Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 8 - Personal Business - full transcript

After Emily Harrison (Danielle Savre) tells Danny and Baez she's concerned her abusive ex-boyfriend will repeat his behavior with his new girlfriend, Emily becomes the prime suspect when ...

And when did you
stop eating meat?

Like, yesterday.

- Really?
- Yup.

Morning, Rakesh.

Good morning!
Hey, Ashley.

Is the mango juice back in?

Where it usually is.


What's with the mango juice?

I just like it.

Whatever happened
to apple juice?

- That's for little kids.
- Of course.

Mango juice has lots of
vitamins. You should try it.

Coffee's got all the
vitamins I need in the morning.


Come on, you know what this is.

Give me the money.
- Okay.

Give me the money!
Come on, now! Shut up!

- Please, please?
-Shut up!

Please, okay.

Come on, let's go, man!

Right now!
- I'm ope-opening.

Don't be stupid! Let's go!

Now! Shut up!
Calm down, okay.

Come on! Hurry up!
Let's go!

Do it! Hurry up!
- Okay.

Open it now!

No! Daddy!

Man, what'd you do?!

Don't move!

What you standing around for?

We got to go!

Yeah. We have a man shot
in the bodega

at the corner of Clarkson
and 83rd.

Okay, so we work
the same M.O. as that one.

Detectives, this
is Liza Daniels.

She asked to
speak with you.

Okay, make it quick.

You know Emily Harrison?

We're familiar
with her, yeah.

Emily's a friend.

At least she was until I started
dating her ex-boyfriend.

- Brandon Mitchell?
- Emily said

some horrible things about him.

When I said
I didn't believe her,

she said I should talk to you.

He's not a good guy. You
should stay away from him.

How about that?

Why don't you take
a look at these?

Go ahead.

He handcuffed her,
then he beat her and raped her.

Brandon couldn't have done that.

- Why not?
- Because Brandon's not like that.

And if he had done
that, he'd be in jail.

Doesn't always work that way.

Brandon's a great guy.

Emily is my problem.

How's that?

She's calling me every day.

She even came by my office
acting like a jealous psycho.

Trust me, Emily does
not want Brandon back.

Look... you guys know her.

Sounds like she'll listen to
you, so do her a favor, please.

Tell her that if she
doesn't back off,

I'm gonna file a
harassment complaint.

Super said there was a homeless
person living down here.


Wait. Hang on.

Hold on.

I'll pick up your dry cleaning.

Um, you have

lunch at Babbo at 12:30,

and then meetings back to back

before the Met reception.

Got it.


What's your name?

Tara Chandler.

How long have you been
living here?

Five days.

I used to live upstairs in 12E,

but my roommates
and I got evicted.


Seven of us living
in a two-bedroom.

Only way we could
afford the place.

How are you living here?


I still have
my laundry room key, and

there's a shower in there.

There's power.
I get cell reception.

View kind of sucks, but...

Sounds like
you still have a job.

Why haven't you found
a new place?

Manhattan rents are insane.

What about your roommates?

They're all moving to Queens.

What's wrong with Queens?

My boss is Camilla Lawson,

the president of Chadway Dunce,
the publishing house.

She's seriously
high maintenance.

Insists her assistant
live in Manhattan

and be on call 24-7
for $800 a week.

Maybe you should find a new job.

300 people applied for
this position, and 300 people

are waiting if I mess up.
- Okay.

Can't you crash
with family or friends

till you find a new place?

I just moved here
from Scranton nine months ago.

I work all the time.
I don't have time for friends.

Okay, we can see
you're in a tough spot, but...

you're trespassing.

So we can let you off

with a warning today,
but you can't stay here.

I understand. Thank you.

I'll get all of my stuff
out of here right after work.

If we can help with anything
else, give us a call.

And a big

thank you from the Chief
Constable of Scotland

for showing him and
his people around.

Don't remind me.

What's the problem?
They said they learned a lot.

Yeah, I learned something, too.

Never drink with Scottish cops.

We have

a problem with
the bodega robbery in Brooklyn.

