Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 3 - All the News That's Fit to Click - full transcript

When a newspaper reporter is targeted while wearing NYPD gear during a ride-along, Frank thinks the shooter is targeting cops.

Now you're having second thoughts. Says who?
Your tone of voice, your body language.
That's not so.
Yeah, it is. It's like you're folding your tent.
I just got stuck on his age for a minute.
You may have a point there.
Of course I got a point there-- he's green.
He's the preeminent guy in his thing.
No 25-year-old is preeminent in anything.
So you don't like him because of his age
Or because of who he works for?
You asked me to look into their work, I did.
One man's opinion-- it's green, because they're green.
And you're using green wrong. What?
Green doesn't mean inexperienced anymore.
It means eco-friendly.
I know that.
Are we publishing this conversation? No, but...
Well, as long as you know
What I mean by green, then green'll do.
Were you green when you were 25?
No. But everyone else is.
I didn't say that. I take it back.
You don't have a point about his age.
Look, I already said yes.
Let's just see how it flies.
Why does everything have to be
Like pulling teeth?
You're a good egg, garrett.
I just want to make sure
That egg doesn't end up all over our face.
Is that why you put office reagan on this?
As insurance against my judgment?
I put jamie on this because he can read
A potential situation better than anybody I know.
Because you don't trust me to.
Because it's sensitive.
Sir, city council just moved up their meeting.
It's now a conflict with your jim voutay lunch.
He's here
For the council of university presidents.
I'll have to cancel.
After his school's undefeated football team
Wins a national championship?
That's a sacrilege.
Can you do me a favor-- have lunch with him?
I'll see if I can clear my schedule.
Problem solved.
Man: So this what you guys wear?
Janko: No, that's the fake one
We give to reporters.
Yes, exactly the same, department issue.
Near enough. How do I look?
Is that your thing?
You like to keep reporters off-balance?
No. That's her thing, right?
Actually, telling the truth is sometimes her thing.
You asked her how you looked, and she told you.
Oh, I'm not nervous. Just pumped.
You know that show cops? Sure.
¶ bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do... ¶
Yeah, it's going to be like that, right?
¶ whatcha gonna do when they come for you? ¶
No, I'm a real journalist,
Not some guy with a night-vision camera.
Little more to it than that. Eh...
One of the things I really like about cops...
How slanted they are towards law enforcement?
How the guy on the ride-along never bothers the actual cops.
In fact, you never even hear him.
You two make a great pair.
Has anyone ever told you that?
All the time.
Thank you.
Danny: Linda!
Linda, have you seen my tie?
You mean the one you're wearing?
Sean: Smooth move, dad.
I meant the red tie, wisenheimer.
Where's your mother?
You're going to be late for school.
Ain't she driving you?
She's supposed to.
It's after 8:00. You're going to be late.
Hope so. Linda!
Hey, the boys are
Waiting for you to take them.
Don't go to work today.
Oh, come on, linda.
Don't start with this again.
I'm serious. I don't want you out there.
Something bad is going to happen.
Nothing bad is going to happen, linda.
And you can't do this before I go to work every day.
It's not good for you,
It's not good for me.
I can't help the way I feel, danny.
And I can't quit my job.
(exhales deeply)
You remember
What the hospital therapist said, right?
Yeah. It's going to take a little time
Before things get back to normal after what happened, honey.
I was shot, danny, okay?
You can say it. I... Was shot.
Come on, guys. Let's go. We're going to be late.
I'll drive the boys.
Is mom okay?
She's fine. Come on, let's go.
She's better than you're going to be if you don't hurry up.
Let's go.
So you guys go a whole week
Without being in harm's way, as they say?
A whole month. Longer.
That must get old fast.
Not at all.
Come on, you know.
The rush of adrenaline once,
You want it again and again, right?
No, speak for yourself.
You know, a quiet day on this job is highly underrated.
Long story short, we like to keep
The peace peacefully, as much as we possibly can.
Dispatcher: 12-david, we've got a report
Of shots fired at 315... Shots fired! We're going, right?
We're going, right?
12-david, show us responding.
