Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 7 - Guilt by Association - full transcript

When a key witness in Danny's case is killed just before testifying, Erin angers Danny by enlisting Anthony (Steve Schrippa) to help him find the killer. Also, Robert Lewis (Michael Imperioli) tries to force Frank to publicly support the Attorney General's investigation of the use of excessive force by police, and Eddie and Jamie get the call for an attempted suicide.

Can you tell me about the day
that Mo Williams was murdered?

Well, first,
I heard the gunshot.

And what did you do?

I looked out my peephole

and I saw Hiram Diaz
standing in front of Mo.

And there was another
dude out there, too,

but I couldn't
see his face.

What was Mr. Diaz doing?

You want me to say
he was holding a gun, right?

Miranda, I told you, I just
want you to tell the truth.

He shot Mo in the chest
with a .38.

How did you know
the gun was a .38?

'Cause I got the same gun.

Do you have a permit for that?

Come 8:00 at night, Hiram and
the rest of the Double Treys

shut the elevators down.

They deal crack right out in the
open like they delivering pizza.

You gonna stand there and tell
me you wouldn't carry a gun too,

Miss It Ain't Like That
On Park Avenue?

One, I don't live
on Park Avenue.

Two, you announce that
in open court,

you will be arrested for
criminal possession of a weapon.

Okay, I'm gonna shut up now.

Why don't we take a break

and finish this
when we all come back.

Good, I'm starving.

Will you go back to the scene
and find me something--

and I mean anything--
because her testimony

is not gonna be enough
to convict Diaz.

You think?


How you feeling, Baker?

I'm fine, sir.

Why are you
lurking by the elevator?

I'm not lurking.
You lurking

always means bad news
or a plea to keep my mouth shut.

Mr. Lewis from the attorney
general's office is here, sir.

He's already here?


Waiting in your office.

He needed to speak to the
governor and wanted a hard line.

From my office?

Since when do we do that?

We extended the courtesy.


No problem.
I'll make sure

he's aware that's on
the table as well.

I'm gonna get into
it with him now.

If that's the governor,
say hey for me.

He just stepped in;
he sends his best.

Okay, I'll call you after.


If you need to make another
phone call, I can wait outside.

No. No, no, no,
no. But, um...

just us, please.

He stays.

Thank you for seeing me.

You're welcome.
I'm here as a courtesy.

Holding the door is a courtesy;
letting you in here

to use my phone,
that's a courtesy;

but launching
another investigation

into my department--
not so much.

What he means is...

What I mean is
let's show each other

the genuine courtesy
of full transparency.

We are opening an investigation
into the NYPD's use of force,

particularly as it pertains
to police actions

in minority neighborhoods.

Well, there you go.
That wasn't so hard, was it?

I'd appreciate it,
as a courtesy,

if you'd dial down the attitude.

I am here with the full
confidence of the governor.

Duly noted.

This is a copy of our annual
firearms discharge report.

It is a deep dive
into the use of firearms

by every member
of this department

and all accompanying statistics.

Thank you for this.

You're welcome.
But I didn't come down here

to pick up papers.

We'd also like your
personal cooperation on this.


Well, the relationship between
the police and the public

is a matter of discord
across the country.

Now, the governor would
like to allay any fears

or misconceptions that police
shootings in New York City

may have bias elements.

You don't need me.
It's all in there.

Go crunch the numbers.
Being part of

a public investigation
into NYPD shootings

and their impact
on minority communities

is a win for everyone involved.

How's that?

We complete our

we make our recommendations
to the mayor's office,

to your office,
to the city council,

and we all move on.

No. You move on,

pleased as punch with
your thousand-page report.

I, on the other hand, am left
to deal with the fallout.

If it's as you say,
why would there be fallout?

Because that's the way
it works, and you know it.

There has to be
fault found, Robert.

And fallout, for your
investigation to earn its keep.

Please tell me
you have something.

I got a lot of charm, Erin,
but it ain't working today.

Everyone's just too scared
to testify against Diaz?

I wish. More like they're
too scared to talk to cops.

But I got this.
What's that?

The deli across from the
building has security cameras.

I got what looks like Diaz
and an unidentified male

leaving the premises
right after the murder.

