Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 3 - The Enemy Of My Enemy - full transcript

Erin's trial against a human trafficker is jeopardized when the presiding judge is found dead.

No! Aah!

Don't move.


When your people do business
in my territory,

makes me think
you don't respect me.

It was a mistake, I swear.

Maybe so...

but mistakes have consequences.

No, no! No! No, please!

I'm begging you, no! No!

Talk to the hand.

Think I'll skip
the ending this time.

I just had breakfast.

My point, exactly, Judge.

Allowing the jury
to see this video

would be grossly prejudicial.

I agree with the gross part.

Maybe your client should stop
torturing the competition.

It is exceedingly graphic
and disturbing, Counselor.

Well, they don't call her
the Lioness for nothing.

Ms. Chao is the most dangerous
human trafficker in New York.


She smuggles desperate
immigrants into the country

and then sells them
into sex slavery.

We're all aware of the charges,
Ms. Reagan.

Which includes assault
in the first degree,

which this tape depicts
in spades.

My client can not get
a fair trial

if this tape is admitted,
Your Honor.

The authenticity of this tape
is not in dispute,

and its probative value
is obvious.

I am concerned about
the sensational nature

of the video. Thank you.

It speaks directly
to the heinous nature

of the alleged crime,
Your Honor.

And while potentially

its probative value
is undeniable.

I'm gonna allow it
into evidence.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Due respect, Your Honor,
this is totally unfair.

I'm sure the onehanded gentleman

in the video felt the same way.

Excuse me. Are you listening?

I asked you to set up
a press conference.

I heard. I would have
thought he'd be thrilled.

Seeing as you spend
half your days

trying to push him in there.

And normally, I would be.


I think we should take a beat.

I see what he's doing.

Who you got him on?
One of the morning shows?

No. Charlie Rose?

Charlie Rose would be a great
platform to roll this out.

No. Not Charlie Rose.

Not anybody.
You're sitting on something.

The acting mayor,
she opposes the plan.

Come on, Garrett.
It's a gift to her.

Apparently, she doesn't
see it that way.

In what way does she see it?

She thinks the cost of
retraining officers

is prohibitive.

Please. How the hell
would she know?

Dutton was a dog catcher
till 15 minutes ago.

Public advocate,
and she believes the program

prioritizes targeting
street crime...

And when's the last time
somebody got mugged

on the street by Bernie Madoff?

She's missing the whole point.

We should cancel your morning
and schedule a facetoface...

I already sold that
and she's not buying.

My client would like to discuss

a plea in this matter.

Imagine my surprise.

Despite the judge's
unfortunate ruling,

we still feel we
can prevail at trial.

Yeah. Good luck with that.
That said,

should a reasonable
plea arrangement...

25 to life, parole after 20.

I believe

I said "reasonable."
We have your client

on felony sex trafficking
and compelling prostitution.

- And don't forget the hand thing.
- Right.

The amputation video,
that puts the jury in my pocket.

See, if Ms. Chao is
convicted on all charges,

and the sentences run

Ms. Chao will be an
extremely old sex trafficker

by the time she gets out.

12 years, parole after five.

25, take it or leave it.

I admire your strength.

My competitors

try to take advantage of
me because I'm a woman.

They think it makes me weak.

The female empowerment angle
would be a lot more compelling

if you weren't selling girls
into sex slavery.

You know, many people have tried
to take me down, Ms. Reagan.

They've all lived
to regret it...

if they lived at all.

It's a crime to threaten

an officer of the court,
Ms. Chao.

Just a little sisterly advice.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Let's not get sidetracked.

We're talking about a deal.

Not anymore we're not.

The offer is
officially rescinded.

I'll see you in court.


What happened?

Well, seems the judge

took a header off the roof.

On his own?

Don't know yet.

Yeah, who knows? I mean,

maybe it was an accident
to suddenly fell.

It wasn't.

Chao Lin did this
to force a mistrial,

and I need you to prove it.

What can you tell us about how
the judge came off this roof?

Trajectory of the fall
could indicate homicide,

suicide or accidental fall.

