Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 6, Episode 1 - Worst Case Scenario - full transcript

Frank goes on high alert when a threat to New York City may be imminent following a terrorist attack in the Middle East.

(crickets chirping)
(people shouting over tv)
I thought I heard something.
Suicide bombing in tel aviv.
56 dead.
No one's taken responsibility yet.
There is credible evidence
Of coordinated attacks around the world.
Including new york.
This is the day I dread every day I'm on the job.
But it's something you're prepared for.
Question is,
Prepared for what?
I'll put on some coffee.
(rock music plays inside, people chatting)
(rock music blaring)
(men whistling, shouting)
¶ ¶
¶ american woman ¶
¶ stay away from me ¶
¶ american woman ¶
¶ listen what I say, say, say, say... ¶
Man: Lacey!
¶ ¶
Don't you think you've had enough there, hon?
Time for a private dance.
Look, you know your little singles
Aren't gonna get you that.
No singles today.
Look at you.
This'll be the last time you'll ever see me.
Did you find somebody you like better?
Soon, I will wear a king's crown
And wed 72 virgins in heaven.
Everyone will know my name.
It is god's will.
Let me just... Get rid of my tray.
Uh, yeah, I don't know if it's an emergency,
But I just heard this guy saying some crazy, 9/11-type stuff.
I definitely think you should check him out.
¶ american woman... ¶
(slow rock ballad playing at low volume)
Lacey chambers?
Yeah, hi. I called.
I'm officer reagan, this is officer janko.
Can you tell us what happened?
So, uh, this customer--
He's a regular-- all of a sudden,
Starts talking about 72 virgins in the sky
And everybody knowing his name?
What is his name?
Uh, stas.
I don't know if that's short for something.
He usually comes in, nurses a couple beers,
And has, like, a few dollars for tips.
Do you know his full name?
Just "stas."
Has he ever paid with a credit card?
Only cash.
Like most of the guys here.
Middle eastern?
He's, uh, tall.
Sort of attractive in, like, a viking-dude way.
Okay, so, what-- you work here,
What, take a little toke,
Have a couple shots?
What do you mean?
Listen, I would need a little buzz to work here, too,
But I just need to know how reliable a narrator you are.
I called you guys.
Jamie: Did he ever give you
A phone number, any way to reach him?
No. Maybe his prints are on a glass
Or a bill that he handled?
I didn't think of that.
Are there security cameras here?
Let me call my manager.
Seriously, when was the last time the mets and the yanks
Were this hot, this deep in the season?
2000, subway series.
That was good times. Yeah.
Yeah, you remember
When clemens chucked that broken bat at piazza?
That was some 'roid rage.
They should've known about roger right there.
Boom! Boom, boom! Whoa, whoa. Hey, hey!
Officer: Calm down, calm down. Speaking of 'roid rage...
Come on.
(man shouting in native language)
Watch out. (grunts)
(man continues shouting)
Boom, boom! Boom! Hey.
Allah... Come here, come here.
Allah... Get over here, get over here.
(speaking native language) slow down, slow down.
Say it in english.
All right.
Shut up, shut up.
Give me some I.D.
You got I.D. On you? I.D, I.D.
You got I.D.? I.D., I.D., I.D.
I.D. Stay there.
(speaking native language) it's from ins.
His immigration status.
(speaking rapidly) I heard you the first time, all right?
Hey! Can you help us with a translation here?
Come here. What's this guy talking about?
Talk to him-- tell him what you're saying.
(continues in native language)
Tell him the part about boom and bomb.
Nah, nah, nah, man, sorry-- I never heard that language before.
Hey, dad!
Hey, dad, come over here.
Can you understand what this guy's saying?
(speaking in native language)
(speaking native language)
Tell him the part about the bomb.
What about that? Say it again.
(speaking in native language)
He's from afghanistan, but it's a very obscure dialect.
I think he's hazaragi.
Hazaragi? From the mountains.
(speaking hazaragi): ...Boom-de-doom! Boom! Boom!
