Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 20 - No Retreat, No Surrender - full transcript

Erin gets a request from a former witness, to help shut down a drug operation, in his lobby of his building.Meanwhile, Frank investigates who is calling in a favor to have bail reduced, in a case on an assault on a police officer. Danny & Baez investigate a teenager's suicide, that the medical examiner now says was a homicide.

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Closed door?

I want to talk to you.

Talk to or talk at?

Probably nothing.

Well, maybe nothing.
So something.

Got a call from one of
our COs this morning.

Turns out one of our cops
got his nose broken

busting up a bar fight
on the upper east side.

Okay, that happened.

Thing is, the perp
in the incident

is Alex Jasper.
Not ringing a bell.

Son of Frederick T. Jasper.

The mayor's main bundler?
The same.


Normally, you
hit a cop,

you break his nose,

the judge hits you
with a hefty bail.

I'm guessing that
didn't happen here.

Released on his
own recognizance.

I see.

And this comes
to me because...

Because should we
tell the boss?


Well, now that you know
the particulars, yeah.

Crafty. Two minutes ago
I was blissfully ignorant.

Should we tell the boss?

Is there any evidence that says

the mayor talked
to that judge?

Well, no, but it's
pretty obvious

what's going on here.

We don't say anything
to Frank

until there's something to say.

Are you sure?


Hey, Danny.

- Morning, Regan.
- Morning.

I got to tell him?

You're the one
bringing it here.

He's always pissed
about something.

Get ready.
Heard 'em talking

about a double
homicide came in.

You mean the one they just gave
to Byrne and Bitterman?

They're not gonna give
it to those bananas

while we're sitting around
twiddling our thumbs.

Well, we're no longer twiddling.

Who's this,
and why is his foot

on the furniture?

Officer Mahoney.
How you doing?

Just came off this job.

- Sarge said to give it to you.
- What is it?

Teen suicide.
You got to be kidding me.

It's busy work.

Hey, I'm just
the messenger.

You're not just the messenger.
You're first on the scene, right?

What do you know about
this Derrick Madigan kid?

He's a good kid, just got
mixed up with the wrong crowd.

What's that got to do with him
taking his own life?

I think he got
peer-pressured by his friends.

He was a lookout for one of
their robberies the other night.

Once he heard we caught
wind of his involvement,

well, word on
the street is

(clicks tongue)
he panicked.

How'd he do it?

His mother found him handing
by his belt in the closet.

Oh, good Lord.

As you can imagine, she ain't
doing so good right about now.

Yeah, I wouldn't think so.

So, uh, what can I
tell the boss?

Tell the boss
we'll take the case

and to teach you
some manners.

Again with the foot!

All right.
Yeah, all right.

We got it from
here, good-bye.

It was all you,
Your Majesty.

Come on, we're a team.
When I win, you win.

I just happen
to win more often.

Funny thing is,
you ain't kidding.

Oh, come on,
of course I am.

You know that.

There's a Reggie Wilson
here to see you.

I don't see him
on your schedule.

Reggie Wilson?
Sounds familiar.

Wasn't he our
sole eyewitness

on that homicide last year?

Yeah, you're right.
He took the stand for us

when the neighborhood
wouldn't even look our way.

So I should let him in?

He's got big stones,
this guy.

By “stones” you're meaning
his intestinal fortitude?

Sure. Whatever.

Mr. Wilson.

Miss Erin,
the pleasure's mine.

Nice to see you.
Good to see you.

Reggie, how are you?
Anthony, right?

Look like you lost
some weight.

I'll find it soon enough.

So what brings you
all the way down here

from the Bronx?

I'm gonna be
straight with you.

The way I see it,
I helped you out pretty good

on that situation
you had last year.

You did your civic duty,
for which we're grateful,

if that's what you mean.

Now it's your turn.

My turn?

It's your turn
to scratch my back.

The dream team, sir.

FRANK: Morning.

How's it going, boss?
It's going.

You see that piece
in the news?

Nice little pat
on the back.

In the neighborhood section,
page after the comics.

Well, okay.

