Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 15 - Fresh Start - full transcript

Erin is overwhelmed with guilt after a man she set free is accused of killing a cop. Also, Frank and Mayor Poole continue their game of political chicken over Frank's reappointment as commissioner, and Danny and Maria investigate a case of a cop who has gone AWOL.

Well, that's what you said.

I did not say
"when hell freezes over."

What then?

I said I will make my decision

when the mayor gets his head
out of his ass.

Sorry, wrong cliché.

Oh, cut it out.
And his head's

not out of his ass?

Is it partly out?

Do you have a progress report?

I'll make it simple
for you!

When the mayor asks me to re-up,
himself, in person...

And what's with all
the qualifiers?

That's two qualifiers!

And the peas cannot touch

the mashed potatoes.

I serve at the pleasure
of the mayor.

All I ask is that he ask me
to re-up!

He's trying to schedule
a signing ceremony.

That's not the same thing.

With you and yours
and the brass

and press in formation.
That is not the same thing!

It's the thing!
Did Mrs. Moore hire the hall

and the caterers before
you asked her to marry you?

It's not the same thing.

Well, it's damn close.
Same principle.

Some requests,

some decisions,

deserve to have
protocol respected.

Deserve to have it honored.

Or what?

Or what? Or what?
What do you mean, "Or what?"

How long you gonna
let this go on?

As long as it takes
the mayor and you

to accept the fact
that I will

only do this one way.

Your way.

The right way.

I serve at the pleasure
of the mayor, and you serve

at the pleasure
of the commissioner.

Am I right?

Yes, sir.

Then act like it.

If you're so eager
to make this happen,

make it happen the way
your boss wants it to happen.

What's so funny?


It's my frisée salad,
isn't it?

I look like a giant wimp
right now.

You're picturing me in a dress.

No, no, it's nothing like that.

It's just been a long time
since I've done this

and an even longer time
since I've enjoyed it.



Who's Anthony?

Sorry. Hello?

Hey, Erin. It's me, Anthony.

Yes, Anthony, I know.

I have caller I.D.,
just like everyone else

in the Western Hemisphere.

We got a problem.
You should get down here.

I just texted you the address.

You're texting the wrong number.
I'm not catching tonight.

Erin, listen,

trust me,
you need to get down here.

We got a cop shot and killed.

Oh, no. I'm on my way.

Erin, wait. Wait.

I'm really sorry, but...

You're certain
that wasn't just

one of your girlfriends calling
to get you out of here, right?

A police officer's been killed.

I'm sorry.

Excuse me.

Detective Reagan.


Sergeant Rutkowski.

I'm here on instructions
from Lieutenant Gormley.

I'm supposed to give you this.

What exactly is
Lieutenant Gormley gifting me?

A missing cop.

Missing how?

Officer Kenneth Nelson
missed roll call

about four hours ago.

And the CO declared him AWOL?

Yeah. That's right.

Okay. Who's this?

Officer Abrams.
I'm Kenny's partner.

Yeah, I brought him along.

Thought you might want
to pick his brain.


Kenny's a good cop.

Have you heard from him?

No, I haven't.

That's not so good.

Kenny's been having
a tough time lately.

I'm not sure
if that has anything to do

with him not showing today,

I wanted to put it out there.

not exactly sure what it is
you're putting out there.

Officer Nelson's son
passed away

a couple years back.


Well, I'm sorry.

Kenny's boy was just seven
years old when he lost him.

Needless to say, the guy's
never been the same since.


I'll get on it.

I called you back five times!

Every time,
straight to voicemail.

I know. I'm sorry. I was on
the phone with the office,

and then
my cell died in the tunnel.

Where's the body? This way?

Listen, we got to talk.

Yeah, I think I got
everything on the way.


Officer Donald Gibson.
12 years on the job.

Was shot approximately 9:17 p.m.
in a drug deal gone bad.

Yeah, but listen...
Where's his partner?

I heard he got a glimpse of
the shooter when he was fleeing.

Yeah, he did.

He-He's right over there.

Erin, listen...
Let's start there.

Erin! Hang on.