I think everyone knows what that means.
(speaking hazaragi) call the wheel.
See if anybody speaks-- what is it?
That. Hazzy-raggy.
(speaks hazaragi) yeah. Shut up.
We got to find out what the hell he's talking about.
(speaking hazaragi)
(siren whoops in distance)
The justice department called me in twice last week.
I spent hours transcribing wiretaps,
And it turned out to be nonsense.
Today I have senior colloquium-- 350 students--
And I was promised I wouldn't be disturbed.
This is an emergency.
Yeah, that's what they always say.
This is barry hamidi, a linguistics professor
At baruch college.
Justice uses him all the time.
Nice to meet you, detective. Glad you're here, barry.
Hey, sit down.
Sit down! (speaks hazaragi)
Guy's been jumping out of his skin.
Don't know what the hell
He's talking about-- can you help us out here?
(conversing in hazaragi)
(conversing in hazaragi)
(speaking hazaragi): ...Bomb-de-doom.
(speaking excitedly)
He doesn't want to get into trouble,
But he says he knows of a plot to detonate bombs in this city.
(speaks hazaragi)
(speaks hazaragi)
Why don't you take a seat.
We wipe the footage every 24 hours,
So if he was in here last night, it should've grabbed him.
Janko: Okay, you're gonna have to look real close, lacey.
That's him. That's stas.
Jamie: Rewind it.
Can you, uh, punch in?
How about him coming out of the club?
All right.
Janko: Damn. Uh,
Do you have any cameras inside of the club?
No. We don't want to be filmed.
No cameras allowed.
Okay, thank you very much. Mm-hmm.
You run a business like this, you really want to lie to a cop?
Who said I was lying about anything?
Where's the other camera?
What other camera are you talking about?
Want to waste my time?
All right, look, these girls have been ripping me off
At the registers, so I put a hidden camera
Over the bar. View of the customers, too?
And we put extra security in place in appropriate embassies,
Landmarks and synagogues, but it's been quiet.
Anything on the terror tip hotline?
We've been chasing down every call,
But it's the usual cranks and pranks.
This is from homeland security.
There have been some legitimate red flags, though--
One which was caught by detective reagan,
The other officer reagan.
How do you know?
Uh... Um...
I consider it part of my job to know.
Because? Because even though you think
There's no connection between this office
And the line-of-duty activities of your offspring,
The press and some of the public think otherwise.
Always have, always will.
So you aid and abet.
I stay ahead of it as much as I can.
There's a difference.
Two seemingly isolated incidents that could be connected.
That's good police work.
Tell us what you know about this plot.
(barry translates)
(speaks hazaragi)
Two weeks ago, he rented to three men.
(speaks hazaragi)
He heard enough on his rounds to believe
They were very angry with their situation in america.
Angry how?
In what way?
(speaking hazaragi)
They couldn't get jobs or dates with american girls.
(speaking hazaragi)
The usual stupid stuff young men talk about.
(speaking hazaragi)
But in the past week, he noticed they were bringing in materials,
Like construction nails, copper wire...
(speaking hazaragi)
(speaking hazaragi)
He noticed the boxes put out with the trash.
And when he went in to fix the leak...
...That's where he saw three bombs.
Three bombs.
Okay, well, you know anything about the bombers--
They affiliated with the tel aviv bombers?
(speaks hazaragi)
He doesn't know. Uh-huh.
Well, tell me about the bombs.
What do they look like?
(speaks hazaragi)
One is on a timer, the other two work with, uh, toggle switches.
Danny: Toggle switch--
Press the button... And boom?
Ah. Ah. Suicide bombs?
You know a lot about bombs, naseem.
(speaks hazaragi)
There was a bomb maker in his village
In afghanistan who blew himself up.
(speaking hazaragi)
Scared him very badly as a child.
Danny: I bet. You know, you play with bombs,
You get blown up. Is that why
You're scared-- you playing with bombs, naseem? Come on.
He's answering the questions.
