Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 3 - Episode #7.3 - full transcript

This blows.

Yeah, boss said it's
just for a few days.

Movie and TV Unit's got more
work than it can handle.

Dempsey and Kane? I never heard of it.

It's a cop show.

Two female detectives.
The acting's not bad, actually,

but the writing is a joke.


All right, so, when these
guys come through the arch,

you're gonna take them at gunpoint...



That's money.

Can we mark this, Joe?

Yeah. It's all yours. Thanks, guys.


Can you believe they pay me for this?

Joe Pelligrino,
police technical advisor.

Jamie Reagan. This is my
partner, Eddie Janko.

So, you help the actors

- act like cops?
- Mm-hmm.

Today's audience
is pretty sophisticated,

so we got to get it right.

- Sounds like a pretty good gig.
- Yeah,

but I'd kill to be back
on the job... nothing like that.

Well, hey, what'd you guys
think of the scene?

Pretty good, but the two
detectives were at 12 and six

- when they cornered the perp.
- That's crossfire.

It's kind of dangerous.

Well, that, uh, blocking,

it saves us two setups,
and time is money.

Also, I don't think that
I'd work the street

in heels or a skirt that tight.

That's a network note.

Those guys write the checks, so...

It's just not very realistic.

Yeah, well, you know,
we got a saying on set:

"We're not making a documentary here."

All right. Hey, you guys check out

the chicken tacos over at craft service.


And through the generosity

of Sy Goodman...

the NYPD Second Tour Fund
will provide much needed support

for officers forced to retire
due to line-of-duty injuries.

From financial aid during recovery,

to college tuition supplements
for their families,

to resources required
to jump-start new careers,

the fund provides a safety net
for our bravest comrades

that's as overdue

as it is welcome.

From all of us at the NYPD, thank you.

You got it?

You good?

Frank, I got to tell you,
I'm moved, I'm deeply moved.

As are we, Sy, as are we.

Honor and a privilege.

If... if I may?

I was just telling
our PC that I'm moved.

I am deeply moved. I'm proud

and... uh, filled with gratitude

that I'm able to contribute,

and just to play a small part

in this outstanding police department.

You know what,
more than that, just to...

just to be able to be
on the same stage with this guy.

This guy right here, salt of the earth,

leader of men.

You know,
when they paint his portrait...

they have to put him on top
of a white horse, this guy.

That's who this guy is. I...

bow to no man... in my admiration...

for our police commissioner,
Frank Reagan.

He's got... Oh.

Thanks for being here, everybody.

That's it for today.

Detectives. What have we go?

Emily Harrison, mid-20's.

Said her boyfriend held her hostage here

- for 12 hours.
- Any witnesses?

Roommate came home after spending
the night at her boyfriend's place

but didn't see anything...
Guy'd already taken off.

All right, thanks.

Ms. Harrison. Detective Reagan.

This is my partner, Detective Baez.

How you feeling?

Not great.

Can you tell us what happened?

I thought he was gonna kill me.

Your boyfriend?

Yeah, he... he accused me of cheating.

Which is crazy.

When I asked him to leave,
he hit me, and then he...

he handcuffed me to the bed.

Did he sexually assault you, Emily?

I begged him to stop.

I said no.

I said no over...

and over and over.

Can you tell us his name?

Brandon Mitchell.

- Any idea where we could find him?
- Yeah, he hangs out at the...

at the Bengal Lounge,

just a few blocks from here.

He practically lives there.


Let's get her to the
hospital, all right?

Get a rape kit going, ASAP.

What do you think?

Let's go get this son of a bitch.

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Spread out.

Brandon Mitchell.

- Can I help you?
- Excuse us, ladies.

- Sorry to break up the party.
- Something wrong, Officers?


And do you know Emily Harrison?

- Yeah.
- When's the last time you saw her?

Actually, I was at her
place earlier today.

- Any problems between the two of you?
- Not that I'm aware of.

She's in the hospital right now.

Do you know anything about that?

What for? Sorry, what
does this have to do with me?

Well, we were hoping
you would tell us that.

