Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 22 - The Thin Blue Line - full transcript

A Mexican drug cartel targets Danny when he intercepts a shipment of several million dollars; Jaime goes after a serial killer who preys on the elderly; Mayor Poole confides in Frank that he plans to retire.

What's going on?

One of my tenants,
Mrs. Kramer,

didn't walk her dog
this morning.

That unusual?

8:00 a.m. every day,
like clockwork.

You knock on her door?

Yeah, no answer.

I figured I should
give you guys a call.

You did the right thing.

Mrs. Kramer.

Open it.


(dog whimpering quietly)

(whimpering quietly)

Central, I got a DOA
at this location,

apparent homicide.

Have a patrol supervisor
and squad respond.

GARRETT: This is the
fourth vicious murder

of an elderly victim
in the past month,

in two adjoining precincts.

Sid, what ties this
to one actor?

M.E. says they all died
from blunt force trauma.

Some kind of hammer or
tire iron, it looks like.

Looks like?

Well, like Garrett says,

Forensics hasn't gotten
a good impression

for all the gore.

And a million surveillance
cameras in the city,

and we don't have
a single frame to point us?

Not as of yet.
This last one

looks like the perp
gained access as a delivery guy.

And we know that because?

We know that because

he buzzed some other tenants

saying he had flowers
for 1-H.

So they just buzzed him in?

Flowers for an old lady
who lived alone.

And what is it you need me for?

Are we calling this
a serial killer?

What difference does it make
what we call it?

The press already is.

But we have it, and I'm getting
that kind of semantics pushback.

Whatever it is, no.

Your father.

Hey, Pop.

Sorry to barge in, Francis.
Sid, Garrett.

Good to see you,

What's going on?

My RDNY breakfast
was just down the block.

That's the Retired
Detectives of New York.

Yeah, I hope it went well,
but we're kind of

in the middle of something.

I know what you're
in the middle of.

The latest victim,
Joan Kramer,

was Jimmy Falco's

His wife is now
in mourning,

and Jimmy sent me up here
to ask you guys

just how close you are
to catching this animal.

We're nowhere.

This guy is preying on
our most vulnerable citizens.

And being one of them,
who just happens

to have enough juice
to walk into this office,

I came up here to say...
catch the son of a bitch.

What do we got?

Front for a local
drug ring.

Smoke-eaters say
it was firebomb.

Pretty big one,
by the looks of it.

Brought out
11 bodies so far.

FDNY says they blocked the exit
before they torched it.

Blocked the exit?

Somebody's making
a statement.

Look at this.


Special Agent
Veronica Molina.

Detectives Reagan and Baez.

What brings the feds
down to our fair city?

I'm leading a DEA
field division team

investigating Mano Sangriento.

Mexican drug cartel?

Thought this was
more a local beef.

The individuals
in that bar

distributed heroin
for the cartel.

This is how Mano Sangriento
settles business disputes.

You're aware that the NYPD
has a narcotics bureau, right?

That's had limited success.
That's why we're here.

Well, this is
a multiple homicide.

That's why we're here.

We're expecting a
major heroin shipment,

due to arrive
in New York any day.


I'd like copies of all reports
related to this crime.

Long as you give us
everything you got

on Mano Sangriento, too.

I'm afraid that information
is classified.

That's the best
you can do, huh?

Appreciate your cooperation,

Same to you.

Since when do the feds
run an operation in this city

without including
the NYPD?

Since never, we got
something to say about it.

♪ Blue Bloods 7x22 ♪
The Thin Blue Line
Original Air Date on May 6, 201

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We have solid Intel

that the cartel's
next shipment will arrive

in the next 48 hours.

Are you lost, Detectives?

No, but maybe you
didn't get the memo.

Chief of detectives
spoke to your boss,

and we're on
the team now.

We'll see about this.

Suit yourself, but you don't
want to play ball with us,

PD doesn't play ball
with the Agency.


We'll stand.

Our top priority
will be ascertaining

where and when
the shipment will arrive,

and formulating
an interdiction plan.

So, we are monitoring
the leaders of several

local drug organizations...
DANNY: Excuse me.


Don't mean to interrupt.

But if you want to track
a shipment into this city,

you shouldn't start
with the bosses.

You start with
the low-level guys,

you know, the hand-to-hand
guys on the street.

With all due respect,
NYPD procedure has failed

to stop this cartel,
so we'll be adhering

to DEA protocol on this one.

