Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 7, Episode 10 - Unbearable Loss - full transcript

When the son of Frank's most outspoken critic is murdered, Frank and the boy's father must put aside their differences to seek justice.

Yo, you need help lighting that?

All right. Where's your damn wallet?

Come on, man! Get it out!

I'm getting it.
I'll cut you, man. I swear.

Take it easy. I'm getting it.

All units move in,
move in, move in!

I'm a cop!

Get off me! I'm a cop!
I'm a cop! Don't fight me, man!

Don't fight me!


Stay right there!

Hands up!

Jamie, are you okay?

Yeah, I think so.

What'd you do that for?
I dropped the knife!

Doesn't matter. You grabbed
for my gun. You're under arrest.

No, I didn't!

You have the right
to remain silent.

I know. My dad's a cop.


you up? Breakfast is done!

You know I don't eat breakfast.

You should the day of tryouts

for a big math competition.

You ready?


Do you have your calculator?

I told you, we're not allowed
to bring calculators.


can you help me
with this bow tie?

That's what you're wearing to
the opening of a youth facility?

I'm not wearing it
for the youth.

I'm wearing it for the cameras.

It's corny.

Say what? It makes you look

like you work in a restaurant.

So now you're a fashion critic?

- Just saying.
- Now you're gonna get it.

Come on, slugger. Come on.

Good luck today, son.

And be careful out there? Dad,

I'm going to a math contest.

I'm saying,
if you run into the police...

Be polite but know your rights.
All right.

Get out of here.

Rumble, young man. Rumble.

Mommy, please, where are you?

Will you shut up?!

Mommy. Mommy.
Well, here we go again.

My God. At least
she's not singing

99 Bottles of Beer  anymore.
Mommy, please don't

let them hit me again.

Mommy, don't let them
hit me again.


Rent-a-cop, we may... we
might need to pull over again.

Please, Mommy.
Mommy, it hurts. It hurts.

Please, Mommy,

it hurts. Please.

Please, Mommy,
don't let them hit me again.

Hey, guys. For real now.

Mommy, please!

Yo, seriously!
She's not faking now!

Hey, you want to go back there
and tell 'em to shut up again?

No. You shut 'em up.

Buckle up.

Guys, don't do this!

This lady's out! Stop!

Stop the van, man! Stop!

Yo, how did everybody do
on the game theory question?

- Beasted on it.
- Well, what do you expect?

His mom's a teacher,
and his dad's a sponsor.

Nobody gave me the answers.

Whatever. Hey, who's up

for chilling at my mom's with
some Call to War 2 on the Xbox?

So lame. 3's about to come out.

Hey, guys,
I'll catch up to you later!

What's up?

Just got to take care
of something!

All right. Later, G.

Really, Anthony? You're
pulling me out of a meeting?

Come down to the scene
of a traffic accident?

You need to see
what happened here.

Looks like more of a job
for Highway Patrol.

Yeah, well, this is the private
prison van that was supposed

to be bringing up the witness
for our big fraud trial.

You mean the one that was
in custody in Florida,

Kenny Becker?
Yeah, Kenny was in the van

when it got T-boned
going through the intersection.

It was carrying a bunch of other
prisoners getting picked up

and dropped off all along
the Eastern Seaboard.

So where's Kenny?

We're sorting through
all the IDs,

trying to figure it out.

Got at least four injured,
one escaped.

And throw in

one D.O.A.

So our witness is in the wind

and we have no way
of tracking him?

That's how it goes
when you travel economy.

Why am I not getting
any information?!

I have a right to
know! I have a right!

You show me! Tell me
who is in charge here!

- Is that Potter?
- That's him.

The hell is he doing?
Take it easy.

- Take it easy?
- What is going on here?!

Our job's not hard
enough without this guy

screwing up our crime scene and
making our life more difficult?

The victim's his son,
Michael Potter. 15 years old.

Three shots at close range.

That is my son!

My God.
Somebody, you tell me, you tell me!

What do we know?

No witnesses to the attack.
Looks like he was taking

a shortcut through this lot
to get home.

The boy was an honor student at
Crispus Attucks High School.

Supposed to be

on his way home
from a math contest.

Was it a robbery? What?

His cell phone was still
in his backpack.

Cash was still in his wallet.

Maybe he resisted?
But three shots

is a lot for a robbery.

Talk to me!

Is it true?

Is it true? Is it true?

No, is it true?


Let go of me.