Anthony, I just want
to get the description

while it's fresh in his mind.

We already got the shooter.

What? Well, that's great.

Yeah. The partner put
the description over the air

right after the shooting.

RMP picked him up
about ten minutes ago.

But we have a problem.

The shooter's name
is Adrian Cooke.

Adrian Cooke?


what are you telling me?

I-I'm just saying what I said.

You mean to say
I'm responsible for this?

♪ Blue Bloods 6x15 ♪
Fresh Start
Original Air Date on February 19, 2016

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♪ ♪

We put Adrian Cooke in the
Manhattan Fresh Start program

instead of prosecuting him

because he was
a nonviolent offender.

And then he goes out

and kills a cop.

But you gave him
that second chance

because you believed
he deserved it.

Doesn't matter what we thought.

We clearly made the wrong
decision in this case.

But because I was the
lead prosecutor on it,

I'm gonna be the face
of that decision.

Oh, my gosh.

What do we do?

It's okay. Keep calm. Keep calm.

Mom, go!


Good morning,
Mrs. Nelson.

Detective Reagan.
Detective Baez.

What can I do for you?
Well, we've been

calling all morning.
No answer.


Your husband, he didn't show up

for work last night.

So we were hoping
to have a word.

Be my guest.

May we come in?

This is my house.
You want to talk to Kenny,

you go to his house.

His house?

We're separated six months.

Well, we hadn't heard that.
Yeah, well, I guess

you don't watch
Entertainment Tonight.

It was a big deal.

That's funny.

Can you give us
his new address?


you know,
your husband never updated

his contact information
with the NYPD.


You have any other
thrilling anecdotes like that?

I'll pull up a chair.
Maybe you

don't understand the seriousness
of the situation.

Your husband went AWOL
from the NYPD.

If he misses much more,

he's gonna lose the job
and the pension.

First of all,

he was my husband.

And second, please,
the guy's got bigger problems

than you two.

Really? Like what?

You're the big-shot detectives.

Start detecting.

Come on.

Can't you help us out?

You have a warrant?

No, we don't have a warrant.

Then have a nice day.

What the hell
was that all about?

I don't know.

Sorry to keep you waiting,

It's what we do, you and I.

And thanks for coming up.
I know this is long overdue.

And it's going to have
to stay that way, for now.

What is?

The question of whether
I stay on or not.

Frank, we both have
packed schedules.

Your office specifically
asked me...

I have not heard one word

from this office

about the travesty that led up

to Officer Gibson's murder.

I released a statement
the moment I heard.

About my officer, yes.

I'm talking
about your Fresh Start program.

Our Fresh Start program, Frank.

We're all
on the same team together.

Well, the team bus left
without me on that one.

Look, I'm sorry ADA Reagan
is taking the heat,

but I know
she can take it.

Take it for you.

So that's
what this is all about?

You think I hung Erin
out to dry?

Oh, come on, Mr. Mayor.

You know me better than that.

This isn't about Erin.

She just drew the short straw.

I told you from day one

that this program
was fundamentally flawed.

And I thanked you
for your unsolicited input

and implemented the program.

To spectacular results.

Look, Frank,

I am deeply sorry
that we lost Officer Gibson.

And I feel terrible that one
of our Fresh Start pilot cases

appears to be responsible,
but that doesn't negate the good

that this program can do.

I got a dead

police officer, Carter.

Don't talk to me about good.

And don't isolate a tragedy
to make a blanket case.

Look, I'll make
a joint statement

with the acting DA
before the evening news cycle.

Plenty of time
to practice your furrowed brow

and solemn rhetoric.

Frank, you're out of line.

You're right. I am.

Out of line, behind the times,

fresh out of patience
for Fresh Start and its ilk.

And its ilk? What,
do you have some kind of list?

You really want to know?

Where do you want me to start?

I think you've already started.

A homeless program
that produces nothing

but statistics
and leaves it to the police

to play the villain...

Commissioner, that's enough.

Yes, sir.

Now, Frank, do you remember
why I invited you up here?

You know,

I don't.

I forgot.

