Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 4 - With Friends Like These - full transcript

One of Erin's informants leaves witness protection to give his former boss an alibi; Frank and the New York City fire department commissioner get into a war.

(horns honking)
Come on!
Get out of the street!
Let's go!
Get out of the damn street, you freakin' lunatic!
Yo, somebody get a net for this whackjob, huh?
Hey, pipe down, okay?
Come on, lady! We're taking care of it.
(horn honks)
Looks like an edp.
Some kind of mental disorder.
I hate these kind of calls.
How do you want to handle it?
Let's try and talk to her.
Hey... Excuse us...
Hey, excuse me.
Excuse us.
Where is it?
They said it was
Going to be here,
It's supposed to be here.
Did you lose something?
If I don't bring it back,
I-I don't know what they'll do.
Look, whatever it is you're looking for,
Maybe if you tell us what it is, we can help you out.
I-I can't.
They'll hurt me if I tell you.
Who's gonna hurt you?
(horn honking)
While we're young!
Touch that horn one more time
And I'm gonna feed you the steering wheel.
What's your name?
J... Jenny strong.
But I can't leave.
They're watching me.
Okay, well, look, whatever it is you're looking for,
It'll probably be easier to find once traffic dies down, right?
(horn blares)
I-I guess so.
So why don't you come with us now,
And then you can come back later
And find whatever it is you're looking for.
What do you say?
(horns honking)
I guess so.
Okay, great.
(drivers cheering)
Cab driver: Yeah, let's get you two some medals, huh?
Way to go.
We did have a good case, sir,
But jane cooley is a damn good defense attorney--
I get it. No...
Taking down grazioso is a priority for this office.
We just...
Guess we'll talk about that later.
You wanted to see me?
Yeah, jimmy, come on in.
You heard grazioso was acquitted
In his racketeering trial?
It's easier to catch a snake than kill it.
Fortune cookie wisdom aside,
He runs a major crime organization
And we need to take him down.
Crazy lenny's a mob boss, erin.
He doesn't do the dirty work anymore.
He gives the orders. Very, very tough to prove.
Which is why I've been digging through unsolved crimes
Where grazioso was a suspect.
(laughs) you're gonna need a pretty big shovel for that.
That's what I thought,
Till I saw your name pop up in a file.
Oh, ronald green murder.
Hell's kitchen.
I was just a patrol cop back then.
Erin: File says that you and your partner
Were the first ones on the scene.
Grazioso was questioned, but never charged.
All true.
Lenny was a soldier in those days.
Toughest guy on the street.
Lenny warned green not to deal on his turf.
Green didn't listen... End of green.
But with no witnesses and no weapon...
Grazioso skated. As usual.
Not to mention when a real bad guy like green gets killed,
Nypd doesn't exactly bend over backwards to make the case.
I'd like to change that ending.
I know it's a long shot,
But I'm gonna reopen the green homicide.
I need a lead investigator
That knows the territory.
Any interest?
Sounds like it got pretty crazy out there.
Standard vehicle fire. That's our turf.
Unless the fire's the result of a traffic accident
With casualties-- which it was.
Well, as long you're all okay.
You guys are just pissed there was no baby to save.
Officer 2: Oh, please. You hose jockeys
Are the biggest glory hounds on the planet.
Linda: Okay. Fellas.
Remember, we're all on the same team.
Yeah, well, nobody on our team sleeps on duty.
Yeah? Well, nobody on our team
Beats the hell out of people for no reason.
You're gonna want to take that back.
Okay, fellas, you know what? Calm down, okay?
Meter maid. Hydrant boy!
Ooh! (grunting)
Come on! Security!
I need security. Now.
How many of our guys took part?
Three. Against three of theirs.
Any civilians involved?
Just cops and firefighters,
Beating the hell out of each other.
Your tax dollars at work.
According to our officers,
One of the fireflies passed a remark
About excessive use of force.
That'll do it.
It shouldn't.
According to my source,
Our guys did their fair share of mouthing off.
I'm not defending 'em, boss, but you know the fdny,
Acting like god's gift.
Hell, they pose
For nudie calendars over there!
Never see any of our boys doing that.
I think you could pull it off, sid.
