Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 9 - Under the Gun - full transcript

Three community leaders are killed in apparent hate crimes, and Danny and Baez investigate as Frank meets with folks who want to ensure the gravity of these crimes is not ignored. Meanwhile...

(siren blaring)
(crowd chatter)
First on the scene? Yup.
What we got?
Victim's coming out of the synagogue here.
Some guy on a motorcycle rode on the sidewalk,
Shot him in the head and rode off.
Csu and mli just arrived.
Witnesses? One. The man sitting on the steps.
He's the rabbi.
Son of a gun.
(garbled radio transmission)
Cover him up, okay? Sure thing.
I think i recognize this guy.
(siren blaring)
Rabbi? Yes.
Detective reagan and baez.
You mind if we ask you a few questions?
Sorry. You know...
He was my good friend.
Herman kleiner?
Judge herman kleiner, you know?
Judge kleiner from the bronx, yeah. That's right.
We had our weekly meeting.
He's, uh, a member of the executive committee.
We'd come out for our, uh, walk.
Traditionally, we take a small cigar together
After the meeting.
You happen to get a look at the shooter?
No. All happened so fast, and he was wearing a helmet
With a... You know, a mask, a-a-a...
A visor?
Baez: What makes you say
It was a he?
He spoke.
What did he say?
He-he was idling by the curb
And he called out "herman irving kleiner."
And, uh, we looked over, and he came at us.
That's all he said?
He just yelled out the judge's name, nothing else?
His full name, almost the way that, uh,
The parent addresses the unruly child.
(phone ringing) excuse me.
I'm sorry.
This is my wife.
That's all right. Take it outside the tape, okay?
What do you think?
Judge kleiner's got a longstanding reputation
As the toughest hanging judge in all of the bronx.
"long term herm" they call him.
So you're thinking
Someone got out of prison looking for revenge?
I think if somebody wanted their revenge on the judge,
They got it.
Let's get to work.
What, if anything, did you find inside the canister?
I recovered a .38 caliber revolver
From inside the canister.
Can you tell us
The ballistics report on that gun?
They match the bullets found
In the skull of the victim, thomas dunne.
Erin: And what did you do with that gun?
I vouchered it with the property clerk. Can you
Walk us through the vouchering process?
Uh, procedure is,
I safeguard the weapon, bring it back to my command,
Obtain a voucher, and using a scribe,
Scratch my initials on the frame.
Is this the gun that you found
Inside the sugar canister
In mr. Martin's apartment?
No, i don't believe it is.
Are you sure?
Yes, ma'am.
I don't see my initials.
This is not the gun i vouchered.
(gallery murmuring)
(knocking) sir?
Punch me out, baker. You, too.
Dcpi moore and special assistant gormley asked me to keep you.
They're on their way up from the second floor.
Sorry to keep you.
Am i gonna be sorry you did?
Uh, sid?
About a half hour ago,
One joshua greenwald,
A prominent manhattan attorney, was shot
By an assailant riding a motorcycle
Outside a restaurant on the lower east side.
He was doa at the scene.
Three of his colleagues from the office.
And they also heard the assailant
Call out the victim by his full name?
Two nights, two hits, both victims jewish.
Both shot by a guy on a motorcycle.
Baker, call shanghai luck and order us all some dinner.
Okay, watch your step.
We're back here again sunday night
From, from 6:00 to 9:00,
So, uh, check back with me.
Thank you so much.
De nada.
You feel better.
Thank you.
We're open for ten more minutes if you want to...
Abiertos durante diez
Minutos mas...
(screams) keep your mouth shut and give me your money!
Give me the money now!
Oh, god. You know what?
Give me your money now! I have $20!
That's all i got! Just take it, i swear, please, please...
(grunting) okay.
The wedding ring! Take off your wedding ring!
Give me the wedding ring now!
No! No!
No! No!
Man: Nurse? Call 911!
Are you okay? (mumbling)
Mr. Bendix?
I'm leon bendix.
You're the detectives?
Reagan and baez.
You were judge kleiner's clerk.
For nearly 22 years.
You heard about the second murder?
The lawyer, joshua greenwald.
Yeah, i read about that.
This joshua greenwald, did he ever argue...?
I checked-- he never argued before judge kleiner.
You're sure? I'm positive.
Judge kleiner, he had a very, uh, tough reputation.
Yeah, he was tough.
But never on the first-time offenders.
The frequent flyers?
He didn't have patience for that.
Can you think of anyone
The judge put away who might have...?
