Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 12 - Back in the Day - full transcript

When Frank's first partner announces plans to publish a book filled with stories of their early days on the force, Frank worries about his personal stories being made public. Also, when Jamie and Eddie catch a call about a nearby officer needing assistance, the choices they each make will affect their future in the department and their relationship.

So me and Frank were on patrol

up in Harlem, the 2-5,

Oh, yeah.
and we see this building on fire...

I remember...
I remember that.

I don't.

That's before
you transferred in.

Anyway, this woman
comes running up to us

and she says “My baby's in
there! My baby's in there”"

So Frank and I,
we decide

not to wait for
the fire department.

We head right inside.

We get inside,
it's smoky as hell,

we're coughing and choking.

I manage to get this woman

and her mother

and the frickin' dog
out into the street.

I run back inside.

What do I see?

I see Frank coming
down the stairs,

through the flames,
carrying a baby.

Now, he's almost out
the door of the building

when we hear
somebody else screaming.

Well, yeah.
So I hand Lenny the kid

and I head back upstairs.

I head out the door,

and all of a sudden, there's all
these photographers outside,

snapping photographs
of this white cop

cradling a black baby.

The crowd is cheering,

Lenny's taking bows...

Two minutes later,
Frank comes stumbling out,

covered in soot,

helping this old man
in his underwear.

Now, nobody wants
to see a picture

of an old man in his underwear
with a cop holding him.

Well, maybe now
they do, but...

Wait. It gets better.

So the next day,

my picture is on the front page
of every paper in the city.

They even used it
for the recruiting poster.

Did I get a lot of women
from that?

Oh, yes, I did!

Thank you, Frank.

What'd you name your
sports bar in Florida?

Well, I-I decided
to keep it humble.

I called it The Hero's Den.

And what did you use
as the logo?

Well, the picture
of me and the baby. Iconic.

You know,
somebody really should

write all this down.

Write what down?

These stories.

Well, maybe
somebody already did.

Nobody did.

No, somebody did.

I put it all down.

Like in a diary?

Like in a book.

I wrote a book. About us.

All the true stories.

It's called Back in the Day.
It's coming out in the fall.

You guys are gonna love it.

Am I in it?
Of course you're in it.

You're not gonna like what
you see, but you're in it.

I'm home!

Hey. How was your day?

Same as usual.

Ridding the city
of the forces of evil.

What's going on with you guys?

I'm just helping Jack
with his homework.

I got you sesame chicken
from that new Chinese place.

Great. You always
order the best.

Aw, thanks, babe.

Where's Sean?

Went up to read.

Play video games, more like it.

I think I'm gonna
go upstairs, too.

What happened
to your eye?


Your eye.

You got a shiner.

Yeah, I got elbowed
playing basketball.

It's no big deal.

Well, I'm gonna put up
your dinner for you.



You know what's going on?

I fell asleep on
my Barcalounger.

What a way to wake up.

ADA Reagan.

Investigator Abetemarco.

Thanks for getting here.

Sure. Why the call?

Looks like
a robbery gone bad.

Man was high as a kite,
demanding money,

then he just started
shooting up the place.

What's it to us?

Well, one of the victims

was an investigator in
your office-- Robert McQueen.


Oh, man.


We found something that
tested positive for blood.

It blended in with
the wood grain,

so we didn't
see it initially,

but it leads all the way
from the bar area

out into the street.

Could be where
he got into his car.

Let's hope we have cameras
out there.

You think it's
the shooter's blood?

Witnesses say
McQueen got off

one round at the suspect
before he was killed.

Maybe it found
its mark.

Yeah, well, you should check
every hospital in the area.

Already on it.

So how can we help?

You know why your man
was in the bar last night?

Is this his usual hangout?

Nah, he wasn't
much of a drinker.

Could have been
working a case, then?

The other Vic

was a young woman, Jenny Egan.

She was with McQueen at the bar.

You think he was
having an affair?

I guess anything's
possible, but...

he's in Park Slope

with his wife and kids.

Seems pretty happy to me.

Yeah, I was out at the house
last week.

He worships the ground
his wife walks on.

At least he did.

You want to make
the notification?

Well, it's actually
his case.

I know, but
you knew him.

And so did you.

Flip a coin?


We'll both go.