Damn straight.
On the merits,
Fd does a good job for this city. Sure.
But every time I try to schedule something
With their commissioner, all I get is whining.
Equal billing with the pc,
Equidistant to the mayor... He's jealous
Because everybody knows your name and nobody knows his.
There is no excuse
For a public incident like this.
That said, issue all parties a command discipline,
Minimize the fallout and let's move on.
It may be too late for that last part.
The press has it?
It's gonna be on the cover of the post tomorrow.
And they're looking for
A comment from you.
"the sons of bitches got their asses kicked."
The mayor's on the line,
With the commissioner of o.E.M.
You need to take it.
I'll call back.
Erin reagan, marty brock.
Marty and I were assigned a foot post together
The night ronald green got killed.
Well, thanks for helping us out with this.
Been retired four years now.
Got to admit, I've missed the game.
I bet.
Marty and I, we responded to an alarm at this bodega--
It used to be a polish place back then.
I checked the front,
He took the alley.
This way.
Brock: I heard sounds of a struggle,
I turned the corner, heard three shots,
Then a body hits the ground.
You see the shooter?
Heard footsteps
Fleeing the scene.
I tried to save green, but he was too far gone.
Yeah, I gave chase
While marty called a bus, but I came up empty.
Which leaves us with an unsolved homicide.
Well, maybe not.
According to the case folder,
The original search covered a two-block radius.
This morning, me and jimmy extended the area search
Another two blocks in the direction
The suspect fled.
And looky what we found.
.38 caliber...
Same caliber gun that killed ronald green.
Where'd you find this?
Roof of a single story warehouse that's been abandoned for years
And wedged under
A pile of asphalt shingles.
Blended right in.
Well, there's no guarantee that it's the murder weapon.
No, but dreaming big?
If we can link it to grazioso,
You could charge him with murder.
I'll just be a second, okay?
I can't thank you both enough
For taking care of jenny.
Just glad that we could help.
What exactly do the doctors say?
She was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder
Two years ago.
Lately, she's been getting worse.
Must be tough on you.
We lost jenny's mom a couple of years ago,
So it's just been the two of us.
I do the best I can,
I just...
I wish I could do more.
Well, you know, there are places for people like jenny...
Places where she can get the help that she needs.
I work for bridge and tunnel.
There's no way I could swing
One of those fancy private hospitals.
There are state institutions.
I visited a couple.
They're like prison camps.
I'd die before I'd put jenny in one of those places.
The city has psychiatric social workers that you can talk with.
I went to the department of health and mental hygiene.
Sat with a caseworker.
She told me there was nothing she could do.
Tell you what. Give us the name
Of that caseworker and we'll reach out to her.
I appreciate that.
A 15-year-old homicide?
Please tell me this is a bad joke.
The joke's on you, I'm afraid.
Mr. Grazioso, you knew ronald green?
Everyone knew that drug-dealing sack of crap.
Got what he had coming.
Cooley: Though my client
Had nothing to do with his death.
Witnesses say your client threatened mr. Green
Shortly before his death.
I used to threaten a lot of people.
I've mellowed with age.
This is a fishing expedition, counselor.
And all you're going to catch
Is a lawsuit for harassment
And prosecutorial misconduct.
We'll see about that.
See, we found a gun in hell's kitchen this morning.
Ballistics match the bullets that killed ronald green.
Cooley: Well, unless mr. Grazioso's
Prints or dna are on it, you have nothing.
You see, that's where you're wrong.
The gun had been reported stolen
In a home invasion robbery in riverdale
About a year before green's death.
Are you okay, lenny?
What the hell is this about?
Two men were convicted for that home invasion.
One got 14 months, the other got three months.
You were working the system even back then, huh?
I didn't pop the little bastard.
Even if my client stole the gun,
That doesn't prove
He had anything to do with green's death.
But I think when I introduce
Lenny's connection to that gun
And add in his mortal threats
Against the victim, maybe toss in
His reputation for violence? (clicks tongue)
I think the jury's gonna eat that up.
I'll see you in court.
Oh, and lenny?
Wear that blue suit.
I like that one.
I met with jenny strong and her father.
There's no question she belongs in a care facility.