I spoke to the Chief of D's,
like you asked.

He says you're gonna
be very happy

about this month's numbers.

And you're personally
guaranteeing it?

Well, no, I just...

Better to under-promise
than over-deliver.

Well, that's a good one.

And what about
the Jasper kid's ROR?

ROR, as in released
on own recognizance?

As in no bail.

I know what it means, sir.

So you know about it, right?

Yes, we just didn't know
you did.

And you were about to tell me?
Because it's not in here.

Look, I have dinner

every Sunday with
the former PC, a detective,

a beat cop, and an A.D.A.

Did you really think
all my Intel

flowed through you two?

No, but...
I also charter

a boat out of Montauk
from time to time

with Officer Broken Nose's CO.

Call in some chips and get
the presiding judge's phone log,

and see who reached out.

Now would be a good time.

(door opening)


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No Retreat No Surrender
Original Air Date on April 14, 2017

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♪ ♪

My kids are terrified

to go to school.

My wife,

she's practically
turning into a hermit.

All 'cause no one wants
to open our door.

Your door opens up into the
lobby of the building?

Ain't no lobby no
more, it's more like

a 7-Eleven, with the only thing
on the shelves being dope.

And how often
is this happening?

24/7, 365.

Hell, they've even closed it
down during Christmas morning.

You've brought this
to the people

that run the Housing

People that run the
Housing Authority? What?

It's a housing project.
Nobody's running nothing.

Have you reached out
to your local precinct?

Only every day.

And what'd they say?
“Call us back when there's a homicide”.

The boogie down Bronx.

And how about the Bronx D.A.?
Only every other day.

What'd they say?

“Call us back when
it's a homicide”.



I get it, okay?

Up where we live,
doping and dealing,

it ain't nothing to you people
down here in these buildings.

But this is happening just
outside my door,

and I don't want
that homicide

to be one of my kids.

Look... I get it,
and I want to help you.

But I'm a Manhattan A.D.A.,
and you live in the Bronx.

Didn't stop me
from helping you.

Yeah, you're right.

Okay, I will call the Bronx

A.D.A.'s office.

And I can't promise anything,

but I will look into this.

Thank you, Miss Erin.

Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you, Miss
Erin, thank you. Okay.

I'd have put ten to one
against you agreeing

to pick up this case.

That's because you
don't know the history

I have with a
certain Bronx A.D.A.

I'm a good person.

I've always tried
to do the right thing,

even when life has dealt me
one crappy card after another.

That person is gone now.

Gone, gone.
We understand.

We know you're hurting.

Could you tell us some
more about Derrick?

You want to know
about my son?

Here's the only thing
you need

to write down
on that piece of paper.

Derrick was a blessing.

He was heaven-sent.

He was the only
good thing

I ever got in my life,
and now he's just gone.

Just like that.
How does that happen?

I don't know.

I can't imagine
what you're going through,

but I lost a brother,
my partner lost a brother...

Why did he do this?

Why? Why would he take his life?

Over something so stupid?

Sometimes, we just don't know
how much someone is hurting...

No, it's those idiots
he was running around with.

That's whose fault this is.

They made him do that robbery.

I was telling Derrick
from day one,

that boy Jonas is no good.

I told him.

Since the day that boy was born,

He was no...

(phone buzzing)


I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

It's okay.

Take your time.


Mr. Smith to see you.

Hi. Nice to see you.

I was happy that you
remembered me when I called.

Oh, I never forget someone

who tries to peddle influence
in my office.

I was not trying
to influence you.

You wanted me to drop charges
on your daughter

when she was arrested
for drug possession.

Now, what do you call that?

Being a concerned mother.


Speaking colleague to colleague,

“Working out a mutually
beneficial arrangement.”

What's the matter?

Don't they give you
enough work to do down here?

Mr. Wilson came to us.

It was his idea.

You're not twisting his arm?

More like he's twisting mine.

Well, tell him
it's starting to hurt.

You're saying no?

At least you're not dumb.

No, I'm not.


can you come
in here, please?

