Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 9, Episode 10 - Authority Figures - full transcript

A video surfaces of officers partaking in a clear case of entrapment; Frank searches for the leaker; Eddie retaliates against a co-worker who is pranking Jamie; Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a tabloid writer.

Damn it.

Not again.

Hey, Ronnie? It's Carl.

Damn thing broke down again.

I thought you said
they fixed this thing.

Hey, hey, truck.

Yo, just grab and go.

Come here. You see anything?

Take these, take these.

Run, run!

Come on, go!

- Put the boxes down!
- Hands on the wall!

Nobody move.
You're under arrest.

All I'm seeing are a bunch of
people stealing from a truck.

That was left on a certain
block at a certain time.

If you want to catch

a fish, you got
to bait a hook. That kind of down-home

wisdom isn't how it's playing.

What Give me a break.

I would love nothing more,

but that's how it's being taken.

Well, I'm not buying that.

Well, I'm not selling it.

How many people
you think, all added up,

have watched Cops at some point?

Watched which cops? Cops, the TV show.

I don't know.

Millions, tens of millions.

And they'll look at that
and they'll say,

"Smart, that is
smart police work there.

Good for the NYPD."

Well, your Copsfans
don't seem to have

the news outlets or op-ed pages.

And merely affording
a person and opportunity

to commit a crime does
not make it entrapment.

But steering people
toward one does.

You see the logo on that truck?

And the driver acting like
it broke down... Enough.

First of all, you're not
actually saying that

the people stealing shoes
are the victims here?

It's not me saying.

This is being widely condemned

as a violation
of community trust.

Second... who was in charge?

The supervisor was Jon Harvey,

he's a Special Operations
Lieutenant out of the 2-1.

Bring him in.

You want me to release
a statement that he's

under review? No. We're not doing anything

till we have context.

What do you mean?

That footage came from
our cameras,

which means one of our own
leaked it,

which means the kids
lifting sneakers

aren't the only ones
who got snookered.

We did.

Hey, you got a minute, Sarge?

Hey, how's it going, Tony?

Not good; They just
told me you got me

working a set of
midnights next week.

Just the one set, yeah.

Bradley's out DIF.
So I need you to cover.

Can't someone else do
it? I did last week.

You're up.

Why do I feel like you're
giving me special treatment

and not the good kind?

No one's getting special
treatment; Good or bad.

Okay, great, then I want
next Friday off.

Why? Because I want

to take my son
to the Rangers game.

I'm sorry, I can't give
you that one.

But you gave it to
Bradley and Chris, so...?

Which is why I can't
give it to you;

We're down at minimum
manning numbers here.

No special treatment?

Whatever you say, Sarge.

What do we got?

No weapon, no witnesses,
no video.

We got next to nothing so far.

Not even a name? Charlotte Huntington.

Management says she's been
renting here the past two years.

No one saw or heard anything?

Not till the neighbor
found her this morning.

Great. Whoa.

Charlotte sure did seem
to love her hip-hop.

White girl in her 30's;
Wouldn't peg her as the type.

Hey, look at that;
She's even got

an autographed copy
of Playa Boy Shine's album.

Wouldn't peg you
as the type, either.

Look at all these covers
of Tone Beastmagazine.

Remind me again how you know
about all this?

Two teenage boys, they've
schooled me on everything rap.

Including the headaches
in the car,

you know, from playing
the music so loud.

Seems Charlotte has some,

in the hip-hop community.

She's got her own
Wikipedia page.

She seems to have
an in with all the,

major players
in the hip-hop scene, too.

Maybe she wrote a piece
about one of them,

they didn't like it and...

But I thought all these rappers
were all talk.

Well, a lot of them are.

But some of them are real,
like, this guy right here.

Cameron Gooding. He's real.

That his real name
or his rap name?

That's his real name.
His rap name is Thin Majesty,

but he changed it back
to Cameron Gooding

when he got rich enough
to be respectable.

You like him?

I love him! He's good.

He's got great rhymes;
He's got swag.

