Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 5 - Loose Lips - full transcript

Jamie comes across a woman who appears to be in fear for her life. He talks to her and she says her ex is threatening her. He gives her his card and offers to help but she leaves. Later Danny is called to the hospital when a woman who was beaten is brought in. It's the same one Jamie spoke to and she says she tried to stand up to her and ex and even told him she has a cop who will help, he didn't back down and she says he will go after the cop. Danny finds out it's Jamie. Danny tries to get him to stay off the streets till they find the ex. Jamie refuses to. Henry while attending a function is asked by a friend about the threat on Jamie and Henry goes off how he would deal with it if he was still commissioner. What he doesn't know someone recorded it and placed it on the web which causes problems for Frank. Danny finds the ex but he denies doing anything. While Jamie's on patrol someone sets fire to the car and he barely gets out. Danny's determined to get the guy. And Erin learns that Nicky might not be accepted into college because of what she's posting on her social network.

(shuddered breath)
Are you okay?
Who are you?
I'm a police officer.
Um, i mean, i'm off-duty,
But here.
Jamie reagan.
What's your name?
Tina? Tina what?
Look, i'm fine.
The bruises on your face say different.
These are nothing. I'm just...
Tina, listen, if you talk to me,
Maybe i can help.
Please. He's watching me right now.
Then point him out.
I mean, he could be.
I don't know, okay?
What, is he your boyfriend?
He's an ex-boyfriend? What's his name?
I can't tell you.
If he finds out i said even one word to a cop...
Okay, that's all the more reason we got to stop him, okay?
You see that cop car over there? He can take us
Right over to the 6-5 precinct.
We can get you medical help,
You can tell me the whole story.
You'd do all of that for a stranger?
Yeah, it's my job.
Besides, i don't think i could run another ten feet.
(laughs softly)
I'll go flag him down.
Just be a minute.
(running footsteps) man: I found you!
(gasps) (laughing)
(indistinct conversation)
(girl screams) (gasps)
Grandma. Grandma, are you okay?
I'm fine, i'm fine. Are you okay?
I got a girl over here who looks pretty beat up.
Can i get her a lift to the precinct?
Yeah, sure. Yeah, right over there.
Hold on.
Morning, pop.
Had mine.
I can't find my bow tie for the dinner tonight.
Use mine; it's in my closet.
Oh, another thing.
Are you sure they know that i'm attending and not you?
Absolutely. Baker confirmed last night.
Good, 'cause i hate that look of disappointment
When they're expecting you and they get me.
What do you mean? What i said.
Get that out of your head, pop.
Nobody's disappointed when you show up.
When i go,
Everybody's on their toes.
When you go,
Everybody puts their feet up.
You think?
I don't think, i know.
Just have fun, pop.
Here and here.
Okay, and you'll get this to the clerk,
Because i am late for court.
Anything else?
Nope, knock them dead.
Okay, thanks.
Miss reagan, right?
Yes, tom...
Yeah, pincus, rutgers university.
Of course, hi.
This is alicia. This is mr. Pincus.
He interviewed nicky last month.
And was greatly impressed. Great.
I'm sure she'll have a lot of great choices.
But not rutgers?
That would be out of bounds for me to discuss.
I'm sure you understand.
Nice to see you again.
Tom, wait.
Please, is there anything you can say about nicky?
Let's just say
The university hopes that parents
Have a good handle on their students' social media activity.
Nice to meet you.
(siren wailing)
Female assault victim.
And then some, broken arm, broken rib,
Concussion, probable internal bleeding.
Doctor, this is my husband and his partner.
Hope you two can get her to talk.
Only thing she said so far is she deserved this.
I'm a detective with the nypd.
Will you talk to us?
Leave me alone.
You're in good hands now, okay? You're safe.
Can you just tell me your name, all right?
Tina mcdermott.
Tina, tell me who did this to you.
I know you're afraid.
I promise you,
If you tell me who did this, we will find him,
And he will never hurt you again.
But he-he will.
He'll kill me.
And-and the other one who tried to help.
You spoke to the police already?
That's why he did this.
He has friends who'll help him kill whoever.
(machine beeping rapidly)
She's coding.
