Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 22 - The Art of War - full transcript

In the conclusion of the two-part Season 5 finale, one of the Reagans is shot by a gang member, and Danny pursues a suspect while trying to keep his emotions in check. To add to the ...

Previously on blue bloods: The man voted least popular by the gangs of new york.
Oh, thank you very much. (gunshot)
Danny: One of your chiefs and his wife were just murdered
In cold blood. I say screw the mayor,
The d.A., the press and whoever else
Might be looking over you shoulder.
Everything by the book.
Why? That's how we honor him.
You gonna arrest me or let me the hell up out of here?
You have no i.D., no weapon,
Nothing on hunt. Let us hold him for 24 hours.
Cut him loose. The prime suspect in a double homicide
Shouldn't be able to waltz away from police surveillance.
Bring me the head of mario hunt.
These guys never make a move
Without wallace's blessing.
Even if i gave you mario,
You got no case. We got an eyewitness.
Wallace: You never know when he's gonna take a turn
For the worse. (linda gasps)
Oh. Oh, my god, no!
What are you doing, curtis?
(gunshots) oh, oh!
Oh, oh!
(panting) oh, oh, god.
Oh. Curtis. Oh, god.
Hector. Oh, my god.
Hector! Curtis, what did you do?
(machine beeping rapidly)
Okay, hector, relax. Oh, my...
I need help in here! He's been shot.
Activate level one trauma team!
Let's get a pulse.
Okay. Hector, stay with me, here.
Start cpr. I am.
(coughing) come on. Hector,
Hang in there. It's okay, it's okay. Get the bag.
Start charting.
7:50. Charting. Time to start up.
Oh, god. Doctor: Take the bag.
I got the bag, i got the bag.
Okay. Hector...
Doctor: Get the, uh... Start the ambu bag.
Start cpr.
I'll check to see if the lungs are clear.
Starting cpr.
Up, up, up, up, up.
Come on, hector!
Come on, hector, come on. Come on. He's losing a lot of blood.
Stay with us. Stay with us, hector.
Come on, hector.
(siren wailing)
Danny: Damn it, pick up.
Pick up.
You get our uniform?
He's not answering. What do you mean he's not answering?
He's supposed to be on hector florez's door.
Yeah, i know. Danny, calm down.
I can't calm down.
I need to know what's going on at the hospital.
Come on. There's no one at the nurses' station?
No, nothing.
Come on, linda. Pick up, baby.
(phone rings)
Hector. Breathe, hector.
Hector, please stay with me.
Hector, stay with me.
Come on, hector. Come on, hector.
All right, lungs are clear.
Epinephrine, one milligram.
Call the blood bank, get two units
Of o-negative, stat. Come on.
Two gunshot wounds, uh, in the chest.
Come on, hector. (long beep)
You're almost there. Man (over p.A.): Security lockdown, all floors.
All right, pulse check, pulse check.
Stop, pulse check.
(flatline beeping)
Yeah. Let's call it.
Uh, 7:52.
Man (over p.A.): Security to trauma one. Security to trauma one.
Linda, you okay?
What's this? What?
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Linda... What? What?
Trauma team, back in here!
Trauma team! What? What happened?
Look at me. What happened?
She's been shot, get the stretcher.
What? Nurse: Get the gurney.
Get the gurney. Look at me, look at me, look at me. Okay,
Listen to me. Look at me. You're gonna be fine.
Okay. Okay, okay. You've been shot. We're gonna
Take you to the o.R. Come, come, come, come.
Okay, we got it. Turn, turn, turn.
Stay breathing, here we go. Okay.
We got you, we got you. Here we go.
Good, all right? Come with me. Okay.
Are you with me? Look at me. It's okay, baby.
Stay with me, stay with me. Okay, you ready?
All: One, two, three, up.
And lifting. One, two, three, up.
Prep the o.R.
(overlapping chatter)
(distant siren wailing)
¶ ¶
Where are you, frank?
No place i want to be.
