Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 8, Episode 17 - Close Calls - full transcript

Danny forces his brother-in-law to help Baez take down the mobsters he's mixed up with; Frank suspects his old partner is guilty of a crime; Jamie is approached by an officer who wants help...

Jack, come on!

All right, see you later.

What are you doing? I thought
you were gonna help me clean up.

- Dad, I have practice, remember?
- Where's your brother?

He's still sleeping.
I tried waking him up.

Sean, come on!

You're gonna be late!
Uh, Dad?

We got a delivery.

See you.


What's going on?

There a Danny or a Linda Reagan
at this address?

I'm Danny Reagan, but, uh,
I didn't order anything.

I got about $12,000 worth of
merchandise for you on my truck.

That's impossible.

Hey, you or your brother know
anything about this?

No, and Jack didn't
say anything.

Get dressed,
you're running late.

Look, I'm telling you,
it's not my stuff.

Dispatch gave me the forwarding
address for you guys.

I didn't order anything,
and my wife...

it couldn't be her.

All right? She's never
even lived at this address.

Look, maybe you should
call the police.

What's the beef about this time?

Local mosque opens up
a religious school next door.

Some of the neighbors
don't like it.

How you making out?

Okay, so far.

We don't want
your problems

on our block.
What problems?

It's just a madrassa,
a religious school for children.

Then why don't you put it
in one of your neighborhoods?

You don't belong here.

"Don't belong here"?

I was born in this city.

Let's see some proof.

My brother, I don't need
to prove anything to you.

Who you calling "brother"?

You're not related to me.

You don't want to be
doing that, all right?

My religion is peaceful,
but I got my limits.

I got mine, too, Osama.

So why don't you
saddle up that camel

and ride on back to the desert?

- Hey!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!

Hey! Hey! Back it up!

Break it up! Hey!
Break it up, break it up.

Hey! You just
put your hands

on a New York City
police officer.

Eddie, Eddie, Eddie, let it go.
Eddie, let it go.

It's okay, we're good.

Do you mind telling me
what that's about?

What what was about?

We could've just
collared that guy.

Hey, who is he?

Last time I saw him he was
in my company in the academy.

First, he was there, and then,
he just wasn't there anymore.

Where's the prisoner?

I pulled him out
of a holding cell.

Assumed you'd want privacy.

Exactly right.

This way.

Thank you.

I can't explain.

You mean, you can explain?

No. I mean,
I don't know what happened.

One minute, I'm having
my second drink at a bar,

and the next thing I know, I...
I'm waking up in a holding cell

like I'm-I'm coming out
of an anesthesia.

Lenny, it's almost 3:00 a.m.

Bad time for bad excuses.

I swear.

My watch is gone,
my wallet's gone.

I don't know what happened
to my pants.

I didn't get out of bed
because your pants are missing.

They say I shot somebody.

Actually, you shot two people.

Lucky for you,
neither one's likely.

Frank, you can't believe

that I did something
like this, can you?

Lenny, if you could see
what I'm looking at,

you wouldn't know
what to believe, either.

Frank, it's me.

Yeah, it's you.


♪ Blue Bloods 8x17 ♪
Close Calls
Original Air Date on March 30, 2018

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Great, I understand.


Good morning.


You look like hell.

Thank you.

I'm sorry, but...

Well, I got about
three hours sleep.

Well, if this
is about Uncle Lenny,

we don't have
a special prosecutor

in charge of your ex-partners.

Hey, did I ask you for anything?

Come on, Dad, you taught us

to go see the person
we need a favor from in person.

Will you let me speak?

I need to ask you for something.

I don't know how much I can do.

The cash bail has already been
set for half a million dollars.

Seems a little high,
don't you think?

Not from where I'm sitting.

He shot a bouncer and a dancer
in a strip club.

He says he has
no memory of that.

Do you believe him?

Yeah, I think I do.

That "think"
kind of waters it down.

Look, Lenny is one
of my oldest friends, and...

And let me gently remind
you that you used to say

Lenny Ross could sell ice to
an Eskimo and sand to a Bedouin.

Which was meant as a compliment
to his imagination.

Which was meant to say
he's a fast talker.

