Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 5 - Backstabbers - full transcript

When two female convicts escape from prison, Danny knows one of them. She killed her abusive husband and he tried to help her but in the end was convicted of murder. The Marshalls are brought in and one of them is someone Danny met before and rubbed the wrong way. He tries to find her and help her. Nicky thinks one of her classmates is being threatened by another, so she asks Jamie and Jenko to help but they say even if the student was threatening her, no law was broken. And her classmate feels shafted. Frank learns Sid's been sleeping at his office and goes to see him. Sid says he found out his wife might be having an affair and thinks it's a cop he knows who just got appointed to a position. He tells Frank either he goes or he does.

...And I after I turned their responses into hard numbers,
I presented my findings to the co in the three-one,
Who adjusted the manner of our policing, and,
As you can see, crime is down,
Public confidence is up.
Correlation is not causation, sergeant delgado.
Of course not, sir.
But after I controlled for other variables,
I think there's a direct link.
And you gathered all your data through social media?
Well, these days, how else are you gonna hear
What kids are thinking?
It's pretty unusual for someone in the rank and file
To develop a program on their own time and their own dime.
Young people want to be heard, and I want to help.
But, sir, I never represented this
As department sanctioned,
Just an effort by a guy in the hood,
Who happened to be also nypd.
Relax, sergeant.
You showed initiative. That's a good thing.
Well, I never forgot the advice of my training officer,
Lieutenant gormley:
"never bitch about a problem
Without pitching a solution."
He does have a way with words.
If you see fit to implement this program,
I will work nonstop to ensure its success.
If something lights me up, I'm all over it.
Anything to add, lieutenant gormley?
He said everything that needs saying.
Not my decision, anyway.
Now, if you excuse me, I got work to do.
Thank you, sergeant.
I'll take that under advisement.
Let me walk you out.
(indistinct conversations)
Nicky: Join csc and our fight
For social justice on campus!
We don't accept, we disrupt!
You can give money or sign up
For a "check your privilege" workshop!
Hope this helps.
Thank you.
You know how to work a crowd, nicky.
One nickel at a time.
Every little bit helps.
Miss watkins?
That's me.
Ted meeks, security investigator
For the university.
You left a voicemail about
Some sort of threat you received last night?
It wasn't "some sort of threat."
Someone's trying to kill me.
Meeks: And this was on
The school message board.
The social studies forum.
Social justice forum.
I'm trying to make things better on campus,
And this troll starts threatening me.
Here, I printed it out.
Chrissie, why didn't you tell me about this?
I didn't want to scare you.
I'm scared enough as it is.
These aren't exactly threats.
What are you talking about?
"go to hell, bitch."?
"crybaby feminists
"should be run off campus."?
It's rude, yeah, but the first amendment
Doesn't protect you from hurt feelings.
(scoffs quietly)
So you're not gonna do anything?
I'm happy to take the report.
That's it? A report?
And you are?
Nicky reagan, treasurer of csc.
Well, miss reagan... You know what?
Forget it.
I get hostility all the time.
What's a little more?
Join csc in the struggle against racism,
Sexism, and the hate
We see around us every day!
No one else is gonna help us,
So we have to help ourselves!
Reagan, how many cups is that today?
You know what I like best about coming here every day?
Making the streets safer?
No. I don't have to listen to my wife nag me
About how much coffee I drink.
So you're not gonna tell me?
Not unless you want to tell me
How many times a day it is
That you're texting that guy from vice.
Moving on.
What the hell's going on here?
Prison break at bethany correctional.
Two women tunneled out.
Not before stabbing a guard who discovered them.
Oh, yeah? Who's the women?
Trina hamilton and rose butler.
Both doing time for murder.
What's wrong, reagan?
I collared rose butler.
You did?
Danny: Yeah.
And she never should have gone to prison.
What do you mean someone you put away
Shouldn't have gone to prison?
I caught a homicide, four years ago, in kips bay.
When I got there, rose was standing over
Her dead husband, who was lying on the floor.
Let me guess: With a gun still in her hand.
The same gun he used to jam down her throat,
When he wasn't beating her, drugging her,
Or cheating on her.