Doesn't exactly
narrow things down.

We got techs working the roof,

hopefully they'll
come up with something.

All right, thanks...
for nothing.

Everything okay?

Yeah. I'm good.

I mean, with you and the boys.

You got a lot on
your plate right now.

We're good.

If you ever need
anything, I'm here.

I know that and thank you.


What the hell are
you doing here?

Erin asked me to ride shotgun.

No thanks, we got it covered.

Look, I'm the one that built
the case against Chao Lin.

I know her operation
and all the players.

Maybe he can help, Danny.

No. I've worked with him before,
he's a pain in the ass.

I think you're a pain
in the ass, too.

But this is about finding
out how the judge got dead.

Good. Whatever.

This should be fun.

Just stay out of my way.


She is not getting away
with killing a sitting judge.

Where are the cops
in their investigation?

No sign of foul play, but
it's only been a few hours.

Something tells me Chao's lawyer
isn't the patient type.

Already petitioned the chief
judge to declare a mistrial.

And grant his client a new one
with a new judge.

We have been chasing Chao
for over four years.

She's already walked away
from two previous prosecutions.

Judge Tessler's

last ruling finally handed me

the smoking gun I need
to nail her.

And you think a new judge
might reverse that ruling.

I'm not willing
to take that chance.

You may not have a choice.

Unless Tessler's death can be
linked to Chao and her people,

it's a long shot
to avoid a mistrial.

I agree.

Which is why we need to prove

that Chao is responsible
for Tessler's death.

So what's the game plan?

Stall the chief judge until
we have the evidence we need

to prosecute Chao for murder.

But this office relies on
the goodwill of the chief judge.

Don't piss her off.


She's here.

Let's have her.

- Please.
- Thanks.


Madam Speaker.

Long time no talk.


New furniture.

This is nice.


You can get busy on this couch.

I am busy.

Yes, you are.

Look, you always talk about
enhanced police presence.

I'm now calling that
"answered prayers."

Since when?

Since I saw the light.

The light being...?

Mayor Poole did his best
to get along with you.

Not always. Well, not always,

but more than anybody
thought he would.

I drove him into
early retirement.

But you're the
last man standing.

I'm not sure what that means,

It means, if you're me
looking at you,

you're thinking to yourself,

"Ooh, if you can't beat 'em,
join 'em."

Don't kid a kidder.

Frank, the plan is a good one.

I think it's good for the city.

In minority neighborhoods?

As long as we can frame
it that the beat cop

is going to know your name
and your kid's name, and...

That doesn't sell Mayor Dutton.

Well, when was the last time

anybody stopped and frisked her?
Got it.

And I don't think we need her.

She's got great connections
on all the luxury floors,

where she lives, but if you want
to get this passed,

you need to come down
to the ground floor,

where the city council lives.

She's still the mayor.

She's the interim mayor, Frank.

And I have the votes you need
to get this passed.

She'll just veto it.

She might, but then,

we just might get all the votes
we need to override that veto.

It's a really good plan, Frank,

and I'm behind you all the way.

You say the judge
came up here all the time?

Especially in the warm weather.

Liked to work up here.

You see him the day he died?

No. I was working down
in the basement all day.

Didn't know what happened till
I heard the sirens outside.

Tessler have any enemies
around here?

Not unless you count his wife.

What? They didn't get along?

She's a real piece of work.
Felt bad for the judge.

When those two went at it,
the windows rattled.

All right, thanks for your time.

Sounds like we should
talk to the wife again.

You come up with that all by
yourself, did you? Danny.

I'm just trying to help, okay?

I know the timing of the judge's
death seems suspicious,

but I don't see any signs
of homicide here.

No evidence at the scene,
no eyewitnesses,

no surveillance videos. And
he was in a lousy marriage.

Plus, taking antidepressants.
You do the math.

Chao's people are smart.

Anybody could have
pulled this off

without leaving fingerprints.

I'm telling you, it's them.

Yeah, I think you're right.

Maybe they floated over in a
blimp, lowered themselves down,

threw the judge over the side of
the building, shimmied back up

the rope, and floated away

into the sunset back
to Chinatown, is that it?