You want me to believe him?
He's telling me a bunch of craziness.
How do I know he's not making the bombs?
If you're not telling us the truth,
Now's a good time to do it.
While we can help you.
(shouts in hazaragi)
He only swears to god. He swears to god.
He swears on his family, okay?
You want me to believe that this schmo happened upon he wouldn't lie.
Some bomb plot to blow up new york city?
Hey, sit down! Barry: He loves america.
How the hell do we know he wouldn't lie? He loves america.
Shut up and sit down!
(yelling in hazaragi)
(barry speaks hazaragi)
He swears he's only trying to help us to stop
This terrible situation from happening.
For all I know he could be setting us up,
Pointing us in one direction when the bomb's
In another direction, okay? Barry: Calm down.
(speaks hazaragi)
I think you're jumping to a lot of conclusions.
It's my job to jump to a lot of conclusions.
This just came in. Homeland security ran all the names
And got confirmation on naseem akhtar's status.
Thank you.
Is he really here on a work visa?
He's in this country 100% legally.
Not on any watch lists.
All right, well, that checks out.
What about the, uh, tenants?
Nothing. This came in
From one pp. It's a screen grab
From a strip club security camera on 53rd and 12th.
This guy was apparently
Talking about meeting the 72 virgins
Last night. 53rd and 12th. That's close to where naseem lives.
What, you think
That guy's one of his tenants?
I don't know.
Show him, see if it rings a bell.
All right, naseem, here's your chance.
This one of your bombers?
(speaks hazaragi)
Barry: That's one of the renters.
(speaking hazaragi) ...Stasa.
They call him stas.
Yes. Yes!
That's him.
Jttf drew a blank on stas and the other tenants.
They're not known to the department,
At least under those identities.
Run their names through canadian incident database.
Canada? A lot of jihadis slip in through canada.
And run naseem akhtar, too. See what we get.
Co of the bomb squad is en route.
Chief rucker from fdny
And mta director of safety and security
Will be here shortly. Esu?
John knight is out at montauk
With his family, but he's gonna head back.
Send the chopper. Worse case scenario,
We're gonna need all our resources ready to go.
Already did. Should we make some kind of statement?
It's the question on everyone's mind-- is new york next?
We don't have the answer to it, so no. What is it, baker?
There's been two more bombings.
London and bangladesh, subway and market.
It's happening.
Not here, it isn't.
Why don't you two grab a couple chairs,
Have a seat out of the way.
We're checking out your tenants.
They choppered you in, huh, john?
Third floor apartment, right side, window fan is still on.
Yeah? So what?
Well, according to naseem, that means someone's home.
They never leave the fan on unless they're there.
Do we know if there's anyone else involved?
Those guys outside could be lookouts
Or accomplices.
Only what he said: Three bombs...
Three bombers. Got it.
Muslims pray five times a day, right?
The third one, the dhuhr, starts soon.
All we gotta do is just watch,
See which one of these guys pulls out a rug and gets down
On their knees. What does that matter, danny?
Just because they're muslims doesn't mean they're terrorists.
I didn't say just 'cause they're muslims
They're terrorists, but I'm saying
There's a certain profile they fit.
Really? Stas looked like a frat boy in that photo.
Those two brothers from boston did, too. It could be
Anyone now. That's what's so scary.
Right. And our job is to take all of 'em off the street.
Erin: So the informant gave you permission
To search the apartment?
And obviously the renters have not.
What's your point?
You could make a case to get access
To the heating and plumbing.
But? But...
The law comes down to the guy or guys who pay the rent
Have a right to a locked door.
That's not the answer I need. You wanted to know what I
Could sell to my boss and that's what I'm telling you.
I assumed we'd be on the same side.
And we are.
I think there's one loophole that we could fit through.
An emergency exception that could apply if you sign off.
What would I be signing?
The police can pursue any leads, by any means necessary,
If they feel there's a real threat to the public safety.
But I think the da would feel a lot more comfortable
If a judge signed off on a high-risk warrant.