Which is a far cry
from shooting up a strip club.

You want me to look
the other way because it's him?

No. I do not.

In fact, I'm asking
for the opposite.


Meaning that because
I know the defendant,

I want to put up a firewall.

I am more comfortable--
in this particular instance--

with your office

taking a more
active role.

You want the DA's office

to take the lead
and run with this investigation?

I didn't say "run,"
I said take a more active role.

How well do you still know him?

What's that supposed to mean?

It means people can change.

It means what was hijinks
back in the day can become

hard-core lifestyle later on.

I mean, I've read his book.

He is no altar boy.

Doesn't make him a felon.

Shooting up a strip club does.


Do your thing.

And if your friend turns out
to be the bad guy here,

you cannot expect any leniency

from this office.

Nor would I ask for any.

As you well know.



- How are you?
- Good.

Thanks for meeting me
uptown, Jamie, man.

I got to stay away from places
where people know me.

Yeah, absolutely, no problem.

This is my partner
Eddie Janko.

A pleasure, Officer.

Sorry if I got
a little handsy on the street.

Mm, it's okay.
I just was a little confused.

And I... I still am.

What's going on, Tariq?

I haven't seen you since you
dropped out of the academy.

Dropped out?

I didn't drop out.

I got pulled out.

By who?

You really didn't know?

I guess
you're not supposed to.

I'm an undercover.

You're still a cop?

Almost ten years.

Gave me my shield,
took it away,

said go meld in
with the community.

It's getting so I don't even
know who I am anymore.

That's why
I reached out, Jamie.

What's going on?

I can't take it anymore.

The first three years were okay,

now it's like
I've been in Siberia.

I'm barely in contact
with anyone at the department.

Well, I mean, I guess
that's what it's like

when you're working a
deep cover assignment.

Yeah. Now it's gone too far.

It's like
they've forgotten about me.

I can't get promoted,
I can't have a real life.

I'm sorry, Tariq, I mean, not...
nothing I can do about that.

Remember that time we talked
about our fathers

after the last
study session?


Look, I hate to put you
on the spot, Jamie.

Tariq, look, I...

I can't just walk into One PP

and ask my father for a favor
every time a cop comes to me

about a rotten assignment,
I just...

I get that, Jamie, but...

look, I'm getting desperate,

I got nowhere else to turn.

What the hell
are you people talking about?

I never bought
any refrigerators,

and I sure as hell didn't
buy any juice makers.

Now, you're gonna

take those charges
off my account,

or you're gonna know
what trouble is, you got it?



Can you believe this?

Over a hundred thousand dollars
so far charged

on credits cards in mine
and Linda's name,

and we didn't buy any of it.

Reagan, this is
Detective Chamberlain

from I.D. Theft Squad.

He's been looking into who
could've done this to you.

This follows a pattern
we've been seeing from groups

like the Albanian mafia.

Now, they open
credit card accounts

in other people's names,
and they use them

to buy millions of dollars
of goods.

Then they fence the goods
to finance major arms deals.

Okay, but where the hell'd
they get the information

for the accounts?

None of it's online.

Been having any problems
with anybody lately?

Every single day,
I'm a detective.

That's not what I mean.
They need inside information

to get past
the security questions.

They normally get that
from someone closer to you.

I always wonder why they call it
a "gentleman's club."

Looks better on your
credit card receipts?

Excuse me.

Management around?

Yo, Mickey.

I'm Detective ABETEMARCO,
this is ADA Reagan.

You the manager?

Yeah, Mickey Cardoza.

I was on the job in Suffolk.

Were you here
when the shooting happened?

Yeah, it was wild.

One minute,
this Lenny walks in.

Everything's normal.

The next,
he's whipping his gun out.

We're in the Wild West.

Did you see what
precipitated it?

far as I could tell.

Said he was here
to meet a friend,

talk about investing
in the club.

The friend ever show?


So this Lenny character
said he'd stick around,

have a couple of drinks,
a few laughs.

I look up, he's on stage
with the girls,

taking his clothes off.

My bouncer tries
to get him down.

He starts shooting.

Did he have a lot to drink?

Not that much. Am I right?

No. But some people

can't handle their liquor.