Doctor: Detective, give us some room.
Woman: Need more hands here.
Did i hear right? Another cop tried to help her?
Yeah, and now he's on a hit list.
We got to get a name out of her.
Woman: She's unresponsive.
Resuming compressions.
I think i know who the other cop is. What?
And you know him even better. Doctor: Clear.
(flatline beeping)
Woman: Still no pulse.
(flatline beeping)
You're the last person to see her alive,
Other than the guy who offed her, of course.
I can't believe tina's dead.
Well, she is.
Her full name's tina mcdermott.
She was so scared her boyfriend was watching her.
I guess he really was.
Baez is looking into who he is.
In the meantime, what i need from you
Is to tell me exactly what happened this morning, okay?
I was running
The flatiron plaza about 8:35 a.M.
I saw tina sitting on a bench, bruises on her left eye
And her right arm, and she was really spooked.
Said somebody was stalking her,
But she took off before i could get her whole story.
All right, you didn't see no one else?
But even if this guy wasn't there,
I think he was way inside her head.
Seems now he wants
Your head on a platter for getting involved.
Yeah, really.
He must have found your card or something.
Let him come find me.
Jamie, i'm serious.
What? Danny, perps threaten cops all the time.
Probably happens to you three, four times a day.
Which is exactly why you should trust me on this.
Look, yeah, i get it.
Cops all want to play tough guys and blow it off,
And i'm probably as guilty of doing that as anyone.
But this is different; you're my kid brother.
And it's serious.
Well, then i'll be
Extra careful, danny, all right?
Besides, i got janko watching my back.
Just do me a favor.
Play house mouse at the precinct a couple days,
All right? Danny, i'm on duty, all right?
Look, i answered all your questions.
If you got any more, just call me.
He give you anything? Yeah.
Stubborn attitude.
A reagan? I'm shocked.
It's different with my kid brother.
Well, maybe the fact that you still call him
Your "kid" brother has something to do
With the stubborn attitude.
Are you hear to bust my chops,
Or do you got something for me?
I talked to our dead girl's roommate.
She didn't know tina very well.
She only moved in a couple of months ago,
But she did overhear tina having arguments with her boyfriend,
A guy named little g.
Mm-hmm. He works the door
At a club downtown.
Works at a club downtown. Great.
Then i guess we're going out tonight.
I am serious about this.
You can't just put a boot on their vehicles.
Why not? Seriously?
Man: Commissioner. Carry on.
I just said that.
$300,000 in unpaid fines calls for action.
They're united nations diplomats.
That says it all.
Frank... Commissioner,
I just came from your office.
And i wasn't there.
Yes, right.
I got a call about your son.
Don't tell me.
Without you at the 5-4, danny's taken over.
Actually, detective reagan
Is the solution this time.
He caught a homicide,
And evidence suggests that the as-yet-unidentified perp
May be gunning for a second victim:
Officer reagan. Jamie.
Threat assessment notified? Yes, sir.
Parameters? Because the killer claims
He has, quote, "friends that could help,"
The thought is that maybe it might be gang
Or drug cartel related.
The officer's status?
He declined a restricted duty assignment.
Any precautions or modifications?
There's an effort to get him
To give taru access to fortify his apartment, but...
Then that's that.
Sir, aren't you gonna call jamie in,
Try to convince him yourself?
Would you be advising me to
If the officer's name were tom, dick or harry?
No, sir, but...
One of my men made a decision
Based on his understanding of facts on the ground.
It is my job to back him, not dissuade him.
But that officer is also your son.
You're listening to me, sergeant,
But you're not hearing me.
Fix that.
Garrett, what did i do wrong?
Five years in, i'm still trying to crack the code
Regarding the offspring.
Should i start packing again?
I guess in about half an hour,
He's gonna give jamie a call with a little fatherly check-in.
But we just sit on our hands?
Welcome to my world.
Tough day?
Lurk much?
Ran into the guy
Who interviewed you for rutgers.
Small world.
He was very...
What's that mean?
I gave a bad interview?
On the contrary.
Then he read what you tweeted
About your teacher at blessed heart, i'm guessing.
Which one?
Which one?