Keep running that mouth,
you're gonna go off the side

of the roof the same way the judge...
I'm standing right here!

You got a big mouth, and you don't shut up!
Come on! Hey!

We have a case to work!

Case of suicide.

He's had a rough few months.

Yeah, but he was a prick
way before that.

Sorry to interrupt.

Trust me, this guy won't mind.

Drank himself to death.

Just look at this liver.

I'll pass. Thanks. You didn't have
to come all the way down here, Erin.

I could have filled you
in over the phone.

I was in the neighborhood.

Besides, it's been a while
since I've been in the pit.

Well, it is glamorous.

How long till
you put in your papers, Craig?

I got seven months, 18 days,
and... five hours.

Well, you'll be missed.

You're one of the best.

It's too bad about Judge
Tessler. He was a good man.

Any updates on cause of death?

there's no trauma
outside of what you'd expect

from the fall, and cops didn't
find any evidence of foul play.

Yet. Preliminary tests

show that there is
antidepressants in his system,

which correlates
for suicidal ideation.

But not definitively?

You're not trying to push me

towards a homicide ruling,
are you?

Absolutely not,
but it is a highprofile case,

sitting judge and all.
Lot of eyeballs

on this one. If I was

seven months, 18 days

and five hours away

from my pension,

I'd want to get this one right.

Ms. Chao, Detective Reagan.

This is my partner,
Detective Baez.

You sure you don't want
your attorney present for this?

I have nothing to hide.

Nice break for you,

the judge buying it
the way he did.

Must have been
a very troubled man.

We have records

of all your phone
calls and visits since

you've been on the inside.
If you gave the order

to whack the judge,

we'll find out.

If you have everything
you need, Detectives,

why are you here?

Well, we thought that we
would help you help yourself.

See, if you did order
the hit on the judge,

well, that's life in
prison without parole.

You could make that
time easy on yourself,

or you could make it hard
on yourself.

I see.

So, if I confess,

you'll get me a nice little cell
out in the country

with lace curtains
and a pretty view?

You're very sure of yourself.

But I wouldn't be too sure.

I was in custody
when the judge dropped dead.

So to speak.

I'm afraid I can't help you.


You said your name is Reagan?


Just like the D.A.

What an upstanding family.

You must be so proud.

Well, this is one hell
of a mess, Counselors.

Yes, ma'am.

I've read your motion

for a new trial, Mr. Skolnick.

It seemed the only option in
light of the current disruption.

That disruption was one
of my finest jurists

and a dear friend
for over 25 years.

It is a tragedy.

Which your client
had means and motive

to cause.

There is zero evidence
that this was a homicide,

and the judge... rest in peace...
Was on antidepressants.

So am I, along with half
the population of New York City.

My client is

languishing in jail, Your Honor,

and she has a right
to a speedy trial.

The M.E. has classified
Tessler's cause of death

as undetermined pending
police investigation.

And that investigation is ongoing.

But Mr. Skolnick's
due process concerns have merit.

So here's the deal.

I'll need a couple of days
to review the case.

When I'm done I'll rule
on Mr. Skolnick's motion

whether or not a cause of death
has been established.

Can I ask you something, boss?
Not to be out of line...

Just ask it. This is good news.

Thomas says
she can get the votes

behind a program
that means a lot to you.

This is a legacy program.

There a question in there, Sid?

Well, how good does news
have to be for you

for you to look like
you got good news?

That's a good question.

Wish I had a good answer.


you called it.

How far along?

She's hired staff,

and has some ongoing
discreet fundraising.

This is? Regina Thomas.
May be running for mayor.

No maybe. So what?! She still
wants to back the plan, right?

It's still the same good news.

That's exactly right, Sid.

That doesn't complicate it
to you?

Only if you're bucking
for sainthood,

but if you're trying to get
your program funded, no.

Well, that's the difference
between you and me.

That's the difference
between you and everybody.

What's that mean?

That none of the million people

who'd benefit from this program
would give a rat's ass

how you got the money for it.

You could be right. Thank you.

