well-done, white toast.

Coffee? Please.

How you feel?


Feel good enough to answer
a few questions?


Why don't we start
with your name?

Joshua Taylor.

Team captain.

When's the last time
you saw your teammate?

Yesterday at practice.

Did he seem normal to you?
Anything out of the ordinary?

Everything seemed cool.

I thought if he was
in trouble like this,

he would have told me.

Trouble like what?

Whatever got him killed.

You think he got himself killed?

You were friends with
Wayne Brown before college ball? Yeah.

We grew up together
in the South Bronx.

South Bronx,
that's a tough neighborhood.

Yeah, we watched this happen
to a lot of guys.

He was headed that way himself

till I brought him
onto his first team.

So Wayne used
to run around in a gang.

Aw, he messed around with it.

I thought he was done
with that stuff.

And now you think
that you might've thought wrong?

Thank you.

He is on his way up.

Where were you, boss? Morning, Jimmy.

There you are. Morning, Baker.

The dream team
is waiting in your office.

Join us.


Good morning, boss.

Where were you?

Coffee, sir?

Already had it

at a lovely café in Tribeca...

where Officer Rachel Witten
is a waitress.

Yeah, well,

that was a tough one.

Glad to hear
she landed on her feet.

Waitress on her feet.

I didn't mean it...
I was just...

You talk to her?

I ordered breakfast from her.

I mean about why she
was let go six months ago.

She was let go
because I got a case

of the zeitgeist.

Yeah. There was a lot
of that going around.

It's not a bug, Sid.

It means the prevailing
climate of a time.

I think I gave in to the static.

Here was a good cop
making a good stop.

Stopping a man
for walking while Hispanic.

Yeah, that's what the roar
of the crowd said.

I want her reinstated,

effective immediately.

Did she ask to be?

No. It was my mistake.

I'm hoping she'll give me
a second chance.

Well, that's easier said
than done, boss.

I don't care if it's easy.

I want it done.


Because I'm
the police commissioner.

Sounds like an order, Sid.
Let's get to work.

Since when are you... Shall we?

Ms. Reagan, please,
can I speak to you

for a minute? We're in the middle

of a sentencing,
Mrs. Wright. I know, but my daughter...

something is wrong with her.

Yes. We're just hearing that.

It's late, I know, but...

this all happened so fast, and
it's my fault it took this long.

I was so angry with her...
I really do need to get

to the office... I knew she was
struggling, I did,

but I thought
it was growing pains.

I don't know.

It's hard becoming
an adult, you know?

Do you have any kids?

Yes, a daughter. Then you get it.

I thought we could
power through it.

Please. It really is my fault.

Mrs. Wright, this
is not your fault.

She needed me,
and I wasn't there.

So she took care
of things herself.

She was trying to self-medicate.

At a party?

She didn't even stay.

She took the drugs
alone in her car.

So why is she just
expressing this now?

She's been so ashamed
she hasn't even considered

that she's anything
but a guilty murderer.

She is guilty.

Yes, and we've never argued that

and we don't plan to,

but Samantha doesn't
belong in prison.


At least consider
the psych evaluation

before you determine
her punishment.

Seems a little expensive.

Yeah, yeah, I'll take a look.

Okay, love you, too. Bye.

Your old lady? Yup.

I mean, she's not really old...

Hey, thanks for
your help back there.

No need.

So what seems
a little expensive?

Planning the wedding.

Can I give you
a piece of advice?


Don't blow your money
on a wedding.

Buy a house, save it
for whatever,

but don't drain your savings
over other people partying.

You do, you'll regret it.

And do you regret it?

No, because we were smart.

We had a nice brunch and
we took plenty of pictures.

Sounds pretty good.

It was.

You know, you're not so bad
like they say you are, Sarge.

Thanks... I think.


We done nothing wrong. I didn't even
say anything yet.

Y'all never come around
here with no good news.

Well, you're not under
arrest. That's good news.

