Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 4 - Out of the Blue - full transcript

A detective in a mob case is killed. Garrett is accosted outside his home by a SWAT team after a false report. Erin is approached by an acquaintance of Anthony who offers to help in an organized crime case over Anthony's objections.

Honey, honey, wait,
hold on a second. Babe.

You forgot your coffee.

Thank you.

You're welcome. Have a good day.

You, too. See you later.

Arthur? Arthur?


My God.

My God. Arthur...

Arthur. Help me, somebody!

My God!

Hold on. Hold on.

Help me, someone!

Okay, okay, let me in, Carol.

Let me in. Help.


No, Arthur! No!

Arthur, wake up!

Wake up!

Arthur! I'm with my neighbor...

Hey. What do we got?

So far we got nothing.

What do you mean, nothing?

Not even shell casings? Nope.

Any physical evidence at all?

Nada. Nil.


I know what you're thinking.

Well, if it walks like a duck
and talks like a duck,

it's probably
a professional hit.

You think it's the
Robert Cofey case?

What else could it be?

I mean, it's the best case

we've had against
a mobster in a decade.

It's a case that's gonna

put Cofey away...
A career mobster.

And our star witness happens
to be our fallen cop.

I'd say it's
a good place to start.

You're probably right.
You speak to the wife?

She say anything?
Maybe he got a threat

and told her about it.

She was taken to Bellevue

Great. What about neighbors?

Neighbor mentioned Hines

said something to him
just before he passed.

What, like last word?

More like one word.

What was it?


Quack, quack.

What is it?

I thought I heard something.

Stay here.

Garrett, don't.

Stay here.


Hands up!


Gun! He's got a gun!

- Don't move!
- Do not resist!

Hold still!

My God!

No! Ma'am, ma'am!



Get off her!

Get off her!


How you doing?

How is she? Out of the woods.

But rattled beyond belief,

and for good reason,
I might add.

Of course.

He stepped on my face
with his boot.

Well, you did have a gun in your hand.
Because I thought

someone was breaking
into my house.

Hey, come on,
let's get some coffee.

Look, you got "swatted."

Someone called 911, said you
were holding Cynthia hostage,

you had a gun, and you
were threatening to kill her.

And they didn't verify?
Well, how?

They thought you were the problem.
I don't care

what they thought... they
had false information.

Well, I'm not excusing them.

Somebody could've gotten killed.

On a prank phone call?
And they should

have checked you out, but...

Look, it's a small department.

You can just call in a SWAT
team on an innocent man?

And they actually go?
What kind of a world is this?

You know...

swatting is
usually about revenge.

What are you saying?
I'm just asking.

Anyone out there
with an ax to grind?

No. Okay.

You were separated recently.

That's your first guess?
That I had an affair,

and now I've got Glenn Close
and boiled bunnies on my hands?

I'm just asking questions.
And the answer

is no.


You were not
the only one separated.

Wow, that's some
bedside manner you've got there.

No, Cynthia does not have
a jealous lover, either.


I got to go.

You take some time
and take care of Cynthia.

I'll take care of this.

I know there's never really

a good time to do this sort
of thing, so... No, no.

It's okay.

I didn't know your husband
well, but we had a lot

of mutual friends, and to a man,

they all said he
was a cop's cop.

Around here he's known
as the greatest dad

and the finest husband.

I'm sure he was.

And, again,
really sorry to have to...

No, no, it's fine, I...
I really want to help

any way I can.

That's what he would
have wanted me to do.

Good. Um...

did you see what happened?

No. I was in the house.

But I heard the shots.

Can you think of anyone

who would have wanted
to hurt your husband?

He was on the job for 20 years.

I mean, the list
must have been long.

He never mentioned anyone to you

who may have had
an ax to grind with him?

He kept me pretty much in the
dark when it came to his job.

Do you know,
when we were first married,

I used to get
pretty upset, so...

I do the same thing
with my wife.

So, did your husband
mention anyone

making specific threats

You know, um, he did
say something, sort of.