He was blabbing
about how he's friends

with the police commissioner
and all that.

Got any video?

Nah, camera's empty.

Just there for security.

Truth is, part of what
people are paying for here

is discretion, right?

We can't protect that,
we're out of business.

Make sense?

You know this could be
a wild-goose chase

you got us on, Danny.

Says you.

I say this is the spot where
the stuff that was ordered

was supposed to be
delivered. Ergo...

Ergo, it's where we'll find
whoever was scamming you.

It doesn't necessarily mean

- it's someone you know.
- Unless...

Hang on.

What do you got?

I don't want to say it.

You don't want to say what?

"You're right again, Reagan"?

You're right this time.

It's him.

And he's here.


All right.

Read them and weep, fellas.

It's a full boat.

Yeah, baby.

You cheat.
Don't be ridiculous.

You're bottom dealing.

Saved by the bell.

Maybe you guys
sent in your cooler

'cause I'm so hot right now.

All right, all right,

keep your shirt on.


Hi. Oh, my God.

I'm so sorry to bother you.

I just hit a car out here

and the fender's hanging off.

It's a Camaro, I think.

A Camaro?

That's my car.
Show me what you did.


Baez, meet the scumbag
who made up a scam

using my dead wife's name.

Not to mention, he happens
to be her brother!

Danny, I think you broke
my nose, man.

You think?!
You want me to finish the job?

- Huh?!
-Okay, okay, come on.

Let's go. Come on.

What are you doing?

You uncuffed
that dirtbag?!

And you,
you proud of yourself?

You mean generally
or right this second?

You're running a credit card
scam for the Albanian mob?

I can see how it looks that way.

You know, I ought
to kick the crap out of you.

Using Linda's ID,
your own sister?

After you missed the funeral?

I tried, Danny.

I missed the flight.
Ah, get out of here.

How the hell did you
get the information

to start
the fake accounts?

Linda was trying to help me
get back on my feet.

She didn't want you to know

because she thought
you'd get mad.

She was right.

Baez, you might want
to stop outside.

I'm gonna have to have a
different kind of conversation.

No, no, no, miss, please.

Do not leave me alone
with this animal.

Give me one good reason why
I shouldn't take you down

to Central Booking right now.

You know what, Danny?

Your side of the street
ain't so clean, either.

Okay, you know what?

Maybe I will go out and
make that cup of tea.

Last time I saw you,

you dropped me off at a mob
joint to catch a beatdown.

That's because
they were gonna kill you

for busting a champagne bottle
over a made guy's head.

I bargained for your life!

You could get in trouble
if I talked.

What? What'd you say?

Not that I would do that, Danny.

I wouldn't do that.

What the hell am I
gonna do with you?

Danny, I'm sorry
I'm in deep again.

I had nowhere else to go

'cause you told
me to stay away.

Poor you, right?

Poor little Jimmy
all over again.

You're gonna have
to make right on this one.

And you're gonna make right
by wearing a wire.

A wire? Danny.
These guys are killers.

That's right.
They're responsible

for a half dozen murders, so
I'm gonna make it easy for you.

You wear the wire
or me and you are done.

If you get locked up

and your ass goes to prison,

don't expect a visit
from the family.

Erin's taking a look.

That's good.

I didn't ask her to overlook,
just look.

Still good.
I got nothing to hide.

Still, your lawyer ought
to be looking at plea options.

Wow, thanks for the
vote of confidence.

Hey, come on.
You know how this works.


You don't shoot a racehorse just
'cause he's got a little limp.

That's a stupid metaphor.

You know, Lenny, I have
known you a long time,

which means I know how you like
to shadowbox the truth.

This isn't like that.
This is different.

Then give me something besides
"the dog ate my homework."

I was supposed to meet a guy

about going in
on a piece of the club.

What guy?

Bobby Z.

I only knew him by text.

If they dump my phone,
you can get the number.

That's how
you're doing business now?

A "Bobby Z"?

I'm gonna let that go.

He was partners with
one Mickey Cardoza.

Related to Detective
Sal Cardoza?

The same. Youngest son.

Shakedown Sal Cardoza.

I had hoped that story
died with him.

Not the department's
finest hour.