And I have a few judges that owe me favors...
Yeah, this is moving too fast.
I think it's better to ask forgiveness
Than permission on this one.
Dad, you are moving
On one man's uncorroborated story.
What if you raid that apartment, kill three muslims
And don't find a single bomb on site?
That's a lot of backfire that you're standing in front of.
When I consider the alternative?
I'll take that risk.
Thank you.
Goes without saying...
We never had this conversation.
(indistinct police radio chatter)
Look, guys,
We have no idea what's waiting for us in there.
We don't even know the size of these devices.
Could take the whole building out, or the block.
Should we just wait for them to come outside?
Put some snipers on the roof?
They could have a dead switch on those bombs.
Finger comes off the detonator for any reason--
Including getting shot--
And the device automatically detonates.
Well, hopefully, we'll be inside and on 'em
Before they even know what's happening.
And what if one of them makes a move?
Use any force necessary. Got it?
Guys, let's move out.
Let's go.
Officer: All right, move out.
You got that, right?
Something goes wrong, you light 'em up.
Got it.
¶ ¶
(men laughing, conversing indistinctly)
(men catcalling, whooping, whistling) hey. Oh!
All right, doll!
(wolf whistling)
Man: Very nice!
Ah, geez... (continues indistinctly)
(door clanks open)
(dog barking in distance)
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way!
Get out of the way! (woman screams)
(men shouting)
(men chanting in native language in distance)
(chanting continues)
Police! Police!
Both: Don't move!
Police! Police! Don't move!
Don't move! Don't move! Don't you move!
I said, don't move! Police!
(woman shrieks in distance)
Shut your mouth. Shut up!
(officers shouting) get down!
(gasping) officer: Everybody okay?
Anybody hit?!
We're good!
Are there any bombs?
You good?
Oh, yeah. They're not.
(sirens approaching)
We got a problem. I only count two bombs.
Naseem said there were three bombs.
We only got two bombs here.
We're missing a bomb.
They must've deployed it. It could be anywhere.
Son of a bitch is the only one
Who knows where the other bomb is. Get a bus!
Hey, hey.
(man coughing)
You hear me? You're not dying until you tell me
Where that bomb is, you son of a bitch!
Where is it?!
(sirens blaring)
Clear the hall! Let's go.
Prepare for a blood transfusion-- bp 60,
Heart rate 120. That's our guy.
Hey! Woman: Bp 60, heart rate 120...
I need to talk to him before you operate. Turn, turn.
I need to operate before you talk to him. Danny: Hey, wait a minute!
Stop! What the hell are you doing?!
I need to talk to this son of a bitch! Keep on moving.
Keep on moving! Keep on moving! Go! Go! Go!
Doc, you don't understand. I got to talk...
Stop. You're gonna kill him, okay?
You're gonna be killing innocent people
If you don't let me talk to him!
Come on, you seen what's going on on tv.
People are being blown away here, doc.
Look, I get it-- it's your job to save his life,
But it's my job to save theirs.
Now, can he talk?
Yeah, he's lucid, but he needs
To get on the machines to help him breathe.
He needs immediate attention, okay?
Yeah, then, put him on whatever machines you want.
Just give me a second with him.
(indistinct announcement over public address speakers)
Hello, samir.
I want you to tell me where stanislav tarasenko is
And what his target is.
(barry speaks arabic)
(speaking quietly in arabic)
I know you speak english, so why don't you drop it?
It's too late to stop it.
It is god's will.
It's god's will to kill innocent people, huh?
Is that what you're saying?
You know nothing of our god,
Of our will.
Your laws... Mean nothing.
(groans softly)
I die...
A hundred more take my place.
Allah akbar.
Allah akbar.
God... Is... Great.
You're sure you're ready to die, samir? Is that it?
I know what's waiting for me.
There's no virgins waiting for you, my friend.
(samir wheezing)
It's in your quran.
Those who fail allah face a dark storm.