I meant do you like him
for the murder?

Well, I don't know about that.

But this'll be a good excuse
to meet him.

Officer Bradley.Here.

Officer Janko.Present.

Officer Thomas.Here.

Officer Wallace.

Something funny?


Your shield.

It's upside-down, sir.

Come on, Sarge, you're styling.

That's very funny. Thank you.

Everyone, let's get to work.
Fall out.

Hey, I'll meet up with you.

So, that's the second prank
in as many weeks.

Y-You got to give him a rip.

I have no proof it was him.

But you know it was.

He needs to learn some respect.

I will earn everyone's
respect in due time

and in my own way.

How? By letting Tuna
walk all over you?

No, by leading by example.

Jamie, you've got
to be the boss here.

I am the boss.

And right now, you're late

for your patrol
post, Officer Janko.

And your Honor, in conclusion,

we're only here
because of an illegal stop.

Based on the total fabrication

that my client's
taillight was out.

Since the predicate for
the stop was illegal,

this court must suppress
the guns the police recovered

from my client's car.

Good luck with that.

Don't count your chickens.

The last two cases
we had on Russell Heatly,

he walked after
a suppression hearing.

ADA Richardson, does
the prosecution have a response?

I sure wish that was you
up there instead of Richardson.

He's ready.

He's nervous; Look at him.

I was, too, for my
first big case.

Your Honor,

as you saw earlier in the video

from the building's
surveillance camera,

I do not believe
it definitively shows.

Mr. Heatly's taillight was out.

That sounds like you agree
with the defense.

The video was blurry,

Your Honor.

The defense's argument
is inconclusive.

Anyone you wish
to call to the stand?

Perhaps the officers
who pulled Mr. Heatly over?

No. Your Honor.

Do you have the officers
in the courtroom?

No, your Honor, I do not.

An illegal search?

What the hell happened, Martin?

Ask the judge.

Can't believe she let him
out of jail.

Well, I can;
You didn't even call

the police officers
as witnesses.

I shouldn't have needed to.
We went over this.

We couldn't afford
any risks with this guy.

I gave it my best shot, Erin.

Did you? Yes. You got a beef?

Tell it to the judge.

So I should just
keep my mouth shut,

is that what
you're saying? I didn't say that.

But feel free to keep your mouth shut.
I just want straight questions

and straight answers,

not slanted questions

and defensive answers.

Lieutenant Harvey, sir.


Lieutenant Harvey. Commissioner Moore.

Lieutenant Gormley. Sit down, Lieutenant.

Hear you got reporters for
garden gnomes since yesterday.

Yeah. Yeah, I'd say
there ought to be a law,

but I checked.
The law's in their favor.

This whole thing has been
blown out of proportion.

In your opinion.


In my opinion.

You're not the only one.

Why do you think
that, Lieutenant?

This was a specifically
targeted operation

to lure gang members
out of hiding.

We've got a number
of warehouse blocks in the 2-1,

and we've had a growing problem
with break-ins

and hijacked shipments.

So it wasn't entrapment,

just a sitting duck
you could control and harvest.

Yes, sir.
And with those controls,

with the video records,
we were able to identify

and arrest several high-level
members of the Ace Double Treys.

What about the other civilians
arrested at the scene?

Anyone without
an outstanding warrant

was issued a desk
appearance ticket

and released.

Sure, they were inconvenienced,

but it's not like they had
the purest intentions, either.

No, they did not.

I'm sorry for the fallout, sir.

But my tactics were effective,
and the results were valuable.

And that's all that matters.

Not allthat matters.

It is also not the least
of the problems

that comes from this operation.


Why do you think the footage
was leaked, Lieutenant?

I've been asking myself that.

Well, I'masking you.

Straight up? I don't know.

Someone got a beef with you?

No, not that I know of.

Well, I'm gonna find out.

You sure you don't want
to save me some time?

If I had a name,
I'd give it to you.

Okay. Thank you. That's all.

Thank you.

It was a harmless prank, Eddie,

and it was kind of funny.