I didn't even put
it in my book.

Yeah, I know.
I read the book.

So you see.

Things I wish I could unsee.

Well, Erin's smart.

She'll figure out a way to put
this two and two together

without linking it
to back in the day.

Ah, fudge.

I'm used to seeing
my Rolex here,

the one that you and the guys
gave me for my retirement.

I never took it off except
to read the inscription.

Laying it on a little thick,
aren't we?

Hey, that was an
extravagant watch

for guys making what we made.




So who lifted the watch
from the property room?

Little Richie.

Obviously, I only found out
about it much later.


Little Richie.

What a piece of work, huh?

So, we eating?

Yeah, but I ain't drinking
with you.

Tariq's got
a legitimate complaint.

He's been working undercover

since we were in the same
company at the academy.

Then he should know enough not
to be talking out of turn.

We let every cop

dictate their own assignment,

we have anarchy instead
of a police department.

But he deserves a shot
at a promotion, right?

And a chance at a normal life.

He's paid his dues
ten times over

to both this city
and this country.

he's a precious commodity.

Speaks Arabic,
knows his community,

writes great reports.

I could use a couple
of thousand of him.

So he's getting punished
for doing a good job?

It's not a punishment.

Well, he's got no path
to promotion.

It's called public service,

That's how it is sometimes.

And would it be the same if his
name was Rizzuto or O'Hara

instead of Ali?
That's got nothing to do with it.

All right? Your friend is where
he is because we need him there.

For how long?

I can't answer that.

So he just needs to suck it up

'cause he doesn't have
a hook at One PP?

I'm sorry, Jamie, you know?

Sometimes you got to
take one for the team.

It's Jimmy.

He's been hiding here
since you last saw him.

He has the door
locked from the inside.

Says he won't come out
until you get here.

I know he's your

Former brother-in-law
and former best friend.

Those days are over.

- Is this the room?
- Yeah.


Jimmy, I'm coming in!


Come here.

You're lucky I don't throw you
out the window face-first.

Get up!

Get up! Get him out of here!
Take it easy.

Get out of here!
Relax, dude.

Nice bathtub.

♪ So fine ♪

♪ I want to take you home
tonight ♪

♪ Watching from the corner
of my eye ♪

♪ Come over here ♪

♪ I'll treat you right... ♪


Cut the music!

All right, everybody
out of the pool.

Fun time is over.

What are you guys doing here?

- I answered all your questions.
- Not quite.

That's a warrant for us to
search the premises, Mickey.

Go ahead and take it.

What's your probable cause?

Oh, right, you did mention
that you were on the job.

What you failed
to mention was

that your father worked
with Lenny Ross.

Is that right? What if he did?

See, my father's been dead
20 years

and Lenny Ross just shot up
my club,

so who's the bad guy here?

That's what we're trying
to find out.

There've been a
lot of reports

of customers having
their personal property

stolen from here.

You can come in
and answer some questions

or we'll just keep the place
shut down, Mickey.

I'm coming. I'm coming.

Sorry, Miss Reagan.

You accused me of holding out

on my father working
with Lenny Ross.

What about your father
and Lenny Ross?

You're not just carrying the
water for your old man, are you?

All right,
come on, let's go.

- That's not a fair question?
- Let's go.

- Right?
- Shut up, Mickey.

Get in. Sit down
and shut up.

Danny, what's going on?

What's going on?!
I'm gonna put you back

in intensive care,
that's what's going on.

Hey, I'm sorry.

Danny, come on.
Stop it.

I'm sorry, I panicked.
All right?

Panicked my ass.

You know, I worked
out a deal for you.

I worked out a deal for you

because we were friends,

and because Linda
was your sister.

Now you're dead to me.

Okay, Reagan,
get out of here.

What are you talking about?

You asked me
to step out before,

now I'm asking you--
you're too hot.

Don't think you're
getting off easy.

He's not totally
wrong, you know.

He threatened to put me back

in the hospital again--
you heard him.

That was all talk.

He's been having a rough time.

You know why, don't you?

Yeah, I get it.

She wasn't just his wife.

She was my sister.

I never got a chance
to say good-bye to her...

because I was too afraid
to go to the funeral.

