Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 14 - The Road to Hell - full transcript

Four gorgeous women used in a local brothel admits to murdering their evil boss. Danny and Baez must figure out the real killer. Frank and his priest argue over mercy in the Catholic Church, while the beautiful Nicky Reagan-Boyle gets in drug trouble with her friends but no one takes the blame.

A special thanks
to all those who volunteered

at St. Anthony's bread line
during the week.

A reminder that
the Ladies Auxiliary

will be having
their bake sale this Sunday,

and a special collection box
has been set up

in the back of the church
to replace the money

that was stolen from the rectory

after last week's Mass.

May almighty God bless you,

in the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Spirit.


Mass has ended, go in peace.

Did you know about that?


There's no extra credit

for staying
after Mass, you know.

Why didn't you tell me
about the theft, Father?

I didn't want to bother you.

Since when?

We'll recoup it.

How much was taken?


That's grand larceny.

That's a felony.

That's my business.

That's what I do.

I notified the local precinct.

And where are they on it?

I've not heard.

Look, if you want to be useful,

Francis, help me by putting
the hymnals back in the holders.

Otherwise, Mass has ended.

Go in peace.

You the riding ADA on this?

Lucky you.

Yeah, lucky me.
What do we got here?

Pablo Gonzalez,

34 years old,
five entries, no exit.


No exit, anywhere.

We found some shell casings,

but no murder weapon yet.

What is this place?

Neighbors say
cars pull up

day and night,
dropping men off.

A revolving door.

It's a brothel?

Patrol swept the place.

They found four women
believed to be prostitutes.

It looks like they sleep
down here, and business

is conducted upstairs
in the four bedrooms.

You question any of them yet?

Not yet, we're gonna
do that right now.

Let's make sure they
understand their rights.

Of course we will.

Right after we serve them
all tea and crumpets,

and figure out
who killed this schlub.

You, over here.

Ma'am, can you
step to the side?

Take a seat.

You all speak English?

Comprende Ingles?


We're gonna need all
of you to come with us,

so you can answer
some questions

about what happened
in the basement.

It's okay, we just need to
take you down to the precinct,

but you're all safe.

You are not under arrest
at this point.

We just need to know
what happened.

Okay, come on.

I know what happened.

No, no, Martina.

I killed him.

Don't listen to her.

I killed him.

It wasn't them.
It was me.

I killed him.

I am the real killer.

Arrest me.


Is there anyone here
who didn't kill him?

♪ You take me away... ♪

I still think that
for $95 a pop tickets,

she could've played
for more than an hour.

Ah, that warm up band
was epic.

If you're into One Direction

♪ Show me something,
make it good... ♪

Guys, I think we're
being pulled over.

No way.

Yeah, way.

What are they
pulling us over for?

You know your taillight is out?

Uh, no, I didn't,
I'm sorry.

License and registration.


Have you been drinking?

None of your business.

Not me,
I'm the designated driver.

Where you coming from?

We don't need to tell you
where we're coming from.

A concert.

This isn't right.


Step out of the car.

Please, sir, we really
didn't do anything.

Step out of the car.

I-I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't know
about the taillights.

Everyone out of the car now.

Who owns the drugs?

Oh, my God,
are you kidding me?

It's not ours.

Last time.

Who owns the drugs?

All right,
you're all under arrest

for criminal possession
of a controlled substance.

Wait, you don't understand.

Hands on the hood.

You have the right
to remain silent,

and to refuse
any questioning.

Anything you say can
be used against you...

♪♪ Blue Bloods 6x14 ♪
The Road to Hell
Original Air Date on February 12, 2016

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♪ ♪

I killed him
because he raped me.

Uh-huh, and what kind of gun
did you use?

What kind?

What's your history with Pablo?

He brought me to New York

and told me he'd get me
a job waitressing.

But when we arrived,

he told me I'd have
to turn tricks

in order to pay
back the mules

he used
to smuggle me here.

