Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 14 - In and Out - full transcript

Danny and Baez investigate the murder of a gang leader where the accused shooter is an ex-con romantically linked to his parole officer.

We've been riding
together three years,

I'm just finding
out about this now?

'Cause I knew you'd freak out.

There are some things
that just aren't right, Eddie,

and this is one of them.

My grandparents lived in Philly,
and we used to go to the games.

Seriously? The Flyers?

You're not even allowed
to mention that name

in my father's house!

Don't you think you're
overreacting a little bit?

All units, No.

Confines of the 12th precinct,

10-13 from the officer.

Officer shot,
east of 52nd and Sutton.

Units responding.


Anyone down there?

Nothing, Reagan. We got nothing.

You see anything?

He did say just east of
52nd and Sutton, right?

Yeah, but no RMP,
no partners, no nothing.

What do you think?

Central, slow it down
at this location.

That's gonna be a 10-90X.

No officer down
at this location.

Repeat, no officer down.

I think we got a false alarm.

Hey, don't lean on the car.
Step away.

What do we got?

Two males, both D.O.A.,
multiple gunshot wounds.

Pretty sure the guy on
the ground is Damon Gates.

Looks like he tried
to make a run for it.

Damon Gates. The Godfather

of the Ace Double Treys
Damon Gates?

That's their headquarters
over there.

Gates was coming out
when he got hit.

Anyone see the shooter?

One guy saw a dark
sedan across the street.

Claims he didn't
see any occupants.

More likely, he wanted
to keep breathing,

given the vics. Thank you.

Gang hit?

It's got to be.

Warrior Kings
and Ace Double Treys

have been going at it
for months.

If the Kings executed
the leader of the ADTs...

Then the ADTs
are gonna hit back. Hard.

And we had no idea
this was in the works?

My unit had zero Intel Warrior
Kings were taking out Gates.

Because? "Because?"

Because your unit's
firing on all cylinders?

We've got undercovers inside
both gangs, they had nothing.

This hit came out of left field.

Violence between
the Kings and ADTs

have been escalating for months.

All the more reason

you should've seen this coming.

What we saw were these guys

taking out
each other's soldiers.

So, performing
a community service.

That's bar talk.
I don't want to hear that.

And sooner or later we are going
to have collateral damage,

civilian casualties.

And that is anything
but a community service.

Keep me apprised, Bryce.

Yes, sir.

Helfond's in a tough spot.

Tough spot's pretty much
the job description, Sid.

I meant taking over
from Chief Kent.

Guys like Donald Kent
don't come along every day.

And in Don's case,
they get assassinated for it.

The press is looking for
a statement off the shooting.

Walks like a gang hit,
talks like a gang hit.

The likelihood
of an all-out gang war

on the streets of New York?

Your statement?

Not gonna happen.

Came up empty on the canvass.

No weapon, no witnesses.

At least, no one
with the balls to talk.

Two guys shot dead
on that crowded block.

Somebody saw something.

You know the rules.

What, no cops?

That rule is meant to be broken.

ADTs don't want the
shooter arrested.

They want him dead.

ADTs want every single King
in the city dead.

That's what they want.

My old boss used to say that
gang wars cut down on paperwork.

Well, look.
Bad guys killing bad guys

is not the worst thing
in the world.

The problem is so many bad guys
have the worst aim in the world,

which is bad for civilians.

And there's always more bangers
to take their place.

High-profile hit like this,
the Kings are gonna do what?

They're gonna use one
of their top soldiers

so they don't screw it up.

See anything?

Couple of these
guys are deceased.

Two are doing time upstate.

Hang on.

Look at this.

Ronald Lloyd.

Released a few months ago
for doing four years

on an attempted murder charge.

I know Ronald Lloyd.

He was a person of interest
in multiple homicides.

Do you think he's our shooter?

I think we're about to find out.

I just don't understand
why someone is making

these fake radio calls.

Yeah. Boss said
it's been happening

more and more
over the past year.

- Intelligence unit's working on it.
- Any arrests?

No, just been talking to
a bunch of scanner buffs.

You mean losers who listen
to police calls all day.

I've met some of
these guys. You know,

most of them are harmless.

For them, it's the
ultimate cop show.

Except this is real life for us.


You know, it used
to take some skill to make

a store-bought radio
transmit on a PD frequency.

But now, it's just a lot easier.

Well, then the department
needs to limit access

to our radio channels.

That would cost
the city billions.

Unauthorized transmissions
divert resources,

and they put real victims
in danger, not to mention cops.