I figured somebody would ask me that.
These are the court files on the people that i remember thinking,
When they get out, judge kleiner wouldn't want to bump into them.
Any of them ever threaten the judge directly?
Hell, yeah.
Yeah, they said it all.
"i'll shoot you." "i'll beat your kids."
"burn your house down with you in it."
All of that.
It's all in the files.
All right. We'll take a look.
Come in, olivia.
Personnel folder on detective hardy.
You get your lsat results back yet?
Uh, friday.
I remember that feeling.
Here you are under the gun,
And you're asking me about my lsats?
"under the gun"-- no pun intended?
(laughs) and making jokes.
Good lawyer can do three things at once.
Can you let in detective mcbride, please?
(door closes)
You got anything?
Just a voucher for the gun.
Stamped at 13:43 the day before the trial
When hardy retrieved it from the property clerk.
He's pictured with his i.D.
Well, that's what he told me.
So, either someone got to hardy
And he switched out the guns before he gave it to me,
Or someone from this office went into the safe
After i locked it in there
And switched out those guns.
How many people have access?
A handful of adas.
I mean, you need to swipe to get in that room.
You need to know the combination to the safe.
It doesn't make sense.
None of this makes any sense.
I'll get a hold of the swipe records from the safe room.
Here's a subpoena for hardy's financial records.
I want to run him through fincen,
See if he's having any money trouble.
You think...?
I think i don't know who the hell did this,
And everyone is in play.
Got it.
That missing gun?
Ballistics match the three bullets
Recovered from the victim's head.
We have that gun, we have a case.
No gun, no case.
Judge gave us until monday morning at 9:00 a.M.
Copy that, ms. Reagan.
(door opens)
When you and donald stein part after meeting,
Who kisses whose ring?
Neither. It is a bear hug
And a "my best to your family."
I wonder what that much money feels like.
Today i guess it feels like a ride up
To the 14th floor in my private elevator.
(elevator dings) don.
Frank. Thanks for seeing me.
You remember my dcpi...
Garrett, of course. Good to see you.
And, uh, thanks for making him available.
My pleasure, mr. Stein.
Please, mr. Stein's my father.
How many times have you had to say that?
Countless millions.
Uh, where can we talk?
In my office.
I'm very concerned.
As am i.
I'm not hearing "hate crime" from this building.
Do you want to?
I want it acknowledged that prominent jews
Are the targets of an assassin.
One who is still at large in our city.
From where i sit?
Please, go ahead.
Two men were murdered
In cold blood by a perp
Who fits eyewitness descriptions
At both scenes.
I have no physical evidence,
No chatter on the wires,
No anti-semitic groups claiming responsibility.
So, you're painting it as coincidence?
Well, i could call it a hate crime in that the perp
Clearly had hatred for his victims.
He did, after all, murder them.
Frank... But
In this minute,
I have no evidence
That they were killed because
Of their faith or ethnicity.
Why do you think he states their full names before he acts?
I don't know.
And that fact wasn't released to the press.
I didn't learn it from the press.
I'm sure you have ways of gaining information
That i have no idea you had.
But you're going to have to be clear
About what you're looking for from me
Here in this minute.
I think you should put special details at our synagogues.
All of them.
To what end?
To send a signal that the nypd takes this threat seriously.
I don't think using our resources
To guard real estate sends an effective signal.
You don't?
Not at this time.
And that signal is loud and clear
If you know what to look for.
Namely, all the best detectives i have, all over this thing,
All their days and nights.
Thanks for your time, frank.
My best to your family.
And mine to yours.
Long time no see.
You work late last night?
I'm grabbing a beer.
Want one?
Danny, i...
I got mugged last night.
And they... They took my silver chain.
You know, my grandma's silver chain.
Oh, my god.
Why the hell didn't you call me?
I don't know.
I'm so sorry.
You all right?
Uh, yeah, i'm just a little shook up, you know?
Who did it?
Some kid, he showed a knife.
A knife.
Okay, well, did you report it?
(sighs) okay.
So, w-what happened?
You were coming out of the hospital? What?
I was at the jefferson houses.
What the hell were you doing at the jefferson houses?
Okay, calm down. I am calm.
What were you doing at the jefferson houses?
I-i take a shift there once a week
With the mobile hospital unit.
So, i was coming out of the trailer,
And some punk pulls a knife.
Do they provide security for you when you do this? No, come on.
Well, then that's the end of that.
Danny, i like doing it.
Well, i like smoking.