Ah, this is brutal.

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Back In The Day
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How much did you cooperate
on The Boys in Blue?


I threatened to sue.

They got every detail
of our investigation wrong.

The dialogue
was ridiculous,

the characters cartoonish.

But what happened?

You threatened to sue;
the book still came out.

Well, we made them
fictionalize everything.

And then it turned into

that horrible TV movie
with Robert Conrad.

I kind of liked it.

Come on.

With these baby blues,

only one actor
could've played me:

Paul Newman.

Right. Dead ringers.

That what kept
you up all night?

My old partner,
Lenny Ross,

got it in his head to write a
tell-all about the bad old days.

Lenny Ross. How is he?


That bad?

Well... how many times
you tell a story

and you leave
a couple things out

'cause no one would believe it
anyway if you left them in?


Yeah, well, Lenny?

He leaves everything in.



That's a polite way
of putting it.

Robert must've been
meeting someone that night.

I'm gonna tell you this
from experience, Erin:

Nothing good happens
in a bar after 3:00 a.m.

That's how I met my first wife,

and I'm still paying
for that one.

You checking your Facebook?

I'm looking at the accounts

of the other people
in the bar that night;

seeing if any of them
were friends with McQueen.

Any luck so far?

What about the other victim,
Jenny Egan?

Maybe she's got some photos

of Robert on her page.

I don't think Robert's
in that photo.

He could be deep background,
by the water.

A little respect, Detective.


if we're not laughing,
we're crying.

Keep scrolling.

Okay, Jenny's timeline.

Executive secretary
at an accounting firm,

University of
Michigan alum.

Oh, man.

Just got married six months ago.

That sucks.

Mitchell her maiden name?

So what?

Well, I've been
going through

Robert's other cases,

trying to find some link,
and that is ringing a bell.


People v. Hoff Construction.

It was a bid-rigging case

that our office was trying
to bring last year.

And Jenny Mitchell
is on the witness list.

Robert was the investigator.

That was about
the Hurricane Sandy rebuild,

who was getting the contracts.

Yeah, it didn't even make it
to the grand jury.

One witness... had an accident.

The defendant disappeared,
presumed dead.

I remember that.

Robert thought
it was a mob thing.

Maybe Jenny had new evidence,

someone stopped her
from giving it.

Workable theory.

David Harris was
the ADA on that.

He'll know.

Reagan. Janko.

Get out of the bag

and change back
into your street clothes.

What's up,

My boss cleared it
with your C.O.

You two are gonna help us out
on a case today.

Uh, doing what?

We're looking for a guy
named Roger Jeffers.

He's wanted in a series
of home invasions.

It's his mother's birthday
tomorrow, and...

You want us to sit on her house?

You get a gold star.

Here's a copy of the case file

and some photos
of Jeffers.

You'll relieve my guys
at the end of their tour.

All right?

You wanted a shot, Janko;
now you got it.

What's he talking about?

When'd you get so
buddy-buddy with him?

Oh, he was an instructor

on that undercover course
I took.

I been lobbying him to give us
an assignment ever since.


I know you don't like
to put your name out there,

so I did
a little pushing.

What's the matter?
You don't want in?

No, it's fine.

Just check before you
include me in something, okay?

That book gets published
over my dead body.

You haven't even read it,

I read the coverage.

Simon & Schuster
was kind enough

to e-mail me the coverage
and the sample chapter,

and that's all
I need to read.

Book's good.

The book's good?

For Lenny Ross maybe, not you.

And how is this
my call, Garrett?

You have rights,

You never gave consent,

you never sat down for
an on-the-record interview.

They're portraying you as
the lead actor in stories

that are all but impossible
to fact-check.

He's my friend.

He was my partner.

I do not want to go
all legal on him.

And I hope you don't have to.

he'll listen to reason.

You don't know Lenny.

No. I don't.

But what I do know

is if that book
gets published,

you're handing your enemies
a bat to beat you with.

With nails sticking out
of the business end.

Oh, cut it out.
Are you kidding me?

Poole? Potter?

You just hold on!

Every activist judge,

community megaphone,

left-leaning newspaper editor
in the city

is gonna go, “Hallelujah!”

Oh, will you just
hold it for a second?


Aren't you winding me up here?