A couple years back,
a guy, Nelson,

he worked out of your house.
You guys know him?

Yeah, a little.
Good guy, good cop.

Now he's an AWOL cop.

Really? What happened?

I don't know.

His partner hasn't heard
from him.

His soon-to-be ex-wife

doesn't give a damn
if he's dead or alive.

Anything you can remember about
him that might shed some light?

He was only with us
for a cup of coffee.

And that was before
he lost his son.

Yeah, well, he's got
plenty of rips since then--

reporting late for duty,

improper patrol,
civilian complaints.

Well, I can't say for sure,
but I did hear some rumors.

What kind of rumors?

Nothing I ever
saw myself,

but I-I heard Kenny
was messing with drugs.

His partner never said a word
to me about him using drugs.

He would've known.

Yeah, if he was hitting the pipe
and we were riding together

every day
and I didn't notice,

I wouldn't deserve
to wear the uniform.

That's what I'm thinking.

This is Cooke running north
along First Avenue towards 195

just before
he's snatched up by NYPD.

See there,

he's got the gun.

We lose him for a sec,

pick him up the next block.

But here,

there's no gun.

So somewhere between
here and there

Cooke ditches it.

NYPD searching
that block already?

Every inch of it.

Investigating detectives
need anything--

and I mean anything--

you let me know.


And get a word out to our
friends in Corrections.

So long as Adrian Cooke
is in the custody

of this city, he is to be
treated like the Pope himself.

Guy's a cop killer.

You know what they do
to those guys in the joint.

Which is why I want you
to make sure it doesn't happen.

I am not gonna lose this case
on a trumped-up appeal

because some son of a bitch
guard took a cheap shot.

Copy you. And, look,
for what it's worth...

Sorry to interrupt, but,
uh, Officer Gibson's widow

is here and asked
to speak with you.

I don't think
that's a good idea.

Tell her you're tied up?

Where is she?

Mrs. Gibson.

I'm sorry for your loss.

You're Erin Reagan?

I am.

If you'd like to go
to my office so we could talk...

No, that's okay.

Are you sure?

And then what happened?

And then she hauled off
and slapped me.


Still hurt?

Not so much on my face.

But on the inside, yeah.

You want to press charges?

No, of course not.

You didn't come
all the way over here

to tell me
someone slapped you.

I came all the way over here

to ask you in person
to try not to intercede

with the mayor on this.

I already tried to intercede

before the damn program
got rolled out.

Good, then you're on record.

Stay out of the current mess.

What makes you think I'd try?

40 years of knowing you.

And by the way, I would still

back the mayor on this program
if I had to do it over.

I don't know how
you can still be for it.

A cop was murdered
on account of this thug

getting a fresh start.

How many innocent men got
roughed up by stop and frisk?

Roughed up isn't dead.

The greater good
trumps a single setback.

Maybe we should quit here
while we're ahead here.

I was quoting you there,
Dad, on the greater good.

Well, in this case, misquoting.

It presumes
the mayor's program...

One I support.

...that your and the mayor's
program serves the greater good.

But there's a fact
that proves you wrong.

And it's plain as day laying
on a slab down in the morgue.

Hey, Danny.

Officer Abrams,

you won yourself a first-class
ticket to my doghouse.

What's going on?
Move it.

That's an excellent

One I look forward to prying
out of you like a rotten tooth.

"I am not a bad person.

"But I have done bad things.

"By the time I'm six,
I'm on my own,

"either in the streets
or in the system.

"So yeah, I done stuff,

"but I ain't never hurt no one,
not really.

"I want to be good and if
you give me this chance

"I will do whatever it takes

"to be the best me I can be.

"Thank you for your time.


That's a very moving letter.

it's complete fiction.

Nah, it ain't.

It's good,
don't get me wrong.

Good enough to convince me

and the rest
of the review board.

But it's still a con job.

That's all true.

Every word of it.

"I ain't ever hurt no one,

not really?"

Yeah, I didn't.

I think Officer Gibson
might disagree if he could.

Unfortunately, we will never
hear from him again.

I ain't kill that cop, aiight?