But how could you leverage
you being right?

Still the best damn brisket
sandwich in town.

when you pick up the tab.

You're welcome.

And just what are you trying
to buy with it?

Community policing is
very important to my boss.

Mine, too, but she thinks
the new plan goes too far.

Look, this is still a new
relationship, our bosses.

Let's at least try to keep
this thing functional.

Couldn't agree more.
Would you pass the pickles?

If the mayor blinks
so early in her term,

she'll look weak. Or prudent for

accepting the guidance
of her extremely popular

and effective P.C. Sorry.

Garrett, no can do.
The timing is wrong.

I have it
from a very credible source

that Speaker Thomas likes
the P.C.'s plan... a lot.

Let me guess.

Regina invited Frank
to a little vetooverride party?

I cannot confirm or deny.

She's an opportunist
who would sell her own mother

to get what she wants.

Which, in this case,
is enhanced community policing.

Regina couldn't give a rat's ass

about cops playing pattycake
with the locals.

She wants to be mayor.

And the P.C. wants this thing
passed anyway, anyhow.

Even getting used

to hand the acting mayor
a public defeat? No.

I know him.
I thought I did, too.

He doesn't care how
this cake gets baked.

He just wants to serve it up.

I'm not kidding.

Hey, how'd it go
with Tessler's wife?

Well, the super was right

about the judge's wife.

She's a battleax,
but she's got a solid alibi,

so that's that.

Well, Erin bought us
a couple of days

with the chief judge. Good.

Though I'm not sure
what good it'll do.

We still got nothing says
this was a homicide.

Are you guys throwing in
the towel?

That's not what she said.

But if we're gonna find out
who killed the judge,

we're gonna need
an eyewitness to the crime.

Where the hell are we
supposed to find one?

My guess,

amongst the many windows looking
down at the judge's rooftop.

That's a lot of damn windows.

Well, unless you got
a better idea,

I suggest we round up
some uniforms

and get to knocking on doors...
That's if you can keep up.

We've been at it for hours.

And nobody's heard
or seen a damn thing.

Erin wants to pin this on Chao,

but you can't turn this
into something it's not.

Excuse me,

miss... police.

You mind if we ask you
a few questions?

About the judge who died?

Yeah, you know anything
about that?

Sorry, I didn't see anything.

Do you live here?

Yeah. Do you have a view

out to the judge's rooftop?

Yes. I saw the judge sitting
out there pretty often.

What about the day he died?

Yeah, but I didn't see
what happened.

He was just sitting out there
reading papers, like always.

And you didn't see anyone else
out there on the roof?

No, just the judge and
the building superintendent.

The super...

was out on the roof as well?

Yeah, Joe...

Joe Wheeler?

Yeah. Nice guy.

Jumpstarted my car last winter.

That sounds like Joe.

Okay, well,
thank you for your time.

The roof's a long way
from the basement.

Yeah, that's exactly
what I was thinking.

Why'd you lie to us, Joe?

I forgot.

You forgot?
I went up to the roof

for a few minutes
to check some wiring.

It was an honest mistake.

An honest mistake?

No, forgetting your keys,
that's an honest mistake.

Homicide is not.

I didn't kill Judge Tessler.
Well, we got

an eyewitness says they saw you
throw him off the roof.

I thought the neighbor said
she didn't see what happened.

She did, but he
doesn't know that.

So, what?

You're gonna
come clean now, Joe?

He was trying to get me fired.

The judge was trying
to get you fired? Why?

He said I was stealing petty cash
from the building. Were you?

I was gonna pay it back.

My kid needed braces.

Why would you kill a guy
over a few bucks?

It was an accident.

I went up there to work it out
with him; We got in an argument.

Thought you went up there
to fix some wires.

I guess I pushed him.

You guess?

I swear, Detective,
I didn't mean to kill him.

Yeah, I'm sure you didn't.

Come on,

you should've told me.
Told you what?

You're hiring campaign staff,
you're raising money.

Just because I'm thinking about
it doesn't mean I'm gonna run.

You bring home a steak,
you fire up the grill,

you're sure as hell
having steak.

