Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 6 - Rush to Judgment - full transcript

When Potter has one of his demonstrations, the police send some cops to make sure nothing gets out of hand. And among them is Jamie. He tries to prevent an accident but Potter cries brutality and a video released shows that Jamie acted with malice but Jamie claims the video was edited. Potter would be joined by Gerry Guererro, a lawyer who also has an ax to grind with the police department and Frank. Frank wants things done by the book which means an IAB investigation with the cooperation of the D.A. But Jamie ends up on modified duty and he doesn't think it's fair. Erin wants to prosecute a man who wrote a rap song which talks about a murder, because it sounds very much like an actual murder. Erin is approached by a couple who say they are the man's parents who tell Erin their son didn't commit the murder depicted in the song. They say he's a kid who grew up in the suburbs who claims he's from the ghetto. Erin then assumes that if he didn't commit the murder he knows who did. She compels him to say who and when he doesn't she throws him in jail. And someone goes to the police claiming that Guererro sexually assaulted her. So Danny and Baez go to where he is staying and find some drugs that is used to rape women. He says he didn't do it and that Danny is framing him.

(indistinct chatter, shouting)

(siren wailing in distance)

It's time to end the abuse!

Stop police brutality!
What do we want?!

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?


I thought they were supposed
to stay on the walkways.

They are, but they're
looking for trouble.

And headlines.
The right to protest, Eddie.

As American as apple pie
and bitching about taxes.

But we're not the bad guys.

Preaching to
the choir.

So is Reverend Potter.
We're sending a message

to those in power!
Whose streets?

Our streets!

Whose streets?
PROTESTORS: Our streets!

Who's the other guy
with the bullhorn?

That's Gerry Guerrero,
civil rights attorney.

Suing the NYPD in
half a dozen cases.

Not a favorite
of the commissioner's.

Your people need to be over
on the walkways, Reverend.

Uh, Officer,
we have permits.

Not to block a
government plaza.

These cars need to move
in case of an emergency.

Folks, behind the barricade,

MAN: What is going on here?

Back up! Back up! Get behind
Hey, is someone videotaping this?

the barricade!

(overlapping shouting)

Get behind the barricade!

Hey! No! Back up!
Get behind the barricade!

What is going on here?
Is someone recording this?!

Back up!

What about our rights?

Back up!

Ma'am, you can't be here
right now.

You need to be back
behind the barricades.

I want to join the group.
This is a government plaza.

It's off-limits right now.

You guys have to be back...
The group is right here.

back behind
the barricades.


(indistinct shouting)

Hey. Excuse...
Hey, slow down!

(bystanders gasping, chattering)

Hey! Sir!


Sir. Hey,
talk to me.

Call a bus.
We need a bus...

This man needs immediate medical attention.
You see that?

Dude just belted that dude
for no reason.

No, that's not what happened.
He was about to run into a woman

and a kid.

You saw, right, Eddie?

No, I was over there.


I need to see your badge
number and your name.


That's your name?
You're Reagan?

"Footsteps on an empty street,

"who you think you gonna meet?

"Science dropped
when my nine popped,

"I tanned that G on the back

"of his head, then I sparked
his ass twice, made sure

he was dead."


Your Honor,
all due respect

to Ms. Reagan's
rapping skills,

we object. She's
quoting from a hit song

my client wrote,
not a confession.

ERIN: Your Honor, it's
the same thing.

The defendant releases a song
under the name Chuck McMurda,

explicitly taking credit
for the shooting

of Anthony "Science" Reynolds on
West 134th Street on February 2.

Haven't you ever heard
of artistic license?

You're confusing the artist
with the crime he's describing.

The defendant was in a dispute
with the victim.

Witnesses place him
in the vicinity of the shooting.

The gun was found
in his apartment.

MAN: Someone else put
it there. It's not

just my client's prints on it.

There were details in that song

that only
the killer could have known.

Let's have a sidebar.


Judge, allowing this in
as evidence

sets a dangerous precedent.

Ms. Reagan, I don't disagree.

What about
the First Amendment?

No one is denying the
defendant free speech.

We're just asking for
the right to include

as public admission
of guilt in the case.