Maybe the first time.

But he's been coming after
Sergeant Reagan since day one.

Then let Sarge deal with it.

I guess. Look,

Look, I know you guys
used to be partners,

but he's the boss now.

Maybe he has had
some of this coming.

How so?

Come on.

Nah, stripes are
something you sew on.

Respect is something you earn.

Puts the stripes first,
if you ask me.

I thought you came
around on him.

I did, just not
all the way around.

We've been through all this.

There's nothing
that's gonna get us

more evidence against Heatly.

Yeah, but maybe
we missed something,

a technicality or... No, Erin.

That traffic stop
was our lucky break,

and we lost it.

You never should have given this

to someone as green
as Richardson.

The way he handled it
didn't make any sense.

There's got to be more to this.

Every time you make a mistake,
there's got to be more to it.

Can you just stay? Humor me.

You wanted to see me?

Yes. Come on in
and close the door.

You're a good lawyer, Martin.

I've been watching you
for the past few months.

You're diligent, thorough,
uncompromising. Thank you.

Which makes me wonder
how you conducted

the most ineffective suppression
hearing I've ever seen.

I already told you, the judge...

Tell me something true.

Heatly got to you, didn't he?

No, he didn't.

Don't lie to me.

He got to my mom and sister.

Sent some of his goons
to threaten them.

So you tanked it for him.

No. I got them out of town.

Look, did it rattle me?

Maybe. Did I tank? Hell no.

I did my job, Erin.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I got some work to do.

You know, my old man
went from being

an apprentice framer to having
his own contracting company.

You know what he always said?

No, I don't, Anthony.

"You're not really a boss
until you've fired someone."

Detectives Reagan and Baez.

We need to speak
with Cameron Gooding.

Is this about
Charlotte Huntington?

Marty, these detectives
are here to talk to Mr. Gooding.

Marty Ellis. Cam's partner.

I'm afraid I know
what this is about.

We loved her.

We adored her.

Such a tragedy.

Charlotte, you're talking about? Yeah.

Loved her.

We want to talk to
your partner about her.

He's pretty broken up.

Well, we're just gathering
information here.

Honestly, it's nothing
to be worked up about.

Okay. Follow me.

Nice to meet you.

You know, I'm a big fan
of yours, by the way.

I don't think I've ever
heard a cop say that before.

Well, I got cool kids.

What can you tell us about the
murder of Charlotte Huntington?


That's it?

That's it.

The last few stories she wrote
about you were pretty harsh.

Well, she still had access.

That should tell you a lot.

All it tells us

is that you're still trying

to seem relevant,

like you're worth the ink.

So your theory is that

I killed her over a little
disrespect in a rag?

You know, not for nothing, but,

people have been killed
over stupid beefs

in the rap game before,
just saying.

No matter how high you climb,

they still come around here
harassing you.

They got their little job to do.

Yeah, 'cause
the murder of a woman

is a littlething now, right?

You got nothing on me.

Did you know that Charlotte
was writing a book

about the rise of
Dead Dove Records?

I knew.

And she received
a very sizable advance,

which means she was probably
promising the goods.

And we were fully cooperating.

Look, she was hard on
a hundred other artists.

Why don't you go
waste their time?

We plan on it, after we find out

where you were two nights ago,

starting at around,
I don't know, 700 p.m.

In the studio, as usual.

Do you have proof?

You got a warrant?

'Cause if not,
this conversation is over.

Is there a problem?

A problem? You know
damn well there's a problem.

My cuffs, they were

I collared a perp today,
and he almost got away

because I couldn't cuff him.

Someone double.

Don't play dumb with me, Sarge.

Watch your tone, Tuna.

You're lucky I'm no snitch,

or I'd report you to IAB.

Officer Janko,
may I have a word with you?

He had it coming.

He's been disrespecting you
since you got here.

And that's gonna help? It might.

It won't.
It'll just escalate the chaos,

not to mention
undermine my authority.

I was just trying
to have your back.

Having my back doesn't mean
going tit for tat

with a bully
in a prank war, Eddie.