Let go of me. No.
Baby, calm down!

No, I need to see him! No!

My son!

I have to see my son! No!

That's my boy, Reagan!

That's my boy in that dirt
right there!

Reagan, you better do this
right! That's my son!



I'm so sorry for your loss.

I'm still waiting for it
to sink in.

I'm not sure what I'll do
when it does.

You'll try to deal,
help the others to deal.

Not sure I have it in me.

Did you?

When you lost your son?

Off and on.

Michael was our only child.

We always kept him off
the streets. But maybe

we tried too hard
and-and left him unprepared...

You can't...

you can't blame yourself.


So you still don't have

Not yet. But we will soon.

You're certain of that?

I have faith.

I ask you to.

I know we've had
our differences.

With good reason. We both want

exactly the same thing
right now.

If there's anything
my office can do

to help you or your family...

Just find the son of a bitch
that killed my boy.


I'm so sorry.

Any sign of Kenny?

Not yet.

We ID'd all the other prisoners.

He must have escaped
from the wreck.

You want to go with me when
I have to tell the judge?

Erin, there's something else.

Worse than losing

your key witness
right before a trial?

The female prisoner
dead at the scene?

Her injuries aren't consistent

with being caused
by the accident.

What, like she was beaten?

I thought all the prisoners
were handcuffed.

Something's off here,
I'm telling you.

That's Rick Wolf, Sr.

It's his private
transport company.

His son was
in the front of the van.

Senior flew up from
business meetings

in D.C.

to deal with this. Look,

not our problem.

We just need
to find Kenny Becker.

This must be Ms. Reagan
from the D.A.'s office.

And I thought
all the good-looking prosecutors

were down south.

Lucky them.


I'm concerned with finding
our missing witness.

Yeah, that Kenny,
he's a greased pig, all right.

Just waltzed away from
the scene with his hands cuffed.

But it's New York.

I guess you people are used
to seeing things like that.

I'm gonna need to interview
the other prisoners

you were transporting.
How would that be helpful?

Well, they were

all together. Our witness
may have dropped a clue

as to where he was headed.
I have a contract

to drop these prisoners
in five different jurisdictions

in the next 24 hours.

Well, we wouldn't
take that long.

If you call up the local prosecutors
once we've dropped 'em off,

I'm sure they could hook you up.

Thank you for your help.

Happy to oblige.

Next time I'm in town,

what say we grab a cocktail?

I've been looking
everywhere for you.


You're gonna be cleared,
you know.

Says who?

He pulled a knife,
he grabbed for your gun.

You had every reason to fear
for your life. End of story.

Actually, I thought
he grabbed for my gun.

The way my shirt ripped,

it might have just got caught.
So maybe,

not the end of the story.

Well, it was his choice
to try to rob someone.

And his bad luck it just
happened to be a cop.

Yeah, and my bad luck that...

his father happened
to be a captain

with the state police
and ex-NYPD.


What's eating you is the kid's
father's a cop, just like yours.

He was headed to an Ivy League
school, just like you did.

So why's that kid
on the wrong end of your gun?

What's eating me...

is I'm not harder to find

when I'm trying
to be hard to find.

Yeah, what time was that
that it happened?


You need to be part
of this conversation.

You sit tight.

- Detective.
- Reverend.

You know Ed Shabazz
from my security team.

Of course.

He used to be with your department.

We've brought a suspect
in for you.

You did what?

We found this individual
selling video games on a blanket

outside the organization's
community center.

We traced the serial numbers.

Same video games my son had just
bought with our credit card.

That's great detective work,
but tell me something.

Why does this man look
like he was beaten?

He fell on the way here.

He fell on what, your fist?

What's your name, sir?

I go by Sh-Shoo Fly.

These men, did they tune you up?

I'm not saying nothing.

Except that I found
those games in the trash.

You didn't find a gun
in there, too, did you?

No. Just the games.

It's unbelievable.
You people complain

about police brutality,

and then you go and do this?

You watch who
you call “you people.”

Pardon me, you.

You want us to do everything

by the book...
This ain't in our book.

This isn't even part of
your good book, Reverend.

We just brought you a suspect.

If you are serious
about solving this case,

you'd at least question him.

I can't talk to him
because he got tuned up.

That means everything
he says is tainted now.

Look. I get what you're
trying to do here, okay?

And I understand how you feel.

Really? Are you
making arrangements

to bury one of
your own children?