And without it,
most of your evidence

is entirely circumstantial.
You have no witnesses,

so you're using a song
to try to tie the rest

of your case together.
I do need to see more,

Ms. Reagan. Otherwise,
I'm inclined to support

the motion to dismiss this case
before it goes

to trial.

We're calling
for a federal investigation.

The victim of this unprovoked
assault is still unconscious

in the intensive care unit.

We don't know
how long he'll be there.

And for the record,

the officer responsible
is one Jamie Reagan.

(groaning, booing)

That's the brother of Detective
Danny Reagan, who's been

the subject of numerous
brutality complaints himself.

Yeah. And both
are the sons

of the police commissioner.

Ladies and gentlemen, this city
used to have crime families

called Bonanno, Gambino,
(sounds of agreement)


Well, now we have
the Reagans!


They're here.

You see it?

They're very good
at what they do.

They're going after my family.

And getting your attention
and getting under your skin,

which is exactly what...

This is the freedom of speech
we're sworn to protect?

I think we
need to put out

a neutral statement.

The rider's in the hospital
with a skull fracture.

And even with the video
from the government buildings,

it's not clear
what Jamie did.

He was protecting

protestors who shouldn't
have been in that area.

Potter and Guerrero are
setting up for another lawsuit.

They're throwing crap against
the wall to see if it sticks.

And based on that video they put
out, some crap might stick.

Oh, they got ways of editing
with those things. They make

anyone look guilty.

of you,

please take the earplugs out.
There's a lot of

legitimate use of force
questions nationally.

Us not taking this seriously
isn't gonna make it go away.

So, what, we cave?

Potter and Guerrero are right

in one sense only:
nobody gets to be above the law.

Turn it over to the DA,
have IAB conduct

a parallel investigation,
no holds barred.

I don't see
that I have a choice here, Sid.

Could be hard to get
those horses back in the barn

once we let 'em out.

I know that.

And that's all the press gets
for now.

That's it?

Unless you want to say
I hate my job.

♪ Blue Bloods 6x06 ♪
Rush to Judgment
Original Air Date on October 30, 2015

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♪ ♪

They're waiting
for you.

That's them.
Yes. How can I help you?

Ms. Reagan, could we
speak to you in private?

Wh-What is this about?

We have evidence that affects
the Chuck McMurda case.

I'm Alan Murtagh.
This is my wife, Cynthia.

We drove down from
Westchester for the hearing.

Charles is innocent.

He couldn't have done
what you're accusing him of.

He was with us the night
of the shooting.

Why didn't you come forward earlier?
He doesn't want anyone

to know about us.

I'm sorry, who are you?

We're his parents.

Nothing our son says
about himself is true.

He's as white as we are.

I don't understand.

He made up this myth
about himself.

He grew up in the suburbs,
not the ghetto.

And began lying
about where he was from.

We thought
it was just rebellion.

When he was 12,
he told us he'd...

always felt more black
than white.


It doesn't seem so extreme
these days.

Now he's got the record company
encouraging him

to put these lies
to music.

They've kept him away from us.

They're paying for his lawyer.

Alan, Cynthia, your son...

is accused of murder.

He bragged about
it in a song.

He's just trying
to sell records.

Or however
you make money now.

He was with us,
celebrating my birthday

the night of this murder.

Then why wouldn't he offer you
as an alibi?

Because he's ashamed.

He told me he would find
someone with more...

"street cred"
to cover for him.

But now that it's getting
all this publicity,

we knew we had to get involved
before he hurts his own cause.

Can you prove
that he was with you that night?

He made us delete
all the photographs.

So it's just your word?

(door shuts)

This a good time?

Yeah. We still got

15... no, 18 minutes
till it starts.

What starts?
The restored print

of Chinatown.
It's playing at that art house

off of Fourth Avenue.

That's not why I came out here.

I know why you came out here.

That's why I'm thinking movie.

Otherwise, you made the trip
for nothing.

So you won't even listen?

If you haven't seen Chinatown
on the big screen, you haven't seen it.

I got my modified assignment,

Clearly, I know that.

Eight-hour tours with all
the other broken toys watching

video monitors at
housing projects.