You know this guy?

Everybody knows Wayne Brown.

Facts, that's a stupid question.

You grew up with Wayne?

Yeah, that's the heartbeat
of South Bronx, man.

He still hangs out
with you guys?

No crime in hanging out.

Well, dealing's a crime.
Was he dealing for you guys?

Why is that funny?

Y'all don't know nothing, man.

Well, why don't y'alltell us
what we don't know then.

What he means to say is we
protect our own in South Bronx.

We wouldn't let
a star like Brown

get caught out here
in these streets.


I'm banking on watching my man

score triple doubles
at The Garden.

Unfortunately, I don't think
that's gonna happen.

Here's your bad news
Wayne Brown is dead.


Nah, man, he's not dead.

How's that possible?
I just saw him.

Have a good day.

Their psychiatrist
diagnosed Samantha

with anxiety, depression
and bipolar disorder.

So you gonna bring in
your own psychiatrist?

Get a second opinion?

Their psychiatrist
is Dr. Joan Halligan.

In other words...

I trust her. I believe her.

We're not gonna
get another result.

It's just gonna
prolong the sentencing

and cause more pain
for the mother of the deceased.

Poor woman.

The mother of the defendant's
not doing much better.

She came to you?

Desperate to help her daughter.

Begged me to consider
a different sentence.

And? This is me considering.

What's there to consider?

The analysis changes everything.
What we presented as a teenager

on a joy ride after
a long night of partying

is no longer that at all.

But she was doing drugs.

Yes, but they're claiming
it was more... self-medication,

not recreation.
And I verified their story...

Samantha went to the party,
got the drugs, left,

and did them on her own.

Why not just go to the doctor?

Up until a few months ago,

she needed a parent
for a prescription.

And her parents
didn't want to help her?

They didn't think it was
that severe of a problem.

Yet here we are.

So now what are you gonna do?

Either I sentence
a struggling young woman

to nearly a decade in prison,

providing no help,

or I get her the help she needs
and recommend probation.

You can't tell that mother
that the person

responsible for the death
of her son

won't serve jail time.
You just can't, Erin.

Have you decided?

Well, I'm kind of torn between

the humble pie and the crow.

I'm afraid we're out of both.

I have good news.

I'm offering you your job back.

I made a big mistake firing you.

How could you make the mistake?

I reacted to the public outcry
and then...

No, I meant how could it
be your mistake.

I was told my termination
was required

by department guidelines.

Those guidelines have some
latitude for interpretation...

by me.

It sounds like this
is really about you,

making things right for you.


When you arrested that man...

Joseph Rivera.

You knew you made a mistake.

Within minutes.

And you regretted that mistake?

Immediately, and to this day.

I made a mistake, too,

and I regretted it, too.

And it's taken me way too long
to make amends.

I make a mistake here,

coffee gets spilled,

a plate gets broken.

I'm real good with that.

I'm thinking a spring wedding.
I'm good with spring.

But the weather can sometimes
be a little risky,

so maybe it could be summer.

Yeah, summer's good, too.

Maybe winter.

Could you imagine a little snow?

Snow would be pretty.

Jamie. What?

You're agreeing
with everything I say.

That's... bad?

I just want us
to do this together,

for it to be your wedding, too.

There is something that
I wanted to talk about.Anything.

We could spend 100 grand
on all this...

I promise I'm trying
to keep it under budget.

Or we could get married
at the courthouse.

We could have a brunch
at my dad's.

A brunch?

With the money we save,
we could buy a house.

Okay, what's gotten into you?
Did something happen?

Nothing's gotten into me.

Officer Long and I
did talk about it,

but it was nothing I hadn't
already been thinking myself.

But I thought that you wanted
to get married at your church?

I just think
we're more practical

than blowing tens of thousands
of dollars on a day.

Seems like a waste.


Well, thanks for finally
telling me what you think.

Eddie... Hey.