Before you get excited,

it's as clear as
mud, but maybe...

What the hell's going on here?

Excuse me?

What are you talking
about, Danny?

Why the hell's
he poking around my case?

It's a D.A.'s

office case now.
Hey, I'm not

talking to you,
I'm talking to her.

You poach my case and you
don't even give me a heads up?

I don't work for you!

I don't give a damn
who you work for!

You don't
cherry-pick my cases!

Okay, guys,
both of you, stop it.

I handed you an eyewitness.

Do you know how difficult
that is in that neighborhood?

And if I was trying this case
in Staten Island,

I might get a conviction.

But there is no way
that witness

is going to sway
12 Manhattan jurors.

Well, maybe you
should've asked me.

Well, she asked me.
Same credentials as you.

Good, then go find
your own case.

I've got a guy

who's gotten away with
a half dozen murders

finally on trial.

I'm not gonna lose it
because of your two egos.

Now, my witness hasn't
answered a cell, a text

or a e-mail--
nothing since she left here.

Go find her and bring her back.

Eddie. Hey.


I'm sorry I missed
you this morning.

Bacon, egg and cheese,
and a coffee, regular.

That's what you like, right?

Yes. Thank you.


this is my partner, Jamie.

Jamie, this is,

Nice to meet you.

You're Jamie? Cool.

It's good to finally
meet you, too.

10-10, possible
jumper on the Queens-bound side

of the Roosevelt Bridge.
Center span.

12 David responding.

We got, we got to go. Sorry.

Thank you.

Don't forget Monday--
Bruce Springsteen.

He's glad to finally meet me?

I hate jumpers.

Yeah, at
least if he jumps,

it's in the East River.

No splat.


I'm Jamie Reagan.
This is Eddie Janko.

What's your name?


Mike, what's going on,

Don't come any closer.

Okay, hey... Whoa, whoa, Mike.
Hey, Mike, don't do that.

Hey, I said don't come closer!
I'm not!

Mike, don't do that.
I said don't come near me.

Okay, I'm not.
We just want to be

close enough to
hear each other.


She still ain't
answering the phone.

Her apartment's
around the corner.

Maybe we'll get her there.

Come on, move it!
Get out of the way, idiot!

What's going on
over here?

I don't know. Hey. Hey!

Quiet down.
Come on, I got to go.

Son of a bitch.

Tell me you have her.


good news and bad news.

Good news is
we found the witness.

Bad news is... she's dead.

Don't come closer!

Okay, I'm not. I just want to be
close enough to hear each other, that's it.

Mike, you want to tell us
why you're over there?


Is, she your girlfriend?

She was my girlfriend.

She... was gonna be my wife.

And this bitch cheated on me.

I mean,

can you believe that?

I'm sorry, Mike.

Maybe she made a mistake.

No. It wasn't a one-time thing.

It was going on for months.

Mike, hey,

that's a permanent solution

to a temporary problem.
Yeah, I know

this is a permanent solution!

I wouldn't be here if it wasn't.

My point is things change
all the time, on a dime.

Like she changes her mind?

Or you meet someone even better.

No, there is no one better.

You don't know that.

Neither do you.

Mike, hey...

Couple years back,
I was in your same position.

I was engaged
and she broke it off.

What, she dumped you?

Yeah, she dumped me.

Well, maybe
your D.A. investigator

was shaking the wrong
trees while he was

poking his nose
around my case.

You're so full of crap, Danny.

Hey, speak of the devil.

My ballistics guy
said they won't know

until they get it
under the microscope,

but the bullets look consistent
with the Williams murder.

Well, we know Diaz
didn't murder Miranda,

because he couldn't
unless he's Harry Houdini.

He's been in Rikers
for months.

He could've ordered a hit.

Which is consistent
with his M.O.

Good to see you're finally
getting up to speed on the case.

I start a trial tomorrow

and I just lost my only witness.

Can you two please find a way
to work together on this?

Hey, fine by me.


You do realize I
already have a partner,

and I don't need this
bozo slowing me down?

I heard that, too.

No one wants to see you
get hurt.

Everyone wants to make sure
you're safe.

I-I want to talk
to Jennifer first.