Joseph strong said he's unable to afford a private hospital.
Most people can't.
That's why god created the state hospital system.
Well, apparently, god didn't do a very good job.
Joseph strong's afraid to put jenny in a place like that.
That's his right.
And his choice.
Now, is there anything else I can do for you?
"anything else"?
I'm sorry, you're implying that you've done something?
I have-- my job.
Now, if you'll excuse me.
Look, we understand you're really busy.
We just want to know if there's another option for jenny strong.
I recommended a home health aid,
And mr. Strong indicated he can't afford that.
And, unfortunately, he has no relatives in the area
Who can help with his daughter's care.
Well, what's the guy supposed to do?
Let me break it down for you.
Resources for this agency are completely inadequate.
And when the budget ax falls, it hits here first.
We do the best we can with what we've got.
All due respect,
It sounds like you're just kind of throwing your hands up.
Look who's talking.
Excuse me?
What's that supposed to mean?
The city employees
These poor folks come into contact with the most--
That's nothing we wanted.
Well, you got it.
And, frankly, you're doing a lousy job.
You're barely trained to deal with the mentally ill,
And yet you're often the first responders.
So before you barge in here, pointing fingers,
Take a look in the mirror first.
Appreciate your help.
Thanks for meeting me, stan.
It's not exactly voluntary.
The mayor wants us to bury the hatchet.
I'm not here 'cause the mayor told me to be.
Have it your way.
We're here because we miss each other so much.
You want to show some respect?
What happened in that e.R. Is bad for everyone.
Yours and mine.
Fdny had the call under control,
When esu marched in and started barking orders.
According to the incident command directive,
My officers were well within their authority.
Agree to disagree.
The incident report has one of your guys
Throwing the first punch.
Nypd incident report?
Nurse on duty confirms it.
Yeah, and she has a very familiar last name.
I talked to the da, no charges will be brought.
Yeah, 'cause your guys would get charged too.
Is this going somewhere?
Not if you keep putting up roadblocks.
Every day, your people step all over fdny jobs,
And you want what?
A note of thanks, a box of chocolates?
This is way above my pay grade.
Stan: Oh, you got that right.
You're not everybody's boss, frank.
You got a problem, talk to o.E.M.
Stan: Oh, yeah, and they may as well be on your payroll.
And we both know the mayor always sides with the pd.
Or maybe just his commissioner.
There he is.
The real frank reagan just showed up.
Our people need to cooperate.
By which you mean-- the guys with the guns run the show.
It is our job to protect everyone, including your men.
My men can take care of themselves.
The mayor suggested a joint photo op
To show that there's no rift
Between the cops and the fire fighters.
Why don't we step outside?
You're passing on your picture in the papers?
That'd be a first.
Good day, frank.
Good talk, stan.
I came to discuss the ronald green case.
If you're shopping for a deal, it's not gonna happen.
We're not looking to cop a plea.
Okay, so why are you here?
Mr. Grazioso didn't kill ronald green.
Well, we'll have a nice long trial to prove just that.
Actually, I don't think it will take very long.
I do like your confidence.
I have an alibi witness who will swear
That my client was in his apartment ten blocks away
When mr. Green was murdered.
And let me guess.
It's one of your client's mob associates?
As a matter of fact, yes.
And you're gonna hang your entire defense
On the credibility of a gangster?
Well, not just any gangster.
Sorry, I was in the can.
Airline food.
How you doing, kiddo?
She could take some responsibility.
Instead, she's blaming the nypd for doing a lousy job
With the mentally ill, which is her job.
It's not our job.
Hey, she's right on that-- it's our job too.
We don't have the training or the resources
To deal with edps.
They don't have the resources either,
And passing the buck back and forth doesn't help.
So now we're supposed to be shrinks too?
Comes with the territory, I guess.
Jamie, do you...
Do you remember that rookie from the 2-9
Who shot an edp who went for his gun?
The papers found out about that,
And it cost the city a million bucks,
Not to mention the cop a lot of heartache.
Yeah, I didn't say it was fair.
But for better or worse, we're the ones on the front lines.
I met jenny strong, I've seen her situation.
Now how am I gonna unsee it?