Could you put these
on the bottom of my pile?

Okay, hold on.

What are they?

Oh, nothing really.

Just all the cases your boss,
the Bronx D.A.,

has requested our help with.


Where do you want me to sign?

(phone ringing nearby)

I'm sure it'll just be a minute.

Been 20.

Excuse me.

Will you kindly
tell the mayor

that we have another
appointment this afternoon.

Again, my apologies.

I don't expect
it'll be much longer.

She doesn't expect it
to be much longer.

I have ears.

Yes, of course you do.

He does know we're
here, right?

Yes, sir.

Commissioner, so sorry
for making you wait.

20 minutes, Carlton.


great to see you.
Please come in.


Where's the mayor?

Yes, about that.

Commissioner, the mayor
extends his sincere apologies

about not being able to meet
personally with you today.


But he was called up to Albany

on a last minute budget thing
with the governor.

Did he leave out the window?

Sorry, what?

How long's he been gone?

Since about 2:00.
We've been cooling

our heels out there for almost
half an hour. The hell is this?

This was a last minute
request for a meeting

on an impossibly packed day

that the mayor has authorized me
to take on his behalf.

So, please, take a seat.

I'm good.

Okay, then.

How can I help?

You are authorized to speak
for the mayor, I got that right?


Just as if I were he.

As if you were he.


Then, Mr. Mayor,

what the hell were you thinking

when you personally phoned

the presiding judge
in the Jasper case

at 7:14 this morning

and got bail squashed?

I am not up to speed on this.

Oh, you're not
up to speed on this, okay.

Well, the son of one of your
biggest donors

got ROR'd

on a felony assault case

for breaking the nose
of an NYPD officer,

off your intercession.


Mr. Mayor,

in what world
is that going to look okay?

Garrett, I am going to have
to get back to you on this.

Better be quick.

“Can we talk” does not sound
like good news to me.

I screwed up.

Screwed up how?

This is
Derrick Madigan.

Our suicide.

sort of.

What do you mean sort of?

I don't want this
to come out the wrong way,

but can we keep this between us?

Yeah, what happened?

I was swamped.

Had two of my people out sick

and twice as many
incoming bodies as I usually do.

Not to mention it's my third
double shift this week.

Okay, so?

I missed something.

What'd you miss?

Look under here.
At the hairline.

Is that a bruise?

Yeah. And over here.

Same thing.

More here and here.

Those are bruises.

Like from
somebody's hand, maybe?

So, Derrick didn't hang himself.
Is that what you're saying?

He was strangled.

And then hung to make it
look like a suicide?

Which means

our suicide is now a homicide.

(indistinct chatter)

MAN: Yo, yo, check it.
Casper the Friendly Ghost

came to the projects.

MAN 2: More like
the guy who ate Casper.


You lost?

'Cause in case
you ain't noticed,

we ain't too friendly
around here.

Look, I got a job inside.

What kind of job?

Busted pipe.

You came here
for a busted pipe

and left with a busted head.


I'm not looking
for any problems.

Just want to do my job.

Yo, you eyeballing

(men talking indistinctly)


Mr. Wilson?

I got a work order here.

(lock unlatches)

Any problems getting in?

I'm here, ain't I?

My wife, Angela.

Youngest, Trevor.


My bigs are at school.

We'll just be a minute.

You see now
what I've been talking about?

Worked overtime last night
and didn't make it back

in time to get Trev
to school.

He's staying home today

because he's too scared

to walk through
that nonsense without me.

Oh, I understand.

That little thing is a camera?

Yeah, well,

we won't want to let them know

they're on Candid Camera,
now, would we?

Well, is it working?

(phone chimes)

Sure the hell is.


Wait a sec. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

What do you mean
he was murdered?

He was murdered. I don't think
the kid strangled himself.

What's the matter with you?
Why are you pissed off, huh?

I didn't do nothing.
Because you're the one

that brought us
this fleabag case.

Fleabag case? It was

murder, you just said.

Okay, focus.

Look, you said earlier
that Derrick knew

you guys were looking to
talk to him on that robbery.