I'm offering you help
as the speaker.

Along with an IOU. What?

You are backing my plan to pave
your way to Gracie Mansion.

I am backing your plan
'cause it's a good plan.

Now, will my base think it's
a good plan? Probably not.

They'll probably be sitting
outside my office with pitchforks

and torches. Please.

Because the reality is,
nobody in that neighborhood

wants more cops
in their business.

The smart ones would.

"The smart ones"?

Come on, you know what I mean.

The smart ones are gone.

They're not there
anymore, Frank.

The only ones left
are the real ones,

and they don't think
of your cops as heroes.

Look, I...

I'm trying to help here,

and you're trying
to figure out my motivation.

You can do that
till the cows come home.

I'm just asking you
to be straight with me.

You want me
to be straight with you?

Yes, I do. Okay.

You're trying
to do something good.

I'm trying to help.

You're trying to stay
a choirboy.

So nothing is going to happen.

Now, ponder that,
and when you make a decision

about what you want to do,
call me.

Come on,
I'm just saying I've worked

plenty of cases with you
in the past,

but this is the first time you hung
your investigator around my neck.

I thought he could help.

Help with what? The added
benefit of an hourly update.

- Exactly.
- Come on, guys.

She thought her defendant
had killed a sitting judge.

I'd want all hands on deck, too.

Thank you, Pop. Especially when you're
dealing with a monster like her.

Whoa, whoa, whoa.

How could she be a monster
if she hasn't been convicted

- of a monstrous crime?
- Right.

Which she hasn't yet, right?

Walks like a duck...

"Alleged monster," okay?


Okay, but how do you make

that call on yourself?
What call?

Whether some personal
investment is interfering

with following protocol.

I didn't cross a line,
if that's what you're saying.

I hear things... you went to the M.E.
to discuss the cause of death.

I was checking in on the status

- of a case.
- Checking in on

or leaning on?

Checking in. Right.

What's going on here,
an inquisition?

Has no one at this table
leaned in hard

on something
that mattered to them?

There is a difference, and I
think everyone here knows that.

Yeah, including me.

But sometimes the ends
justify the means?

Don't look so surprised.

I'm not surprised...
I'm sure there's been a time

where you had to make the end
justify the means.

What about you, Jamie?

Let's just say some things
I regretted at the time,

but none of it to this day.

Wow. Once a lawyer,
always a lawyer.

Yeah? And how about you, Gramps?

What he said.


- I'll take the Fifth.
- I could justify

just about any means to put
an end to income inequality.

How fitting it is that you
are now sitting on my left.

So, this started with me.

How about you?

If there was a probability

that doing
the socalled "right thing"

might jeopardize
the safety of the public

or my officers,
I think I could...

come around to justifying
the means to the end.

At any cost to you?

I don't think
you can make that measurement

until you come
right up against it.


I need to say something,
but I need you to pay attention,

because you may never
hear it again.


I was wrong.


You know, I haven't heard you
utter those words since

I was nine years old,

when you stole my baseball cards

and sold 'em behind my back.

I really needed a new Walkman.

Yeah. Right.

I took a statement from a girl

who had been sold
into prostitution by Chao

when she was 13.


And she, like hundreds
of other girls like her,

had their lives destroyed.

And Chao should rot in hell.

Look, some perps,

they get under your skin.

Especially the bad ones.

I was sure
that Chao had done it.

Don't beat yourself up.
Tessler dying

exactly when it's most
convenient to Chao,

who has no issue threatening
public officials.

Chao threatened Judge Tessler?

No, she threatened me.

What are you talking about?

The first time was
at a plea conference.

The second time was
the other night.

So you were threatened
more than once...

Is that what you're telling me?

What happened?

They followed me.

Left Chao's calling card
on my windshield.

And you didn't think to tell me?

They're just trying to scare me
off the case, Danny.

Did you at least tell
the court officer

in your building?

No, you didn't,

because you didn't want
to be removed from the case.

When did this happen?

Thursday night.

Thursday night?

Thursday night is when
we brought Wheeler in

for questioning.

