Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 2 - Ghosts of the Past - full transcript

Now, it's one thing to talk
about a piece of legislation,

and talk and talk and talk.

It's quite another thing...

A far better thing, in my view...

To put a story
and a face to the goals

and aspirations
of that legislation.

You really dig this guy?

Yeah, he's the real deal, yeah.

Will you just...
just stop talking now?

Andrea Rivas came to
this country from El Salvador

with $80 and a dream.

A dream shared by
countless others...

You bring something for
him to autograph for you?

Shut up.

Team Walters.

Needless to say,

she tells this story
far better than I could.


Every team needs a mascot.

Seriously, Reagan, shut up.

Thank you, Congressman Walters.

Thanks, Joe.

You got it, Danny.

There are mushrooms on it.

Thought you liked mushrooms.

I do, but...

We never used to get them
because of Mom.

Look, this is...
never gonna get easier,

but we do kind of have to start

putting one foot
in front of the other, you know?

Do you mean move on?

I'm just saying
that I don't think.

Mom would want us
to stop living our lives.


It is pretty good.

Danny, hey.

Hey, Shelly, how you doing?

Hey, guys. Hello. Hi.

That service was so beautiful.

I can't stop thinking
about it, even now.

We appreciate it. Thank you.

Actually, Danny,
there was something

I was hoping
to talk to you about.


Boys, give me a second, okay?

See you guys later. Bye. Bye.

Go ahead, start eating.
I'll be right back, boys.

What's up?

You remember Leah Harris,
of course.

Yeah. She's, finally home
after all these years, right?

What was it, 12 years
she was missing?

13. Prayers answered.
That's a good thing.

Linda and I used to spend a lot
of time over at the Harrises,

especially after Leah ran away.

Yeah, sure, I remember.

My kids grew up with their kids.

I mean, we were close.

WWhat are you getting at here?

Detective, whoever that girl is,
it isn't Leah.

You're sure about that?

As sure as the sun'll rise.

Um, well, wouldn't her family
know if she wasn't the girl?

Her mother is so happy
to have her back,

I'm afraid she doesn't see

that she's being taken in
by a con artist.

Not for nothing,
but that's a little hard

to believe, don't you think?

I know how it sounds, Danny,
but please.

I know Linda would have felt
the same way.

Yeah. And she'd bring it up
until I relented.

The mayor and the police
commissioner have always

marched together in the
West Indian Day parade.

Until now.

Why until now?

Nigel Morgan served time

for the attempted murder
of police officers.

Actually, for seditious
conspiracy, a nonviolent crime.

Not to cops.
To cops, he is responsible

for bombs aimed at cops,
end of story.

He served his time.

And now he is being honored.

How do you think
my cops feel about that?

I might point out,
it is not a cop parade.

I assure you,
hundreds of them will be there.

If it was some Sinn Féin thug
being honored

at the St. Patty's Day parade,

you'd be right out there
with the bagpipers.

Not if he came after my people.

I guess you could order me.

I did, and I am.

Well, then say it out loud,

in an official press release.

The PC,

under your pressure,
has agreed to march

for the greater good
of the West Indian community,

but under strong protest for
any honors offered Nigel Morgan.

"The greater good"?

Something like that.
Put some mustard on the wording.

I thought
you didn't play politics.

I wouldn't say
I speak French, either,

but I can get by in a pinch.

L'addition, s'il vous plait.

I don't speak French.

He said, "The bill, please."

It's on the house.

Look, I don't mind
being on protective detail.

I'm just saying,

no matter the cause,
a politician is a politician.

You can't deny
that he's helping people.

I can't deny
that's the soap he's selling.

Andrea. Andrea!

Everything all right?

There's no trouble
at all, Officers.

But thank you.
Thank you very much.

Linda was a wonderful friend
to me over the years.

Yeah, she was a good friend.

She had that gift.

And she'd be very happy about

the good news
for the neighborhood.

Yes, she would've.

I've waited for this moment
for so long.

I always knew
Leah was still alive.

I never gave up hope.

That's good.

Detective Reagan,

this is Leah.