Mrs. Wilson, social studies?
The "bitch who might be
"a good teacher if she wasn't so busy
"ramming her personal views
Down our throats all the time"?
It's true!
She picks on me every day.
She hates anyone even halfway related
To law enforcement. That is not the point.
Then what is? How you behave on twitter.
You think first
And then you tweet. Mom...
Colleges are looking at you, nicky.
You think they want students
Who publicly flame their teachers?
(scoffs) like you did in high school?
I respected my teachers.
Because in that slam book of yours
I found in storage,
You said some pretty mean stuff about them.
That is different.
How is it different? How?
Writing in a notebook for a few friends
Is a lot different
Than tweeting on the internet for a few thousand.
I only have 200 followers.
Yeah, well, now you have one less: Rutgers.
I'm sorry.
I just... I got so mad
And i just started typing.
This is exactly what i warned you about.
So, is this over now?
Not quite.
Woman: Over here, henry. Smile.
Man: All right, smile everyone.
Thank you so much for coming tonight, henry.
Your words to our scholarship honorees were very inspiring.
Well, they seem like a nice bunch of kids.
I've just never given a speech before
And seen so many people holding up their phones.
Well, in today's world, that's a standing ovation.
Now, can i count on you for the winter fund-raiser?
I'll clear my busy schedule.
Thanks, joan.
Wet your whistle.
Nah, i've had enough.
Ah, come on, i paid 50 bucks
To have this suit let out.
I gotta make my money back with the open bar.
Good point.
How bad's this thing with your grandson?
How'd you hear about that?
Oh, come on.
A threat comes in, word gets out.
No comment.
Since when did you not have an opinion on something?
Why should i pussyfoot around
When some son of a bitch is going after my grandson?
Damn straight. Let's just put it this way:
If i was still p.C.,
This guy would already be in cuffs,
If not the morgue.
Back in the day,
Some dirtbag threatened to murder one of my men.
So i ordered every cop in every precinct
To grab their nightsticks and hand out wood shampoos
Till someone coughed up a name.
An hour later, we had the creep
And the cop he threatened
Never even knew he was in danger.
Reagan, i wish you were still at one pp.
Henry: You know...
Some days, so do i.
'nother one?
Why not? (laughs)
(loud dance music playing)
You're done, pal. G, get him out of here.
I just paid for a drink! Get him out of here!
There's your drink.
Danny: Hey! Hey, you.
Hey. Come here.
Come here. Get up against the wall.
How can i help you? Get up against the wall.
Back up. Police.
Danny: Let me guess,
Little g?
Where were you today when tina mcdermott was murdered?
Come on, don't act like
You don't know what the hell she's talking about.
Answer the question. I don't.
I haven't seen tina in weeks.
What... Is she really dead?
No, no. Hey, hey!
Hey. Come here.
Come here. Settle down.
Why haven't you seen tina in weeks?
I broke up with her.
I mean... Not that i wanted to.
But she wouldn't let me take care of that son of a bitch.
Look, i know it was him, i know it was...
I'm gonna kill him! Okay, okay.
I'm gonna kill that bastard! Hey.
Hey! Relax.
Who the hell you talking about?
Tina had this ex-boyfriend, all right?
He started stalking her,
And showing up at every corner,
Saying-saying that if he can't have her, no one can.
I mean, the psycho even told her
That... That he'd kill me if i didn't let her go.
So you did.
Look, i wanted to beat his ass,
But tina wouldn't tell me his name.
You know, and after a while of...
Of trying to help her, i just...
I had to give up.
(crying): I can't believe she's dead.
(sniffles) where were you today
Between 8:00 a.M. And 2:00 p.M.?
Same place i always am, okay, the gym.
Anyone confirm that for you?
It's a 24-hour place.
I can take you there right now.
All right.
Let's go tell your boss you're gonna take a break.
Come on.
That's not our guy, is it?
My gut says no.
Janko: For the record?
This whole "being partnered with a marked man" thing
Isn't really living up to the hype.
Yeah, quiet night.
Are you scared?
You sound like danny.
And your dad.
Or do you think he just called you out of the blue?
I think everyone's overreacting.