What's that about?

It was the Chief
of Department's decision,

not mine.

Well, it's insult to injury.

It is what it is.

Do you want me to start
pulling strings for you?

No, but this feels
like I'm getting extra lashes

for appearance's sake.

Well, you're not.

And would
an average police officer

feel free to come in here
and complain?

No, but...

then let's just stop right here,

I-I don't want special
treatment, but I don't want

to get turned into a political
football by Guerrero and Potter.

You are my son,

but you're also a member
of this department.

And we have a whole system set
up to prove guilt or innocence.

If we ask other people to trust
it, we have to do the same.

I'm going to the movies.

I'd love you to come with.

My treat.


Hey. What do we got?

Call came in about an
hour and a half ago.

A law student named
Diana Corning says

she was raped
by Gerry Guerrero.

Gerry Guerrero, the lawyer?

Who the hell called it in?

Patrol found her staggering
around outside the Yates Hotel.

Guerrero's had a suite there
since his divorce.

We know why she was
staggering around?

Well, it'll take a while
for the tox screen results

to come back, but signs
are consistent with roofies.

She thinks Guerrero
put something in her drink.

Rape kit?
Done. Soreness and bruising.

Not definitive but not
your typical night of rough sex.

We good to go?
Go ahead.

I just wanted to be part
of the social justice movement.

You were at the demonstration
earlier in the day?

Yes. It was
so exciting.

I mean, it was terrible,
how those cops reacted. (scoffs)

And then you went back to
Mr. Guerrero's hotel after that?

W... well, a lot of us went

to discuss the next rally.

And then I...

I looked around and...

and everyone else was gone.

And the wall was moving.

You think Mr. Guerrero
put something in your drink?

Wh-When I came to,

I was...

I was naked on the bed,

and he... he-he was...

on top of me...

...raping me.

Did he say anything while
he was doing it or afterwards?


Gerry's not
what he pretends to be.

He says he's for the People,

but he treated me
like a piece of meat.

They look familiar?

I don't know who this is.

I don't know who any
of these people are.

Straight from the hood, yo.

Look, I don't care
where you were born.

I don't care if you're
black or white.

All I care about is the murder
of Anthony Reynolds.

So now you're going after my
client's Fifth Amendment rights

along with his
First Amendment rights?

I'm not asking him
to incriminate himself.

I'm asking him
to tell the truth.

My record speaks for itself.

That's cute.

And if that's true,
then you're admitting

that you're guilty of murder.

And if it's not, then
you're just afraid

that the truth
will wreck your image.

Chuck, we're done here.

(phone buzzing)
They've got absolutely no case.

See, Mr. Peters
is being paid

by the record company, so
let me give you the facts

of life straight up, Chuck.

Rap on, lawyer lady.
See, your song

has details that only
the killer would've known,

so if you didn't do it,

then somebody told you
how it went down.

That makes you a material
witness to a homicide.

Yo, this is wack.

I'm outta here.
If you cooperate,

we can work out a deal on
the gun possession charge.

If you don't,

then I will have you subpoenaed

and brought before
a grand jury.

And if you don't answer
their questions,

I will ask the judge
to hold you in contempt

and send you to Rikers.

For real?

(phone buzzing)
Yo, Ron, can she do that?

Sorry, Chuck,
I gotta take this.

You should clear your calendar.

We're going to find
out just how tough

you really are.

♪ ♪


What the hell is this?

This is yours,
I believe, counselor,

and this is a warrant
to search the premises.

On what possible basis?

We're treating this
as a crime scene.

Can you check the bedroom, bathroom.

Oh, this is a remarkable
piece of good fortune, Detective Reagan.

I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.

Ah, sure you don't.

You just happen to raid my room

right after I criticize
your family.

Even by Reagan standards,
that's pretty flagrant payback.

You keep telling yourself that.

You know what,
your old man must be slipping,

'cause he used to be
much more subtle.

Whatever history there is
between you and my old man

has nothing to do
with why we're here now.

Oh, I know why
you're here.

Because I dared
to tell the truth

about how you people operate.

BAEZ: Reagan.

What do you got?

Roofies, handcuffs,
and a riding crop.