And I don't know if you
remember my son, Luke?

Yeah, I do. Actually,
I remember both of you.

But last time I saw you,
you were just kids this big.

Nice to meet you again,

You, too.


Leah, we're really all glad

that you decided
to come back home.

Thank you.

It's not such a bad place

to live after all, right?

You have to forgive her;
She's tired.

Yeah, bedside manner's never
been my strong suit. Sorry.

Go check on her.

Good to see you.
Get you a drink?

No, no, it's...

a little, early for me.

You say, she came back
a couple weeks ago?

12 days today.

Wow. Any idea why she left?

I'm just happy
that's what it was.

You go through all the scenarios

when something
like this happens.

Did she get kidnapped, or worse?

Right. I... can't even imagine.

I'm just glad she's home,
where she belongs.

Photo albums?

Yeah. Mind if I take a look?

Be my guest.


Um, looks like some pictures
have been taken out.

Leah made herself a notebook
to remind herself

of friends and family.

Good idea.

Why do you think
she came home now?

Well, she'd been living
in homeless shelters.

Moving from town to town

with a group of drifters. Right.

I think she got
fed up with that life.

Yeah, I bet.

Is there another reason
you're here, Detective?

Is she how you remembered her?

13 years changes people.

I expect we'll both have to
get to know one another again.

I guess so.

She ran away in August of 2004

while at a sleepover camp
on Staten Island.

The family checked
her into camp,

but later that night
she went missing.

No suspicion of foul play,
nothing like that?

We didn't rule anything out,

but the girl had run away
from home a few times before.

This just seemed to be
more of the same.

Have a seat. There was no
sign of her after that?

None. Though not for
lack of effort.

The mom would come back to me
about the investigation

about a hundred times a year.


Why are you asking all this now?

The case is finally closed.

Look, is there any possibility

that the girl who returned home
isn't Leah?

So that's why you two
called me here.

A neighbor of the Harrises
raised some concern.

Shelly Elwood?

Yeah, Shelly Elwood. Why?

She already talk to you?

To me, her local precinct;
Now to you, it seems.

You ask me, she's got
too much time on her hands.

Maybe she does have
too much time on her hands,

but I will say,
she did seem pretty convinced.

Regardless, the bottom line is.

Leah's DNA matched
the one we had on file.

Great, so you did a DNA test.
Anything else?

Yes, we also had a redundancy.

We showed her pictures
of family and friends,

and she was able
to name them all independently.

Well, I guess that's that.

She was able to name
them all independently?

Not a single slipup.

And that didn't
seem weird to you?

What do you mean?

Well, she's been gone 13 years,

she looks at a bunch
of pictures of people

she hasn't seen in 13 years,

she names all of them
without any slipups?

Well, maybe she spent
a lot of long nights

doing just that,
going over memories.

I don't know what you hope

to find here, Detectives,
but Leah checks out.

Now, if there's nothing else,

I have a few other cases
that need my attention.

We can't just let this go.


I got to say something. Hey!

A couple questions.
What's the big deal?

I don't know, we could
get thrown off the detail.

Come on, what we saw
wasn't nothing.

Our job is to protect
the congressman,

not to investigate him.

Maybe he's the distressed party.

Won't know if we don't ask.

Two of New York's finest.

I feel very safe
under your watchful eyes.

Proud to serve, Congressman.

Please, call me
Richard, Officer Janko

and Reagan. Reagan.

Are you any relation
to the commissioner?

Yes, sir. He's my father.

Well, I admire
what he's done in this city,

and I think his example should
be followed through the country.

I agree.

So, what can I do for you?

Last night,

after your speech...
I know. I know.

These roadshows, everybody's
nerves gets frazzled.

Is everything okay?


Then how come

Andrea jumped out
of a moving car?


No. That's okay.



I promised Andrea

that I would get her family
into the country,

but that's proven difficult,

especially in
the current climate.

So, understandably,
she's frustrated.

Ever any concern for
your safety with her?

Gosh, no.


So, you're sure,
there's nothing?

Nothing but good people
trying to do good work.

Congressman, may I?