I'm gonna talk to the reverend
for a second, okay?

Come on.

The lab results came back.

They found a little bit
of marijuana

in your son's system.

We're trying to find out
who the hell sold it to him.

My son was a straight-A student.

Never touched a
drug in his life.

Look. I have a boy your
son's age. They grow up fast.

Maybe you just didn't know him
as well as you thought you did.

Are you seriously trying to
paint him as a drug abuser?

Absolutely not.
I never said that.

When your father gave
me his assurances,

I thought I could work
with you people.

Watch who you call “you people.”

You! Detective Reagan.

And I'm gonna demand that you
be taken off of this case.

You don't get to choose who
catches what case, Reverend.

There's too much bad faith here.

I am going to call the governor,

and have him appoint
a special prosecutor

to take this case over.

You're making a mistake.

I don't have a right
to express my opinion?

Of course you have a right
to express your opinion,

but it's better if
we work together.

We're out of here.

If they can't give us
justice here,

we're gonna go find it
somewhere else.

I know that. People hear
“special prosecutor,

what they really hear
is cops screwed it up.

- But look at the source.
- I am.

Potter's called for a special
prosecutor on parking tickets.

I know his playbook.

Then we got...

Come on, Sid, we know
what you're gonna say.

What am I gonna say?

Boss. We can't let our
critics dictate terms to us.”

Well, I'd be right.

Garrett, this isn't just
an image problem for us.

There is a practical problem
as well.

That's right. The investigation

is stalling out
because the community

has stopped cooperating.

They're buying into when Potter
says we can't be trusted.

Which is why

we have to get him back
on our side publicly.

And immediately. The longer
we let this case go on,

the more it's gonna
cost us in the long run.

So, what, we bow down

to Potter just because he's on

the megaphone once again?

But in this case, he is using it

as a man who lost his only son.

That is different
in the worst way.

I don't think

he should get a hall pass
just because he lost his son.

So do we placate him
by turning the case over

to a special prosecutor?

We're not turning it over
to anyone.

You're Janko?

Yeah. Can I help you?

I understand you're
Officer Reagan's partner.

I'd like a word with you
about the shooting by the park.

You one of the investigators?

It was my son who got shot.

I really don't think
I should be talking to you.

Is there something I need
to hear about what happened?

You're a state police captain,
and you know the drill.

They got him on the ward
at Bellevue

with a bullet in his abdomen.

You know,
I hope he pulls through.

He will.

But I'd like a word with Reagan.
You know,

he's just gonna tell you exactly
the same thing I just told you.

You just let him know
I'm looking for him.

Here's my card.

My investigators told me
that you have information

on a murder.

Saw it with my own eyes.

I'm listening. They picked up

a bunch of us for transport,

threw us in the back of a filthy
van like we were animals,

and starved us for 1,200 miles.

They wouldn't let us
use the bathroom.

They wouldn't give this Katy
her meds.

And when we complained,

they took us for a rough ride.

It's not necessarily
a murder case.

Then what about this?

When Katy started
acting out again,

they stopped the van,
took the cuffs off...

They encouraged the other
prisoners to beat on her.

You know as well as I do
that that woman didn't die

from being
in a traffic accident.

And you're willing
to testify to that?

So long as you get Florida to
drop their charges against me.

That's a heavy lift.

Everyone down south
knows about Big Rick Wolf

and his murder vans.

This isn't the first time
they've had someone die

in custody.

And they've gotten away with it.

Because everyone's making money

or they're too scared to talk.

But I've got nothing to lose.

Except prison time.

Seriously, Darnell?

You invited the governor
to sit with us

at the funeral? Listen to me,

I'm trying to get him
to appoint a special prosecutor.

Darnell, this is the service
for our son.

Yes, it is.

I'm trying to get these people
to recognize his humanity

and-and our loss

and take a stand.

A funeral is a time for us
to come together

and grieve, Darnell.

Michael's death
has to mean something.

It means something!
It means everything!

We don't need
a special prosecutor

to tell us what it means!

You think that that boy
doesn't mean the world to me?

You think that my heart
is not broken like yours?

Because if you don't know that,
Lois, you don't know me at all.

Excuse me, Reverend.

You've got company.

Not now. Please.
I should tell Reagan

to wait or come back later?

I realize
this isn't a good time.

There are no more good times
anymore. Say your piece.

We need to turn the heat down
on the rhetoric

and recognize
we have a common goal.

Just different ways
of achieving that goal.