But i quit 'cause it's bad for me.
Oh, so we're just...
We're making jokes now, huh?
Is that right? I'm not making jokes.
But you're the one making jokes if you think
I'm gonna let you go back to the jefferson houses
Without security.
You're not going back.
No, danny.
You know, this is about me making a difference here.
Where do you get off chastising me
For sticking my neck out,
Trying to help people?
That's what you do every day.
Yeah, i help people every day.
And i carry a gun when i do it.
Well, so what, you're just gonna forbid me?
Oh, come on, what are you talking about, "forbid you"?
I let you work at the hospital, don't i?
You "let me"?!
I didn't mean it like that.
Okay? It came out wrong.
All i'm saying is
That you do not have to take that risk going there.
That's not for you to say.
Come on. That's... Don't. (cell phone rings)
Go ahead.
There's been another murder.
Sutton place.
A dr. Feinberg walking his dog alone.
Doorman heard a couple of pops
And saw a guy on a motorcycle run a red light.
Who's on the scene?
Detectives from the 18th squad.
They'll brief us when they're done up there.
Have a good night.
Fat chance of that.
I'm going to bed.
We don't go to bed angry in this house, linda.
Tonight we do.
(knocking on window)
Come in!
Not on hardy.
Looked at his credit, his personnel records,
Talked to iab, nothing.
If he's a dirty cop, then i'm miley cyrus.
Point me somewhere.
I wish i could.
I got the swipe records from the safe room.
You were the only one that swiped in there that morning.
You swiped in twice.
No, i was in there once.
You're sure?
Yeah, i'm sure.
I went in there for the evidence bags--
Three of them, including the gun.
Then that means somebody took your card.
Where do you keep it?
I usually keep it in my bag or on my desk.
Who could know that?
Just about anyone out there on the floor.
People are in and out of here all day long.
Somebody have it in for you?
I can't believe someone i work with despises me enough
To blow up a case of a truly vicious killer
Just to get at me.
Am i really that naive?
That's not exactly what i meant.
You a sneaky bastard?
That a trick question?
No, i need to know.
It's a tool on my belt.
I want you to get a rumor out on the floor,
One that's gonna go viral in a second,
That we were able to get dna samples off the evidence bags,
And we're gonna swab everyone first thing in the morning.
Then we'll find out who doesn't show up for work.
We've got until monday morning.
Too many people to do this retail.
That is a good point.
Obviously, this did not come from me.
Baez: A judge, a lawyer, and a doctor.
All male, all jewish.
All appear to be upstanding citizens.
And all gunned down by a lone gunman riding a motorcycle.
What else do they have in common?
What's with the phone?
Nothing. Something.
All right, i'm in a little bit of a fight with the wife.
She got robbed.
Portable hospital in front of the projects.
Is she okay?
Yeah, she's fine.
And you...?
I was a little overprotective.
How bad?
Okay, i think i got everything.
Let's have a look.
Okay, you did everything right.
Here's an info sheet that you should study well.
Got it. Now all you got to do is get fingerprinted,
And you'll get a notification in about three months.
Three months? Yeah, we got to wait for the prints to come back.
Well, isn't there a way to expedite?
Not really.
Hey, uh...
Will this help?
This is the commissioner's courtesy card.
Where did you get this?
This is my extended family.
Last summer in quogue.
What a great day that was.
How about 3:00 this afternoon, mrs. Reagan?
3:00 would be perfect.
Thank you.
Reagan, baez.
You guys got a strange break.
What are you talking about?
I fielded an anonymous phone tip
That a white supremacist group called, uh, volks vanguard
Is taking credit for the killing.
Cyberspace, so far.
Well, what's the break?
The guy who says he's their supreme commander or something
Came in 20 minutes ago,
Wants to speak with the investigating detectives.
Where is he? In the box.
All right, thanks.
Detective reagan.
My partner is detective baez.
You wanted to talk to us?
I do, yeah.
Okay, well, let's start with this.
Who the hell are you?
Calvin benton,
I'm head of the new york ausschuss of volks vanguard.
What's that?
The people's front.
People's front.
Someone's out there on the internet posing
As being from my organization, claiming responsibility
For those three murders, of the jews.
Well, that's funny.
'cause somebody just called us,
Giving us an anonymous tip of the same thing.
You want to tell us about that?
Nothing to tell you.
Wasn't us.
Maybe someone from your group acted alone.
Couldn't happen.
Says you.
Danny: Well, isn't wanting to eliminate
The entire jewish population
Part of your proud and illustrious legacy?