Of course. New York's finest.

Good night, Reagan.

Hey, hey, wait.

Hey, look, I know
you think I'm crazy,

but II remember... when I
spoke to the mom, she told me

that Leah put together a
scrapbook full of pictures

of family and friends so
she could remember them.


Well, why would
she need to do that

if she already remembered them
without a single slipup?

Like she used the scrapbook
as a cheat sheet?

Makes sense. Well, come on.

You got to admit,
something doesn't add up.

What does add up is
the DNA evidence, Danny.

That could be faked.

How? Do you hear yourself
right now?

Look, Linda and Shelly spent
a lot of time with this family.

Shelly wouldn't say

that something was off,
not for nothing.

Don't get in over your head
for the wrong reasons.

Come on.
What is that supposed to mean?

Shelly was the one that
brought this to you, not Linda.

Go home,

be with your boys.

Get some rest, okay?


Who is it?

Me, sir.

No, I meant, who's my 5:00?

Me, sir.

And Retired Detective
First Grade Joseph Polito.

Hello, Joe.


My godfather.

Please, sit down.

I don't think we've ever met.


Detective Polito
was severely injured

in the bombing Nigel
Morgan masterminded.

Which is why
I would know the name.

This is not my idea. Uncle Joe.

I want the commissioner
to know that.

Consider me informed.

Sir, this is about...

Who's being honored
in the West Indian Day parade.

Which is just wrong.


My goddaughter insisted
I register a complaint.

Consider it done, thank you.

Believe me, I hear you.

But you understand,
I have to hear them.

It's their community.

They have a right
to honor anyone they choose.

That doesn't mean you
have to walk with them.

His crimes have already
been adjudicated.

With all due respect, sir,

my godfather's left leg
has been adjudicated.


Uncle Joe.

I'm sorry, but you are family.

And the commissioner understands
that better than anybody I know.

Are you asking me
to boycott the parade?

I wouldn't be so bold,

But you would?

All day long, sir.


It really looks great.

Aah! God...


Yay. Thank you. Thank you.

It's terrible. I know.

It's not your mom's
chicken cutlets, but it'll do.

Dad, we could just
order Chinese. I mean...

Why? All we got to do is
scrape off the burned stuff,

and it's as good as new.

Yeah, I like it extra crispy.

Exactly. See, there you go.

What are you doing? Taking
pictures for my friends. I mean...

Don't take pictures for your
friends of the burnt chicken!

Have to. A picture's worth
a thousand words. Send...

Send that one to me.


Picture is worth
a thousand words, isn't it?

You know what?

Forget the chicken.

I'll pick up

some Chinese takeout,

but I got to make a stop, okay?

Turn off the oven
and throw the chicken away.

You're still gonna eat it?

I'm still gonna eat it.

I was heading
to the store and figured

I'd come by and see if
I might have left it here.

I understand. I misplace
my phone all the time.

Right. I was sitting here.

Do you mind if I peek? No.

Okay, great. Yeah, no luck.

You think maybe one of the kids
might've grabbed it by accident?

I just got Leah one.
She could've mixed it up.

Her bedroom's upstairs.


Um, do you mind if
I use aa restroom?

Well, you can use Leah's.
It's right there.

Great. Thank you.

You know, I think
I remember where I left it.

Are you sure? Yeah.

I'm pretty sure.

Thanks for your help, though.

Well, I'll let you know if
it turns up here. Great.

Hey, you're gonna get us
thrown off the detail.

I'm trying to do
the job of a detail...

To protect the people that
we're charged with protecting.

How's it going?

It's going.

You like driving
for the congressman?

Sure. Been good for
some stories over the years.

Any stories worth sharing?

What is it that you're after?

We were wondering
about last night.

That's none of your business,
or mine.

It's our business
to keep the congressman safe.

Then why don't you do
what you're paid to do,

drive along behind
and don't ask questions.

Look, nobody gets
out of a moving car

without a good reason.

There something
that you're failing

to report to the congressman's
NYPD detail?

Look, are they having an affair?

What's so funny?

Walters is one of those guys
that doesn't believe

a man should be alone with
a woman that isn't his wife.