Sort of how?

Well, he's been working
this really big case.

The, Robert Cofey case?

Right, and...

he didn't come out and
say it, 'cause that's not

what he did, but I knew
there was something

about this one that
had him out of sorts.

Um, out of sorts how?

He came home one night,
and he was pretty pissed.

And I asked him what was wrong,
and he said, "Nothing."

But I knew there was something
that was nagging at him.

And he finally said

that it was nothing to
worry about, that...

there was some...

twobit clown associate
of Robert Cofey

who was trying to spook him.

I tried to understand

what he meant,
but he just shook me off.

Did he describe the man to you?

I'm afraid not.

I thought it was you,
and... look at that!

It I you.


I said I thought it was
you, and it is you.

I'm Jimmy Pearson. You know,
remember, Anthony's friend?

Yeah. How are you doing?

Good. I'm doing good.
Doing real good.

Really good. Really great.
Just excellent.

Good. Good.

How you been?


I was just wondering
how you been?

You ever seen
a treadmill before, Jimmy?

Yeah, is it...
is it that obvious?

We're not really bumping into
each other on accident, are we?

I got a proposition.

And I've got an office
with a staff...

So you have something
to bring me,

you bring it
through the proper channels.

And by proper channels,
I mean your friend Anthony.

Yeah, he told me to take a hike.

Then take a hike.

He's making a mistake.

This is a good
piece of business.

For me or for you?

For both.

Look, Jimmy,
doesn't take a genius

to see you're in trouble again.

Fair enough.
You know, I'm not...

II won't even deny that, okay?

But, you know, something
else is also true.

I have something that you want.

Is that right? Three times
you tried to put the screws

to Benny Tomassi, and
three times you whiffed.

You're looking at the guy who
can get you another atbat.

You know Tomassi?

Carlo, his son.

You had my attention.
Past tense.

Listen to me!

Six months ago,

Tomassi puts knucklehead
Carlo in charge

of the old man's
stolen car ring.

Don't you get it?

I'm handing you the
Tomassis on a silver platter.

How long were you
partnered up with Arthur?

Almost seven years.

Seven years.
You guys pretty close?

Let's just say Arthur knew me
a hell of a lot better

than my wife ever did.

We're very sorry for your loss.

Not gonna catch me sitting here

feeling sorry for myself.

Arthur would have kicked my ass
if he saw me doing that.

Look, maybe you can help us
with something.

Anything. Arthur's wife

said he had come home one night

that some guy
had threatened him.

He did? Yeah, he did.

That doesn't sound like Arthur.

He was a pretty tough customer.

Usually kept things like that
to himself.

Or maybe
he shared it with his partner.

So, he ever share anything
like that with you?

I don't know.

Anything we can do
to help your memory?

Look, you and I both know

that if something like that
did go down,

Arthur should have put it on
paper and reported it to Intel.

And if he told you, you should
have filled one out, too.

Promise you won't get me
jammed up?

We're not here to jam anyone up.

We're here
for the same thing, right?

To nail the son of a bitch
who killed your partner.

He told me that one night,
after he left the precinct,

some dude came up to him
all incognito,

told him to shut his mouth
on Robert Cofey.

He give a description?

Well, like I said,
he was incognito,

but Arthur had a gut read
on the guy.

And? Said it was Cofey's
right hand, Victor Lugo.

How many left?

This is the penultimate one.

The what? The second to last.

Why didn't you just say
"second to last"?

Why don't you speak English?

I'm gonna grab a coffee.
Do you want one?


Hey, wait a second.


Hines outside the precinct.

You got something?

Let me check the picture
from the Victor Lugo file.

That could definitely be him.

Same height, same build.

Think you better make
that cup of joe to go.

Okay, yeah.
I'll talk to you soon.

Queen Sheba, you rang?


What the hell
are you doing here?

I'm enjoying

this delicious apple, kemosabe.

What the hell is going on?

I'm putting Jimmy on the payroll

as a confidential informant.