That's not all my stuff.

Not all of it?
Just some of it, maybe?

Okay, you know what,
I'm not saying a thing.

I need to make a phone call.

Any lawyer who
represents himself

has got a fool
for a client.

Couldn't agree with you more.

Gerry Guerrero,
you are under arrest, sir.

Oh, come on.

Somebody get him some clothes.

(siren chirping)


Hey, Jamie,
wh-what are you doing here?

I thought that you had
a VIPER detail.

I stopped by to get
the study guide

for the sergeant's exam.

Figured I'd make this
time work for me.

Where you going,
all dressed up?

I just got...

I just called by the prosecutor
on your case to talk to them.

Jamie, uh,

what do you want me to say?

Uh, well, just say what you saw.

What else would you do?

Well, I don't think you want me
to do that.

Why not?

We've always been
on the same side,

and I... will always
have your back,

but what I saw
didn't look good for you.

What do you mean?

Eddie, I didn't do
anything wrong.

Well, then try to understand...

I-I got to look out for myself
as well.

Yeah, well, do what you
have to do, I guess.

I'm sorry.

I'm late,
I'm late to get there and...

I got to go, okay?

Reverend Potter, sir.

You've got five minutes.

Quite a leak you've
sprung around here.

How's that?

All these stories
about Gerry's arrest.

Gerry's framing, arrest.

You had it right
the first time.

And we released
the arrest report

in response to media requests

after your press conference,

The handcuffs? The riding crop?

Those were cheap shots
and you know it.

They were all facts contained
in the arrest report.

That being said,
I did not authorize

the release of all those facts.

That message will be passed down
the chain of command.

Too little too late.

And you accuse me
of cheap shots

when he compared my family
to gangsters?

That was Gerry's analogy.

Yeah, well,
I must've missed the part

where you walked it back.

You wouldn't be putting out
all these salacious,

irrelevant details

if you had a real case.

This woman's story
is made of cardboard.

That's for a jury to decide,
not me.

I saw how she was hanging
all over Gerry at the protest.

Everyone did.

And they're prepared
to testify.

Oh, if your people
had such a good a view,

why aren't any of them

with the investigators?

I'll tell you what.

You investigate this woman

for the scam artist
she really is

and we'll think about
making witnesses available

who could help your son's case.

A quid pro quo

to corrupt an investigation?

No, thanks.

When this case is over,
we'll sue the NYPD

for slander
and brutality.

We'll have your sons' shields
and your own.

And with a minute 30 to spare.

I want to hand it
to you people.

'Cause this is probably
the phoniest set-up

since the invasion of Iraq.

Really? So, somebody else put
the roofies in your bathroom?

You think I look like someone who needs...
Gerry, please.

No, they were not my drugs.

I don't even know
how they got there.

They were probably planted
by Miss Diana.


She roofied herself?
Come on.

She's obviously part
of the setup.

The hospital did a rape kit.

You know they're going
to find your DNA

either in her or on her.

All right...

All right, cut to the chase.

I had sex with her.

Great. Now we're talking.

But it was totally

So you were in a relationship?

Not exactly.

The first time
I laid eyes on her

was at the rally yesterday.

She told me she was getting
a law degree,

she wanted to help out
with the cause.

I'll bet you get that a lot.

What, you think you guys are
the only ones who have groupies?

Yes, she was unusually forward.

Especially after she came back
to the hotel room with me.


Where you gave her
a drink first?

I gave her what she wanted--

I didn't put anything in it.

Can you explain her bruises?

She wanted it rough.

Uh, some women do.

I'm totally not into that.

At any point,
did she lose consciousness

or ask you to stop?

No and no.

In fact, the only thing
I'm probably guilty of

is a lapse of judgment.

For not being able to see
through the obvious entrapment.

Who do you think
is setting you up?

Oh, come on.
It's you guys.

In fact, that bitch was
probably on the NYPD payroll

to hope with the vendetta.

And what vendetta
might that be?

Come on, Detective Reagan,
don't play dumb.

There's been a lot
of bad blood

between your father
and me for years.

And now you're carrying
his water.