And for the few knuckleheads
that make these calls,

it's their idea of a good time.

That's because
they're not risking their lives

answering those calls.

We go in this joint looking for
a fight, we're gonna get one.

Maybe we should call for backup.

Why? What fun would backup be?

Stay alert.

Step aside.

It may take a while,
but step aside!

Y'all must be lost.

Actually, we're not.
We're looking for Ronald Lloyd.

Man, I don't give a damn
who you looking for.

You seen him?

You assed out.

Ronald ain't around here.

You know, I smell the
recreational usage of marijuana.

Write me a ticket, and take off.

How about this instead?

I'll just toss the whole joint,

and see what other goodies
we can find.

We could start with you,
tough guy.


Looking for me?

How you doing, Ronald?

Good. Can't complain.

Me, neither.

We're gonna need you
to take a ride with us.

We got to ask you some questions
about the murder of Damon Gates.

Yeah. I heard about that. Yeah.

Somebody did him in real good.

Pretty sure
his crew's not laughing.


Let's go.

I'm not so sure about that.

Back up.

Let's get this started.

Turn your crew loose on me,

and I can turn this
nine loose on you.

But then we're both
gonna have a problem.

At ease, Kings.

It's a nice day for a ride.

Good call.

After you.

The call said three gunmen.

You guys take the left!

You set?

Let's go.

Go, go.

We had a call
of an armed robbery here?

No robbery here.
Just... you guys.

Another false alarm.

More fun and games.

Units confines
of the 12th precinct,

report of a 10-30
at 19126th Ave.

Location is Rampart Bank.

Shots fired.

Reports of a female victim.

Think this one's real?

That's our dispatcher.

That's all the way
on the other side the precinct.

Mr. Lloyd.

We understand you were released

from Green Haven
four months ago.

Yep. Sure do miss
the pastrami up in there.

Say again?

Green Haven runs a
kosher food program.

Okay, Rabbi.
What can you tell us

about the Damon Gates murder?

The brother got
what was coming to him.

How's that?

You got rules, we got rules.

You break them,
you pay the price.

And what rules
did Damon Gates break?

Doesn't really matter
much now, do it?

It matters to us.


PD don't give a damn
about street justice.

Well, I wouldn't exactly
refer to the crap

that you guys pull as justice.

Are we done here, Daniel?

No, we're not done.

Where were you today at the time
of the Gates killing?

You ain't hanging that on me.

Answer the question.

I had an appointment.

You're gonna have to do
better than that, Ronald.

I was with Ramirez.

One of your Warrior King

Not quite.

My parole officer.

So you're saying you were
reporting to your P.O.

at the time of the hit?

Same time every week.

Write down the name
and number of your P.O.

We'll check it out.

Be my guest.

Have at it.

I'm out of here.

Actually, you're not
going anywhere.

We picked you up in a bar,

where you were associating
with gang members.

That's a parole violation,

so you can sit your ass down.

You'll cool your jets
in a holding cell

while we visit your P.O.

Can a brother at least
get a coffee?

No, but I'll bring you a knish.

What happened?

We got a double homicide
on Warrior King turf.

Both gang members?

Yeah. Vics were shot,
then had their throats cut.

Signature of
the Ace Double Treys.


Not just soldiers.

Collateral damage?

None so far.

In my office.

The mayor called, sir.

In a minute.

The new leader of the ADTs

is willing to negotiate a truce.

Willing and able? Sir?

Is he really the boss

or just saying he is?
Good point.

Multiple sources confirming.

What about the head
of the Warrior Kings?

Won't play ball.
Well, squeeze 'em.

Threaten to reopen every
murder case he's close to.

That won't work, boss.
Well, make it work.

The leader of the Warrior Kings
is already in prison.

He runs the gang from his cell,
up in Otisville.

It's Mario Hunt.

Landed up in Otisville,
where he took over his gang.

Where he feels free
to stonewall us.

What's that mean?

He put out word he'd take
a sit-down with you...

and only you.

So what you're bringing me...

I'm invited to negotiate
with the man

who murdered my friend
and his wife.

That's my option here.

He can't negotiate
with a guy who killed

an NYPD chief in cold blood.

You get that, right?

What I get, it's my job here
to give our boss the options,

no matter how troubling
those options are.

So you want to kill
the messenger, go ahead.

Nobody's saying anything about...

Set it up.

Ronald Lloyd's been
reporting to me

since his release
from Green Haven.

Keeping his nose clean?

Well, I've never received any
reports to the contrary.

