Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 7 - Common Ground - full transcript

How you doing?

I'm hungry. We got any cereal?

Yeah, Cheerios.

I'll have that.

Bowls are in the cabinet.
Help yourself.

Mom used to get it for me.


Well, I'm not your mom.

No kidding.

What are you getting at, kid?

What's bothering you?

Mom didn't have to get me
cereal, but she did.

She didn't have to put little
notes in my lunch, but she did.

She didn't have to plan family
trips for us, but she did.

Meanwhile, I've asked you,
like, five times,

if we can get a basketball hoop
for this house,

we still don't have one.

I'm not leaving until
I speak to Theresa Hill.

And I already explained to you,
you can't see her.

I won't leave until
I see Theresa Hill.

Lady, you can demand
all you want.

You're not seeing her.
Step aside.

I won't step aside.

You're holding up the line.

Next. No. No, no, no, no.

I am not moving!

Out of the way, bitch!

- No!
- Really?

- Settle down.
- No.

No. Get your hands off of me!

Hey, settle down!

That's it. You're under arrest.

What... No... Let me go!

Get your hands off of me!

I am here to see Theresa Hill!

Get her out of here.

Take her out.


My point is, don't let
yourself feel guilty

because Linda's
not around anymore.

Little too late for that.

Excuse me.

Detectives Reagan and Baez.
You got an assault?

Faith Madson.

Contusions and a laceration.

Said her jerk exboyfriend
beat her up.

She's in 12A.

Hey, that guy's hurting her!

- Police! Hey!
- Call security right now!

Get your hands off her.

This the same guy
that assaulted you earlier?

Yeah, yeah. Raymond Stevens.

Help me out here!

Cuff him.

Bitch! Shut up.

Yeah, the only bitch

is gonna be you,
when you're locked up

for assault
and strangulation, punk.

Get him out of here.

Hey, you got a woman
in distress?


She's right in here.
I called 911

as soon as it started, but
I don't know what to do.


Ma'am, are you okay?

- This is Officer Reagan.
- I'm Officer Janko.

Central, 12 David.

We have a woman in labor
at 135 East 90th Street.

We need a bus really quick,

and I mean put a rush
on that bus.

That was another contraction?

Okay, just stay calm.

I've delivered babies before.

You're gonna be fine.
Deep breaths, okay?

Jamie, Jamie, no.

- No.
- You're gonna okay.

All right? We're here to help you.

Deep breaths, okay?
You're gonna be okay.

Central, 12 David.
Where's that bus?

All right, we see the head.
We're almost there, okay?

You're doing great, Angela.

One more big push, all right?

- All right, you're doing great.
- You're doing great, Angela. Doing great.

You're doing great.

I got a shoulder.

Push! Push!

It's a boy.

Okay. It's a boy.

Isn't that perfect?

He's okay.

Está bien. Está bien. My God.

He's okay, he's okay. Está bien.

Yep, he's breathing. He's okay.

Wow. Wow. He's okay.

It's okay.

A beautiful, healthy boy.

You accept the award,
you say a few words,

and we can be out of there
before the appetizers arrive.

Maybe get some to go?

Sir, Shelly Wayne is here.

Shelly Wayne?

Who cleared that?
Who let her in?

She was precleared, apparently.

I did.

Wouldn't that go through me?

It could, but apparently,
it did not.

What is she doing here?

Accepting my invitation.

Thank you very much, everybody.


It's a trumpedup charge.

Not what I heard.

I spent two solid hours
waiting to get into Rikers,

and when I get there, they
tell me I can't go in? Come on!

The woman I was
there visiting...

Is a repeat offender.

Weapons possession,
shoplifting, assault.

You're the one who told
me to find purpose.

Find purpose, not get arrested.

I am ministering to
the inmates there.

That is purpose.

And this woman told me...

This career criminal told you.

Told me that she
witnessed a murder.

And ever since then, they
refused to let me in to see her.

So there's a conspiracy to
keep you away from the inmates?

Just Theresa Hill...

Who swears that a guard
killed her friend.

Yes, it's clearly
an order from above.