You know, it occurs to me in the midst all this swirling
Activity, i haven't taken the time to tell you how sorry i am
That you lost your friend.
Thank you.
We ordered in from motorino downstairs.
I took the liberty of getting you chicken parm.
I appreciate it.
You need to head home, get some rest.
I will when you will.
Not in the cards.
Then it isn't for me, either.
Thank you, garrett.
For what?
For what you're trying to do.
You're welcome.
(door opens)
Excuse me, commissioner.
They got to our witness.
That's not why you're out of breath.
No, sir.
(siren wailing)
(horn honking) move.
Get out of the way. It's a police siren. I'm going around.
I'm going around. (phone rings)
Is that our uniform?
You tell that son of a bitch
To seal off the entire floor. Nobody gets near florez.
Oh, my god.
What-what is it?
(indistinct chatter)
Turning, turning.
Gunshot, lower-right
Quadrant. Clear the hall!
Linda, honey, i got you. You'll be okay.
(overlapping chatter)
I need you to breathe, i need you to breathe.
No, baby, no, baby, no.
Turn, turn, turn.
That's right, just breathe.
Linda! Linda!
Linda, i need you to breathe, now. Linda!
I need danny.
Linda! Linda!
That's my wife. No, no,
Detective reagan, no! That's my wife!
I know. I know. That's my wife.
We are... Just let me go in and see her.
You can't, you can't. Let me go in and see her!
Hey, it's okay. You cannot go in there. Fine.
Fine, fine! We're doing everything we can...
Hey! Detective, no, we are doing all we can, okay?
I will send a doctor out when we know something.
Come on. Danny.
Nurse: B-negative.
Jamie: Don't worry, they got her.
(rhythmic beeping)
Over time, there's a possibility the bullet
Could migrate closer to the spine.
Paralysis? Not likely.
But it can't be ruled out.
Not likely, let's just leave it at that.
Gang's all here.
(monitor beeping rhythmically)
What are you trying to do,
Join the family business? Well, as
Another reagan once said,
"honey, i forgot to duck."
How do you feel?
Like i got shot in the back.
Good guess.
You know what would
Make me feel better?
For all of you to get back to work.
Not leaving till we know you're okay.
Oh, i'm okay.
And i'm not gonna get any more okay
With all these long faces looking at me. Honey.
Come on. This is still my floor.
And you all have work to do.
Henry: You heard what the lady said.
Everybody back to work.
Thanks, pop.
Shooter's name
Is curtis turner.
Linda asked me to keep an eye on him.
She was worried about him running with gangbangers,
And she was right.
I don't know how i missed this.
Never saw him as a shooter.
Our guys reviewed the hospital surveillance footage.
It confirms linda's i.D. Of the shooter.
He works at the hospital.
What do we know about him?
His mom works here, too. Her name is faith turner.
She's over there with our detectives.
She's talking about
A mile a minute, but she's not saying a thing.
(indistinct p.A. Announcement)
She knows where he is.
What are you doing in here?
This is all my fault.
None of this had to happen.
Well, you're exactly right.
Your son has been involved with
The warrior kings for months now
While you've turned a blind eye.
That's not true.
It made me sick to see him hanging out with those thugs.
I tried to stop him.
You think it's easy?
Doing the right thing is rarely easy.
What am i supposed to do?
Every kid on that block makes twice in a month what curtis
Makes in a year here at the hospital.
How am i supposed to keep my boy from that?
I understand.
He's your boy.
You know...
I've been in here more times
Than i care to count.
With wives
And mothers of cops
Clinging to life.
It's a sacred place for me.
But i've never been in here for this.
For what?
For a woman trying to hide the whereabouts
Of a suspected killer.
He's my son. And linda
Is my daughter-in-law.
And the dead man was my witness.
And i do not have the time
Or the inclination
To pray for support and guidance for you.
So i'm calling you out.
In here.
Where the hell's your boy?
Got eyes on the target?
Said he was supposed to be here.
His mom said she bought him a bus ticket to tampa.