'Cause, see, according to Emily,
you held her hostage,

handcuffed her, beat her and raped her

inside her own apartment.

I'm not sure what Emily told you,

but everything that
happened in that apartment

was completely consensual.

She said she was afraid for her life.

Look, uh, between us, Emily tends to
be a little bit of a drama queen.

You mind putting your hands
on the table?

Flat on the table.

Palms down.

Those bruises don't
exactly look consensual.

Step away from the table.

- Come on.
- Let's go.

You're under arrest.
Hands behind your back.

- Go.
- Hey, whoa. Easy.

I didn't know he was
gonna give a speech.

Look, I like Sy, and I
appreciate his generosity,

but as you know, I have a policy

against boosters attending
public functions at One PP.

For $5 million, on top
of all he's already given,

I called an audible.

Why would you call an audible?

Because he asked.
He doesn't ask for much. I...

What's the big deal?

It was embarrassing.

He paid you a compliment.

A compliment's one thing. This
was like pouring syrup all over me.

That's just his style.

Well, it's not mine,

and it certainly has no place
in our press room.

And there's no such
thing as a free lunch.

- Meaning?
- Meaning Sy Goodman also has homes

in East Hampton,
Aspen and Jupiter, Florida.

All of which have police departments

which would welcome his
generosity with open arms.

Point taken.

Thank you. Once in a while,

you got to take one for the team...

- Even you.
- But in the future,

please manage our joint appearances

to embrace the fact

that I am uncomfortable with
public displays of affection.

Without insulting him?
How would I do that?


And why are you tagging along?

Uh, don't shoot the messenger,

but Sy Goodman just got pulled
over for speeding on the Deegan

about an hour ago.

Okay. Well, thankfully,
that is well below my pay grade.

Yeah, well, not this time.

He was clocked doing 95,
under lights and siren,

in a blacked-out Ford
Police Interceptor Utility.

Where did he get that?

I don't know. Also, with a 357 Magnum

in a custom holster
on the center console.


For which he has a premise permit

but not a carry permit.

He also played your courtesy
card with the arresting officer.

Look, boss, Goodman and his pals
do a hell of a lot of good.

I mean, no way I swing college
for my two kids without him.

Well, that does not change the fact

that citizens traveling
under lights and siren

is against the law, not
to mention packing a handgun.

I get it. But nothing
happened but a traffic stop.

And we're all set up to just...
look the other way.

Actually, we're not.
There's already a picture

of Goodman and the cop
on the Post's Web site.


What's the headline again?

"Reagan pal's wild ride."

We did a little digging, Brandon.

Your old man's got
his own hedge fund, huh?

That's some serious cash.

Which is relevant to this situation how?

We know what your dad does,
Brandon. How about you?

Oh, I'm the black sheep who
squanders his father's fortune

and sullies his good name.

Then you got three priors
for assaulting women.

I'd say that does make
you a black sheep.

Those were misunderstandings.

Like Emily Harrison?

Emily may look innocent,
but trust me, she isn't.

Meaning she likes it rough.

So being tied up, beaten
and raped was her idea?

- That's not what happened.
- Let's just say

that Emily was a willing participant

in you assaulting her

and holding her hostage for 12 hours.

Why would she then turn
around and call 911?

You guys realize you're
not the only ones

who know how to do a Google search?

My father is worth $3 billion.

Emily asked me for a little
bit of money, I said no,

she got upset, here we are.

Well, now it all makes sense.

You're the victim in this thing.

Yep, happens all the time.

Pro athletes, celebrities...
If you've got money,

you're a target.

I'd feel real bad for you

if I believed a damn word you've said.

I think I'll call my lawyer now.

What I want to know is,

why do they shoot
everything, like, 20 times?

I'm still trying to figure out

what everybody does and
why there's so many of them.

Well, it's probably a union thing.

You guys are real cops, right?

It's tough to tell around here.

Yeah, we're the real deal.

Did you watch the rehearsal
of the next scene?

Where we run into the burning meth den

and bust the gang bangers?

Yeah, we saw it.

Would we really do that?