Clear to you, maybe.
I don't expect you

to believe me,

or understand, because
you don't know what it's like

not to have a voice.

Getting arrested doesn't
give you a voice, Shelly,

it gives you a record.

Don't play me for that.

And don't play this
"us versus them" song for me.

I asked you here.

Why do you think?

To lecture me.

- Come on.
- Come on nothing.

Talking to you is like

talking to a paragon
of virtue or something.

Hard to have a real
conversation with a paragon.

Okay, I give up.

Good luck. Good afternoon.

All right.


Thank you for reaching out.

You're welcome.

I am certain that she
is telling the truth.

I'm not.

He's beautiful.

How can I thank you?

Just take good care of him.

Can we get in contact
with your husband for you?

Um, he doesn't have
a cell phone.

Just give us an address.

7130 Woodside Avenue.

We'll let you guys work.

That was amazing.

You were amazing.

I hardly did anything.

You did way more than me.

I had no idea you've
delivered a baby before.

I haven't. What?

You know, I just said that
so that she would stay calm.

Well, you're
really good at faking,

because I thought you knew
exactly what you were doing.

Do you want to have kids?


When my dad was arrested,
he just kept saying,

"I did this for you."

And I remember thinking,
I'll never have kids,

'cause I don't
want to blame them

for screwing my life up
the way that he did.

You know what I mean?

So you don't want to have kids?

Did you see the
look on her face?

She fell in love the
second she saw that baby.

It was instantaneous.

I just thought,

someday I want to experience
what that feels like.

Me, too.

Raymond was the first guy

I've gone out with,

and... he was great
in the beginning.

They usually are.

Yeah. I don't know,
I guess I just miss

being part of a couple,
you know?

I get it.

Yeah. See, you're married;
I'm sure you understand.

Actually, my wife passed away
six months ago.

I know about that.

- I'm so sorry.
- That's okay.

Um, let's get back to Raymond.


When did he start
becoming violent?

About a month ago.

He... came to pick me up
at work at the hospital.

You a nurse?

Yeah. Saint Irene's.

And he saw me walking out,
talking to a male coworker,

and he got really angry.

And I thought maybe he was
just having a bad day,

but then he started
sending me...

threatening texts and,
demanding to know

who I ate lunch with and
who I was talking to.

And that's when I ended it.

That was smart.

I feel like such a fool.

Listen, it's really not
your fault.

Okay. So what happens now?

Well, Raymond is being charged

with assault and strangulation.

And how do I know
he'll leave me alone?

You don't.

So you should probably apply
for an order of protection.

It basically says he can't
come within 500 feet of you.

Or make any contact
with you at all.

Well, what if he
shows up somewhere?

Call 911.

Or you could...

call me direct, okay?

This is my number.

He shows up, call right away.

All right. Your hand.

Yeah. Hazards of the job.

Come here.

I'm a nurse.

You need to get it cleaned up,
and you might need an Xray.

I will.


All right.

You be careful, all right?

Yeah. Appreciate it.

You sure this is
the right address?

Yeah, this is it.

Well, I guess maybe having
a baby in a movie theater

isn't the worst idea.


I'm Officer Janko.
This is Officer Reagan.

No hablo inglés.

Policía. ¿Podemos entrar?

- Five?
- Sí.

We're looking for Mr. Alvarez?

Sí. Sí.


We got to report this to FDNY
and Department of Buildings.

They could lose their home.

Tell your brother

I'll pick you guys up
some takeout.

I'll be home in about an hour,
okay, buddy?

All right, see you then.


Help me!

He's gonna kill me!

- Where are you?
- My God!

He's trying...
he's trying to kill me.

Who? Who?

My God.

He's crashing into my car!


- Is it Raymond?
- I don't know.

My God, I don't know!

Okay, Faith, where are you?

I'ml'm driving. I'm on,
I'm on the West Side Highway.

Where on the West Side Highway?


I don't know.
My God, I don't know!


What exit are you passing?

Um, I... I just...
I just passed 96th Street.

God. God, please help me.

Listen to me.

You got to get off, okay?
Get off at

79th Street, make a right off
the exit, go down five blocks.