(samir wheezing)
You're nearly dead, your bomb's been diffused.
I'd say you failed allah pretty damn good.
(wheezing) now, you're gonna tell me what I want to know,
And I'll let you live.
If you don't, I'm gonna pull the plug
On that machine over there, and you're gonna die right now.
Johannam is only for non-believers.
Do as you wish.
Allah knows what's in my heart.
It's your god you'll have to face.
I'm ready to face mine.
Hope you're ready to face yours.
Detective, what are you doing?
Shut up.
This is crazy! I said, shut up!
You think I'm bluffing?
You think I'm bluffing? You're gonna tell me
What I want to know right now, or I'm pulling this plug.
What's the target?
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Hey, doc! Doctor, come here fast!
What's going on? Come here! He's gonna kill him.
(bell dings)
Officer reagan, right this way.
Know what this is about, detective?
I'm sorry. I don't.
Gormley: Your hunch was right, boss.
Stanislaw tarasenko entered the united states illegally
Through canada, from afghanistan.
He was on their watch list.
What do we know about him?
He was born in the caucus mountains,
But went to high school in maryland.
Got radicalized through a campus group in college,
And did some training last year in mazir-I-sharif.
No one knows who they are. Totally off the grid.
That's how they're catching everybody by surprise.
I need a minute.
I need intel on stas that isn't in any file.
And I'm the guy?
You could be.
That club-- that's where he went to relax.
That's where he drank.
That's when people reveal themselves.
Yeah, but I came up with nothing on stas.
Well, what about the waitress?
You talked to her.
I think she drinks there, too, dad.
I think she makes a habit of taking the edge off.
But she did call 911
Off a couple of phrases a customer used.
Yeah, good point.
Could you take another crack at her?
I think she's had some time to think.
Thank you.
Gormley: Boss, I'm thinking we should take another shot
At samir fayed.
I heard danny went at him pretty hard.
He's not gonna break.
Gormley: Well, what do we do now?
We wait.
Wait for what?
This is the hard part, sid.
Time between doing everything we can think of
And finding out if it worked.
I can't just sit here!
Welcome to our world.
Guys. What do you need?
You spent a lot time of time with stas.
Is there anything else that you can tell us?
(phone ringing) any small bit of detail that might help?
I need you to put down your phone and focus, please.
Just need one second. I just have to... No.
Put the phone down.
Okay, look, I'm sorry. I...
We didn't get deep.
He was some creepy dude who watched me dance in the dark.
Keep thinking, lacey.
Is there anything else that comes to mind?
Well, look, we know what kind of girl he liked, right?
That's for sure. I mean, he never left me alone. Well, did he
Ever ask you on a date?
Every time I saw him.
Good. Did he ever mention where he'd want to take you?
Actually, yeah.
He mentioned one place a couple of times.
He said that it was almost as beautiful as I was.
It was... "siprani"?
I think... Siprani? It's a restaurant?
I guess so. I... Anything else
He mentioned about the place? Um...
Uh, yeah, he works there, too.
Great. What was his job?
I have no idea.
I always thought that
It was probably manual labor, 'cause his hands
Are really rough. Okay, all right,
Let's take it back to the name.
Say it just the way stas said it.
Use his accent.
S... (groans)
Damn it. I can... I can almost
Picture it.
What do you mean you can picture it?
He would come here from-from work.
He had the logo stitched into his shirt. Did he wear that shirt
The night that he made the threat to you?
I don't know. He usually
Was wearing it.
We got a screen cap... Let's see.
Here... There you go.
Jamie: Ci...
Both: Cipriani? That's it! Yes!
There's three of them. One on wall street
Makes a really good target. Yeah, and he works there--
He knows how to get in and out. Let's call danny and put out an alert. Thank you.
Thank you.
(quietly): Damn.
(siren wailing)
Mr. Costa?
Detectives reagan and baez.
Is this the guy?
Mm-hmm. That's stas-- but I haven't seen him in weeks.
I thought he worked here.