Yeah, well, have a lovely day.

Anthony, have a seat.

Anthony, sit down!



What the hell's going on? Yeah.

DDid he tell you I already
said no to him? Yes.

Then what is he doing here?

He's got a good case. Yeah?

Well, whatever Jimmy's got is
good for Jimmy and Jimmy alone.

End of story.

I don't get it.

You're the one
that brought this guy

into our world
in the first place.

Yeah, well, that was different.
Why, because it was your idea?

No. Because it wasn't his idea.

Look, I've been trying
to take Tomassi down for years.

This is an opening
I can't turn down.

I put the drop on his son,

I'm gonna be able to draw a
straight line to the father.

This is Capone on tax evasion.

Yeah, that's if Jimmy can close.

I have mapped out
a foolproof plan.

Nothing's foolproof with Jimmy.

You know the Midas touch?

He's the opposite. Everything
he touches turns to crap.

Not with us at the helm.

No, with you at the helm.

I can't do this without you.

I'm sorry,
but this is for your own good.

Don't make me make you do this.

I'm sorry, dollface,

but that's exactly
what you're gonna have to do.

Then consider it done.

You can come out now,

You got what you wanted.

I promise, best behavior.

There were no shell casings
at the scene.

No forensic evidence

at all so far.

And Detective Reagan
caught the case.

No hooks? No hooks.

Good. Anything he wants.

And make sure we're taking good
care of my officer's family.

Right, boss.


Garrett. Hey.

There he is. Yeah.

How you doing? Okay.

Good to see you, buddy.
You, too.

I must have missed the memo
about casual Wednesday.

I'm sorry. I, just swung by
to pick up some paperwork.

So, you're not here?


Well, we could kind of use
all hands on deck.

I'm sorry. I didn't realize

what you were carrying
this morning.

Guys, could...
could we have the room?

I'm sorry. Cynthia... it's
just, she's not doing very well.

I'vel've... I've never seen her like this.
Right. Yeah.

Well, that would be normal.

She's had a traumatic event.

You know, sometimes just saying

you have the right to be
freaked out is half the battle.

Easier said than done.

Well, tell her
I called the Bronxville PD.

You will be getting

a letter of apology,
and I assure you,

you will not be getting swatted

I'm not sure
that's gonna work, either.

II need to be with her.

How long are you gonna be out?

I don't know.

Well, do what you got to do.

I'm sorry. II just need time to
see this through. Garrett, I have

a dead cop,
and his killer's in the wind.

Would you ask Sid and Abigail
back in, please?


You're sure Carlo's gonna be there today?
Every day.

And he'll handle
the exchange himself?

He knows. I only
deal with Carlo.

I bring the car in, he
gives it the onceover,

and then we're done.

Okay, you need to mention
the money, and you need

to make sure you mention
where you stole the car from.

I got it. Okay, you need
to get it on the wire.

The longer, the better,
the stronger the case is.

Jimmy's got you
covered, all right?

I can flap them gums
with the best of 'em.

Where's the ride?

It's coming.

You got me a 911?

I didn't get you anything.
The second

we make the arrest, that's
going back on the flatbed.

I got it. I got it.

You need a hand there, Ant? Let me
give you... Get the hell away from me!

- Whoa. Easy, big boy.
- You're gonna kill

the shocks on that thing

and blow this whole deal.

You want to blow the deal?

I'll put your head right
through the windshield.

Come on, come on,
come on. Knock it off.

Does he know what he's got to do?
He knows. I told him.

Yeah, I know. I got it up here,
Ant. Don't worry about it.

All right?
Now if you don't mind...

Hey, watch it!

Victor Lugo.

Detective Reagan,
partner Detective Baez.

You two lost? Doughnut
shop's across the street.

That's funny.

You think of that
all by yourself?

Just busting chops, defectives.

"Defectives." Yeah,
that's another good one.

Never heard that before.
What do you want?

Came down to escort you
to the squad room.

Now, that's funny.