That night, he kept going on about how
He was gonna kill her and her teenage son.
He grabbed his gun; there was a scuffle.
And, for once, rose came out on top.
Yeah, but she had no priors.
I mean, she was a model citizen.
This was the most clear-cut case
Of self-defense there ever was.
Did you tell the da?
Da wanted to win desperately,
And the judge was an ass,
Who didn't buy the self-defense aspect,
Because rose never made an official complaint
With the police.
No, read the letters for yourself.
She wrote to you from prison?
She pleaded with me to look after her teenage son eric,
After she got locked up.
Now let's look through those,
And see if there's any clues
As to where she might be headed.
I'll be figuring that out, thank you very much.
Can't say we're happy to see your face.
You don't see me smiling, either.
What's the marshals service doing here?
We're here to make sure you locals
Don't screw up this manhunt.
It's a womanhunt.
You added humor to you skill set.
You may want to try adding something to your skill set.
You might want to try to explain
Why looking over the visitor's log of an escaped murderer,
I find your name, listed a dozen times.
He put rose butler away. Really?
And then dropped by to do what,
Design window treatments for her cell?
She was a friend.
How good of friends?
'cause, you know, sometimes friends help friends
Bust out of prison.
That's almost as funny as your face, morgan.
Which is really saying something.
Well, let's find us a quiet place to talk,
And we'll find out who the funny guy is.
Okay, but if you want to do the thing in connecticut,
I'm gonna have to cancel you for the thing in maryland.
Almost like I planned it that way.
How are we feeling about sergeant delgado's juvistat program?
Well, if his numbers hold up, I'd say it's a slam dunk.
Great minds think alike.
And I think we should let him take the lead on it.
It's his idea.
And if you taught me anything over the years...
If... You've taught me
Anything over the years,
It's having the right face saying the right things,
So the public hears it the right way.
All right. I'll put him front and center,
And start crafting the press release.
What's up with sid?
You noticed.
Hard to miss.
And there's some talk that
He's been bunking in his office, too.
You want me to find out why?
I'm just asking.
Just answering.
Chrissie: Help csc dismantle the patriarchy!
Be a part of the solution!
Ladies, we're so deep in it,
We don't even realize it anymore.
Come on, don't be a part of the problem.
Hi! Join! Make a difference!
I thought you went to class.
I wanted you to meet my uncle jamie
And his partner eddie.
Hey. Hi.
They're officers with the nypd.
Your uncle's a cop?
Wait'll she finds out who your grandpa is.
Yeah, we're, uh, off-duty right now.
Like clark kent before he ducks into the phone booth.
It's just... You never mentioned...
You were related to any of... Them.
I could tell how upset you were
After campus security blew you off.
Figured I'd try to help.
Nicky tells me you've been having some trouble online?
I fight for social justice.
Someone's not happy about it.
My niece tells me that you've gotten some death threats.
Maybe not technically, but...
She shouldn't be attacked for speaking out.
Unfortunately, none of this is
Rising to the level of aggravated harassment.
Not to mention, what they wrote was posted anonymously.
I know who it is.
You do?
A frat guy named scott keller.
Two days ago, we got in this huge fight
In our poli sci class.
I said the legal system is
Biased against transgender people,
And he started yelling, "blah, blah-blah, blah,
Blah, blah!" to my face,
And saying loudmouth liberals like me
Are ruining this country.
If there hadn't been 30 students there,
I think he would've strangled me.
And you informed campus security.
I tried to, this morning, but the guy shut me down.
Typical white cis male.
O-okay, we'll... We'll talk to scott,
Run his name and... See if he's had any brushes with the law.
Thank you.
And thank you, nicky. For helping.
Never give up.
That's what csc is all about, right?
Eric, this is danny reagan.
I'm sure, by now, you heard
That your mom escaped from bethany correctional.
I want you to give me a call on my cell phone, okay?
If you don't get me, leave a message,
Or try the hotline that they set up.
You call there, they'll put you through to me directly, okay?
Talk to you soon.
Morgan: ...Extend the roadblock ten miles north and south
On 22 and 684.