Where exactly did
you shoot him?

The... chest.

It all happened so fast.

This is a chica card.

It's Pablo's number
on the back.

You call if you want sex.

$30 for 15 minutes.

...and if we asked to get paid,
he'd beat us up.

He broke one girl's jaw

when she begged to go home.

I got four under

for criminal possession
of a controlled substance.

It's not my drugs.

I got three more
saying the same thing.

Tell me you're not that Reagan?

My grandfather's the PC,
if that's what you mean.


I think you need to get
the CO down here.

The barricaded
situation is over.

The hostage was released
unharmed, and the perp,

the perp gave himself up
without incident.

Good, I want the duty captain's
49 when it comes in.

Sid, you come up with anything
on what happened at my church?

I had CSU

dust the rectory
lock box for prints.

Uh, they lifted some latents.

When latent
ran the prints,

they got a hit
on one Mason Reyes, 20,

from Bay Ridge.


He was arrested
for grand larceny two years ago,

assault a year ago,

and drug possession
eight months ago

when he was 19.

He was released on bail.

You want to know who posted it?


Father Quinn.

You want Reyes picked up?

No, not yet.

You're up late.

Nicky's been arrested
for drug possession.


Apparently, two grams

were found in the car
she was driving.

Plain sight.

There were three other kids
in the car with her,

including the kid
the car was registered to.

Anyone claim ownership?


She's being held
at the 5-1 in the Bronx.

Those drugs are not hers.

But your feud with the Bronx DA?

For him,
Christmas just came early.

Well, there's no way
that son of a bitch

is gonna use my granddaughter
for headlines.

That's gonna take
a team of wild horses...

Then put one together.

I'll see what I can do.

I know Captain Bennett

at the 5-1.
I'll give him a call.

Thank you.

You know you can't go up there.

There's no detour,

no excuse, no piece of business

you can invent that has you
just dropping by the 5-1.

I know that.

Well, they all didn't kill him.

Someone's lying.

Let's just
arrest them all.

Then we'll see
who can break first.

You can't do that.

It will weaken
my case down the line.

A defense attorney
will use that to cast doubt,

by saying even the police had
no idea who was responsible.

Thing is, why the hell would
they all take credit for it?

I mean, just to cover
for somebody else?

It's pretty ingenious.

I mean, if they all stick
to their claim of doing it,

we can't try them
all for murder.

So we thinking
they all got

a tutorial in how to get
away with murder?

Unless they're all playing
“I Am Spartacus.”

What the hell are you
doing here?

No one's hurt.

Nicky's been arrested.

What? Where?

For what?

In the Bronx, drug possession.

I can drive you.


Go, you got to go.

None of them would
cop to the drugs,

so I had to arrest
all of them.

Did you field test it?

Yes, positive for cocaine.

What's the weight?

About two grams.

Felony weight.

Hopefully, whoever owns
it'll do the right thing,

and your daughter can get
the charges dropped.

She's inside.

We couldn't very well
just stick her in a cell.


Who owns the drugs?

I don't know.

Yeah, you do.

Do you know how serious this is?

It's felony weight.

That means you'll have
a felony on your record,

do you understand that?

The drugs aren't mine.

It doesn't matter
if they're yours or not, Nicky.

The Penal Law
is clear on this.

If someone
doesn't come forward

and claim ownership
of the cocaine,

you're all gonna be charged
on felony possession.

It's a C felony.

That means one to five years
if you're convicted.

No, I'm not gonna stop.

Are you willing to do that?

I told you,
the drugs aren't mine!

Then, wise up and give up
whosever they are.

I'm not sure.

I'll see you in the morning,
in court.

I have to stay here?

Night court's closed.

Reopens at 9:00 a.m.

Where are the other kids
that were in the car with her?


I want you to put
her in holding.

Not with the other prisoners,

but in squad holding cell,
on her own.

You're sure about that?