Yes! Ugh!
Buckle up.
No, I like a bumpy ride.
(siren wailing)
Told you.
(tires screeching)
It's 9:00 am on the morning of the 18th.
We have just arrived at...
Jamie: Hey, get back in the car.
Hey! ...911 call reporting shots fired at this address.
Eddie, get him.
You need to get back in the car.
We are just about to go inside.
No, we are just about to go inside.
And he is about to get back in the car.
Whoa, are you serious?
This is a ride-along. I ride along.
Janko: Not on a shots-fired radio call.
Reporter: I promise I won't get in the way.
I swear I won't get hurt. Look, I'm already protected.
Janko: I don't care. Not on shots-fired.
Hey, get back in the car right now. Get back in the car.
Get in the car. Get in the car now! Come on! Come on!
Get back in the car, right now! Back in the car!
Get in the car, now.
(radio squawks)
(whispers): Hey... Get back inside.
Both: Police!
You sure we got the right address, partner?
315 lefferts.
This is the northeast corner apartment on the third floor.
Something doesn't feel right.
Copy that. (gunshots)
Eddie. Yeah.
Colt. He's hurt.
Hey, are you hit? Hey!
What happened? What happened?
Who shot you?
(colt groans)
Eddie, we got to get him to a hospital!
We got a bus on the way.
Drive! Drive!
Hey, hey, talk to me.
Talk to me. Hey, colt.
(siren wailing)
The reporter's name is lorenzo colt.
I know who he is.
How is he? And is he likely?
His condition is unknown at this point.
Doctors are working on him as we speak.
The hospital knows to call me direct
Soon as they know something.
Tell them to know something quicker.
Yes, sir. Where's garrett?
Here. I'm here, frank.
Contacts for next of kin? Getting them.
Lieutenant gormley, it's the hospital.
Ten-hut! As you were.
Chief, have patrol canvass that whole neighborhood.
If there were eyeballs,
I want them sitting down with our detectives asap.
And I want all collars in that precinct debriefed,
No matter what the charge is.
Commissioner. Well?
Good news-- the reporter
Was wearing a bullet proof vest.
It absorbed two of the bullets.
Report says there were three shots.
Yes, sir.
The third one grazed his neck,
But thankfully, it was only a surface wound.
Thank god.
Doc says he's resting comfortably,
Be out of there tomorrow.
That's good news.
But this reporter was sitting in the back of one of our rmps,
And he was wearing a department issued nypd windbreaker.
I'm not sure the shooter thought he was shooting a reporter.
He could have thought he was killing a cop.
Let's get to it.
Find this guy.
(indistinct chatter)
I'm sorry this happened.
Me, too.
I feel responsible.
You're not.
Baez: How you two holding up?
Hanging in there.
You got lucky. Could have been you.
You think the shooter was trying to take out a cop?
Yeah, that's what we're thinking.
How's he doing?
I think he's better than okay.
What do you mean?
He likes his adrenaline straight up.
Get the sense he's the type of journalist
Likes to make himself the lead in all the stories he writes.
Did you talk to him?
Once we were cleared,
He was on the phone with his publisher.
We'll take a crack.
Thanks. Yep.
Talk about, uh, being in the right place at the right time.
And the drugs they got me on aren't too bad, either, huh?
You mind wrapping that up?
Could you just give me one second.
No, no, not you.
Two cops just walked in the room.
Are you kidding? I'm not sitting this one out.
I'll be at my desk first thing tomorrow.
Urgent police business.
He'll have to call you back.
You know, technically,
What you did right there is grand larceny.
Police emergency.
Do you mind answering some
Questions for us, mr. Colt? Shoot.
What can you tell us about the person who shot you?
(scoffs) not much, really.
What can you tell me about him?
We know you're a reporter, mr. Colt,
But things would be a lot more productive
If you let us ask the questions.
Uh, at your service.
Great. Can you tell us anything about the person who shot you?
You remember anything?
White, black?
Male, female?
Scars, tattoos, identifiable marks?
Anything you can remember would be very helpful.
Baez: Mr. Colt, not for nothing,
But there's a would-be cop killer on the loose,
And you are our key witness.