Okay. Jamie, this is not
that big of a deal.

It-it is.

Another officer could've been
put in danger.

You know I would never
do anything to hurt someone.

I know, but I got
to give you a rip.

The suspect then entered the
Danby's Donuts on 49th Street.

The officers followed him in.

He was apprehended
without incident.

Well, except for the damage to
the supply of chocolate glazed.

Lieutenant, what about

the entrapment in the 2.

If you're referring
to the operation...

Okay, "sting."

It netted a number
of violent offenders

with outstanding warrants
against them. As well as

a dozen citizens
with no record at all.

Surely you know that
the community is up in arms.

Surely some of the community
are grateful

for the proactive police work.

Has any disciplinary action been
taken toward Lieutenant Harvey

and the officers
under his command?

No. Now, if there's...

Is the NYPD doing anything
to deal with Harvey's actions?

How about you guys get
the full story

before you hang him out to dry?

You don't think Harvey
crossed a line?

It was an operation to address
a specific condition

perpetrated by gang members
in the area.

So everyone arrested
on that video was a gang member?

Then the NYPD

is condoning entrapment.

It wasn't entrapment.

It was a sting.

A beautiful sting that
some lowlifes walked into!

End of story!

It wasn't entrapment.
It was a sting.

A beautiful sting
that some lowlifes walked into!

End of story!

Little piece of advice.

No, thanks.

When you yell "end of story"

at a group of reporters,
you're telling them

right then and there
that there's more to the story.

What the hell were you thinking?

That I was speaking for the NYPD

and defending Lieutenant Harvey.
Your briefings

are the Metro section,
not the op-ed page.

Who's gonna speak for him?

No one has to.

What do you think this is,
the U.N.?

The guy's got reporters
all over his front yard.

I can't care.

This is an internal affair.

We keep our own counsel,
we speak as one,

and only after we'vedecided
where we landed.

You got that, Lieutenant?

Loud and clear. We let
Harvey swing in the wind.

Watch it, Sid.

Easy. I thought I was

just telling the truth.

Truth is, Harvey
should've weighed his actions

not just against
his CompStat grades

but against the image

of this department as a whole.


TARU just got back to us.

The proprietary
footage was leaked

by a Detective Justin Powl.

He went to some lengths to
try and remain anonymous.

Thank you in advance.

For being a traitor? No.

For helping with a
police investigation.

You seemed pretty certain I'd
come down here immediately. Why?

Charlotte spent a lot
of time at the studio.

For her book?


Was there something
else going on?

They were sleeping together.

I'd book their hotels and taxis.

It was my job to
keep it discreet.

So what happened,
they have a fight, break up?

Not exactly.

Well, why was she writing
these hit pieces in magazines

and contracted to write a book
to take him down?

He didn't know about the book.

So he knew about the hit pieces?

Well, he helped her write
the magazine pieces.

They were designed to
make him look hard.

He was worried
that people thought

all the money had made him look
soft, like he'd lost his cred.

Okay, I'm a little bit confused

as to why you
asked me down here.

She started talking to me...

without him controlling
the conversation.


About stuff he wouldn't
want in a book.

About checks delivered to
young women in other cities.

About the NDAs he made even
the liquor delivery guy sign.

About stuff I knew.

Did he know she was talking
to you about this stuff?

I don't know for sure.

But he probably suspected she
wasn't just taking dictation?

Those office walls aren't
soundproofed like the studio's.

You could hear them fighting.

It's very festive, Pop.

Yeah, thanks.

But I don't deserve all
the credit; Nicky helped.


Class was cancelled on Friday,

so I came over and we
spent the day together.

That's funny.

I still couldn't get
a return phone call.

I was revisiting

my childhood.
It didn't have a cell phone.

But a tad early for decorations,
don't you think?


Never too early for Christmas.

To quote the guys
who own the big-box stores.

Nah, I just tune all that
stuff out. I'm with Pop.

How do you tune it out?

The malls start blasting
"Jingle Bells"

literally the day
after Halloween.