I'm not trying to
jam you up, Alex.

I just need
some information.

I don't know anything
about those old people

who got killed, though.

Okay, but anything
you've heard could help.

Look, I had something,
I'd tell you, I swear.

Can I go?

Yeah, I can't keep you.

CALDERON: Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa.

You cutting him loose?

He doesn't know anything.

You got that from a few
softball questions, did you?

I know that kid.
He's got a drug problem,

but he's basically
a straight shooter.

We got marching orders
to shake this precinct

by the throat till
the perp falls out.

I know that,
but throwing guys like Alex

up against the wall won't help;
he'll just shut down.

We're not shrinks, Reagan.

You got to put the
fear of God in 'em.

You got to get in their face.

I don't abuse the citizens.

The citizens?


You know, I know
your brother Danny.

Hell of a detective.

If you were
more like him,

maybe you wouldn't still
be walking a beat.

What are you hearing, Baez?

Talking about soccer--
Monterrey versus Santos.

Yeah, this is
a waste of time.

Jose Pena is

the cartel's top guy
in New York.

He's got to know where
the shipment's coming in.

And he's got to know better
than to chat about it

over enchiladas.

I'm just saying,
he's got to know

the place is wired.

Molina said to monitor Pena.
What choice do we have?

Well, we have options.

What's Carlos doing here?
Well, you want to find out

where the shipment's
coming in from, right?

Molina told us to monitor Pena.

Molina's not here.

How you doing, Carlos?

Why we got to meet here?

That's Pena's place right there.
I know it is.

Okay, just relax.

Look, he sees me talking to you,
I'm a dead man.

Those guys don't play around.

You work for Pena
and the cartel?

Look, I go where the money is.

Those guys are
on the streets right now.

We hear there's
some serious weight

coming in from Mexico.

Supply and demand, bro.
We need the where and the when.

Do you know what the
Mano Sangriento does to rats?

They cut you up
in little pieces

and send them to your family.

Yeah, well, I'm sure your family
would enjoy a reunion.

Screw you, Danny!


You'd be looking at serious time
if it wasn't for us.

Now, get in and close the door.

Come on, start talking.

I told you to monitor
Pena's headquarters,

not reach out
to a confidential informant.

Yeah, but our guy came up
with the information you need

on the heroin shipment.

Which by now is
probably obsolete.


Your CI likely reached out to
Pena about your solicitations.

Hey, our CI is solid, okay?
He wouldn't do that.

We've been tracking
Mano Sangriento

for two and a half years.

No street-level informant
has crossed them yet.

Maybe you've been using
the wrong informants.

Exactly. I mean, there's
a reason they brought us in here

on the team, because
we know the local players.

And this team only exists
because your department's

been unable to bring
down this cartel.

Hey, take it easy, all right?

You happen to be in the safest
big city in the country.

That may be true,
but I still have orders

to bring down
Mano Sangriento's operation.

And we just gave you
what you needed to do it.

Now, are you gonna
act on it or not?

I'll secure the warrant.


But your guy better be right.

Look, I promise, I swear,
I am not holding out on you.

You know this
neighborhood cold, Alex.

People are
getting butchered.

I don't know anything
about that, you know.

Somebody saw something.

Who else was out dealing around
the time of the murder, huh?

Police! Help!
Police! Police!

Hey, calm down.
I'm a cop. What's up?

My name is Evan Fleming.
Uh, I live around the corner.

I-I heard a commotion
in the courtyard,

so I ran down and found them.
Found who?

An elderly couple. They're
just lying in the courtyard.

It looks really bad.
Let's go. Show me, show me.


Did you see who did this?

It was too dark.
I-I heard screams.

W-When I opened my window,
I-I heard someone running away.

Are they, are they dead?

Hey, shield number 60538.
I got two DOA.

Two precincts...

four weeks,

six dead!

And you have nothing.

Not nothing,
but we don't have the perp.

That's nothing, Frank.

Yet. We don't have him yet.

So it is a "him." You have that?

Well, that narrows it down.

Cut it out.

Frank, I can't sell my public
on a "yet."

And you can't hide behind "yet."

It's my public, too, and I'm not
hiding behind anything.

I go over a bridge,
through a tunnel,

past Grand Central,
and it seems like

they can spot me carrying
a pocket knife or a bad motive.

What the hell is that?
Yet this sick bastard

is able to slaughter old people

seemingly at will,

and your folks have
nothing on that?