Yeah, yeah, that's right.

BAEZ: So if he knew,
stands to reason

the rest of his crew knew, too.

Not too many secrets
on the street, no.

You said that Derrick
was a good kid, right?

He wasn't hard like the other
kids in the neighborhood?

No, he was soft, like butter.
So, if you

caught up to him, you think
you would've cracked him?

He would've folded
like a house of cards.

If you know that, then his crew
must know that, too.

Oh, man.

You think they silenced him.

And made it look like a suicide.

Derrick's mother said
something about this kid,

Jonas. You know him?

He supposedly got Derrick
mixed up in all this stuff.

Yeah, they were always
hanging out together.

Jonas was a lot faster

than Derrick.
I wouldn't be surprised

if he's the one that sucked him
into this whole mess.

And maybe Jonas is the one

who decided to
silence Derrick himself.

You got a photo?

Afternoon, Jonas.

You two, keep walking.

Come on, get
out of here.

Who are you?

Detective Reagan.
That's Detective Baez.

And I don't have anything
to say to you.

Yeah, you do.
We're gonna have a nice,

gentlemanly conversation.

Otherwise, the two of us are
gonna throw you in that car,

take you down to the squad
and shine a white-hot light

in your eyes,
you understand?

What do you want?

I want to know
who killed Derrick.

What you talking about,
who killed Derrick?

He killed himself.

Nope. He had choke marks
around his throat.


Any chance they were from you?

Hell no.
Derrick was my best friend.

Yeah, we heard
about that.

You loved him so much,

you pulled him in as
your lookout, right?

Some friend.

Derrick was a grown man.
He did what he did on his own.

You knew the cops
were coming to talk to him.

And you knew Derrick didn't
have the stomach for that.

He was gonna give all of you up.

So you shut him up.
Isn't that right?

No, I didn't do that.

Then who did?
I don't know.

I don't believe you.

I don't care.


I didn't do anything.
Now can I go?

Yeah, you can go.

Take a walk.

Just gonna let him go?

Did he take his phone out yet?

How'd you know?

Is he making a call?

As we speak.

What time is it?


Now we can go get a subpoena.

Okay, o-okay.
I've seen enough.

That's only
the first 12 hours.

We got plenty more

We're ready to move.

But you need me
to sign off first.

It's your jurisdiction.
We need your blessing.

You know my boss
is gonna have my ass

when he hears you guys get
the credit for these arrests.

In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

(sirens wailing)

(tires screeching)

(sirens wailing)

(people shouting)

(dog barking)

Ain't no way five-O
out here like this

unless one of y'all
dropped a dime.

Y'all don't think
I'm gonna find out who?

You already know not a blade
of grass grows around here

unless I say so.

All right.

Is that e-mail server
still down?

Of course.

Any sign of that subpoena
coming through?

Oh, yeah, sure.
It came an hour ago.

I'm just standing here
'cause it looks good.

You want to call
the A.D.A. again?

I called the A.D.A.
three times.

They said it was
on the way any minute.

Ah! No, no.

Back off.


But I got to fax this
over to my wife.

Look, there are 900 apps
where you can scan things

and send it
to your wife, okay?

Get with the 21st century.

Bye-bye, Bitterman.

Well, you were probably a
lot of fun in middle school.

I was actually very popular
in middle school.

Thank you.

Hi, Byrne.

- I got to check the fax machine.
- No, you don't.

I don't?

No, you don't.

See you.

Yeah, real blast, Reagan.

Why don't you just go
make yourself useful,

like maybe pull up
Jonas' phone records,

so when the subpoena
does come through,

we'll have a head start.

For your information,

it's already up on my screen.

As soon as it comes
through, just one click,

and we'll know
who Jonas called.


(machine whirring)

See that? Perfect timing.

Come on, come on.

Come on.

We got it.

What do you got?

14:45 he called Kevin Keith.

Kevin Keith. Anything on him?

Wanted on
an outstanding warrant.


Let's go find him.

I still say we call the AG.


