Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 18 - Friendship, Love, and Loyalty - full transcript

A woman voices outrage over her son's unsolved murder and Danny re-examines the case. Eddie is shot while on duty. Erin and her ex-husband face off in court. Frank deals with an angry police force after the mayor fails to defend it.

Why do I have to move?
This is a city street!

Because you're obstructing
pedestrian traffic.

Now, if you don't move
across the street,

I'm gonna have to write you up
for disorderly conduct.

I am disorderly,
and I'm gonna be disorderly

until my son's killer is found.

Go ahead and look at me!

I'm a mother whose
son was killed,

and these cops around
here don't give

a good damn! You. Hey.

Look at me. Are you a detective?

Yeah, I'm a detective. Why?

Well, I want you and all your
detective friends to know

that I'm gonna stand
out here every day

until someone listens to me

and finds out who killed my boy,

because I deserve to know who...

Okay. What's your
boy's name, ma'am?

Amir Christopher Brown, and
it's been a hundred and for...

146 days. I can see
the sign, ma'am,

and I can hear you screaming...
I'll take a look at it.

You'll "take a look"?

What does that even mean,
you'll "take a look"?

It means I'll take a look at it.

It better mean you are going
to get justice for Amir,

because tomorrow is 147 days,

and I will still be out
here demanding justice

for my son!

You gonna hit me?

I didn't call no cops!

Central, 12David, 1084.

Hey. Hey. Back up.
Hey! Back it up!

- Hey, calm down. Hey, calm down.
- Hey, hey.

- What... Will you tell me what happened?
- He's a psycho!

Calm down! Look, calm down!

Get off me, man. We got this.

- Can you give us a hand with the crowd?
- Yeah, you got it. Eddie!

Eddie, hey. All right,
everybody just back it up.

Step back. Step back. Step back.


Hey! You good?

I'm good! Go, go.

Hey! Police! Stop!

Let's cut him off.


Hold it right there!


Hey! Police!



Eddie! Eddie!

You hit? Where you hit?
Where you hit?

Where you hit?

Didn't go through.
It didn't go through.

It didn't go through.
You're all right.

You're okay. Hang tight.

He's hit!

Call a bus. Call a bus!

Hey! Hey, Dunleevy, hey. 1013.

1013, officer down.
Gunshots fired.

Officer down!

Hey, you all right?

Hey, talk to me.
Dunleevy, stay with me.

Hey, Andrew. Hey, talk to me.

Hey. Stay with me,
all right, bud?

I remember this case.

Amir Brown...
He was shot outside a nightclub

in the, Village, right?

Yeah, at 3:00 a.m. on October 3
outside Bar Sixteen.

Two shots to the chest
with a .45caliber.

What the hell are you doing?
You snooping around my case?

Well, I didn't know
it was your case anymore.

What are you talking about?
It's been open for 146 days,

you haven't cracked it,

and we got a mom who's
wondering who killed her son.

She got to you, too?
Let me tell you something,

her son was a dirtbag.

I didn't know we only
closed cases on vics we like.

Son of a bitch. Why don't I take some
of your cases, would you like that?

You couldn't, because I,
unlike you, close my cases.

- Hey.
- Hey!

You got a real problem, man.

Break it up.

Get your hands off me.

You're a jagoff!

Get off me!

This is our squad!

My case.

Officer Andrew John Dunleevy
was shot and killed

at approximately 9:45 a.m. today

without provocation
and while performing his duties

as a New York City
police officer.

He was...

on the job for five years
and was...

an exemplary police officer.

Our hearts and prayers and
gratitude for his service

go out to his widow
Stephanie and his...

children, Jason and Anne.

Officer Edit Janko
was also hit with gunfire.

Her bulletproof vest
saved her life.

She is recovering
from blunt force trauma

in the E.R.

The shooter...

Malcolm James, 21,
of East New York,

is in custody at this time.

We'll take questions.


Commissioner, what do we know
about the reason for the attack?