Then what?

I just told you,
I don't speak Spanish.

Look, I respect loyalty
more than anyone,

but if the congressman
is hurting her...

You two have got it all wrong.

As far as I can tell,

it's the congressman's back
that's against the wall.

You went digging around
in their trash?

The DNA didn't match Leah

or anyone else in
the Harris family.

Are you serious?
Yeah, I'm serious.

Came back to a Selena Moore,

who's got a history of priors,
including prostitution.

How did Ann not recognize
her own daughter?

I get it.

She's desperate to put
her family back together.

As crazy as it sounds,
I kind of understand.

Okay, but how did this Selena
beat the DNA test?

You ask me, she had help.

The Sergeant's Union
just joined the fray.

It's a trifecta.

What'd they say?

Same thing as the Patrolman's
and the Detectives.

The PC should not
march in the parade.

I thought the mayor's statement
was very clear.

I am marching under protest.

But still marching, under...

And under orders.

The next time you want to throw
a slider, check with me first?

I would've worked
with Carlton on the wording.

I didn't want us involved.

It had to come exclusively
from City Hall.

Well, we are involved, like it or not.
What about.

Baker's godfather? How you
gonna look her in the eye?

Same way I'm looking you
in the eye.

Well, say that he boycotts.
What do you think

that's gonna do with the cops
on the parade detail?

- Not good.
- Not good?

It's like throwing gasoline

on the most volatile event
on the calendar.

What do you want to do?

Get out of town. That an option?

It's not a real question.

She wasn't here
when I woke up this morning.

Did she mention anything
about leaving?


What about, Luke?

Is there any chance
she's with him?

No, he's in his apartment
in Manhattan.

He hasn't seen her.


What if she's left me again?

Did she have access
to a car, Ms. Harris?

Just mine. It's still here.

Okay, earlier, you told me that
youyou got her a cell phone.

I've called.
It rings straight through.


this might sound a little weird,
but is she on your plan?

Like, a family plan
kind of thing?

Yeah. Okay, can I see the phone?

These family plans... they have
a phone finder thing now.

It works for
anybody on the plan.

Maybe we could
find her that way.

You moonlighting for AT&T now?

My kids lose their
phones all the time.

Thank you.

I thought the event
wasn't for another hour.

Actually, Andrea, we wanted
to ask you a few questions.

Am I in trouble, Officers?

We saw your fight with the
congressman the other night.

Did you threaten him, Andrea?

What? Why would I?

Because he didn't make
good on his promise

to bring your family over.

But that's the whole reason
I'm working for him.

That I'm away from my children.
Why would I risk that?

Then what was the fight about?

I'm not supposed
to say anything.

Says who?

II shouldn't even be
talking to you.

I'm going to get in trouble.

With the congressman?

Is there something else
going on here, Andrea?

I'm trapped.

Trapped how?

He brought me here

to be the face of his campaign,
but that was months ago.

And he still doesn't

let me leave or see my family.

He doesn't even pay me.


He doesn't pay you?

Only what he
wants, when he wants.

But there's nothing I can do.

He controls my visa.

So if you fight back,
he'll send you home.


We can... we can
report this, Andrea.

No, please.

Let us help you.

You'll only get me in trouble.

Please, just leave me alone.


False, to Francoise.

Four letters, ending in "X."


"Foe" doesn't end in "X."

That "faux."


Look, I know you've been
taking a lot of flack

about walking in the parade,

so I thought maybe you
didn't need to hear

any more of it at home.

Actually, I got
a question about it.


I'm sure
you remember Joe Polito.

Sure. Yeah, well,

Baker brought him in.

Turns out he's her godfather.

Small world.


So, what's the question? Well...

He's supposed to be
the injured party,

but Baker did
almost all the talking.

Kind of like she had
to drag him in there.

I don't know.
Must be the cop in me, but...

I just felt
he was hiding something.

Who arrested Morgan for
the bombing that injured Polito?

Polito's partner, um,

S... Ray Solomon.

Just solid police work?

Far as I know.

Go further for me, Pop.

