Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 16 - Hard Bargain - full transcript

Linda's brother gets in trouble with the mob and asks Danny to keep him safe.

CROWD (chanting):



OV! OV...

Yo, yo, yo.

Thank you very much.

Let me tell you a story.

When Osvaldo V.
first told me

that he wanted to support
the youth center here,

I wasn't surprised.

He's not just
a superstar,

he's the homie that never
forgot where he came from.

(crowd cheering, clamoring)

So I want you all
to welcome home OV.

We love you, OV.

Thank you, Gerry.

my friend, my lawyer.
Let me just say

I'm glad to be back,
because I owe the barrio.

And this youth center.
(cheers, whoops)

The people that work there--
they didn't just save my life.

They gave me a future.

The least I can do is try to give

somebody else
the same opportunity,

you know what I mean?
You got to give back.

And he certainly did.

He put his money
where his mouth is,

to the tune of 100K.

So say hello

to my little friend OV!

(cheering, applause)

ALL (chanting):



(siren wailing)

You the one that called in

somebody trying to
break into my house?

We don't know what we got.

Neighborhood watch spotted this
guy looking in your windows.

He says he's your


Hey, yo, Danny.

What the hell are
you doing here?

I told these guys I was your
best friend in high school.

I introduced you to your wife.

It's fine,
it's fine.

I got it from here.
Thank you.

Hey, I'm-I'm sorry, Danny,
I'm sorry.

these guys, man...

I haven't seen your
face in two years,

you show up at my house
unannounced, poking around?

Yeah, well... it was kind of
a spur of the moment thing.

Come on, cut to the chase.

What are you doing here?

This girl I've been seeing--

her, her husband
got the wrong idea.

Meaning he got the right idea.

I just need to lay low
for a few days, and...

Oh, wait a minute.

Come on, Danny, we're family.

You remember Owl's Head Park?
The Kay brothers

were gonna kick your punk ass.
I was there for you.

You mean Larry and his crew?
Yeah. Look, you can't

keep handing me that bill,
Jimmy, all right?

I paid it a long time ago.

Come on, Danny.

Can you help me out
for old time's sake?

And I'd love to see
Linda and the boys.


All right, fine. You can stay
for a day or two, all right?

And don't make me regret it.

Danny, you're a saint.
I knew I could count on you.

Ah, no hugs! Don't hug.

Come on...

Bro, it's so good to see you.

Oh, man, it's been a long time.

I flipped out when I saw you
out in that crowd, man.

I can't believe you came back
with that fat check, man.

Yo, man, I got to be
true to the game, right?

I mean, and, honestly, yo, it's
my pleasure to be lucky enough

to have something to
give back, you know-- oh!

Come on, man!

You're under arrest!
What-what'd I do, man?

- Police! What are you talking about, man?
WOMAN: Leave him alone!

- You're under arrest! Hands together!
- What are you doing?!

You better listen to me.
I'm a cop.

Come on, Ger-Gerry!

That's my client!

You're in a lot of trouble,

He's under arrest.
Yes, you are!

(all clamoring)

Did you even look
at the crime scene video?

Yeah, I looked at it.
It was

the wrong guy.
Who, from 20 yards,

looked like
the right guy.

Honest mistake.
You're missing the point.

That is the point.

Nobody's perfect.
We'll apologize.

Did I hear “apologize”?

We made a mistake,
we'll apologize for it.

Too late, Guerrero
has already filed

to see the outcome
of any previous

disciplinary hearings
against Sergeant Donahue.

Were there any?

He's had a few complaints.

Same as any other active cop.

Any substantiated?
At least three.

I'm not sure how serious
any of them were,

but we're looking into 'em now.

Let's assume
they're not dynamite.

We share them with Guerrero,
this thing deflates.

We can't
share them.

Legal says we cannot release

those records.
It is now a state law.

There's got to be
a way around it.

We're not gonna share 'em.

It would alienate
the rank and file.

And lawyers like Guerrero
are gonna try to turn every

mole hill into a mountain.
But if we don't

release 'em, it looks
like we're hiding something.

Hey! Could we just
find out what we have?

Yes, sir.

♪ Blue Bloods 7x16 ♪
Hard Bargain
Original Air Date on February 17, 201

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Sir, your VIP is here.