The earth you're scorching here
is your earth, too.

Oh, you're damn right
it is, Frank.

And you're supposed
to keep it safe.

The people don't feel safe.

Call a curfew, buy some time.

All the murders occurred
between 8:00 and midnight.

Oh, and that'll work wonders
with calming the public down.

Pattern killers,
if that's what this is,

you either disrupt his pattern
or catch his mistakes.

They don't just
run out of batteries.

Frank, this is New York City.
I'm not calling a curfew.

Catch his damn mistake!

And catch him!

I'm afraid it's not that easy.

I didn't say it was easy, Frank.
I said do it.

In the six years
we've worked together...

Frank, years that you have
worked for me.

...I have never seen you
once try and play dumb.

And you're not very good at it.

So what the hell's
going on with you?


get back to work.

♪ ♪

(men chattering quietly)

Green light.
Let's move.

Go, go.

Baez, go.

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.

Come on.


You go left. Go.

Deploy flashbangs.

Granada! Granada!

Go, go!
Shut the door!

(helicopter whirring)

(officers grunting)



Frank, stay down! Stay down!

(helicopter whirring)


(bullets ricocheting)

You owe me one.
(car engine starts)

Come on!

(tires screeching)

(gas hissing)

(both panting)

- You okay?
- Yeah, you?


(officers chattering)

Got to be 100 pounds
of heroin here.

Good work, Detectives.

You, too.

Go team.


Excuse us. Come on.

Looks like you're a
real hero around here.

You know what they say: you're
only as good as your last bust.

Speaking of which,
we never recovered the cash

from the heroin we seized.
Maybe it never changed hands.

That's not what we heard.

Word is, Pena received
the cartel's cash

before the delivery
of the product.

Now he's planning on
smuggling it back to Mexico.

If we move fast, we can
take down Pena and the cash.


What? What's the problem?

We can't move on Pena.

Wait a minute.
Why the hell not?

We flipped him.

Pena's agreed

to become an informant in future
cases against Mano Sangriento.

Look, the seizures
are great for headlines,

if that's what you want, okay?

But if you really want
to hurt these guys,

there's only one way to do it,
and that's by taking their cash.

We took down the case.

The operation's over.

I'm sorry.

Any luck finding out
who did this?

Not yet.

I'll keep my fingers crossed.


get anything
off that guy?

No, says he didn't
see the perp.

I know. There's something
off about him.

- Off how?
- Scene of the crime, it was almost like

he was reading from
a script or something.

His demeanor was all wrong.
His demeanor?

Not just that.

He also shops at the same food
co-op as the other six victims.

As does half the population
of this precinct.

And he said that he came down
as soon as he heard the attack,

but the M.E. said that the vics
were dead for 20 minutes

before I got to them.

They said "up to
20 minutes," Reagan.

So he still could've gone up,
changed his clothes

and then reported the murders.

Why the hell would this guy,
with a totally clean sheet,

rush to find a cop if he just
crushed the skulls of two vics?

I don't know.
You don't know?

That's the first thing that
you've said that I agree with.

Hey, thanks.

In there.

Devon White.

Lives in the same building
as the first Vic.

Spent four years in Clinton
for assaulting and robbing

an 83-year-old woman.

He copped to the murders?

Not yet, but he will.

Glad to hear it.

Hey, Reagan,

I appreciate all your work
on the case.

What are you doing here?

In front of my house?

What's that?

The end of my career if anyone
finds out where you got it.

Pena keeps his own personal boat
stashed in the West Side Marina.

Uses it to ferry
drugs and cash

for Mano Sangriento.

Why are you doing this?

I worked Miami-Dade Narcotics
for seven years

before I joined the DEA.

Once a cop, always a cop.

(engine starts)

$65 million worth
of high-grade dope.

That's a serious haul.

Let's see if they can
make it stick in court.

Oh, speak of the devil.

Hell of a nice bust, Danny.

Yeah, too bad the feds
don't have the stones

to finish the job.

What are you talking about?

Jose Pena did this deal
for some friends of his

down in Mexico.

He's sitting
on their cash,

but I'm not allowed
to go after him.

Why not?

Because the DEA flipped him.

They must want to keep Pena

in good standing
with the cartel.

If he loses their money.
he loses his job.

ability to keep the feds

up on future shipments.

Okay, but if we grab
the cartel's cash,

they're gonna think twice
about ever peddling their poison

in New York City again.