Well, Morgan was a sworn enemy
of the NYPD.

There were rumors about the
collar after he went to prison.

So I had my people look into it.

But all that came back,
from all levels,

was that Polito and his partner
did their jobs.

So you were satisfied?

Put it this way:

Satisfied enough

that I didn't want to turn my
department upside down over it.

I slept fine.

Is that her?

Yeah, it's her.

Selena Moore!

Selena Moore! Police! Wait!


Hey! Hey!


Stop the bus!


Stop the bus now!

Stop the bus! Police!

Open the door!

Ladies and gentlemen, police.

Everybody stay in your seats.

Remain calm, okay?

Everything's under control.

Put your hands
inside the seat, sir.

Yes, sir. Have you on
your way in a second.

Selena Moore?

Selena Moore,
you got nowhere to go.

Selena Moore, police.

Let me see your hands.
Come on. Get 'em up.

All right. I want you to slowly
get on your feet. Come on.

All right.

Come on out.

Hands behind your back.

Put your hands behind your back.

Selena Moore,
you're under arrest

for criminal impersonation.

Get her out of here.

You've been
collared for prostitution

in three different states. Wow!

Quite the upstanding
life you've lived, Leah.

I'm sorry. Selena.

Well, I know I'm no saint...

No saint? Come on.

You're preying on
an innocent woman

by impersonating her missing
daughter of 13 years!

I didn't mean to hurt anyone.

You knew exactly
what you were doing.

Of course she did.
This little scam of yours

took a lot of planning,
didn't it?

So why don't you tell me
how you did it.

I don't know
what you're talking about.


You fooled Missing Persons.

You passed the DNA test.

How'd you do it?!

And who helped you?

No one.

Who helped you?!

Or should I say...

why did he help you?


I don't know,

your "brother,"

Luke Harris, maybe?

He offered me money.

He was a regular john.

Used to call me to his apartment
in Staten Island all the time.

Then, one day,
he offers me $10,000

to pretend to be his sister
for a couple weeks.

His mother said he lives
in Manhattan, not Staten Island.

I'm telling you,
it was his apartment.

He and his friends
would do drugs

and party and...

and call us girls over.

Still doesn't explain why
he would trick his own mother.

I don't know. I didn't ask.

So, tell me, how'd you
and your big brother

beat the DNA test?

He gave me a lock of hair.

Gave you a lock of...

his sister Leah's hair?


I swear,

I've told you everything I know.

Why did you cover for him?

After you came around,
he got real angry.

Threatened me to keep quiet.

When you found me
at the bus stop,

it wasn't you
I was running from.


Sit down.

I was thinking about
your Uncle Joe.

What about him?

Well, I'm sure on
special occasions and holidays,

he would always
get around to the story

of how he and his partner
took down Nigel Morgan.

Every gory detail.

Between that and the turkey,
I always need a nap after.

He hardly said two words
in here.

He's shy.

Shy about the man
who wrecked his leg?

Shy about Nigel Morgan
being honored?

You can be intimidating, sir.

Between the office
and the title and...

you of the whole thing.

I didn't have
my intimidating face on.

I see lots of people
when they walk out that door.

It turns out, at the time,

there were some questions
about the arrest.

You saying Morgan was innocent?

No. That son of a bitch
was guilty.

But possible questions
about the chain of evidence

that led to the trial.

And are there answers
in that envelope?

I don't know.

I haven't opened it.

I don't intend to.

If there were nothing
to the rumors,

this would be pretty flat.

It's not.

You figure this lets you
off the hook with me?

It's not about that.

Then what?

Respect. That you'd
rather have information

than be protected from it.

Whatever it is or isn't,

thanks but no thanks.

Then shred it.


I'm going to march
in that parade.

If that's all?

That's all.

Uncle Joe is the godfather
who was chosen for me.

You are the godfather
I have chosen myself.

I have to accept
what comes with that.

Andrea's options are limited.

She's here on a H1B visa,
which the congressman

probably pulled
a lot of strings to get.

What if she just quit
and walked away?

Then the visa would be void
and she'd be sent home.