And I want every pd between jersey and connecticut
With dogs and choppers off their asses and on the hunt.
You heard from rose's son? Not yet.
Well, give me an address.
I'll put marshals on his place.
Don't you think, if I had an address,
I'd be on my way there already?
I thought you were tight with him,
Like you are with his jailbird mommy?
I took him to a few mets games when he was a kid,
He turned 18, he wanted to be close to his mother,
So he moved up near the prison.
That's the last I heard from him.
You lost touch, like you did with rose.
The last letter she wrote you was dated over a year ago.
She just dropped out of contact.
Cut me off the visitors' list, too.
And you don't know why?
No, I don't know why.
You're the genius; you tell me.
Oh, so that's a no.
Is there anything in here that she says
About where she might want to go if she gets out?
No, she just says, over and over,
How she shouldn't have gone to prison.
Same sob story, man or woman.
Well, except, in rose's case, she didn't deserve to go.
And that guard who got attacked this morning,
He didn't deserve to get shanked with a garden spade!
How the hell do you know it was rose who shanked the guard?
What do we know about the other escapee?
Trina hamilton.
Sheet stretches into her teens.
She used to run a smack lab in washington heights,
Then she got hooked,
Murdered and dismembered a runner on her crew
That she thought was ripping her off.
Sentenced to bethany correctional,
Became rose's cell mate last October.
October. Yeah.
Right around the time rose stopped writing me.
So is it possible, then, that trina came into the joint,
Turned rose, she cuts off the outside world
And becomes trina's flunky?
Are you ever gonna stop playing the violin for this woman?
Rose would've done anything in the world
To get out of the joint and be back with her son.
Including teaming up with a maniac like trina!
We got a sighting.
I didn't get to congratulate you for bringing delgado in.
Nothing due my way.
Your guy did good.
We're going with him.
As if he needs a bigger head? (chuckles)
You know, this floor isn't zoned for residency.
So sleeping on the couch for more than, say, a night,
That'd be breaking the law, technically.
Oh, yeah, well, I'm, uh...
How many nights?
Just a couple.
Anything you want to talk about?
Nothing you want to hear.
That's not what I asked, sid.
Just, uh, (sniffs)
A little trouble at home.
You and sheila?
There's someone else.
She tell you this?
No, but I saw some texts on her phone.
And you're sure they were... One was about
Figuring out where they could meet
And what they were gonna get up to when they did.
Then he texted her he was, quote,
At 2200 hours," unquote.
So he's a cop.
You have a name?
Not till just this morning,
When he said,
"something lights me, I'm all over it."
He texted the same exact message to sheila.
Must be like his motto
When it comes to him getting what he wants.
Well, that doesn't prove squat.
And last week, I come home,
Delgado's there with sheila.
Says he was looking for me.
And I thought to myself,
"well, you know where I am.
Ninth floor, one pp, all day long."
You take a guy under your wing,
And he stabs you in the back?
Slow down. Boss, I've earned
My stripes, all right?
You pinned these bars on me yourself.
And just the thought of seeing that son of a bitch
Strutting around up here...
Or me being tasked to help him out
With his stupid juvistat program!
I mean, there's some things I'm just not gonna put up with!
All right? Either he goes,
Or I do.
To give advice and opinion.
That's your job.
What is not your job
Is to give ultimatums.
You need to think about that.
(door closes)
Officer: This is a gas station near the saw mill river parkway.
That's due west of the prison.
Must have travelled by foot through the woods.
Baez: Here they come.
See that? Trina's the ringleader.
And she's a complete maniac.
Look at her, she's pouring gas on the guy.
Where did rose go?
Attendant said she ran in asking for a map.
When he turned to get one, she reached over the counter
And grabbed a .45 he keeps there.
Threatened to shoot him if he gave chase.
You still think rose butler's an angel?
Get a screen-grab of that suv and its plates
And get the governor's office on the horn.
I'll brief him in the car. We're headed out.
You get any word from rose's son,
I want to hear about it before you even think
About acting on it.
Aye, aye, skipper.
Hey, I...
What do you got?