We can try to arrange
for you to talk to her,

but you got to come back
on this side, okay?

No, no. I want to talk
to her first.

We can't make that happen
until you come back

on this side and you're safe,

You never told me why your,
fiancée broke it off with you.

Because she hated my job,
and didn't much like

who I was becoming
as a result of that.

What'd you do?

I listened to her.

Made me realize
that we just weren't right

for each other anymore; that's
why you should talk to her.

You really think
that'll make a difference?

I think it's worth a shot, Mike.

Excuse me.

Hi. I'm Officer Janko.
Are you Mike's girlfriend?

Was his girlfriend.

Okay. Can you come
with me, please?

What are you doing here?

He left me a voice mail about
what he was planning on doing.

Is he really saying
he's gonna jump?

He's in pretty rough shape,

My God.
This is all my fault.

It's not your fault.

I shouldn't have told him
I'm in love with Derek.

We work together.

We have for years, actually,

but it was like suddenly

we both realized what was right
in front of us this whole time.

I know you probably
don't understand.

No, I-I do understand, actually.

You feel like
you have a soul mate?

Yeah, I do.

Jennifer was mine.

Maybe you were mistaken.

Maybe she's just the warm-up
to the real thing.

You think it's easy to meet
someone like that?

Nah, I didn't say it's easy,
Mike, but it's possible.

I wish I could believe you, man.

Why don't you come back
over to this side

and we can talk
about it more?

I didn't mean to hurt him.

You're not responsible
for any of this.

Mike's a nice guy,
but he's got some issues.

Maybe I could
talk to him?

Maybe I should
tell him I'm sorry?

I think it's better if you don't
talk to him right now.

I'm so sick of talking.

Listen to me, Mike,
there are people

who have survived jumping
from a bridge like this.

They all have one thing
in common, though.

They're all losers like me?

They all said that
as soon as they let go,

they immediately regretted it.

You always have the power
to end things, Mike.

But you don't have
to do that right now.

Right now,
you can let me help you.

What happens to me
if I come down?

You'll be taken to the hospital,

where there are people
who can help you through this.

You'll be treated
with dignity and respect.

Will you stay with me?

I can come with you
to the hospital, if you want.

I'll make sure you're okay.

Trust me?

All right.

All right.

Your own report says it.

The use of firearms
by your officers

is highest in incidents
with minorities.

If you'd look closer,

you'd see that criminal
suspects are highest

among minorities as well...

What are you saying here?

Just what the facts say.

Most crimes occur
in minority neighborhoods,

so it follows that
the highest use of firearms

also occurs
in minority neighborhoods.

Well, maybe most use of firearms
occur in minority neighborhoods

because most cops
are concentrated there.

That's as it should be;
we try to go where the crime is.

People of color
are three times more likely

to have the police use force
against them.

Yes, and cops
across this country

are "I don't know how many"
times more likely to be targets.

That's apples and oranges.

Not to me, not to us.

I'm saying it's not
a logical comparison.

Nothing about this is logical

or born of an unbiased reading
of the facts.

And this is not the first time
you've investigated my officers

from behind an armored agenda.

You're talking about your son.

I'm talking about
one of my officers.

Have it your way.

Well, we're really not
in any danger of that, are we?

What are you so afraid of?

I'm not afraid of
any investigation

into my department, Robert,
or I wouldn't be here.

But a dog and pony show
needs a dog and a pony,

and I'm not gonna be either one.

Okay, so help me understand
why the small percentage

of your cops that make up
the plainclothes units

are responsible for
more than a quarter

of all shooting incidents,

all of them
in minority neighborhoods.

All in high-crime neighborhoods.

Again with that?

All in neighborhoods
where law-abiding citizens

are a dwindling majority.

You've got a lot of spin

for a guy who prides himself
on being a straight shooter.

99% of my cops do
a good job patrolling this city.

But your department
is not perfect.

No, we're not perfect.

But in police work,

perfect is the
enemy of good.

It's the imperfect ones
we need to focus on.

It's exactly the opposite.

First and foremost, we need
to support and commend the cops

who are out there on the street
putting their own lives

on the line
to keep this city safe.

Thank you.

Thanks, Sam.