He's got no money,
No cab fare, so the subway stop's
The only way to get to the bus depot.
Are you kidding me?
Get out of the way.
Come on, curtis. Where are you, you son of a bitch?
I can't find him.
I think i just spotted her.
Where? Where is he? No, i mean "her."
Hey, curtis!
(grunts) (shouts)
(horn honking)
(grunting) come here.
Get on the ground.
Back up! Back up!
You shoot my wife?! Back up.
Get back.
Son of a bitch.
Back up, everybody! Back up. Police!
What are you looking at?!
Hey! Turn that off!
Remember to behave, detective.
(door closes)
Left something of yours at the hospital, curtis.
Thought you might want it back.
It's a slug.
Doctors pulled it out of my wife.
There's still another one in her, you know,
But they can't pull that one out 'cause it might kill her.
I'm sorry.
Shut your face.
This is assistant district attorney
Erin reagan.
You know why she's here?
To keep me from snapping your neck.
She thinks i'm unstable.
A lot of people do around here.
Although they thought that before
You shot the mother of my kids.
Are these...
Are these your kids? No.
My kids are lucky. Their dad's still alive.
Those are hector florez's kids.
You killed their dad.
Facing the consequences
For pulling the trigger, well,
Not so much, huh?
You think i wanted to kill him?
I think you're a punk
Who wanted to earn his stripes
With the warrior kings, so you did something as stupid
As what you did.
But i think you're smart enough to know
Where that's gonna land you, aren't you?
Who ordered the hit on hector florez?
Hey. I said who ordered the hit?!
Answer me! Hey!
Knock it off! You know what, put the wig
Back on-- you're gonna need it detective.
'cause you're gonna be someone's bitch in the joint!
Detective, now!
You gonna be mario hunt's bitch, huh?
Is that who ordered the hit?
Curtis, you have no priors.
You've never been in the system.
You tell detective reagan who ordered the hit,
And i can help you.
Danny: You know, you should listen to her.
She's about the only thing saving you
From me ripping your eyeballs out right now.
Erin: My office is willing to make you a very nice offer
In exchange for your cooperation
In this investigation, and i can personally guarantee
That we can cut your jail time in half.
You think i'm afraid of jail?
I do. Yeah, i'm not.
I ain't afraid
Of jail, a'right? You will be.
Curtis, think of your mother.
That is who i'm thinking about.
Your mother?
Did they threaten your mother?
Is that what this is about?
Did they threaten to hurt her if you talked?
Garrett: Wait, wait, wait. What?
Gormley: They call him ice, you know?
Aka ice. Garrett: Who?
The warrior king leader, clinton wallace.
He has 'em all brainwashed.
The ones that don't believe he's god
Are convinced he's the devil. Either case,
We can't break 'em.
You can't break the ice?
Gormley: Ha, ha, ha. No, we can't.
Chief kent couldn't either, try as he might.
Garrett: Everyone and everything has a breaking point.
If you know where it is, and nobody does
With these guys. It's there, sid. We're just not seeing it yet.
What's to see? A guy puts a gun to my mother's head,
Tells me to shut up, i dummy up-- i'm impossible to break.
Then you come at him with something bigger,
Something scarier.
Scarier than threatening to kill your mother? What's that?
Garrett: I don't know. Well, there you go. We got nothing.
Face it, garrett. We're out of options. I hate to say it,
But the best we can do is threaten some more jail time
For a guy who already has two life sentences
And got rikers set up like his own
Casa amigos.
And then there's this.
The hell's that? What ice wallace
Does to his soldiers when they step out of line.
Cuts their tongue out.
He read a lot.
Chief kent? Yeah, and not
Like beach or airport reads.
Really old, obscure stuff.
He'd kind of go off-road with it, i thought.
How's that?
We'll, you'd be at a barbecue
Talking mets or whatever, and he'd change the subject
To some book he was reading.
And you wouldn't know where he was going with it,
And then he'd bring it
Back home, to police work, to strategy.
Very smart guy.