Con ed just got back to me with an address
For eric's apartment six miles from the prison.
Beautiful. Keep it on the qt.
Now we're withholding information
From the us marshals service?
If morgan finds rose before we do,
She's gonna do harder time than she would have done before,
That's if she doesn't die in a hail of gunfire.
Danny, they're feds. Exactly,
And while they're running around
Big-footing the rest of the world,
We are going to save eric's mom's life.
Come on.
Your uncle didn't arrest scott?
He said his record is clean.
So typical.
The people in power never protect the less powerful.
That's not true, chrissie.
Have you watched the news lately?
Tell me the nypd are the good guys.
The good things cops do rarely make the news.
Look, maybe my uncle's right.
You're not really in danger.
Now you're blowing me off, too?
Ok, but...
Look, if someone hates you so much,
Have you thought about maybe, I don't know,
Keeping a lower profile for a little while?
Nicky, they want to shut people like us up.
Are you willing to keep "a low profile"
When you see injustice,
Income inequality,
Attacks on gay rights?
Well, no.
Neither am I.
So we keep fighting, right?
Isn't that your room?
Oh, my god.
Someone does want me dead.
Detective reagan.
Eric, where you been?
I left you a voicemail.
Yeah, yeah, no, right, sorry, I was at work.
Boss gets real pissed if we even look at our phones.
Do you mind if we come in? Yeah, of course.
So, did my mom really break out of jail?
Unfortunately, she did.
She contact you?
What about the last time you visited her?
She say anything weird like, "I'll be seeing you real soon"?
No, but honestly,
She's-she's barely even my mom anymore.
I used to visit every Sunday, but, um,
The past year, every time I show up,
It's like she'd be too scared to even talk to me.
Well, we think that's when she got a new,
Not-so-nice cell mate.
(sighs) my god.
Still into, uh, computers and electronics,
I see, huh?
Eric's a real whiz kid.
He had a full ride to, uh, nyu.
Yeah, now I'm making minimum wage
Fixing people's computers when their cats pee on them,
But I had to move here
To be closer to my mom.
Well, she's lucky to have a son like you.
Any idea where your mom might have gone, eric?
I don't know.
We're friends, you and I, aren't we, eric?
I mean, I've always been honest with you?
Yeah, yeah, no, totally.
So why the hell you lying to me?
Somebody ordered chinese food for three,
Not just one.
Still warm.
Your mom and trina come over for dinner, maybe?
No, no, I was just hungry.
And getting directions.
Hey! Come here!
He locked it.
Unlock the computer.
Tell us where they're headed.
Unlock it. I can't do that.
Unlock the computer
Or I'm gonna take you in for hindering.
You just want to try and send her back!
Hey, I'm trying to help you and her.
You better hope he finds her before someone else does.
If he would've helped her like he promised,
She wouldn't even be in prison in the first place.
Okay, yeah, well, suit yourself.
Get up against the wall.
(handcuffs clicking)
Trey delgado?
He knows this?
He thinks he knows and has no proof.
But at this point, proof isn't the point.
No, he's calling for delgado's head.
You can't fire delgado.
As far as I'm concerned,
It is a personal matter,
And juvistat is a done deal,
But sid does not see it that way.
He sees it as "it's him or me."
He said that?
Exactly that.
All right,
In situations like this, a guy kinda loses it,
And sid's a trusted colleague and a valuable counsel.
No one on my staff gives me an ultimatum.
You're gonna have to take a step back, too.
I can take a hundred steps back.
It does not change what he said.
What are you gonna do?
I don't know.
What are you gonna do?
Me? Oh, come on.
I know you have people that I don't know about.
Is that a question? No.
It's okay. You're supposed to.
People you can't do your job without,
But you wouldn't be caught dead with.
See if you can find the what's what
And the who's who in this.
If I could-- and I'm not saying that I can-
To what end?
To see who gets to stay and who has to go.
I only want what's best for your mom,
And if you do, you'll tell me where she's headed.
You can get out of here, no harm, no foul.
Why don't you go to hell.
Enjoy the accommodations.
Hey. Hey.
Still won't talk?
Not yet. What about the laptop?