I wasn't lying.

I just assumed Wayne got
involved in the gang again.

You just assumed?

Pretty stupid for a guy from
the Bronx, don't you think,

to assume? That's your tactic?

Calling me stupid?

It's not a tactic.

Look, Brown was like
a brother to me.

I did some research on you
and your "brother" Wayne Brown.

I didn't realize he took your
spot in the starting rotation.

So? So...

Come on. I mean,
it had to hurt a little bit.

Freshman comes along,
who you bring onto the team,

and he steals
the spot of a junior,

and not just any junior.

A guy who's like his brother and
happens to be the team captain.

It wasn't great, but what does
that have to do with anything?

You brought him into basketball
and he took your spot.

Maybe you want to take it back.

That's crazy.

You think I'm so jealous
that I'd kill him?

I don't know.
Are you the jealous type?

I would never
do something so petty.

Maybe not, but I have seen
people murdered for a lot less.

You want to make assumptions
about me, go right ahead.

The rest of the world does.

But I've never even
seen the inside

of a police station until today.
Go ahead and research that.

Already did.

S-So you know I have no record.

I know you have no record yet.


What the hell are you
doing here, Walsh?

I'm-I'm tracking the case.

It's not your case to track.

You really think Taylor
killed his teammate?

That-That's insane.
The kid has great character.

I didn't say I think anything,
and why don't you leave

the thinking to
the detectives, okay?

There's no way anyone knows this
team like I do. I-I can help.

I didn't ask for your help.

Taylor's decline
came out of nowhere.

He was the star player. Hey!

Do your own job. Okay?

Thanks for coming in, Maureen.

Of course. Have a seat.

I, um, I never got to thank you,
Ms. Reagan. It has meant

the world to me
how patient and kind

everybody at the
D.A.'s office has been.

Just doing our job.

So what's going on?

The counsel for the defendant
has brought in new information.

It seems a little late. I know.

I thought the same thing,
but the defense is claiming

that they weren't aware
of the information until now.

Do you believe them?

I believe the information.

What kind of information? A psychiatrist

has diagnosed Samantha
with anxiety,

depression and bipolar disorder.

Okay, and what does that mean?

It begs the question if
the drugs found in her system

after the accident were used
to self-medicate.


Which changes her mental state.

Well, it's still murder.

Technically, it's manslaughter.
Well, it's murder to me,

and it should absolutely
be treated as such,

regardless of mental state
or some psycho analysis.

I understand.

You're still gonna
hold her responsible, right?

She's still pleading guilty.

Okay, good.

But the sentence

may be lighter.

As light as probation.

So no jail time?

That's correct.

Surely someone can't commit
such a heinous crime

and serve no jail time.

I'm afraid you can.

I'm glad to have you on my team.

I'm not on a team, Maureen.

I represent the people
of the state of New York,

including Samantha Wright.

Well, I...

trust that you'll represent the
person who has lost the most.

And what more is there to lose
than your life?


Come on, nobody at this table

made a New Year's resolution?

I don't believe in 'em.

It's not something
you have to believe in, Pop.

Yeah, it's more like a target
you set for yourself, Pop.

I always give up
something for Lent.

But that's not the same thing.

Look, if I'm going
to deprive myself,

I would like it at least to be

something Our Lord
would appreciate.

DANNY Well, that's right,
'cause God puts a little note

in your file, like,

"He gave up bacon for 40
days once. Let him in."

That's the beauty
of the afterlife...

You can make it
whatever you want,

'cause there's no one
to prove otherwise.-

And when did you
ever give up bacon?

I didn't say that, Danny did.

'Cause you always seem
to give up

something extremely specific.

Mallomars, but not all cookies.

Bourbon whiskey,
but not all booze.


I make hard choices.


Maybe not hard enough
for you, but...

I made a resolution.

To try to contribute
to these dinners

in a way that keeps them
from turning into

some cable news talk show.