On your right
is the 54 Precinct, okay?

I'll be waiting for you.

Faith? Faith?!

- Reagan?
- Thanks.

You okay?

Not really.

- Who was it? Raymond?
- I don't know.

I mean, I thought
he was under arrest.

He was, but I spoke
to the court.

They said he was released on his
own recognizance an hour ago.

I don't know. It was so dark,
I couldn't see, but who else?

Could you make out
the license plate?

The car? Um...

No. I'ml'm sorry. Okay.

We have cameras along the route?

We're checking the service road
where she got off.

Okay, what if, what if
he comes after me again?

I mean, I'm...
I'm so afraid to go home.

Relax. I'll take
you home, all right?

Let's get a radio car
sitting on her place.

No problem.

Thank you.

Okay. Come on.

Gonna be all right.

The inmate in question
was found strangled

with a bed sheet
around her neck.

It was ruled a suicide.

Ruled and was a suicide?

I got the M.E.

taking a second look at it,
but Rikers isn't cooperating.

They say they can't locate

the security footage
from that day,

and the correction
officer who's accused

has a history of sexual assault.

Two complaints on his record,
neither of which

have been investigated.

So, it's fair to say there could
be something to these claims.

Well, certainly enough
to open an investigation,

yes, sir.

And what is it
you're not saying?

I'm just a little lost here.

In that?

In that I don't want to rain

on the Shelly Wayne parade
that's going on in here.

What's that mean?

That a loose cannon
from the community

has the ear of this office

in a way that's
out of the usual flow.

You, too?

No, boss... No?

Well, but he has a little point.

That being?

Chain of command

would usually have us vetting

walkin business
from a Shelly Wayne.

Well, it's not like,
all of a sudden,

that's just an open door.

Just for her.

No, not just for her.

But not just
for you two, either.


Anything else?

You open up a Twitter account
or anything?

That a joke?
We'd just like to know

where we fit in in the pipeline.

Right where you always are.

Just checking.

Ms. Wayne called

a local radio show an hour ago,
and called corruption

on the Department
of Corrections,

and accused the NYPD

of being complicit in covering
up the murder of an inmate

by a C.O.

You kidding me?

She hung you out to dry.

Okay, come on in. Okay.

- Gonna have you wait right here, okay?
- Yeah.

Just gonna check
and make sure...


Nobody's here.

How long you lived here?

About five years.

I'm gonna take

a quick peek upstairs, okay?

You live alone?

My husband...

he passed away.


It's all clear.

Can I get you something?
Like a beer, or...?

No, thank you.
I'm gonna head out.

Yeah? Okay. Yeah.

You sure you're okay?

Yes. Yes, yes, yes. I will be.

I just... it just
really rattled me.

Tell you what.

I know you're not okay.

I'll keep you company
for a few minutes.

I'm off duty anyway.

What the hell, I'll take a beer.

- Yeah?
- Sure.

So how'd you meet
this Raymond character, anyway?

God, it's embarrassing.

- Try me.
- Yes.

He... I met him
on a dating site.


Yes. Okay.

Which one?

The one aimed at
lonely, dumb-ass widows.

I'll be sure to avoid it.

That and the one for
lonely, dumb-ass farmers.

And what about your husband?
What'd he do?

He was a cop.

Nice. Yes. Bronx narcotics.

Wow. Interesting. Yep.

And youryour wife?

She was a nurse,
ironically enough.

Yep. Yeah.


I better get going.

Yeah, it's getting late.

Yeah. Um...

Car will be outside all night.

Thank you. And...

So don't be scared.

And if you need anything,
you have my card.


Don't hesitate to call.


Gracias. Thank you, thank you,
thank you so much.

Congratulations on your baby.

You want to...
do you want to hold him?

No, no. That's okay. No, no.

Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez,

we went to your house, and,

there were some serious
fire code violations.

I don't understand.

The Department of Buildings
shut your place down.


We are... kicked out
of our home?

We gave up everything

to be here.

Now we don't have a...
a roof to stay?

We got nothing.