His partner ID'd you as the man

fleeing the scene
with a gun in his hand.

And he's wrong.

Dead wrong.
And yet when the cops caught you

you were running.

Moments after the shooting
a few blocks away.


I was jogging.


In jeans,
a hoodie and work boots.

Okay, fine.

I wasn't jogging.

But I didn't
kill that cop either.

Why were you running
from the scene?

I don't know.

Just because.

Good luck with that.
You better hope

the jury's made up
of five-year-olds.

Excuse me.

Merry Christmas.

I want Harbor Patrol

in that river,
like, 15 minutes ago.

I'm on it.

This is you

with the gun.

And when the cops
pull it out of the river

you're going up the river.

Listen, I haven't
done anything wrong.

All I know

is he didn't show up
for work last night.

Come on. Your partner's
got a drug problem

and you're gonna color
in the details for us right now.

Should I have my PBA rep
in here with me?

You know what,
that's a brilliant idea.

Why don't you
call your PBA rep

and I'll call the
chief of department

and we can order in pizza

and make a day of it,
how's that sound?


Then cut the crap.

All right, all right.
Forget I mentioned it.

You know where your partner is,
don't you, Officer Abrams?

I do not.

You're lying.

No, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

We dumped your partner's phone.

The two of you chirped
for 18 minutes

about an hour before
he was to start his tour.

Still don't know anything?

How jammed up am I?

A lot less
once you start helping.

I know you guys
got a job to do here

and I respect that.

But I'm all
Kenny's got right now.

Well, the longer

this drags out,
the worse it gets for Kenny.

So if you really
want to help him,

you're gonna help us.

I told him I'd cover for him

for a few hours.

Enough time for him
to check himself into rehab.

Because if he makes it to rehab

the NYPD can't get
their hands on him for 30 days.

Which means no drug test.

And he comes out sober
and gets to keep his job.

I'm thinking after
this whole thing is over,

maybe we should
go after Abrams.

The guy interfered

with a police investigation,
after all.



'Cause I might
want to give him a hug.

He was protecting

his partner--
I respect that.

Some partner. The guy's using
while wearing the uniform.

He's a disgrace.
You forget the part

already where he lost his
seven-year-old kid to cancer?

No, I didn't forget that, okay?
And it's a tragedy, no doubt.

Still no excuse

to go doping
while you're on the job.

You know one in every
ten people in this country

is suffering with addiction?

Look, I understand that this
is a delicate subject for you,

given your
family's history

with your brother and drugs.

Danny, how many people
do you have sitting around

that Reagan family
dinner table, huh?

I'm guessing

close to ten, right?

Are you trying
to say something here?

This is a problem for all of us

and one day
it may even come home

to roost
under your very own roof.

That is never going to happen.

Well, I sincerely
hope not.

But that's exactly what everyone
else says just before it does.

Look, I'm just saying.

Maybe bring it down a notch

and show a fellow cop
a little love.

A little love, huh?


Goes a long way, partner.

Today is no different.
I'm not gonna hide

and I'm not gonna
let them see me sweat.

There she is!
Oh, crap.

Here she comes.

Told you you should've
used the back door.

Reagan, can we
get a statement?

Can you comment on the case?

Can we get a statement?

All right, step back.

Oh, my God,
enough is enough.

There you are.


Harbor patrol's
scuba team

caught a big one.

They pulled Cooke's gun
out of the river.

You're kidding, that's great.

Yeah, but it ain't the gun
that killed Officer Gibson.


Looks like
you're off the hook, kid.

Then who did kill him?

You got to make sense
of this for me,

because I'm a little lost.

I'm right there with you.

It don't make no sense.

Really, Anthony?

If it don't make no sense,
then it makes sense.

What are you talking about?

Never mind.

Maybe the NYPD diver pulled
the wrong nine millimeter out.

I mean, there's got
to be hundreds of guns

on the bottom of that river.

It's Cooke's gun.

His prints survived
the drink and everything.

You mean
he's telling the truth?

Cooke's not our shooter?

Which is good for you.

And it makes sense.

Everything we know of him so far
is non-violent drug offenses.