That's last-century thinking.
We just want strong borders.
And think--
Why would we take credit for something that would put us
In prison with the same animals we want fenced off?
Baez: We're gonna get a search warrant
For your phone and computers.
No, you're not.
Who the hell's gonna stop us?
It'd be a waste of time and taxpayer dollars.
I'll give you unlimited access.
I just want to clear my good name
And the good name of my ausschuss.
I'll have taru meet us.
All right.
Let's take a ride.
This is the one.
Excellent choice.
How will you be paying?
We'll set you up with these to start.
Jamie: Hey, skip.
Three boxes full metal jacket, nine millimeter.
Hey, jamie, be right with you.
Hey, jamie. How are you? What's up?
Danny's got you picking up his office supplies now?
Yeah, kind of.
All set, ma'am. Thank you.
Uh, jamie, listen.
Don't say anything to danny, okay?
You know, it's kind of a surprise.
What's the surprise?
Let's just leave it at that.
I'll see you on sunday?
Frank: I've increased patrols at synagogues,
Despite the fact that only one was a crime scene.
I have formed the task force of detectives
Working with our major case squad.
And we appreciate that.
Just so i understand clearly,
You are taking out a full-page ad
In the times, signed by all of you,
Explaining why you are hiring 500 private security personnel
To be stationed around manhattan.
With respect.
To who?
To you and the nypd.
And how are you going to show that?
In the wording.
No, actions speak louder than words.
And the action here sends a loud vote of no confidence
In me and my department.
I wish you wouldn't take it that way.
We would also stress in the statement
That we will continue to fully support
The nypd police foundation
With our pledged funding.
Well, that would read as,
"we are going to continue to tip generously
Despite the bad service." not at all.
Pretty much, to anyone paying attention.
Woman: Frank,
You seem to want to make this us versus you.
It's not.
It's us versus a very real threat out there.
Three of our people are dead.
I consider them my people, too.
I am responsible to every citizen in this city.
Now we're splitting hairs.
Not at all.
The people around this table,
You have a right
To be alarmed and concerned.
But this siege mentality,
Unsupported by facts...
Three dead is a fact.
In my world, it's sometimes a daily fact.
Twice, on a bad weekend.
Frank, please...
Well, look...
I appreciate you all
Giving me a heads up.
I can't sway you from your course...
But i am the smartest person in this room
In one way only:
Threat assessment.
And if you're not going to listen to me,
I won't waste any more of your time.
Or mine.
Don't. What?
The takeaway or the optics
Or whatever your current word is.
Well, i don't know about the takeaway,
But the optics are clear as day.
Black eyes all around.
All present and accounted for?
All but one.
Your trial prep assistant, olivia gordon.
She ever come in late?
No, never.
I mean... Never.
She's always early.
She's a smart kid.
I'm-i'm writing her
A law school recommendation letter.
I can't believe it's her.
Why did she do it?
What does she gain?
I don't know.
Let's go find out.
Olivia! It's erin reagan!
Open up!
I'm so sorry.
You're sorry?
Like that means something?
They made me.
Who made you what?
Winslow and his crew.
They made me switch out the gun.
Tell us what happened.
My brother used to run with winslow martin.
They came to me when they found out
I worked at the d.A.'s office.
They told me to get the gun.
I said no,
I couldn't.
And then, for a reply, they sent me this.
Olivia, baby.
You gotta do this.
You gotta get that gun.
They're gonna kill me, baby sister.
You know they will.
Help, olivia.
And they would, so i did it.
I did it.
Why didn't you come to me?
Ms. Reagan, i was afraid.
What could i do?
Where's the gun?
They came and got it. Who?
Ronnie and tremaine, winslow's boys.
And your brother?
They are holding him
Until winslow walks.
Okay, well, that's not going to happen.
'cause you're going to come down and tell the judge
Everything you just told me. Come on.
Do you have your cuffs?
Yeah, i got my...
Then put 'em on and take me down.
What are you doing?
You really think that i'm going to send my brother to his grave?
Olivia, please...
I have a right to a lawyer.
I know that.
Cuff her.
Step out, please.
You have the right to remain silent...
I know the law!
Mcbride: Anything you say
Can and will be used against you...
Where'd danny and linda go?
Linda read about some pies at a farmers market
That's only open on sunday, so...
I ran into her the other day at randy's.
I was picking up some rounds to go out to the range.
Linda was buying a gun.
For danny?
I don't think so.