Officers Dunleevy, Miller,
Reagan and Janko responded

to a 911 call
about a domestic disturbance.

Malcolm James, by all accounts,

fired first and without warning.


Has Malcolm James
made a statement?

- Well...
- At this time, we know that

the police responded
to a 911 call,

which resulted
in this young man being pursued

by our officers.

And in answer to your question,

the investigation is ongoing.

Madame Mayor, you're saying

police were chasing the subject
at the time of the shooting?

The suspect was running
from the cops?

Perhaps he felt threatened.
We don't know.

And as soon as we
ascertain the details...

Then we will issue
a joint press release.

But, Madame Mayor,
are you saying that

Malcolm James fired because

he was scared for his life?

Listen, anyone,
especially a minority,

being chased by police

would be afraid for their life.

So did he shoot at cops...

Hey, let's bring it back.

I don't think I even
need to be here.


I got shot on patrol
in the vest once... it hurt.

Felt like a sledgehammer hit me.

Yeah, there's that.

We got the shooter.

I can I.D. him.

He's not going anywhere.

And neither are you until
the doctor says so. Copy?

Copy that, sir.


And... you should
know one thing.

My partner did
everything by the book.

Thank you for that.

And you should know

that you can have your pick
of assignments after this.

I'm happy exactly where I am.


Be well.

Thank you, Commissioner.

Just show me where he is.

Don't tell me where
I can and cannot go.

You said you'd look into.

Amir's murder?

Look, she said she had
an appointment with you.

Sure. She has an appointment.

Honestly, it's fine.


So, why don't you have a seat.


This is my partner,
Detective Baez.

We were just looking
at the circumstances

around your son's murder.

I can tell you
the circumstances.

It's that my son

has a record, and we don't live

- on the Upper East Side.
- Okay.

Just hold on a minute.

No, you hold on a minute.

A cop was shot this morning,

and his killer was behind
bars before lunchtime,

because every single cop wanted
to catch the guy who killed him.

What I want

is for you to pretend that
my son wore a uniform.

Listen... Pretend my son

was part of your NYPD family.

Listen to me.

I'm already going out
on a limb here, okay?

Poking around
another detective's case

because you asked me to.

And your attitude about cops
is making me look like

an even bigger ass.

Now, could you just
tone it down, please?




Why don't we start...

with you telling us whatever
you can about your son's murder.

Amir was at that club with his
best friend, Jordan Robles.

What, yyou're not
gonna write this down?

Tell us the story first, please.

They were out celebrating
Jordan's birthday.

Jordan said he saw
the guy who shot Amir.

He even identified him.

He identified him

- to police?
- Yes.

To police, who did nothing.


Officer Janko, come on,
let's blow this joint.

Jamie, hi.

Came to drive you home.



Jamie, Barry.

Barry, Jamie.


- I'm Eddie's...
- Partner.

Yeah, yeah, I know.
She told me all about you.

Good to go?

Yeah. Barry offered
to drive me home.

So thanks anyway, Jamie.

No problem.

So, I'll grab the car,
pull up out front?


- Good meeting you.
- Yeah.


Yeah. I told you about him.

He's, the guy who ghosted me.

Turned out he stopped calling me

because II talked
about you too much.

- That's that guy.
- Yeah.

He reached back out to me.

And I explained to him

that I only
talk about you so much

'cause you're,
like, my work husband.

I'll just... I'll see you.


We was just having a fight...

and she called the cops.

That's it.

I didn't do nothin' wrong.

Except for kill
a police officer.

We didn't need no cops there.

Then why did your
girlfriend call 911?

She was being dramatic, is all.

Can you explain

why you had an illegal weapon

and opened fire on
the police officers?

Thank you. Stop talking.

Don't say another word.
What are you doing?

I am advising my client
to stop answering questions.

I'm his defense attorney.


What the hell are you doing?

My job.

Your job now is
to defend cop killers?

Look, Erin, it's an 18B case,

and it happens to be my turn.