I'm kind of wondering where this is going.
Arthashastra. It's an ancient text
From an indian philosopher,
That's a mouthful.
Not to don.
What's in it?
Well, if i remember right, it was an idea
That he would get pretty worked up about.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
(siren wailing)
I'm here on the express orders of the commissioner.
I don't give a damn what she told him.
I was an altar boy with curtis.
He doesn't have a scratch on him.
That happens to be exactly what i told him.
I'm not here about that. Then what?
Artie shasta. Or something like that.
Arthashastra. It's an ancient text.
Well, i don't speak ancient texts.
Never mind. It's a long story. Just...
Point is, we got a new target.
We're going after victor perez? He has an outstanding warrant
For non-appearance from last may.
He's not a warrior king. He's from
Their rivals, the ace double treys.
They run out of jamie's precinct. The enemy
Of my enemy is my friend.
We can't break the kings,
But if we put enough pressure on their rivals...
We won't have to. They'll do it for us. Bring him in.
Turn up the heat, but...
I know. Do it the way chief kent would.
I got the memo.
(indistinct chatter) man: Let's go!
Let's go! Let's go! Come on, seven! Seven-11, baby!
(indistinct chattering)
Come on, seven!
Oh! (others exclaiming)
(indistinct shouting)
Back up! Who's next?
Who else want to lose some money? Step up!
(indistinct chattering)
Man (over speakers): Get out of here. Get out of here, kid.
(indistinct chattering)
Erin: You see him yet?
Not yet. Not yet.
Come on.
Where is this clown?
Ticktock, danny reagan.
We're gonna call an audible.
All units, get ready to move in.
Excuse me?
We're gonna take 'em.
On what grounds? On my orders
We move.
What do you think you're doing, danny?
I'm doing my job. You have absolutely
No grounds to arrest them. Sure, i do.
"park closes at dusk."
Dusk? Three...
Come on, danny. You've got two...
To be kidding me. Don't... One. Move in.
(tires screeching) copy that.
Get out of the way! Move!
(siren wailing)
Yo! Five-o! Five-o!
(bottles clattering)
(tires screeching)
Police! Get on the ground!
Put your hands where i can see them right now! Don't move!
On the ground! Get on the ground right now! (grunts)
Don't move! Get your hands up!
Get down.
Get on the ground. On the ground.
Officer (over speakers): Nypd! Freeze!
Where's your boss tonight, tough guy?
I don't know what you're talking about, man.
Yeah, you do. I didn't do nothing, man.
Anybody got eyes on perez?!
Officer: Get your hands up!
Hi, dad. Sorry to bother you.
We have a problem.
Sit down. Sit down!
Come on. On your feet. You got to be kidding me.
Come on. Man, this is bull.
Shut up. (wolf whistling)
What was the point of all that?
To catch bad guys. This is exactly
The kind of behavior you were warned about.
What, doing my job?
No, harassment.
You're just pissed that you couldn't get your guy
On the up and up, so, of course,
Once again, you overreact.
No, i call it good police work.
Doing... What? So do i.
You called dad?
Of course i called dad. What did you say?
I said good job.
Good job? These are bogus arrests. There's nothing bogus
About them. Trespassing after dark, drinking
At a city park-- that's against the law. Oh, great.
So they get a summons. In lieu of arrest.
Which means the arresting officer can handcuff them
And transport 'em
Back down to the precinct. Come on.
On a technicality. Wherein they're free
To conduct a warrant check. How many pop so far?
Oh, at least ten.
Okay, fine. That's beside the point.
It wasn't the objective. We wanted to get perez.
We did. Danny was flushing out perez.
He knows that without their soldiers out on the street
That victor perez is eventually gonna stick his neck out.
Oh, really?
Man: Are you kidding me?
You got to be playing me.
You're locking up my boys for being out after dusk?
Danny: In a city park.
Perez: Come on.
What is this, sesame street?
Think i'm joking, talk to her.
She's an assistant district attorney.
It's true.