Well... it's like you guys say,

it's not like you're
shooting a documentary.

I knew it.

These writers are so full of it.

In reality,

unless there was hostages
or bystanders in danger,

you and Dempsey would just let the fire

force the suspects out of
the building, then arrest them.

I'm Dempsey.

Right. Sorry.

I'm in awe of what you guys do.

The risks you take.

You're true heroes.


But seriously,
I have no idea how you live

on that crap money they pay you.

How you feeling, Emily?

Um, okay.

They gave me a little something
to help me fall asleep.

Does your family know you're here?

No. I haven't called them.

I'm not really ready.

Well, we arrested
Brandon Mitchell, Emily.

And the DA is prepared to throw
the book at that scumbag.

And I appreciate that, but I have
decided not to press charges.

We know you've been through a lot,

but Brandon is a bad guy.

You can't let him get away
with what he did to you.

I can't sit in a courtroom

and tell a room full of
strangers what happened to me.

I can't do that.

I'm sorry. I just...

I just want to get on with my life.

I can't believe she won't testify

against Mitchell.

Well, the bottom line is it's her call.

Well, it's the wrong call.

That bastard needs to
pay for what he did.

I'm not happy about it either, okay?

But everything she said
in there was true.


Well, Brandon Mitchell is a scumbag,

but he's a rich scumbag.
With a pricey lawyer.

And this is ultimately

a he-said, she-said
domestic violence case.

So he should just get a pass.

No, he shouldn't get a pass,

but you and I both know
that he probably will.

But not until after a long,
drawn-out and ugly trial,

in which Emily gets
dragged through the mud.

So if she wants to walk away
from it, it's her call.

Come on. You can't
possibly be surprised.

I'm not surprised; I'm pissed off.

Well, without the victim's testimony,

you can't blame the riding DA
for not wanting to prosecute.

Even if the guy is a scumbag,

like Brandon Mitchell happens to be.

But the guy's got two years on the job

and a major attitude.

And he tells me the
case is a sure loser.

- He's right; it is.
- Whatever.

If we pulled a female DA,

I'm thinking Mitchell gets charged.


You think a man can understand
what Emily went through?

Probably not, but there's
still not enough evidence

for a conviction.

- We'll see about that.
- Hey.

Hey. What are you doing here?

You didn't tell him?

Tell me what?

I asked Erin to review Emily's case.


It's part of my job to review
the decisions of my riding DAs.

Yeah, that's fine.

It's just that I'm usually looped-in

on things like that.

So what did you think, Erin?

I read the file.

I get why my office
declined to prosecute.

Hmm. Like I said.

But Mitchell has three prior
collars for assaulting women.

And all three victims
withdrew their complaints.

Sounds familiar.

Your office does prosecute
domestic violence cases

- where the victim refuses to testify.
- Yes.

But evidence-based
prosecution is challenging.

The jury likes to have
a face to the crime.

No face, no case.

So Brandon just walks away. Again.

Not without a fight.

It will be a heavy lift,

but I'm charging Mitchell
with unlawful imprisonment,

kidnapping and first degree rape
by forcible compulsion.

Thank you.

What the hell were you two thinking?

Well, what's the problem?

Did you tell Ariel that real cops

would never run
into the burning building?

In that scenario, it would be idiotic.

Idiotic? Okay, for your information,

the script was carefully
vetted for accuracy.

- By who?
- Whom?

Me. And who the hell told you
you could speak to the actors?

- She came to talk to us.
- That's no excuse.

I had to rewrite the entire
meth den sequence.

We ate a tecnocrane...

And now, I've got an entire
stunt crew sipping cappuccino

on golden time.

We really didn't mean to
cause you guys any problems.

That changes nothing.

I've got a Prism award and two
Humanitas honorable mentions.

I don't need a couple

of beat cops telling me
how to write my script.

Hey, Ariel and Kirsten
want to discuss the scene.


That guy plays poker
with the show-runner.

You two really screwed me here.

Look, we're really sorry;
it was not intentional.

Cross me again, you're off this set.

That's not really your call.

Well, then I'll talk to your commander.