- Him.
- And wonder aloud

how Albany feels
about the mayor

interfering with
a police investigation.

He got the kid's bail
knocked down.

That's not exactly interfering
with a police investigation.

You might as well build
a yellow brick road

leading right back
to this office.

Attorney general
is law enforcement.

He's not a friend
of this department.

And he's not a fan
of city hall, either.

The enemy of my enemy
is my friend.


No. Final answer. No.
Well, what do you got then?

We share it with a couple
of selected news outlets,

sit back and let nature
take its course.

I'm not leaking it!

Not leak, share.

Not garbage, sanitation.

And there is no guarantee

the guy who leaked it
won't get leaked.

I can guarantee.
No, you can't!

And either way, AG or the press,
we end up looking like weasels.

And by “we,” I mean me.

So, we sit on our hands?

Not saying that,
but I don't want to make

some kind of clever move
that backfires

and ends up washing the
mayor's hands for him, either.

Your nose okay?
What do you mean?

You breathing all right?

Yeah, so?

Me, too.

We're sitting here
calculating our ass coverage...

and we forgot something.

Say yes, say no,
say hell no.


Hey, why such a glum face?
It's a good day.

We got a lot of bad
guys off the street.

Yeah, about that.

We got to cut everybody loose.


Yeah, we got to let all the drug
dealers back out on the street.


Reggie's pulling out.

You can't be serious.

I just got off the phone
with him.

Says he's no longer
willing to cooperate.

But without Reggie,
we have hardly anything.

You don't think I told him that?

What did he say?


Officer Gagliano?

The one and only.

As you were.

You got a minute?


MAN 2:


Hurts just looking at you.

You should feel
it from this end.

I'll bet.

Doc says it's gonna take
at least two surgeries

to fix your beak.

You spoke to my doctor?

And the department surgeon.

He's gonna oversee
the procedures.

- You really don't have to...
- I want to.

Thank you, sir.

How's the other guy look?

Never laid a hand on him.

I heard.

Commissioner, I don't know what
you heard, but I'm all good.

Well, what I heard is
a rich kid started a bar fight

and when you tried to break
it up, he landed a cheap shot

and broke your nose
in three places.

How am I doing so far?

Pretty much.

Then you got a kick in the teeth
at the arraignment

when the judge released him
with no bail.

I won't lie, I was
surprised by that.


Or pissed off?

That's above my pay grade,

No, it's not.

Pay grade's got nothing
to do with right and wrong.

The guy who sucker punched you,
you know who he is?

Who is father is?

I found out.

So, you know why
the judge let him go.

Yes, sir.

Yet you didn't raise a stink
with your C.O. or the union.

No, sir.

Why is that?

I know how the world works.

People like me been losing
to people like him

since the world
first started spinning.

Do you like it like that?


Morning, Miss Erin.

Good morning? That's
all you have to say?

MAN (over walkie-talkie):
Reggie, we need your help
down in the basement.

Be right there.

I need to go down
to the basement.

(elevator bell dings)
Come on, Reggie.

What's going on?
Why won't you talk to me?

Got nothing to say.

No? That's a far cry
from the position a few days ago

when you showed up
in my office,

begging me
to scratch your back.

Yeah, well...

“Yeah, well”
is not a response.

It's the best I can do.

Did someone threaten you?

Because if that's the case,
I could help you.


Now you just out of the blue
decided you no longer wanted

to rid your building
of drug dealers?

Yeah, something like that.

It's quite a remarkable
turnaround, wouldn't you say?

I'd say that I need
to get back to work.

So, that's it?

And that... (sighs)
I'm sorry.

All right? I'm sorry.

Come on, Reggie.

I know something's going on.

Don't keep me in the dark.
Let me help you.

Uh, Daddy?

Can I play Candy Crush?

I'll-I'll be with you
in a minute, Trevor.

Oh, Reggie, I am so sorry.

Please, let me help you.
I can protect you.

I can protect Trevor.

Have a good day, Miss Erin.

Detective Baez, Kevin.
We need to...


Stop! Police!

Kevin, get back here!