My officers do not discriminate
among victims.

I don't know what's more amazing...
Your gall in showing up here

or the fact that you can
say that with a straight face.

But I do have the gall
and the straight face.

I also have the manpower
and the expertise

to catch your son's killer.

You do not have either.

And the sooner
you accept that...

The sooner I play the fool.

We cannot do our job

if you and your people
are acting like vigilantes.

So you're putting all this
on my shoulders?

400 years
of institutional racism

and it is my fault... Please.

That the police
can't be trusted?

None of this is helping
to get Michael's killer.

Your son even tried to imply
that my child was responsible

for the circumstances
of his own death.

That is not what he was saying.

I didn't see anybody spreading rumors
when your family was in pain.

There really is no talking
to you.

Even now.

Then get off my damn porch.

That's what I like to see.

A dedicated
public servant working,

burning the candle at both ends.

It will not last the night;

But my foes, and my friends...

It gives a lovely light.

Your office just served
my company with a subpoena,

Ms. Reagan. Mind telling me
what that's about?

Well, you shouldn't be
too surprised.

A prisoner died in your custody
within the confines

of New York County.
That poor woman

was not in the best of health.
Her records will show that.

Records show she shouldn't
have been in the van

in the first place.

That warrant was vacated
months ago.

That lady was no angel,
believe me.

You see her arms?

Rick, let's not get
into the weeds.

Let's just say we did
what we're paid to do.

Great. Then you shouldn't
have any problem

opening your files and
letting us review your records.

If you go up

against us, all your witnesses
will be low-life lawbreakers.

Choirboys rarely witness
major crimes.

But look who you're bringing
to the dance.

Kenny Becker?
Did you know that when

we picked him up in Florida,

he was already in custody there
for another crime?

Yes, he was charged in
connection with a home invasion.

But did you know
that the old lady

his partner tied up
in that house just died?

That makes Kenny

an accessory to murder.

Son, what do you think
the odds are

that a jury will take
his word over ours?

Not good.

Ask yourself, is it worth it?
You're gonna let

a murderer go free
so you can persecute people

who provide a valuable service
to law enforcement nationwide?

Detective Reagan...
is this the suspect?

Why don't you get him out
of here?

I'll put him in the juvenile
room and make some calls.

We heard

you picked up somebody
using my son's credit card.


What's going on?
I'm entitled to know.

Now you want it
to be a two-way street?

Suddenly you want
to share information?

Reagan, come on!

Hey, you take a hike.

We have information that a gang
is targeting young kids

coming out of
a video game store.

Same video game store
that your son was visiting.

So you're gonna question this
young man you just brought in?

He's 15, which means we can't

until a parent or guardian
comes down here.

Hey, break it up, will you?

Get out of here.
There's nothing to see.

You always manage to find

a way around it.
Why not this time?

Maybe you want me
to find a way around it now

because it has to do
with your son. Is that it?

You're enjoying this,
aren't you?

No, I'm not enjoying this
in the least, believe me.


For all those times that I

called you out for violating
rights in my community!

You want to know the truth,

Most people

come down off their high horse
when they need something.

But not you. You've stayed
right up where you always are,

and believe it or not, I have
so much more respect for you

for doing that than if
you'd flip and act different.

I hope to God that you're never
where I am right now.

Me, too. But right now,
I'm a voice for your son,

and if you want to help me find
who did this to him,

you got to work with us,
not against us.

The 18 in selected

sherry oak casks.

Are we celebrating,

or should I be worried
that you've gone on the pad?

That's one thing I
haven't been accused of.

I thought that shooting team
gave you a clean slate.

They did.

All good on that end.

The kid I shot...

his father's a captain
with the state police.


Makes it worse somehow?

Also got word from my partner
that he wants to see me.

Sounded pretty worked up.
You can't meet

with the parent of the defendant

you're gonna have
to testify against.

Case is closed.
Kid took the plea.


Maybe he'll
get off drugs in prison.

That's why he tried
to rob you... drug money?

Yeah, apparently, he had a full
ride on a lacrosse scholarship

when he got injured and then
became addicted to painkillers.

Sad story.

But it's not your sad story.

Which is why I want
to duck the dad.

You're under no obligation.

And there could still
be a civil suit.

I'm not worried about
the civil suit, but...

don't I have an obligation?

As what?

As a cop... to another cop.

My first C.O. once told me

that if there's a conversation
you've been avoiding,

then that's the one
you need to have.