Is there a grace period?


So he's holding all the cards.

I'm afraid so.

What about the money?

Andrea said he withholds
money from her.

Can she prove that?

I don't know.
But if she can, can she use it?

She could bring

criminal charges for fraud,

but the outcome
would be the same.

She'd lose her job.

And she'd be sent home.

She could try

to remake Nannygate.

What's that?

Two attorney general candidates

had their careers
go up in flames

for employing
undocumented immigrants.

And his whole act
is helping immigrants.

But it's a long way
from complaining about your boss

to trying to blow him up.

That's a choice
she should be able to make.

Or we give him a sneak peek
of her hand,

see if that gets his attention.

Just remember
who you're up against.

Yeah. All the more reason.



Thanks for coming in, Shelly.

This is my partner,
Detective Baez. Hi.

Nice to meet you. You, too.

How can I help you, Detectives?

Why don't you,
take a seat, okay?

You were right about Leah.

And we think that Luke

may have played a part
in this whole thing.

Youyou can't be serious.

We were wondering if you could

give us anything about Luke

that might help us understand
why he would do this.

But he's always been a good kid.

Good kid with his family?

Yeah. I mean, he was at
baseball camp with my son

when Leah was announced missing,

and he left straightaway
to go help with the search.

Help how?

He practically directed it.
He was walking the fields.

He was showing the authorities
where he'd seen her last.

Luke was the last person
to see her alive?



Where was this baseball camp?

Jersey. Just north of
New Brunswick.

Thanks. Do me a favor.

Don't talk to anyone
about this, okay?


Will you walk her
out, please? Thanks.

What are you thinking?

What am I thinking?

I'm thinking that Luke
killed his sister 13 years ago,

and led that whole search party

as a diversion away
from where her body was.

But why cover it up now
and risk getting caught?

I have no idea. Maybe he has
a guilty conscience.

I mean, his mother

hasn't let it go for 13 years.

Maybe somehow he thought
that bringing her back

would put the whole thing to bed
once and for all. I don't know.

We still got nothing
without a body.

I know that.

I'm sorry, but I really don't
have time for this right now.

I think you do, Congressman.

Excuse us.

We know that you've been
taking advantage of Andrea.

I don't know where you're
getting your information,

but I assure you,
it's misguided.


These are Andrea's pay stubs
for the last several months.

You've been paying
her a whole lot less

than what she signed on for.

These don't prove anything.

They prove that you've been
shorting her.

I pay her what I can afford.

And at the same time,
I give her the opportunity

to live in our great country.

What you can afford?
Give me a break.

I don't know
what you think I make,

but believe me,
it's not that much.

Not when you have to have a home
in New York and D.C.

Not with a family to support.

You really believe this isn't
taking advantage of her?

Taking advantage?

I brought Andrea here
on my own personal dollar.

I've given her
every opportunity.

How much of this is about
Andrea, and how much of this

is about leveraging her
for your campaign?


You're way out
of your league here.

We've talked to the D.A.'s
office about this, Congressman,

and what you're doing
is a crime.

We're talking criminal charges.

You'd be a headline
from coast to coast.

What do you want?

It's not what we want,
it's what Andrea wants,

to be treated with
dignity and respect.

Compared to what?
Her circumstances back home?

You're gonna pay her back wages
and you're gonna pay her

what she's owed from now on,
and you're gonna keep

your promise to bring
her family over.

'Cause when you're elected,

and when you make promises
to someone,

you're making that promise
from all of us.

I hope you two realize
what you're doing here.

We're just stating the facts.

You're threatening
a U.S. congressman.

Rest assured,
it won't end well for you.

You think I haven't already run
her DNA through CODIS?

No hits, Detectives.

Okay, but did you run
it through each state's

DNA database separately?

If someone found her body, it'd
be in the national database.

No. Not necessarily.

I've already checked, anyway.
There's nothing.

You checked all 50 states?

Or you just checked New York?

Well, she went missing
in New York.

Did you check New Jersey?


Jane Doe. Body found in 2010.

Ruled a homicide
by strangulation

somewhere between 2003 and 2005.