Cop killer?
Well, you were wearing an nypd raid jacket
In the back of an nypd radio car.
Wha... Uh...
Mr. Colt,
Could really use your help here.
To be honest, uh, everything happened s-so fast.
I-I... Really just... Just blanked.
What are you writing?
I'm sorry.
I just... Got really tired.
Or maybe I'm still in shock or something.
Would you mind coming back in a while?
When your memory comes back,
We really could use your help, all right?
Before somebody else gets hurt.
Copy that, detective.
And-and thank you for understanding.
What are you doing here, sarge?
Lieutenant. My bad.
I'm here to help.
The whole department is at your disposal,
Chase down whatever leads our victim gave you.
We got no leads-- he says he doesn't remember anything,
That he blacked out.
Either way, we got nada.
Well, we don't got nada.
Well, what's the opposite of nada?
I mean, what do you got?
We got a 911 call which was a phony call
'cause the whole thing was a setup.
Whoever made that call is our shooter.
We figure out who that caller is,
And we'll catch our cop killer.
You still got it, reagan.
You too, sarge.
Hope you don't mind that you're stuck with me
Instead of your pal.
Not at all-- it's good to catch up.
And besides, you spare me having to watch frank pick
All the vegetables off his plate.
The canyon of heroes.
Little known fact-- behind each photograph
Is a picture of their dcpi,
Dusty, forgotten, never to be heard from again.
(chuckling): You better be careful, garrett.
He might have this place bugged.
And I'm sorry for not having heeded your infinite wisdom
And allowing that perfectly fine and fully credentialed reporter
Onto that ride along.
You were right, I absolutely should have been able
To look into the future and see what was gonna happen.
Sorry, it's been a tough day.
Well, it's like you said.
It's not something you could have foreseen.
Yeah, but I pushed pretty hard
Against frank's very strenuous objection.
Big no-no.
Man: Yeah, yeah, I'm standing on the corner
Of northeast lefferts and 17th, and I just heard gunfire.
Operator: Okay, calm down, sir.
Can I have your name and a callback number?
That's it. You trace the call?
It was made from a cheap cell phone burner,
One of those 99-cent jobs.
No gps.
The best we could do is locate the cell tower
Where it last pinged, but that only gives us neighborhood.
That could be anywhere in fort greene.
All right, play it again.
You get something?
Man: Yeah, yeah, I'm standing on the corner
Of northeast lefferts and 17th, and I just heard gunfire.
Operator: Okay, calm down, sir. Can I have your name...
Okay, stop right there, rewind a few seconds.
Man: ...And I just heard gunfire.
You hear that?
The noise in the background.
No, what do you hear?
I don't know; play it again.
Sounds like an mta announcement or something.
Just try to isolate the background noise for me.
Female voice: The next three train will be arriving
At the nevins street station in three minutes.
Made the call near the nevins street stop.
And these guys always toss their burner phones.
Call it in-- we got to get an area search
And find that phone.
And this is where we hold our press conferences.
Let me guess, one of franks favorite rooms.
Once a year, he instructs the bomb squad guys
To demolish the place.
Getting him in here must be like pulling teeth.
Exactly. (chuckles)
Uh, frank has a lot of virtues,
But suffering fools gladly isn't one of them.
That's the thing, they're not fools.
Just 'cause someone has a different point of view
Or a difficult question or a fresh take on something...
Uh, doesn't make them a fool,
It just makes them someone who's not frank.
Not that I'm saying frank's that.
No, I know.
But getting him to pivot, to shift his weight a little.
Pulling teeth.
A guy who can make a frank reagan see things another way,
That is a valuable guy.
Thanks, jim.
But let's just keep that between us, okay?
Oh, come on, garrett, frank must know that.
If he does, he certainly wouldn't want to be reminded.
Trust me.
So I'll keep that between us
If you do the same with this.
What's this?
One of the perks
Of our school winning the national championship
Is our board has finally ponied up enough money
For me to hire a real communications man.
It's a job offer?
Our university needs to do some rebranding.