I'm sure.


You think she should have
special treatment?

She's always been
smart and responsible.

Right now she is not being
smart and responsible.

Those are not her drugs,

and she knows whose they are,
and she is not saying.

I'll be damned
if I'm gonna let her sit

in the captain's office
sipping hot cocoa,

while she's being charged
with a felony

for protecting her friends.

Docket number 3542776,

The People versus
Nicole Reagan-Boyle.

Criminal Possession
of a Controlled Substance

in the third degree.

How do you plead?

Robert Rattner,
from Rattner and Marx,

not guilty, Your Honor.

Your Honor,

we're not talking about
a bunch of college kids

with a little marijuana
in the car.

This is two grams of coke.

That's felony weight.

The drugs in question

have not undergone
a lab analysis, Your Honor.

It was field tested.

It is cocaine, Your Honor.

And this is
a first offense.

My client's family has ties

to the community,
in law enforcement

as well as the
Manhattan DA's office.

And that should not be
a get out of jail free card.

Her mother and her uncle

are in attendance.

We ask that she be released

on her own recognizance.



Not now.

I got Pablo's autopsy report.

They find out
that son of a bitch

didn't have a heart?

He died of multiple gunshots,

five in all, two to the groin.

According to ballistics,
all with the same gun.

You run Pablo's address?

I did.

There was a police report

and an arrest for assault

at the address two months ago.

A Javier Fernandez.


You thinking there's
any relation to Martina?

She's his sister.


Uh, anything else
on the assault?

he punched Pablo in the face,

and threatened to kill him.

Okay, where is he now?
He was issued

a desk appearance ticket,

but he never showed up to court,

so now there's a bench warrant
out for his arrest.

Well, it's a beautiful day
to execute a bench warrant.

Let's grab them both.

Divide and conquer?

It worked for Julius Caesar.

Want something to eat?

I'm not hungry.

Look, you don't have
to babysit me anymore.

I'm fine.

You know, your mom's just upset,

because she's scared
about what's gonna happen.

She's not the only one.

She doesn't think
that you own the drugs, Nicky,

but she thinks you know
which one of the kids does.

Do you?

You need to think
about coming forward.

And what?

And snitch?
Is that what you'd do?

They're not your friends
if they're jamming you up

instead of taking

I've been using the name Boyle
instead of Reagan at school

because I didn't want
to always have to deal

with being identified
with the NYPD.

I don't want people to act
differently around me.

Okay, but you're going
to have to find out

how far you're willing
to go to fit in.

The kids I was with...

they're not bad kids,
Uncle Jamie.

One of them kind of is.

The one who's willing
to let three other people

take the fall for his mistake.

Uh, I need to talk to Grandpa.

He's not gonna play a card here.

I didn't say
I was gonna ask him to.

He can't get involved.

You can't have
this two ways here.

I just need to talk to him.

I can tell
by the look on your face

this is not
a social call, Francis.

Good news.

We found out
who stole the money.

A Mason Reyes.

Thank you.

I believe you know him.

And his family.

Well, he's 20, so we can
charge him as an adult.

The question is,
how do you know him?

I don't, personally.

Well, I do,

and I will not
be pressing charges.

Why wouldn't you
press charges, Father?

He's a troubled kid.

Well, clearly,
he stole money from our church.

And I will find a way
to recoup it.

That is not the point.

Look, Frank.

He's had a difficult life.

Lots of people have
difficult lives, Father.

That doesn't give them
the right to break the law,

nor, frankly, you the right
to give him a free pass.

Do not come in here and tell me

who I can and cannot
show mercy to, Frank.

Just who do you think
you're protecting here, Pete?

Certainly not Reyes.

He's just gonna do it again.

I'm not a cop
for a million good reasons,

and you are not a priest
for just as many.

Last time he was arrested,
you posted his bail.

That didn't do him any good.

Neither will putting him
in prison.