Piscataway, New Jersey.

That's just north
of New Brunswick,

not far from Luke's
baseball camp.

Son of a bitch must have
taken her body with him

and dumped it out of state.

He knows we arrested Selena.
He'll be on the run.

Let's get ahead of him.

Luke Harris! Police! Open up!


Luke Harris!


Luke Harris, police!

Hold it! Hey!

Hold it!

Get off me. Shut up!

I didn't do anything.

Tell that to your sister.

Get on your feet.

Get up!

You're under arrest
for the murder of Leah Harris.

I didn't mean to do it.

Yeah, I'm sure you didn't.

Get him the hell out of here.

Andrea. What are you doing here?

I came to say goodbye.

Is everything okay?

I know you two spoke
with the congressman,

even after I said not to.

We were trying to help.

What happened?

He's paying me
everything he owes me.

And he has given me

a week off from the campaign
to go visit my family.

That's wonderful.

I'm on my way to the airport.

II wanted to say thank you.

Well, glad we could help.

What did you say to him?

You know that poem
on the Statue of Liberty?

"The New Colossus."

I didn't know it had a name.

Well, here in New York,

we kind of think of it
not so much as a poem,

but more of a promise.

We had a little talk
about keeping that promise,

whether you're a congressman
or just a cop.

He seemed to be on board.

And if you ever again
feel like you can't

reach your congressman,
you know who to call.

The cops?

These two.

Thank you.

This is not for me to say;
This is for you to say.

I said I'd march with you,
I didn't say I'd speak.

The mayor's remarks are

obviously intended for
the West Indian community,

not your rank and file.

There's hundreds of our
rank and file at this parade.

Who are traditionally
a vital part

of this community
at this parade.

How? They're cops.

Madam Mayor, have you ever been

to the West Indian Day parade?

No. It's quite a lively event.

It starts early
the night before,

drinking, eating, dancing,
drinking, drinking...

We get it.

And by the time
the parade actually begins,

well, there's kind of a need

for a cool, calm display
of force.

Which you provide,
as is your job.

But given that

this year's event honors a man
who targeted cops with bombs...

For which he served out
his sentence.

But a tip of the hat
to our boys in blue

would be appropriate and wise.

This language is

maybe a little overheated?

A little? Maybe? He wrote it.

I will not leave my cops
out in the cold.

We're holding up the start.
Shall we?

Whether you know it or not,
or like it or not,

I'm looking out for you, too.

Faut pas pousser meme
dans les orties.

"Don't push Granny
in the nettles."

Watch the attitude.

Yes, boss.

Shall we?

All I see is vegetables.

Come on, give it a chance, Pop.
Do you need help?

No, I don't.

I guess it's coming.
So is Christmas.

Dinner is served.

Linda's famous Chicken Francaise

ala Danny.


At least they're not
extra crispy.

Looks great, Dad.

Thank you.

There's a whole oven full,
so don't be shy.

What's with the bandage?
You want me to sign it?

Looks worse than it is.

He probably told 'em
to dress it up.

I did not.
So it's just a little booboo?

You guys, he had
a beer bottle thrown at him.

Have some respect.

Well, at least the woman
had the courtesy

to drink the beer
before she threw the bottle.

What, are you turning
the other cheek?

No. Kinda.

Yeah, Dad, it's kind of seeming
like you're going

a little Switzerland on us.


It's neutral.

So, is this a new you? No.

Good, 'cause I was just
getting used to the old you.

I, for one, commend your father.

You do? For what?

Well, for being the PC

and putting himself
in harm's way...

like a street cop.

Well, I wouldn't exactly say...

You ever volunteer for duty
on the West Indian Day parade?



Well, I didn't put in,
but I was...

Because you knew
it was dangerous,

as did your father.

But he did his duty,

and he marched.

It's complicated.

Because of the guy
who they honored?

You didn't take sides?

I did take sides, both...

My cops and the people we serve.

- This chicken's pretty good.
- Thanks.

Not like Linda's chicken,
but it's good.

What's the secret?

Put it in the oven and pray.

Amen to that.

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