Hey, Anthony, how are you?

Deliriously happy to be working
with your partner here.


Ballistics called.

They say Gibbs was killed
with the same weapon

used to kill Williams.
Yeah, problem is

we don't have the gun.
We can't get a warrant?

D.A.'s office said we don't have
enough for a warrant.

We got those prints
from the scene.

We already ran the prints, okay?

We didn't get a hit.

Gibbs said on the night
of the Williams murder,

Diaz had another guy with him,
an unidentified male.

So let's find him.

Don't you think

we already tried to find him
when we first caught the case?

All of the cameras in the
building were inoperable.

The deli
across the street

has a security camera.

I've got footage of two guys
running out of the building

right after
the Williams homicide.

Not bad for a dumb-ass
D.A. investigator?

That could be Diaz.

So this knucklehead on the left

is our unidentified
male, right?

Yeah, I can't
see his face.

Well, zoom in.

There you go.

"Flatbush Leopards."

What the hell is that?

It's a baseball team.

I guess it's time for some
peanuts and Cracker Jacks.

I don't know the dude.
I never heard of him.

You don't know the dude?
Well, that's funny

'cause you were photographed
walking out

of the Hoover projects
with that dude

right after Mo Williams
was killed.

I didn't kill anyone.

And now the only witness
to that murder's dead, too.

What a coincidence.

I don't know what you want me
to say about that.

Where were you yesterday

between 11:00 a.m.
and 2:00 p.m.?


You got someone
who can verify that?

Am I being charged?
You'll be charged soon enough.

You willing to take
a lie detector test?

I don't got to take
a lie detector test.

Course not, 'cause you know
it's gonna tell us you're lying.

Did Diaz tell you

to kill Miranda Gibbs?

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Sure you do.

There's you and Diaz right there

walking away from
the scene of the crime.

That's all you got?
That's all we need.

Look, I don't know the dude,
and unless I'm being charged

with wearing a baseball cap,
I'm out of here.

You're out of here
when I say you're out of here.

Sit your ass down.

Get him out of here.

Now get the hell
out of here.

We got to connect him to Diaz.

We don't have enough
to subpoena the phone records.

I know that.

You know what?
Diaz is in Rikers.

I got a friend at Rikers;
let me do some sniffing around.

Good luck.

Your Honor, my witness, Miranda
Gibbs, was murdered yesterday.

We believe her murder is tied
to the defendant, Hiram Diaz.

Objection, Your Honor.
Is that a magic bullet theory?

The bullet traveled
from Rikers Island Prison,

where my client
is incarcerated,

all the way
to Washington Heights?

I ask the court

to give my office time

to investigate to prove
that Miranda was murdered

to ensure that she would not
testify in this case.

I am loathe to inconvenience
the jury, Ms. Reagan.

Perhaps, Your Honor,
the People should look

into a career in fiction.

There are no facts
to substantiate this.

She's right.
Please, Your Honor.

I'll give you until
Monday morning to come up

with evidence linking
the defendant to this crime.

If you are unable to do so,
the case will be dismissed.

Thank you, Your Honor.

Want to sit?

Where? These are all
your open cases?

Some of them.

You know, despite
what you might think,

we don't just sit around
with our thumbs

up our ass around here.

Right. You also reinvestigate
other people's cases.

That's right. Because a lot
of times, the PD detectives

don't look
at the bigger picture.

It's a lot harder to win

at trial than it is
to just make an arrest.

Okay, genius.

You know what?
I don't need this.

Look, take it easy, all right?

Unlike you,
I'm not here to bust balls.

I actually have some good news.

You're stepping down?

Not that good.

I took a ride out to Rikers
with my partner,

spoke to a C.O. I know,
who said that Mendez

visited Diaz in Rikers
two days ago.

That corroborates
they know each other.

And the timeline means that

Diaz could have ordered the hit
from the joint.

That's great!

Hey, not bad for a detective

who doesn't know how to see
the big picture?


They admitted Mike
for psychiatric evaluation.

Turns out he might
have more going on

than just a bad breakup.

I really thought
he was gonna take a swan dive.

Nice to feel like we
accomplished something, right?

Accomplished something?
You saved a life.