Yeah, I got word
shopkeeper didn't make it.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. There's more bad news.

to the Post Web site,

there was a customer
named James Reed

in the shop at the
time of the shooting.


Reed is a sergeant at the 3-6.

He didn't lift a finger

to help this guy.

He failed to take any action?

He called 911
after the perps fled.

And he was he armed at the time?

According to the Post,

he was carrying
an off-duty revolver.

And I assume they used

their usual editorial restraint?

"Coward Cop Ducks and Covers."

Reed's C.O.

says he wasn't alone
at the bodega.

He was with
his ten-year-old daughter.

That changes everything.

Actually, it's neither
here nor there.

What's that mean?

It means it's not
as simple as that.

Damn it!

He was with his daughter,
and off-duty.

And every cop takes an oath
to uphold the law.

There's not a time clock on it.

You don't punch out
from that commitment.

It was Reed's duty to act,

to somehow come to the aid
of that crime victim.

Did the Post know,
or did they just leave it out?

There's no headline
if you include the kid.


What do you want us to do, boss?

What I want to do is

make them have all the facts
before they print something.

What I have to do,
now that it's out there?

Tell his C.O. I want to see
Officer Reed up here forthwith.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

As you were.

Please sit down.

I'm looking at your service
record, and I'm confused.

- Sir?
- Well, your evaluations

are excellent, decorated twice
for Meritorious Duty.

By all measures, a cop's cop.
Try to be.

So how could you stand down on
the scene of an armed robbery?

I was with my daughter,

I'm aware of that.

Tell me what happened.

I was walking my daughter
Ashley to school.

We stopped into
the local bodega.

Next thing I know,

two perps have guns on the
man behind the register.

Not pros, either. Jumpy.

Go on.

Two instincts kicked in
at the same time.

To do my job,
and to keep my little girl safe.

The second one won out.

The initial investigation

you could have moved
your daughter out of harm's way

and still discharged your duty.

Maybe in a perfect scenario,
where she doesn't sound a peep,

and we could move like

we were invisible.

So for lack
of a perfect scenario,

you let a shopkeeper
take a bullet?

Let him?

No, sir, I didn't let him.

Like I had a choice...

Isn't that what happened?

It kills me
that I couldn't help him.

Couldn't or wouldn't?

Look at me and answer
the question.


I could not save him.

I had a choice,
and a split second to make it,

and I chose
to protect my little girl.

Our officers are paid
to run toward danger,

not turn away from it.

I won't apologize
for what I did, sir.

Given the same circumstances,
I'd do exactly the same thing.

And so would I?

- I didn't say that.
- But you're thinking it.

I don't presume to know
what you think, sir.

As of now,
you are on modified assignment.

Should the investigators

that you are in violation
of your oath,

you could face demotion
or lose your shield.

That's the way this goes.

That is all.

Yes, sir.


I-I'm so sorry to bother you,
but I am in huge trouble.

What happened?

I moved all my stuff

to the alley
behind the building, but then,

this big scary guy said
it was his spot,

and he grabbed my laptop
and ran off...

Are you okay?

Yeah, but my whole life
is on that computer.

If I don't get it back,
I'm gonna get fired.

Okay, calm down.
We're gonna take a ride,

we're gonna see
if we can find this guy.

Thank you so much.

Wait. You really need
to find a safe place to live.

I know. I-I will.

Let's go.

Hi, Camilla.

Yes, your shoes are
in the shelf in your closet.

I understand, but we're
not saying you did

anything wrong, Emily.
I was just

trying to make Liza understand
what Brandon's capable of.

She just doesn't
want to hear it.

Well, that's 'cause she thinks
she's in love with him.

Which is unfortunate, but if
she wants to see this dirt bag,

there's nothing you
or us can do about it.

It's her choice.

Brandon's a rapist.

He raped me.

We're not trying to minimize
what happened here, Emily.

Look, I know I can't change
what Brandon did to me,

but there is no way
I'm gonna sit on my hands

while he does it
to someone else.

Liza has already said
you harassed her.

She wants to file
a complaint against you.

You see what you're doing?

You're making yourself out
to be the bad guy here.