I mean, just a little?

Why would I do that?

More trouble for me
means more work for you.

Frank, look at me.

The truth is,
if you let this go forward,

I won't have
a lick of work to do, okay?

All I'll be able to do is duck.

And you, too.

We were cops.

Young, single.

Throwing ourselves in our work

at a time when this city might
as well have been the Wild West.

That has a nice ring to it.

The book has a different ring.

Straight up.

Broadway Frank Reagan
and his merry band

of head-knocking, hard-drinking,
stewardess-banging mad dogs.

There'd be no high moral
ground left to you.

There'd be no coming back.

I know that.

I know you know.

What do I do?

The lawyers are waiting
for our go-ahead.

They want to push
for an injunction.

Dad, Mom said I could play

another game before I start
all my homework.

First you're gonna tell me
what happened to your eye.

Then you can play your game.

I already told you.
Can you turn it on?

The truth this time.

Come on, I know when
you're lying to me, Jack.

It's the downside to having
an old man who's a detective.

Come on, tell me who hit you.

Dad, can you stop?

Listen, I had plenty
of fights in my day.

And I lost my share.

Okay, I'm just trying
to help you here.

Now, tell me.

This kid's been cheating
off me all semester,

taking whatever he
wants out of my lunch.

Calls it the
“nerd tax”"

But you're not a nerd.

I wear glasses.

Actually read books.

That's all it takes
with this goon.

Okay, why'd he clock you?

Fed him the wrong answers
on a test to mess him up.



Then he found out
and punched me

in the schoolyard
in front of everyone.

What advice
did your mom give you?

She wants to call the principal
and get the parents involved

and do peer-to-peer mediation,
but I don't want to snitch.


Is this kid big?

Like, six-foot tall
or bigger?

Yeah, he's
football-player big.

He's a psycho.

All right, then you don't
want to fight him.

We got to come up with another
way to get him to back off.

It's all I think
about, Dad. How?

There's a thing

that me and my friends did
back in junior high

to someone who bullied us.

What was it?

If I tell you now,
you got to promise me

that you won't tell your mom.

L-Look, I promise.

Just tell me, please.

If a grinder like Dave Harris
is missing a day of work,

he must really be
crushed about McQueen.

Well, I just
hope he knows

why Robert was in
that bar that night.

Senator Harris.

Sorry to disturb you.

We're here to see David.

Oh, of course, of course.
Come in.

This is Inspector Abetemarco
from the D.A.'s office.

How are you, sir?

I'm Erin Reagan.

Erin Reagan, of course!

Of course, I know you.

I'm a great supporter
of your father's.

How is David?

Well, he's very shaky.

He and Robert
were extremely close.

I've been afraid to leave him.

It's a terrible tragedy.

Mm. It just seems like

he was in the wrong place
at the wrong time.


Are there any updates?
Nothing yet.

It's ongoing.

Oh. Oh, here he is now.

David, your colleagues
are here.

How you doing, pal?

Is it all right

if I take off now?

Yeah, of course, Dad. Go.

I'm going to stop by

and see Robert's widow.

I think we're gonna
take care of the funeral.

That's very nice of you.

Yeah. It was
a pleasure to meet you.

We'll see you.
Thank you.

Yes. See you again. David?

You call me
if you need me.

I've been on the phone
with Carla all day.

She hasn't even
told the kids yet.

She thinks

that might make it too real.

She, uh, is
absolutely devastated.

We all are.

Sorry, I got to take this.

Now, um,

what's going on?

You said this might be connected

to the Hoff Construction case,
of all things?

Do you know
of any new developments?

There was no case left.

Uh, I have no idea
why Jenny Egan would be

meeting Robert at a dive bar
in the middle of the night.


that was Connolly.

They think they located
our shooter.

He died at St. Mary's Hospital.

So McQueen's shot
found its target.

Looks that way.

You have an I.D. on him?

Record a mile long.


You think
it might've been a hit?

Four people
connected to the case

have died so far.

It's a fair assumption.

Someone really doesn't want
these people to talk.

That's for sure.

That Joint Operations Center
is state-of-the-art.

Chicago and Los Angeles
are the only other departments

that have one.

There's pretty much nothing
we can't do from up here.

Oh, it's very,
very impressive.

