Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 2 - Absolute Power - full transcript

Danny and Maria investigate a possible serial killer who sends a chilling message to Danny, and Erin toys with the idea of applying for a judgeship. Also, Frank is in a bind when mayoral candidate Katherine Tucker (Mary Stuart Masterson) accuses him of secretly investigating her husband, and Eddie faces her estranged father when he winds up in the hospital.

Hope you brought me
some bug spray.

How come people don't get
killed in high-end spas

or nice handbag stores?

What fun would that be?

Oh, my God.

She looks about 18.

Well, how'd she
end up here?

Probably not voluntarily,

judging by the bruising
and scrapes.

She's posed.

Looks like her neck's broken.

I don't see a wallet
or a purse anywhere.

Well, she's all
dressed up.

Yeah, dressed to kill.

Or be killed.

I'm gonna look around.

Can I get a couple of unis to do
an area search up that way?

You two, start
an area search.

Got it!

Yes, sir!


We got another one.


Boss, we got another one.

Get your guys
to bring the tape.

Guys, over here!

Hey, don't let 'em
come any closer!

What is it?

My God.

It's a killing field.


Thank God you're here.

Why? What's up?

He's in bad shape.

He's got a couple broken ribs,
collapsed lung,

and there's bleeding
into his brain.


They didn't tell you?

Sergeant just said a prisoner
was asking for Eddie.

Oh, my God.

It's my dad.

On first inspection,

it looks like the same manner
of death for all three--

blunt force trauma
to the head.

The neck bruising is consistent
with being strangled.

Any ideas when they might
have been killed?

The first one was no
more than 12 hours ago.

The other two, I'm guessing
they've been here for weeks,

maybe even months.


- Let's go.
- Detective Reagan.

Are we looking at a serial
killer here, Detective?

I cannot confirm
or deny that.

You're starting to sound
like the commissioner.

Are we looking
at a serial killer or not?

What we're looking
at is a coward

who gets off on killing
innocent young women.

Okay, any leads?

Yeah, we have a lead.

If he was smart, he'd turn himself in. Now.
But, Detective...

50 feet and we're out of here.

Commissioner, can we please
confirm the commencement date?

We'll get back
to you on that.

Thank you.

Erin and the mayor at 9:00.

Good evening.


Mr. Mayor.


The mayor is telling me

I should put my application in
for judgeship.


Well, she's smart,
she's fair, experienced.

And she looks good
in a black robe.

And she'll bring
diversity to the bench

as it's currently formed.

Well, I'd still need approval

from your advisory committee.

Well, I have some pull there.

And final approval
from the mayor?

Erin, I hear he's a fan.

Excuse me,
Mr. Mayor.

She who hesitates is lost.

Look before you leap.


Katherine Tucker.


A candidate who will be
losing to me in November.

That will become New York City's

first female mayor.

Can I have a word?

How's your investigation
into my husband going?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You're going to pretend
that you don't know

what's going on inside
your own department?

That'd be a first.

Then it's a first,
'cause it's the truth.

When I sat on
the city council,

I watched you tear
them to pieces

any time they tried to
challenge your leadership,

and now I'm
supposed to believe

that your right hand doesn't
know what your left is doing?

I don't care what you believe.

But I will look into it.

And I'm telling you
that if it's true,

when I'm mayor, you can
kiss your job good-bye.

Can I take it to dinner
and a movie first?

You think this is funny.

Yeah, kind of.

You're threatening to fire me
from a job you don't control

that you can't know I'd want.

But I will look into it.

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Absolute Power
Original Air Date on October 2, 2015

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Three females,
ages between 18 to 21.

The M.E.'s office is working
to identify the remains.

We should hear later today.

Tell the M.E.
to expedite.

Already did.

What about
Katherine Tucker?

Me? I-I kind
of like her.


About the alleged
investigation, Sid.

Oh, yeah, Ms. Tucker was
right about that.

Lieutenant John Larkin was
assigned to the mayor's detail,

was spearheading
a corruption investigation

into Ms. Tucker's
husband, Charles,

more specifically his real
estate development firm.

Who ordered this investigation?

It came directly
from Mayor Poole.

Lieutenant Larkin said

his investigation did not
uncover any improprieties

in Tucker's business.

I hear a "but."

He did uncover
some hanky-panky

with Tucker and a female
executive of the firm.

"Hanky-panky" as in...?

As in not financial.

Were the findings
given to the mayor?

Not as of yet.