This guy stalked and murdered a 90-pound girl,
Which makes him a coward in my book.
So i don't know what i'm supposed to be
Afraid of.
What is this, a fender bender?
Finally, some excitement.
(honks horn)
Go around!
Here we go.
(siren whoops)
Wait, wait, janko.
It's a set-up.
Ah! Ah!
Janko: Reagan!
Get out!
Get out of the car!
Get out! Janko, get out!
(both panting)
Reagan, come on.
Come on, we got to move.
Come on!
(siren wailing)
It was dark.
You didn't see a face, jamie?
No, the guy had a hoodie on.
Yes or no?
I might have, i don't know.
How's janko?
She's good-- not a scratch.
At least now you'll take this serious, right?
Yeah, renzulli's sending taru to my place to set it up now.
Great, 'cause that's where
You're gonna be sitting until we find this guy.
Let's get to it.
Hang in there, jamie.
Hey, kid... No,
I don't know where eddie is,
So you can't ask her to keep an eye on me.
I'm gonna be fine, danny.
I was just gonna tell you not to eat the green jell-o.
Back in the day, some dirtbag
Threatened to murder one of my men.
So i ordered every cop in every precinct
To grab their nightsticks
And hand out wood shampoos
Till somebody coughed up a name.
Garrett: Frank, this is not that.
Sir... (clears throat)
I've seen it, baker.
The rest of the day. Sir.
Thought that dinner was off the record.
Is there such a thing anymore?
Wrong answer.
Well, tell me what the right one is,
Because my phone's been ringing off the hook all morning.
Local news, national news,
Every cable outlet, every newspaper.
My only comment will be no comment.
So the current p.C.
Is biting his tongue while the former p.C.
Runs his mouth to the world?
That's what we're going with?
He didn't know he was being filmed.
Doesn't matter.
Well, you know how fast
These things rise up and die down.
Not this trifecta--
Viral video,
Police brutality,
Two generations of p.C.S.
You need to talk to henry.
Let's move on.
No. What?
He needs to take accountability.
Moving on.
(thumps coffeepot on table)
Nothing on tina's cell phone? No.
No threatening voice mails or text messages
And every outside call came from a disposable.
Well, little g did say this nutjob
Preferred to scare her in public. Yeah.
Stalking with a personal touch.
Wait a minute.
He knows jamie
From the business card.
Then he would have to touch it
Or put his hands on it to read the name, right?
So if we get the card from the property clerk
And we run it for prints...
We may be able to i.D. Our bad guy.
Thank you again for making time for us
This morning, mrs. Wilson.
Always happy to accommodate a parent
We rarely see at school functions.
The curse of the career, i'm afraid.
You're a lawyer if i recall?
Deputy district attorney.
That's right.
The reagans prefer the home team
When it comes to justice in our society.
Both sides need a voice.
Oh, i'm only saying
That it's puzzling that for a family
So committed to respecting authority,
We've had this problem with nicky.
Mrs. Wilson, i'm sorry for what i said about you.
Sorry for the vulgarity you used or sorry you got caught?
Sorry that
What i said was
Mean and disrespectful.
So i deleted the tweet.
And i promise i will never
Tweet anything about school matters again.
Well, it's a bit like closing the barn door
After the horse has already escaped, but
I accept your apology.
(quiet laugh)
Has god?
You haven't been to confession yet.
I will go later today.
Like i said,
Thank you for making the time.
We're finished?
Aren't we?
I thought you'd be offering your own apology.
You are responsible
For teaching your daughter to own up to her mistakes
Without having to be dragged here.
You have a nice day, ma'am.
You're not kidding.
Baker told me to meet frank here.
But you got me. Something wrong?
What the hell were you thinking?
Oh... The video.
Were you drunk?
That's none of your business.
Actually, it is.
It's been the business i've been dealing with all morning.
Including having to drop it in the lap
Of the man who's actually commissioner.
I can't have an opinion about a lowlife
Who's trying to murder my grandson?
Of course you can have an opinion.
If i shut up about it.
'cause i only said what every cop in this town thinks.
I know one who disagrees.
Really? You always put words in frank's mouth?
'cause if you were my dcpi, i'd fire your ass.