Manny, Manny, Manny, shh.

We have everything.

We have each other,
and we have our son.


It's okay. Shh. Shh, shh.

We're gonna be okay.

Hey, what the hell's going on?

I arrest a guy
for strangling his girlfriend,

and beating the crap out of her,
and he gets RoR'd?

First time offense, and
it's the judge's call.

Well, the judge
is an idiot, because now,

he's a secondtime offender.

He tried to run her
off the road last night.

Did she I.D. him?

We know it was him, okay?

No, you assume it was him.

What's it gonna take? Is he
gonna have to kill her

before somebody wakes up?

You know, he wanted to
file a cross complaint.

For what?

He had a lump on the side
of his head.

He probably got the lump
when I cuffed him, okay?

That's just great.

Look, she's a nurse, and
she's scared out of her wits,

and he's attacked her
twice already.

Danny, she's a nurse,
in jeopardy,

looking to you for help.

What are you trying to say?

I just think the case

is affecting you
on a personal level.

It is personal. It's my collar,

and this jackass is
back on the street,

assaulting his girlfriend again,

and nobody's helping me,
including you.

I can't do anything if she can't
I.D. him as the attacker.

Who else could it be?

Get me a paint chip

from her bumper
that matches his car,

get me a video,
get me an eyewitness,

get me something...
Anything substantial.

Well, hopefully,
it won't be a dead body.

First, it was
quality of life crimes,

which is bad enough, but now,

violent offenders
getting cut loose?

I mean, what are
we gonna do next?

Release David Berkowitz
and Mark David Chapman?

You're really going to equate

your firsttime offender
to the Son of Sam?

You know what I mean.

Now, look, if you
think it's insane

that violent offenders are being
set free, raise your hand.

See, there? And you get a
pass, 'cause she's your mom.

I don't need a
free pass, Uncle Danny.

I'm sure her office
just followed the law.

Yeah, I'm sure they were, too.

What about you, Dad?

Way too broad a question
for a yes or no from me.

You know what I
think would be great?

If you could be a
prosecutor for a week.

Yeah, I'd put all the bad guys
away, so it would be great.

It would be great if we were
in Deadwood, South Dakota,

around 1870.

In some ways, too bad we're not.

I'm with Danny.

What some people call progress,
I call folly.

Thank you.

Come on, Pop.

No, I mean it. Across the board?

The rights of
lawabiding citizens

trump the rights
of violent felons,

across the board,
and all day long, yes.

Thank you. I wish you
could be a cop for a week.

I bet you wouldn't,

because I would point out

that everyone has rights,
including felons.

Well, you wouldn't have to,
because cops already know that.



That is far too broad a question
for a yes or no from me.

Isn't the law

supposed to be blind?

Yeah, but not deaf
and dumb, too.

All right.

What is that supposed to mean?

Just that carrying this thing
to extremes

is its own kind of lawlessness.

Well, the people
around this table,

the beat cop, the detective,
the lawyer, the PC,

we're the ones who are supposed

to make sure
that doesn't happen.

I think you all need
a flaming liberal in the mix.

Keep you all honest.

I think we already have one.

And it's you, so clam up.

No, wait a minute.

Nicky actually
has a point for a change.

Thank you, I think.

It is our job
to listen to people

we don't have
an everyday connection to.

Even if doing so makes you doubt

the wisdom of some laws.


- No.
- Yes.

We delivered a baby Friday.

The mother and the husband
areare illegal.

They both work, but they just
lost their apartment.

Now they have
to move into a shelter,

and there's nothing
I can do to help them.

But didn't they break the law
by coming here illegally?

Yes, they did.

But the sentence
does not fit the crime.

Not even close.

I hope you find some way
to help them out.

No, wait a minute.

Aren't we burying
the headline here?

Jamie Reagan delivered a baby.


Eight pounds, six ounces, yeah.

What was it like?

Scary, and beautiful.

And one of the most amazing
experiences of my life,

but... the takeaway was,
I hope this kid has a shot.

Hope the law doesn't get him.

You know, that's coming
from a cop.


Double or nothing.

Well, okay.