And while your associates are being processed,
The police are free to check for any outstanding warrants.
What are we up to, detective?
Oh, about a dozen; though with your crew,
I'd guess the number's gonna run more like about 25.
Sound about right to you?
What you want?
Mario hunt.
Where is he?
You lost, son?
Hunt don't run with us.
He wit' the warrior kings.
Yeah, i know who he "wit'."
I also know you mutts keep tabs on each other, so where is he?
I don't know.
Suit yourself.
We'll try it again tomorrow.
Tomorrow? Erin: That's right.
He can do this every day until he gets what he wants.
Danny: Just so you know,
Those summonses that your guys are racking up,
They go for a couple hundred bucks a pop.
Not to mention having all your guys locked up
On these outstanding warrants
Is probably pretty bad for business.
I'm just saying.
Look, i don't know where he's at,
But i might know someone who does.
Chick i used to roll with.
Name's regina tomlin.
She hunt's girl now.
Maybe she know where he at.
All right, then.
I need a warrant to go up on the girl.
No, just go to her house and interview her.
You don't need a warrant for that. What are you talking about?
She's not gonna snitch on one of the warrior kings.
If i show up at the house asking questions,
It's only gonna tip them off that i'm looking for mario hunt.
I need a warrant.
On what grounds?
Whose side are you on here, anyway?
The law's.
On what grounds?
You heard perez.
He said the girl is mario hunt's girlfriend,
So mario hunt's gonna need to check in at some point.
And when he does, if we're up on her phone,
We can locate his cell and nail this son of a bitch.
I am sorry.
If you want to eavesdrop on her calls,
You're gonna need more than his say so.
You need probable cause.
Why won't you work with me here?!
Why don't you just dirty up her phone?
Get perez to make a dirty call.
If she admits to any criminal activity whatsoever, then...
She implicates herself.
You got probable cause.
And then you get your warrant.
Imagine that.
So nice to see that all this law school's working out
For at least one reagan.
Good work.
Danny: All right, you know the drill?
I got it.
You got to get regina to agree to move a key of heroin.
We do that, we're good to go.
Only once she's done that
Can you start rolling on her line, is that clear?
Copy that.
All right.
Let the games begin.
(line ringing)
Regina: Hello?
Hey. What's up, gina?
How are you?
Who is this? Perez?
What-what are you doing calling me?
I told you i was done with you.
I got a situation.
Yeah, well, i'm not your girl, remember?
Might be something in it for you.
Like what?
Uh, we took a shipment that's too much weight for us.
Looking to get rid of a key of h.
Thought maybe you could talk to your people,
Take ten percent for yourself.
Look, don't call me no more, a'ight?
W-wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
H-how about 15?
How about 20?
A'ight. A'ight.
Hit you back.
A'ight, hit you back.
(line ringing)
(quietly): Who's she calling?
Mario: What's up, baby girl?
That's mario.
That's mario's voice.
Regina: Nothing. Just missing my man.
Come on, you got a location?
Listen, um, i know you're laying low right now, but...
Come on!
...I might have a score for you.
(computer beeping)
156 boyalton avenue.
Son of a bitch, we got him.
Danny: Step aside.
All right, i want every way in and out of this place covered.
I'll hit the door with these guys.
The rest of you go around back.
I'm going up top.
Go, go, go!
Go. Let's go. Move it, move it, move it.
(groans) you son of a bitch.
Let me see your hands.
Hold it! You got nowhere to go, mario!
(groaning continues)
Help me, dude! I can't hang on!
The hell did you think you were going?
Come on, dude, just help me!
Come on, man! I don't want to die!
Come on.
Please! (grunting) come on.
On three.
One, two...
Please, please, please don't drop me.
I'm trying!
Please, i don't want to die!
Well, chief kent didn't want to die either, did he?
But you still killed him, didn't you?
I don't want to die!
Tell me you killed chief kent and his wife!
Help me, dude.
Tell me you killed him!
Say it! (screams)
I did it. I did it.