(panting, grunts)


That's how you build
a better mousetrap.

I got him!

(handcuffs clicking)

(low chatter, phones ringing)

Excuse me, Detective.

Brad Taft, uh, Mr. Keith's
court-appointed lawyer.

He's got a lawyer?

Got his case
20 minutes ago.

Good. Well, I'm just gonna
go ask him some questions,

so why don't you join me?

No, you weren't.

How's that?

- My client has nothing to say.
- Your client?

You never even met the kid.

Nope, I haven't.

Look, we got a
16-year-old boy

who was murdered and made
to look like a suicide.

You understand?

Not my job to help
your case, Detective.

Maybe a little respect
for the circumstances.

Circumstances like
my client's father

says he was with him
at the time of the murder?

Now, that's a
rock solid alibi.

Though, I bet you I
could poke a dozen holes

in the old man's alibi
within five minutes.

Just looking out for
my client's best interests.

Your client,

who you've never even met,
who's got a dozen arrests

and is wanted on an
outstanding warrant?

You got the right
to hold him on the warrant,

but he's not answering
any questions on your homicide.

Let me just talk to him
for a minute, okay?

I'll ask a few questions,

you don't like where
I'm going with it,

you shut it down.

I think I already did just that.

Return him to court
on the warrant.

Do you believe
that cheap suit?

I swear, he must've gone to the
same law school as my sister:

Ball Buster University.

Maybe he has a point.

Are you defending
a public defender?

The M.E.'s report

said the size and impression
of the bruising

on Derrick's neck was deep.

So, I called her

to see if she could give us

a sense of how big
the assailant was.


The M.E. thinks
the assailant was an adult.

That kid is
a buck 50 soaking wet.

Okay, well, the M.E. was wrong
before about the bruises.

You remember that? Maybe
she's wrong again this time.

Maybe, maybe not.

Where are you going?

I spoke to one of the cops

who works
those projects.

Said the gang
jumped little Trevor

on his way to school.

They broke his arm, Anthony.

A six-year-old little boy.

Want to send a message
to the father?

You hit him
where it hurts the most.

These guys are animals.
I want them in cages.

On top of it, they silenced
one of the good guys.

Which means
the bad guys are winning.

How do we, in
good conscience,

ask the next Reggie
that comes forward

to stick his neck out,
to do what's right,

when we know this
is what happens?

Oh, God.
(knocks on wall)

You here to gloat?

Actually, I'm here
to lend a hand.

Oh, yeah? How?

To answer your question,
it takes a village.

Come again?

My grandmother used to say,
“In the Bronx,

“you don't ask one man
to do what's right.

You ask the whole block.”

All right.
Okay, thanks.

What's wrong with you?

You eat one too
many wantons?

No. I do feel like
I'm gonna be sick, though.

What is it?

(sighs) When the M.E. said
it was an adult,

I don't know,
something happened.

A bad feeling inside,
like a sinking feeling.


So I did some
sniffing around.

And your bad feeling
led you to...?

Derrick's mom.

Investigated three times
by Child Services.

For beating her son.



Mind if we come in?


We have some news.

Turns out,

your son didn't kill
himself after all.

What do you mean?

Mrs. Madigan,
your son was murdered.

Oh, no! No...

And the good news is
we know who did it.

You do?

It was you.



Shame on you.

Shame on you,
coming into my house

and saying
a thing like that.

Get out!

Get out of here...
We're not going anywhere!

Did you know that all
of your Internet searches

are saved in the cloud?

A cloud? What-what the hell
are you talking about?

We have a record of every one
of your Internet searches.


the ones about
how to make a murder

look like a suicide.

No, it wasn't me.

You're the only person
who lives here.

And you have a history
of beating your son.

DANNY: You found out he was
involved in the robberies.

You got angry, you lost control.

And you wrapped your hands
around his throat.

And then, you did the unthinkable.
No, I...

Yeah, you did.

I didn't--
stop it.

I didn't mean it.
It wasn't my fault.

It wasn't my fault.
I told him a thousand times

and he wouldn't
listen to me.