How's Nicky doing?

She's trying to win back

a hypothetical $480
that she lost to Pop.

Well, he's always been streaky.
She should stick to her game.

I got a hypothetical.

Well, whatever it is,

you don't have to dress it up
as a hypothetical.

Why not?
Because there's not much

that I haven't seen firsthand,
and I can take it straightup.

Okay. Let's say
someone gets arrested.


A visitor to Rikers for
resisting a correction officer

and then acting out.

Does this someone have
a previous record?

Similar offense
a few months ago.

Can she go to jail for it?

"She." Someone's a she.

Yeah, so what?

Hence the hypothetical.


What's the worst
that can happen to her?

Well, a lot's gonna
depend on the judge

and what the C.O.s testify to.

How big is their beef with her?

She could get bail
that she cannot make

and end up
incarcerated at Rikers

with those C.O.s
walking her hall

for anywhere between six months
and two years awaiting trial.

This a friend of yours?

Not exactly.

Then what?

One of those people
we talked about at dinner,

the inbetweens.

Well, if she keeps this up,

she's gonna find herself between
a rock and a hard place.

You're never gonna guess
what I just did.

Probably not,
but you're gonna tell me.

I got Mr. Alvarez
a job as a super,

and it comes with an apartment.

Where? How?
This building in the Bronx.

You know, one of those
hippydippy neighborhoods

that's starting to gentrify
out by Yankee Stadium?

How'd you swing that?

What, now you don't talk?

You know how my dad had
that whole Ponzi scheme going

before he was finally
arrested for fraud?


Well, a couple
of the investors got out

right before
the whole thing went bust.

And one of them is
a real estate investor.

So, what? You threatened him?

No, but I laid a guilt trip
on him you wouldn't believe.

There is one little hitch.

A hitch?

It's more like an
inconvenience for us.

For us?

I had to sweeten the deal.

Eddie, what are you
talking about?

Don't worry about it.

What's the hitch?

Raymond, open up.

How many times are
you gonna come here?

- I told you, I haven't seen him.
- Can you step back?

When's the last
time you saw him?


Do you smell that?

Yeah, I do. It smells like gas.



I don't smell it.

Well, you must be used to it,
'cause I smell it

and it smells like
it's coming from in there.

You think Raymond
left the gas on?

If Raymond left the gas on
and he's inside,

he could be in serious danger.

Maybe you're right.
I think I do smell it.

Okay, step back.

Police. Raymond?

Ray? Buddy? Hello?

It's clear.

Clear here.

I'll check the stove.

Go ahead.

He bought enough ammo to do
some serious damage, too.

He was Googling street views
and walkways of St. Irene's.

Call crime scene.

Lock this place down
till they get here.

Where the hell are you going?

I'm going to the hospital.
Have ESU meet me there.

Danny, wait!
You, get the hell out! Get out!

- St. Irene's.
- This is Detective Reagan,

NYPD. Is Faith Madson
working today?

Yes, she is.

HHey, Raymond.

Is Faith here?

- Please, hold.
- No, no.

Don't put me on hold!

You know you can't see her.

Don't tell him she's there.
Don't tell him!

She's working, Ray.

No, wherewhere is Faith?

I'll let her know
you stopped by.

Listen to me,
that guy has a gun! Okay?

Where is Faith?

Someone call security.

Raymond, Raymond, Ray.

Where is she?

Where is Faith?!

- No!
- Where is Faith Madson?!

Please, just take a breath.
Please. No. No.

- Tell me where she is. Where is she?
- You don't have to do this.

Tell me.

Don't. No, no.

Faith! Faith!

Where's Faith Madson?!

What do we got?

We've got reports of
shots fired from inside.

Come on, get away
from the building!

Get away! What do we got?

We got one dead and
one circling the drain.

Which way'd he go?

911 calls say from
the fifth floor.

All right. Hang in there.

Where you going? Move!

ESU's two minutes out!

Ain't got time.
It's an active shooter!

Where's the stairwell?

Over there! Over there!

Let's go!

Staff, staff!

Police. Get the hell
out of here.

He still back there?

No, he left.