I think you mean commanding officer?


- Sir.
- I know.



Please don't do that.


Thanks for coming up.

Listen, Frank. I'm, uh, I'm sorry.

From the bottom
of my heart, I'm really sorry.

I know you are.

I never in a million years
want to put you in a position.

I know that.

Please, sit.

This is nice, huh?

Thank you. It's new.

Yeah, it'd look good in my office.

Do you know where you got it?

Uh, not off-hand, but I could
find out for you, Sy.

Very nice.

They're all business, but they...

still, they come with a...

good amount of support, right?


I need you to surrender
your pistol permit.

Ah. Really?

Yes. As I'm sure you're aware,
your premises permit

only allows you to have
a weapon in your home,

not riding shotgun with you,
speeding up the Deegan.

You ever been car-jacked, Frank?

- No.
- I have; in Miami.

Not something you soon forget.

No, you do not soon forget that.

Yeah, I'm, I'm sure.

You don't want to take away my
right to defend myself, do you?

No. I just want you to obey
New York City gun laws.

You know that check from yesterday?

You can't just go deposit that.

I know that.

I mean, you know, it's kind of a symbol.

The actual money comes
in a wire transfer.

- Yes.
- And the other money I give,

money I raise, I don't
just go out in my backyard

and shake a money tree, you know,

I work for that money... hard.

I appreciate your generosity.

You know that.

Then show me the respect.

By disrespecting the law?

By doing a good friend a favor.

It's made the papers;
it's out of my hands.

You have ways.

You need to tread lightly here.

I will do what I can without
compromising this office.

Actions speak louder than words.

I told the police

I don't want to press
charges against Brandon.

This is a criminal case, Emily.

You don't press charges, we do.

And it's the opinion of this office

that Mr. Mitchell is a
threat to the community.

We intend to prosecute him
for what he did to you.

Well, I won't testify.

I don't claim to understand
what you've been through.

But I know if it happened to me,

I would do anything to make sure

that Brandon Mitchell
paid for his crimes.

I know it's the right thing to do.

It's just that...

Will you excuse us for a moment?

Sure thing.

What happened at my apartment
is more complicated

that I told the police.

Complicated how?

Brandon was...

into things that I had
never tried before.

Like bondage?

I let him handcuff me.

We had done it a few times.

But this time was different.

I mean, he started calling
me horrible names,

and hitting me.

It was like he was a different person.

But the truth is...

that I let him do this to me.

So you think because you
initially consented,

that you're responsible
for what happened?

Emily, when things started to go bad,

did you make it clear to Brandon
that you wanted him to stop?

A hundred times.

That makes him a rapist.

Listen to me.

What happened to you is not your fault.

That may be right,

but all that horrible stuff
is gonna come out at the trial.

In the newspapers.

- Emily.
- I'm sorry.

Ms. Reagan, I can't do this.

If you think of anything else,
please give us a call.

Spoke to the super. There's
nothing on the security cameras.

- Well, it was worth a try, Danny.
- Hey, if you say so.

What's going on with you?
I'm sick of this attitude.

We'll get other cases
to work. And, besides,

there's no point chasing
our tail on this one anymore.

Maybe you didn't hear, but your sister

is charging Brandon Mitchell.

Well, that's because
you pushed the case.

And without even checking with me...

Last time I checked, my shield
is just as gold as yours.

That's not what I meant.

No, you've been very
clear from the beginning

that you don't think this case
is worth pursuing, but I do.

I don't need your permission.

It's not about what I think.

It's about how the system works.

No, Danny, it's about taking
a rapist off the streets.

I shouldn't have to tell you that.

- Where you goin'?
- I'm going to the hospital

to question the doctors
and nurses that treated Emily.

Come on. I'll drive you.

No, I'll walk.
I could use some fresh air.

My name is, um, Emily Harrison.

Uh, my boyfriend... attacked me.

He held me prisoner. Please send
someone before he comes back.

I'm afraid he's gonna kill me...

Ms. Harrison made that 911 call
moments after you left

her apartment, Mr. Mitchell.