For him to go from that
to popping a cop--

that's a pretty big leap.

Let's not mistake this guy
for Mahatma Gandhi just yet.

I mean, we do have video
of him running with a gun.

That's a good point.

What was he using that for?

To make war, not peace.

Coordinate with
the investigating detectives,

get a list of all
the reported crimes in the area

around the time
that Officer Gibson was killed.

Got it.

All I want to know is if

Kenneth Nelson
checked in today.

I am sorry, Detective,
but I'm not at liberty

to tell you
if Mr. Nelson is a patient.

We don't want
to speak to him, okay?

We just need to confirm
that he's here.

We'll be on our merry way.

I understand,
but I cannot help you.

Just look in your little book

and see if you can find the name
"Nelson" please.

I'm sorry, Detective.

If you want us to come back
with a warrant, we will.

The courts have held up
time and time again

that our records fall under
doctor-patient confidentiality.

There is no judge
in this country

who would give you
the warrant you desire.

Would you talk to her, please?


I'd like to personally thank you

for all the work
you and your staff do here.

I think you're
miracle workers.

So, thank you

for your time.

Well, thank you.

That's it?


I meant for you to talk
some sense into her,

not kiss her ass.

I know what you meant,

because she's right,
and you're wrong.

Oh, and because
Nelson isn't here.

How do you know?

Because I had a nice little chat
with a nurse in the ladies room

who told me
no one checked in today.

Great. Then where
the hell is he?

Well, I know where
my brother would be.

Copping dope.

The investigating detectives on
the case gave us an accounting

of every crime committed
in this precinct

the night that Gibson
was gunned down.

About two minutes before
that call went over the air,

911 received a call
about a robbery in progress

at this location.

You think it was Cooke?

Let's go to the videotape.

How you doing, pal?


Yeah, roll the tape.


That's him.

And that's the time
of the shooting.

How far are we
from the crime scene?

Five blocks south.

Well, Cooke is definitely
not our shooter, and it explains

why he was running
like a bat out of hell

when the cops scooped him up.

And why he refused to tell you
what he was up to.

Good work, Anthony.

Yeah, congratulations to me.

I just cleared
NYPD's only suspect.

Now what the hell do we do?

Our homework.

Garrett's here, sir.

You got the news?

I got the news.

So Adrian Cooke gets
a fresh start

to commit armed robbery instead.

Fair point,

but it's kind of a win-win.

The mayor's program's
off the hook,

Erin's no longer
the worst person in the world,

and your reservations about
Fresh Start have been born out.

So, actually,
it's a win-win-win.

Making it the perfect
opportunity to take a mulligan

on letting the mayor ask you
to stay on.


I'm not sure
the invitation still stands.

It does.

It didn't go well.

So I heard.

What, you had your ear
pressed to the door?

By his account.

Mayor Poole's.

You shut it down.

So why would
the invitation still stand?

That's hope talking.

My counterpart
in the mayor's office

is having this very
same conversation

with Poole right now.

So we're both being handled.

No one would be foolish enough
to try to handle you.

Least of all, me.

Then what are you doing?

The same thing I always do.

Play the speed bag
till your arms get tired

and you come to your senses.

Do you know how many candidates
he's already met with, Garrett?


I figure seven or eight.

I mean, four of 'em called me.

I just multiply that
by about two.

I'm not going down that road,
and neither should you.

It's human nature.

Weaker side of.

I'd like to schedule

a follow-up visit
for you and the mayor.

I think you're gonna
be disappointed, Garrett.

You know how you always talk
about the greater good?

Well, there's no
place out there

where you can do greater good
than you can from in here.

I used to think that, too.

Okay, so what do we know?

Gibson's partner says
he saw a man in a hoodie

fleeing the scene with a gun.

Yeah, but the only
surveillance footage

we have is of Adrian Cooke,

and we know he's not our guy.


So, who's our guy, and how
the hell did he disappear?

A cab?

Ah, even all six feet of you
would have a hard time hailing

a cab in that neighborhood.

NYPD pulled all the surveillance
from the nearest station.


Okay, let's say
you just killed a cop.