See, the future is in harvesting from overseas,
But overseas doesn't care about college football
When they're looking at higher education.
I think you made a mistake and put down one too many zeros.
Garrett, I didn't get our school to the top of our conference
In sports and academics by making too many mistakes.
Then this is quite an offer.
I was hoping you'd think that.
Come on, that phone's got to be around here somewhere.
Whoever finds it, rounds are on me!
Detective, over here.
Looks like a phone to me.
Hey! Hey.
Crowbar, come on.
Get this thing up.
There we go, look at that.
We struck gold.
You're not gonna believe what that little punk colt did.
Who the hell is that?
Baez: Colt had a composite sketch drawn up
Of a detailed description of our shooter.
Why'd he hold out on us?
So he could break the story on his web site.
Hey, there. Can I help you?
Oh, hey, officers, I'll be with you in just a sec.
That's "detectives," and you'll be with us now.
I'm sorry, is there something wrong?
Uh, yeah, probably should have given you
A heads up about that, huh?
What happened to, "I must have blacked out"?
I did, but then it all came back to me.
Right, just in time to put it on the internet, huh?
Detective, I am under no legal requirement
To share any information with you.
And as a journalist,
I have an obligation to inform my readers, first and foremost.
We're the police, not some rival news organization.
This information could have helped us
Apprehend this very dangerous man.
A dangerous man who shot you.
Exactly, detective-- he shot me.
And I believe I should have the right to deal with that
Whichever way I think is best.
Do you understand the kind of business you're running here?
You are going to get somebody killed.
I'm just chasing a story, detective.
I'm chasing a cop killer.
If you don't want to help us get him, that's on you.
That was the squad.
No dna or fingerprints on the burner phone,
But they did find surveillance footage
From a nearby subway station.
Great. You take a look at the video,
See if our shooter made an appearance.
I'm gonna go talk to my sister.
Absolutely not.
Just let me make my case.
You don't have a case-- that's my point.
I'm looking for a cop killer.
(scoffs) danny.
Who could kill me or jamie next.
Okay, a, don't say that.
B, no he's not, he didn't kill anyone.
And c, he shot a reporter, not a cop.
A reporter dressed up like a cop.
Look, I'm not trying to be insensitive here.
I get it, he's a bad guy-- I want him as badly as you do.
But that doesn't mean we start usurping the law.
You call investigative grand juries all the time.
Yes, but not for fishing expeditions.
It's not a fishing expedition, okay?
We have a suspect.
Come on, danny.
What do you want me to do?
Call a grand jury and say,
"people of the state of new york against...
Pencil-sketched hoodie guy"?
Then write it up against the boogie man for all I care.
The only way I can subpoena this ass-faced reporter
And get him to testify under oath is if you help me.
I know you want this for the right reasons.
But how much of your angst for this case is about the case,
And how much of it is about linda...
...Who's trembling every time you walk out the door?
Are you gonna help me or not?
Excuse me, mr. Colt.
Oh, hey, uh, officer reagan
And trusty sidekick, uh...
Officer janko.
Uh, can we talk to you?
Uh, sorry, I'm all talked out.
Just a minute of your time, please.
Didn't you hear?
I had a lovely chat with the detective on the case,
And we're all on the same page,
And I am a selfish ass who's only interested in a good story,
But we also agree that I am well within my rights
To not say anything to the police
And print whatever the hell I like.
I know your conversation with my brother got a little heated,
But this is not that.
We're off duty.
This is... This is totally unofficial.
Good night and good luck.
Hey, what the hell is wrong with you?
You have a lot of nerve asking what's wrong with me.
Look at your patrol guide, officer.
I haven't done anything.
That's the problem. Exactly.
You know, we work with victims all the time
That don't want to help with investigations.
But that's because they're scared.
They're afraid someone's gonna retaliate.
And I don't like that, but I get it.
What you're doing, I don't understand.
Then let me enlighten you.
My job is not to help you.
It is to tell a story.
Hopefully, a compelling one that not only entertains,
But also sheds light on our times.
I'm sitting in the back of a patrol car
During broad daylight.
That is supposed to be one of the safest places on earth.