Yeah, we.

No, he really responded to you.

And that story you told
him about being engaged...

That wasn't a story.

I was engaged

back in law school
and then we broke up

right after I graduated
from academy.


Low pay,
lack of upward mobility,

the fact that she preferred
saying "my fiancé the lawyer,"

over "my fiancé the beat cop."

I don't know, take your pick.

Any regrets?

It didn't make me
want to jump off a bridge.

But, I mean, you haven't had
anything serious since.

I've dated.

Right, dated,
but no girlfriends.

So, you broke up,
like, six years ago.

Are you still hung up on her?

Well, then why

haven't you had a girlfriend?

What's with all the questions?

I just think it's weird
that you never mentioned her.

Okay, what about Mr. Breakfast
Sandwich, all right?

You never mentioned him before.

That's not the same.

We just started dating.
It's not serious.

You spend the night with him,
but it's not serious?

You're judging me.

No, I'm just saying...
Now I see

why you don't have a girlfriend.

Because I think
maybe you're hung up on her.

Maybe I just haven't found
the right person yet.

Yeah, you just waiting
for your soul mate?

What's wrong with that?

Look how well that turned out
for Mike.


I'm sorry.

We got played, all right.

I never should've
suggested lunch.

Everybody's got to eat.

Well, then alone.
I should've been there.

Well, that would've defeated
the purpose of me and him

having an open conversation.

Purpose got defeated anyway.

What I said was
we're not perfect,

but in police work,
perfect is the enemy of good.

Once in a while,
I should just let you be you.

I was being me.

I thought it was a good idea--
you guys being seen together,

working lunch, transparent.

Not that you. The other you.

The down-in-the-gutter,
any-weapon-handy you.


Yeah, really. From where I sit,

we got invited to a block party
but showed up to a street fight.

What do you want to do?

Whatever it takes.


Yeah, really.

You paint me
as apologizing for my cops,

you better get ready
for some pushback.

Okay, it's still gonna have to
have a veneer of cooperation,

even some degree
of capitulation.


Kind of like the Trojan horse.

There you go.

All right.

You're not gonna believe this.
They released him.

You serious?

Yeah, said he wasn't a
danger to himself or others.

It's not our call.

You feel like
that guy was stable?

No, but what are
we gonna do about it?

12 David, you're on the air.

12 David, go.

You have a 10-34
at 2-5 East 2-3 Street.

Perp is a male, white, 30 years,

six-foot-two, wearing jeans
and a Grey T-shirt.

It's Mike's girlfriend's

12 David responding.

Let's go.

Hey, Mike! Police!

I'll do it,
you stupid bitch!

I loved you!
You stupid bitch!


I'll kill you! I'll kill you!

Drop the bat, Mike!
Drop the bat!

Drop the bat!

No, I just... I... I wanted
to talk to her, like you said!

And she...

she wouldn't listen
to me.

Put it on the ground now, Mike!

Drop the bat, Mike!
My God.

Drop it!

Hands against the wall! Put
your hands against the wall!

No, no, no, no! I just
did what you told me to.

I just did what you said.
I did what you said.

Shut up, Mike.

I did what you said.
I did what you said.

Hey, shut up!

I did...
Shut up.

Got him?

Central, we need a bus
at this location.

Put a rush.

I just tried to talk
to her, like you said, man.

Just like you said.

They met for 25 minutes.

And they
met once before that,

on October 16.

Well, it establishes
that they knew each other,

but it doesn't make either of
them culpable for either murder.

Okay, so we get a warrant
for Mendez's place,

we go and see
if we can find the gun

or some other evidence.
Based on what,

that they met with each other?

Doesn't prove anything.

Come on.
No, Danny,

it won't fly.

There's no confession,

no gun, no corroboration.

The meeting itself
is corroboration.

What about
the fingerprint

at the scene?

Maybe it'll match Mendez.

Mendez doesn't have
a criminal record.

We have no fingerprints for him
on file.

You got gloves?

Who needs a warrant
when we got trash?

But trash is public domain
as soon as it hits the street.

Yeah, glad
you thought of that.


Got an envelope here
with his name and address on it.

This is the right spot.

You know you can tell a lot
about people from their garbage?