Ms. Harrison dropped her
complaint against my client.

So, why exactly are we here?

Because Mr. Mitchell has a nasty
habit of brutally assaulting women.

Never been convicted of a crime.

Always a first time.

The victim wants no part
of the prosecution.

Victims can change their mind.

Emily is no victim.

Regardless of how the encounter started,

the moment Ms. Harrison said no,
your actions became unlawful.

Good luck proving that
without victim testimony.

In addition to the 911 tape,

we have compelling
medical evidence of abuse,

the injuries to Mr. Mitchell's hands.

And a statement from Emily's roommate.

Who saw no criminal acts.

The injuries on both my client
and Ms. Harrison prove nothing,

and the 911 tape is pure theatrics.

Your client has never stood
trial, Counselor.

By the time I'm done with him,
the jury's gonna see him

for exactly who he is,
a smug, spoiled sociopath.

- Brandon...
- I don't have to listen to this!

You're gonna want to calm down.

Your client has quite the temper.

Jury's gonna smell that.

We're willing to drop

the imprisonment and kidnapping charges

if Mr. Mitchell pleads guilty

to first degree rape.

Drop the rape charge.

We'll plead to misdemeanor
assault. No jail time.

- That's a joke.
- You're not the only one

who can work a jury, Ms. Reagan.

Even if Ms. Harrison
testifies, I'll paint her

as a predatory sexual fetishist
looking for a pay day.

I actually thought that last
rewrite worked pretty well.

Wasn't that building
supposed to be on fire?

They add that later.

Glad I caught you guys.

Look, uh, I wanted to apologize.

I know you were just trying to help.

- No problem.
- Thing is, with these Hollywood types,

you always got to watch your back.

- Is that right?
- Oh, you have no idea.

The only thing you can't get on
a TV set is a straight answer.

Well, you should fit right in then.

What's that supposed to mean?

I made a few calls. Turns out
you were never even on the job

with the NYPD.

That explains why you're not making

a documentary around here.

Far as I can tell, you were
in Cranford, New Jersey,

as a patrol officer for eight
months before you got fired,

after which you worked security
at the Willowbrook Mall.

I always felt safe shopping there.

Look, guys, I'm begging you,
don't blow the whistle.

I really need this job.

We're not trying to jam you up.

This is our last day on this assignment.

But millions of people watch this show,

and that affects
how they look at real cops.

Yeah, it'd be nice
if you tried to get it right.

So you actually got to watch them shoot

- Dempsey and Kane?
- Yep.

Did you get to meet Ariel Rice?

- Oh, I met her, all right.
- Was she hot in person?

- Lovely.
- No, no, no, wait, wait,

was she just hot

or was she smokin' hot?

She's very pretty.

Did you get her number?

Kirsten's way hotter. Right, Dad?

No, son. Neither of those two

could hold a candle to your mother. Mmm.

Smart man.

I'm sure

they're very intelligent
and talented women, boys.

I've watched the show.

I'd stick with "smokin' hot."

Hey, Grandpa,

- Yeah.
- That rich guy who was caught

speeding around in a fake cop car,

is he really a pal, like the news said?

No, he is not a pal.

He is a friend of the NYPD though.

But isn't what he did against the law?

Oh, yeah.

Guys like Sy Goodman give
a ton of money to the NYPD.

Yeah, and they don't have to.

He appreciates us,

and he puts his money
where his mouth is.

That doesn't mean he
should be above the law.

He was issued a citation.

Whereas anyone else would've
been taken into custody

and charged with reckless driving

and criminal impersonation.

That would depend on
the arresting officer.

Who was smart enough to know
that he's got friends at 1PP

- and friends for good reason.
- Uh-huh.

There were consequences. I personally
pulled his premises firearms permit.

Did he... threaten the officer?

No, uh, it was, um,

a technical thing. Kind of a thin reason

to pull a permit from a Sy Goodman.

Well, he's still a civilian.

A civilian who does a
lot of good for cops.

Yeah, he does.
And cultivating guys like him

is an important part of the PC's job,

whether he likes it or not.

You got something you want to say, Pop?