You know,
to be honest with you,

I think she was ashamed of me
the last time I saw her.

So you honor her
by using her identity

to set up a credit card scam?

I'm not a bad person.

I just make bad decisions.

I had a brother
who was like that.

You gotta make this right.

By risking my life
and wearing a wire?

You run now, you'll
never stop running.

Even if you could outrun
Danny and the Feds,

you could never
outrun the shame.

Maybe you're right.

This is your last chance
to turn your life around.

Come on,
I know you got it in you.

Fine, put a mic on me.

I'm sick of running.

He went for it.

So you had no idea
that Lenny Ross and your father

had a beef back in the day.
What I know is it don't matter.

I never laid eyes on Ross
until the other night.

Come on, you gotta
admit it, Mickey.

- Looks a little suspicious.
- Wow.

See, you don't look like
a yoga master,

but that's quite a stretch.

You're saying it's
my father's fault

that Lenny Ross
pulled a gun in my club?

After you had a contact
invite him and not show.

That's circumstantial.
That don't prove nothing.

Why don't you make this
easy on yourself?

Why don't I make this
easy on myself?

You mean help the police
commissioner's friend?

The man who destroyed my family?

See? Now we're
getting somewhere.

Yeah, we're getting
out of here,

because you got no case.

Lenny Ross can
go to hell,

and so can
both of you.

What's Crystal doing here?

Oh, we got her on possession
of Lenny's watch.

She offered it up for a story
about you setting up Lenny.

Well, Crystal's a liar.
She's got a record.

Well, you know how
this works.

First one to talk
gets the deal.

So basically I'm stuck

with no hope
of getting out.

That's not how
they put it.

Well, how'd they put it?

That you're too good
at what you're doing

to be reassigned.

So it's a catch-22.

Keep doing a good job,
I can't get promoted.

It is what it is.

Let me ask you
something, Jamie.

What would you do
if you were me?

I don't know.

Yeah, I guess
you don't have to.

'Cause it could never
happen to you.

Because my father's
the police commissioner?

You gonna argue with that?

Only in that it doesn't make me

an example of anything.

I'm in a folder all
my own, I know that.

- Can I give you a piece of advice?

You've got the hardest
sell I've ever heard.

You're indispensable
where you're at,

and yet you want the bosses
to pull you out of there.

Yeah, that's one way
to look at it.

It's the only way
they're gonna look at it.

Then what are my options?

I'm not saying I know.

I'm just painting
a picture of what is.

Thanks for the talk.
Tariq, listen.

You know what me and 99%
of other cops are not,

that you are?

Yeah. Stuck.


Before you chuck it,
at least put some value on it.

Now you're sounding
like a boss.

And I don't mean that
as a compliment.

Why do you assume
it's bad news?

The corollary to
the favor protocol--

if you gotta give someone
bad news,

go see them so you can
leave right away.

Well, I'd like to give you
the good news first.


Your pal was almost
certainly set up.

The arranged meeting
was a ploy.

Cardoza Jr. instructed
the bartender

to doctor Lenny's drinks.

That's very good news.

Who sang?


We found out she
already had a record,

so she agreed to
roll on Mickey.

So what's the bad news?

When we went to document
that Mickey's father and Lenny

had business back in the day,

there was nothing there.

Well, there was a beef.

What kind of beef
makes the department

delete the records
of someone's service?

Water under the bridge.

Come on, Dad, you asked
for my help here.

I need to understand
what we're looking at.

Sal Cordoza was shaking down
drug dealers

from the day he was
assigned to Narcotics.

He recruited Lenny,
and Lenny joined up.

Lenny was a dirty cop.

No way. No way.

Lenny wore a wire
and turned Sal in.

Why destroy the records
if it was that cut and dry?

Well, word came...

word came down to bury it

and let Cardoza retire.

They covered it up? Why?

Erin, we're talking about
the late '80s,

a year after the Buddy Boys
scandal at the 7-7.

My guess is One PP
did not have an appetite

for another public flogging.


No. Before Pop.

Wow, the bad old days.

Yeah, tell me about it.

What's that movie?

You know, the one where they
invent a ray gun

to erase your memory?

Men in Black?