So what's
your divine plan here, Pete?

This parish is my precinct.

The buck stops here with me,

not you.

Look, you don't have
to say anything, just don't.

I've taken
two showers already,

and I still feel disgusting.

Well, the booking process
was not designed

with comfort in mind.

I made baked ziti.

No, thank you.

Are you gonna give me
the cold shoulder all night?

What do you
want me to say?

They can't charge
all of us.

They already have, Nicky.

Exactly what I would have done
if I was the ADA on the case.

You'd let innocent kids
get convicted of a felony?

That's right.

Come on, that's not true.

I would have assumed
that not all of them

would have been stupid enough
to take the blame

for somebody else's mistake.

So, what, you want me to rat
on one of my friends

to save my own skin?

Yes, that's exactly
what I want you to do.

Well, that's not easy
to do, Mom.

I didn't raise you
to take the easy way out.

This is not about
being a rat or a snitch.

A felony on your record

means you can forget
about becoming a lawyer,

or ever going
into law enforcement.

We have an appointment with
the Bronx DA in the morning,

unless you're okay
with throwing your future away,

I suggest that you tell him
everything you know.

And if you don't,

you can find a job
and a community college

because you guys
are all suspended.

What-what are you talking about?

“Until such time
the police investigation

reveals who the drugs
belong to.”

Read the e-mail yourself.

You think you can
just skate under the radar

because you use
the last name Boyle?

You think it's that easy?

You think that Columbia
and the Bronx DA

don't know exactly who you are?

You think they're not gonna
make an example of you

because of that?

Mom, you're really scaring me.

Welcome to reality.

You threatened Pablo,

and you said you
wanted to kill him.

It's not a crime to threaten
to kill someone.

Well, it is
when they end up dead.

Do you have a sister?


If someone pretended
to be her boyfriend,

then forced her
into prostitution,

you think you would use
the words, “I'll kill you”

when talking to him?

I wouldn't talk to him.

I'd just kill him.

Isn't that what you did?


So, you want me to believe
you went to his apartment

to, what, threaten him?

Actually, I went there
to kick his ass,

and take my sister back home.

Hmm... funny you didn't
do either one of them.

Why not?

Because the cops arrived, man.


Pablo told them
I hit him.

Take one guess
who the cops believed?

And Martina didn't
come to your defense?

She was afraid to.

I see you didn't make it
to your desk appearance ticket.

I'm illegal, okay?

I didn't want to get deported.

I promised my mother

that I wouldn't come back home
without Martina.

Do you know
where Martina is now?


Did she kill Pablo?


Listen, growing up,

if I did something wrong,

I could always get her
to take the blame for me

because she'd rather get in
trouble than see me in trouble.

She taking the blame for you now
so you didn't get in trouble?


She's the victim here,

not Pablo.

Could have fooled me.

Any word on Martina yet?

She's MIA.

Great, we got four women
who say they did it.

Martina's brother
says he wanted to do it,

but he didn't do it.

Great, let's just
add him to the list.

All right.

A part of me doesn't even
want to solve this thing.

Well, Pablo is
the most unsympathetic Vic

we've ever had.

I don't know.

Maybe we should just go
back to divide and conquer.

You talk
to the women again.

I'll check Javier's story.



I found a suicide note
from Martina.

Looks like she killed Pablo.

I think I know
where she might be.

I'm headed to Javier's.

Mason Reyes lived with his dad
in Chatham, New Jersey,

up until two years ago.

The young kid's mother...

He's not a kid-- he's 20.

The young man's mother

was murdered
in a home invasion.

Did we get who killed her?

Case is still open.

But right after that,

everything went south for Mason.

He got arrested five times
in two years.

Dad bailed him out every time.

And now Father Quinn,

which pretty much guarantees
that there will be a next time.

Somebody's headed to the bottom,

and they're gonna get there
regardless how many times

you put out a net.

You know, you're just
prolonging something...