I want all the files and any
evidence on my desk immediately.


I already told you, the incident
happened in the laundry room.

Who caused the injuries?

We don't know yet.

Well, you know
who was in that area

with him at that time,
don't you?

There will be an investigation.

Aren't there security cameras
in the laundry room?

This is not exactly your
jurisdiction, is it?

That's my father lying
in that bed,

so that makes it
my jurisdiction.

That fraud?
He swindled

millions of dollars
from innocent people.

Your father is a crook.

What did you say, you son of a bitch?
Hey, whoa.

Who do you think you're talking to?
Are you kidding me?

You're not even a real cop!
What are you gonna do about it?

Take a break,
take a breather.

Take a breather.

Unfortunately, losing it
with him isn't gonna help.

Jamie, he has
intracranial bleeding,

two broken ribs
and a punctured lung.

And this guy is telling me
that it's not my jurisdiction.

Okay, but it's not.

So are we not gonna
look into it?

We do that, we're gonna piss
off a whole lot of people.

But I'm in if you are.

Thank you.

Hey, it's me.

I just put a deposit on a cute
little studio in Kew Gardens.

First apartment,
can you believe it?

Anyway, let's go out

and celebrate
with strawberry daiquiris.

Love ya. Ciao for now.

That was our most recent
victim's last outgoing call

to her sister at 1900 hours.

We get IDs
on the other two vics?

Yeah, Melissa Ford,
19, college student.

Reported missing in April.

And Sonia Fraser, 18, just
graduated high school.

Reported missing in June.

They're all white females
in their late teens.

We get dumps
on their phones, too?

Yeah, I'm cross-referencing
them right now,

but I'm not getting
any numbers in common.

All right,
let's get a canvass going

on the entire neighborhood.

This guy was able to
snatch up these women

without any witnesses,

he must have been
someone they knew.

Or trusted.

Morning, Baker.
Just a heads-up.

Mayor Poole is
in your office.

That wasn't on the schedule.

Well, he just showed up,
insisted on waiting.


Did you order Lieutenant
Larkin not to release

the results
of his investigation?

Your NYPD detail is not your
own personal private detective.

No, I had a legitimate
cause to order it.

Then why didn't it come through
this office as it should?

Because you knew
I'd say no.

Frank, have you forgotten
that you work for me

and not the other way around?

And do you
honestly think

that Katherine Tucker will keep
you on if she's elected?

It honestly never
occurred to me.

Sandy Koufax, The Mary
Tyler Moore Show,

Jim Brown the running
back from Cleveland.

Well, I'm not saying I'm them.

What are you talking about?

They all got out at
the top of their game,

didn't wait to be pushed.

Oh, I am not buying that.

And I'm not selling,
I'm just saying.

Frank, right here, right now,
who are you trying to protect?

Nobody in particular.

Just the standards
of this office.

I want that file, Frank.

After I've reviewed it,

and only then if there
is criminality involved.

You know, the latest polls
has my opponent

ten percentage points
behind me.

If you're running ahead,
why you looking behind?

Ten points is not that much.

Well, I don't pay attention
to polls.

Well, could you, Frank?

Could you cut

your boss a break?

We're supposed to be
on the same side here, right?

Most of the time we are.

Then let this time be
one of those times.

Don't make me replace you.

Mr. Mayor,
I've been around you long enough

to know you're going to do
exactly what you're going to do.


Good day.

I didn't really see his face.

You know?

I was... I was hit from behind.

How many of them
were there?

I don't know.

You look so important.

The uniform...

You must have some idea
who did this to you.

I... I don't remember.

Edit Marie,

I'm so proud of you.

Where were
the corrections officers?

They... they got there
to break it up,

but they didn't
get there in time.

Excuse me, Officer.


Something's not right.


I talked to
the other C.O.

None-none of the
stories match up.

What are you saying?

I'm saying somebody's
hiding something.

Talk to me, Doc.

I want to get this
maniac before lunch.

I wouldn't count on it.

Given how long
the other two bodies were there,

this guy knows
what he's doing.

Okay, but we do at least
know it's a guy?

Judging from the amount
of force used

and how aggressive, yes.

There's also signs
of sexual assault,


Figures. DNA?

He's thorough.

Not a trace so far.

Anything else?

They all have
skull fractures--

I believe caused by a hammer.

But that's not what killed them?

He strangled
them to death

with his hands
after he bludgeoned them.

Son of a bitch.