What is that supposed to mean?

You know, everybody trying
to make the other guy wrong.

Is that what you think
we do here?

That is the general mojo,

if you boil it down.

Not at all.

It's a free and open exchange
of different opinions.

Yeah. So I'm wrong?

Well, yeah.

- You are.
- Well, see?

- My point exactly.
- Well, look at that.

Only 30 days into the New Year

and already your
resolution is gone. Poof.

Talk about an epic fail.

I made two resolutions.

The first one is
to always be right.


And the second one is to admit,

quickly and completely,

when I'm wrong.

I like him.

I hope you turn out like him.

Take a look. Finance section?

No, not the section.
The headline.

Didn't occur to me...
You know, sports gambling

was legalized in five states,
including New Jersey

and all the casinos
in New York State.

But how is that relevant?

Well, Joshua Taylor
got benched when?

After he blew
the biggest game of the year.

But a whole team loses a game,

not just one player. But only one player

averages 32 points a game and is
the star player on the team,

but for some unknown reason,

on that particular night,
couldn't hit a single shot

and didn't score a single point
Joshua Taylor.

A lot of people bet
on that game?

Biggest rake of the year.

Losing everyone a lot of money.Yes.

And when the people lose big,
the bookies win big.

You think Taylor was bribed
by some bookie to lose?

I thought point-shaving was
a thing of the past,

but maybe I was wrong.

It just seems like
a desperate act

for some two-bit bookie. Okay, well,
look at California.

They legalize pot...
Who gets hurt the most?

Small-time drug dealers. That's right.

It's like New York and gambling.

They legalize the gambling,
the small-time bookie gets hurt.

If I know one thing

about bookies, they
never go down without a fight.

Let's take a ride.

I mean...

we all make mistakes.

I've made some... doozies

when I was a cop.

Yeah, I got slapped down,
got rips,

got suspended.

I tried all that on her,
but at the end of the day,

this was way more than a rip.

She got painted as a pariah

and got fired for the
icing on the cake.

Can I be honest with you?

Probably the only way
to really help me.

Daughters don't talk to their
dads the way they do their moms,

you know? I do know.

You develop your own
tracking system for them.

So, believe me
when I say that...

she was just shattered
when you let her go.

Pride, confidence,

sense of a place in the world,


Couple of years ago, I
would have just given her a rip

and helped her become
a better cop.

I'm sorry, Scott.

I appreciate that.

But I honestly don't
think that's enough

to get her back up on
this particular horse,

you being sorry.

'Course not.

You know she's taking classes
at John Jay.

Once a detective...

Where does she hope
to get with that?

I think she's...
she's treading water.

How so?

She's aiming for a job
in law enforcement that...

doesn't exist,
and it never will.

The one without risk.

It's not like we
don't have the money,

but we could afford
to buy a house

with a yard
for our kids someday.

You know, they'll cost you
a hundred grand a year, each.

Yeah, I heard. But, what else are
you gonna spend your money on

except taking care of
your family, right?

I could
think of a million things.

A boat, for one. You own a house
by the water?

No. We live
in a house in Queens.

My mother's house.

That's nice... she
passed it down to you?

Not exactly.
She still lives in it.


when I retire,
at 55 and not a day more,

I'm gonna be set for life.

Got big plans?
Gonna travel somewhere?

Yeah, to and from my couch.
It'll be great.

2-9 Frank, you have a 10-34,

corner of 11th and Riverside.

These schmucks again.

Caller states male stabbed
at the location.

That crazy
son of a bitch got him.

All right, let's
head over. Come on. We're ten blocks out.

Somebody else'll grab it.

2-9 Sergeant responding.
Let's move.

Police. Step aside.

Please, sir, move.
Excuse me. Step aside.

What happened?
Somebody stab you?

All right, hey,
help is on the way, okay?

Stay back. Stay back. How
far out is that bus?

15 minutes.15 minutes.