We picked him up at
a Warrior King bar yesterday.

I'll check it out.
If he screwed up,

I'll violate him, and
he can face a parole hearing.

Actually, we're not
looking to put him away

on a parole violation.

So what are we talking about?

We're looking at him
in connection

with a double homicide.

Surprised to hear that.

Ronald seemed determined
to turn his life around.

The leader of the ADT
street gang, and his driver,

were murdered yesterday.

Ronald says he was here with you

at the time of the murder.

Yeah, Ronald came in
for his scheduled

face-to-face meeting yesterday.

12:15 p.m. We met for
approximately half an hour.

Gates was hit at 12:30
in Queens.

Which would make it
kind of impossible

for him to kill Gates
at that time.

Looks like Lloyd's not your guy.

Hey, Chris.

How you been? Officer Reagan.

It's great to see you.

Good to see you.
This is my partner, Eddie Janko.



Hey, your partner tell you
how he saved my business?

No, it was no big deal.

Come on, man.

I got robbed three months
after I opened.

No insurance.

If Jamie hadn't caught the guys,

located my merchandise,
I'd have had to close down.

Well, I'm glad that
it worked out.

So how is business?

Whole world's
plugged into something.

Keeps me busy.
Yeah, that's why we're here.

We've had a rash of
unauthorized transmissions

over the PD radio.

Yeah, been a lot of chatter
about that on the scanner sites.

Well, it's nothing
to brag about.

Trust me, nobody's bragging.
They're pissed off.

See, 99% of these scanner buffs,

they just listen
to police calls.

You always get a few trolls.

You know some
of these guys, Chris.

Anybody we should be looking at?

Yeah, this kid... he's been
in here a few times.

Still in high school.

Calls himself "Shadow."

Major attitude.

Dresses like a punk,
but he's a serious wire-head.

Knows the technology cold.

Do you know
where we could find him?

Cybercafé on 25th.
It's big with the buffs.

Thanks, Chris.
We're gonna check it out.


All right, thanks.


Ace Double Trey soldiers,
every one of 'em.

Witnesses say the gunman
approached on foot

and opened fire.

Let me guess, nobody
got a look at his face.

You got it.

This thing is spinning
out of control.


We got a fifth victim,
a civilian.

She's just a baby.
How's she doing?

Took a bullet in her leg,
lost some blood.

Could be worse.

You know, I heard a rumor
that the bravest girl

in all of New York City
is here tonight.

And I think I just found her.

You stay brave for me, okay?

You, too, Mom.

All right?

Get her out of here.
It's gonna be okay.

It's eight bodies in 48 hours.

And even if we figure out
who hit Gates,

it's not gonna stop
the bodies from piling up.

Excuse me.

Yo, why are you hassling me?
Are you Shadow?

What about it?
Do yourself a favor,

drop the attitude.
What's your real name?

Tommy O'Rourke,
but I don't go by that.

For a guy who listens
to cop radio 24/7,

you just don't seem
excited to see us, Tommy.

Just 'cause I listen
don't mean I like you guys.

Yeah? What'd we ever do to you?

You're doing it right now.

Getting in my face
when I didn't do nothing.

That's a really nice radio
you got there.

I bet you could transmit
over the NYPD frequency

with that bad boy.

Yeah, but that's
against the law.

A lady got shot yesterday
because some joker was

making false radio calls.

Well, if you don't want
to get messed with,

then protect your wack system.

Well, it's your lucky day,

You gonna leave me
the hell alone now?

Better. You're gonna get
to talk to a real live

NYPD detective.
Let's go, get up.

When we get in the car,
we are gonna make

a real live radio call
all about you.

Yeah, all right, thank you.

Nothing on my end.
Lab come up with anything

on the slugs they took out
of Gates and his driver?

Nothing that'll lead us
to the shooter.

I cannot believe we had to cut

that son of a bitch Lloyd loose.

He alibied out, Danny.

Alibied out? Come on.

This hit was totally his M.O.

Drive-by shooting
with a machine gun

at close range.

"Warrior Kings" in blood

next to the vic's body
on the ground.

We just got to keep digging.


- What?
- This is Peter Chen.

Says he's got some information

on the Gates homicide.

You don't say.

Thank you.

Okay, Mr. Chen,
what can you tell us?

I was walking to work
when it happened.

Saw the whole thing.

And you're just
coming forward now?

I heard a little girl
got shot today.

These gangs have destroyed
our neighborhood.

What can you tell us
about the shooter?