It was those boys!
Those boys were no good!

It's their fault.

If he never
hung out with them,

none of this
would have happened.

Turn around and put hands
behind your back.


Turn around, put your
hands behind your back.

There must be something.

I'm telling you,
it was an accident.

I didn't mean
to kill my son.

You're under arrest.
(handcuffs clicking)

Please. Please.

I didn't mean...

(Valerie crying)

Look, Miss Erin,
I told you, I'm done.

I'm out.
I know and I respect that.

I just want you
to see something.

Trust me.


Take a look at this.

Very cool.
Can I go now?

Hold on. Anthony, show him.

REGGIE: What's
happening? What...?

What is all this?

It's all your neighbors, Reggie.
SMITH: When we told them

what happened to you,

they all wanted to help.

Every last one of 'em

let us install a camera
in their apartment.


I, uh...

I-I don't know what to say.

Say “go.”


Give the order: “Go.”


Go, go, go!
Go, move!

(officers shouting, dog barking)

(helicopter whirring)

(officers shouting)

Get down!

Hands! Show me
your hands! Now!

You're under arrest.

(woman screaming)

(man yells)

Behind your back!

On your feet!

All right...


Get him out of here!

Move it!

Move it. Move it! Eyes front!

Coming through.

Coming through.
Let's go, let's go.

Make a path!

Look straight ahead.

You gonna pay
for this, son.

You damn well
better bank on that.

He didn't have
nothing to do with it.

My ass he didn't.

True story.

Well, if not him, then who?

It was me.

It was me.

It was me.

MAN: It was me.
WOMAN: It was me.

MAN: It was me.
MAN 2: Me, too.

Yeah, it was me.

Yeah, little man.

A soldier just
like your father.

You might have run that by me.

Might have.
Didn't, though.

I got that.

I did not need De-fanging.

The attorney general and I had
a very productive conversation.

Is he having a productive
conversation with our mayor?

That's up to him.
GARRETT: I thought you

didn't want to come off
as a weasel.

Hey, Garrett...
His word.

I'll take “weasel”
over “chicken” any day.

Try ostrich.

Why ostrich?

Burying his head in the sand.

I'm not.

GARRETT: You know, you can't

make the politics go away just
'cause you don't like 'em.

The call I made
was all about politics.

I'm lost.

Politically speaking,

Officer Gagliano and all of our
35,000 cops are my constituents.

I turn a blind eye
to their needs,

I'm throwing 'em
under the bus.

But they can't fire
you. The mayor can.

But if he doesn't have
their loyalty and their support?

I'd be an empty suit.
I'd have already lost the job.

Erin, can you pass the potatoes?

Here, let me.

Got any more meat down there?

No, I got it.

Thanks, Frank.

You're welcome. Incoming.

The rare ones you like
are on the bottom.

Thank you.

You feeling okay?


Never better. Why?

Because you're happy.

(all chuckle)
You're just so amiable.

Can't a guy be in a good mood?

Not like this,
not without cause.

Oh, now I got to show cause?

And you were singing
pretty loud in church.

SEAN: Sure were.
JAMIE: And the way you raced up

to communion, it was like
they were handing out $20 bills.

That did not happen.



Okay. I guess
it's gonna come out anyway.

Your father has declared war
on our mayor.


I wouldn't call him
“our mayor” right now.

He disrespected us.

You mean the family?

No, our NYPD family.

What do you
mean by “war”?

I mean, he fired a cannon
across the bow.

Oh, it's nothing like that.

Calling the attorney general

and then, accusing the mayor

of interfering
in police business?

Something like that.

You did not.

He most sure as hell did.


Wow, exactly.

As in,
“Wow, what a bonehead move.”

I was not going to look
the other way this time.

You guys have had your issues,
but calling the A.G.?

Did the mayor interfere
with police business?



Just trust me on this one.

I trust you,

and I support you.

Yeah, me, too,

but you take a shot at the king,
you better not miss.

My aim is true.

He's got the heavy artillery.

You can't fire him,
but he can fire you.

Send that meat
back down here, please.

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