And i would've never taken the job.
I'm not the bad guy!
Excuse me, was someone else
Mouthing off on that tape?
It's an illegal wiretap.
Go find the guy who filmed it and bust his balls!
Henry, the world's changed.
For you, me and everyone else.
Try and keep up.
...To a great start. When we come back...
...Thousand, you'll save hundred...
(changing channels)
(knocking on door, turns off tv)
Who's there?
Janko: Eddie.
(knocking) open up.
Hey, thanks.
What are you doing here?
Volunteered to cover for muldoon and sanchez outside
While they went and grabbed lunch.
I figured you needed some, too.
Yeah, appreciate it.
This is a nice place, reagan.
It could use a woman's touch.
Yeah, well, couldn't we all?
Oh, you with the jokes!
Grace under pressure.
Nothing fazes the kid.
So, did, uh, taru
Set you up with anything cool?
Yeah, new locks.
They, uh, gave me this panic button
Wired directly to the precinct.
Help yourself.
I'm starving.
You have espn in hd?
(saw grinding)
Russell price!
Hey, you guaranteed this loan. You back out on me now,
You're gonna find out what happens to people
Who betray me. You hear that?
He'll call you back in 15 to life.
Who the hell are you? A couple of people who want to talk to you.
Yeah, why don't you step over here?
Get your hand off me, bitch! Hey!
Man: Hey, hey!
How about my hands on you, huh?
Man: What's going on?
Any of you want to take a swing at a couple of cops?
Back up!
Hey, easy.
This guy's got a problem with women
And a bunch of pals whose got his back.
I'd say we got the right guy.
So now the police are hassling me?
Just like the taxi commission
And everyone else at city hall? Shut up.
This is about your fingerprint we found
On a card of a cop you tried to kill.
Right after you killed tina mcdermott.
You cannot believe i killed tina.
Danny: That's the easy part.
The hard part's figuring out why she'd pick
A schmuck like you in the first place.
I'm an entrepreneur.
Your car service start-up thing?
Yeah. Gothamgo.
Which i'm gonna make happen except
Everybody in this stupid city's trying to stop me.
So, you're persistent?
Persistent like how you stalked tina.
Tried to kill a cop.
I didn't have anything to do with that.
Really? It's pretty obvious how you did it.
You had one of your drivers tail
His patrol car last night.
And then you had a couple more block
His path with some fake argument
So you could throw the firebomb.
Nah, i was at work until midnight.
You can ask my employees.
Yeah, they'll alibi for you. You're their boss.
Yeah, and of course you're gonna try to railroad somebody
'cause you're the cop's brother.
I heard her call you reagan.
Same name that's on that card.
So, you admit you saw it.
Yeah, tina showed it to me. So what?
"so what?" so you beat her to death-- that's "so what."
No. I loved tina.
Hmm. And she loved me.
Baez: And even with all of that love floating around,
She ended up trading in
Her entrepreneur for that meathead little g, huh?
She was gonna come back to me.
No, she wasn't.
She blew you off, didn't she?
Yeah. So you roughed her up a little bit, huh?
That's when you got really pissed
Because she talked to a cop about you.
Then you gave her what she deserved, didn't you?
What do you want me to say, huh?
You want me to tell you getting dumped didn't hurt?
Let me tell you something.
People who care about people get hurt the most.
Right. That doesn't mean
I killed tina.
Or your stupid cop brother
Who stuck his nose where it didn't belong.
Keep smiling, tough guy.
Baez: Remember not
To lose it like that in front of the jury.
I'm not going on trial for anything.
Danny: Sure you are. You assaulted my partner.
And that's just for starters.
Well, then i want my lawyer. Now.
That's the smartest thing you said all day.
Mrs. Wilson: ...Which is why educators
Like dewey thought fdr's aims were critical
In furthering progressivism in the 1930s.
Okay, i want to put a pin in the new deal,
And talk about something that's influencing society
Right now.
Social media.
Finally, something that we care about.
That's very funny, steven.
But the rise of facebook,
Twitter, instagram
And youtube affects every aspect
Of our culture in ways unheard of
Even ten years ago.
But that's a good thing, right?