Busy day?


But brighter,
now that you're here.


Soda pop?


We don't have soda pop.

Look, I don't know
how much Mom told you

about what I'm doing, but
I got assigned a field study

for my legal pluralism,
gender and religion class...

You know, that is right
where I stopped her.

I'm all for higher education,
but that word salad

that goes with it,
not so much.

But you said yes
to a ride-along.

Against my better
judgment, but yes.

Riding with Uncle Jamie isn't
a real ride-along, though.

How so?

Well, because he's
my Uncle Jamie.

Well, he's a cop,
a terrific one;

as is his partner.

- It's not the same.
- No, it's not the same.

If you were riding along
with Officer Smith and Jones,

it would be different.

- Exactly.
- They would be treating you

as the PC's granddaughter,
and everything you saw or heard

would be filtered through that.


It would be a theme park ride.

- But Uncle Jamie...
- Has sat with you

at family dinners since
you were in a booster seat,

so he should have
a pretty good idea

how far he can take you.

Which is how far?


What do you hope to see?

The real thing.

The real thing can be
real messy.

I know that.

You do and you don't.

What does that mean?

It means that at street level
things are different--

it's not just white hats
and black hats.

I know that, too.

I know you know that.

All right, how about this?
Let's just say,

for sake of this field study,
you don't know what you know,

you're just willing to keep
your eyes and ears wide open.

That work?

That works.

Thank you.


Anything else?

Nope. Can I wear one
of those shiny badges

I used to get here
when I was little?

You're too old for that.

I know.


(clamoring in distance)

GUERRERO: You would have thought
that we'd be past all this.

You would have thought
that we wouldn't allow racist

police officers on the street

who can't tell the difference

between a platinum
recording artist

and a common criminal.

(cheering, clamoring)

What's wrong with people?!

This has got to stop!

what we need to know is
has this happened before

with this officer?

And if it has,

why is he still on the streets
with a badge?

Get him out!
Get him out!

Police Commissioner
Frank Reagan,

the white knight...

who's always talking about

integrity, accountability.

He's blocking our efforts
to learn the truth,

and we're not gonna let him
get away with it!


(angry shouting, clamoring)
No more!

No more!

(all shouting, clamoring)

ANNOUNCER: Jones passes
to Major, who scores!

Oh, Major, baby!


What are we,
in high school? Geez!



- Right at home.
- Look who's here. Yeah.

Hey, foxy mama.
Hey, Jimmy.

How you doing?


You look so good.

(laughs) How come you
keep getting younger

and I keep getting older?

Oh, stop it. It's good
to see you, too, Jimmy.

Who are these studs?
What'd you do

with the little brats
you had before?

They grew up.
How about that, huh?

You guys remember me?


It's been a while.
Yeah, we got

to catch up.
I'll tell you what your parents

were really like when they
were your age. Let me tell you?

Yeah, I'd like to hear that.

Your father,
he was hell on wheels.

And your mother,

she was no angel, either.

Okay. (fake chuckle)

You know, Danny,

I was thinking we should put
Jimmy in the basement room.

That's a great idea.
Boys, why don't you

show your uncle
where he's gonna stay.

All right.

Go ahead. Keep him
down there for a while.

JIMMY: You guys should be
going to church.


I am so sorry he showed up
like this again.

Well, you know,
it's not your fault.

Jimmy's Jimmy, you know?
It's always something.

Well, let's just hope
it's nothing this time.

Yeah, let's.

Uh, why don't we go come up
with something for dinner, okay?

Really? This is the most (pop music playing)
serious call of the day?

A noise complaint?

Sorry to disappoint you.

It's not all action
all the time, Nicky.

85% of the job's
just dealing with the public.

(music stops)
Do you mind?

(door chain clacks)

We got a call

about loud music coming
from this apartment.

okay, ma'am?

Yes. Hello, Officer.
No problem at all.

Make him stop!


Be quiet.
Leave me alone!


I am so sorry about the music.

Ma'am, do you mind
if we come in,

take a look?

Of course. You're the police.


Ma'am, are you all right?

Yes, I am just clumsy.

I fell in the shower.

That bruise
on your cheek,

you got that mark
falling in the shower?

Where are you going?

I said I wasn't done
talking to you.

Officers, is
everything all right?