Like me, I-I like
Froot Loops.

I loved Froot Loops
when I was a kid, too.

My mother used to let me
eat out on the fire escape.

There used to be
prizes in the box.

Yeah, like the...
the Batman periscope thing.

Remember that?
How cool was that?

Yeah. I had to fight my brother
for it, but I got it.

See, that's how we have to think
of this trash, you know?

It's like looking
for the prize inside.

We just got to find
the fingerprint.

Hey, give me one of those bags.

You know, you have a
habit of talking like

everybody works for
you, you know that?

No, I don't know that.

You know, what I want to know is
how you have the nerve to act

like this is actually your case.

I mean, I'm the one
who caught this case

right from the 911 call.

I was the one

who had to notify his family
that this guy was murdered.

Where were you?
I know where you were.

You were sitting
in your cushy office

while I was gift-wrapping
this entire case

and placing it neatly
on Erin's desk with a bow on it,

just so you guys
could screw it up.

Yeah, and you did such a good
job that the guy responsible

for the murder is gonna walk.

That's 'cause you guys
didn't protect her.

Danny, you must be a real son
of a bitch to be partners with.

You don't have to
worry about it,

'cause you'll never be
my partner.

Yeah, thankfully.

Think we just struck pay dirt.

So you're
actually cooperating

with the
attorney general?

If by "cooperating," you mean

did I give them
the facts and figures,

I'm required by law to do that.

That's not all.

How's that?
Well, supplying them

with data is one thing, but
discussing it over a cozy lunch

at 21's kind of something else,

The paper didn't say
where I was.

Come on, Dad. Cops got a
grapevine. You know this.

Who said "cozy"?
It was anything but that.

Radio car saw
the two of you going in,

put the word out.

And they said "cozy"?

No, that's on me.
I always heard 21 was cozy.

The article
in the newspaper said

that you think that cops
could be doing a better job.

That's why you don't believe
everything you read.

So you were misquoted, then.

I was partially quoted.

They got the part
that implied cops were racist

and that they use too much force

and they should be made
an example of?

What'd they leave out,

that you were talking
about Alabama in the '60s?

Come on, guys.
He's just doing his job.

By throwing shade on cops
for doing their jobs?

You know I'd never do that.

I know you wouldn't, Dad,
but perception.

It's perception.

So are you saying that there
should be no oversight?

Oversight by politicians
in Albany? No.

Their idea
of oversight

is unleash the hounds.

Imagine how
that makes Danny feel,

after what
they put him through.

I've got to agree.
That guy grilled me, too.

"Oversight" is way too nice
a word for that.

You can set
your watch by it.

Every election cycle, they start
up investigations like this one

to rile up the base.

If you have nothing to hide,

there's no reason to shy away
from the investigation.

Except for the way it looks
to the public

and especially
to the rank and file.

That's right.

So what does everyone suggest
I do?

What do they think
you should do?

A joint press conference
to make it look

like we're all working together.

Why not just tell them that
they're wrong about cops?

Just don't cooperate.

Then it'd look like
he was hiding something.

I'm not hiding anything.

I'm not saying we don't have
bull-moose cops.

Of course,
those are the ones that make

the front page.

Exactly, Jack.

I really hope you can
find your way through this, Dad.

Morale is bad enough as it is
without feeling

like the PC's looking at you
sideways, too.

I'll second that.

The fact is,

doing your best
doesn't guarantee

a good result, not out there.

When one of them goes off,
it's the cop's fault.

"Why'd you use your weapon?"

"Why didn't you use
your weapon?"

"Why didn't you prevent him
from harming someone else?"

I hear you.

I hear all of you.

I ever tell you about
the first time I had a jumper?

He jumped.

Almost seven years.

What's that?

That's how long
I'm on the job.

I don't really need
the "let me explain

how things work"
speech anymore.

That's what
you think this is?

'Cause this ain't that.

Well, then what is it?

I heard what
happened, and...

And what, you think you would've
done something different, Danny?

You think you would've done
something better?

No, I think you did everything
just right.

Yeah, I did it just right.
I saved a guy's life

so he could come back
and kill his girlfriend.

Well, you don't control that.