Not so fast.

Come to see us off, did you?

Up here, they like

to make damn sure you left town.

That's called
northern hospitality.

We got another subpoena for you.

Give me a break.

Son, let's not be intolerant.

These New Yorkers may not know

how the rest
of the country works.

Well, unfortunately for you,
you are in New York,

and this is the way it works.

Miss... was I not being
clear enough before?

We're leaving town and taking
our prisoners with us.

You were clear.
It's just not happening.

Well, it better be happening.

I have to drop these prisoners
in five different jurisdictions

by the end of business today,

and no subpoena for records
is gonna change that.

Well, we're done with
subpoenas for you.

Nah, this one's for you, kid.

You were in the front
of that van when the lady died.

Unpack your bags.
You ain't going nowhere.

Reverend Potter, sir.

Just you?


What I have to say isn't part
of a bigger conversation.

That'd be a first.

And maybe a last,
but this is just between us.

Fine by me.

I'm reconsidering my position
vis  cooperation.

In what way?

I understand your detectives
released the boy

who had my son's credit card
on recognizance.

He will still be charged,
but as you know, he is 15.

And his parents bought
a good enough lawyer.

Protecting his rights...
as they should.

But I also realize
that the more time that goes by,

the harder it's going
to be to catch my son's killer.

48, to be exact.

What's that? Hours.

In our job, the odds
crater after that.

I'm asking our community
to cooperate with the NYPD.

Just this once? I have

always said that there are
good cops and bad cops.

But a lot less about
the good ones.

You mind?!

You're still preaching to your
choir. I'm not in your choir.

The cops can't do their jobs
without us,

and we can't keep the
communities safe without them.

At last.

Cut it out.

This is more complicated than
you'd admit to, and you know it.

Let's just meet halfway.


You're prepared to let my people

do their job
without interference?


Then thank you.

Darnell, we will bring
your boy's murderer to justice.

Then thank you.

You're the guy who shot my son.


Forget my rank.

I'm not talking to you
as a police officer.

I'm guessing you want
to talk about what happened?

I know what happened.
I read the report.

Then I'm not sure
what else to tell you.

I did my job. I'm sorry
that your son got hurt.

You don't have any kids, do you?

No, not yet.

Want to make God laugh?

Tell him your plans.

Not sure I'm following you.

I wasn't around much when
Scottie was growing up.

Then when I saw him going down

a bad road with drugs,

I tried tough love.

But all I did was
drive him away.

So I came here

to apologize.

Apologize to me?

My son had some
of the same chances as you,

and now he's going to prison.

That's not how
I thought it would go.

Your son's still young.

Prison doesn't usually
build character.

But at least I know he...

he won't be out on the street,
hurting himself or anyone else.

I hope he finds a way
to turn it around.

Thanks, Reagan.

Me, too.

You really didn't know
what this was about?

Took balls showing up.

Your dad must be proud of you.

That is not gonna work!

The hell are you talking about?

You're trying to make it look

like you got all of these people

talking about me.
But I recognize

half of them as just
cops in plainclothes.

Move your ass.
Hey! What's up, Joe?

How's the kids?!

I said move your ass
and shut your mouth.

This won't hold up.

I'll be home before you are.
Says you.

We've got at least
six witnesses telling us

you've switched from
drug dealing to identity theft.

And we know
you're using underage kids

to steal credit cards for you.

I run a group home

that helps disadvantaged
children in the community.

It's a front
for a criminal enterprise.

My goodness...

We boring you? Yeah.

It's a lot of noise
for identity theft.

We know you organized kids
from your group home

into a gang
and had them target kids

walking out of a video store
for robberies.

You also encouraged
them to get a body.

So you had them kill someone
as part of their initiation.

You're used to dealing
with feeble brains, aren't you?

Very few as feeble as you.

It's made you lazy,
bad at your jobs.

See, you're lunging
for answers because

you've got a high-profile case.

But you've got nothing.

And I've got nothing more
to say to you guys.

Except I want my lawyer.


That may be the smartest thing

he's said all day.

I'm not given to
bluster, Ms. Reagan.

But this is what you
call a classic case

of prosecutorial overreach.

A prisoner died
in your custody in your van.

And we now know
it's not the first time.

Not even the fifth.

Reality check?

A lot of these folks
that we transport

don't have healthy
lifestyles to begin with.

Drunks, junkies.

Stuff happens.