Your, uh, your Detective Baker--
she's very pretty.

She married?


As are you, last you said.

Hey, just 'cause you already
ordered doesn't mean you can't

still look at the menu.
Can't look at the menu.

Except nowadays,

I need glasses
and a brighter light.

No, but you look good.

Really good.

Not as good as me, but good.

Do you want something?
You want coffee?

Anything? Water?

How about peanuts--
you got them?


Yeah, for the elephant
in the room.

Come on, Frankie,
I know you.

You read the book
the minute you got home.

And no call?
Not a peep.

Tell me something, Len.

What'd you think I'd say?

Well, I'd hoped
that you'd be flattered.

Honored even.

No one loves going back there
more than you.

Yeah, in a bar over drinks.

Why do you think
we get a private room though?

So no one else can hear.

Lenny, I got a granddaughter,


What? What is it?

The part about the two stews
at the Hotel Oswald?

We were young, single
and off-duty.

Who cares?
What does it matter?


I'll take that part out
if you want.

It's not that.
It's the whole thing.

“The whole thing”?


Just tell me something, Lenny.

Why'd you write it?

And why'd you leave
everything in?

I want people to know
what we did.

I'm proud of it.

This city was an ugly mess,

and-and we took it back
block by block.

But our methods were
exactly what everybody

is up in arms against now.

But, Frank, that was then.
How else could you read it?

From where I sit?

Every enemy I have--

and there's a line
around the block--

will brandish your book
as the bible of who I really am.


Too fine a point.


you're worried
about what?

That people
aren't gonna think

that you became top cop
by immaculate conception?

It's not about me.


No, it's not.

It's about this office,

not the man in it.

Look, Lenny, I...

I'd love to give you
my blessing,

but I am certain
that publishing your book

will hurt this office.

I'm pretty certain
you've been drinking

a little too much
of your own Kool-Aid.

That ain't fair.

You know what?

This was just a courtesy.

Everything in that book
was accurate.

I don't need your permission
to publish it.

My lawyers say different.

Well, I have lawyers, too,

Maybe they should have

a conversation
in a private room.

I don't want it to go this way.

Me neither, brother,
believe me.

But, hey...

it is what it is.

I'll see you.

A burner phone was found
in our shooter's pocket.

I want to have it dumped,

get the call history.

Find out who might have
ordered those hits?

That's the idea.

Look, I kicked this upstairs,

told them we wanted to continue
the investigation...

And they want you to back off.

That it had been
referred to D.O.I.

Yeah. How'd you know?

I worked another
Sandy construction case

in Brooklyn.

And it never made it
to the grand jury either.

What happened?

They told me the same thing
that they told you.

And I never heard
about it again.

And I asked,
believe me.

You think they're burying it?

What the hell is going on here?

The message is clear.

We're gonna be pissing off

the wrong people.

I'm in if you are.

We're burying a friend tomorrow.

I don't think we have
much of a choice.

Let's see
who the shooter called.

We'll take it from there.


Hey, you do what I said?

You put the ipecac
on his brownie?

Yeah, the goon
wolfed it right down.

Really? Did he even have time
to make it to the john?

Oh, no. It was so gross.

He puked right there.

Huge crowd gathered.

And I said,
“Everything come out all right”"


Yeah, and then I said,
“Find yourself a new nerd.”

Everyone was pointing, laughing.

Turns out I wasn't the only one

he was all over.
I bet.

I'm really pleased about this.

Yeah, so am I.

Did he snitch
or anything like that?

Mm-mm, no.

He was too busy throwing up.

What's so funny, guys?


All right, well,
where's the silverware?

Come on, we don't
eat with our hands.

Got to look at every detail.

Never know
what's gonna be important.

We've been staring
at the same block

for the last eight hours.

It's getting important
that I got to pee.

All part of detective work.

Yeah, the boring part.

Well, making big cases
isn't boring.

And neither is the salary
or the gold shield.

I can't wait to get

a perp in the box,
match wits, you know?

Is that our suspect?

Uh, I don't think so.

Roger Jeffers is at least
ten years older.

But that is
Mother Jeffers though,

right on time for her shift
at the hospital.

You wouldn't miss patrol
at all, Eddie?

Being out on the street?

Uh, EDPs, the drunks,
domestic calls?