Next thing I know, I'm blasted
By three bullets from a nine millimeter.
Now, I don't know about you,
But I think that says something pretty profound
About the world we're living in.
You just said it was a nine millimeter.
What makes you think it was a nine millimeter?
You gonna have to read my next post online
Just like everyone else.
She said no, huh?
Of course she said no-- it's her favorite word.
Well, maybe this will cheer you up.
I was able to pull a still
Off the surveillance footage
Near the subway station.
That's pretty damn close.
Yep, the time stamp on the video
Matches exactly with the 911 call.
Great, you run his face through the system?
Michael hicks. He got out a month ago.
Has a long history of violence against the cops.
Great, you got his last known? Yeah.
Then what are we waiting for?
His last known address was bogus.
Some vacant lot in the south bronx.
Okay, uh, you-you got his phone number, right?
Well, yeah, but what are we gonna do?
Call him and tell him he's wanted for attempted murder?
Can he come and meet us around 8:00?
Something like that.
Yes, hello, michael hicks?
My name is richard mollo.
I work with the new york mets.
And you, sir, have won a wonderful prize
Of a luxury suite to any new york mets home game
Of your choice for this season.
No, congratulations.
Okay, all you got to do is meet me
Between 8:00 and 9:00 p.M. Tonight
At the box office at citi field
And you can collect your prize.
Yes, ask for me-- richard mollo.
I'll see you then.
Throw the pitch,
Make the catch.
(door opens)
Sir, jim's here.
How was the tour?
I'd ask if it's been a hard day,
But I get the sense that every day is around here.
Some more than others.
Do you have good help carrying the weight?
I do, and grateful for it.
Add it all up at the end of the year,
Yeah, he more than pulls his weight.
He's a good guy, too.
But yes.
You want to take back your offer
For me to make him an offer?
That stands separate.
You mean, you didn't?
No, just checking.
So, you did? Yes.
And he said yes.
Well, he wants to sleep on it.
A figure like you talked about?
(chuckles) the exact one.
He's gonna have some trouble sleeping
With a number like that floating around his head.
I'll rescind it if you ask me to.
I couldn't do that.
I know.
But I had to offer.
(sirens wailing)
(engine revs, tires screech)
Police! Don't move! Shut it down!
Shut it down!
Officer: Drop the keys.
Get out the car!
Drop the keys!
Put your forehead on the steering wheel!
Put your hands behind the back of your head now!
Come on, get out!
Get out!
Come on.
Ball game's been postponed, tough guy.
Danny: Three times, you've been charged
With assaulting a police officer and you just finished
A ten-year stretch for stabbing a police officer
While resisting arrest. I'm gonna go out on a limb here,
Michael, and say that you got a problem with cops.
Oink, oink.
That's funny.
This you?
No? Then who is it?
My lawyer.
That supposed to be funny, too?
Maybe you should've taken up a career
As a stand-up comedian instead of a cop killer.
How about this-- this you?
Yeah, yeah, I'm standing on the corner
Of northeast lefferts and 17th and I just heard gunfire.
911 operator: Okay, calm down, sir.
Can I have your name and a callback number?
That ain't me.
Let me guess-- your lawyer again?
Gots to be. Well, we took a sample
Of your voice and ran it against this 911 call
And it's a 95% match.
So I'd say
It gots to be you.
That's enough for me to call the grand jury already.
And yet we still here flirting!
Think I'm bluffing?
If you wasn't, I'd be talking
To a judge right now instead of you, little piggy.
This little piggy's the only thing keeping you
From a life sentence.
Now, you want to work with me and come clean,
Maybe I'll work with you.
And if I stay dirty?
Well, I got an eyewitness
On the other side of this door
An eyewitness who watched you
Pump three rounds into a squad car!
And let me tell you something.
If that eyewitness picks you out of a lineup,
You gonna spend the rest of your life
In a box smaller than this one!
So, what do you say?
Oink, oink!
When I ask you to turn around,
You're gonna hold your number up under your chin like that.
You know how this all works, right?
I do. You see the man who shot you,
Just tell us his number and where you recognize him from.