Who made you
the resident Grinch?

Like father, like son?

What does that mean? Dad, you spoiled Santa

for us way before Mom
wanted that one to happen.

Well, it was time.
You needed to be...

He was the same way as a kid,

if it's any consolation.
He used to steal

all the Christmas presents.

All right, I didn't
steal anything.

Okay, hid them.

I was preparing you
for a life of detective work.


He did the same to us.

You spilled the beans about
Santa too early to us, too.

I've never really
forgiven you for that.

It was good.
You needed to grow up.

I was five.

I was five.

Mom wasn't having any of it.

She kept signing all the
gift tags "from Santa" anyway.


Still probably
be doing it today.


Who tried to tell you
there wasn't a Santa?

Kids at school.
I ran with an older crowd.

When you were how old?

I was third grade and they
were fifth and sixth.

But didn't your parents
still try to convince you?

I guess so.

When my dad was being sentenced
for fraud and embezzlement,

he used to say, "Where do you
think all that stuff came from?"

Santa Claus?"

Whoa, whoa.

I didn't mean it
to come out like that,

but I do like Christmas,

I just don't have
any personal experience

with the whole happy family
Christmas memories.

We'll have to get you started.


But you can't force it.

If you force it,
it won't do any good anyway.

Isn't it just stressful?

It is for a lot of people.

Well, then you just shift
your weight for those two weeks.

You just emphasize your thanks

for being part
of the family of man.

Where my bar is set
is Christmas morning in 1914,

when British and French soldiers
laid down their arms,

climbed out of the trenches

and spent the day playing soccer
with their German enemies.

I heard that was a myth.

Well, nobody knows where
it began or how it spread,

but it did happen, Jack.

Over 100,000 men,

up and down the Western Front.

How old was I,

when you first told me
about that?

Just old enough
to understand it.

So now, after every
Christmas dinner,

we put down our weapons,
go out back, and play soccer.

Little true.

Think you're real
funny, don't you?

Morning to you, too, boss.

Open it, now.

Open what? My locker.

You clipped the lock
and replaced it, am I wrong?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

I'm not gonna ask you again.

What are you gonna do,
count to ten?

Okay. Then you're riding with me
until the pranks stop.

Whoa! No, Sarge.
Hey, I'm serious.

So am I. Suit up.

The officers were surprised

they were not notified
about the hearing.

I told you, I thought
I presented enough evidence.

You also told me that Heatly
threatened your family,

clearly in an effort to get you
to tank the case

against him, and I believe

you acted for that result.

What are you saying?

You've given me no choice
but to terminate you.

I'm sorry.

And the Bar Association?
You notifying them?

That will be up to the DA.

I'm not gonna make a scene.

Your work here is done.

Of course I have a permit.

I can't believe
that he gave me a rip

and let Tuna off the hook.

Well, Tuna's not off the hook.

Didn't you hear?
He's riding with Reagan.

Better than getting a rip.

Speak for yourself.

I'm speaking from experience.

Don't you think you're being
a little hard on him?

So how long has it been?

How long has what been?

You and him.

How long have you been
sleeping together?

You know, for a cop,
you make a lousy detective.

Come on.

I'll take that apology now.

Okay, okay.

Units in the confines

of the 2-9 precinct,
we have a 10-30,

robbery in progress
at the pawn shop

located 295 East 19th Street.

Show 2-9 Sergeant responding.

2-9 Charlie, show us
responding as well.

There they are. I see 'em.

Go up the stairs.

Take the side street,
cut them off.

Are you sure? Yeah, just do it.

All right.

Police! Stop!

Come on!


Get down.

You okay? Yeah.

Police! Drop your gun!

Do it now!

Jimmy, give me cover. Got it.

Come out! Get down!

And drop the gun!
Drop it right now!

Get down on the ground!

Down on your face!

Police. Don't move.

Tuna, up front, the gun. Got it, got it.

Don't move.

You got any other
weapons on you?

No.You all right?