Honestly, I think the only thing
that I would miss

is hanging out with you.

Might as well call it in.

Roger Jeffers isn't
showing his face tonight.

Not here anyway.

So what's up?

You said you had something?

Yeah, grab a seat.
You want a beer?

I'm about to start my tour.

Okay, we dumped
the shooter's burner phone.

Made four calls,
one to the Chinese delivery,

the other three
to a mystery phone.

The last call
an hour before the shooting.

Yeah, it turned out
to be a pay phone

outside of 5934 West End Avenue.

I know the address because
we schlepped up there yesterday.

Who were you seeing?

David Harris, the ADA.

The phone's right outside
the duplex

that he shares
with his father.

You mean Stanford Harris?

You know, we
can't imagine why the shooter

would have contact
with either one of them,

but maybe they were
being surveilled.

David Harris might be a target

because he was the agent...
Wait a second, wait a second.

What case are you
investigating here?

Some kind of conspiracy?

Look, there's four deaths
connected to the Hoff Constru...

'Cause my case was the
double at McFane's Pub,

and we solved that;
that's a win.

Stanford Harris?

Hit men?

Why would you ever
go down that hole?

To find out
what the hell is going on.

Hey, we lost a brother
here, Connelly.

I know, but... the truth is,
you have nothing.

Anyone on the planet could have
picked up that pay phone.

Who the hell knows?

Somebody say
something to you?

Say something?

What do you mean by that?

This is the first
I'm hearing about it.

Look, Erin, nothing's
gonna bring McQueen back.

And this is way above
our pay grades.

I'm not risking my
pension poking around,

and neither should you.

Screw him.

He only cares about his own ass.

Yeah, well, he's right
about one thing.

We take this on, we need
much harder evidence than this.

I owe you an apology.


Stop the presses.

You owe me an apology.

Imagine that.

I'm being serious.

We should have
told you the truth

about Jack's eye
from the beginning.

It was just, he was scared that
you would be... disappointed.


He was scared I would be
disappointed he lost the fight.

Then you were scared
that I would fly off the handle,

drag him out to the garage
and prepare him for combat.


But he did say that you...

you gave him
some really good advice.

You solved the situation
in a constructive way.


Did he say how?

He said it was
between you two.


And I respect that.
I do, you know?


Poor guy's been
so miserable.

I'm just glad
that you figured it out.

Me, too. He's a good kid.


I am sorry
that I underestimated you.

It's okay.

Just don't let it
happen again,

or I'm gonna have
to spank you next time.

Danny, we're on
our way to church.

I said next time.

Get out of here.

What do you say is the most
realistic cop story ever told?

Let's see,
most realistic cop story.

Guess I'd have
to say Serpico.

Ah, movie or book?

Both. Book by Peter Maas,
movie by Sidney Lumet.

I knew Serpico.

He really was that whiny
and self-righteous.

Yeah, but he blew the whistle
on some pretty nasty stuff.

Guy was a hero in his own way.

Well, that's 'cause
he was played by Al Pacino

giving us
his most magnetic Pacino.

You're in the minority
on that one, Pop.


For me, The Onion
Field was the real deal.

The New Centurions, too.


Because they were both written
by Joseph Wambaugh,

a man who actually
was on the job.

I say French Connection.

You got “Popeye” Doyle,
realistic detective work,

and the second best car
chase in movie history,

after Bullitt of course.

What about 21
Jump Street?

What planet are you on?

That's a comedy, genius.

And at least that movie
came out this century.


My favorite is actually
a made-for-TV one.

Saw it when I was a kid.

Boys in Blue.

Boys in Blue?

Yeah, Robert Conrad

was chasing these jewel thieves
in the Riviera,

looking so cool
in his turtleneck.

- You know the one I mean?
- Know it? I lived it.

They got it all wrong.

What do you mean?

That story was about me.

The Hotel Pierre heist.

I mean, Robert Conrad
was my character?

Come on.

I didn't know that.

They cast Robert
Conrad to play you?

That's not right.

You're telling me
it's not right.

Yeah, they should've got someone
more handsome at least.

Yeah, like, uh,
Paul Newman.

- Paul Newman.
- Paul Newman.

“Baby Blues”"

Now, that would've been
perfect casting.