I just said it.

You know, we're lucky.

Most police families live modest lives.

Something happens to them,
it's men like Sy Goodman

that make all the difference.

So just because he supports the NYPD,

he can break the law
whenever he feels like it?

- No.
- Certainly sounds like it.

Next time a cop needs
a bulletproof vest,

are you gonna buy it?

Or, uh,

he needs a surgery

and his, uh, insurance won't cover it

or his kid needs special schooling,

are you gonna write the check?

Pop is right, Nicky.

We have to extend a few courtesies

to a guy like Sy Goodman
for what he does.

It's a small price to pay.

Boy, where did that come from?

Six years on the job.

You know, in a perfect world,

uh, which this is not,

cops would get paid a hell of a lot more

for what they do
and the risks they take.

And, Nicky,

with someone like, uh,

Sy Goodman, it's just
not black and white.

It's, uh...

kind of gray.

Yeah, I-I understand.

Thank you for your call.

Sounds like bad news.

Judge Brenner just dismissed
the charges on Mitchell

based on legal insufficiency.

Mmm. So Brandon Mitchell walks, huh?


Mm-hmm. Hate to say it, but...

I did tell you so.

What's your problem, Danny?

What are you talking about?

How many times have you
begged me to pursue

a long-shot prosecution because
you wanted justice for a victim?

Well, that was different,
Erin, 'cause, you see,

in those cases, the victim was willing

to step up and take the stand.

Emily Harrison was raped and beaten.

She's traumatized and scared.

I get it.

Do you?

Because you really
aren't acting like it.

Look, even if this thing goes
to trial, you and I both know

that without Emily's testimony,

Mitchell's hotshot
lawyer will get him off.

You're probably right.

But our job is to pursue justice

for victims

who have nowhere else to turn.

You know who taught me that?

You did.

What do you want me to say?

Hmm? I mean, you do realize

that I was just investigated
for shooting a serial killer,


I mean, a serial killer, Erin.

I didn't get a thank you

or a "whew, thank goodness
he's off the street."

I almost lost my gun and my shield!

Who's to say it's gonna be
any different now?

What happened to you,
Danny, wasn't fair.

But it's also not
Emily Harrison's fault.

She deserves justice.

Appreciate you seeing me.

I was surprised
to hear from you, Detective.

I understand Brandon
won't be facing charges.

- Yeah, that's right.
- So why did you want to see me?

Well, I've been thinking
a lot about your case.

Think I might've let you down.

- How?
- Well, I knew

it was gonna be tough
to nail Mitchell for this.

Especially after I refused to testify.

But that's no excuse.

I should've tried harder.

I guess sometimes
when you've been doing this

as long as I have, you...

you get hung up on the way you think

things are gonna turn out in the end.

Well, I guess I did the same thing.

Looks like we were both right.

Brandon did get away with it.

You see, that's the thing, Emily.

We weren't right.

We had a shot of getting this
son of a bitch off the street.

And even though it was a long shot,

we should've took it.

Well, it's too late now.

- Stanford & Tate.
- Excuse me?

The furniture.

- Oh.
- Stanford & Tate.

- Sy?
- Yeah.

When you... hugged me
at the press conference,

um, if it showed that I was
uncomfortable, I apologize.

Oh, it didn't. I mean, I-I'm
sorry if in any way that I...

Oh, no, you don't have
anything to be sorry about.

You were being very
gracious and, as always,


It's... just, uh,
kind of one of my things.

- It's a thing?
- Well, ever since

I was ten or so,
I have gone to heroic lengths

to avoid having a birthday party

or anything that, uh,
focuses the attention on me.

Just a thing. I don't know.

You're sharing this with me because?

Because I'd like us to have
some coin with each other

that isn't just based on money.

But it is just based on money, isn't it?

But the real inner circles are
drawn from not just money.

Well, what-what then?

- Sometimes brutal honesty.
- Uh-huh.

When my cops, when...

they see or hear about, oh,

say, a civilian

driving a boss's car,

the lights, the sirens,
the badges... they feel like

they're being made fun of,
and, in a way, disrespected.