It's called enabling.

Whatever you call it,
doesn't work.

You do know that Father Quinn
is refusing to press charges.

Oh, geez, a priest,
of all people...


You think he knows something
he ain't telling?

Ah, he's a good priest
and a good man,

but I'm not sure he has the pull
for divine intervention.

You want to see if there's
a way around him?

Find another way
to charge Mason?

Yeah, it's not impossible.

I don't know.

Going around a Catholic priest?

Yeah, no, mm, you're right.

I got to find another way.


any talk coming up
through the ranks

about my granddaughter?

Tell me the truth.


You know, they wouldn't say
anything in front of me, boss.



Don't come near me.

Don't worry about it.

Taking a walk,
checking out the view.

Just a little bit
afraid of heights.

What're you doing?!

Just sitting down,
like you, okay?

I'm scared,
and you're scared,

so I figure we could
both be scared together.

So, what do you think?

Seven stories,

what is that,
about a hundred feet?

It's pretty high.

I had a, uh, case
about a year ago, a war vet.

Found him on the roof,
just like you, wanted to jump...

Would you just stop?!

I'm just saying...

I tried to talk him down.

It didn't work.
He jumped anyway.

But, I did see his face

when he went over the edge.

You know, his body turned
and I saw him,

and I never forget
the look on his face.

It was almost as if...

he was changing his mind,
but it was too late.

Then, boom.

Let me tell you something.

Six stories made a boom,

I can't imagine
what seven stories does.

Why are you doing this?

I was gonna ask you
the same thing.

Why are you doing this?

Because I just want it
to be over!

Hey! Hey!

Look at me.

Come on.
I can't do it.

Listen, it is over.

Okay? Pablo is dead.

He can't hurt you anymore.

I'm going to jail.

Well, what if I...
what if I gave you my word

that I would do
everything in my power

to help you not go to jail?

You can't promise that.

I can't promise you
won't do any jail time,

but I can promise you
that I will help you

to do as little as possible,
if any at all.

You're lying.

Hey... a jury will
sympathize with you.

With someone like me?

I do.

You were young,
and naive,

and he promised
you things,

and he lied to you.

Anybody would empathize
with that.

He attacked me, you know.

He found out I was hiding
money in my shoe.



He went crazy... for $40.

Well, then it's self-defense,
isn't it?

I still killed him.

And he deserved it.

And you don't deserve this.

Think about your family.

Think about your brother.

You think he wants you
to die this way?

I don't want them to know what
happened to me since I got here.

I... how do I explain that?

We will figure out
how to explain it together.

But not here.

Not like this.


So, would you just trust me?

Come on.


Come on.

That's it.

It's okay, I got you.

I got you, girl.

Why do you have
to go to confession

in the middle of a tour?

I just do.

Did you do something
really bad?

Not about that.

Well, I'm not sure
what section

this falls under
in the Patrol Guide.

I've been cleared
from the top

to take confession
with Father Quinn.


Because sometimes
in confession,

both priest and sinner
can see some light.

Can I ask you a question?

This whole confession thing...

say that you confess the same
thing over and over again,

is there like a
three-strikes-you're-out clause?

Far as I know,

as long as you keep
asking for forgiveness,

there's forgiveness to be had.

Well, that's pretty great.

12-David, be advised

we have a 10-10,

possible male with a gun
at Saint Angelus Church,

700 Bay Ridge Avenue.

But you do still have
to ask for forgiveness.

12-David show us responding.

Anything for me?

You came all the way
up here to...

Well, I was close by, so...

The leverage
with Father Quinn

that you're looking
for isn't there.

No one in this office
will touch it.

Even you?

Especially me.

Why not?

It's difficult enough

to try a case where the victim

doesn't want to press charges.

It's even more difficult
when that victim is a priest.

Father Quinn is adamant,
he will not cooperate.

But he will cooperate in letting
that kid become a chronic?