Well, we just got
a few questions.

Won't take but a minute.

Tell you what, why don't you
call my assistant,

Ben Dover,

and make an appointment?

"Ben Dover." That's good.

Ben. Ben Dover.

Yeah, you're just
chockfull of jokes, aren't you?

Okay, have it your way.
We'll just talk to you here

in front of all your friends.

I'm sure they'll like that.

Where were you the morning
of October 10?

Why don't you ask your wife?

You ever disrespect
my wife again,

that blade'll go
through your throat

like a stick of butter...
You got it?

You psycho.

You're psycho.

Yeah, a psycho who's gonna
lock you up in a box

for life for killing a cop.

Whoa, I didn't kill no cop.

Well, we think you did.

Sit down!

You're fishing.

Trying to get me
to take chump bait,

but I ain't no dummy.

And we ain't no fishermen.
We got video of you

threatening Detective Hines
outside his precinct.

I'm not saying another word
without my lawyer.

What's so funny? Well,
I thought you said

you weren't a dummy,
but you just told us

everything we needed to hear.

Now, call your lawyer,
tough guy.

Is there any chance you can
give me an actual

usable image off this?

Um... pretty damn close.

Close enough so I could use it

with the facial recognition
software, maybe?

Can't make any promises,

but this is a pretty
decent image,

so only time will tell.
How much time?

It's not math, it's art.

Art. Okay.

Reagan. Hey, what's up?

Lugo is here.

Came in on his own? Great.

Just throw him in the box,
I'll be right there.

Not on his own.

What do you mean,
"not on his own"?

Hey, don't tell me he brought
some jackass lawyer with him.

Detective Reagan.

Herbert Talbott,
attorney for Mr. Lugo.

You have a minute?

Right this way.

What can we help you with?
Signed affidavits

from various witnesses
who swear under oath

that you physically
assaulted my client.

You got to be kidding me.
And finally,

a medical report from
two separate doctors

highlighting just how
close you came

to severing my client's
carotid artery

as a result of the incident.

You think this is
supposed to scare us off?

Our intention is to educate,
not intimidate, Detective.



Subsequent to this meeting,

my client will be filing

a formal complaint
with the department.

Hopefully, this incident will
serve to inspire the NYPD

to better train its personnel.

Yeah. This is a bunch of
trumped up garbage, okay?

Your client barely got a nick.

In fact, he probably did
that shaving this morning.

And I quote:

"Another two centimeters

"and the patient would most
certainly have died

as a result of this laceration."

Let's go.

Look, the best you can hope for
is I get modified for a week.

Which doesn't change the fact

that I got video of your client

threatening Detective Hines,

which is gonna put him away
for the rest of his life.

I'm glad you brought that up.

I almost forgot.

My client was at the Elastic Gym

at the time of Detective Hines'
unfortunate passing.


Timestamped 7:11 a.m.

Have a nice day, Detectives.

Later, defective.

Hey, moron.

What the hell do you
think you're doing?

Can you believe this ride?

Turn it down, idiot.

You think I want you
drawing attention over here?

Right, you're right. Sorry.

It's sick, right?

Threeyearold 911.

Fully loaded.

It's not bad.

Not bad? This thing is mint.

How hot is it?

Cool as a cucumber.

I clipped it from JFK.

Can you believe some numbnuts

left this beautiful baby
in longterm parking?

I'll give you 20.

What are you, back on the pipe?

This is a $100,000 car.

That sticks out
like a sore thumb.


Not a penny under 40.

30. Final offer.

Have it your way.

I'll let your old man know

that you don't know a deal
when you see one.

How do you think Benny Tomassi's
gonna feel about that?

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa.

What are you doing?!

Okay, fine.


See, now you're acting
like a gentleman.

Let me see your hands!

Police! Get your hands up!

Hands on the ground!

You have the right to remain silent.
See those hands.

Art class is over.

I don't think so.
I got good news.

Pack it up, Picasso.
He ain't the guy.

So this is not his tattoo?