You get a look at him?
Can you describe him?

Six feet tall, skull earring,

tattoo on his neck
of a bloody knife.

Sound like someone you know?

It can't be him, Danny.

Let's see. One second.

Okay, Mr. Chen,
do any of these gentlemen

look like the shooter to you?

Number five. He shot those guys.

Number five.

Are you sure?

That's him.

All right, Mr. Chen,

why don't you have
a seat over there.

We'll be with you
in a moment. Thanks.

How the hell could Ronald Lloyd

be meeting with his P.O.
and shooting Damon Gates

at the same time?

That is a damn good question.

Appreciate you coming
all the way up here.

I understand you're running
the Warrior Kings now.

I ain't saying that.

I know who I'm talking to.

You ordered the execution
of the head of the ADTs.

He was taking things
that wasn't his.

I don't care how it started.

I want it stopped.

I'm with that.

All this blood's
bad for business.

Then why not come to the table?

Happy to.

Long as I come in person.

Look, man,

I got about five more
years up in here.

You get me out,
this war goes away.

I don't have the power
to release a Federal prisoner.

You the most powerful cop
in the whole country.

You make a phone call,
it's done.

You have the power to stop it.

So do you, Frank.

I mean, but the difference
between me and you?

You actually care how many folks
get killed out there.

I don't.

Get me the hell out of here.

You have a great day, Frank.

Put in the call
to a friend of mine,

a parole supervisor
from Ramirez's office.


Because something
doesn't add up.

So Ramirez has to be dirty?

That's not what I said.

You're checking her out
with her boss.

Come on, this is
called police work.

And, as it turns out,
she's recently divorced

and is having serious
money problems.

So you're thinking Ramirez
took cash from Lloyd

to cover his ass
in the Gates homicide?

Wouldn't be the first time
an officer of the law

took the money.

She's been dealing with skels
and gang members for years.

Suddenly, she sells out?

I don't know, but that's what
I'm trying to find out!

I looked into Ramirez's record.

13 years, exemplary service.

Okay, so we're just supposed
to assume that Mr. Chen lied

when he I.D.'d Lloyd?

Maybe he made a mistake.

I'd take the word
of a veteran P.O.

over a scared civilian any day.

Look, I hate jamming up
an officer of the law

as much as you do, okay?

But if that's where
this thing leads us,

that's where I'm going!

Where are you going?

It was taken the day of.

Good to see you, Thomas.

You, too, sir.

I'm glad you transferred
to the gang unit.

Kind of makes it
a family business.

This thing with
the Warrior Kings

and Ace Double Treys,
hell of a mess.

Yes, it is.

So you know what I'm up against.

In exchange
for negotiating a truce,

Mario Hunt is demanding

that we commute
the rest of his sentence.

The guy who killed my parents,

murdered one of your chiefs.

Thomas, a federal judge
has already signed off on it.

You can't.

His blood's not on it,
I washed it off.

But my father's blood is still
on this shield, Commissioner,

in another, just-as-real sense.

I know that.

I like to keep that here
with me.

Your dad always had my back,
I like to think

that in some way, he still does.

But I'm not so sure,
in this instance,

that your dad wouldn't think
what I have to do

is appeasement.

Appeasement's not an option

if you care about
the lives of the innocent.

You sound just like him.

That's just the way he said it.

Just remember you had his trust.

Whatever you have to do,
my dad's got your back.

Thank you, Thomas.

Hey, just talking
to the detectives

who interviewed Shadow.
Is her our guy?

Nope. TARU confirmed that the
unauthorized transmissions

didn't come from his radio.

Did he offer up any information?

The detective said he wasn't
all that cooperative.

Ooh, there's a shocker. Right.


Hey, Shadow.

Hey, listen.

Sorry we had to bring you in.

- Yeah, right.
- All these false alarms

are gonna get someone killed.

You know why people
mess with the cops?

'Cause the cops
mess with everyone.

Hey, we got a job to do.

So do your job
and leave me the hell alone.

Hey, and you don't care

if innocent people get hurt?

They get hurt every day
and you guys

don't do a damn thing about it.

I guess you're not
paying too close

attention to what's coming
in over that radio.

My older brother got killed
two years ago,

just standing in the street.
Cops didn't do jack.

We're sorry to hear
about your brother.

The thing is hard as we try,

we can't catch everybody.

Can I go now?


I'm not cool with this, Danny.

Staking out a parole officer's

Okay, well, would you be cool

if Lloyd walked away
from a double murder?

Of course not.