There are all different kinds
of mercy, Dad.

Including misguided mercy.

What's your kind?

On this?

On Nicky.

I'm handling it, Dad,

and I know I don't need
to remind you to stay back

a good 500 feet.

You do not.

I heard you had her put
in a holding cell overnight.

You heard right.

I'd like to think
I could do that.

It's exactly
how you would have handled it.

Oh, come on,
she's my granddaughter.

I know, Dad.

Do I think those drugs are hers?

No. Is she protecting

whomever is responsible,
at an enormous cost?


She needs to learn that
every choice has a consequence.

And what kind of mercy is that?

I've got this, Dad.

Halloween night, 1992,
same thing.

That was a bottle of booze.

But you knew whose it was,
and you wouldn't snitch.

This is different.

Not really.

Yes, really.

Possession of a fifth of tequila
is not a felony.

Excuse me, boss,

we have a situation
at St. Angelus.

Out of the way.
Gotta get past.

Can you get them out of here?
Let's go. Move it. Let's go.


We got a 10-13,
shots fired at this location.

Come on, come on.

Don't get any closer!
Take it easy.

No one has to get hurt, Mason.

Take one step closer,

and I'll blow him away, I swear!

I know you don't want
to do that, Mason.

You don't know
anything about me.

I know Father Quinn
has helped you out

the last time
that you got arrested.

Shut up! Just stop talking.


your mother would
not want you to do this.

Don't talk to me
about my mother!

You're not gonna shoot me.


Put that gun down.

There'll be no guns
in my house.

Tell him that.

Don't move.

Put it down, Mason, right now!


Come on, give me the gun, Mason.

Shut up!

You don't have to do this.

You're a good kid.

I know you are...

Hands behind your back.

Other hand.

Central, 12 David,

need a bus forthwith
at St. Angelus,

corner of 85th
and Bay Ridge Avenue,

re: two males shot
at this location.

Thanks for meeting with us.

Have a seat.

This is Nicky's mother,
Erin Reagan.

I'm with
the Manhattan DA's office.

I work as a Bureau Chief...

Yes, I-I know

who you are.

I'm sure this can't be easy,

sitting on the other side
of the desk.

You might say that.

What I was hoping

is you give us a little time

before you move to indict
on the charges.

Because your client's
last name is Reagan?

And as a Reagan,

you don't have to play

by the same rules
as everyone else?

You don't have any evidence
the drugs are Nicky's.

Mr. Smith,

we came in here on good faith.

You came in here because

you assume
you can work the system.

Unlike Manhattan, Miss Reagan,

we don't have a hierarchy here.

In the Bronx,
we decide indictments

based on the merits of the case,

not the last name

of the defendants.

Then let's let the merits
of the case decide the outcome.

Let's go, Nicky,

we're done here.

Wait, Mom...


I'll make a statement.

No, you won't.

I'm not allowing a statement.

That's fine

because Ms.Reagan-Boyle

already got Kyle Miller

to make a statement,
vindicating her.

He did?

Why do you sound so surprised,


It's my understanding
that you're the one

who convinced Kyle
to come forward.

I'm just really glad

he decided to tell the truth.

I'll bet you are.

Don't say another word.

Am I to understand

that Kyle Miller
took ownership of the drugs,

and you didn't notify us?

I'm notifying you now.

So, the charges against Nicky
have been dropped?

As soon as his testimony

is corroborated, yes.

But I suggest

you stay out of trouble
in the Bronx.

And I suggest you stay
out of trouble in Manhattan.

When were you going
to tell me that

you got Kyle to own up
to the drugs?

I didn't know it worked.

What worked?

I told him that my family

was so upset
about the charges,

that they had the baggie

DNA and fingerprint tested,

and they matched him,
so that his only shot

at getting a deal
was to fess up.

And how did you
come up with that?

My sources are confidential.

Well, I don't know
whether to be angry with you

or congratulate you.