Show me what you got.

You got to get closer...

Any tighter than that
and it'll distort...

May I?

That is a work of art.

Tell Baez I'll be back.

I'm man enough to
admit it when I'm wrong.

Jimmy did a good job.

A real good job.

The way he said
Benny Tomassi's name

on the wire.

No doubt. Slam dunk.

See? Aren't you glad
I twisted your arm?

Erin knows best.

There you are.

This is Dale Quinn,
attorney for Carlo Tomassi.

Well, good afternoon, Mr. Quinn.

I'm sorry you're having
a crappy day.

On the contrary.

Nothing puts a bounce in my step

like a victory over the state.


Are you familiar with a young
woman named Grace Allesi?

Get to the point, Mr. Quinn.

Grace Allesi is
Carlo Tomassi's girlfriend.

Well, I hope their romance
can survive his incarceration.

I'm afraid there
won't be any incarceration.

You see, Grace used to be
Jimmy Pearson's girlfriend.

Damn it.

I don't get it. So what?

He's going to make the argument

that my prosecution
is driven by personal bias

against his client.

What? It's got
nothing to do with you.

It's got to do with Jimmy.

And the same Jimmy Pearson,
who, as a paid

confidential informant,

is viewed by the court
as an employee of this office.

I can still beat you in court.

Who are you kidding?
After I leak it to the press,

you won't get this case within
a hundred feet of a courtroom.

I'll give you 24 hours
to release Carlo

before it all goes online.

Don't say it. Not a word.

Not a word.

He's here.


How is he?

Don't ask.
Baker made it sound like

you wanted me ASAP.

All good. All good.

How's Cynthia?

Still a little fragile.

I won't bore you
with the details.

If you think you are owed
an apology, I'm sorry.

I never thought "owed."

Well, whatever. There it is.

Take it or leave it.

You do remember
what we do here...

A hundred things at once,
many of them life or death?

Please don't patronize me.

Then, please don't make me.

You know, there was
a small part of me

that thought you might actually
be understanding about this.

I should have known.

I understand, I do.

I just have limited ways
and means to express it.

I wasn't issued
a set of brass balls

at the police academy
like the rest of you.

Police academy?

Let's be honest, Frank,
I'm a civilian.

Well, who works alongside
the best cops in the world.

Not the same thing.

I thought this was
about Cynthia.

This is about both of us.

This happened to both of us!

Stop! Please.

Sit down, my friend.

Okay, the guy who did this
went through several routers

and multiple firewalls.

So, knew how to hide.

Yeah, exactly, so...

let me ask you... who did this?

Who swatted me? I have no idea.
I think you do.

And I'm telling you I don't.

I think you're shortchanging
yourself. What?

Just push all the anxiety
and the fear

and the guilt out the door.

Push me out the door.
Empty the room.

I'm telling you...
Just shut up a minute.

Who's left in the room?

No one.

Who did it, Garrett?

I don't know.

Who's in the room?

There! That. What was that?

What was what?
You caught a glimpse.

It was nothing. You caught a glimpse.
Of who?

This is nuts. Just say the name.

Is this some kind of card trick?

Just say it.
Don't overcomplicate it,

just let it out.

Adam Cassir.

Yes! Who's Adam Cassir?

It's not possible.

Who is he?
A 16yearold blind boy.

Hey, Detective Ogden.

Hey, Reagan. How's it going?

Well... to be quite
honest with you,

it's not going so good.

Lugo, it turns out,
has a rocksolid alibi.

He does? Yeah.

His lawyer came by the squad,

showed me all these photos
of him working out at the gym

at the exact same time
of the murder.

Well, maybe the shooter was
one of Lugo's goons.

Yeah, maybe, but it was.

Lugo who threatened
Hines, right?

Hines told you that
personally, right?


Okay, good. That's good.

That's, that's very helpful.

It's just, um... What is it?


yeah, it's just something's
not adding up.

What? Well, you see,

we got the surveillance footage,

like you said,
then we found in the footage

the meeting between Lugo
and Hines outside the precinct.