I mean, now everyone has a voice.
It can be.
It can also be a bad thing
When certain irresponsible voices
Use social media to lie
Or hurt.
Who can give an example?
How about miss reagan?
Why are you calling on me?
Oh, you have first hand experience.
But... I apologized to you.
Well, has your great-grandfather apologized to anyone yet?
I'm sorry. What for?
For saying how much he would like a police state
Where innocent people can be rounded up and brutalized.
That was...
Taken out of context.
Well, why'd he even say it?
Well, because obviously he believes it.
This is so unfair!
Well, now, thanks to social media,
Everyone knows how people in power really think.
(school bell rings)
(indistinct chatter)
I can't believe she just did that to you.
Are you gonna tweet about her again?
No, not her.
All right, take your time, both of yous.
Tell me if any of these guys looks like
The one who threw the molotov cocktail.
I guess it was too dark.
Yeah, i-i can't tell either.
Move them out.
Come on.
We tanked, huh?
We'll nail him another way.
Partner's already working on something.
Just wish there was something i could do.
There is something you could do-- you can go home,
And you can stay there and listen to me, okay?
What the hell are you doing?
You're supposed to take them out the other way.
Workers got it blocked off.
Then put him back in the lineup room!
You don't walk them out this way!
I'm sorry, danny.
Yo, you heard the man, let's go!
Why is that guy eyeballing me?
Think the guy who tried to kill me just i.D.'d himself. No...
Hey, wait, wait-- bring him back.
Were you eyeballing me, buddy?
You got something to say? Whoa, whoa, stop.
Was it you? Hey!
You kill your girlfriend? Do you want to kill cops now, too?
I don't know what you're talking about, lady.
Janko: Hey, you listen to me.
You want a piece of my partner,
You got to go through me first.
Danny: Come on. Janko: ...Kill you.
Come on!
Think that's the guy.
Yeah, well, it's too late now.
You didn't i.D. Him in the room.
And you-- you don't jump the leash in my squad.
I take it the lineup didn't go so well?
It went terrible, what do you got?
Well, maybe the nail in price's coffin. What?
The lab isolated a partial print
From a shard of glass in the molotov cocktail.
Great, if we can tie this print to price,
We'll get that son of a bitch.
Only if your sister agrees.
She better agree, he's trying to kill our brother.
Something smells good.
I'd offer you some,
But i know i'd have to check with your dcpi first.
I'm not following.
Garrett and i had a chat today.
Did you?
More like an ambush, actually.
Gave me an earful, too.
Well, he wasn't speaking for me.
So, you're fine with what i said on the videotape?
You were out of line, pop.
Doesn't mean i was wrong.
I can't do the things you used to do.
Nor do i want to.
Jamie would be safe by now if you could.
That's unknowable.
At least i would've got the message out--
You screw with a cop, you pay a price.
Even if you have to tune up some innocent people
While you're at it?
All that mattered was that my men were safe.
Even like the guy that i talked about on the videotape.
He had no idea that he had almost been killed.
You didn't want his thanks.
I knew you'd be grateful.
Judge: You follow football, ms. Reagan?
Lifelong jets fan.
So that's where you learned to throw a hail mary like this one.
Murder in the second degree,
Attempted murder of a police officer,
Assault on a police officer?
Your honor, we will prove
That mr. Price killed his former girlfriend,
Attempted to kill an officer who went out of his way to help,
And violently shoved the investigating detective.
Then i must have the wrong document,
Because the facts listed here are
Circumstantial and unconvincing.
His fingerprint was on a piece of the molotov cocktail...
Which proves he held that bottle at some time in the past.
Doesn't implicate him in its assembly,
Or put him at the scene.
Judge, i am innocent.
Th-this whole family is trying to railroad me...
Mr. Price, you can shut up now.
Your honor...
But he does have a point, because it doesn't help
To have your loved ones blabbing
About this case on a daily basis.
My grandfather's opinion should not influence this court.
And your daughter tweeting about what he said?
My daughter's opinion should not influence this court.
The online waters are already muddied, ms. Reagan.
If i were you, i'd recuse myself and tell the ada who takes over
To build a better case before coming back.