Ccs is working to break the encryption.
I heard the marshals rousted trina's old drug pals,
(phone rings) but she hasn't contacted anyone yet.
Great, so we got squat.
Rose: Danny?
I know you must be one of the people trying to find me.
I am, 'cause I'm worried about you.
Just stop. All of you, just-just leave me alone.
You know I can't do that.
And you know I don't belong in prison.
Just get away from trina, okay? Tell her you got to
Get something from your apartment in kips bay, okay?
You go there, I'll meet you there,
And I promise you,
I'll make sure you're treated right this time.
I found another car we can drive.
What the hell are you doing?
Rose, you got to get away from her.
Trina: You stupid bitch!
Give me that!
Sorry, t, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, t, I'm sorry. Get out of the car!
I'm sorry! Rose!
They're switching cars.
We got to figure out where they're headed.
We got to hope she's alive by the time we get there.
Knock, knock.
Hey, come see this.
Is that the video from chrissie's building?
Still can't believe the landlord gave it to you.
Well, get ready to not believe something else.
What do you mean?
Just watch.
God, what a bastard.
Sorry. Gets worse.
It was... Chrissie?
Time code shows that she did it
About a minute before she bumped into you on the street.
It can't be her.
I gave it to campus security.
Now they think she posted the online threats.
Why would she do this?
I don't know.
But she lied to uncle jamie.
I mean, that's a crime, right?
Yes, but I don't think anyone wants to press charges.
I mean, something like this could ruin chrissie for life.
Even the landlord was trying to protect her.
Mom, she was having us organize a candle-light March
To protest whoever was trying to kill her.
I know, and the university's gonna call her in,
And she's gonna have to cancel it.
(quiet laugh)
I'm sorry, nicky.
Rolls are terrific.
Thanks to whoever made them.
That be me.
So, now going to the bakery counts as making something?
Pops, he burned you.
Yeah, and got cut out of my will in one fell swoop.
Well, I'm a fan, gramps, so I'm gonna have a second.
Or a third. Who's counting?
Linda: I'm just saying
That three rolls
To, like, every one string bean
Is not a healthy ratio.
Yeah, dad, too many bad carbs.
What's a good carb?
Like mom said, string beans.
Okay, well then, can you pass the string beans,
Please, nicky?
Frank: Come on, nicky,
Let someone else get a word in.
I'm fine.
Once more like you mean it.
A friend at columbia turned out to be not so much of a friend.
She betrayed me.
After I got mom involved and uncle jamie.
Don't worry about us, nicky.
But when you got more skin in the game, it hurts more.
I hear you, kiddo.
And I get that in the real world,
You got to expect it, right?
You're gonna be betrayed
Because it's every man for himself.
But this is at college, you know?
Over values and principles.
Are you sure this person meant to betray you?
I mean, sometimes people have good intentions,
They just don't get around to keeping the promises.
Well, next time, I'm gonna think long and hard
Before jumping in to help somebody.
Well, you can't do that.
Maybe not if you're a cop.
But I'm not a cop.
No, but you're good people.
And good people try to move on from a betrayal
Like it's an exception, not the rule.
Well, you're better people than I am, I guess.
Not at all.
And you start walking around like you're questioning
Everybody's motives all the time,
You're gonna end up with a waiter
And a couple of cats for your circle of friends.
Dad's right.
You look around this table,
We've hurt each other over the years.
If we gave up on each other,
Where would we be?
Not eating dinner together every week.
Amen to that.
Yeah, but this is family.
It doesn't necessarily guarantee no one gets hurt.
Or forgives and forgets.
Right. We try at it.
(pop music playing, muffled)
Chrissie, open up!
Chrissie, I know you're in there!
Answer me!
Chrissie, you owe me an explanation!
Oh, my god.
Somebody call 911!
Wake up!
Yeah, all right. Thanks anyway.
That was ccs.
The kid fried his computer.
We're screwed. Not quite.
I had the phone company trace a signal
On that disposable phone rose called you on.
The state trooper found it on the street up in armonk.
Wait a minute.
They're heading to the city.
Maybe we're not screwed.