So what's the problem?

Well, the problem is that it's,

it's not Lugo on the video.

I mean, Hines said that
the guy was all incognito.

Yeah, well, that's because the
guy on the video has a tattoo.

What kind of tattoo?

Um, you know,

it's not important,
actually, um...

Anyway, thanks for your help.


it's a tattoo
that looks just like that one.

You want to tell me what
the hell's going on, Detective?

Come have a drink.


a 7 and 7, please.

And a bunch

of beers for my friends
over here!

My friends!

All my friends.

Having a good night, Jimmy?
Yeah, yeah.

I'm having a good time. Anthony,
this is my friend, Kira.

This is... this is, Anthony. Hi.

He's a good guy to know.

I'm gonna go to the bathroom.
I'll be right back.

Don't go anywhere.

Now, Jimmy,

time to have that mantoman
talk I've been promising you.

Reagan, how did you know
he had that tattoo?

I clocked it the first time
we talked to him.

It's a Marine Corps tat.

He say anything when you brought
him in that could help us?

No. As soon as I mentioned
the tat, he dummied up

and he lawyered up.

You really think he's
working for Robert Cofey?

He set his own partner up?
I don't know.

We got to find out where he was
at the time Hines was shot.

His lawyer said not
to say a word to us.

Yeah, but we already know
he was off duty, right?

So let's just stay on that path
and eliminate the possibilities.

How, if he won't talk?

His phone records
will talk, right?

So let's get his phone records,

see who he called
around the time of the shooting.

And if he did the hit...

Maybe he calls Cofey right
after to say it's done.



We're sorry to bother you again.

Do you... do you have a minute?

Of course. Come in.

Yeah, um, something came up,

and we were wondering
if you would,

be able to help us out with it.

Sure. What is it?

We think your husband's partner,

Patrick Ogden, had something to
do with your husband's murder.

My God. You can't be serious.

Did your husband ever mention
any uneasiness about Ogden?

Not that I know of.

I mean, you know,
they were partners,

so sometimes they would fight
like an old married couple.

But, um, it was never anything
serious or real.

Did you get along with Ogden,
Mrs. Hines?

I mean, any conflict
between the two of you?

Where are you going with this?
What you getting at?

We canvassed the neighborhood.

We spoke to one
of your neighbors

who said she saw you go out

and give your husband his cup of
coffee before leaving for work.

I liked to take care of him.

Is that something

you do every morning?

Well, not every morning
but often enough.

That's funny,

because your neighbor told us
that that's the first time

she ever saw you do it.

What does that got to do
with anything?

Well, we actually have a theory.

You see, your husband walked out
the door that morning

with his briefcase
in his left hand,

which meant his right hand,
his shooting hand, was free.

Until you put a cup of
coffee in that hand.

So when the shooter

came out of the bushes,
your husband

was unable to go for his gun

to protect himself.

Okay, this is ridiculous.

I do not need to listen
to this anymore.

You need to get out of my house.

Do you want to know what
your husband's last word was?


Which we thought was his way

of telling us that it was
Robert Cofey who'd set him up.

That is, until we realized

that it was actually you
who'd set him up. No.

Okay, I don't need to listen
to any of this, okay? You need

to leave my house right now.
We're not going anywhere.

Phone records show hundreds of
calls between you and Mrs. Hines

over the last year.

Were the two of you
having an affair?


We were.

And is it true that you

and Mrs. Hines plotted
the murder of her husband?



He's lying.

Okay... That's not true!
He's lying.

Yeah, well, we think you're
a cop killer, and we're gonna

take you down to the
squad room with us.

No, you don't understand.
I'm a detective's wife.

Do you understand? He's lying. That's
great. So you won't have any problems

coming down to the squad.
Come on. He's lying.

Okay, got it.

Where have you been all morning?

I've been trying
to get in touch with you.

I had to take care of something.

You had to take care
of something? No.

This is what
we had to take care of.