He tied them up

with rope, hands and feet.

He wants his victims
to feel inferior.

That's the scary part
about serial killers,

that there's no motive
other than pleasure.

The scary part
about serial killers

is, in order
to catch these psychos,

I gotta learn to think like 'em.


They just found another body.

The latest victim--
name is Carmen Sanchez.

She's 19 years old.

From Astoria.

What about the note?

Ran it through
the Doc unit.

There were no
fingerprints or DNA

or discerning marks
on the note.

The M.E.'s office
was the same.

No traceable DNA.


You know, this guy-- he's so
familiar with the area.

He's gotta be
from around there.

What about sex offenders?

There are 1,546 registered
sex offenders in Queens.

Can we narrow it down
a little bit?

Maybe a ten-mile radius?



What about, uh, social media?

They're all on
that social media.

Any connection there?

Nothing that ties these
women together so far.

Maybe it's a crime
of opportunity.

Why the hell did I say anything
to that reporter?

You're not the reason...

I'm sure I didn't help matters.

There was an assault case

in Morningside Heights
last year...

a guy used a hammer
on a college coed.

Sounds familiar.

That's right, the victim
was Danielle Levine.

I'll see if she'll talk to us.

I'll see what I can get
from Carmen's roommate.

And Danny?

I know, don't blame myself.

Jeffery Stark?

Can't you leave me alone?

Hey, we just want to ask you
some questions.

I haven't committed a crime,

I haven't violate my parole...

Well, you're not
in any trouble.

If I'm talking to the cops,

it's always about some trouble.

The warden at Yorktown

said you were cellmates
with Armin Janko.

You know Armin?

I'm his daughter.

Yeah, I recognize your face

from the graduation photo
he kept on the wall.

You never visited.

Hey, listen, we're trying
to help Armin, okay?

He was beaten up pretty badly
in the prison laundry room.

He's in the hospital.

He's real tight-lipped
about who and why.

It's called survival.

Look, I gotta go now.


Come on.

Warden can't get
to you out here.

You want to know why I made it
out on good behavior?

It's because
I kept my mouth shut.

Now, my pizzas are getting a
little bit cold, all right?

Hey. Listen, wait, you're right.
You're right, you're right. - Come on.

You're right,
I didn't visit my dad in prison.

And my reasons are
none of your business,

but no one

to get beat like he did.

The only thing I can tell you

is that the laundry room is
the black market of the prison.

How's that?

You can get anything you want.

Anything from drugs to weapon

exchanges hands
in the laundry room.

If you want to make it
out of there alive...

that is just one thing that
you don't want to mess with.

Excuse me.

Great. He's dealing drugs.

The first time he hit me,
I blacked out.

When I came to,
I was in his car.

Did you get a look
at his face at all?

My injuries...

wiped out some of my memory.

I don't remember
most of what happened.

Did you recognize
anything about him?

Maybe his voice?
The way he talked?

He didn't talk.

He just laughed.

And there was music.

Can you remember
what kind of music it was?


Classical. Okay.

It was like...
he did it to set a mood.

He was into it.

I've read about
these women,

and I know I'm supposed
to feel lucky that I survived.

But I don't.

I haven't slept

since it happened.

I'm afraid to go out alone

and I'm afraid
he's gonna come back.

Can you remember
anything else about him?

Even the slightest detail

could help us to find this guy.

I remember his eyes.

They were just blank.

The more I cried

and begged for my life,

the more he seemed to enjoy it.

He dumped me
just off the highway,

left me there in the rain.

I've been told
he probably thought I was dead.

that's what saved me.

Well, lucky for you.

My skull was fractured

in five places.

I still get headaches.

And I'm the lucky one?

So she wasn't tied up or
duct-taped like the others.

No. If you look
at the timeline,

she was probably
his first victim.

He hadn't mastered
his technique yet.

There were six months
between the first two.

The time between kills

is getting less and less.

Have a radio car sit on
Danielle's house now,

just in case.

He's on a real spree.

Your comments to that reporter
weren't very nice.

Who the hell is this?

Or accurate.

Okay, so why don't you
enlighten me?

I plan to, Detective Reagan.

You called me a coward

on television,
and that's just not true.

Sure it is.

I'm brave enough

to help these women
release their souls.

You should be condemned,
you sick son of a bitch.

So, uh, tell me...

what have you found out
about the killer so far?

Why don't you tell me?

He's smart.

He's not that smart.

He's smarter
than you.