Well, you've been angry
with me a lot lately,

and it's killing me,

so how about we try
for congratulations?


I never want
to disappoint you, Mom.

How is Mason?

You didn't you tell me

he witnessed
his mother's murder.

I couldn't.


Seal of the confessional.

You put lives in danger.

I had no choice.

Oh, the hell
you didn't, Father.

Look, Frank, you have
your vows to uphold,

and I have mine.

Innocent people
could've been killed.

They weren't.

Well, no thanks to Mason Reyes.


I'm glad he came forward.

He didn't come forward.

His father confessed to it.

Kind of puts things
into perspective, huh?

Why Mason was acting out...

I do not consider

attempted murder acting out.

I failed him, Frank.

Well, all the compassion
in the world can't make up

for some traumas, Pete.

I'm not giving up on him.

I forgive him,
and I'm praying for him.

Well, I'm not.

Yes, you are.

That's an order.

You can't save everyone, Pete.

Maybe not, but I gotta
be willing to die trying.

Not on my watch.

You ever admit
when you're wrong?

Couple days in here,
eating green Jell-O,

and you'll be willing
to admit I'm right.

Mason Reyes did not
intend to shoot me.

Well, the road to hell
is paved with you know what.

And it's been my experience
that the road to heaven

is paved with those same stones.

You ever admit you're wrong?

Why would I?

I never am wrong.

Me either.

Just sit them all
down over here, okay?

Come on.

Danny, what the hell
is going on?

Why did you
arrest them all?

What do you mean?

They all were confessing,
so we didn't have any option.

Give me a break.

Well, it's true, and it worked.

We figured out
who the killer is.

Did you?


We even found the gun.

Yeah, it's being tested.

You know you've compromised
my entire case.

Well, I didn't mean to.

Okay, Sherlock, who did it?

Martina Fernandez,

but it was in self-defense.

Yup, and she's lawyered up now,

I can't believe you arrested
all of them on purpose.

It was a strategy.

A strategy?

To make sure
that she got a deal?

When you hear her story
for yourself, I promise you,

you're gonna want
to give her a deal, too.

Okay, well, now I don't
really have a choice, do I?

Not if I did my job right.

So, how long is Father Quinn
gonna be out of commission?

I guess he'll...
about a week.

I heard if that bullet
had gone one inch

in either direction,
he wouldn't have made it.

It'd take more than
a bullet to finish him off.

He's a tough old goat.


You're talking about a priest.

Reverend Father old goat.

He's been calling

the DA's office,
wanting to monitor

what's going on
with Mason Reyes.

Reyes looking
at serious time?

He's being charged
with larceny,

criminal possession
of a weapon

and attempted murder.

So he's going to prison?

Well, in all probability,
as well he should.

But there are
mitigating factors.

Yeah, I don't see
how that works.

How can different people
charged with the same crime

get different sentences?

It's the degree of guilt,

if there's a history,

was there intent?

Some people deserve mercy,
others do not.

So, it was you
who coached Nicky.

What, no.

Mom, we've talked about this.

And I have the right to know.

All I said is that she
shouldn't try talking to Dad,

because he can't get
involved anyway.

So it was you?

No. No, it was not me.

Wasn't you what?

Nicky did a bluff

that only a seasoned
cop could have known,

and I want to know

who's responsible.

It wasn't me.

I swear.
And not for nothing,

but Jamie and I are not
the only two cops at the table.

Just saying.

Well, it certainly wasn't me.

Don't look at me.

You told me to stay out of it.

And did you?

My conscience is clear.

That's not what I asked.

500 feet back,
just like you said.


I didn't talk to Grandpa,
Mom, I swear.

Thank you.

Then who?

I got a call
from Lieutenant Gormley.

Oh, my gosh,
he will get a stern talking-to,

first thing tomorrow morning.

So, what's for dessert?

We do have some apple pie.

If it's not covered in
chocolate, I'm not interested.

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