Yeah, that's it.

I just used
one of those on you.

Is he really blaming you
for not getting him reassigned?

Line up single file.
We need a head count.

He's just frustrated, Eddie.
I would be, too.

He's done nothing wrong.

You won't replace us,
Cat Stevens.

We know what you're
really up to.

Sir, give it a rest.


You're protecting
the rights of the terrorists

by harassing ordinary
American citizens.

We're not
harassing anyone.

We're just trying
to keep everyone safe.

If you want everybody
to feel safe,

you should investigate
that guy.

Whatever he is, he's not
who he pretends to be.

Officers, please.
We have an emergency.

What's the matter?
Someone left a backpack on board,

and there's wires
coming out of it

and a timer, like a bomb.

All right, just try
to stay calm,

okay, and we'll
take care of it.

Now, you get back.

Eddie, we gotta clear the area

and notify bomb squad.

Everyone, move back, move back.

Hey, hey, stop.



Tariq, what
are you doing?

I did two tours in Iraq.

We saw IEDs like this
all the time.

Off the bus, Tariq.
Come on.

You don't outrank me, Jamie.

I don't have time
to argue about this.

This thing could
blow up at any second.

We gotta get these
people out of here

and clear the area.

We might not have
enough time.

O-Okay, okay.


They got it rigged
so that we can't tell

how much time we have left.

Just trying to figure out
these firing circuits.

You never told me you did
bomb disposal in Iraq.

I didn't. I just said that I saw
bombs that looked like this.

How do you know
which wire to cut?

Just trying to make
an educated guess.

Tariq, listen, I got this.

Come on. Let's go.

No way, my brother.

I signed on for this.

Green means go,
red means stop, right?

Unless it's the other way
around, yeah.

Come on.

All right, say something
so we can make sure

the Bluetooth's working.

Uh... I hope that's sweat
running down my leg.

You getting that?

All right.
You understand what

has to be done
in there, right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Get 'em talking on the wire
about the gun shipments.


And let me take the lead
guiding the conversation.

What? Why?

For your protection.

In other words,
so you don't screw it up

by doing something stupid.

Danny, can I talk
to you for a second?


All right.

What now?

Danny, I know
these guys.

They're not gonna believe
that she's my girlfriend.

And they sure as hell ain't
gonna like her taking the lead.

You're not flying
solo. No way.

Danny, I don't need
a babysitter.

In fact, the only way
this thing goes down

is if I go in
on my own.

So I'm supposed
to just trust you?

After everything
that's happened?

After everything you've done?

Danny, we go way back,
you and me.

I know I messed up with you.

That's an understatement.

I feel bad,

the way I left things
with Linda... and you.

Please, give me a chance to show

that that's not all that I am.

It goes bad in there,
what do you do?

I say the word "flush,"
you bring in the ghosts.

I got this, Danny.

I won't let you down.

Well, you better not.

Because if you do,

I will make it
my life's mission

to see to it that you never draw
another breath as a free man.

Now go on and act like
you're having a good time.

All right.

I feel like I'm Donnie Brasco.

What's up, guys?

There he is.

King of plastic.
Sit down, Jimmy.

What do you
got for us?

Pick a card, any card.

They're beautiful.

You know, the
old-time wise guys

used to call these "muldoons"

because liquor always taste
better on a muldoon.

champagne for the table.

How's he doing in there, Baez?

So far, so good.

No one's got a hand cut off yet.

Just keep an eye on him.

He's still family.

So what are you guys gonna use
these cards for this time?

What's it to you, Jimmy?

Just curious.

What are you doing?

I got this for when
I get nervous.

It's one of these new
Bluetooth doohickeys.

Tells me if someone's
transmitting from my area.

Would you
look at that?

Who's "Lindabro"?

Beats me.

Thought you had
a sister named Linda

you used to set up
one of the cards.

Looks like we have a problem.

Hey, you guys don't want
to flush this whole deal

down the toilet
over this, do you?

He's been made. Go, go!

Get out of the way. Go. Move.

Out of the way, folks,
out of the way!

Police! Move!
Get out of the way!

Go! Get outside.

Baez! Hey, you okay?

Yeah, I just got grazed.