You can't even
find him, can you?

I promise you, I'll find him.

Before it's too late?

What's that supposed to mean?

There's somebody
I'd like you to meet.

Her name's Ashley.

Please! Please!

Please don't let him kill me!

Does staring out at the city
ever make anything clearer?


It reminds me there's a whole
world outside this office.

I've been thinking
about your situation.

I don't have a situation.

I have a serial killer.

You need to hand the results
of that investigation

over to Mayor Poole.

Katherine Tucker's husband
did nothing that was criminal.

What he does in
his personal life

is not my business or more
importantly, the mayor's.

It is very much your business.

You're alienating
both the incumbent

and his leading challenger.

Come November,
we've got

no friends in City Hall.

With friends like that,
as they say...

This isn't funny, Frank.

You shouldn't be

in the middle of this.

I didn't choose to be.

Then, let me handle it.

Okay, you got it.

Arrange a meeting
with Katherine Tucker.

What are you gonna say to her?

I don't know.

Frank, you tell her
the truth,

it's gonna confirm
what she suspects.

That Poole
is behind this.

She'll use it against him.

Are you suggesting I lie,

I'd suggest avoiding her

until after
the November elections.

I would if I could.

But we both know I can't.

You're bringing drugs
into a city prison?


Are you kidding me?

Is that what you think?

What am I supposed to think?


will you do me one favor?

Would you, just for,

just for once in your life,

be honest?

For once?

I have always been
honest with you.

No, Dad!
Your whole life is a lie.

You never gave me
a chance to explain!

I don't want to hear
you explain anything.

Because everything that comes
out of your mouth is a lie.

Every single time.

You lie to me
again and again and again.

I'm done with you!


You have a chance here.

To fix things with Eddie.

I can't fix what I did.

You can repair
what you have left

by being honest.

How'd you really
get those injuries?

I didn't get beat up
for smuggling drugs inside.

I got beat up

for refusing to.

Nicky, can I get another
piece of that chicken?

Well, how many have you had?

Because Uncle Danny hasn't eaten yet,

and I want to make sure
that there are leftovers.

Leftovers for who?
For me.

Wait till you see
what college food tastes like.

There's more in the oven.

Give it over.

Any feedback
from your panel interview?

Not yet.

About the judgeship?

They don't tell you what was
said after you leave the room.

Well, you'd make a great judge.

God knows you're judgmental.

Yeah, that wasn't funny

when your brother
said it, either.

It kind of is.

Being from a family
of cops come up?

Oh, it came up and stayed
front and center.

Not in a good way,
I'm guessing.

You know,
I couldn't really tell.

It just felt like
they were trying

to keep me off-balance
and on the defensive.


And why
would being a Reagan

make you defensive?

With this administration
and in this climate?

Come on, Grandpa.

She's right.
Cops out on the street

aren't exactly feeling
the love from City Hall.

Neither do we at One PP.


Well, that's just wrong.

You know, you could always

run for it in the next election.

Well, that would be
a harder road.

Harder than a seat on the bench
with strings attached?

You really think that's what
Poole's invitation's all about?

Well, I'm not saying that,

but I do believe
there's no such thing

as a free lunch.


I'm not calling you "Your Honor"
no matter how you get there.

I'll second that.



Hi, Dad.
Hey there.

Sorry I'm late.

Hey, boys. Hey.


How's the case going?


Working on a Sunday--
you get anywhere?

Little bit.

Really, it's fine.

Maybe we should
just leave it at that.

Pass this to your dad.

"The first Mrs. De Winter"?

"R," blank, "B," blank...


Rebecca-- thank you.

Who was the second
Mrs. De Winter?

They never said.

At least not in the movie.


It's not all about you,
you know.

What's not?

This thing with the mayor.

You have to think collaterally.

I am.

And what about Garrett
and Baker and Gormley

and all the dozens of
others who are tied to you

that'll walk the plank
if you do?

I'm aware of that.

Not to mention your daughter?


Now, since you just
did bring it up...

Look, it's one thing

not to curry favor
for your kids.

But to piss off the mayor
could impact Erin.

I can't let that be a factor.

Your call, Francis.

Mrs. Juliano?

Mrs. Juliano,
I'm Detective Reagan.

I was assigned to your
daughter Ashley's case.

I don't have any news yet.

But she could
still be alive?

Did Ashley tell you
where she was going

before she went missing?

The last I heard from her,

she had just gotten
her hair cut

and she was
on her way to, uh,

uh, to look
at an apartment.