I killed him. I killed him.
I killed them both. I'm sorry.
Danny: Help me get him up.
Come on, help him up!
I'm slipping!
Oh, god.
Oh, god. Oh, god.
Oh, god.
Mario hunt,
You're under arrest.
Turn around.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Sounds like a close one.
You sure you're okay?
Yeah, i'm okay.
I'm impressed.
Not only did you put your life on the line to save his,
But you got a confession out of it.
Why am i expecting a "but"?
He was dangling 15 stories from the roof, danny.
There's no judge in the country
Who's gonna find that admissible.
You want me to mirandize the guy
While i'm busy saving his rotten life?
I'm just the messenger, danny.
So you heard?
Yeah, i heard.
Dad, on my word, i didn't threaten the guy.
I didn't coerce him.
I saved that mutt's life.
He spilled his guts all on his own.
I know that.
Well, thank you.
Though it doesn't matter.
Not to the d.A. It doesn't matter,
And it won't matter to a grand jury.
Should matter.
You have to make it matter.
What's that?
That is all the gang cases
Chief kent sent to the d.A. Last year.
All this in one year?
And all of them stuck.
See, he didn't just make good collars.
What'd he do?
He tied them up in neat little bows.
It's time you learned how to gift wrap.
What do you want?
Old friend can't come by to check up on you?
I told you, i don't got nothing to say to you.
I got nothing to say to you either.
Somebody else does.
What the hell happened?
Sit down.
I said sit down!
Oh, curtis.
Look at your face.
What did they do to you?
What did they do to you?
Please, you have to get him out of here.
He does not belong here.
He does belong here, ma'am.
Just step back over there, please.
No, it's... No... Step over there, ma'am.
Mom, please, stop.
Look, you got to tell me,
What happened?
I fell.
Warrior kings did this?
Your old pals.
You sit here watching their back,
And that's how they watch yours.
...This has gone on long enough.
You cannot protect these people any longer.
You must tell the police the truth.
And then what, mom, huh?!
First they give you a black eye,
Next they'll put you in a black box!
You think i'm afraid that they are going to kill me?!
Guess what, this is already killing me!
Seeing you in here like this?!
Calm down.
No, no, curtis, i can't go on like this,
Not another minute.
I'm sorry, son, but if you choose to spend
The rest of your life in here, then i have nothing to live for!
(door closes)
We good?
You're good.
I'll get the video equipment.
Just one thing.
I thought you had that mother on 24-hour protection. We do.
Then how did she get banged up like that?
Detail must have slipped away for a minute.
Do not tell me you willfully allowed that woman
To be beaten by a known gang member.
I didn't.
Danny reagan.
But i did willfully allow her
To sit down with the makeup team
From the decoy unit.
That's a makeup job?
She lied.
To save his life.
Mario hunt...
Shot chief kent.
He told me so himself.
Even had pictures on his phone.
Danny: And who shot hector florez?
I did.
Danny: Why?
Curtis: Because mario hunt
Ordered me to.
What do you want?
I want you to say everything you said dangling from the rooftop.
Only this time, tell it to the camera.
(sighs heavily)
Detective reagan's here, sir.
Send him in.
With sergeant kent, sir.
(drops pen on desk)
Oh. Well...
Send 'em both in.
(taps hand on desk)
Hey. Hey.
Hope you don't mind.
I bumped into thomas on the way down.
He asked if he could come along.
Whatever you need, thomas.
It's not something i need so much as, wanted to say.
Shoot. Figure word
Might have gotten back to you that i had kind of a beef
With how we went after these guys?
"we" meaning me?
The department.
You weren't alone in that feeling.
I was the one caught in the middle of it.
They were my parents.
Yes. So i wanted you to know, face-to-face,
I'm real proud how it turned out.
And what drove that?
Me asking myself,
Asking my men,
"what would don kent do?"
Yes, sir.
I get that now.
I'll second that.
And you coming up here
To tell me... Means the world to me.
A year ago,
Your dad came into this office to pull his pin.