Very sorry that we can't
all be perfect like you.

At least I still have scruples,

and didn't sell
my soul for money.

Right, because you just
sold your soul

for a place at
family dinner, right?

Because to sit at that table,

you have to subscribe
to Reagan's law,

that all cops are
absolutely infallible.

They may not be
infallible, Jack,

but that father and husband
who devoted his life to service

did not deserve to be shot dead

because he responded
to a call for help.

Yeah, and the Erin
that I knew in college

still believed that everybody
deserved a defense.

'Cause in case
you haven't looked lately,

justice still wears
a blindfold, Erin.

Yeah, you keep telling
yourself that, Jack,

as you defend a thug who
just left two kids fatherless.

Pat Russo wants
a meeting with you.

Why's the PBA getting involved?

'Cause your cops are
pissed off, boss.

My inbox is
exploding with requests

for a response
to the mayor's remarks.

How do you want to handle this?

I was wondering when
you were gonna chime in.

Something occurred to me today.

You are the only member
of this department

to have presided over
a line of duty death

as both the commissioner...

and as
a fallen officer's father.


That maybe you should hold off
meeting with the mayor, until...

Until I'm calm.

That'll be never.

She's here, isn't she?

I can make an excuse.

Let's have her.

Try to remember
this is her first time

dealing with a cop
shooting, Frank.

Maybe you should let her talk
instead of you, boss.

Madame Mayor.

Thank you, Baker.


I know what you're going to say.

- No, you don't.
- I didn't choose my words right.

Part of our job is
to choose our words right.

I wasn't going to place blame

without a full investigation.

No one asked you
to open an investigation.

Other people have that job.
Raising questions

is essential at
getting at the truth.

You can say I'm
biased against cops.

I can say you're
biased for them.

I am well aware
of an unearned bias

against cops.

I am also aware
of my bias towards cops,

which is very well earned.


every case, every shooting
needs to be taken

on its own merits.

You didn't do that.

I didn't say Officer Dunleevy
was at fault!

You suggested the perp fired
because he felt threatened.

I was trying to make sure

there was no question
of wrongdoing.

And in the process,
made cops into the bad guys.

I was simply raising questions.

Do you know where I was

when my police officers
were getting shot?

What does that have to do
with anything?

In a meeting about use of force

being at a record low.

What am I supposed to do
with that, Frank?

Well, I would like you
to put on an NYPD uniform

and 20 pounds of equipment

and a gun belt

and run up six flights of stairs
to save a woman

who is being beaten
by her boyfriend, and then,

I would like you

to be raked over the coals
for your effort.

And then, when you have
that frame of reference,

maybe we can talk.

You think I should apologize.

I think there are 35,000 cops
out there

who have taken an oath
to service and selfsacrifice,

and you called that service
into question.

What do you think?

I think I'm sick of this.

Hey, Raines. Hey.

What do you want?

Look, I know
I may have overstepped.

You think?

Okay, I did.

But something
doesn't add up here.

Hey, it's your case now.

Not about the case. About you.

Look, in the last year,
there's only one detective

in the entire city

with more felony collars
than me.

And that's you.

Yet you had a positive I.D.

on the shooter,
and you didn't arrest him. Why?

I did arrest the shooter.
Corey DaSilva.

Then why the hell
is the case still open?

We got a description
from Amir's friend.

Brought him to the precinct
to get his statement,

but one of the uniforms

had already picked up DaSilva.
As soon as the witness

saw DaSilva at the precinct,
he I.D.'d him as the shooter.

Then why the hell'd
you let him go?

Because your sister
made me release him.

Why the hell would
you release a killer?

Good afternoon to you, too.

Can you be more specific?

Corey DaSilva.

That was,

that was the Brown case.

The Amir Brown case.

I remember that case.

- Amir's friend I.D.'d the shooter.
- Yeah, but DaSilva

was already in the back seat
of the squad car

when he was identified

as the shooter. So what?