JAMIE: That's what
we're here to find out.

We're investigating
a complaint.


There's been
some disturbance in the house.

Oh. Oh, forgive me.

My, uh... my children can

be, um,

how you say, uh, rambunctious.
If it's just

your kids, then why do you have
a broken necklace in your hand?


we got this, okay? Please.

I was fixing it
for my wife.

- Is this against the law?
- Sir, we're just trying

to make sure
everyone's okay here.

Oh. Everyone is okay.

There's no problem.


tell them
what they need to hear.



- No, no.
- Sir,

stop pressuring her.

I'm fine.

I have no complaint.

I would just like
to be with my family.

You can go.

I thank you for your concern.

Let's go.

Have a nice day.

Thank you again.

That's it?
You're just gonna leave?

If she doesn't want to file
a complaint,

there's nothing we can do.

I'm sorry.
Come on.

♪ Powers that be just don't
pick our destiny 'cause... ♪


Danny, wha--
what is going on?


♪ We're not gonna take it ♪

♪ No, we ain't gonna take it ♪

Hit me!

(music stops)

Party's over!

Hey, Dad.

Don't “Hey, Dad” me.

Jimmy, what are you thinking?

Do my boys look 21 to you?

No, these bottles are mine.
I swear.

Uh-huh. And what's with
all the cash? Whose is that?

Well-well, that's mine now.

It's not yours now.

We've been gone two hours!

And you're already teaching
our kids how to gamble?

It is a school night, Jimmy.

I remember when Mom caught you
drinking. I covered for you.

I haven't heard this one.

Yeah, and you won't.
DANNY: That's right.

Because your uncle is leaving.


And both of you

upstairs! It's a school night.

I just said that. Go.

Good night.

Good night, guys.

Hey, come on.

Come on, you guys.

No. Forget it.

You are out of here.

Linda, don't do this.
I'm sorry.

I am so tired
of making excuses for you.

This is too much.

You're not gonna put me out

You can't.

What do you mean we can't?



did you happen to notice
that car out front?

♪ ♪


Danny Reagan.

How is everything?

How's it going, Stevie?

Real good.
You remember Lenny Sick

from the old neighborhood,

Good to see you, Danny.
Long time.

Yeah. I hear you been sitting
on my house all night. Why?

This is your house?
Oh, it's very nice.

Come on. What do you want?

Ask your brother-in-law.

I'm asking you.
Any chance

Jimmy tell you what happened
at our club the other night?

Something about some problem
with somebody else's girl.

He tell you whose?

'Course not.
Then he'd have

to explain how it was
Sal the Horse's goomah

and that Jimmy hit Sal over
the head with a champagne bottle

when they
got into it.

The back of the head.
We're talking

about Sal Garofalo?
Listen to me,

Sal is in intensive care right
now because your brother-in-law

came up behind him.

That can't stand.
You know that, right?

And none of you guys
called the police?

This is our world, Danny.

The police handle things
their way.

We handle them our way.
You know what I'm saying?

Your brother-in-law's
in a lot of trouble, my man.

Look, whatever my
brother-in-law's problem is,

it's his problem,
not mine. Okay?

But for now, you two need
to get away from my house

and stay the hell away
from my family.

No disrespect,

Danny, but something like this
happened to the cops,

you'd expect us to do
the right thing, right?

Fair enough.

This is not over.

Give my love to your wife,
will ya?

(starts engine)

Let's go, Lenny.

And I talked
to the investigators

in all three cases
where the allegations

against Sergeant Donahue
were substantiated.


All three were minor matters.

One involved
foul language.

And the other two?

Abuse of authority
and excessive force.

Both involved the

of suspects, which,

taken on their own,
not so bad...

But with the new one...

It looks like a pattern.

To any and everyone
who's not a cop.

Boss, I'm not
a policy guy,

but if we give way on this,

you're opening Pandora's box.

It's staying locked. We are
not releasing those records.

Guerrero wants to change
the law, he can run for office.

He's already done
the next best thing.

He just announced
that he's filing

a federal action charging
the department

with failure
to supervise the sergeant.

It'll never go anywhere.

It'll go around the block,
at least.

He named you in the action.

He did?


Wow, the Full Gerry.

If he's pushing this hard,

he thinks he's got something.