What do you want?

I have it on good authority

that Pena has a boat docked
on the West Side.

I'm thinking he's gonna use that
boat to transport the drug money

to the cartels.

- You're looking to search the boat.
- Exactly.

Forget it.

"Forget it"?!

You give the feds
every warrant they want!

I ask you for one
and I can't get it?!

Yeah, against
my better judgment.

This is a federal matter, Danny.

And even if it weren't,

your gut doesn't constitute
probable cause.

Thanks for nothing.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪

Police! Stop!

(woman gasping)

You got any other
weapons on you?

No. I was just
trying to help her.

I'm placing you under arrest.

She needed me, Officer Reagan.

You have the right
to remain silent. (handcuffs clicking)

Anything you say can be used
against you in a court of law.

I ended their pain.
Don't you understand?


Come on, let's go.

CALDERON: Then why did
you kill them, Evan?

When I was eight,
my mother left,

so I went to go live
with my grandmother.

She was old and in pain.

One morning,
Grammie was asleep in her chair,

and she wouldn't wake up.

The thing is, sh-she looked like

she didn't have
a care in the world,

like she didn't hurt anymore.

Just like those people I helped.

They don't hurt anymore.

(chuckles softly)

They don't have
a care in the world.

(remote clicks)

He doesn't even realize
what he did was wrong.

Chances are he won't be found
competent to stand trial.

What'd you notice about him?
Notice how?

Let's say he was at the booth
next to you in the diner,

or with a camera
in the press pool,

or just shaking your hand
at a grip and grin.

I don't know, Frank.
I'm not a cop.

Doesn't take a cop.

Okay, what did I miss?

That's just it.

You didn't miss a thing.

There's nothing to notice.

What are you saying,
he was invisible?

I'm saying, he was the guy
the neighbors always said,

"What a nice young man,

always so helpful,
with a hello for everybody."

And you can't police
a monster like this.

Is that your upshot here?

Policing a case like this is by
nature and definition reactive.

Well, no one could've
seen this coming, Frank?

A coworker? A boss?

A cop?

I didn't say that.

You didn't have to. You have
never pointed more fingers

or shown less respect for my
people than in these last weeks.

Frank, this animal

has been roaming our streets
these last few weeks.

Who do you expect me
to point the finger at?

You get paid
to keep this city safe.

That's right.

That is my job.

It's your only job.

(inhales deeply)

We got our guy.
I wanted to tell you personally.

I won't take up
any more of your time.

(door closes)

Nice boat.

Get off the ladder.

Do I know you?

No, but we know you, Pena.

Detective Reagan. This is
my partner, Detective Baez.

Step aside with your
buddy over there.

Keep your hands where
we can see them.

Looks like you're
about to take a trip.

Heading down to Florida.
Little vacation.

Must get really

getting all those kids
strung out on smack.

Something I can
help you with, Detective?

Yeah, we'd like to take
a look around the boat.

Do you have a search warrant?

No. But we did speak
with the Coast Guard,

who let us know that you never
submitted a cargo and crew list

on your way up
from Florida--

an oversight that
now allows us

to come on the boat,
whether you like it or not.

You are aware of my arrangement
with your government, right?

We don't work with
the feds anymore.

And you have no
arrangement with the NYPD.

So we're coming
on the boat.

Step aside. Keep your hands
where I can see them.

You're making a mistake.

It's not the first time.

Anybody else on the boat?

Look for yourself.

DANNY: You behave,
so my partner doesn't

have to put a slug in you.

(stomps floor)



We got it, partner!

We got the cash. Move in.

Go, go, go, go.

Come on.

It's on the cargo hold
on the floor.

Go ahead.

It's an illegal search.

You can't charge me
with nothing.

I'm not charging you
with anything.

That's why
I'm not arresting you.

But as for that cash inside,
you can kiss that good-bye.

And we both know who
your buddies down in Mexico

are gonna blame for that.

Adiós, amigo.

What's going on?

You tell me.

our friends at the DEA

aren't happy with you

taking down
the cartel's cash.

Jose Pena has a deal in place

with the U.S. attorney's office.

You knew that.

Yeah, well, it's not like
I arrested him.

You destroyed
Pena's relationship

with Mano Sangriento,

and put a price on his head.

Detective Reagan got information
on the whereabouts of the cash

independent of
your investigation.

Highly credible information.