So identifying him

while he's in the back seat
of a police car,

already handcuffed,

is suggestive. There's no way
I'd get a conviction.

He identified him
as the shooter!

Who the hell cares

where it happened?
You still got to arrest the guy

and put him before the judge!

Let him decide
the technicalities.

To what end, Danny?

You and I both know
the detective

should've thrown DaSilva
in a lineup.

Why don't you just shut up.

No, you shut up! Hey! Hey!

Don't tell me to shut up.

I just told you to shut up.

All right, stop it, guys!

Stop it!

You couldn't find any evidence
to corroborate?

We got a warrant
for his apartment

hoping to find the gun,
but it was clean.

It was clean.
So you just walk away!

Nobody walked away!
It's an open case,

and it's your detective
who screwed it up!

Why don't the two of you
take a walk down to the precinct

and talk to Amir Brown's mother,

who stands outside in the cold
every single day

just trying to get justice
for her dead son.


Hey, Eddie, it's me.

- Jamie?
- I texted you.

Come on,
let's go get a couple drinks.

- Um, I can't tonight.
- Come on.

We should drink to your health.
Don't leave me hanging.

I'm sorry, Jamie.

really not a good night,

but can I take a rain check?

All right, sure. You got it.

I told your assistant

it was a nogo.

Yeah, I got the message.
But you haven't heard

what I'm proposing yet.

Unless you're proposing
that Malcolm James pleads guilty

and agrees to life in prison,
then it's a nogo.

Listen, I know how you feel
about cop killers,

and I feel the same way.

But I also believe that everyone
deserves a fair trial.

He'll get a fair trial,
and then he'll get life.

Yeah, well,
there may be bigger fish here.

What are you talking about?

The 911 call that brought cops
to the location

wasn't a domestic disturbance.

It was staged.

What? Why? The real reason

for the call
was to get cops to come

to the housing project

so that he could shoot
one of them.

For what purpose? New directive

from the Double Treys.

In order to join the gang,

you have to shoot
a uniformed cop.

That must be the part of
the job that sucks the most.

I don't know how he does it.

And I know there's nothing
I can say or do

that can really help, but...

Thank you.

If there's anything you need,

please don't hesitate to ask.

I think you would have been
really proud to know my husband.

I'm sure of that.


It was a beautiful eulogy,

I've had a lot of practice.

Half the guys outside the
church turned their back

when Mayor Dutton spoke.

It's already all over the news.

And if I didn't have
to sit inside beside you,

I would've turned my
back on the mayor, too.

Back when I wore this uniform,
it would've been unthinkable.

Now with where cops stand,
not so much.

I didn't sign up
to get trashed by the mayor.

She was just pandering
to the media.

She spoke out of turn. I get it.

But I do think
she did a good job

speaking about Officer
Dunleevy today.

Well, you know who I think
does a good job?

The people who are
victims of crimes

but can't find anyone
to hear their story.

Like who?

All right, you made
your point, Danny.

I'm just saying,

it's got to be very frustrating
for an everyday person

like Janay Brown to see
her son get murdered

aand nobody will do
a damn thing about it.

The charges weren't dropped

because she wasn't
important enough.

What are we talking about here?

A murder about five months ago.

The perp was identified

while sitting
in the back of a patrol car,

so we couldn't move forward.

She's right. The I.D.
would've gotten thrown out.

Yeah, but you could be damn sure
if Janay Brown was aa cop

or a friend of the mayor,
the case wouldn't be

sitting around in a file
collecting dust somewhere.

Somebody'd be working it.
What about you?

I am working it.

Well, then she did find someone.

Someone who's like a dog
with a bone.

That's good, right?

In a detective, it is.


You on dish duty again?

I thought it was Erin's turn.

Yeah. Lost a bet.


She must be on a roll.

That or I'm in a slump.

Well, I kind of got that idea
at dinner.

It's fine.

Just frustrated is all.

Me, too. I'm sure Erin is, too.