What the hell are you doing here, vincent?
What, you're not happy to see me?
Look, erin,
I had no idea you were the prosecutor.
I heard through the grapevine the da was going after lenny
For popping ronny green.
I had no idea the mob grapevine extended to rural iowa.
I keep in touch with the old gang, okay?
Let me tell you about witness protection.
It's boring as hell.
Sometimes I think I'm going out of my mind.
It still doesn't explain why you're here.
The boss needs an alibi.
You're looking at him.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't it grazioso
Who put a price on your head
For turning informant in the first place?
That would be correct.
So he punched your ticket to iowa,
And now you're gonna vouch for him?
Ironic, eh?
Vincent, I read your proffer to the feds
Before you entered witsec.
You were required to list every crime
Of which you had knowledge,
And never once did you mention the green case.
Must have slipped my mind.
My point being is if you testify
And it comes out that you had any knowledge
Of this case beyond grazioso's whereabouts,
You could be kicked out of witsec.
You would be on your own and...
And you don't care,
Because you have no intention of returning to witsec,
Do you, vincent?
You're getting warmer.
You cut a deal with grazioso.
Your testimony for the price off your head.
That's what I love about you.
You're beautiful... And you're smart.
Drop the knife!
Don't shoot, please!
Do as I say!
Drop the knife. Sir, just stay back.
Please, don't hurt her-- please, she doesn't know
What she's doing, please! Hey, hey, what's going on?
Domestic disturbance, she stabbed her father.
You don't understand-- they're coming for me.
Uh, hey, hey, don't shoot, okay?
We know this girl, we know her.
Then tell her to put the knife down.
She's an edp.
I don't care if she's freaking e.T., she needs to put it down.
Hey, just give me a minute to talk to her, all right?
Just give me a minute.
Uh, I'll be careful.
Be careful.
All right, all right, all right.
Jenny, hey.
Do you remember me, officer reagan?
I didn't mean to hurt daddy.
They said he was gonna kill me.
I'm okay, baby, I'm okay.
That's right, he's okay.
I just need you to relax and put down the knife.
I can't do that, they're probably watching me right now.
No one's watching you, jenny, I promise.
Look, jenny, I know things are bad right now,
But you're scared.
But if you trust me... If you'd just trust me,
I promise things will get better.
Would you put down the knife, please?
(sobbing): I'm really sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
So the smoke-eaters land at the crime scene,
Ignore an order to stand down,
And now I got a wounded officer.
That's about it.
Frank: As you were.
Frank: Officer redlich.
Commissioner reagan.
How's the leg?
It's a lot better, sir, thank you.
I want you to tell the commissioner
How you got shot, derek.
And this is not an investigation.
We're on the same side here.
We were, uh, working with the narcotics task force,
Getting ready to hit this drug den off 110th.
And suspects got wind we were coming.
Go on.
They set the place on fire.
Probably trying to destroy evidence.
Boss decided we'd collar the suspects
As they fled the burning building.
To avoid a fire fight.
Makes sense.
Next thing we know, fd's on the scene.
Boss briefed the fire captain, told him it's a crime scene
With armed suspects inside.
He ordered the fd not to approach the building.
But they engaged the fire anyway.
Redlich: Suspects started shooting, we were force to return fire,
And all hell broke loose.
That's when I got hit.
Thank you, derek.
Good work today.
Thank you, sir.
Those sons of bitches need to pay for this.
Somebody does.
Interfering with police business,
Endangering an officer.
Say the word, I'll collar
Every joker in that engine company!
Not gonna happen.
Why the hell not?
Because they were following orders from the top.
Commissioner rourke?
That was a shot across the bow.
Beautiful night, huh?
Shouldn't you be out celebrating with your mob buddies?
Erin, I wanted to tell you
That I-I feel bad about what happened.
It wasn't personal.
What about all that stuff you fed me in iowa
About changing your life?
About making your granddaughter proud?
That was all true.
Give me a break.
You saw a chance to buy your freedom and you took it.
Guilty as charged, except for one minor detail.
Crazy lenny
Did not kill ronald green.
You know what?
You want to keep telling yourself that-- fine.
But don't lie to me.
I got no reason to.