The DEA has a national strategy
to deal with this cartel.

NYPD bends over backwards
to help you guys.

But our first obligation
is to protect this city.

Now, Detective
Reagan's actions

will be reviewed.

If he screwed up,
he'll be disciplined.

(door opens)

Thanks for having my back, boss.

Is that what you think
I was doing?

Come on, listen. I just...

No, you listen!

I was doing it
for the department.

What the hell
was I supposed to do,

let Pena drop off the cash
to those animals?

You want to know who's
on your old man's call sheet?

The friggin' attorney general

of the United States.

That's not good, Danny.

Look, the feds are trading
in the safety of the city

for some big score

that they may not even
be able to pull off.

Even so, chain of command
exists for a reason.

But you never got that

when I was your C.O.,
and you still don't.

I did what I thought was right.

Yeah, consequences
be damned, like always.

But know this.

You come out on the wrong side
of this investigation,

there'll be hell to pay.

And, Reagan...

that's what I have to say
as your boss.

But cop to cop?

(clicks tongue)

Good work.



I owe you one.

Nah, we're even.

You just stood there and ate it.

We're kind of
in the same boat here.

Good working with you, Reagan.

You, too.

You ever want to try being
a real cop again, let me know.

You wanted to see me?

I understand your brother Danny
seized $18 million

in cash from a vessel

owned by Jose Pena.


He conducted the search
without a warrant.

And you want to know
if he asked me to apply for one.

He did. I turned him down.

You potentially hindered one of
the largest drug cash seizures

in the history of this country.

So the ends justify the means?

I must've missed that class
in law school.

This ain't law school.

We don't operate

in a white bread world where
everything is fair and the law

will set you free.

The law is still the law.

It should apply
to everyone equally.

We deal with the deadliest
felons on the planet.

Wins and losses are measured
by lives saved or lost.

I know that.
Then act like it.

If you're bucking for a halo,
you're in the wrong business.

I don't need a halo,
just my self-respect.

You should remember
who you're talking to.

I became a prosecutor
to deliver justice,

and I'm damn good at it.

But if you don't like
the way I do it,

you want to take me on,
you go for it.

But don't let the halo fool you,
'cause I like a good fight.

What are you talking about?

This was billed
as a dual announcement.

If he doesn't...

Yeah, I got it.


What's the hold up?

Mayor's not here.


There isn't one.

They said
the mayor wants you

to handle
the announcement solo.

Poole never missed

a victory lap in his life.

Until now.

It's about me taking the weight

for six dead bodies.

But we caught the guy.

Yeah, but it comes
soaked in blood,

and the mayor wants
to keep his shoes clean.

Let's go.

Baez, listen to me.

We just grabbed up 18 million
in drug cash, okay?

We may not get medals for it,
but trust me,

we're not gonna
get jammed up, either.

BAEZ (over phone):
Thanks, Danny.

See you tomorrow.

Good. Good night.

DISPATCHER (over radio):
We've got a 10-59R,

fire in a domestic dwelling.

NYFD en route.

1712 Amboy Road.

Son of a bitch.

(engine revving)

(firefighters shouting)


Hey! Hey.

No, that's my house!

Get back!
Where's my family?!

It's not safe, sir.

Was anyone inside?
Get back.

Was anyone inside?!
I don't know, sir!





LINDA: Danny!
SEAN: Dad!

I thought you were inside.
We're okay. We're okay.

I thought you were inside.

No, we went for pizza.
We came home.


Okay, okay.

(sirens wailing)

We're okay.


Thanks for the update, Ed.


They located the device

that started the fire.

Let me guess,
same M.O. as the cartel's.

It was payback, pure and simple.

I'm gonna jump out of my skin
if I stay here. I'm going in.

No, you're not.

That's an order.

"That's an order"?

They bombed my house.

Calls have been made.
Things are in motion.

Those responsible
will pay for what they did.

And you know better
than to ask particulars.

I can't even ask...

It's being taken care of.

That's all you need to know.

And all you need to know
is that I cannot just stand by.

You got a job to do here.

Go take care of your family.

You shouldn't be here.

You used me as
a human shield today.

Wasn't my intention, Frank.

Your absence at the
press conference

played loud and clear:

a vote of no confidence
in the NYPD.

Sorry you feel that way.

Exactly as you meant it to.

I heard about the fire bombing.

I'm so sorry.

Hell of a thing.

But everyone's okay,
is that right?