For rent?

She-- your daughter was moving?

Yeah, she was going to see
a place in Forest Hills.

Did she say where?

She have a realtor's name?

An address? Anything?


A name?

Okay, okay.


This, this helps.


And bring them both back to me.

You got it.


The first victim,

she went missing
when she was, uh,

looking for an apartment--
is that right?


Okay, well,

Ashley and Lois went missing
doing the same thing.

Any of our sex offenders
involved in real estate?

Thomas Wilder, 42.

He got his license
two years ago.

Was arrested twice
for sexual assault.

Any strangulation
or anything involved?


Give me an address.

9501 94th Street.

Hey, Danny, wait for me.
I'll meet you there.

Danny? Danny!


My God.

It's okay, I'm a cop.

I'm a cop.

I'm gonna get you out of here.

It's okay.

Detective 466.

Detective 466 requesting
a 10-85...

Detective 466,
what's your location?

Repeat-- what's your location?

Shut up!


It's okay.


I have Katherine Tucker.

Thank you, Garrett.



Thank you.

Thank you, Garrett.

We can sit over here.

I have to admit,
I was surprised

when your office
called for a meeting.

Well, I kind of think
private conversations

should be had in private.

I guess I'm a little
old-fashioned that way.

Meaning the next time I want
to accuse you of something,

I should call ahead
for an appointment?

Well, I'm hoping
there isn't a next time,

but if there is,

I'd appreciate that, yes.

You were right
about the investigation

into your husband.

They were looking into

his real estate
development foundation.


I'm not finished.

It was found that
nothing illegal was going on.


Pardon me?

Reading people is important in
my line of work, Commissioner.

He's having an affair
with a woman in his office.

Did Poole order
the investigation?

Doesn't matter who ordered it.

Matters to me.

I can't say.
Won't say.

Oh, come on, Katherine.

We both got what we came for.

How's that?

You got a measure of how loyal
I am to my boss,

and I got a sense
of what you're made of.

I-I don't follow.

Yeah, you do. You already knew
about your husband's affair.

That flinch was just
a little too calculated.

So what if I know
about my husband's affair?

In my experience,
it takes a master of control

to put a cheating spouse
in its own little box.

You have no idea how I deal.

You don't let weakness
around you

sap your strength.

It's a compliment.


You might as well call me Frank.

Frank, if I should win
the election...

I'll send congratulations.

He cooperated fully,

and his testimony against
the corrections officers

was corroborated
by the other inmates.

So he has no direct connection
to the drug trafficking?

To the contrary,
he's our whistleblower.

He was the only one
willing to testify

against the prison guards.

I know this might be
an odd thing to say,

given your
father's situation,

but you should be proud of him.




So it looks like
they're gonna transfer you

to federal prison, and, um,

they might be able
to reduce your sentence

because of your testimony.


I'm sorry, Dad, for...

what I said.

You know, I-I just,
I really thought..

You thought I was a crook.

That's because
you're right, I am.

You want to know
why I stole money?


I thought...

being a good father

meant making sure

that you didn't want
for anything.

Even if that meant

doing illegal things.

I wanted to make sure
that you didn't grow up like me,

you know, with nothing.

Wait, um,

you're not just giving me
an excuse

because of what you did, right?


I'm giving you a reason,

screwed up as it is.

Excuse me.

My ride's here.

So, listen,


You keep an eye on her
for me, huh?

Will do.


See you.

Bye, Dad.

Tell me we got him.

Not yet.

There's no way
he could've gone far.

He took a boat.

We've notified Harbor Patrol
and Coast Guard.

How's Ashley?

She's with her mom.

She's gonna be okay.


How about you?

Broken bone, a few stitches,
no big deal.

He's got two broken ribs

and 28 stitches.

You could use a few days off.

You are such a girl.

I'm glad you're fine.

But I'm not.


I got to call the boys.

They need to know
that you're okay.

You're out line of duty.

You're not supposed to be here.

I know.

I have to return this
to its rightful owner.

You did good, partner.


Good morning, Detective Reagan.


I told you I was smart.

I need a trace

on Detective Reagan's line ASAP.

Where are you?

Uh, I'm somewhere...


...with lots of young women
who are just...

dying to meet me.

You sick son of a bitch.

I promise you,

I am gonna find you,
and when I do...

Well, you had your chance.

Good-bye, Detective.

Uh, just for the record,

I win.

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