Can you tell me
what a screen test is?

Something they do in Hollywood.

It's when a driver
punishes handcuffed prisoners

by driving erratically
so they bounce

into the screen in the van.

Also known as a rough ride.

Autopsy report came back.

Your prisoner died
from peritonitis.

Internal injuries
from being beaten

that were aggravated
in the wreck.

Tough case for you.

Not that tough.

Your son was in the van
when she was beaten.

He took the cuffs
off the prisoners

and encouraged them to hit her.

We have his text messages
telling you

exactly what was happening.

See, based on what the
prisoners saw in the van,

we got a subpoena for your son's
cell phone service provider.

And, kid,

the words don't look
too good on your end.

But I wouldn't take
all that weight if I was you.


Son, don't you worry.

We're gonna get you
the best lawyer money can buy.

Word to the wise,

you might want to find your own.

Your interests
are no longer the same.

Come on. I told you,

I'm not saying a word to you
guys until my lawyer gets here.

I didn't ask you any questions.

Did our guest show up yet?

I was just gonna check.


Our guest did show up.

I don't know him.

I never talked to that man
before in my life.

I'm sorry, I thought
we weren't talking to you.

You were waiting
for your lawyer.

Forget the lawyer.
I'm telling you,

I do not know that man.
And I damn sure

don't know anything
about what happened to his son.

But you know

who he is, right?

Of course I know who he is.

I've seen Potter on TV.

You know him a
lot more than that.

You were in his
youth at risk camp,

the one that his group
sponsors, when you were a kid.

In fact, he kept you
out of prison as a kid.


So, if you know Reverend Potter,

you must know he's got

a lot of people behind him.
All right,

cool, yeah.
The reverend looked out for me.

But that was a long time ago.

What has he done for me lately?

Wow. You know,
they say gratitude

is the shortest-lived
of all emotions.

Except the rev's still got

a lot of friends over at Rikers

who haven't forgotten
what he tried to do for them.

In fact, if somebody
was to do something

to hurt the reverend's kids
and then show up in Rikers,

I would guess they'd
probably have a serious problem

on their hands.

You think so?

I know so.

You can't threaten me like that.

I'm sorry, we're
not talking to you.

You're waiting for your lawyer.

Might be a while.

Get me a damn pen and paper.

I'm ready to start writing.

Your lawyer's not here yet.

I don't care.

I want to put things my way.

You guys got to do me a favor.

What's that?

Tell the rev
I did not know it was his kid.

We're not here
to do you any favors.

We got him.

Who is it?

The actual shooter
was one Dante Micklewhite.

Age 15.

Did he know my son?


He was part of a gang
run by Omar Davis.

The murder was,
his initiation into the crew.

It was...



I knew Omar Davis.

Well, it turns out he was
in one of your at risk programs

back in the day.

If I never have to swallow
another piece of irony

this lifetime,
that'd be just fine.

I hear you.

Well, you do and you don't.

No. I do.

My son

died at the hand
of a crooked cop.

I didn't know that.

No reason you would.

I don't want to keep you.

I just wanted you to hear it
from me as soon as I got it.

Thank you.

And to Detective Reagan.

I'll pass that along.



Would you and Detective Reagan
consider attending the funeral?

You can let us know
in the morning.

I can let you know right now.

We'd be honored.

I'll see you there.

Sometimes we just have to put
our personal feelings aside.

So, what, you're just gonna take
a time-out from being enemies?

Not enemies, exactly.

More like agree to disagree.

just to disagree, since we
were never really offered

the choice whether
to agree or not.

Good point.

But you're being big about it,
so good for you.


Good for you. And
there's no real choice.

The Potters lost their son.

There's no sides to a tragedy.

But it takes two sides

to agree to a truce.

And if that's
what's happening here,

it's something
to be grateful for.

Amen. Right?

Amen. Right.

So, are you guys just
gonna go back to being enemies

or whatever on Monday morning?


Maybe not so much.


He's, asked me
to speak at the service.

That's a big step.

Or maybe it's just that he knows

that we know
what they're going through.

What are you gonna say, Dad?

“And even in our sleep,

“pain that cannot forget falls
drop by drop upon the heart,

and in our own despair...”

“...against our will,

comes wisdom to us
by the awful grace of God.”

St. Matthew?


It's Aeschylus.

I was... I was gonna say it
at Joe's funeral,

but, um...

I couldn't, at the time.

Now you can?

I think so.

I hope so.

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