And Chao's people had
to know about that.


So why would they risk
threatening you

if Wheeler already confessed

and Chao was in the clear?

Because they didn't know
what Wheeler had told you.

Yeah, because they had
something to hide

about the judge's death.

The ruling on the motion
for mistrial

is being handed down
tomorrow morning.

Well, you better stall it,

because this isn't over yet.

You got to try one
of these, boss.

They put bacon in the blanket.

Be quicker sticking your gun
in your mouth.

You get the ones with the bacon?

What do you think?

Miller floated a deal
from the mayor.

And it floats?

You agree to back away
from community policing.

If/when Dutton wins
a special election,

you stay on as P.C.

If you shoot your puppy,

then you can still
live in the house.


That's a deal?

Speaker Thomas is our friend
in this.

And, no, I never thought
I'd say that.

Dutton knows the
speaker supports?

Yes. And she still
throws this at us?


If anything, Thomas on your side

made the mayor stand firmer.

So it's Thomas or bust.
Looks that way.

Got to hold your nose.

Maybe I'd better have
one of those.

Why was Chao's gang
so worried about

what you were
gonna tell us, Joe?

I have no idea. Really?

So you admit

you know about Chao Lin?

No, I mean, I read the papers.

Yeah, well,
you know what I read?

I read people.

And I find it really interesting

that you had no criminal record,

yet suddenly your job is
threatened, and you flip

and throw a guy off a roof.

I told you, it was an accident.

You told us.

You know, on our job,
we work with

some really bad people.

Real hard cases

who like to hurt people
for no reason

and don't give a damn
about it when they do.

But it's funny,

I don't think that's the
type of guy that you are.

We need to know what
really happened, Joe.

Look, you guys don't understand.

I've got a family.

They got to you, is that it?

They knew you had access to
the building and to the judge,

so what happened?

They offer to pay you,

or did they threaten you?

They threaten you

and your family, Joe?
Is that it?

That's it. They threatened you.


These guys are animals.

They will kill my wife
and my kids.

We can help you,
but you got to work with us.

And then we'll work
with the D.A.

and get you a deal.

This can turn out okay for you.

You don't know these people.

I am doing

what I have to do,

and I have got nothing else
to say.

We just need a little
more time, Your Honor.

The People are stalling, Judge.

I was very clear on
the timetable here, Counselor.

I know.

But we've been advised
by the police.

They have a new lead
in this case.

Care to share
with the rest of us?

So you can share it
with your homicidal client?

Not likely.

We just need one more day
before you rule

on this mistrial, Your Honor.

You've got two hours.

Two hours?

That's it?

That's cutting it pretty close,
don't you think?

Okay. Fine.

Yeah, I got it.

Judge gave Erin two hours.

Yeah. I put that together.

This Jaw Long, you...

you sure he's the
right guy to go see?

He's Chao's number two.

He's been running the gang
since Chao got pinched.


Look, I...

know I've been a little
bit of a hardass...

You've been a total hump.
That's what you've been.

I'm just not used to having
a babysitter, okay?

Yeah, well, you've been acting
like you need one.

Look, me riding shotgun

wasn't my call.

Talk to your sister.

Yeah, that's easier said
than done.

Tell me about it.

Thanks for meeting us.

I always cooperate with
law enforcement. Good.

We're on the clock,
so let's cut to the chase.

We know your guys
muscled Joe Wheeler

into killing the judge. If you
know that, you should arrest me.

Wheeler's too scared
to rat you out.

Smart guy.

Speaking of smart,

we understand
you're getting tired

of playing second fiddle
to Chao Lin,

seeing as you're the real
brains of the operation here.

Chao goes away,
makes your promotion permanent.

You've been trying to put
the Lioness in a cage for years.

She's too smart for you.

Or maybe she's just
too smart for you.

After all, she's still
the boss and you're not.

But you guarantee the safety
of Joe Wheeler and his family

if he testifies against Chao
Lin, then she goes byebye

and now you're the boss.

And what do you think
will happen to me

if I help you take down Chao?

No one would ever know.
You would know.

And like Chao always says,

never trust a cop.