You think she's heading to kips bay like you suggested?
We'll have a car sit on the house and we'll find out.
Okay, now we're screwed.
You hauled in rose's kid without telling me?
I don't know if you got the memo.
But we don't work for you.
Well, that's obvious,
Because the people for me get results.
Relax, we got a beat on rose and trina.
They're headed south.
Yeah, I know.
They just robbed and pistol-whipped
A bodega owner in yonkers.
Open up your cage.
Eric's going with me.
Wait a minute, hold on.
You got a federal writ?
I got two murderers running wild,
Hurting people every which way they turn.
You give me five minutes in a real lockup with me,
I'll get everything this kid knows,
Whether you can or not.
That kid's gonna talk, all right?
He's just trying to protect
The only person he's got left in the world.
What is it with you reagans?
Scratch you or your sister and out pops the bleeding heart!
What's next?
Your old man's gonna confess he's secretly
Been teaching ballet down at the aclu?
That kid is not gonna end up in a zoo like his mother.
End of discussion.
That's not up to you.
You're not putting your hands on the kid!
Get out of my way!
Hey! Hey!
Knock it off!
Knock it off! Get off!
Your partner attacked a u.S. Marshal.
You put your hands on me first.
All right, back up, both of you!
Listen, maybe it is time we turned the screws on the kid.
You're gonna side with this hump in our house?!
I'm siding with whoever gets us a solid lead
Into finding those convicts.
Okay, you two want to put the screws to the kid,
You'll do it when I'm finished with him.
What do you got?
Shut the door.
What do you got?
Sheila gormley is not cheating with delgado.
Good news.
But she is cheating.
Got to be another cop.
Yes, but not one of ours.
He's a guy out of--
I don't want to know that name.
What do you tell sid?
What do I tell sid?
I don't want to tell him
His wife isn't cheating with his protégé,
But she is cheating.
It's like do you want to me to shoot you with a .22 or a .44?
Either way--
Sid gets wounded.
Save it, detective.
Save what?
The whole good cop speech that you're about to give me.
I wasn't a very good cop when it comes to your mom.
You failed.
Okay, so I failed.
Which is why the only way
I can pull a win out of this now, eric, is you.
I'm already doing exactly that.
How so?
By lying to me?
By not telling me where your mom's going?
By shutting down your computer?
She can't get away, eric!
And the longer this drags out,
The more likely it ends in bullets!
You were never our friend, okay!?
Maybe I wasn't.
But your mom's your friend.
And if you don't help me find her,
You're never gonna see her again.
I'm just trying to protect my mom.
Like you couldn't protect her from your stepdad?
'cause that's all that's going on here.
And you can take it out on me
All you want, eric.
But that's not gonna get her back safe.
Only you can do that.
I'm asking you to help me find her.
At my apartment,
I overheard trina
Tell my mom that right before she got busted,
She was making a truce with this old rival dealer,
Um... Rico.
Said they would be safe at rico's 'cause...
'cause nobody would think she would go to an old enemy.
You know, the cops wouldn't look for her there, but...
They just needed to find a way to get to his place
While staying off of the main streets.
(quietly): Good.
Open up.
Will you please just make sure she's okay?
This time I will.
Morgan: What do we got?
Kid says rose and trina are holed up
In a drug spot up the block-- 1280 jancey.
We scouted the area.
No sign of the sedan they stole.
So, this could be a dead end?
Or it could not be a dead end.
Line it up!
How exactly do you want to do this?
The marshal service is gonna do this.
You two are gonna watch and learn.
You heard the man.
The marshals will handle it.
The rest of us will watch and learn.
U.S. Marshal!
Hands where we can see them!
U.S. Marshal!
Go! Go!
I got you, I got you.
Watch him.
Drop it!
¶ ¶
Drop it!
Right here.
Where's rose?
We cleared the house.
There's no sign of her.
These dirtbags shot two of my men.
Oh, you know, we watched and learned that on the way in.
Yeah, well, if rose puts up a fight like this,
She'll be deader than that one.
You okay?
Pretty far from okay.
But you will be.
My parents are flying in from florida.