There's a preliminary hearing
scheduled for later this week.

And, no, you are not going.

Not your decision.
I can handle Gerry just fine.

Hearing. Courtroom.

His home turf. I don't care
how prepared you get,

you'd still be walking
into an ambush.

He's right, boss.


Oh, what a nice surprise.

I think I just got my first
taste of the real world.

What happened?

I went to a call
with Jamie and his partner.

It was just so obvious
that this husband

had been beating the wife,
but Jamie said

that there was nothing
he could do about it.

Was the wife willing
to file a complaint?

No. But only
because he was intimidating her.

Have a seat, Nicky.


You said you wanted to see
how the real world works.

Well, this is it.

If the woman's injuries
weren't severe

and she specifically said
she didn't want

to have her husband arrested,

then Jamie's hands are tied.

He could have pushed it.

I'm not gonna start telling
Jamie how to do his job.

Neither should you.

Didn't everybody in this family
take an oath?

I get it, Nicky.

And your heart's
in the right place.

But these things
are complicated.

And sometimes
you just need to know

when to cut your losses and...

walk away.

All right. Enough
of the silent treatment.

Can you just tell me
where we're going, please?

You, my friend, are going
to the no-tell motel.

That's where we put all the
other mopes who screw up.

I'm covering you
for three nights.

Then that's it.
You're on your own.

What did I do?

It's not what you did do.

It's what you didn't do.

You didn't tell me you put
a made guy in the ICU.

I didn't lie to you. I told you
I had a fight over a girl.

What? I was defending myself.

I was. I swear.

Well, great,
you were defending yourself

against a made guy whose girl
you were sleeping with.

Now I got Stevie Angels
and Lenny Sick

sitting in front of my house.

Really? He brought Lenny Sick?

Yeah. And you and me both know
why they call him that.

Oh, man.

Animal outside my house.
Where I live,

your sister lives,
your nephews sleep.

I never thought
it would go this far.

Well, it did.

And now you got to go.

Danny, they're gonna chop me up
and throw me into the Gowanus.

Look, just lay low
for a few days

till you figure out
your next play.

How? I'm broke, Danny.

Look, I'm begging.
You got to talk to these guys.

You got to straighten it out.

I got to clean up
your mess again?

You know something, Jimmy,
every day that goes by,

Owl's Head Park gets a little
bit further in the rearview.

Danny, if there was some way
I could've kept you out of this,

I would've.

I'm sorry.


Thanks for going the
extra mile, Uncle Jamie.

Just not sure
how much good it'll do

if the wife's still not
willing to file a complaint.

Ma'am, we wanted to follow up
on our previous visit.

Is your husband home?

No, not yet.

May we come in a minute?

Yes. Quickly.

We're here because your
neighbors have expressed concern

about what's going
on in this house

with you and
your children.

I told you we're fine.

Okay, but we just
wanted a chance to talk

to you and your
kids separately.

This is not necessary.

Ivano is the father
of my children. He provides.

It also looks like he beats you

and threatens you
to keep quiet about it.


How old are you?

You are a schoolgirl.

Do you have a husband
of your own?

Children to take care of?

No, but...
If the police take away

my husband,
who pays the rent?

Who puts food on the table?

Do you want us
to end up in a shelter,

like homeless people?

Ma'am, there are other options.

GIRL: Mama,

is everything all right?

It's okay.

Take your homework
and go back to your room.

I think you should go now.

(keys jangle)

Ivano, I swear,

they just showed up...


Your neighbors have expressed
some concern to us

about the condition
of your children.

Officer, I-I think
we have a misunderstanding.

You look at me and you see
someone who fixes boilers,

unclogs toilets.

But back home,

I was prosecutor for the state.

I understand the law as
well as you do. And I know

that you have no reason
to keep bothering us.

Then why don't
you let your wife

speak to us on her own?
Stop it.

And it's you. It is you.

Huh. Please,
we have cooperated enough.

Now you must go.


You can take this with you.

Please, here, here.

Go, go.
Take this with you.

- Take the garbage.
- We're not your garbage men.

Baez, I'm going in.

If you don't hear from me
in ten, 15 minutes,

I want you to send a 10-13
to the address I gave you, okay?


What's the matter?

Afraid somebody's gonna see you,
put you in the FBI scrapbook?