You did your job.
You saved his life.

What he does with that second
chance, that's not on you.

That's on him and his doctors.

What, you could just
brush it off

and blame it on the hospital,
move on, right?

Robert Wesley Dunnam.

That's his name.

My first jumper.

There isn't a day that goes by

that I don't remember his name
or his face.

Or all the other losses
I've had.

That's a lot of weight.


But with time,
the wins offset the losses.

What do you do when the scale
tips in favor of the losses?

The mistakes you make,
ones you couldn't save.

Then what?

Then you reach out.

Still here?

We only got 12 hours
left to nail Diaz.

Of course I'm here.

I just came from the lab.

The fingerprints

from the crime scene
matches Mendez.

That's enough for an arrest.

And a warrant to search
his place for the gun.

Let's go.

The Office of the
Attorney General has received

comprehensive data from the NYPD

in regards to the percentage
of arrests

where excessive use
of force is involved.

Your study is focusing
on whether the NYPD

is guilty of racial bias?

We are looking to examine
the impact of force

on African-American, Latino
and other minority communities

and whether that
use of force is justified.

You think the NYPD
targets minorities?

We are looking
at ways to bring down

the use of excessive force

and the frequency
of discharging weapons

in minority communities
in an effort

to make that population
feel safer.

How do you plan
on accomplishing that?

I'd like to answer that, Grace.

Here we go.

But first, I'd like to,
clear up a quote

that was attributed to me
in Friday's paper.

The NYPD has the
lowest recorded level

of firearms discharge
since 1971.

When I said, "We're not
perfect," that is true.

We'd only be perfect
if we never fired a gun,

in a perfect world
where we could stop criminals

with the wag of a finger
or a stern talking to.

As it is,

the most significant fact
in the report

that Mr. Lewis was referring to
is this:

that last year, with 35,000 cops

on a force patrolling
8.5 million people,

there were exactly 35 incidents

where an officer
discharged his weapon.


Go crunch that number.

Well, you make it sound...

I'm not finished.

The only way to
keep people safe

is to enforce laws.

And when we start allowing
frivolous investigations

whose only purpose
is political leverage,

that's when we sacrifice safety.

Look at the nice little gun

we found in your apartment.

- So?
- So?

We also found your fingerprints
in Mo Williams' apartment.

- So?
- So, the fingerprints

put you there; and if this turns
out to be the murder weapon,

guess where
you're gonna be sitting?

In a nice courtroom right
beside your buddy Diaz,

on trial for murder.

Diaz will get off.

He's right.

Diaz might get off.

What are you talking about?
No way.

There's no witness anymore.

That's right.
There's no way

Diaz is getting off.
Forget about it!

He's beat every murder charge,
every time.

Well, he's not gonna beat
this one. Okay? In fact,

I got 50 bucks says Diaz
won't beat the rap this time.

- Done.
- Okay.

Want to double that?

A hundred says
this guy won't get off.

Come on, I'm
not a sucker.

Of course he's not gonna
get off. He's toast.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
what are you guys saying?

Your prints
match the gun,

then the only thing getting off

is all those cons
in Rikers

when your sweet ass
comes walking through the door.

skinny dude like you--

easy prey.

Well, it's true.

Unless of course,
you want to cooperate.

Then we could probably
protect you from Diaz

and we could talk to the D.A.

and see if she'll cut you
a deal.

Offer expires
when the results come back.




Let me talk to her.

And who gave
you that directive?

Hiram told me
to kill Miranda Gibbs.


So she wouldn't be able
to testify against him.

Objection. Calls for hearsay.

It's not hearsay, Your Honor.
It's an admission.

As a high ranking member
of the Double Treys,

the defendant
ordered Mr. Mendez

to kill Miranda Gibbs.

I'll allow it.

Do you know who killed
Mo Williams?

It was Hiram Diaz.


Do you know why the defendant
killed Mo Williams?

Objection! Speculation.

Mr. Mendez,
if you know why...

I know why.

How do you know?

'Cause I was there.

That's not speculation
or hearsay.

He was an eyewitness.


Why did the defendant
kill Mo Williams?

The old man was writing letters
and petitions and stuff

trying to get the drug dealers
out of the building.