(gavel slams)
Mr. Price, you are free to go.
Danny: So, what'd you do to this salmon?
Linda: What? You don't like it?
Well, i usually don't like it, but now i do like it.
A lot of lemon and salt, a little bit of dill.
Danny: Probably should remember that.
Linda: Of course i'm gonna remember that.
Good. It's my recipe.
Really tasty.
Thank you. You're welcome.
Check mine for bones?
No. Why?
'cause someone should check mine for bones,
'cause i could choke on one.
'cause apparently i can't look out for myself.
Nobody thinks that.
Well, except danny.
Yeah, well, maybe i wouldn't think it
If you weren't so pigheaded.
Afraid i'll steal your crown?
You were the one that was almost roasted on a spit.
At least you got family on your case.
I got a second-stringer,
Calling me senile.
Nobody called you that.
Okay, "dinosaur."
Oh, cut it out. You cut it out.
We do have something in common here, pop.
We do? Yeah.
Our obituaries are gonna start the same way...
Whoa, dad!
"former new york city police commissioner."
So? So?!
For better or worse, it defines us.
So, respect the office, even if you're not in it anymore.
I do.
Yes, he does. Thank you.
Not every issue begs your opinion, nicky.
Okay, mom.
What does that mean?
Yeah, why is she in trouble?
Let's just say she takes after her great-grandfather
In the shooting-off-at-the-mouth department.
Yeah, and he has to watch what he says
Because his opinion still carries weight.
I still think that some of the old ways are the best ways.
"the old ways are the best ways"?
That's like-- could tyson beat ali in his prime?
It's a non-starter.
Anything else, francis?
Yes, one more thing.
I love you, pop.
I do, i love you.
Ah, cut it out.
Good morning.
You look like crap.
Thanks, i was up all night,
Trying to nail a piece of crap.
Yeah, me, too. You get anything?
I ran the names of his drivers.
Bunch of ex-cons, no surprise there.
Maybe we're lucky, and one of them will flip.
I combed price's facebook.
I found a classmate who said he terrorized a girl in college.
I'm gonna track down her phone number.
You know, maybe we ought to stalk the stalker a little bit.
N-nothing illegal, just...
Enough to let price know
We got eyes on him wherever he goes?
I think i know who should be the first one
Out in front of his place.
Hey, how far away are you? Roll call's in, like, a minute.
Sorry, i'm dropping off a gown at pasolini's
To be dry-cleaned.
What'd you do, steal it?
No, i didn't steal it.
I have nice clothes, you know.
And an active social life.
You should try both some time.
Eddie, you there?
(dial tone sounds) eddie?
(cell phone buzzes)
Hey, danny. What's up?
Listen, we're gonna put the screws to price.
You want in?
Yeah, just as soon as eddie gets here.
When's that gonna be?
I was just asking her, but the line went dead.
Let me call her back.
What do you mean, the line went dead?
I don't know.
It made a weird sound, then the call dropped.
"people who care about other people get hurt the most."
I-it's what price said to us.
And then we came out of the lineup, and eddie went crazy
And played mama bear trying to protect you.
You don't think he went after her?
I don't know, but we better check.
All right, she's outside pasolini's in the east village.
I'll meet you there.
No. No, no, no. He won't go there.
It's got to be somewhere private.
He's got a, a garage on ninth street, all right?
Go there now.
(muffled shouting)
Shut up already.
That feel good?
Hey, i'm almost there.
Get that door open-- the minute i pull inside,
You shut it behind me.
Make sure the sign says "closed."
Will do.
It's almost over.
Just a little bit farther.
Let me see your hands! Get 'em up!
(grunts, coughs)
Jamie: I got her!
Jamie, don't move her, i'll call a bus.
(muffled talking) hey.
(muffled talking)
You got the right to remain silent...
You okay?
I'm okay.
I'm a little bumpy.
All right, just sit tight. Oh, no.
Don't move, just sit tight no, i got to get out.
Until we get somebody to check you out!
Okay, all right.
(grunts): All right, sit down.
Okay. Okay.
Okay, you all right?
Two need any help over there?
No, we're all good.
I think they're good.
I'd say so.
(distant siren wailing)
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