Come on, would ya?

♪ ♪

You know I counted about
a dozen indictments out there?

And that's just
sitting at the bar.

Tony, give us a couple
of minutes, will you?

(door closes)

I'm not wearing a wire, okay?

I'm not here on official
police business.

Well, it's good to see you
again, Danny.

Why don't you take a seat?
Make yourself comfortable.

I don't have time.

Neither does your

First and foremost,

you two need to stay away
from my house.

This was never about you
or your wife and kids, Danny.

LENNY: But if I was Jimmy,
I wouldn't buy tickets

to the ballet next season.

Unless it's the Nutcracker.


I can't help it.
I got to be me.

I'm sick.

Look, Jimmy screwed up, okay?

What can we do to make it right?

You know how this
thing of ours works.

They're saying Sal may have
brain damage.

Well, some would say that's
a preexisting condition.

This isn't a damn joke.

Jimmy disrespected the club.

He disrespected the borgata.

Bottom line-- he's got to go.

Got to go?

You do realize
you're talking

to an NYPD Police Detective.

And talking about whacking his
brother-in-law, on top of that.

You said it yourself--
you're not here as a cop.

I know what I said, okay?
But both you know

that I can't and won't
let that happen.

I don't see where you
have a choice.

Then maybe you need glasses.

How's that motel
where you got Jimmy?

They got room service?

Look, I got issues with Jimmy,

Okay? But he's my

godfather to my kids.

I'm just here
to work something out,

not to sign off on a hit.

Danny, you and me always
got along, right?

And I've always had

a soft spot for Linda.

So here's what I'm saying
to you.

If you're willing to bring
Jimmy in here,

personally, to apologize,

I promise he won't end up
on a slab.

- What does that mean?
- There's gonna be a conversation.

It's gonna be serious.

But there won't be a funeral.

STEVIE: I promise you,
you deliver him personally,

that's the end of it.

Well, end of it or not,

it would behoove both of you
to stay away from my house.

Done. As long as Jimmy
shows up here tonight.

If not, all bets are off, pal.

So be it.

Oh, and Danny?

I wouldn't talk this
over with the wife.



You got a minute?

Yeah, sure.

What's up?

When Guerrero dropped me
in the middle of this thing,

he had a reason.

So I pulled all my files.

And one was missing.

How do you know it was just one?

Pop, I remember every rip
I ever got,

and the worst one
was in that file.

And you think I'd know
where it is?

Well, I'm asking my father,

who was commissioner at the time
I got the rip.

If you're implying that I tried
to bury it, son...

No, no. I'm not.

'Cause I wouldn't and I didn't.

Well, don't get cranky.
I'm just...

trying to eliminate
the possibilities.

So what's left?

That it got lost in a warehouse

or missing when we went digital.

There you go.

Or that Gerry Guerrero
got to it.




It would be dangerously naive
not to think

that he has people in the
department in his pocket.


Want a drink?

Yes, I do.

(indistinct chatter)

Oh. You're not
the pizza guy.

And you're not Jimmy.
Where is he?


Cops are here.


Hey, Danny.

What's up, man?

You call this keeping
a low profile?

Oh, Colbert is on.
I love him.

Hey, you. Why don't
you beat it, okay?

Yeah. What do you want me to do,
go powder my nose?

Come on, baby. Powder
your nose, let's go.

There better be an extra 50

on that night table
when I come back.

(door closes)

Get some clothes on.
We got to go.

Where are we going?

You can't stay here anymore.

Okay, but where we going?

Would you just put some
clothes on, already?

Come on.

Hey, Danny.

You got an extra 50?

Hey, boss.
We got one under.

Officer Reagan.

I want to speak with you now.

How can I help you?

This little girl you bring
by my house before.

What is your relation to her?

I don't see how that's
any of your business.

She left this, her phone number.

- In my home.
- All right, calm down.

I want you to give her
a message from me.

I'm not your personal
delivery service!

You tell her

that if she comes by my house
one more time,

it will not be good
for her or you.

You're stepping up pretty close
to the line, sir.

No, you are coming
too close to the line!

This is harassment.

I told you, I know my rights.

You make sure she does, too.

(saw buzzing)

Rodney Beckett?

Who wants to know?