And if I do see him and I do point him out,
What's in it for me?
The guy who shot you goes to jail.
And you take a dangerous criminal off the street.
Can I get five minutes with him afterwards?
No. Look, playtime's over.
A positive I.D. From you
Allows us to charge him with attempted murder.
I'm holding all the cards here.
I'm warning you.
And I'm kidding you.
Thank you.
Turn them around.
Turn around. All right, take a look.
Can you identify the man who shot you, mr. Colt.
Mr. Colt?
I can't.
You're absolutely certain he's not in there?
Would you like some more time, mr. Colt?
No, he's not there.
I'm sorry, danny.
Yeah, I'm sure you are.
What the hell are you doing in there?
You don't have the guy, detective.
That's not on me.
How about I put something on you?
Like obstructing governmental administration,
Hindering prosecution-- how about perjury?
Or whatever the hell else I can think of?
Because I don't agree with you?
'cause I'm lying! No, I'm not.
And even if I were, lying is not against the law
Unless you're under oath.
Why the hell are you doing this?
Doing what-- going back to work?
I just heard about the reporter.
And, uh, if you want to tell me I told you so,
Well, I-I deserve it.
Nobody's gloating here.
The whole damn thing's a mess and a shame.
Frank, I understand.
Actually, you know what?
No, I don't understand.
If I'd put woodward or bernstein
On that drive-along,
We'd still have a shot-up reporter on our hands.
Except woodward or bernstein
Picks this guy out of a lineup ten times out of ten.
I'm supposed to be able to predict
How every person who interacts with this department
Is gonna behave under any and all circumstances?
I'm not doing this right now.
No, when?
How about never?
You put that kid in the back of our rmp.
No spin's gonna change it.
Let's move on.
Maybe I should.
Maybe... It's time.
Jim voutay made me a job offer.
At a very high salary.
I understand if you think you should take it.
That's not quite honest.
How's that?
I think it's what you think I should do.
If you want to leave, don't put it on me.
Own it.
He's your pal.
No way he approaches me
Without first getting your blessing.
You asked jim to make me this offer,
So I'd have a parachute on my way down from this floor.
That's just not true.
Oh, come on, frank. Own it.
(door opens)
(door closes)
I don't really understand. If the reporter knows it was
The guy that shot him, why wouldn't he just say so?
Maybe he's afraid he'll retaliate.
No, that happens sometimes.
But that wasn't the case here.
No, in this case, the reporter wants a lead role in the story.
Right, that way he gets a better story out of it.
Which makes him a showboat, not a real reporter.
People still say "showboat"?
I do.
Isn't there some way you can make him tell the truth?
That is a very good question.
Maybe aunt erin can help you find that out.
I'll pass that off to the framers of the constitution.
Well, they're not here.
No, sean, not in this case.
Why can't you just... Make someone tell the truth?
(scattered chuckling)
Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Nicky: What if your dad did something wrong,
And you found out that,
If you told anyone, he'd be in jail.
Would you still testify against him?
I'd have his back.
Erin: You see, it's not so...
Black and white.
But this reporter isn't doing it to protect anyone,
He's doing it for himself.
Yeah, but he still has rights.
Yeah, but I think that "rights" thing is way overused.
Said no one, ever.
How'd this guy get a ride in the car in the first place?
(phone ringing)
That's a good question, jack.
(ringing continues)
He was invited by my office, which means
The responsibility's on my shoulders.
(ringing stops) was that supposed to be a good idea?
(ringing resumes)
Saved by the bell.
What happens to the bad guy now?
The, uh, the one who shot the reporter?
Without a witness I.D., he gets released.
Wait, so he's just out of jail right now?
Yeah. That's right.
Is somebody watching him?
That would be harassment. The police can't do that.
Sean: But he shot someone.
Someone he thought was a cop.
And now he's just free to go wherever?
I'm afraid so.
But what if he tries to shoot someone else?
Danny: Exactly. What if he tries to shoot another cop?
Okay, that's enough, okay?
Can we just stop?
Something wrong, linda?
There is something wrong.