She took out a permit.
What, you knew?
Well, after the fact.
She used her commissioner courtesy card
To expedite the paperwork,
And the c.O. Of the license division gave me a heads up.
Does danny know?
Frank: Don't know.
She asked me not to tell him.
Then don't.
She wasn't kissing another man in the gun store.
She wasn't shoplifting a weapon in the gun store.
She was buying a gun,
Legally, in the gun store.
Nobody's business but her own
And whoever she chooses to share it with.
All right. Danny finds out i knew and didn't tell him,
I'm sending him after you.
Well, if you ask me, who cares if they want
To put on a few extra security guards?
Not a few. 500.
Are they paying for 'em?
That's not the point.
Then it's nobody's business if they do.
Frank: The times ad sends a message
That they had to pick up my slack.
It doesn't say that, dad.
For all intents and purposes, it does.
When did you get such a thin skin, francis?
Danny: Yeah, i gotta side with gramps on this one.
People got a right to protect themselves
However they see fit.
So long as it's within the law,
Whatever helps them sleep at night, right?
Yeah, i'm with danny on this one.
Are you now?
Jamie, nicky?
I think people got a right.
I mean, isn't it like the right to bear arms?
Uh, yeah, kind of.
Yeah, in that you also have the right
To pick a peashooter or a cannon?
I flew el al once,
To a chiefs conference in israel.
This was in the early '80s.
We all thought that their security was ridiculous,
Way over the top.
20 years later,
Anyone who ever flew el al
Wishes that all airlines were like el al.
This isn't that.
I'm not saying it is.
I got eight people at this table
Who depend largely on the nypd
For every roof, meal and pair of shoes they ever had,
And i can't get one of you to recognize
That this is an insult to that institution?
I'll be with you if you want.
Me, too. Frank: Well,
Thank you, boys.
I hate to say it and i can't believe i am,
But you're thinking like a politician here.
I would never do that.
You're looking at it one way only,
Namely, how it reflects on you.
We've only been looking at this one way,
That it's connected to a case that kleiner presided over.
But what if it isn't?
But we've already gone over all the trial records,
Over and over.
The trial records, but not the civil cases
Where he testified as an expert witness.
Leon... Detectives.
How many transcripts we looking at?
Dozens. Great.
Judge kleiner served on the board of three hospitals
As an expert in medical malpractice cases.
His parents were both doctors.
It was a legacy close to his heart.
Right. So what we're looking for is a single case
Where all three victims put their left hand on the bible,
Put their right hand up in the air,
Stated their name
And testified under oath.
So let's get started.
Erin: The police are doing a big push
To locate your brother.
I hope they find him.
But what i'm asking of you
Does not hinge on their success.
It sure does.
You and your brother got yourselves into this mess.
I am offering you your only way out.
You are going to testify
Against winslow martin in the morning.
We are not going to cave in to his tactics.
I can't.
I thought you wanted
To be an attorney.
What do you think is going to happen here?
I'll find a way.
You'll find a way?
Listen to me.
The jailhouse lawyer success story is a myth.
You will just be another loser
Spending her best years behind bars,
And when you get out,
You will be carrying a felony conviction around with you
For the rest of your life.
(stifles a sob)
I will either see you in the morning
Or i will see you at your own trial,
Where i will bury you.
What's it going to be?
Gate. (gate buzzes)
I'll testify.
Nothing here.
I don't care if it takes all night. Keep looking.
You got it?
Feinberg, kleiner and greenwald
All testified for the defense
In arthur kent whitmore v. St. Benjamin's hospital center.
That was about a year back.
Guy's wife contracted sepsis
And died while in for a kidney transplant.
He lost the malpractice suit
But brought a civil suit for $20 million.
What'd he get from them?
Legal fees.
No cash settlement. Zip.
That would've pissed me off.
Anyone else testify for the hospital?
There was a nurse.
Leslie caitlyn o'rourke.
Leslie caitlyn o'rourke...
Yeah, she was the jury's favorite.
Absolutely bulletproof.
Well, we'd better make sure she stays that way.
Let's go.
Go ahead. Wait, say again?
A red, white and black hypermotard.
That's the bike?
Okay, has anyone seen him tonight?
For when?
Sit on his apartment, call me if he shows up. Got it.
Copy that. Thanks.
What do you got?
Customs and border protection have whitmore confirmed
On an aeromexico flight to guadalajara tomorrow at 0800.
Long time between then and now.
Here we are.
Talk to me. What do you got?