They grabbed Jimmy and they
took him back that way.

They're both armed.
Okay. You stay with her.

You, on me. Come on. Go.
Get outside. Go.


Get out.

Go. Hurry up.

Get back.

Grab that.

Cover him.


Is that you, Danny?

What the hell
happened here?

Huh? Snap out of it!
What happened?

You shoot both
these guys? Huh?

I guess I did.

You got the jump
on 'em both, huh?

I did good, right, Danny?

Yeah, you did great. Now get
your finger off the trigger.


Let's go. Get out of here.

Okay, Jimmy

was a friend.

No, he's an

The person who
introduces you

to the person you marry

is automatically
upgraded to friend.

No, they are not.

Brother-in-law, yes.

Pain in my ass, yes.


Albatross around my neck,

no thanks.


It's your turn.


Bless us, O Lord,

and these Thy gifts
which we are about to receive...

From Thy bounty.

...through Christ
our Lord...

And when a
friend becomes

a life sentence,
they cease

being a friend, especially
a Judas like Jimmy. Amen.

I'm not sure that
qualifies as grace.

- Pope Francis okayed it.
- What?

Yeah, ushering the church into
the new fast-paced modern times.


- No.
- You can still be friends with someone

without buying into their
illusions about themselves.

Huh. Did you say that
or is that a quote?

I don't know,
but it rings true.

Especially with friends
like Uncle Lenny.

Yeah, that comes in handy.

Or a guy like Tariq.

Who's Tariq? The cop
you were with on the bus?

Yeah, even when I met him
back in academy--

and I went out of my way

because he was the
only Muslim in our class,

he had a chip
on his shoulder.

Being the only Muslim,
he probably earned that chip.

Standing out all the time.

But there's a limit,
there's a time you go,

"Man, how many times you
gonna play that same card?"

I don't know if you can

set that limit

unless you've been dealt
that hand.

All right, you got a point.

I'll say it again,

if your friends
have to be perfect,

you won't have
any friends because...

Nobody's perfect.

Plus he's Uncle Jimmy,

means he's family,
means you have to forgive him.

Mm... Yeah, no.

No, thanks.

- Not a choice.
- Sure it is.

He betrayed Danny
on about five different levels.

At least.
Thank you, Dad.

But I do think
you need to be careful

when you draw those lines;
who stays and who goes.

The supply of new friends goes
down to a trickle as you age up,

and a new old friend

is an oxymoron.

A great depression.

Jumbo shrimp.

House Intelligence

Unbiased opinion.

I get it. I get it.

Aw, thanks.

Tariq, hey.

What's up?

I just wanted to stop by
and say thanks.

For what?

I just got the call.

They're taking me off
the undercover assignment

at the mosque and putting me on
the Joint Terrorist Task Force

as a detective.

All right.

- Congrats.
- Thanks.


And thanks for putting in
a good word, Jamie.

It wasn't to do with me.

You got it strictly
on the merits.


Really. I never even
picked up the phone.

But then why...

I guess sometimes things
just work out the right way.

I mean, look at this.

I'm the one with the hook,
and I'm still in the bag.

And you're the one
getting the Gold Shield.

Well, then, thanks for staying
on the bus with me

when you didn't have to.


Riding shotgun now, huh?

I'm the Police Commissioner,
I can sit anywhere I want.

You owe me.

That was, after all,
evidence in the Cardoza case.

I pulled some strings.
Don't ask.

I swear to God, I feel like
I'm walking around

with a part of me missing
these last few days. Thank you.

You're welcome.

So what if it's hot?

It's the thought that counts.

Lenny, there is one more thing.

No, no. No more
things, Frank.

No. When the investigators
dug deep to find

the vendetta, they
found something else.

What's that?

The gun you had on you?

You let your New York
carry permit lapse.


Oh, come on.

It's gonna pop with the
Florida state Liquor Authority.

You can't run a restaurant
without a liquor license.

True that.

Let me guess.

Who has never picked up a check

at one of Lenny Ross's

His friends at the
State Liquor Authority.


Love you, Lenny.

I love you, too, Frank.
Thank you.

Fly safe.

I'll see you.

Not if I see you first.

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