GUERRERO: It's really beautiful
of all you

to show up
at my coming out party.

I'd like to thank the judge
for granting bail,

and seeing through
this blatant police ruse!

(crowd cheers)

It is no secret
that Gerry and I

have been running afoul of the
Reagan mob for a long time.

(crowd murmurs agreement)

When Frank Reagan
had his minions

violate the sanctity of a house
of worship in our community,

we asked for accountability.

(crowd murmurs agreement)

When an unarmed citizen
went out a window

with Danny Reagan
standing behind him,

we asked for accountability.

(crowd murmurs agreement)

And just yesterday,
an innocent bystander

was put in the hospital
by Officer Jamie Reagan.

Again, we asked
for accountability.


And Commissioner Reagan
had his foot soldiers

arrest Gerry
for daring to speak the truth.


But it's not going
to work, is it?!

Hell no!
(angry shouts)

Hell no!

So what time is it, people?

It's time for them to go.

Commissioner Reagan must resign

and take the rest of his
corrupt kin with him.

CROWD (chanting):
Reagan must go! Reagan must go!

Reagan must go!

Reagan must go!
Let him hear you!

Reagan must go! Reagan must go!
Let him hear you!

Across the country!
Reagan must go!

Reagan must go!
Let him hear you!

Reagan must go! Reagan must go!
One more time!

(on video):
Hey! Hey! Yo, yo.

(people shouting, clamoring)

Yo, yo! Stop!
What are you doing, man?

Okay, that's not what happened.

You telling us to believe
you and not our lying eyes?

It's just one angle.

The camera isn't
showing you everything.

Thank you, Mr. Hardin,

but that question
was for your client.

The clip doesn't show
what led up to the collision.

He was about to crash
into a woman with a child.

Who no one else happened to see?

They were there.

Have you interviewed
all the other witnesses?

We interviewed your partner

who does not concur
with your account.

What? No, that's because...

She's saying that because
her view was blocked.

She also spoke to us
about an earlier incident

where you overreacted
with excessive force

because you were trying
to protect her.

I'm sure that's not how she put it.
The incident

is-is in our notes.

She spoke about it candidly.


Officer Reagan came in,
over my objection,

because he wanted to proffer
and clear up the record

as soon as possible.
Then let's be clear.

The process has been
working well for Officer Reagan

and his family
for a long time.

Hasn't it?
What are you getting at?

Your brother has beaten numerous
excessive force complaints

while your father's been
police commissioner.

Maybe you think
you're invulnerable as well.

I'm not looking for a whitewash;
all I want's a fair shake.

Fair shake's
exactly what

you're gonna get, my friend.

This office operates

from the police department.

Your sister may work here,

but having the Reagan name
is not the same as

a "get out of
jail free" card.

I'm thinking you're the one who's looking
to make a name for yourself.

Check yourself before you
wreck yourself, Officer.

That Teflon shield
that's protecting you

is wearing thin.

The only shield I asked for
is the one on my chest.

I'm guessing
this interview's over.

♪ ♪

Excuse me.

How did it go?

It wasn't the Spanish Inquisition,
but not for lack of trying.

That bad, huh?

Eddie, they said
you wouldn't back me up.

Jamie, I told you, I wasn't
in a position to see anything.

They said you brought up
that guy that I whaled on,

the guy who put hands on you.

They said that
I brought that up?

Yeah, how else would they know?

Because they had the file.

Jamie, I
can't believe

that you think
that I'd sell you out.

I don't know what to believe.

You said that you needed
to look out for yourself--

maybe you think being tied to me
is gonna sink your career.

Then here's what I really think.

Maybe we need

to change things up.

If you really believe that
I would turn on you that easily,

then maybe you need a partner
that you can trust.


Diana's grand jury day.

You got the memo, right?

No more talking to the press
about the Guerrero case.

I never said anything
in the first place.

Did you?
No. Though I know a lieutenant

who got called out on the carpet
for taking it too far.


Diana, Detective
Reagan and Baez

here to take you to court.

Oh, you looking
for Diana Corning?

You know her?

She's hard to miss.

She moved out.

She what?


Last night.
She was only here a month.