Doorman says she's out walking her dog.
Left about ten minutes ago.
We have any description? Late 30s, five-five
Or so, blonde. She's wearing jeans
And a college hoodie underneath her jacket.
She's walking her beagle.
All right, we're gonna need to spread out, okay?
You and your partner take the avenues, head north and south.
We'll take the cross streets. We're looking for a male,
White, around 48 years old, he's riding
A red, black and white motorcycle.
And, yes, he's armed and dangerous.
So be careful, all right? Come on.
Joey, let's roll! Spread out, partner.
(indistinct chatter nearby)
(gun clicking)
Baez? Hey.
You got anything?
Hold on.
False alarm.
All right.
(indistinct chatter nearby)
You know it. That's what i'm talking about.
Please, pass it over here, son.
(indistinct chatter continues)
(line ringing)
Operator: 911?
Hi, i'm at the jefferson avenue
Housing projects on dwyer avenue.
A young man who mugged me last week is there.
He's, uh, on the corner of dwyer and horton.
He's about 20, he's five-eight,
Wearing jeans and a red hoodie.
Could you send an rmp, please?
What's your name, please?
My name is linda reagan.
(woman screaming) watch out!
Move it! Move!
Come on!
Watch out!
Don't move.
(grunting) shut up. Shut up!
You arthur kent whitmore?
I said are you arthur kent whitmore?!
Good, you're under arrest, you son of a bitch.
You okay?
Yeah. I didn't shoot him.
Keep an eye on him.
Where'd those shots come from?
Ma'am, put the gun on the ground.
Put the gun on the ground.
And step back.
Leslie caitlyn o'rourke?
Detective reagan.
You shoot him?
He called my name, i turned.
He had a gun.
I pulled out my gun and shot and missed.
He kept going and turned to shoot.
But i shot him first.
You got a permit for the gun?
Yes, i do.
You're a nurse?
And you carry a gun?
I'm a female who's worked
At new york city hospitals
For almost 20 years.
I've seen what comes in and how they got there.
Step on the sidewalk, okay?
Go on.
All right, einstein, you ready to make some electricity?
I think i got it.
Here, watch, watch your brother. Ready?
Got it. Yes!
Danny: You do the christmas tree this year, okay?
(jack laughs)
Hey, mom. Hey, mom.
Hi, guys.
Looking good.
Thank you.
You think you could give me and your dad
A minute... Alone?
But this is homework. Great.
Then don't look a gift horse in the mouth, huh?
Listen to your mom.
Where you been?
I took another shift at the mobile hospital.
I told you about that.
Just thought you'd be done by 9:00.
Texted you about 30 times.
I had other business.
I saw the mugger again.
I called 911.
And they got him.
But i'm not gonna get my grandma's necklace back until,
Uh, it's not evidence anymore.
Well, we got our guy, too.
He was going after a nurse.
She was carrying and had a license.
She told me she'd be a fool not to carry.
Jamie talk to you?
About what?
I don't know what you're talking about, linda.
It's not loaded. It's, it's...
(quiet laugh)
Yeah, i stood there talking to this nurse,
And... She's blonde,
About your height,
Pretty-- not as pretty as you
But pretty.
The whole time i was talking to her, i just kept thinking,
Linda got a gun.
(laughs) you're making this up.
I swear to you i'm not.
I don't want it.
It's not for me.
What i do want is
For you never to disrespect me again.
To be proud of me.
Like i am of you.
Can you do that?
I can do that.
(indistinct chatter)
Let me call you right back.
Maybe i should just take the door off the hinges.
Save the wear and tear.
I'm thinking we should make a statement.
In response to donald stein's
Ad in the times.
An "i told you so"?
Not a good idea.
No, not an "i told you so."
You were right-- they weren't hate crimes.
Why rub it in?
I'm thinking more like a thank you note.
Stepping up.
With a private security force?
In the face of the police commissioner's assurance
That this department had all the resources that were necessary?
History is rife with good people exercising their right
To take measures in their defense
Despite the authorities' wishes.
Taking the long view today?
My mom never left the house
Without a pound of pennies
In a tube sock in her purse.
Fact is, i let my ego
Cloud my judgment.
Could you write something up?
That frank reagan let his ego cloud his judgment?
Well, not in those words.
In yours.
Tell you what.
Why don't you just, next time you see him,
Share this sentiment with donald stein personally.
Keep it in-house,
So to speak.
You think?
I do.
We'll do it your way.
Good talk.
Open or closed?
Closed, thank you.
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