In less than an hour,
we have to cut Carlo loose.

That's what
I was taking care of.

You already let him go?

Even without talking
to me first?

Relax, would you?

I didn't let anybody go.

And we ain't gonna do nothin'.
Okay, this is

where we get into trouble
with your double negatives.

I literally have no idea
if we're gonna do something

or we're not gonna do anything.

We are not gonna do nothin'.

Yeah. Not helping.

Listen to me,

we are not gonna let Carlo go

and we're not gonna drop
the charges.

We have to.

You heard his lawyer.

We have no case

if it looks like I tried
to prosecute the case

with a personal bias
to helping Jimmy.

Right, but we didn't do it.

It doesn't matter that I know
that or that you know that.

What matters is how his lawyer
makes it appear.

Well, he can't make it
appear that we helped Jimmy

if Jimmy is locked up, too.

But Jimmy didn't get locked up.

Sure, he did.

First thing this morning.


Jimmy confessed this morning
to stealing multiple cars

and fencing them to Carlo
over the last six months.

Which makes him a codefendant.


True story.

Why the hell would he do that?

You know, my dear,

there are some things that
you don't want to know about.

Believe me,
this is one of them things.


you hungry? I'm starving.

Let's get some pizza.

It's 10:00 in the morning.

Then how 'bout some meatballs?

Come on.

Wait up.

So I'm good to go.

All a sudden,
this Garrett Moore, this clown,

he goes, "Sorry, kid",

we're not doing Commissioner
for a Day this year."

This is just after
Linda's death.


And I'm like, "Yeah, right."

Like it's got nothing
to do with me being blind?

Give me a break.

So you decided
to get back at him.

Blindside him.

With the SWAT.

Clearly, the kid's got troubles.

Commissioner a Day
wasn't gonna fix.

Exactly. Any regrets?

About the kid? Yeah.

No. Well, the way he took it,

that he got blackballed
because he was blind?

Never entered my mind.

If anything,
I thought it was a huge plus

having a blind kid
take the honor.

It just wasn't the right time.

Well, you were protecting me.

I didn't have much
in the tank at the time.

Just doing my job.

Yeah. And you're back at it?

Your job here?


As it turns out, my being around

all the time was only adding
to Cynthia's troubles,

not subtracting from.

Congratulations on your first
collar, Deputy Commissioner.

Hey, you gave us the name.

Maybe you're a better cop than
you give yourself credit for.

Thank you.

Back to work, Sherlock.

Yes, boss.

Holy guacamole.

Could that have gone on
any longer?

Yeah, talk about
patience of a saint.

Come on. An hour a week

in God's house?

I think you can spare that.

I don't think
he's talking about the mass.

I'm pretty sure
he meant the homily.

Ramble much, padre?

All right. Respect.

Yeah, keep it down. We're having
a very serious meal down here.

All right. Relax, okay?

Danny's fine. Let's
not worry about Danny.

No one's worrying about Danny.

Except when you refer
to yourself in the third person.

Me, myself and I are doing
just fine, thank you.

It's just that we acknowledge

you got a lot
on your plate is all.

That's not it.

It's about his case.
That's what's bugging him.

And what makes you say that?

Not judging. I'm just saying,
'cause you missed it.

I missed what? Whatwhat
did I... what'd I miss?

Forget it. Nothing.

Forget what, Jamie?

I'm just saying,
you're mad at yourself

because it got past you.
It being the wife.

It's not the first time
something got past me. So?

No, but you didn't think...

she would have...


If what?

If what?

Nothing, Danny, really.

Forget it. Well, it's something.

Why don't you finish

what you started here?

My bad. Okay? I'm seeing
something that wasn't there.

Well, we don't bite
our tongues here, Jamie.

Whatever it is you want to say,
just feel free to say it.

Just struck me as funny.
That's it.

"Funny," like ha, ha?

Like I'm a clown?

Like I amuse you?

I'm kidding.

See? Danny's fine.

Pass the potatoes.

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