Well, Erin doesn't have
to look a victim's mother

in the eyes every day.

I'm pretty sure she has
her own version of that.

Fair enough.

It's just I...
keep promising myself

I'm not gonna let these cases
get to me.

Then a case like this

comes along, like this one...

I do the same thing.

Promise myself I'm not gonna
get sucked into the politics

and all of a sudden
I'm in the mud.

Well, I guess it's a sucky week
for both of us.

Not when you compare it
to your victim...

or my officer.

So let me get this straight.

The shooting of Officer Dunleevy
was part of a gang initiation.

Yeah. You got to shoot a cop.

Any cop?

Any cop

wearing an NYPD uniform.

And it was necessary to get
into the Double Treys?

I swear to God, I just wanted
to shoot him, not kill him.

Well, I'm sure Mrs. Dunleevy
will be comforted by that.

He's answered
all your questions.

You can put him back in holding.

Thank you.

Malcolm will get murder two,
25 years instead of life.

I'll go after Martinez,
the leader of the Double Treys,

for murder one.

Sounds like a plan.

And, Jack, I'm sorry
I judged you so harshly

when you first took the case.

That's okay.

Kind of used to it.

Got to admit, you usually accuse
first, ask questions later.


And, Jack, there is a question
I've been meaning to ask you.

When you were in the hospital
after you were stabbed,

you keep a wedding photo of us
in your wallet. Why?

I haven't,

haven't gone through the photos
in my wallet in years.

Just, lazy, I guess.

So we know who the shooter is,
but we can't arrest him?

It's hard enough
to find one witness.

Now we're gonna have to find
another one.

And on a case
that's five months old.

Do we got the security footage?

What happens when you zoom in?

TARU already had a crack at it.
It's too blurry.

There aren't even any markings
on his sweatshirt

or jeans. Nothing.

What about the time stamp?

It's, 3:05 a.m. Why?

Is that bull'seye Jack Boyle?

No. He actually redeemed
himself this time.

You ever wonder what would
have happened if you two...


No regrets?

No. You don't regret the great
relationships that failed.

You regret the ones you never
followed through on.

How's Eddie?

I think this whole thing
scared me more than her.

Well, that's understandable
given the history.

She was even fighting

the doctor at the hospital
about staying overnight.

Well, that's just
survivor's guilt.

I'm feeling pretty guilty, too.

It's not your fault.

There's no way
you could've known.

I'm feeling guilty
because when I saw.

Dunleevy lying there and...

I knew he was dead

and she wasn't,

I actually thought to myself,
I'm glad it's him and not Eddie.

That tell you anything?

That I care about my partner?

What if it was Eddie?

It wasn't. Is there something
that you're trying to say?

Maybe. I'm not sure
you want to hear it.

Try me.

I've seen you guys together

and what I see is more
than just patrol partners.

Okay, what is it
you think you're seeing?

I think what everyone sees.

Two people who seem
to belong together.

There's a line in the sand. Why?

Because you guys are partners?

Starting with that, yeah.

Well, I always thought
it was a line in the sand

because it's so easy to erase.

Consider this.

What if it was Eddie
that had been killed?

Is there anything you would
regret for the rest of your life

'cause you never told her?

If you remember anything,
please, just give me a call.

Okay? Thank you.

Ladies. Good evening.

Detective Reagan, NYPD.

Was wondering if any of you
recognize this man.

- No.
- He was murdered on this block

about five months ago,
right around this time of night.

- Here?
- Yeah.

Wondering if you
might've saw something

or could recall anything.

- No. Sorry.
- All right.

If you think of anything at all,
please give me a call.

My number's at the bottom.

Okay. Thank you.

Get home safe.

He was kind of cute.

One of them thought
you were cute.

Guess that's what happens

when it's 3:00 a.m.
and you're drunk.

What the hell are
you doing out here?

I could ask you
the same question.

What do you think, coming
back here at the same time

to the same street,
gonna find a Good Samaritan

that's gonna break
open our case?