The fact of the matter is
I was with grazioso in his apartment
The night that
That dirt bag green got whacked.
And I was smoking a cuban cigar just like this one.
You went after the wrong guy, kiddo.
Okay, so if grazioso didn't do it,
Who killed ronald green?
Erin, erin, that was a long time ago.
Come on, let it go.
Tell me.
Back in hell's kitchen,
When we were coming up,
The cops and the wise guys,
We had an understanding.
So, you're telling me the cops knew who killed green
And they just turned their backs?
I'm telling you
That the guy who killed green
Was wearing a badge.
Beef stew's delicious, erin.
Got the recipe online.
From a new firehouse cookbook.
Very funny.
I just lost my appetite.
Fdny isn't at the top of my list right now, boys.
Okay, guys, no matter what you think of them,
Firemen are great cooks.
Oh, please.
That's 'cause they sit around all day
Swapping recipes.
Yeah, using the uniform to pick up girls.
But, uh, isn't that how you met mom?
Eat your food. Ooh...
Let's face it-- firemen are hot.
Right, mom?
I decline to answer on the basis it might incriminate me.
Yeah, what she said.
Nicky: Mm-hmm.
Isn't it weird that cops and fireman hate each other so much?
That's because they're smoke-eating pretty boys.
Right, pops?
Did I say that?
We don't exactly hate each other, jack.
It's just that sometimes we disagree.
Like the brawl at the bravest-finest hockey game
Last year at the coliseum.
We kicked their butts all over the ice.
That's right.
And we smoked those bums 8-5.
Sometimes people who are supposed to get along
End up fighting instead, jack.
Unfortunately, that's when people can get hurt.
We still talking about firemen?
Eddie and I have been dealing
With a mentally ill woman the last few days.
She needs help. In-between us
And dhmh, she's not getting it.
There's a ton of people like that living up near school.
It's really sad.
Dealing with that population has always been a crapshoot.
It shouldn't be.
They come into the hospital every day.
We treat them. We put them back on the street.
Doesn't solve the problem.
They're all over court, too.
Most of them don't belong.
Can't save everyone.
We can try.
You got a minute?
I'm all ears.
As long as it's not about fdny.
Oh, this will hit closer to home.
You know my office is pursuing lenny grazioso?
With limited success.
To say the least.
So I dug up an unsolved murder
Of a drug dealer from 15 years ago.
Donald green.
When a weapon
Is found on a cold homicide, it hits my radar.
Well, I was hoping to use that weapon to nail grazioso,
But he has an alibi.
That's not the end of the story.
I have information
That ronald green was killed by a police officer.
How credible's the source?
We've put some really bad guys away based on his testimony.
Cop committing murder's rare.
But you already know that, so what are you really asking?
Ronald green was a really bad guy, who got killed.
With grazioso cleared, I have no reason to pursue this case.
But if I pursue it,
And my source turns out to be right...
You've be solving a cold case.
A murder case.
With a cop as the perp.
Show me where it says we get to pick and choose.
Hey, whole precinct's talking
About how talked that knife out of jenny strong's hand.
It wasn't that big a deal.
You saved her life, jamie.
Ah, maybe, but she's still in a lot of trouble.
Oh, I keep thinking of those guys
That were first on the scene.
They were in a really tough spot.
Yeah, and they showed proper restraint.
I don't know, if it had been me,
I might've shot her.
I don't believe that.
Trust me, if she came after you with that knife,
I'd have taken her out.
Jenny strong isn't responsible for her actions, eddie.
She's sick.
Listen, you put your life on the line, jamie,
And maybe that was heroic.
But it was also very reckless.
And you could've died.
So who's gonna protect her? So what,
Are you gonna babysit her 24/7?
I won't have to.
A guy that I went to school with is now
Chief counsel at the willow lanes institute in westchester.
Willow lanes institute, westchester?
That doesn't sound like big bucks to you?
Bucks the strongs don't have?
They have a small number of beds
For needy patients-- my pal was able
To pull a few strings and got her a bed.
That's huge.
Yeah, well, it's a chance anyway, so...
I don't care what everyone says, reagan,
You're all right.
See you at roll call.
Erin: Thanks for meeting me.