Look, we're running
out of time here.

And I'm not making a deal
with you guys.

Why are you so loyal
to Chao anyway?

Remember what happened
to Mr. Yi?

Who's Mr. Yi?

That was Chao's last
number two guy.

They found his head
on the West Side Highway.

I remember that. Poor Mr. Yi.

Because he was being disloyal,
like you're asking me to be.

I'm sure Chao Lin would find

you even talking to us right now
to be disloyal.

But then again,
you're not exactly

a man of principle, are you?

After all, you turn young girls
into hookers for a living.

And cops lie for a living.


If I let Wheeler testify,
how do I know

you won't come after me
for having a judge killed?

I can tell you for a fact that

the D.A. will not come
after you for the judge.

And I promise you this cop

does not lie.

This is your shot to take over.

That is, if you have the brains

and the balls to take it.

You did everything
you could, Erin.

Too bad it wasn't enough.

Under the circumstances,

it was a stretch
to deny Chao a mistrial.

The circumstances
are exactly why

she shouldn't have gotten one.

Look, the facts haven't changed.

There's no reason she won't be
convicted in the new trial.

All the key rulings went our way
the last time.

With a new judge,
it's a crapshoot.

With a highprofile defendant,
it's always a crapshoot.

If I have to work 24/7,

this defendant
is not walking away.

Hopefully not.

But I'm afraid you won't be
the prosecutor.

What are you talking about?

I know you were threatened
by Chao's people, Erin.

You should have come to me.

I didn't want to compromise
the case.

Luckily, you didn't.

You ratted me out to Monica.

I did?

That would be me.

And you should've
reported it yourself.

Yup. He's right.

Well, it doesn't matter, anyway.

She took me off the case.

Sorry to hear that.

A new prosecutor
starting from scratch

against a shark like Skolnick...

That's a raw deal, sis.

But on the flip side,
now you get to focus your time

and energy
on prosecuting Chao Lin

for the murder of Judge Tessler.

What the hell is this?

Statement from Joe Wheeler.


He admitted that Chao's crew
threatened to kill his family

if he didn't whack the judge.

And the thugs who
muscled Wheeler will testify

that Chao gave the order.

Murder in the first,
aka life without parole.

This is incredible.

How did you guys pull this off?

You don't want to know.

Okay. Looks like
I'm buying drinks.

Sounds good to me.

You two go ahead,

I got to make a stop first.

Hey, Danny.


You sold me out,
you son of a bitch.

We had a deal.

Yeah, and I honored the deal.

I promised you
you wouldn't be implicated

in the death of Judge Tessler,
and you weren't.

It's not why you're here.

What the hell is this? That.

Yeah, well, that's because
you're under arrest

for the attempted murder
of the ADA in your boss' case.

You got to be kidding me.

No. In fact, we got you cold.


That doesn't prove a damn thing.

Now, just keep looking.

Go ahead.

See, that is the same vehicle

and license plate
40 seconds later.

And that is you.

Which proves a lot.

We weren't trying
to kill her. Okay?

We were sending a message.

Right, I get it, but something
tells me her fellow prosecutors

aren't gonna see it that way.

Hey, you set me up!


That ADA is my sister.

And when it comes to family,

All deals are off.

I am not turning you down.

I am simply passing on the ways
and means we discussed.

What ways and means?

I offered you help to get
money for your program.

Yeah, and I appreciate that.

I do.

You remember civics class
back in the day? Yeah.

The three branches
of government.

Yeah. Okay.

In this city, I'm judicial.

You're legislative.
She's executive.

Are you actually giving me
a civics lesson right now?

Regina, we stood witness
when she was sworn in.

That means you and I agreed to
uphold the duties of our offices

under her administration.

That's what I'm gonna do.

I am going back to City Hall
to see the mayor

to make one more push.

It would be helpful
if you came with me.

Why would I do that?

Because one day
you may well be mayor

and you sure as hell
are gonna want people

to respect your office.

Like karma?

I don't believe in karma.
I'm Catholic.

You coming?

No, Frank.

Enjoy the furniture.

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