Okay, Francis.

Very funny.
Very, very funny.

You'll get yours.


So, basically, you gave
out a few wood shampoos,

rousted a few black
and Latino gangs,

fooled around with some girls
and took meals on the arm.


You ever kill anyone?

Steal anything?
Get strung out?

No, nothing like that.

Well, then all this
book says to me, then,

is that you're like every
other good cop I ever met.

Yeah, but I'm not just
any cop now.

Look, Dad, you want an opinion,

you should actually
let us read the book.

Oh, you two aren't reading it.

Why not?

Because there's personal stuff
in there, too.

Your mom and me,
battles I had with Pop.

Stuff I chose
not to share.

And now I'm supposed to share it
with the whole world?

All due respect, sounds like
you already made up your mind,

so why ask us?

Because him and
Lenny are tight.

Were, back in the day.

Are, or you wouldn't be
sweating it out.

I guess.

Sounds like maybe
he stepped on the line.

Every cop's
war story should be

his to share or not share
however he wants.

But he's still your friend,
that's clear.

I know I wouldn't
want my adventures

out there for anyone
and everyone to read.

That's for sure.

And I'm just me.

you're you.

What's that supposed
to mean-- I'm me?

You're, like, you know,
the Pope of cops.

Yeah. Infallible.

CCTV footage from 5934 West End
Avenue the night of the double.

Got a minute to watch?

Of course.

Okay, the fourth
and final call

from the burner
phone was made at...

23:36 hours.

I can't see his face.

Phone should ring
right... now.

Stanford Harris?

I don't get it.

Me neither.

Why would
the shooter possibly

have contact with
Stanford Harris?

And why would he have
ordered the hits?

It doesn't make
any sense.

There might be a reason.

I mean, everything leads back
to Hoff Construction, right?

Stanford Harris has
a connection to that.

Which was?

After Hurricane Sandy,

he led a delegation
to Albany.

He secured three billion
in state aid to repair damages.

And the bids Hoff Construction
were accused of rigging

were for the
Sandy rebuild.

Did Stanford Harris control
who got the contracts?

Did he allocate the funds?

I mean, he certainly
has the juice.

For sure.

Seems like a conflict
of interest at best

to assign David, the son,
to a corruption case

where the father
might be implicated.

Eh, Stanford's been
pushing the kid

up the ladder
his whole career.

That was just
one more move.

So David's role...


I, uh... guess we, uh,
need to talk.

I'm, um...

I'm gonna go call my lawyer.

♪ ♪

David! David!
What are you doing?!

Give me...


Give me...
give me the gun!

What the hell is going on?!

Why would you ever
want to do that?

Oh, God.

Oh, my God.

Look at me.

Look at me, David.

Talk to us.

We already know everything,
so you might as well just

get it off your chest.

You slipped your father
the confidential witness list

on the Hoff case.

He took it from there.

I swear I didn't know
anybody was gonna get hurt.

Robert McQueen
was my friend.

I know his wife.

I know his children.

And, uh...
Your father

was covering up for kickbacks
on three billion in Sandy aid.

That's what he didn't
want to come out

if the case went to trial.

He had four people killed,
David, including McQueen.

You can't take the weight
for that.

You want to save yourself?


Then you know
what you have to do.

Mother Jeffers is
running late tonight.

Maybe she changed
her shift.


Looks like she's just
grabbing the next one.

All units, we got a 10-13

at Building 4,
Parksdale Projects.

Officer needs assistance.

All units responding.

Parksdale Projects is, like,
two blocks away.

We should take it.

Rivera told us to sit tight
no matter what.

We should let
someone else grab it.

Eddie, it's two days

after the woman's birthday.

Roger Jeffers isn't gonna be
showing up tonight.

Look at her;
she's just going to work.

Repeat. All units, 10-13.

It's a 10-13.
We're taking it.



What do you got, Janko?

Uh, Roger Jeffers' mom

isn't wearing
her nurse's uniform.

She might just be
changing there,

but I... I thought
I should report it.

We call that a hunch.

Um, no, her-her bus
is here now.

And she's getting on, as usual.

I'm gonna send a car
to the hospital,

see if she goes to work.

We'll keep you apprised.

Roger that.

Hey, what's going on?
Everything okay?