You know I love you, erin,
But... I just got straight with grazioso,
And the last thing I need is to be seen palling around
With the d.A.'s office.
I need to know who killed ronald green.
That again?
That piece of garbage
Is dead and buried.
Leave him there. I can't.
You said a cop pulled the trigger.
I need a name.
I'm done making cases for you guys, okay?
I just got my life back.
And I want to spend the rest of it,
One, taking care of my granddaughter;
Two, eating a lot of pasta;
And three, probably losing my ass
At the track-- that's it.
You're-you're stubborn.
All right, listen to me.
Not everyone that grows up
In hell's kitchen becomes a gangster.
Become cops.
You want answers?
Start there.
Erin: You told me yourself
You used to run errands for lenny grazioso. Yeah,
When I was ten years old I picked up
His damn cigars for him-- so what?
So I'm the prosecutor on this case,
And I've got to ask these questions,
And you would do the same thing, am I right? What do you got?
I've got credible information
That ronald green was killed by a cop.
From who?
Vincent rella.
Well, that's a fresh definition
Of "credible." well, you know,
He's never lied to me,
And I can count those people on one hand.
Am I one of them?
I certainly hope so.
Gee, thanks for that.
You were there, jimmy.
If I whacked ronald green,
Why the hell would I agree to reopen the case for you?
I don't know. You tell me. When I ran
Into that alley, green had already been shot.
Marty was working on him
To try to keep him alive.
And I...
Hey, no way.
No way. Marty brock was a good cop.
Does he know grazioso?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone knew lenny.
What about ronald green?
Green was marty's guy.
We used him as a snitch sometimes.
Any chance that relationship went south?
Well, I think I would've known, yeah.
But you don't, in fact, know, right?
Who found the weapon on the roof, you or marty?
He did.
I think we need to talk to your ex-partner.
Good night.
Mr. Strong, thanks for coming in.
I wanted to talk to you about jenny.
I appreciate everything you did for her, officer reagan.
Look, I made a couple of calls
And I was able to get her a bed at willow lanes.
It's a great hospital. Officer reagan...
Jenny's dead.
She, uh...
(trembling breath)
She hung herself last night.
¶ ¶
So now you're saying I was in the drug business with green?
Screw you, jimmy!
That alley is a known drug location.
Maybe you stumbled on green
Dealing behind your back...
You didn't like it, so you killed him.
With a second gun
I just happen to be carrying?
We both carried a second piece back then, marty.
And according to the lab results,
That gun lacks wear and tear consistent with a weapon
That sat outside on a roof for the last 15 years.
So let me get this straight.
Somehow, I get my hands
On this piece grazioso stole,
Use it to pop green,
Then hang onto it for 15 years?
Jimmy: After grazioso
Got busted for that robbery,
The weapon disappeared from the evidence room.
So a gun linked to a known mob figure
Is the perfect murder weapon.
You shot green, then you held onto the gun
Just in case somebody took a second look at his death.
You guys are really desperate.
You can't nail grazioso,
So you come after me?
Come on, marty.
If you did this...
Are-are you kidding me?
You saw the shooter flee the scene!
You chased him!
Unless it wasn't the shooter,
But the individual
Green was selling to...
Who witnessed the murder.
You got any more questions, call my lawyer.
I'm done.
And you and me...
We're done, too.
You're like a recurring nightmare.
I know that marty brock killed ronald green.
Go arrest the schmuck,
But please, leave me out of this.
I can't do that.
And here we go again.
I had the same problem that I had with grazioso.
You got no damn case.
There was a witness there that night,
Someone who saw brock kill green.
Look, way back, I heard that brock took out green
Because he was holding back on his cut of the drug business.
So they were working together.
He had police protection.
Don't you understand?
That's why he had the balls
To deal on grazioso's turf.
Until the garbanzo decided to hold back on brock.
Bad career move.
I need to find that witness, vincent.
Erin, I don't have a name.
If I had one, you know I'd give it to you.
I never heard about any witness.
Your men crossed the line, stan. Not till o.E.M. Says they did.
You're not dealing with o.E.M. You're dealing with me.
A lot of folks in this town
Think you walk on water, frank,
But I'm not one of 'em, so say what you got to say,
Or stop wasting my time.