We cannot

go after somebody
before they commit a crime.

We can't prove
what he did to you,

so, technically, Brandon hasn't
done anything wrong.


I'll tell you what we'll do.

We can have a patrol unit
sit in front of his place,

keep an eye on him.

Would that make you
feel better?

You know that's not enough.

We're trying
to help you here, Emily.

Look, it's the best we can do.

I can't thank you guys enough.

You literally
saved my life.

Hey, we're glad it worked out.

You have yourself
a good night, all right, Tara?

Good night.

Tara, where you headed?

There's a...

24-hour diner near work.

You know, I have manuscripts
to read anyway, so...

Look, let me give you
some money for a hotel room.

That's totally sweet,

but I can't do that.

Do me a favor--
hang on a sec?



we should help this girl.

We got her computer back.

We can't send her out there

with no place to stay.
If she won't

take money for a hotel,
what are we supposed to do?

I was thinking maybe
she could crash at your place

for a couple days.

She's a nice kid, Eddie.

She'll find a place of her own
soon enough.

Well, I am not taking
some stranger into my apartment.

Why don't we just take her
to a shelter?

You've been in those places.
Come on.

She's not a stray puppy, Jamie.

This job is hard enough
without taking it home

with me literally.

I'm gonna finish
the paperwork.

I'm just saying, why
not go talk to the guy?

Remind him that
we're watching him.

We can't get
in Brandon Mitchell's grill

if he hasn't done
anything wrong.

He's done plenty wrong.

Not to Liza Daniels.

I don't get it with you.

You were mad at me when I didn't
want to go after the guy;

now I want to go after him,
and you don't want to.

We start hassling Brandon,

his fancy lawyer,
and next thing you know

we'll be looking
at a harassment beef.

5-4 Frank.

You have a 10-10.
Possible shots fired

at 313 Macdougall.

Ambulance en route.
313 Macdougall.

That's Brandon Mitchell's place.

Make a hole.

Hey! Make a hole.

Step aside.

Where we going?

Liza Daniels?


What do you mean, no?

It's Brandon Mitchell.
He took two gunshots

to the chest-- girl said
the shooter fled the scene.

Where is she?
Where-where's the girl?

Over there.

You okay?

What happened?

We were upstairs.

The doorbell rang.

Brandon came down
to see who it was.

Th-The next thing I know,
I heard gunshots.

When I got down here,
Brandon was lying on the ground.

There was blood everywhere,

and he wasn't

Okay, did you get
a look at the shooter?

No. The door was open.

Sh-She must have
taken off.

What do you mean, "she"?

Emily Harrison.

I thought

you said you didn't see
who shot Brandon.

I didn't have to.

Emily wanted Brandon dead.

She's the only one
who could've done this.


- Hey.
- What's going on?

I got to apologize.

You were just trying to
help that girl, and...

You know, I didn't feel
comfortable taking her in.

- I get it. It's no big deal.
- Yeah?

Yeah. I got it covered.

Hey, Jamie, mind if
I grab a towel...


Officer Janko.

Hey, Tara.

Fancy meeting you here.


Jamie invited me to crash
here for a little while.

Just till she finds
her own place.

Isn't he awesome?


he is awesome.

But don't you need
to be in Manhattan?

And last time I checked,
this was Brooklyn Heights.

I can make it
work for a few days.

I'm gonna grab
a shower.

It was great to see you.


Look at that,

I came over to apologize
for leaving Tara hanging,

and it looks like she
landed on her feet.

It's no big deal, Eddie.
No, it kind of is.

It's also very unprofessional.

Hey, there's
no regulation against me

helping somebody out
on my own time.

Helping her or helping you?

What's that supposed to mean?

It means that if we had found
a smelly old homeless dude

in that garage, do you really
think he'd be freshening up

in your bathroom right now?
Do you

seriously think
I would do something like that?

No. Of course not. I'm sorry.

I forgot-- you're awesome.

Glad you called, Emily.

You know, I never thought
I'd be a fugitive.

Where you been?

Walking, mostly.

Hung out at Grand Central
for a while.