Hey. Stay with me, sir,
stay with me.

Come on, help me
get him in the RMP.

What? I said help me get him

in the RMP.That's too risky.

Hospital's, like,
two blocks from here.

If he goes out of the picture
en route to the hospital,

we open ourselves up
to a lawsuit.

We got to wait
for that bus. If we wait for that bus,

he's gonna bleed out
long before they get here.

Hey. I'm the boss, and I'm
giving you a direct order.

Help me get him in the RMP!


Watch the door.

Okay, push.

Stay with me, buddy,
stay with me.

Let's go. I'm not getting in.
It's too risky.

Get in the car
and put pressure on his wound!

DANNY Your shot looks
pretty damn good to me.

What are you doing here?

You weren't jealous
of Wayne Brown

being a better player than you.

You couldn't be.

'Cause he wasn't a better
player than you, not really.

What are you talking about? You
know, a whole lot of people

lost a lot of money when you
guys started losing games.

That's what this is about?

You know something about that?

Just because I played a bad game
doesn't make me a criminal.

It makes you a criminal
if you throw games for profit.

I didn't.Let me

put it to you like this
Conspiracy is

a hell of a lot less
of a crime than murder.

But you help us

with that murder, then it
becomes even less of a crime.

You get what I'm saying? So why don't you
knock it off and start telling the truth.

You don't understand.

This school makes
a fortune off us,

and now these
gambling junkies will, too.

And my family's living
in poverty.

How is that right? So you're admitting

that you threw games for profit?

But I didn't kill Wayne! Are you saying

Wayne Brown wouldn't cooperate?

He was unmovable.

I tried to tell him that money
was rightfully ours.

Yeah, and then you went
and told your bookie

that Wayne wouldn't play dirty,
and look what happened. I didn't have to.

Robbie was hounding Wayne
day in and day out

trying to get him on board.

Can you lead us to this Robbie?

This would ruin my career

and any shot I got of going pro.
Well, you got

a damn good shot of going
to prison if you don't help us.

At least you will have done
the right thing.

WOMAN Although my
client, Ms. Wright,

is accepting responsibility,

we ask the court impose
a minimum sentence

in light of her
psychiatric evaluation.

And, A.D.A. Reagan?

We believe
Ms. Wright's mental state

played a role in her actions
in this case.

It's only fair they play
a role in the sentencing.

And your recommendation?

We would like to recommend...

the minimum sentence
of probation with the condition

that the defendant participates
in a treatment program

ordered by the court. What? Was anybody
listening to me?

Order in the court.

We appreciate your statement
to the court, Mrs. Lee,

and we're sorry for what
you've been through.

I'm going along
with the recommendation

of the prosecutor.

I'm imposing
a sentence of probation,

with the successful completion

How could you do this to me?
To Jackson?

It's not meant to hurt you. You said that
you would ask for a maximum sentence.

That was before
the new evidence came in.

My son is in the ground
because of her.

What more evidence do you need?

Order in the court.

She killed my baby.

Move, move, move.

She killed my son, Ms. Reagan!

She killed my baby...


Maybe no one's home.

Police! Hello? ROBBIE
Back here! Hurry!

Shut up. Shut up!

Shut up!

ROBBIE I don't know
what you're talking about.

Shut your mouth.

You're not straight.

WALSH Shut your mouth!
You're not straight.

Shut up.

What the hell
are you doing here, Walsh?

Think this son of a bitch
stole my money.

Hey. Put the gun down.

Are you guys gonna do something
with this maniac... Shut up.

This guy ruined the game!

I knew that team
like the back of my hand.

I'm right, aren't I?
That's-that's why you're here.

Look, I'm not gonna talk
to you with... This guy

stole every dime I have. Put
the gun down and relax.

He ruined my favorite team.

Do this, he's gonna
take more from you

then he's already taken.

She's right. Hey.

Listen to her, all right?

You know how this goes, Walsh.