Yeah, man. But I think I need to
put in for a new pair of pants.

I'll see what I can do.

Hey, Sarge, that was
some good shooting.

Nice work.


Come on, on your feet.

Come on. Let's go.

Sergeant Reagan? You okay?

We're all right.
We're all right.

We heard gunshots. Hey, sit him in an RMP.

He's waiting on a bus.

Yes, Sergeant.

I got one here for you...

That bad?

I'm okay.

We got shots fired.
We got two under, one wounded.

So nobody gets in
here, all right?

Top tenth
in your class at the academy.

Awarded the Combat Cross

before you joined the Technical
Assistance Response Unit.

High marks from your boss there.

So what made you
blow yourself up?

I think Lieutenant Harvey's
a good cop.

But some of his tactics
go directly against

any understanding
of community policing.

Except that he's effective.

I go fishing

and I drop a depth charge
in the lake.

I'm gonna haul a lot of bass.

Is that good fishing?

And you know this how?

You don't work out of his house.

I live in the 2-1.

My kids go to school in the 2-1.

My wife works
at a dental practice there.

There is a very clear pipeline

for bringing complaints
to this office,

from the community
and from our officers.

Not for me.

What makes you so special?

Lieutenant Harvey's
my brother-in-law.


I-It's not a racial thing,

It's... it's a kids thing.

Jon thinks, you're in your teens
or 20s in the 2-1,

you're either a felon
or you're about to become one.

So he goes fishing with
a depth charge and a big net.

Keeps everyone scared
or suspicious of our cops.

And you thought
this was the only way

to bring it to our attention?

I hoped it would be anonymous.

Your new-school tactics,

building trust,

he puts a torch to it,
the way he operates sometimes.

And you put a torch

to the trust our cops have
to have with each other.

Trust that is the bedrock
of the NYPD.

You are suspended,
effective immediately.

Lieutenant Gormley will take
your gun and shield.

Cameron Gooding.

Detectives. You have a warrant?

Nope, no warrant.

Then you can go back
the way you came in.

'Cause I got work to do.

We know you were sleeping
with Charlotte Huntington.

Doesn't mean anything.

Well, does it mean anything
that she was betraying you?

Wrong again.

Now, why don't you get out of
here before I call my lawyers?

Three past abuse allegations,
drug charges,

illegal possession of firearms.

What are you talking about? Well,
those are some of the highlights

from the research Charlotte
was doing for her book.

You know, the book
you said you knew about,

but you really
didn't know about?

Look, most of that stuff
is public record.

No, it isn't. Not the
juicy stuff, anyway.

That was all settled
out of court

with big fat checks
and non-disclosure agreements.

Let me see that file.

Read it and weep.

This... this can't be real.

Except it is.

You guys made this up
to get to me or something.

People close to Charlotte
verified the details.

But she wouldn't do that.

We were serious.

I loved her, and she loved me.

And she was using you.

The whole time?

The whole time.

You did what you had to do.

I know.

It it what it is.

I know.

Heavy lies the head
that wears the crown.

Okay, enough.

You know Martin carries a gun?

So? You do, too.

He just didn't seem the type.

Well, he just
doesn't seem the type

to throw a case
for a gangster, either.

You can't judge a book by
its cover. Live and learn.

I'm gonna treat you to some
new clichés for Christmas.

Yeah, Jake.

W-We'll come down.
Keep an eye out.

Come where where?

I kept a guy sitting
on Heatly's block.

There's another guy sitting
on Heatly's block

in a Honda with plates
registered to Martin Richardson.

Who carries a gun.

What are you doing here?

Right back at you, buddy.

I need to talk to him.

Hey! I got a permit for that.

You'll get it back
when you calm down.

I lost my job,
I lost my career 'cause of him.

You want to lose your life
'cause of him?

I was just gonna talk to him.

From behind a gun?

If I had to.

Those conversations
never end well.

You got to think, Martin.
Try to remember.

Remember what?

Remember when you were smart.

What that felt like.

See if you can get
that feeling back.

You lost?