Didn't have much to pack--
just threw it in the town car

that came to pick her up.

She leave a forwarding address
or phone number?

Nope. Gone like the wind.

She took back her
security deposit,

but left dishes in the sink.

We're gonna need the name and number of
your management company,

all right?
I'll get it for you.

Our main witness disappears

the night before her
grand jury testimony.

You think she was spooked
by the media stories?

(sighs) Or maybe she planned
to disappear all along.

♪ ♪

(door closes)

Looks like you're having
a hard time on Rikers.

You know how it is.

First day a couple of dudes
have to try you.

Did all right.

I heard your lawyer dropped you.

That's life, shorty.

Easy come, easy go.

Chuck, let's get real.

Your parents
are trying to help you,

and so am I.

(laughs): Yeah, right.
No one wants

to see you behind bars
for a murder you didn't commit.

Only thing better
than street cred is prison cred.

We both know
that you can't do real time.

Once exposed, you are gonna be
the busiest punk

in the state system,
servicing everyone.


It was just a song.

Why you doing me like this?

Because someone really died,
and you know who killed him.

Don't ask me to snitch.

It was a friend of yours,
wasn't it?

He was looking out for me.

He's not looking out
for you now,

if he's letting you
go to prison for him.

You don't understand.

I need a name, Chuck.

No way.

He gave me that song;
I gave him my word.

Was it just
that one song,

or was it an ongoing
business arrangement?

I can't talk about that.

I'll have no name left.

Then I guess
we have nothing to discuss.

You know...

...he'll kill me
if I give him up.

Grandpa, you need some help?

HENRY (in distance):
No, no, I'm okay.

Jack, the ear things.

Thank you.

DANNY: You know, when
we were your age,

we actually listened
to good music,

but we didn't do it all day long.
You couldn't.

You'd have to carry
a record player around.

We had cassette players.

What's a cassette?

Never mind.

I think some music at the
dinner would be nice.

You know,
in the background.

Pop, how's it coming?

Here I am.
Nicky, I've got nothing

against listening to music
during dinner,

but then, see, we'd all have
to agree on what to listen to.

HENRY: By the time we all agree,
it would be tomorrow morning.

No, let the roast
set for a bit

before you start carving.

'Cause I said so.


I haven't gotten that one
in years.


But you're still giving it out.

What? Your modified assignment?

Well, yeah.
DANNY: Get used to it, kid.

Comes with the territory.

What are we talking about here?
Jamie got jammed up.

His assignment is the equivalent
of watching paint dry.

I told you,

that assignment
does not cross my desk.

Fact remains I'm jammed up
probably 'cause of my last name,

and the punishment is also worse

'cause of my last name.

Your dad had a taste

of that same medicine
when I was PC.

All the more reason
to correct it.

No, all the more reason
to just bite that bullet.

There's an upside

to being a cop named Reagan, so
inevitably, there's a downside.

FRANK: Yeah. I mean,
do you really want to be

explaining how you
just happened

to pull modified duty work
in the Ranger game

at the Garden?

but... (sighs)
No buts.


the roast looks

but it would look better
in slices on our plates.

The juices need to be absorbed.

Just let's say grace,

and then you can carve.
ERIN: Who wants to say grace?

I'll say grace.

Lord, thank you
for making us all Reagans.

Because here in New York, being
a Reagan is the greatest gift

Thy could bestow...

All right.

♪ ♪

Bless us, O Lord,

(others join in):
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive

from thy bounty,
through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

Hey, what do we got?

So far nothing on the company
that paid Diana's rent.

I'm thinking it was
a shell corporation.

Like half the properties
in New York these days.

Everyone's got
something to hide.

Anything else on
Diana's background?

She was married twice
by the time she was 30.

The first,
a marriage of convenience

to get the husband citizenship.

Was she getting paid?
I could think of worse reasons.

Nothing on where
she is now, though.

Nothing on her social media?

No. She told Guerrero

she was a committed
social activist,

and the only Web site
I'm finding her picture on

is a sugar daddy Web site.

Well, that's a form
of social activism.

You check the married names?
One down, one to go.

Well, I'm betting
on lucky number two.

You never forget
your second spouse.