You leave here in cuffs
or a body bag,

you don't put that gun down.
All right?

Take it easy.

You know the drill, Walsh.
Come on. Nice and easy.

Come on. There you go.
There you go.

Got him? Yeah.

How about you, you okay? I'm all right.

Good, 'cause you're
under arrest, too.

On what basis?


That's ridiculous.
Everything's legal here.

It's not legal to have kids
shave points

on basketball games

and then murder the holdout.

Come on, let's go.


Come on.

At least let me buy you a drink.

I'm meeting my dad,
so that seat's taken.

He said you'd understand.

Can I get you?

Irish neat, glass of
ice, and back her up.

With your most expensive red,
please, Mike.

Look, you have my word,
this is the last time

I'll come looking
for you. This is it.

Good to hear.

This is me trying
to make amends,

trying to redeem myself in
your eyes but-but most of all,

it's me trying to get
a good cop back on the job.

Stop beating yourself up.
I have.

I will try,
the moment I leave here,

because I will have done
everything I could.

The question is, will you have?


Who's asking that question?

Not me.

Maybe you are,
back of your head.

"If I get knocked down,
can I get back up?"

"If I make a mistake,
can I learn from it,

or do I just run away?"

"You fall off a horse, you got
to get right back on it"?

That's what you're bringing?

You didn't just fall off.

That horse stomped on you
and bit you in the ass.

And yeah, there's always risk.

Sometimes to yourself,
sometimes to others.

But that risk is the price
you pay for opportunity.

I mean, in things worth doing.

No offense to waitressing.

None taken.

I can promise you one thing,
something that only a handful

of the 35,000 men and women
in the NYPD have.

That this PC would personally
have your back,

because this PC would owe you,



Thanks for having
dinner with me.

You saved that man's life.
Least you deserve is dinner.

Officer Long is facing
departmental charges.

Who cares about Long?

You made the right call.

This is where
we're having dinner?

Does anyone even work here?

You know what I love about you?

You're unafraid.

You take risks, and you lead
with your whole heart.

And you challenge me
to do the same.

I don't think I ever would have
taken that sergeant's exam

if it wasn't for you.

I can't take credit for that.

You make me better.

You make me take risks.

To not always take
the safest road.

Is this your way of saying
you're sorry?

I am sorry.

For the way I went about it and
for not coming to you sooner.

Thank you.

But I'm always gonna be the guy
that's worried about our bills,

and how to take care of our
family ten years from now.

Part of that's just who I am.

I know.

Can you live with that?

If I have to.


Um, so...

this place is...?

A compromise.

It's perfect.

I'm sorry, Mrs. Wright.

I don't think that Maureen Lee
will be coming.

Okay, I understand.

I thought... I don't know,

I thought she would be
willing to speak with you.

Maybe someday she will.


ERIN Maureen. Your daughter
took everything away from us.

Jackson's chance
to ever grow up.

He'll never even drive a car,

or go to college.

God, he'll never even go
to first grade, and for what?

A good time? What a waste.

How can you even live
with yourself?

I can't.

I would give any limb on my body
to take it all back.

To bring him back. So completely selfish.

Please, if you need
to blame someone, blame me.

I made some terrible mistakes
as a parent.

I thought she was just a mess,
just a little lost.

I didn't see what was really
going on. That's on me.

I'm so, so sorry.

No, God...

N-No, none of this is on you.

I turned around,
I was distracted.

No, she's right, don't think
that way for even a second.

I will be sorry to my grave.

Me, too.

I, um...

I accept your apology.

That doesn't mean
that I forgive your daughter

or that anything about this
is even close to okay,

but I do accept your apology.

Officer Witten?


How are you liking the 2-9?

Just fine, sir, thank you.

Sergeant Reagan's been
especially supportive.

Go figure.

Good to see you back in uniform.

You wear it well.

Thank you, sir.

Proud to wear it.

Watch your six.

Yes, sir.

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