Yes, all safe.

Good. And at your home?


Shouldn't you be there?

I was there.
I'm going back there.

Right after you kick my ass
around the room.

Mr. Mayor, I think you have
lost confidence in my command,

and I am prepared to step down.

Frank, this morning,
I paid a condolence call

to the family
of Fleming's last victims.

Visits like that are
the worst part of my job.

Yours, too.

I've done more than I can count.

You probably ten times
more than that.

I find no use in looking
at that scoreboard.

But we should offer some
measure of comfort, Frank.

And of hope.

That's all you can do.

Oh, but I didn't have it, Frank.

I just couldn't find the words.

Sometimes there aren't any.

We should offer some hope.

Hell, I won two terms
on that message.

But I didn't have it.

It was a tough week.

And this guy, this, um...

Evan Fleming.

How many more of those

are just walking around
out there, waiting?

I don't know.

You can't know.

I know.

Or now I know.

Change the subject
or you'll lose your mind.

You know, I gave 28 years...

the use of both my legs
to this city.

Loved nearly
every single minute of it.

Oh, come on, Carter.

You got a bar in here?
Let's have a drink.

Monday morning,
I'm submitting my resignation

to the city council.

I wanted you to be
the first to know.

All I ask is that

you respect my decision.


You need to go home.
(clears throat)

To your family.

Give them all that
rock-solid bluster.

I'm very good, Frank.

Is there anything
I can say?

You can give me your word...

that you'll be just as hard on
my successor as you were on me.

You have my word.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor.

Thank you, Commissioner.



Were they ever this
small? (chuckles)


We're gonna get through this.

I just worry about
the boys, you know?


Bad things happen
to everyone, boys.

We all get knocked down.

What matters is you get up.

You keep going.


But we spent our lives there.

I just can't believe it's gone.


Dinner's ready.

(clears throat)

- Not feeling too hungry, Dad.
- Don't eat.

Did you bomb your house?


But I may as well have.

They came after you
because you hurt them,

and you hurt them
because it's your job.

And they hurt me, too.

And my family.

You can't look at it that way.

Maybe not...

but I could've listened.

If not to the feds,
to Erin, to you.

You feel guilty, see a priest.

Right now
your family's downstairs.


And I don't know
what the hell to say to them.

It doesn't matter what you say.

It matters that you're there.

(knocks table)

Mmm, smells good.

Well, I can't take credit.

Janie, my neighbor,

she made the roast,

and Mrs. Baldini
made the lasagna.

I think that's everything.

Good. I'm starved.
Let's get this show on the road.

We have to wait for Dad.

I'll go up and get him.
FRANK: Just sit tight.

He'll be down.

Give him a minute.

Please tell your neighbors
thanks for the food, Linda.

I will.

It's the only upside to
a tragedy on the block.

What's that?

Everyone makes
their best dish.


I have a confession to make.

I think I've been doing
my job all wrong.

How's that?

Well, for all
the ace detectives I got,

a beat cop took down
our serial killer.

No, it was right place,
right time.

Oh, yeah, right.
(Erin laughs)

Good going, Uncle Jamie.


(footsteps approaching)


Here he is. Let's eat.

Since you were late,
you say grace.

Ah, I don't think so.

Come on, Danny.

No. Not feeling
too thankful right now.

You ask me, you got a lot

to be thankful for.

With all due
respect, Gramps,

I didn't ask you.

It's not helping
anything, Danny.

Exactly. So, can we just
get on with it and eat?

Not before we say the prayer.

Come on, Danny.
Just say it, brother.

We don't blame you, Danny.

Well, you should.

We love you.
This wasn't your fault.

And say you made
a different call.

Say you let that drug money
sail back to Mexico.

Then what?

ERIN: The cartel
would still be bringing

drugs to the city.

And people would keep dying.

Kids, mostly.

Appreciate it, guys.

But I didn't end anything,
I didn't change anything.

You don't know that.

You tried.
That's all you can do.

It's just a house, Danny.

It's our home.

We made it a home.

Without us,
it's just a house.

And we still got us.

And when we have everyone
we love, we have everything.

And for that,
we should be grateful.

And no matter the hardship
or the loss...

...this family does not
stand down, ever.

♪ ♪

Bless us, oh, Lord...

and these thy gifts...

(sighs softly)

Which we are
about to receive...

From thy bounty,

through Christ, our Lord, amen.

(sniffles, clears throat)

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