No. You look lost.

Nothing for you
to see here, pal!

Keep moving.

Calling my lawyer.

This is harassment.
If nothing else is,

this is harassment.

I want you back in the car
and I want you to drive home.

You've already caused
enough problems with this case.

He owes me.

You owe me.
Now get in your car and drive.

Give me my weapon.

Come by my office and get it.



Why do I get the feeling
I'm a couple behind already?

Because you are.

Hell of a week?

Yeah. You doing all right?

Yeah. I feel good, actually.

Strange those two detectives
came by.

Not really.

What do you mean?

I mean, Charlotte and I

did have
a complicated relationship.

It's not like you'd hurt her.
Would you?


Of course. Suppose she was, um,

using me.

Taking advantage
of my attraction to her.

I don't follow.

Trying to expose my past,

trying to bring down everything
that we've built, you and me.

Then you'd hurt her?


You're my best friend, Marty.

I'd do anything for you.

You'd do anything for me?

I would.

I'd kill for you.

I'd kill for you, too.
You know that.

Did you?

Kill her?

I thought we were talking
figure of speech here.

Are you that good
of a friend, Marty?

Yeah, I am.

Was I gonna let some twist
take down a lifetime's work?

No. I took care of business.

Our business.

Yeah. You're a good friend.

Thank you.

Bring it in.

Did I ask you to do that?
I did not!

All right! That's enough.

You always have to ask! Hey!

Back it up.

Get what you need?

Yeah, we got what we need.

Good. At least somebody did.

Get him on his feet.

And then Reagan goes,
"Cover me,"

and then he jumps
behind a dumpster,

then behind a car and
then he shoots a guy

in the shoulder like
we were in Bad Boys.

I think that beer might be
going to your head, Tuna.

Yeah, no, it definitely is.

Hey. Cheers, Sarge.




I'll get us another round.

I'll come with you.


So Tuna, where does
that nickname come from?

I had a summer job at
the MTA when I was younger,

and my boss was a real piece
of work, so right before I quit,

I hid an order of tuna sushi
in his office.

It stunk up the place real bad.

They didn't find it
for, like, a week.

So you've always been
a prankster.

Look, I know
you don't believe me,

but I'm telling you the truth.

It wasn't me doing those pranks.

Seriously, Tuna,
as long as they've stopped,

all is forgiven. All right?

Well, he came and went.

Who? Richardson.

To get his gun?

Yeah. So that's it?

And said good-bye and thanks.

Said to you but not to me.

Well, you fired him, I didn't.
What's he gonna thank you for?

Right. But he did pay you

what he owed you.

Surveillance shots
from a traffic camera

right before Heatly was stopped
by our cops.

Time stamped and
crystal clear, showing

that his left taillight was out.

Richardson was sitting on this.

Well, not anymore. I had one

of your ADAs notify the judge
and the defense attorneys.

We're due in chambers
in 20 minutes.

With a lot of explaining to do.

That's why they pay you
the big, big bucks.


Hey, Jonny.

What brings you in here?

I'm supposed to meet the PC.

Me, too.

You, you got the day off?

I got suspended.

It was you.

Leaked the footage?


Wow. Why?

Like I told you
a million times...

What the...

Y-You realize your nephew,

your godson,

was one of the kids rounded up?

He was a block from that truck.

He got caught in the net, Jon.
Your net.

Then you come to me.

You don't just throw me
to the wolves, man...

Here he is.

As you were.

Everybody know everything?

Yes, sir.

Yes, sir.

I come from a cop family.

'Cause of the change
in the demographics here,

it's a, dwindling tradition,
which makes each one left

that much more valuable.

A cop family

that has black and white cops,

one living
in the other's precinct,

is pretty much unheard of.

And about as valuable
as it gets.

Potentially, anyway.


I hear you.

I took another look
at your stats.

Got a lot of question marks.

Next round, I better not.

Yes, sir.

From now on,

you better have his back
like you owe him your life.

Your life
in this department, anyway.

Yes, sir.

You two have a good day.