Which way'd he go?

I don't know.

Where's Faith Madson?

I don't know. Why?
Because where she is, he is.

Stay there. Help's on the way.

Give me your hand,
give me your hand. Come on.

Stay here.

Hey. Which way'd he go?

I didn't see.

He's downstairs. Stay put.

Where is Faith Madson?!

I'm gonna keep shooting

until I find her!




Hey, take the stairs.
Get out of here.

Where is she?

I don't know.

Where is Nurse Madson?

Just let us be, okay?

I don't know where she is.

You're okay, you're okay.

Faith! Come on.

Run, run, run, run, run!


Get back!


Hey! Don't do it!

Get back!

Ray, don't hurt her.

She hurt me, but nono one
cares about that?

Raymond, please, just
listen to him. I'm sorry.

- Shut up.
- Ray! Hey!

Let's talk. Okay?

You kill me, you kill her!

I don't want to kill you.

I want to help you, okay?

Please, listen to him.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.

- Shut up, shut up, shut up.
- Ray! Hey!

Forget about her. Look at me.

Look at me.

Let's work this out together,
just me and you. Come on.

I want people to know
what she did.


Don't come closer!


Get back!

Stand back!

You don't love me.

You... thisthis is your fault.

This is your fault.

Okay, Ray.
Just threw it all away

for no reason, no reason!

I want everybody to know
that she ripped out my heart.

That I, that I gave her
everything and she just,

she just threw it
all away. No reason!

Ray. She just threw it all away.

I'm sorry.

- I'm sorry.
- Ray.

Talk to me.

I want everybody to know
that I have no regrets

about what I'm about to do.

Raymond, please
put the gun down.

If you take that shot,

you miss, you have
to live with it.

Come on, come on.


Let's have her.

I know what you're gonna say.

No, you don't.

I should have edited myself.

"The NYPD is corrupt"?

"The NYPD is complicit
in covering up a murder"?

What editing undoes that?

I hadn't heard back from you.

I didn't know I
had a clock on me.

If you're me, you don't get
to use the microphone too often.

Well, then learn how to use it
or run away from it.

Come on.

Please, sit down.

I don't have PR guys

to go between my raw thoughts
and the polite ones.

Look, you're smart.
You called into that radio...

You never said things before
in a moment that you wish

you could take back? Sure.

Then just take my word for it.

That's exactly the problem.

I mean now!

I got carried away.

I'm sorry.

But sometimes,
I have to make a little noise

to make things happen.

Is everything an agenda
with you?

Saying what I believe
is not an agenda.

What do you expect from me?

I expect your trust.
I think I've earned that.


Because you show up
to some of our vigils sometimes?

I appreciate you showing up,

but you never contribute.

I guess I never felt
I had anything to offer.

Just you standing up there

and saying the system
isn't perfect,

that some folks
get screwed by it?

That would be like
Christmas morning to us.

Shelly, as sure as
we are sitting here,

you're gonna end up
in the system.

I don't want to see that.

You sit up here above it all.

You have no idea what it's like

to fight an unjust system...

to lose your brothers
and sisters and children!

Sometimes, you just
showing up isn't enough.

You've got to put
some skin in the game!



I wasn't expecting you.

Yeah, I was, um...
I was pretty wound up,

so I just went for
a walk, and then I was

walking for an hour,
and I ended up here.

Well, it is a very
safe place to end up.

- Is that your wife?
- Yeah.

She's pretty.

Thank you.

You have a beautiful family.


I wanted to thank you
for everything.

You, you really...

you saved my life.

I just did my job.

I kind of get the feeling
you're the kind of guy

who never just does his job.

Guilty as charged.

I didn't just end up here,
I came here with a purpose.


I'd like to see you again.

Outside of work.

I mean, maybe I could,
I could take you to dinner,

a movie or something.

Yeah, I'm sorry.
That was, that was...


No, it was inappropriate.
I get it.

It's okay.


it's not that I don't
find you interesting

or beautiful or... funny.

Just think maybe

in another lifetime,
when I'm a little bit better

at dealing with certain things,
I'd probably jump at the chance.