Maybe I will.

And it's not your case.

You dropped the ball, remember?

Excuse me, sir.


Detective Reagan.
This is Detective...


Detective Abbot and Costello.

There was a murder out here
around five months ago.

I already talked to the cops
when it happened.

Okay, well, I'm
recanvassing the area.

We're recanvassing.

Did you see anything?

I heard a gunshot.

When I came out,

I saw a guy lying in the street.

Another one running away
with a gun in his hand.

You see his face?
He had a hood up.

Which way'd they run?
He ran that way.

That way up the street?
Did he stop at all?

Yeah. He stopped about halfway
up the block.

- Whereabouts?
- By the hydrant.

The hydrant? Okay.

Do you have any idea why he
stopped? Did he do anything?

I'm not a mind reader.

It was dark, like tonight.

I couldn't see,
but he just kept going.

Okay. Thank you.

Hey, any idea
why he killed that kid?

Well, I'm not a mind reader.

Thinking what I'm thinking?

I sure hope I ain't

thinking what you're thinking.

Why is that when the two of you
try to work together,

it always ends in youknowwhat?

I told you to wear boots.

I didn't think
it'd be like this.

What? Disgusting? Smelly? Slimy?

Do you mind stepping aside?
Thank you.

Who said police work
was glamorous?

Actually, no one ever.

We're pariahs in our own precinct.

Now we have to go through
a year's worth

of smelly sewage?

Remind me again
why we're doing this.

Because him and my
sister screwed up.

- You know what I like about you?
- What?


Why are you even here?

To get you off my case.

Why are you here?

I'm here so Janay Brown

doesn't have to add another day

to her son's poster.

Ooh. And...

to find the murder weapon.

There you go.

- And what do you suggest I do, Garrett?
- I suggest

you make sure we don't have
our cops turning their back

on the mayor. You mean order it?

Whatever it takes.

Well, that's not the message

I want them
to receive right now.

Well, what message
are you looking to send?

That it's open season
on the mayor?

- She brought this on herself.
- Maybe.

But in case you haven't noticed,
the press is making this

about you versus her.
Look, I get it.

II'd like to give her my back,
too, but...

But how you feel and how you act

need to be two different things.

Cops don't get to have a voice?

Boss, when I first started
on this job,

you told me how I feel
is not the point;

How I understand the job
is the point.

Are you really gonna throw
my words back at me?


I don't need to tell you
that you make decisions

all the time that you hate.

This is not a policy decision,

It's about a fallen officer.

Right now,
it's about this department

and how it's being portrayed and
what message we want to send.

The message is simple.

Don't trash cops.

That message
has been sent, boss.


- Hi.
- The...

the sentencing hearing
for Malcolm James

is set for tomorrow at 10:00.

And you came all the way
down here to tell me that?

No, I came down here
to tell you that I lied.

What are you talking about?

The reason I carry
our wedding photo...

Um... it's kind of
the same reason

that I carry a picture
of Nicky when she was six.

I'd come home,

and she would run...
I mean, run...

Into my arms full force,

and she would wrap
herself around me.

And I didn't know it then,

but that was
the time of my life.

And the wedding photo?

We were in love

and everything was great

and it was like we were exactly
where we were supposed to be.

And then life got in the way.

Yeah, then the,

the divorce and
everything else aside,

that day was a, was a
pretty great memory.

Except for Aunt Edna.

Yeah... Well, she gave everyone
something to talk about.

And something to see.
I haven't quite forgotten it.

Yeah, she retired
the tassels after that.

Well, I should hope so.
She was 80.

We work well together.

We'rewe're good partners.

You can't deny that.

You're the best partner
I ever had,

and the worst partner
I ever had.

You want to focus on the
first part of that?

What are you doing tonight?


I am running off to a little
island for some R and R.

Let me guess, Staten Island?

I need to be at Danny's by 8:00.


153 days

is a long time.