School wants me to go back with them for a semester.
Why'd you do it, chrissie?
I just... Got caught up...
...Trying to fix what's broken in the world.
And that justifies lying?
Of course not.
(scoffs) I thought I was your friend.
You still are.
If I was, you would have come to me
Instead of trying to kill yourself.
Even after what I did?
You don't have to be perfect.
You just had to believe in me as much as I believed in you.
I'm really sorry, nicky.
You get better soon, okay?
And call me.
When you get back next semester.
I will.
'cause we got a lot of work to do.
Hey, reagan, I'm sorry.
For what?
For doubting you earlier. (groans)
I couldn't have made eric talk.
Morgan sure as hell couldn't have.
Fat lot of good it did us with rose still in the wind.
(cell phone rings)
I got away from her.
Rose, where the hell are you?
When we got to rico's, she made me the lookout,
So I just drove off, and-and then the car ran out of gas.
All right, listen.
I need you to focus, okay?
Look around, tell me what you see.
Uh, I'm between two bridges--
The-the triborough and hell gate, I think.
Okay, that's astoria park.
You're in astoria park; I'm on my way.
Danny, I want to give up.
Just don't bring anybody else.
I give you my word, I'm coming by myself.
Are you really going alone?
No, this time there is something you and morgan can do.
Come on.
Frank: Who goes?
Garrett: Heads up.
Sid left early.
Well, seeing as he's been sleeping here,
That's probably good news.
Except it isn't.
He left word that he's swinging by the retirement racket
For a lieutenant in the 3-1
And would be on his cell phone if he's needed.
When was sid at the 3-1?
He wasn't.
But delgado was.
(under his breath): God.
Don't look at me like that.
Like what?
What the hell am I supposed to do?
I just thought you'd want to know.
Well, next time, give me the choice first.
Will do.
Is that all?
You tell me.
He's a grown man, garrett, I can't be babysitting him.
Copy that.
Hello, rose.
Someone else in there?
Nobody's in the car.
Just like I promised.
You still holding onto that gun you took from the gas station?
I'm gonna need you to hand it over.
Okay, well, I got a gun of my own.
Which I prefer not to use.
Come on, rose, I thought you said you wanted to give up.
You said a lot of things, danny.
Those didn't turn out to be true either.
Look, you're right.
I know it.
And I know that it was trina's idea to escape.
And I also know that my word probably means nothing to you.
But I'm telling you--
This time, I will do everything I can
To help everyone understand what happened to you.
There's no more telling everyone.
There's no more understanding.
You had your chance,
And if I go back to prison, I'm gonna be there forever.
Just take it easy.
Hold on.
Drop the gun, now!
Hold on! No!
Drop it! No!
He sent me to hell!
Rose, I failed you, okay?
Don't. Stay back.
I admit it.
I failed you, okay?
Just give me a chance to make it right now.
Please, put the gun down.
Will you put it down for me?
(rose sobs)
Time to go.
Nice work, both of youse.
That's a first.
Well, don't get used to it.
Now, you're really gonna help her
After she just wanted to blow your head off?
I'm a softy, what can I say?
Well, thank god you brought me along.
Well, I'd be an idiot not to.
Man: Ten-hut!
Frank: No, please.
Please, thank you.
How you doing?
Congratulations, jack.
Thank you for coming.
Good job.
Thank you, sir.
No, you earned it.
Excuse me for just a minute.
Yes, sir. I'll see you in a minute.
Evening, sir. Hello.
You really gonna swing at an nypd sergeant?
Just wanted to talk.
Famous last words before a lot of bad decisions.
Garrett: Especially this one.
Since you'll be taking a swing at the wrong guy.
It's not delgado.
But he texted the same...
It's not him.
Uh, do you know who it is?
I do not.
And that's for you to ask sheila.
But trey delgado remains
The cop you mentored and the man you respect.
I was in your shoes a few years back,
And a man we work with helped me.
A lot.
I'm still married, thanks in part to him.
He's a lot smarter than he lets on.
Let's go get some dinner.
And then, maybe, if you feel up to it,
We'll drop you home.
All right.
Come on.
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