I meant no disrespect
when that happened.

You would have no way of
knowing that to them it seems

that the tools that they
use to serve and protect

are being hijacked to jump traffic

to the ballgame or the concert,

or to flash a cannon to settle a beef

that should have been
settled with a 911 call?

And it...

makes them feel the opposite

of how I know
you want them to look at you.

I do. I see. I-I just...

I never thought of it like that.

And that's what the real
inner circles are all about.

Yeah, I know it.
Thank you, Frank. I'm...

I'll lose the lights,
I'll lose the sirens.

I am returning...

your premises permit.

Maybe upgraded to a concealed carry?

The incident requires us to put
a pin in that for a while.

Okay. Well, I've taken up
enough of your time.


Oh, uh, listen.

This Saturday, we're gonna be throwing

a big barbecue
at the East Hampton house.

A lot of people I'd love you to meet.

Southside Johnny and the Asbury
Jukes are gonna be playing.

I'd love to.

I really would.

I don't know.

Fancy meeting you here.


I want you to know that, um,

I'm real sorry about what happened.

Well, that's in the past. I've moved on.

In that case, can I buy you a drink?

Yeah, why not?

You know, Emily, I really
do care about you.


I want to talk about what happened.

Just not here. Someplace quiet.

Can we maybe go back to your place?


Here they come.

I'm really glad we're doing this.

Oh, we should talk about what happened.

Oh, so talk.

Maybe I pushed things a little too far.

Admit it.

Enjoyed yourself a little bit?

Come on.

You liked being treated
like a little whore.

You and I both know
that's what you really are.

The night is young.

We got so much catching-up to do.

You remember these?

You and me...

We're gonna have one hell of a night.

You ready to party?

- What's so funny?
- Oh.

Why don't we ask the detectives?

Detective Reagan? Detective Baez?

Damn it.

Getting all this?

You didn't really think that I'd fall

for such any easy set-up, did you?

I'm assuming I'm free to go?

Get the hell out of here.

I'm really sorry.

It's not your fault.

Wanted to see us, Sarge?

Is everything okay, Mr. Klein?

Pollen count's killing me. Otherwise,
it's another day in paradise.

Something we can help you with?

We had to fire Joe
Pelligrino this morning.

Did you find out he never
worked for the NYPD?


- Really.
- Huh.

No, we actually canned him because he
was sexually harassing the extras,

but the fake cop thing...
That's bad, too.

So, why are you here?

Because we need a new tech adviser.

What do you say, Officer Reagan?

- What, me?
- Ariel likes you and,

unless this is all an elaborate ruse,

you actually do work for the NYPD.

Yeah, but I'm not looking to
quit and start a new career.

Thank you for the offer, though.

You read a few scripts,

you, uh, give a few notes,

you show 'em how to hold a gun.

We'll throw in a featured
recurring extra role

and a co-producer credit.

So what do you say, Officer Reagan?

I'll stick to being a cop.

Something tells me it's safer.

Suit yourself.

- Taking off.
- Have a good weekend.

You too. Plans?

Big plans.

- Party in the Hamptons.
- You?

- A barbecue for Sy Goodman.
- Oh.

200 of his friends dying to meet me.

Want to come?

Uh, I could try to move
a few things around.

That's okay, you have your weekend.

That's my job.

I'll take one for the team.

- You sure?
- I'm sure.

'Night, boss.

But Garrett?

Team's gonna owe me one.

Yes, sir, I'll get the
word out to the team.

Got to run.

I'll bet.

I, uh, don't think
I've seen you here before.

It's my first time.

It's a cool place.

A lot cooler now that you're here.

You know,

I don't think that's the guy
you want to be hanging out with.

I'm a cop.

I'm just saying.

He likes to assault women.


That is a good plan.

Smart girl.

Do you intend to follow
me around 24/7, Detective?

No. I don't need to.

You see, when a guy like you walks,

word gets around.

Thank you.

And there are about
30.000 cops in this city.

So, you never know when
one's gonna be watching you.

We'll see you around.

Synced and corrected by johnyd13
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