And the reason he stayed--
You're looking at him.
I know that, sir.
You're dad would be alive today
If he hadn't stayed.
What my dad would have said?
It's not
The years in your life that count.
It's the life in your years.
Abraham lincoln.
I know my father
Was honored that you thought enough of him
To ask him to stay.
The honor was mine.
(dog barking in distance)
(buzzer sounds, door opens)
(door closes)
I got this.
I supposed to be honored or something?
I won't take much of your time.
Take all you want, commish. Time i got. I wanted to be
The first to tell you, you are under arrest
For ordering the murder of nypd chief donald kent,
His wife, maggie, the murder of hector florez,
And the attempted murder of linda reagan.
You think i don't already know i been snitched on?
Always good to get official confirmation, don't you think?
Seeing as you ain't got
No death penalty, and i'm already doing life--
That's like what, you know, anticlimax?
Mm. We take what we can get.
Also, thing is,
It's gonna be hard for mario hunt to rat on me
When he ain't got a tongue in his mouth no more.
Mr. Hunt and mr. Turner and his mother are already
In our witness protection program.
I can get anybody who needs to get got.
I know that.
Even from prison.
You think you got the long arm of the law?
But that's nothing compared to the long arm of the outlaw.
Don kent was a friend of mine.
And you know, when you lose a good friend,
Sometimes you hang on to something
That was theirs,
A memento of a kind, you know?
Like a jacket or something.
Yeah, exactly.
And in this case, it was a box, you know,
With personal things in it.
And in the box was a piece of paper.
And the paper said that, um,
He'd taken an oath from some federal marshal,
Uh, you know, so he could work for the dea.
Just a boilerplate kind of thing.
Why-why you going on about this, man?
Why am i going on about it?
Well, here's the deal.
That oath made don kent
A federal cop.
And though we don't got no death penalty...
The feds do.
Tonight, you will be transferred
To the federal prison at terre haute, indiana,
Where you will await trial
For the murder of chief don kent,
A federal officer.
But i'll see you again, mr. Wallace.
At the execution chamber there at terre haute.
I'll wave to you through the observation glass.
Until then.
Can you hear us, okay?
Danny: Yeah. Is this, uh,
Department-issued equipment here?
Yes, it is. Might want to put in for an upgrade.
(laughter) linda, can you hear us okay?
Linda: Just fine, frank.
Both: Hi, mom! Hi, dad!
Hey, guys. Hi, guys.
So, what are you guys eating for dinner?
Danny: Um, hard to say.
Looks like, uh,
Critter or varmint.
Danny: Yeah, and, uh, some
Vegetable matter on the side.
Hey, this is jamie.
What are you guys talking about?
Uh, it's hospital food, jamie. You ever heard of it?
Oh, no. Who screwed up?
Shh. Frank: Hey, don't look at me.
I did the speakerphone.
It was supposed to be here... I thought you said you called it in.
It's supposed to be there already.
Well, it's supposed to be 2:00.
(knocking over speaker) linda: There's someone at the door.
Someone's at the door, guys. Hold on.
I wonder who that could be.
(frank chuckles)
Dinner for two. Oh.
Linda: What?
Danny: Proper dinner for two.
Linda (laughing): What is this? Oh, my.
All: Surprise!
What did you guys do?
We had the palm send them a decent meal.
Why don't we get the palm?
Because you didn't get shot.
Danny: Easy, boys.
Linda: This is amazing.
Thanks, guys. Thank you.
Henry: You're welcome. You're welcome.
You're welcome.
It's the least we could do with you there and us here.
Danny: How about this wine?
Are we even allowed to drink this in a hospital room?
Well, yeah, if you don't broadcast it.
Danny: Copy that.
Uh, listen, our food is getting cold.
Could we say grace?
Yeah. All together?
Linda: Please.
Okay, linda, you got it, but you start.
Bless us, o lord...
All: For these, thy gifts,
Which we are about to receive
From thy bounty, through christ our lord, amen.
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