I thought he did, too. He was on a maintenance crew
That did cleaning and repairs throughout the building.
You got any views to the street in this place?
Not from this main space, no.
This is it-- one huge room.
How about anywhere else in the building, maybe another floor?
The second floor-- looks out over the whole square.
Okay. Stas work there, too?
Yes. All right, let's see it.
Come on! Move!
Hold on, hold on. Get back.
What's in here? Just supplies.
Extra tables.
Costa: Oh, my god, it's my manager!
Son of a bitch.
Call a bus.
Danny: Detective 466
Requesting esu and the bomb squad,
Re: Possible bomb at this location.
(gasps, screams) come on.
(door bangs)
¶ ¶
(grunts in pain)
(yelling, grunting)
(grunting, blows thudding)
(fierce grunting)
(grunting continues)
¶ ¶
¶ ¶
Thanks. Well written,
Moving, even, in the right hands.
It is in the right hands.
Maybe reads a little bit like a victory lap.
I'd say you've earned it.
If I did, we all did.
What's insidious about terrorism is...
It can get inside our heads,
Make us change the way we live our lives.
Then you wake up thinking...
Is this the day?
(sighs deeply)
It took this city a long time to get its swagger back.
Wouldn't that be a victory here?
(indistinct chatter)
Good evening.
I know there's been a lot of conjecture
About a terrorist incident in the city today--
Understandable, given what has happened across the world
In the last 24 hours--
But conjecture...
Is all that it was.
The fatal shooting downtown this morning was
An isolated incident,
Involving a victim with a long history of emotional problems.
What about the police raid on the west side?
There were fatalities there, too.
Well, that was a separate incident.
It is an ongoing investigation,
And I cannot comment on it any further.
There is something else I'd like to say.
As a new yorker...
And for all of us new yorkers who have been through
And come back from a terrorist attack,
Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families
Who lost loved ones in tel aviv,
London and bangladesh this past day.
We are with you
In any way that we can help.
And we are sorry...
For your sorrows.
Frank and others: Bless us, lord, for these, thy gifts,
Which we are about to receive from thy bounty,
Through christ our lord. Amen.
Pops, is there wheat flour in these mashed potatoes?
Why, they don't look right?
No. I'm just trying to go gluten-free.
Just am.
You got a condition? She got a condition, erin?
Not that I've heard of. No, I don't have celiac disease or anything.
I'm just... Trying it.
So, who's the guy?
What makes you ask that?
Wait for it...
I have a friend
With celiac, yes.
Ah. Ah, there we go.
Told ya.
And what made you ask that?
Buddy of mine gave up beer at parties
Because the girl he's going with doesn't drink.
Big mouth. What?
Read the room, bro.
Danny: Does this buddy of yours know
That the legal drinking age is 21?
Yes, dad.
Uh, how much beer and at what parties?
Mom, please.
As the wise man said, what you don't know can't hurt you.
I think it's a little late for that. Frank: Yeah, well,
There's no need to dig deeper, not just now.
Jamie: You know,
I never got that saying. If you don't know that
Getting hit by a bus hurts, then you can play in traffic
Without fear, but it doesn't mean
You're not gonna get slammed.
That's a bit literal.
Frank: You know what
The original saying was: "so long as I know it not,
It hurteth me not."
British writer, george pettie, 1500s.
And you know this how?
Well, I had an idle moment, once,
And I looked it up, and I agree.
Sure. Take this table.
I'd call us a pretty open bunch,
But you don't think there's things
We don't know about each other we're better off
Not knowing?
Sleep better at night not knowing?
Sean: Like how mom and dad were better off before they knew
That big mouth here drank at parties. All right.
You're on a slippery slope, sean, but if you take that idea
And expand it out over, say, the eight million people
Walking around this city, not all of them
Looking to do good.
There probably is a lot of things
That I'd rather not know about.
You got that right.
You mean what you guys know.
The near misses and stuff.
Not just us, but sure.
I'm with sean.
Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
Cheers to that.
Henry: Cheers.
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