Surprised you didn't try
to catch a train home.

I thought about it,

but I figured you'd have police
looking for me up there, too.

That's some good figuring.

You bought a gun
a couple of weeks ago--

you still got it?


I'm gonna need you
to give it to me.


Let's put it

right on the bench.

I'm gonna have to read you
your rights now.

You have the right

to remain silent
and refuse to answer questions.

Anything you say

may be used against you
in a court of law.

Can I just tell you
what happened?

You have the right
to consult an attorney

before speaking to the police...

...and to have
an attorney present

during any questioning.

Please, I just
need to tell you.

If you cannot

afford an attorney, one will be
provided for you without cost.

Do you understand...

the rights...
that I just read to you?

Yes. But I need you to know
that I didn't plan

on shooting Brandon.
- Emily,

stop talking.


I just told you you have
the right to remain silent.

That's exactly what
I need you to do right now.

The next person you speak to
is gonna be an attorney

who's going to help you.

Do you understand?



With those rights in mind,
do you wish to speak to me?


Very good.

Come on.

How'd this go down?

Sergeant Reed responded
to shots fired

at a known drug location.

He chose not to wait for
backup, and headed inside.

Is he likely?

He took one round.

Bullet went
straight through.

This way.

He's gonna be laid up
for a while,

but the doc said
he's gonna be okay.

All right.

How you doing, Sergeant?

According to the doctors,
I'm... one lucky guy.

What happened?

I ran towards the fire.

You're on modified assignment.
You were unarmed?

Bystanders were pinned down.

Didn't think I had time to wait.


When you get called a coward
to eight million people,

I guess that's what happens.

To me, anyways.


I was pretty tough on you.


You were doing your job.

None of this is on you,

The motivation was all my own.

You know, I always thought
that if I ever made the paper

as a cop, it'd be
for something good I did.

Get some rest.


The family.

Mother Carol.
Daughter Ashley.


I'm Frank Reagan.

Anything you need,
consider it done.

It's a little late for that.


I do appreciate the thought.


I'm glad your dad's
gonna be okay.

So you're my dad's boss?


Did you call him a coward?



Ashley, I would never call
your father a coward.

Just to let you know,
my dad's really brave.

And a good man!

Call him anything else,
it's just wrong.

I understand your client intends
to plead not guilty, Mr. Gallo?

That's right, though we're
willing to discuss a plea.

Are you aware that the bullets
that killed Mr. Mitchell

are a positive
ballistic match

to Ms. Harrison's gun?

We are.

And you admit
that you shot Mr. Mitchell?


Why don't you tell me
what happened?

I went to Brandon's brownstone
to try to talk to him.

And you had no prior intention
to harm Mr. Mitchell.


Then why did you bring a gun,

which you had no permit
to carry.

You're aware of the prior
history here, Ms. Reagan.

Are you aware those allegations
were never proven?

I didn't know how Brandon would
react when I confronted him.

But I was right to be worried.

When I asked him

to stop seeing Liza,

he got angry.

And he put his hand
around my throat,

and he shoved me up against
the wall.

So I reached into my bag

and I grabbed my gun
and I shot him.

So you're claiming self-defense.


No witnesses... you have
any visible bruising

from this alleged attack?


But I swear to you, Ms. Reagan,

I'm telling you the truth.

You wanted to see me, Monica?

Come in, Erin.

I understand you met

with Emily Harrison
and her attorney?

- I did.
- As you know,

the victim's father
is a prominent member

of the financial community,

which makes this a
high-profile prosecution.

I understand.
What was the substance

of your meeting?

Emily's claiming

She's asserting Mitchell
attacked her

when she showed up at his place
with a gun?

Can't really blame him.
She's saying

that she went there to talk,
he attacked her,

she took out the gun, fired.

Which no one can corroborate
except the victim, correct?

That's correct.

Defense counsel is open
to a plea.

I bet he is.

Bruno Gallo's a hack.

I doubt he's ever
tried a murder case.

She works an entry level job

at an ad agency.

Both her parents are teachers.

He's the best they can afford.

Well, then,
this shouldn't take too long.