Look at that.

Here we go.
Diana Bellerow.

She's working as a paralegal
under his last name.


We missed you before,
so I came to pick you up.

That's so nice.

But I don't think
I have to talk to you.

Then how about I slap
some cuffs on you

and haul you out of here
in front of all your colleagues?

What would you
charge me with?

Oh, maybe we'll start

with falsely reporting an
incident and take it from there.

Oh, good luck proving it.

I filed a report
and decided not to follow up.

Happens all the time.
You sound so sure of yourself.

Getting my law degree next year.

Does this firm pay
for law school?

My partner dug up
the records.

We know you started working here

right after this firm
was cut out

of a $6 million
discrimination settlement

by Guerrero and Potter.

So it's pretty damn obvious you
were helping set Guerrero up

as revenge for the firm getting
elbowed out of the big money.

Or was it just laying
the groundwork for a shakedown?

Circumstantial case at best.

You're wasting
your breath.

And my time.

You're not in the clear

by a long shot, Diana.

You're so sweet
to look in on me...

but not that scary.

(indistinct chatter)

(chatter quiets)

(whispering): Wait here
and keep your eyes open.

♪ ♪

The mountain comes to Mohammad.

What's on your mind,

You have something I want--
now I have something you want.

I know what you want.

You want a way to help
clear your son,

and you think I have that.

That's right.

But I don't.

My gut says you do.

And what could you possibly have
that I'd want?

A way to clear Guerrero.

You can undo
what you've done? How?

Rape's a serious charge,

and even with
those charges dropped,

a cloud is gonna hang over him.

Tell me something I don't know.

Well, the spotlight
that shined on Guerrero

could be turned on this accuser.

As the two of you found out,
it burns hot and bright.

Maybe even enough
to make the clouds go away.

Could be.

Is this an admission?

Only in the sense that I know
where the light switch is.

I thought you were above
quid pro quos.

Well, I would never
look the other way

on a criminal complaint,
but now that it's gone?

So, you help vindicate Gerry
if I help vindicate your boy?

Not help, no.

All I want is access
to witnesses

that will tell the truth,

and evidence that could show
another side.

I am prepared
to let the chips fall.



I've been waiting a long time
for this.

Frank Reagan coming to me
hat in hand.

I don't wear hats.

Well, the price
for my cooperation is

a civilian oversight position

with your department's
training program.

You're overplaying your hand, Reverend.
Am I?

You wouldn't give up a finger of
your grip to save your own son?

I don't have power.
The office does.

And the department

and its reputation are not mine
to give up.

If you think
there's wiggle room there,

you don't understand
the first thing about me.

I used to want your respect.

Not anymore.

Well, you got what you want.

Good-bye, Reverend.

In your own words,

how did this
deception start?

I didn't think
of it as deception.

I never got along

with what I guess
you'd call my family of origin.

I didn't belong
in that house.

I felt... like I was
never really one of them.

Did you start associating
with street gangs instead?

I began hanging out 'cause
we had the music in common.

They became my, like,
real family.

Even though my genetic history
is not African,

I identify with the struggle
in the streets.

So it was natural for me to...

I guess you would say,
"appropriate" the identity.

Can you tell us how this led
to the events on February 2nd

when Anthony "Science" Reynolds
was murdered?

I had a beef with Science

because he called me
out as a fake.

(door opens)

When he threatened me,

one of my friends had
to step up to defend me.

ERIN: When you say he defended
you, what do you mean?

I mean, he got rid
of the threat.

Is it your understanding

that this friend
of yours murdered

Anthony Reynolds?


And how did you learn this?

My friend told me

when he brought the gun
to my house afterwards.

Objection. Hearsay.

This qualifies
under the exception, Your Honor.

I'll allow it for now,
Ms. Reagan.

Can you tell us the name
of this friend of yours?

You do know that you're still
under oath?

(voice breaking):
I do.

Can you answer the question
then, please?

Your Honor, can we approach?

Ms. Reagan,
what's going on?

It is our understanding
that the man

who entered the courtroom
is Thomas Miller.

Mr. Murtagh was about to name
him as the actual shooter,

but now he's too
intimidated to continue.