Who controls the drug trade
in that building?

Hiram Diaz.

Can you point him out?

That's him right there.

Let the record state

that the witness pointed
to the defendant, Hiram Diaz.

You're a dead man!
I'll kill you!

- I'll kill you!
- Hey!

Remove the defendant
from the courtroom!

And you, too, bitch!

Remove the defendant!

Did it ever occur to you
that I might not

be the only one
in here changing?

Well, I do a little recon
before I just charge in here.

I know why you're checking up
on me, and I'm fine.

It was circumstances
outside my control.

I'm good.


Yeah, how was I supposed
to know he was gonna...

kill his girlfriend?


Guess I could've
gone to Bellevue,

maybe talked to the doctors,
made sure they kept him in.

Yeah, I'm sure
they would've listened

to a beat cop
over their own diagnosis.

It's the system's fault?

They're the ones
that released him.

We can take the blame

for a lot of things, Jamie.

God knows, cops are blamed

for all of society's ills
these days.

But you're not responsible for
someone with mental problems

becoming homicidal.

Well, he said
he went to talk to her

because of what I said
to him, but...

Well, he probably would've
talked to her anyway.



We'll never know
for sure, you know?

You know what I know for sure?

You're a great cop.

Yeah, well, Dr. Phil,

I'm not on the verge
or anything, I'm just bummed.

Nothing a...

friendly round of darts,
couple cold ones can't cure?

Thought you had a concert
with Mr. Breakfast Sandwich.

Yeah, he had a...
you know, he had a work thing.

No Bruce Springsteen?

Not tonight.

But we could take a wrong turn
and just keep going.

You're so corny.

You love it.

Your brother hates my guts.

No, he doesn't.

I don't care.

I don't like him either.

Time to bury the hatchet, okay?


Hi. Sit.

I ordered
a bottle of wine.


Here's to a job well done
by the both of you.

We closed two murder cases.

Come on, guys. Cheers.



You guys gonna be
this much fun all night?

You know, I-I don't get it.
Me neither.


You got
this tough-as-nails

A.D.A. here, and she's insisting
that we break bread together.

As if that's gonna
change anything.

What is it with you?

It's like some kind of
middle child syndrome.

I mean, you've always
been like this,

in the middle
of everyone's business.

I just thought maybe
we could get past

this whole rivalry thing
you guys have going on.


Because it's juvenile
and I don't get it.

So if another A.D.A.
were to come and steal your case

right in the middle of a trial
without consulting you, you'd be

okay with that, right?
Or if another A.D.A.

who you were trying to help
win her case accused you

of trying to upstage her,
you'd be okay with that, too?

I just thought

we could get past this,
enjoy the win and move on.

Okay. Fine.

But if he ever tries
to steal another one

of my cases...
You won't even

get a courtesy call
to let you know.

You are a real prick.

You, too.

If we're done for the day,

I'm gonna pack it in.

We're not.
Where are we going?

To my office.
I've invited company.



He's heading back to Albany.
I wanted to say good-bye.

And he agreed to come up?


Here he is.
We were just talking about you.

And I'm gonna be talking

to the governor
about you.

Want to use my phone?

We have the friends
and family plan.

It's peanuts to call Albany.

The governor has the power to
fire you. You know that, right?

I read the fine print
when I took the job.

You want to do your job?

I am doing my job.

How's that?

Letting him be him.

As if you had a choice.

He does. Believe me.

I'd love to know
what you think

you accomplished here.

Some hurt feelings, apparently.

Your little stunt has earned
your department an investigation

into chain of evidence

and that's just the beginning.

So that's how this works.

You know damn well
how it works.

And you need to wake up
to the reality

that the police department
does not command

the same respect it once did.

Those days
are long gone.

Maybe to you.

And your grandstanding
has only made it worse.

The day that telling the truth
makes it worse from up here,

I'll call the governor myself
and ask him to fire me.

I don't know
whether to admire you

for having the balls
to fight a losing battle

or to pity you
because you have no idea

what you're up against.

Either way,

I'm looking at a dinosaur.

Good night, gentlemen.


What the man said.

Probably right.


Dinosaurs are extinct.

You still roam the Earth.

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