Well, given the history
between Emily

and the victim...
That rape allegation...

is unproven.

The accused

recently expressed a grudge
against Brandon Mitchell...

to NYPD detectives no less.

Then brought a concealed weapon
to his residence and killed him.

This is a slam dunk, Erin.

I don't usually talk strategy
with the Chief Assistant DA.

Is there something else
I should know?

As I said,
this is a high-profile case.

The District Attorney
feels the facts warrant

a vigorous prosecution.
- I don't think

the maximum sentence
is warranted in this case.

If she acted in self-defense,

let her lawyer prove it
in court.

I'm just not sure
he's up for it.

Thanks for coming up, Erin.

Keep me posted.

We gonna talk
about this or what?

I'm gonna go
with "or what."

I'm helping someone in trouble;
there's nothing wrong with that.


Let's say the bosses find out

that you took this girl in
after meeting her on the job.

After we tossed her
for trespassing,

you don't think that they'd
question your judgment?

No one's gonna
find out, Eddie.

What if something
happened to Tara?

It's possible, given
the crazy risks she takes.

If it came out she
was staying with you,

you could get jammed up.

That's a chance
I'm willing to take.


Isn't Jamie awesome?

You know, what is with you?
You're acting like

you're jealous or something.


Don't flatter yourself.

I'm trying to keep you from
screwing up your career.

And mine.

But he's going to be okay,

I think the gunshot's
gonna heal faster

than the wound to his pride.

Well, he's a far sight better
off than that bodega owner.

You say that like Reed's got
blood on his hands.

I make it sound like that
because he does.

Come on, Pop.

Every officer
who takes that oath

is aware that he or she
is required to take action

if witnessing a crime.

But he was off duty.

And he had his kid with him,

Both. And if there were
a natural human reflex,

to run toward the fire,

there wouldn't be language
that requires that response.

But there isn't, so there is.

But he did take action;
he called 911.

That was after the bad guys
took off.

That's a little late then, pal.

Yeah, but it's crazy. I mean,

is there any other job
that requires you

to be on duty 24/7?

Doctors and nurses
are asked to save lives

when they're off duty.

There's no binding
obligation to do so.

- Hippocratic Oath says you do.
- Exactly.

I hear he was a good cop,
and a good boss.

And I hear the bodega owner

was a well-liked and respected
neighbor of that community.

Yeah, but Reed was with
his ten-year-old daughter.

And the victim had family, too--
We could play this all day.

But at this table, we always say
family comes first.

In my book,
he did the right thing.

Yes, it's a tragedy, he couldn't
protect the bodega owner,

but he deserves credit
for protecting his daughter.

Could have been a lot worse.

What about you, Dad?

I can't speak for myself.

Hell just froze over.

I'm dead serious;
I'm the guy who is charged with

making certain
that every man and woman

who takes that oath
upholds that oath.

Okay, but just here, now.

You have to understand,
I can't interpret it.

I can't update it,
I can't massage it,

I can't express or consider
any other way to look at this.

That's who I am in this.

Must have been a long week.

For me, for Sergeant Reed,

and most expressly,
for the victim and his family.

It's a tough call.


But everyone who
takes that oath

understands the commitment
they're making.

Kind of like prosecutors
have a commitment

to uphold justice.

That's right.

And you think charging
Emily Harrison

with murder qualifies?

Given the available evidence,
yes, I do.

Despite all the
horrific things

that that animal Brandon
Mitchell did to her.

Revenge isn't a defense
for murder, Danny.

Thank you.

In light of the facts,
a murder charge is warranted.

I don't have to like it
and neither do you.

Amazing how you let Mitchell

just walk free,
but Emily Harrison,

you come at her
with both guns a-blazin'.

Yeah, that's right,
because the facts demand it.

The facts are that I didn't want
anything to do with this case,

and you pressured me
into doing it.

You pressured me into
taking this case,

because Emily deserved justice.

And now you just
walk away from it,

and turn your back on her--
where's the justice in that?

I asked for help
for a rape victim,

not a murder suspect.

She's a murder suspect
because she's a rape victim.