What would you do next?

I would never do
something like that.

I know that, Anthony.
It's a hypothetical.

Well, I don't care what it is.
I wouldn't do it.

We're just pretending here.

Just make believe for a second
that you killed a cop.

What would you would do
right after?

Turn myself in.

Wow. You don't have an abstract
bone in your body, do you?

Yeah, well, bones
aren't abstract, Erin.

No, they're not.

You know what I would do
if I just killed a cop?

I'd get the first ride
out of there I could,

and if I couldn't, I'd take one.

You mean steal a car?

If I had to.

Yeah, you wouldn't
have the balls.

I would grow a pair real fast
if I just killed a cop,

'cause there's no way
I'd be doing life.

Oh, so you know how
to hot-wire a car?


I also have a gun,
so I could carjack someone.

Wait a second.

Wait a second.

Now, look at this.

Ten minutes after the shooting,

right, in the next
precinct over,

they had a carjack.

It's like 30 blocks away.

Could you cover that much
distance in ten minutes

if you were running full tilt?

I mean, not you, som...

We need to find
who jacked that car.

All right. I'm coming.

This is where
I found my brother once.

See anyone that
looks like him?

State these guys are in,

I don't think
I'd recognize him anyway.

What are you running for?

Nobody has to run, okay?

We're just social workers.

Wake up.

Get out of here!

Go on, get out of here.

Hey, you.


Look at the picture.
You seen him?


Come on, take a look.

Hey, Danny?

I think this is Nelson.

And Bingo was
his name-o.

Let's call it in.

What are you doing?

Come on, I don't like
the look in your eyes.

Would you just call it in?

Well, what if we
didn't call it in?

I mean, what if we swoop him up

and take him
to that rehab facility?

We can't do that, okay?
Why not?

Because we'll get
jammed up, all right?

Just call it in.
No, we won't.

Nobody will ever know,
and if we don't,

he's gonna lose his job
and his pension.

Look at him.

He lost his job
a long time ago.

Because his life fell apart.

We can help him put the pieces
back together.

Is this about him,
or your brother?

You don't have to remind me

that my brother
is not coming back, okay?

I live with that every day.

Okay, just call it in.

No, you're gonna have
to make that call.

5-4 detective to Central K.

I got something.

What, are you lurking outside
the ladies room now?

What is this?

Hey, just read it.

"Kendrick Morrow?"

He's got a list
of priors longer

than my mother's
Thanksgiving grocery list.

Armed robbery,

grand larceny,
attempt murder, murder.

And every one,
he uses a Glock nine millimeter.

So does every other
criminal in Manhattan.

Yeah, but ballistics
ran the shell casings

from the Gibson shooting
through IBS,

and they match those
from a robbery

that Morrow was collared on
two years ago.

The key witness pulled out
at the last minute

so the case never went to trial,
and Morrow was cut loose.

Okay, now you've got
my attention.


You're gonna want it for this.

Is that Morrow running
a red light?

And not just any red light.

And that's not
just any car, is it?

That's the SUV
that was carjacked.

19 minutes
after Gibson was shot.

You have his last known?

The squad and ESU
are already on their way.

Let's go.
Hey, easy, easy!

Come on!

Come on, let me go.
I didn't even...

So that's our guy?

That's him.

They recovered a nine
beneath his mattress.

Prints and everything.


He ain't no genius,
that's for sure.


We're gonna have to work on
your double negatives, Anthony.

The what?


Absolutely nothing.

You did good.

I did well.

It's an adverb.

Good night, Anthony.

Good night.

I can't believe
you're doing this.

Well, it's the right
thing to do.

No, it's not.

Uh, yes, I think
you'll see that it is.

How many times

have I kept my mouth shut

as I watched you bend the rules?



And the one time I ask you

to look the other way
just a little bit,

to help a fellow cop, no less,

you can't be there for me.


No, Danny, look...

Listen to me.

Look, I get it, okay?
You think this guy's a bum.

Don't do it for him.
Do it for me.

Why are you turning off here?

Because this is the way
to the rehab facility.

Little bit of love, right?

A lot of love.