I just did. You want me to speak more slowly?
Your men...
Did their jobs.
Risked the lives of my cops,
And in doing so, probably broke the law.
So bust 'em.
There's not a jury in this town
That gonna convict firefighters
For heroically doing their job.
Stan, did you give the order
To ignore my officers on the scene
And engage that fire?
No, I did not.
If that's what you came for, then we're done here.
I got a meeting with the mayor.
You like our mayor?
He's a good man, for a politician.
So you don't like politicians.
Not as a rule, no.
Neither do I!
So we agree on something.
So we're both talking like someone
Who, as a rule, we don't like.
If our guys,
Starting with you and me, can't get along,
It is the people we serve who get caught in the crossfire.
You first.
Well, you're right.
No jury's gonna convict your men for endangering mine.
And I have no appetite for the circus
That arresting them would cause.
So that's off the table?
It can be.
If... You make a public apology
To my officer,
Derek redlich.
I could make a statement of regret.
Released to the press.
You love your newspaper ink.
I love transparency and full disclosure.
What "and"?
And your word
That your department will defer to nypd
At all crime scenes.
That has to be done retail.
As it has throughout the history
Of both our departments.
It's that history that got us into this mess.
I'm not just fd;
You're not just pd.
I'm fdny, you are nypd.
And that history, that rivalry,
Is part of what made this city great.
I ain't messing with that, frank.
You shouldn't, either.
You'll copy my dcpi on your statement?
You got it.
See you at the next chicken dinner.
From opposite ends of the dais.
Good day, frank.
Good talk, stan.
What do you want, marty?
I heard you were back in town, vincent.
We need to talk.
(cocks hammer)
That's better.
What are you doing here, marty?
Every since you turned rat,
You keep some real strange company.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Lady prosecutor accuses me of clipping ronald green,
Then goes looking for you?
She wanted witnesses.
I gave her nothing.
Why don't I believe you?
Look, green was a scumbag, okay?
You protected his business
And he held back your end.
You had every right to pop him.
Damn right I did.
Now give me the name of that witness
Before I pop you.
I got no name
Of no witnesses.
You're free and clear, marty.
Listen up, rella.
I'm gonna ask you one more time...
Drop the gun!
Now! You wearing a wire, vincent?
Once a cheese eater,
Always a cheese eater. Don't make me
Do it, marty. Drop the gun now!
Hey, you took your sweet time.
Yeah, I had you covered.
Sorry it went down like this, marty.
It's on me.
See you, jimmy.
You okay?
Another day at the office.
That puppy nearly got me get killed.
Well, the way I see it, we nail brock for killing green
Or killing you.
Either way we get our man.
(chuckles) you get what you need?
Yes. You really went out on a limb for me, vincent.
What can I do? I-I'm a sucker for a pretty face.
I'm sorry about your partner.
Yeah, me too. But he made his bed.
I'm gonna go write this up.
It's tough when friends let you down.
(soft chuckle)
That's ironic coming from a mob informant.
Just for that, you owe me a dinner.
You sure you can afford to be seen
Running around with the d.A.'s office?
There's a back room at john and tony's.
I tell you what I'm gonna do:
I'm even gonna let you pay.
Lucky me.
I really wanted to help her.
I know that.
So if part of this is on me...
No, it's not.
I can deal with that.
But what I also know?
I was hamstrung at every turn.
From the city agencies to our own lack of training
Inside the department dealing with edps.
If it is a training issue,
We could try to do something about that.
But the other variables, not so much.
But there are a thousand jenny strongs out there.
And unless something changes,
They're gonna fall into some really deep cracks.
So, I'd...
I'd like you to consider putting up an advisory committee
To study how the department can do a better job
In dealing with the mentally ill.
Comprised of? The best people
You can field.
John jay, payne whitney,
Health and human services.
And also from the front lines here.
I'll consider it.
Under one condition.
What's that?
You bring me the list.
The people you'd want on a committee like that.
Me? Um, I mean, okay, but...
Yeah, no,
With anyone else it's just be an assignment.
With you, right now...
It's some kind of calling.
So bring me a list
And make sure you're on it.
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