You can retire that number.

We arrested Corey DaSilva
for the murder of your son.

My God.

The charges are gonna
stick this time.

We got the gun he used,
his prints are on it.

It's been about 11 months
since I lost my wife.

So you know?

Yeah, I know.

Maybe you can take
some of that energy

and turn it into something
positive for Amir.

What do you mean?

My wife started doing
family game nights

once a month before she died.

It was open invitation,
anyone in the family could come.

And each game night, somebody
else got to pick the game.

First game night
after she died, it was...

it was painful.

I wanted to do it...

you know, keep doing it

'cause it's what she
would've wanted and...

I'm glad I did.

Maybe you can think of something

that Amir would've
wanted you to do

and continue doing,
even without him.


I think he'd say,
"You're a pretty good

damn detective."

And I'd agree.

You're back.

Hey. No,

just... just, paperwork.

And II had to get
fitted for a new vest.

How you doing?

I'm sore. I'm good.

You miss me?

As a matter of fact,
I did. Yeah.

Having you gone
has actually gotten me

thinking about a lot of things.

What were you thinking about?


Eddie, you almost... Hey.

- Hey.
- How you doing? Good?

Good, yeah. You?

Yeah. Good.

Maybe we could all
go grab a bite to eat.

Um, you're not working
a double, are you?

No, but I... We can't tonight.

Why not?

I only got two tickets
to Springsteen on Broadway.

My God, are you serious?

Tonight. Fourth row.

I have been trying to
get tickets to that forever.

I know. Anyway...

Sorry, maybe we can
do dinner another night?

Yeah, sure, no problem.

Great. I'll get us a cab,
meet you outside.


Good seeing you.

What were you gonna say?

It was nothing.
You should get going.

No. Tell me.
I really want to know.

Just that...

I hope you come back soon,
and enjoy that show

because I'm jealous.

All right?

- There's no winning.
- Nope.

You're a winner in one room

and the next room,
they want to string you up.

It's a vibrant city.


You win the job,
but then you have to do the job.

And it's not so much
about winning as managing...

The losses, the expectations.

I hate the job, Frank.

Well, I kind of gathered that.

I mean, I didn't even win it.

It's not like I pointed
my life at it.

Well, some are born great,
some achieve greatness,

some have greatness
thrust upon them.

Churchill? Shakespeare.

I'm feeling like
none of the above.

I'm genuinely sorry
to hear that.

I am.


It just isn't me.

I never wanted to be mayor.

I liked being public advocate,

fighting for the underdog,
opening schools...

The mayor can have
a hand in that, too.

All I've done lately
is put my foot in it

and piss off a lot of people,
including you.

I don't hold a grudge.

Your cops do.

They'll forget about it.

Part of what we love most
about the job

is there's always
a fresh pain in the ass

just around the corner.

I do not want to be
the target of protests.

I want to be
the one leading them.

You're thinking about quitting.

I'll stay until the election.

You are one of the most genuine,

honest people I've ever met.

Total pain in my ass,
but you are a good guy.

Thank you, I think.

Except for you,

there is nothing

about this job
I'm going to miss.

Not even the
free transportation?

The first thing I do
after the election

is I'm gonna take a walk
in Central Park by myself.

Well, maybe I'll ask the
police commissioner to join me.

He's very good
at ditching his detail.

I'll miss working
with you, Frank.

And Madame Mayor...

I will miss working for you.

How come I always felt it was
the other way around?

Um... January.

This is so easy.

- New Year's, New Year's.
- Winter.

What comes after New Year?

This is easy. New Year's Day.

No. What you do... New Year...


New Year's resolution!

- Resolutions.
- Yes!

We win this round, we win the
whole thing, so pay attention.

- Okay, just go, you're making me nervous.
- Okay, okay.

So... yyyou type on this thing.

- An iPad?
- A phone?

No. You, like, type, like,
a project, like a book.

- What?
- It's a... you put it on your lap.


No, computer.

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