Bottom line is if she gets life,

it's because she took
someone else's.

Let's keep it civil.

The law may say that Emily
should be charged with murder,

but that sure as hell
ain't justice.

And that's the bottom line.

You know why you and Danny
are going at it?

Yeah, he's
being a jerk.

He blames himself.

And you blame yourself
for the same thing.

We're lousy at sharing?

Always were.

The blame?
- In this case, yes.

He feels responsible
for Ms. Harrison's situation,

and so do you.

No I don't.

Not even a little?

Vigilante justice isn't justice,
it's anarchy.

But, by some lights,
he had it coming, the victim.

By some lights, what happened
was what I might call,

a community service.

I feel like I'm being led.

You are.

What's bothering you is this:

She killed the guy and is facing
the proper charges, right?

I suggested we offer her a deal.

The Chief ADA laughed
in my face.

The victim's father
has tons of money,

and friends in high places,
including, apparently,

my office.

But she's got her own attorney.

Is he fighting a good fight?

He's punching way above
his weight class.

He's a solo practitioner
in mostly personal injury stuff.

Against the full force
of the DA's office.


And she doesn't know that.

But you do.

Know what?

That given the players,
the game is rigged.

A little,
but that's not my problem.

- You want her to have a fair trial?
- Of course I do.

Sounds like you have to
make it your problem.

I was surprised
to get your call.

I was surprised
to make it.

I assume you're aware
that Emily Harrison

has been charged
with the murder

of Brandon Mitchell?

I've been
following the case.

I'm sure it must be difficult
for you having represented him.

So what can I do for you, Erin?

When you and I both started
at the DA's office,

I used to follow your cases.

Why is that?

You were relentless,
but never at the expense

of achieving a just result.

Then I sold out and became
a soulless defense attorney.

Well, someone's got to do it.

I'm sure you've had offers.

I'm a career prosecutor,

and my kid's got the
student loans to prove it.

The State is charging Emily
with murder.

Case is pretty strong
against her.

She's claiming self-defense,

but there's no evidence to
support that assertation.

I'm sure her attorney can
provide effective counsel.

I'm not.

He's never tried
a murder case before.

But he is the best lawyer
she can afford.

It would be highly unusual for
me to represent Ms. Harrison

having previously represented
Mr. Mitchell.

Mr. Mitchell is dead and not
party to these proceedings.

But I was a party
to her rape accusation.

Which was never proven,
hence inadmissible

and no conflict.

A judge would
still have to sign off.

It's no easy sell.

And that's why you
get paid the big bucks.

The question isn't whether
I could represent Ms. Harrison,

but why I would.

Well, only you can answer that.

You and I

both did our jobs
in Emily's rape case.

The result was legally sound.

But in my mind...

it wasn't justice.

Look, I really
have to get to work,

Jamie. Camilla hates it
when I'm late.

This won't take long.
We really need

to get your living
situation stabilized.

I'm doing everything I can
to find a place.

I know, I just think
it's time we go another way.


My God, you called my boss?

How could you do that?

Actually, I think the
more pressing question

is why you weren't
honest with me, Tara.

I'm so sorry, Camilla. I...

It's better she knows
what's going on.

That wasn't
your decision to make.

Am I to understand that you've
been living on the street?


sort of.

More than sort of.

Are you insane?

Why didn't you come to me?

She was afraid

that you would fire her.

She's the best assistant
I've ever had.


Trust me, I wouldn't
be here otherwise.

One of our London editors
has a place on the East Side.

You'll stay there until we
find a suitable apartment.

Sounds like
a good deal, Tara.

I've got a car outside.

Thank you,
Officer Reagan.

I don't know what to say.

Thank you, Jamie.

Good luck.

Tara. Let's go.


You wanted to see me, boss?

I do.

You read the 49 on the incident
involving Sergeant Reed?

- I did.
- Pretty conclusive.

I concede how they would
conclude that his actions

fell short
of department protocol.

That said...

I will not prepare
charges against him.

All due respect, boss,

that is a serious mistake.

Well, it wouldn't be my first.
Reed may be

a stand-up guy,
but he went south here.