It's too soon. I totally get it.

It's weird, but...

I still feel like
I'm married, you know?


I did, too, for a long time.

When does it stop?

Feeling like you're married.

When you decide it's okay
to start living again.

Your wife was lucky.

So was I.

Okay, do you want to know
what the hitch is?

Yeah. What's the hitch?

I may have promised
that we'd work security

at a Hamptons bash next month.

Are you serious?
It's gonna be great.

The family won't have
to live in a...

in a shelter,
and all you have to do is

keep fans away from JayZ
for a couple weekends.

Winwin. A couple?!

There you are!

Hey, hey, guys.


We don't know how to thank you.

A... a job as a super?

An apartment of our own?

Um, we are so...

What's the word... overcome...

with thanks to both of you.

Well, we're just so glad
everything worked out.

You have no idea how
much this means to us.

Everything you've done.

Um, we can't thank you enough.

Please, just take care of
this beautiful family of yours.

That's thanks enough.

Well, we couldn't think
what to give you

to show you how grateful we are
for everything you've done.

So, um, we named
the baby after you.

You named the baby Jamie?

Eddie. Yeah, Eddie.

Yeah, Eddie.

Just like you. Yeah.

Wow, I'm,


I, um... I'm really...

Wow, that's something,
right, Jamie?

YYes. Thank you so much.

This really is so beautiful.

We are just so happy.

Thank you. Say byebye, Eddie.


Adios, Eddie. Byebye.

All right, adios, Eddie.

Come on, Eddie.

Perfect. Give it a try.

All right, let's test this out.


My God. Luck.

It's all skill. Yeah.

What's going on?

Hey, guys.

I'll tell you what's
going on here.

I may not have some
of your mother's skills,

but I can build a regulation

basketball hoop
with my bare hands,

and I didn't even need
to read the manual.

Because I read the instructions.

Because you know nothing
about basketball.

Ooh. I know how to beat you.

Those are fightin' words.

Those are fightin' words.
You in?

I'm in. How 'bout you?

Done. Team Erin.

All right, two on two. Let's go.

You're a girl. That makes it

one and a half on two.
Right. Okay.

Let's go.

Winners can't let it up
like that, Dad.

All right, all right.
Now we got a game, let's go.

Let's go.

That old saying...

"You can only be as happy

as your least happy child..."

I need to find
an antidote for that.

That's why I'm here.

My daughter can't hardly
get out of bed

since her boy was killed.

That's why I'm here.

With the hope that...

by me telling our story...

maybe some kind of relief
will rub off on her.

Thank you.

Thank you for that, Doris.

Would anyone else like to speak?

Commissioner Reagan?

Maybe you'd like
to say something?




When, my oldest son was nine,

he got into it
with his, younger brother

in the backyard.

They were 19 months apart,

so it wasn't
an uncommon occurrence.

Their grandpa breaks it up,

but then he's asked them
to settle it

in what he called the right way.

Sure enough,
out of the garage comes Pop.

He was a former department
boxing champ,

and he's got the gloves.

So... to be honest,
I know that 12ounce gloves

are pretty cumbersome on a kid.

They're not gonna do
much damage to each other.

I knew their mother
wouldn't approve,

but she was at the market
with the baby.

So the brothers went at it
in the Reagan backyard

with Grandpa as the referee.

Now, personally,
I think big brother

was going easy
on little brother.

But little brother,
he was having none of that.

I mean, Joe would...
he'd bop him one,

and Danny would just
wade back in.

Their kid sister, by the way...

she was enjoying
the hell out of it

because both of them
picked on her all the time.

Anyway, with those
big, heavy gloves,

it didn't take long
for them to get armweary

and punched out.

Grandpa calls it a draw,
and that was that.

Except... the next morning,

I get a call
from Sister Margaret Mary,

their school principal.

She was inquiring about

Joe's black eye
and Danny's split lip.

Evidently, the brothers

were not willing to talk.

Between you and me,
made me proud.

My sons were
protecting each other.

And as for my oldest, Joe...

I miss him every day.

It's funny,
the things you think about.

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