Do we need to take a break
to deal with this?

We already have a
warrant for his arrest,

based on statements that Mr.
Murtagh made to our office.

I think a break would be good.


We're going to take a brief
recess to take care of business.

Yo, I'm sorry T, man.
They're making me.

You a dead man.

(gallery gasping)
This is how you do me?


(indistinct shouting)

(gavel banging)
Get off me! Get off of me!

Order in the court!

I got goons on these streets.
They're gonna get you.

Watch your back!
Watch your back!

You're dead!

Your mom's dead!

Everybody's dead!
I'm gonna get you!

(indistinct shouting)


Police! All right, step away
from your desks, please!

May I have your hand
off the computer?

Detective Reagan,
what is going on?

We got a warrant to seize
every computer in the place,

Are you kidding?

You've overstepped
by a country mile.

We have reason to believe

you're in possession
of material relevant

to a criminal investigation.

What is your probable cause?
All those new videos

of the bike crash
you just posted to YouTube.

We thought we'd take a look
at them and see

if we can find something
you missed.

A judge signed this warrant,

but I see
your father's hand in this.

You wouldn't be acting

without his approval.
We got two ways we can play it,

Reverend. You can help us
find what we're looking for,

or we're gonna go through
every single piece

of information you got here.

Gerry was right.
Frank Reagan is a gangster.

I'll let him know
you're impressed.

(footsteps approaching)

What's up?

He's off the
hook for now.

His family pulled
some strings.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

A Detective Danny Reagan
happened to turn up a video

from Reverend Potter's office
showing the officer protecting

a mother and a child
from the bike rider.

I told you that
from the start.

The rider's getting out of
the hospital later today,

and he's not
pressing charges.

I take it we are free to go?

Funny how it always works out
for the Reagans, isn't it?

I went to law school,
too, Counselor.

I don't really get
your move here.

If you think my family

wields power this way,
why would you be insulting us

as you try
to move up the ladder?

(loud crowd chatter)

Officer Reagan.
Back at it, I see.

Reverend, you've got your job,
and I've got mine.

Give your father my regards.

What was that about?

Kind of a reverse salute.

Hey, Jamie, there's something
I want to say to you.

It's all good.

We got it cleared up
with the DA's office.

No, it's-it's not that. I...

I'm really sorry
about what I said.

When you said maybe I should
get a partner I can trust?


I already got a
partner I can trust.

You want to keep things
how they are?

I still got your back.

What do we want?


When do we want it?

Here we go again.

POTTER: What do we want?
CROWD: Justice!

When do we want it?

What do we want?

When do we want it?


Thank you.

You're welcome.

What are you in the mood for?

An apology from you.

I don't think
that's on the menu.

Maybe it's the special.

How about I go first?

Meaning, then I apologize?


Some of the details
of our investigation

following Ms. Corning's
accusations against you

were leaked to the
press by my department.

I regret the action
and the consequences,

and the people involved
have been corrected.

Does corrected mean canned?

No. It means corrected.

And we have

encouraged our friends
in the press

to cover your accuser
and her motives

as thoroughly as they did the
false accusations against you.

That's your apology?

It sounds like a press release.

It's my apology.

Sounds like something Garrett...
It's my apology

to a guy who accused
both my sons of brutality,

and who likened me
to a Mafia don.

I'm a loudmouth.
That's what I do.

You know that.

You don't go after my family.

They're cops.

They're my family... first.

So you saw fit to take
a fire hose to a lit match?

Come on, Frank.

If we're gonna eat,
we should order.

You know, most guys
I'd think, "Gee,

"he's got a thin skin
when it comes

to matters surrounding
his family."

I get that.

But I don't think
that's what's going on here.

I think

that you move
your human traits around

to what plays best
for each given situation.

No, I can't tell you
what to think.

You would have made
a good lawyer, you know that?

I consider that an insult.

So, where's my apology?

Actually, I should be
apologizing to the members

of the Columbo
and the Gambino family

for comparing them to you.

Are you ready to order,

Yes. He'll take the crow.

Humble pie for my friend.

Would you like me to come back?

No. Hold on.


The porterhouse for two?


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