Lieutenant Gormley, NYPD.

You're not an easy man to find.

I haven't used
the name Beckett in 12 years.

And I haven't
had nothing to do

with the police in even longer.

It involves an old case
of my boss, Frank Reagan.

That's another name
I don't like to think about.

See this?

That's my Frank Reagan story.

This happened because of him.

We could use your assistance.

Heard that before.

Right before the cuffs go on.

It's a respectful
request, not a demand.

Frank Reagan
is asking me for help?


Lord, thank you for keeping me

alive to see this day.

So, uh...

You talked to the guys and
you straightened it out, right?

I did what I could.

Well, what'd they say?

What do you
think they said?

You know, Jimmy, you
put me in a bad spot.

You put me in
a bad spot

with my family, with my job.

Wh-wh-what are you telling me,

You couldn't get me out of this?

I'm not gonna lie to you.

It's not good.

What do you mean,
“it's not good”?

Am I about to get clipped?

Oh, man.

So now what? You just, you just
gonna hand me over to them?

Okay, okay, okay.

Just give me a minute.

Take all the time you want.

Danny. I'm just asking, is there
nothing else we could do?


Get down.

Stay down.

All right.

Oh, man.

This is what's gonna happen.

I'm taking you to the airport,
I'm putting you

on the last flight out of town,
I'm gonna give you a few bucks,

and you're gonna start
a new life somewhere else.

And leave you and my kid sister

to clean up after me again?

No. No, no, Danny.

Take me back.

Jimmy, would you just shut your
mouth for once in your life?

No, when we walked into
Owl's Head park that day,

I said we were brothers.

Well, it's a good thing Larry
and the rest didn't show up.

No. I'm not gonna leave
two goons sitting out front

of your house every night
waiting for me to come back.


No. I'm not
gonna do it, Danny.

- Just stop.

I'm not gonna do it.
Turn back.

Turn around.

You want me to turn around?

I want you to turn around.

You want to go back?

Yeah. I want to go back.

All right.

I'm gonna go back.

Hey, Danny.

How bad is it gonna be?

You're not gonna die tonight,
if that's what you're thinking.

That's something.

All right, moment of truth.


Still got time to change
your mind.

I'll put you on a flight
to Florida right now.

Nah, I got to do this, Danny.

You know me, six months

from now, I'll be back here
in trouble all over again.

Did you tell them
to go easy on my teeth?

I've always had nice teeth.


All right.


I love you, bro.

Jamie, did that lady
Nada ever show up?

No, but her husband
was here earlier

with a little
too much to say.

I made a terrible mistake.

Nada just called me screaming.

They had a fight after the
last time we were over there.

She told me to
come here, but

I couldn't understand
what she was saying.

I don't know anything about it.

Jamie, you better get her

out of here.
It's about to get really ugly.


Where are you going?

Where are you taking my son?

Mom? Mom? Mom?
Ma'am? Ma'am?

Whoa, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Mom. Mom.
We will explain everything

to you when we get to the

juvenile room.

Come on.

Come on.

This is all your fault!

Why couldn't you
leave us alone?

I don't understand, Nada.
What happened?

My husband attacked
me after you left.

He beat me till my
son had to defend me!

Now my husband is
stabbed, in the hospital,

and my son is under arrest.

He is 12-- 12!

Oh, my God, I am so sorry.

No! You stay away!

Stupid girl!
You've done enough!

(rhythmic beeping)

He's got four broken ribs,

a collapsed lung
and a concussion.

Well... CAT scan
came back okay, so...

that's good news.

Did you know?

Did I know what?

Don't play
with me, Danny.

Did you know
this was gonna happen?

Linda, I'm a cop.

That's not an answer.

You knew where he was.

You dropped him off
at that motel he was staying at.

I always told you there
were gonna be things

that I would never be
able to talk about.

But this time I need to know.

What you need to know is

that your brother's alive,

and your family is safe.

And that's really
all that matters right now.

You understand that the purpose
of this hearing is to challenge

your department's refusal

to release officers'
disciplinary records, don't you?

It is my understanding

that state law prevents me
from releasing them.

Yeah, but you can

make an exception, can't you?

In certain cases.
And yet,

you consistently choose not to.

Why is that?

I choose
to protect my officers' privacy.