Come in.

Commissioner Reagan's here
to see you, sir.


Yes, sir.

This isn't a good time.

I know that, sir.

I apologize.

I could reschedule.

I really do.

No, no. Just send him in.

Commissioner Reagan.

I'm sorry.

For what?

For popping in like this.

That's it?

That's it.

You got something else?

Seriously, Frank?


You got something else
you want to ask me?

Do you have something
you're eager to get asked?

Yes, I would strongly recommend
Chief Alberto Segura.


I talked to him
just before you did.

But I didn't ask
for your recommendation, Frank.

Free advice.


Well, since you're
giving free advice,

I'll offer some of my own.

Hilary Shields.
Who's that?

My campaign strategist.

Best in the business.


since you want
to do my job...

I don't want your job.

No, you just want to be
a backseat driver.


I just want to be seen
for what I've become.

Which is?

Well, when you first got elected

and you asked me
to stay onto this job,

I looked way
to the right of you.

And you used
that perception

to maneuver through
your first term,

and you used it
to get re-elected.

Used it?

The liberal crusader

with the right-leaning
law-and-order PC at his side.

And you want to be seen
as what, Frank?

Well, you know that thing

where you're in the ocean
and you're swimming around

and you look to the shore

and you can't believe
that all of a sudden

the lifeguard stand
is all the way over there?


Well, the lifeguard stand
didn't drift.

You did.

The lifeguard stand
is right where it always was.

And you're the lifeguard stand.

That's right.

And for better or worse,

I am right where
I'm supposed to be,

and I would like to think
that I can serve

both you and the greater good
from that fixed position.

And I'd like to think
that's valuable.

So, is there anything else
you want to ask me?

Frank, you want to stay on
as my police commissioner?


Thank you.

Thank you.

May I?

When should we schedule
the ceremony?

I wouldn't.

What do you mean, you wouldn't?

Well, we both have enough

pomp and circumstance
on our schedule.


There you go.

"I, Mayor Carter Poole,

"do hereby reappoint
Francis X. Reagan

as Police Commissioner
for the City of New York."

Sign at the bottom.

Don't we need a notary
or something?

Nah, it's us.

These just came for you.

The mayor?

And... Mrs. Gibson
is here again.

Should I call security?

No, that's all right.
Show her in.

Mrs. Gibson.

Good evening, Mrs. Gibson.

I shouldn't have slapped you.

That's all right.

I wanted to thank you

for finding the monster
that killed my Donald.



I don't know.

I thought it would
feel better...

justice and all that.

I lost my brother Joe
in the line of duty.

Does it get easier?

I'm sorry.

Would someone please
pass the potatoes?

Coming down.

And more of that cabbage,

More of that cabbage, Danny?

Can anyone explain
why we have a... a rain forest

growing out of
the middle of our table?

You don't like my flowers?

It's just, they're...

Big enough
to be a new family member.


Where'd you get them?

They were a gift, actually.

Hubba hubba.

Who is sending you
flowers like those?

The mayor.


Why is Mayor Poole
sending you...

two dozen roses?

That's an excellent question.

I would like

to propose a toast.

What's the toast?

To Commissioner
Francis X. Reagan.


Commissioner Reagan?
Commissioner Reagan?


I was over with the mayor

and he asked me to stay on.

And I said yes.



Hey! Hey!

It, uh, seemed like
a good idea at the time.



Did you speak with the mayor

about anything else
while you were there?

Not that I recall.

Did you
or did you not promise me

you would not raise a stink
with the mayor?

I did.

And then you went ahead

and did it anyway.

I did not.

I kept my promise.

So it's just a coincidence
that the mayor

sent me flowers with a card
that said "I'm sorry"?

I don't know.

Probably not.

What are you playing at?

Yeah, Grandpa.

How else can you explain this?

Well, last time I checked,

we had some of the best
police minds in the business

at this table.

Maybe some of you
can figure it out.

You put Garrett up to it.


I got it.

Oh, yeah?


Me, too.

Me three.

And how about you?

You had already gone.


You're the worst.

And you're the best.

I'll drink to that.

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