The 10-13 is a 10-90X.

The lady who called--

her father had a heart attack
and the ambulance wasn't coming.

So she told 911 that a cop
got shot in the stairwell.

And the cavalry came.
Her father live?

Yeah, they saved him, but
she's getting collared

for falsely reporting
an incident.

You can't just yell
“fire” like that.


Detective Rivera?

Mom got off two stops after
the hospital, met her son here.

We got him.

Good eye
and good cop instincts, Janko.

That's how you do it.

Thank you, Detective.

Where's Reagan?

He stayed back at the house
just in case she doubled back.

Good. Really good work.

Meet me at the squad; you
fill out the DD5, okay?


Jamie, we got him!
We got Jeffers!

I don't care.

Don't ever do that again.

Don't do what?
What are you talking about?

10-13 trumps
everything else, Eddie.

But Rivera specifically told us
to stay put.

Besides, I heard on the radio
that call was unfounded!

You didn't know
that at the time.

I don't get you.

We got the guy,
and I covered for you

with Rivera.

Everything worked out.

That's all you
care about?

You're busy chasing a shield

when a cop could've been
in trouble?

I'm sorry, I'm not gonna
apologize for wanting a career.

Well, I need a partner
I can trust.

So you ever sit out
a 10-13 again,

you can find somebody else
to ride with.

So after seven years
of asking for the car,

she finally leaves it to me
in her will.

Let's do this discreetly,
not cuff him in full view.

Discreetly? This scumbag
killed my friend.

His ass is mine.

Senator Harris, could you come
with us, sir, please?

Is everything all right?

I'm having a great day.

But you,

you're under arrest.

Under arrest?

For what?

Murder one, sir.

If you could just
come with us, please.

Is this some kind of a joke?

Call my lawyer,
make an appointment.

This is outrageous.


Come on, get up.

Take your hands off of me!
Get up!

You want to add
a lawsuit to this?

This is nothing, gentlemen.
I'll be out by dinner.

You're throwing your
career away right now.

I hope you know that.

I don't care
who your father is,

you're done.

No, sir, you are.

I don't know what you
think you have on me.

I have a witness
who knows everything about you.

No one knows
everything about me.

Think harder.



I'm sorry things got
heated last night.

Can I ask you something?

Do you want to be
a detective or not?


What about the sergeant's exam?

After law school,

I swore I'd never take
another damn exam.

So, what, you just want to ride
in an RMP for the next 20 years?

Didn't say that.

Could you be
a little more vague, Reagan?

I like being on patrol, Eddie.

For now.
I like the idea

of actually preventing
something bad from happening,

rather than just
mopping up after it.

Again, for now.


And something else.

You didn't ask to get partnered
with me, I know that.

I like being partnered with you.

I think I know
that, too.

But it puts you
in a kind of position,

under a certain microscope,

being partnered with
the PC's son.

I'm sure that a lot of the brass
probably think

that I might use that
to leverage moving up.

I won't.

I know.

I got your back there, too.

Thank you.

Rivera gonna be your rabbi?

I hope so.

He wants me to work towards
getting my gold shield.

Mission accomplished, then.

We good?

We're good.

Okay, you do
what you have to do, okay?

So will I.

If they'd told me it was you,
I would've come right down.

All good.

Listen, Frank, I'm already late
for the airport, so I, uh...

This'll just
take a second.

What's this, a subpoena?


Well, what, then?

Why would I serve you
with a subpoena, Lenny?

Well, after dealing with your
lawyers for the last few days,

I don't know what to expect.

Yeah, well...

that's going away.

Well, the book isn't, Frank.

I wrote a foreword.

To the damn book.


I don't write as good as you do,
but you can use it if you want.

Why'd you change your mind?

That's my business.

Come on, Frankie.

I tell you,
the whole world's gonna know.


I'm not ashamed
of how I got to where I am,

and I didn't get to where I am

without living the life
that's in your book.

No sense trying to hide it.

They told you sit down,
and you stood up.

Something like that.

Thank you.

Love you.

Listen, I'm already late
for my flight,

so, uh, see you next trip?

No, I'll give you a lift.

No, no, you don't
have to do that.

You know a faster way
to get to JFK from here?

Lights and sirens?

If you promise
not to write about it.

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