And he will get
a formal reprimand.

We're not talking about a kid
fresh out of the academy.

Reed's a sergeant. A boss.

He's supposed
to lead by example.

We're also not talking about
some cop drawing disability

who gets caught playing
shortstop for his bar team.

No, no, but still,
this is a breach.

He has served this department

with distinction and courage.
Well, he didn't

show much courage in that
bodega the other morning.

I believe that he felt
he could not move his daughter

safely out of harm's way
and still aid that civilian.

Had to be something he could do.
There was a hallway there.

I wasn't there, Sid.
And neither were you.

He had two lives to
protect that morning.

He did what he thought
was right.

Okay, so, when the C.O.'s start
calling me, asking why this guy

walked away with a slap
on the wrist and what the hell

they should tell their officers,
what the hell do I tell 'em?

First, ask 'em something.

Ask they were in his shoes--

their wife, their daughter--

what would they do?

And then you tell 'em
family comes first.


I understand Emily Harrison's
coming back in?

Her attorney said she'd plead
guilty to the murder charge

in exchange for the
sentence of 20 years.

Okay. But not a day less.

What's Deborah Moss doing here?

Good question.

Wait in the conference room,
Emily. I'll be right in.

I'm replacing Mr. Gallo
as Emily's counsel.

I wasn't aware Ms. Harrison
was in a position

to afford your hourly rate.

I'll be representing
Ms. Harrison pro Bono.

This is an order from
Judge Marino clearing me

of all conflict of interest
in this matter.

I understand my client's
former counsel

floated a potential plea?

Guilty, in exchange
for 20 years.

Right. That deal
is now off the table.

I interviewed

Liza Daniels again.

It seems that once I

pointed out the
penalty for perjury,

apparently it jarred her memory.

It seems she did, in fact,

witness the shooting
and is prepared to testify

that Mr. Mitchell
attacked my client,

who acted in self-defense.

Your murder

is dead and buried, guys.

I suggest you
come up with an offer.

Why would a shark
like Deborah Moss

come to this girl's rescue?

Maybe she felt like
she owed her one.

Cut a deal.

I know, I know, we need to stop
meeting like this.

So, I think...

we need to clear the air.


I've been thinking
about what you...

you said about,
me being jealous of Tara.

I shouldn't have said that.
I'm sorry.

Yeah, well...

the thing is, it...

it's true.

What are you talking about?

I was jealous of Tara.

Just like I'm jealous every time
you go on a date with somebody

or you tell me about
some girl that's hot.


Can you please not talk?

This is, you know...

it's really hard.

So just let me
get it off my chest.


I have feelings for you.

I have for a long time.

There, I said it.

I do everything that I can
to make them go away.

Because, I mean, you're not even
close to my type. I mean,

you are a
complete Boy Scout

and you make me crazy
most of the time.

You're also...

the best person
I think I've ever met.

And you're the best friend
that I've ever had.

Look, I...

Is that you talking?


I know that you're my partner.

And I don't want to do anything
to screw that up.

I just... I needed to tell you

that you're so much
more than that.

And if I didn't tell you
it was gonna get really weird.

'Cause this doesn't
make things weird at all.

I'm kidding!

I'm kidding.

Cards on the table?

I have feelings for you, too.

I think you know that.

But we've been
down that road before.

And it's a bad idea, for a...

a lot of reasons.

I know.

It can really
cloud your judgment, and...

totally screw up a partnership.

Yeah. Totally.

I just... You know,
I just wanted to be honest.

Are we good?


Good talk.
See you tomorrow.

Morning, Mrs. Reed.


Morning, Ashley.

What are you doing here?

Well, I saw your dad.

He's good, he's doing better.

And he said that, the
worst thing about getting hurt

was that he couldn't
walk you to school,

so I thought maybe

I could stand in for him
for a while,

till he's back on his feet.

What do you think?

Go ahead, Ashley.


My dad's mad at me.

What for?

Yelling at you.

Don't worry about that.

My daughter yells at me
all the time.

They coming?


But you get used to it
after a while.

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