Okay, then we do
what we got to do.

Look, let's talk about
what we know, okay?

My buddy confirmed
that she was divorced.

Is that illegal now?

No, but we also know

she had money problems.

Stopped showing up at work,
started behaving erratically,

according to her friends.

Then suddenly, four months ago,
she's on top of the world.

Right at the exact same time

that Lloyd gets
out of the joint.

Which proves nothing.

Well, does a guy picking Lloyd

out of a photo array
prove anything?

Eyewitnesses have been
wrong before, Danny.

And so have parole
off... officers.

Well, what do you know?

There's Lloyd.

I don't believe it.


You were right about one thing.

He didn't have to blackmail her.

That guy knows how to
come up with an alibi.

It almost sounds like

they played a bunch
of video games

and decided to go out
and play it in real life.

Or maybe that's
what it sounds like, but...

It's anything but a game.

I'm just saying,
I mean, even the names.

Warrior Kings,

Ace Double Treys?

The names always change,

but that element
seems to stay the same.

Young, hopeless and vicious.

If they catch the guy that

killed Gates, does that mean
the gang war's over?

Well, it's not that easy, Linda.

What do you mean?
What he means is

gangs have their own system
of justice.

And it doesn't include judges
or juries.

Just executioners.

Are they just gonna
keep killing each other?

I'm not worried about them.

How do you broker a deal

between two sides when neither
side respects your authority?

No truce is gonna
stop those animals

from killing one another anyway.

We had an ADT in the ER

last night,
three bullet holes in his chest,

all of 14-years-old.

Well, leave a light on.

Ain't the first time
and it won't be the last.

Why would you join a gang if
there's such a high chance

of you getting killed?

For a lot of these guys, gangs
take the place of their family.

Some family.
Pretty sad substitute.

When you don't have anything
to compare it to.


Tough guy on the corner says,

"I'm gonna take care of you"?

For that kid,

he's been waiting
to hear those words

his whole life.

And the next thing you know,

you're in Linda's hospital
with three slugs in you.

And your O.G. Godfather
has no more use for you,

because you can no longer

do his dirty work for him.

How do you negotiate with scum
like that, like Mario Hunt?

He was the one

that killed the Kents.
How are you gonna deal with him?

There's no truce
that means anything

without him signing off.

But how, Dad?
You can't cut a deal with him.

I'm gonna try.

But the Kents were your friends.

You bet.

It's complicated, Sean.

Not to me.

Not for me, either.

Mario Hunt should rot
in the prison.

You can't negotiate
with gangbangers.

Just like terrorists.

Not going anywhere.

I wish it were that easy.

I say let 'em work it out

And if they don't?

People die.

Innocent people.

Exactly. Innocent people.

Yeah, but if you sit down
with these guys,

then it's like we're giving in

and then you're just asking
for more trouble.


Tell that to the mother

whose little girl got shot.

Tell her we're sorry,
but it's cast in stone

who we will
and will not try to reach.

I'm just saying...

I know what you're saying.

See you next week,
and I don't want to hear

you've been showing up late
for work again.

You're really hands-on
with these guys?

Well, you have to be or else
they just screw up again.

If they do,
you've got a responsibility

to make sure
they pay for it, right?

That's the job. What about this?

This part of your job, too?

I don't know what to say.

Well, the state inspector
general has plenty to say.

I never meant for it to happen.

I didn't see Lloyd

twisting your arm
to make it happen last night.

I was in a bad place
when I met Ronald,

but I know it's not an excuse.

Damn right it's not.

I made a big mistake.

No, you made two mistakes.

First one was
betraying your oath

and sleeping with Lloyd
in the first place.

The second one was lying to us,

telling us Lloyd was
here when he was out

committing a double homicide.

Also known as hindering
prosecution in the first degree.

You have something to say?

Ronald called me from
your precinct, told me.

He promised
he didn't kill Gates.

We got an eyewitness
says he did.

I swear I never
would've covered for him

if I thought he did
those murders.

You never should've covered
for him at all.

What happens now?

Your career as a P.O.
is finished...

but you could possibly
help yourself on the legal side.


We got to get Lloyd

to confess to killing Gates
and his driver.

How are you gonna get him
to do that?

We won't.

You will.

You wanted to see us, Sarge?

You got a visitor.

Hey, what you doing here,

Look, I was pissed
you dragged me down here

when I didn't do anything,
but I know why you did it.

It was nothing personal.

Yeah, I guess I got a temper.

Yeah, me, too.