Most complaints
are unsubstantiated.

Well, you know
I'm only asking you

about substantiated complaints.

The vast majority
of all complaints

are second-guessing
over minor matters.

And we're supposed
to take your word for it.


Because you have
the power of the state,

and the state
always knows best?

I didn't say that.

No? Then what would you say?

That it's part of my job

to exercise my judgment
as I see fit.

So your officers always get
the benefit of the doubt.

When it is merited.

Just because
they carry a gun and

wear a badge?

Because they routinely make
split-second decisions

under the most difficult

Don't you have
a more personal reason

for blocking the release
of these disciplinary reports?

I do not.
You do not?

Isn't it true
that you yourself

were disciplined more than once
while you were a police officer

in proceedings that
were not public until now?

Your Honor,

we object.

It is not clear what proceedings
Mr. Guerrero is referring to.

Your Honor, these records
were given to my office

by a complainant
in the original action.

JUDGE: It's a hearing.
I'll allow you

to ask about them... for now.

Commissioner Reagan,

do you recall being disciplined

for the use of excessive force

against one Rodney Beckett?


A third party who witnessed
the incident filed a complaint.

And when you spoke
to that third party

for purposes of this hearing,

he confirmed it.

Did you also speak
to the aggrieved party?

His whereabouts are unknown.

Well, it would be useful
to hear his account.

Would that we could.

You can.

He's here.

Mr. Beckett?

Mr. Beckett is here
of his own volition

and is willing to testify
as to what happened.

- No. Your Honor, I object to this...
- Mr. Beckett

has also thoughtfully provided
an affidavit that states

that he was on PCP

and fell down the stairs

Mr. Beckett.

Thank you, Your Honor.

How's the arm, Rodney?

Still can't straighten
it all the way.

And it still hurts
when it's about to rain.

It was good of you
to come to court.

Didn't do it for you.

Did it for me.

To show I'm not the man I was.

For what it's worth,
you did the right thing.

Will you accept my thanks?

Just be careful of the elbow.

How much did that cost you?

Not as much as
you think, Gerry.

Come on. You must have
had some leverage.

It was his choice
to come to court,

just as it was your choice to
tip your hand ahead of time.

Okay, okay.
Okay, you got me there.

But it doesn't mean I'm wrong
about the bigger issue.

The public has a right to know

if you're shielding officers
with prior bad acts.

The sergeant
who clothes-lined your client

has been assigned modified duty

and been encouraged
to seek opportunities elsewhere.

You do see things
my way, Commissioner.


But we take care of our own,
and that sword cuts both ways.

And one more thing, Gerry,

and I mean this in
the most helpful way.


Never assume that you know

everything I know... about you.


They pass a tax on talking?

Yup. Twenty after.

- What?
NICKY: Mom thinks

when talk stops in a group,

it's either 20 minutes before
or 20 minutes after the hour.

It's true.

Nah, that's bunk.

Plus I see more long faces
than the finish line at Belmont.

Some of us had a long week, Pop.

Yeah, I'm pretty much
all talked out myself.

Yeah, well, that's what happens

when you talk out
of both sides of your mouth.


Thank you.


So, Dad,

how come none of us
ever heard

that you got placed
on modified before?

Yeah, Dad, how come?

Oh, I can think
of a dozen good reasons.

Because it was only people

in the department that were
supposed to know about it.

We're part of the
department, aren't we?

At the time.

And why is that?

Because not everybody
can understand

what we do and how we do it.

It's easy to
armchair quarterback.

It's a whole other thing
being in the arena.

But shouldn't you have to answer
to somebody beside yourselves?

Otherwise who keeps you honest?

Yeah, what about that?

Look, it's an
imperfect system

run by imperfect
people, okay?

Why does that excuse
never work for me?

Well, do you really want us
to answer that?

'Cause we try harder.

But sometimes,
it doesn't always work out.

And what about
if trying makes things worse?

At least you tried.

There's that.

And what's the alternative?

Every man for himself?

If you're gonna try and make
a difference in the world,

you're gonna get your hands
dirty sometimes. Goes with.

Not that you shouldn't
be held accountable.

Well, as long
as they understand why

you had to get down in the dirt
in the first place.

Nicky, you made a misstep,

but you were walking
in the right direction.

That counts.

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