There is something very wrong with the fact
That every time that this family sits down for dinner,
We have to talk about crime and criminals.
I mean, couldn't we, just for once,
Just... You know, sit together,
And have a normal family dinner?
(footsteps approaching)
Lorenzo colt is dead.
(sighs heavily)
Garrett: We appreciate your respect and sensitivity
Around the crime scene,
While detectives continue their investigation.
Our thoughts and prayers are with mr. Colt's family.
Baez: So you're thinking he was pushed?
No cameras.
Neighbors see or hear anything?
Baez: Just the crash of him landing here.
You knew him, didn't you, deputy commissioner?
A little.
I'm sorry, sir.
What do you have so far?
We're thinking maybe he was pushed.
He's got michael hicks' phone number and address
Written down here.
Kept going on about wanting to meet with him.
Garrett: The little I knew,
He was a very good investigative reporter.
Last number he dialed was hicks.
Maybe got his five minutes with him, after all.
I don't remember cole wearing glasses, do you?
Can I see those?
These aren't glasses; they're spy glasses.
They have a camera, right here.
On his web site, he'd do those
Gotcha ambush interviews.
Those are the glasses he wears.
Well, maybe we can figure out who ambushed him.
So you had no contact whatsoever with lorenzo colt?
I don't even know who is lorenzo colt, man.
He knows who you is.
Got his phone records right here.
Seems you and him had a lengthy conversation.
Yeah, all right, all right, all right.
So the man called me last night-- so what?
For what? He want to interview you?
He said all kind of whack noise like that.
I told him to step off, man.
Step off a building, is that what you told him?
(scoffs, sighs)
Speak to in person, or on the phone?
On the phone.
And you had nothing to do with him
Doing a triple lindy
Off the top of that building.
Nothing, man! Nothing!
Well, you must have an evil twin, then, my friend.
Take a look.
Oh, you're telling me-- no, no, no.
I don't want to, I'm not gonna...
Colt: Ju-ju-just a ten-minute interview.
No, man! No names, no photos, just you and me.
The victim and the shooter!
Look, you made a bad play coming at me like this...
Colt: I don't know. The way I see it,
My play is your only way, all right?
If you don't want to work with me,
I have no choice but to call detective reagan,
And let him know that I have miraculously recovered
From my temporary spate of amnesia.
Hicks: Yeah? Well, let me see you recover from this...
Colt: Hey! Hey, hey! Don't!
(hicks grunting)
No! (grunts)
Colt: Get off...! No! No, no!
(colt and hicks grunting, yelling)
(colt screaming)
Hi, dad. Hi, dad.
Hey. Where are you guys going?
Take a guess, detective.
Have fun.
I made it. I'm alive.
I know.
What's all this?
I am gonna get better soon, I promise.
I know.
You wanted to see me?
I need a favor. Personal favor.
I really have stayed here too long.
I know all your tricks.
The hell you talking about?
If you need to apologize to someone,
But want to keep the upper hand,
You ask them to do you a personal favor.
Francis x. Reagan there.
I got nothing to apologize for.
It was an even worse idea than I first thought it was.
What's the favor?
(sighs) stay on a month
And get your replacement up and running.
Better yet...
Just stay on, period.
It's a lot of money.
I know that.
Please, stay.
Because I need you.
And you need me.
Maybe once.
You make my job, my duty, me...
More palatable to thousands who would, otherwise,
Cover their ears and turn their backs.
I know that.
What do I get?
If you don't know that,
You're right, you should take jim's offer.
Anyone... Who...
Has reached the ages you and I have,
Who works the hours we do,
Without hardly ever looking at the clock,
Who can still fight
Over what we do,
The way we do,
Like we're still green as grass and have everything to prove.
That makes us two very fortunate men.
Plus, I'm offering you a raise, myself.
(paper rustling)
A three percent raise?
Hey, we're city employees, what'd you expect?
Can I think about it?
Can you do it over a drink?
I do my best thinking that way.
Garrett: Just a heads up...
...When you're offering a measly three percent raise,
You don't through the whole shtick
Of writing the number down on a piece of paper.
Is that right?
See? What would I do without you?
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