Look, I don't always agree
with what you guys do,

but it takes guts, and I'd never
make a false call ever.

That's good to hear.
But there are other guys out

there who do, and they make
the rest of us look bad.

Do you have something
you want to tell us?

I overheard two guys
talking about the robbery

where the lady got shot.
Where was this?

At the cyber cafe
where you guys found me.

They've hung out
there a few times.

What did they say?

Talked about how

it was an easy job,

about the people in the bank,

like they were there.
Who are these guys?

One of them's a hard-core
radio head named Richie,

and the other guy's
kind of scary.

I definitely wouldn't
mess with him.

Did you mention these guys

to the detective
that questioned you?

No, he treated me
like a dumb kid,

so that's what I acted like.

Let's go find these guys.

They're coming out.

Copy that.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

Do me a favor, take your hands
out of your pockets.

That's a nice radio.

Afternoon, officers.

We're investigating a bank
robbery a few blocks from here.

You guys know
anything about that?



'Cause you two,

you fit the description
of the perps.

Listen to police calls
on that radio?


Gun! I got a gun!

Got him!

Hands behind your back.

Give me your right hand.

In the car.

I'm willing to bet

that this gun matches the bullet

that they pulled
out of the victim in the bank.

I'm betting this radio is
the unauthorized transmission

that had us chasing our tails.

Pretty nice takedown.

Well, we couldn't have done
it without you, Shadow.

Damn straight.

If you're so interested
in the NYPD,

you ever think about joining up?

No, I don't think
I could rock the uniform.

We were thinking about
the Intelligence Division.

They hire civilian analysts.

You know they got internships.

If you're interested,
we'll put in a good word.

I'll think about it.

In the meantime, don't mess up.
I'll be listening.

Hey, what are you
doing here, baby?

I needed to see you.

Come in.

She's in.

Lloyd is smart.

I hope she can pull this off.

It's kind of risky
you being here.

I'm glad to see you.

We need to talk.

Those detectives came
to my office again.

They have a witness who claims
he saw you kill Gates.

Doesn't matter.

Just stick to the story
and we're cool.

There's surveillance video

of everyone who comes in and out
of Corrections, Ronald.

It's just a matter of time
till they ask to see the tape

for the day Gates was killed,

and see you're not on it.

So, just pull the tapes, baby.

I already put my career
on the line for you once.

If I'm gonna do it again
you need to tell me the truth.

Did you kill Gates?

Tell me the truth, Ronald.

It's the only way
I can help you.

Look, I was trying
to protect you, all right?

If you knew I killed those boys,

you'd have to do
something about it.

Here we go.


Bitch, you sold me out!

Drop it!

I'll blow her brains out
right here, right now!

You don't want to do that.

Cover me.

Ronald, no!


I'm walking
out of here, all right?

You're leaving here in cuffs
or a body bag, you hear me?

Now put the gun down!

She dies, it's on you.

Drop the gun!

Ronald, listen to me. Hey!

Look at me.

You're a smart guy. Okay?

Why don't you be smart now.

Put that thing down
so nobody gets hurt.

Drop it!

Good job, Christine.



5-4 detectives, 10-13.

We have an officer shot
at this location.

Nah, it can't be.

Hey, Ramirez, you
hang in there, okay?

Guess I was wrong about him.

Ramirez? Ramirez!

Wasn't easy getting the feds
to sign off on your release.

They stuck my ass in Vermont.

I don't ski
and I don't make candles.

I hit the streets.
You get your truce.

Everybody wins.

Well... almost everybody.

Okay, don't do that.

Don't go comparing
what you've lost to...

to what I've lost.

My old man wasn't
no chief of police.

I never knew my old man.

Matter of fact, I had to fight
for everything I ever got.

You didn't fight for it.
You stole for it.

You lied for it.
You murdered for it.

Don't flatter yourself.

Whatever, man. Just get me
the hell up out of here.


that's not gonna happen.

No? No.

That's how you want to play it?

Okay, then when the bodies keep
on dropping, that's on you.

There's a new deal.

I picked up the phone and got
you transferred to USP Atlanta.

You... can't do that.

No, I can't, but the feds can.

I understand the Ace Double
Treys run things in Atlanta.

Cops ain't supposed to have
people murdered, Frank.

In a perfect world, Mario.

But this ain't a perfect world.

Here's the deal.

The war stops now.

You can finish your sentence
here, in your house.

If not, it's Atlanta,
in their house.

The offer's good
for the next ten seconds.

Just when things were going
so well for you.

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