Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 18 - Bad Company - full transcript

Eddie goes undercover for the first time when she tries to take down a kidnapping ring, which is luring in young women with websites for phony youth hostels. Elsewhere, Frank assists a woman who wants to confront the inmate who murdered her family.


Ana Marcovic?

You're here for
the hostel, right?

We're supposed
to pick you up.

I'm Tatiana, by the way.

Let me take your bag.

You can sit up front.

Yes. I just tired from flight.

Oh, yeah, Serbia
is ten hours away.

It's where I'm from, too.

What is this?

Don't ask questions, Ana.

Morning, Sid.
Hey, boss.

Just want to run the numbers before the
Compstat meeting tomorrow.

Okay. Morning, Baker.

Morning, sir.
Sarah Grant is here.

I told her she could wait

in your office.

Oh. Well, in that case, I'm
gonna need at least ten minutes.

Hold my calls.




I'm sorry for just
barging in like this.

No, it's great.
You look great.

Thank you.

Sit down.

Ah. Want some coffee?

No, I'm fine, thank you.

I got my best suit
pressed and ready.

All right.

You ready for your big day?


There's a piece missing.

What's that?

I've been wanting to ask
you this for a long time,

but I haven't been
able to figure out how.

You have always been
like a father to me.

Would you walk me
down the aisle?

I'd be honored.

Thank you.

There's something else.

I got a letter from
prison yesterday.

From him.

You didn't open it?


I was hoping that you would.

You don't need that.


Erin. Come in.

Come in. I put your coats
for the winter coat drive

in the mud room for you,
but have you got a minute?

Yeah, sure.
I'd like

to introduce you
to a friend.

Sylvia Hayden, my
granddaughter, Erin.

I've heard a lot about you.

All good, I hope?

Oh, more than good, honey.

You're the first one

to have the honor.

I haven't even told
your father yet.

I didn't want to
scare her off.

Well, I can understand that.

How did you two meet?

In a book club.
Book club.


We read Up the Old Hotel
by Joseph Mitchell, and, uh,

your grandpa and
I started talking

about the great
old New York haunts

that have closed down.

And so, we've been kind of
going on this informal tour

of the places
that are still around, you know?

He's been spoiling me


That's a beautiful bracelet.

Oh, thank you.

Well, thank him.

Only the best for my girl.


Hope you got
something juicy for me.

It would really burn
Lieutenant Carver's ass

if we took down a big case
while she was on vacation.

We don't know

exactly what we got, but this
911 call came in this morning.

Please don't hurt me!

Don't kill me!


It's an international exchange.

We traced it back
to an Ana Marcovic

and called her parents
in Serbia.

Ana had flown into JFK
this morning and was supposed

to stay somewhere called

the Gotham Youth Hostel
in Times Square.

We have a location?

Yeah. Cyberspace.

This hostel only exists online

as a trap to lure
women to New York.

Lieutenant, this is the fifth
Eastern European woman

to disappear
on their way to this hostel

in the last six months.

No trace.

You got any leads?

Surveillance cameras?

Just the 911 call and the name.

Look, we want to run with this.

We don't have enough.

I'm not wasting
my two best detectives.

We want this one.

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Bad Company
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Hey. What's up?

So, I ran that name through
the system for you.


I don't know how
to tell this,

but Sylvia Hayden
is wanted for murder.


She killed her last three
husband's in cold blood.

They call her the
“Grandpa Killer”"


Why would you
do that to me?

How could I not?

It's just so easy.

Did you find anything?

Well, it's kind of
interesting, actually.

Seems that “Sylvia Hayden”
didn't exist,

at least under that name,
until 2007.

But there are plenty
of innocent explanations.

She could've remarried,

or just legally dropped
a former husband's name.

That's all I can get
from a cursory look.

How far do you want me
to take this?

I don't know.
You think I'm just being crazy?

I mean, if it was your
grandfather, what would you do?

I don't have a grandfather,
but my grandmother raised me,

and if I thought
someone was messing with her,

I'd turn over every stone until
I knew damn sure she was safe.

But I might be
a little crazy, too.


get me fingerprints or DNA,

and I can take this
to the next level.

Just let me know
what you want.


That was nice
meeting Father Barnes.

I think you're in good hands.

So, uh...

did you read the letter?

Yeah, I did.

But you are getting married

in three days.

There is no clock on this.

He's not going anywhere.

So, can we talk about
this in a couple of weeks?

What did it say?


That he's sorry and claims
he found God in prison.

The usual for a sociopath

who's building a long
con for the parole board.

So, he murdered my family,

but God has forgiven him,
so I should, too?

Is that what he wants?

There is a program called
Restorative Justice

where the victim can meet
the offender face-to-face.

He wants to meet me?

I mean, you don't think

that I should...

consider this, do you?

I read the letter,
as you asked me to,

and I am passing on
what was offered.

But no.


I do not think you
should take him up on it.

I mean, the last time I saw
Donald Berry was in court.

I was seven years old.

And he told me
that his only regret was

that he didn't kill me, too.

Can you just tell the court,

or the prison, or whoever
you need to inform

that he better not
write me again?

Can you do that?

Yes, I can.


Hey, what are you guys
doing here?

Everything okay?

Yeah, I just, uh, need to talk
to you for a second over here.

It's about your partner.

Eddie? What's going on?

She's a good cop, right?
Reliable? Tough under pressure?

Why you asking?

Well, I might need her
for something, but I wanted

to get your take on it
before I ran it by your boss.

Yeah, she's the best.
She's tough as nails.

I trust her with my life.

Good, 'cause this is high risk.

What does that mean? Undercover?

Women are getting snatched up.

We think it may be Serbian mob.

I don't know
if she's ready for that, Danny.

I mean, there's got to be
plenty of more experienced cops.

No, no,
she's the only one for this.

All right, well,
you asked my opinion.

I gave it.
She's not ready.

What do you mean, she's not ready?
Just what I said.

I don't think she's
ready for that.

Ready for what?

Look, if this is about me,
I can speak for myself.

That's Ana Marcovic.

Her mother e-mailed us
the photos,

said her daughter's
only dream

was to come to New York,
to the U.S.


She flew in
from Serbia this morning,


presumably went to the address
for the Gotham Youth Hostel,

and then, she disappeared.

Five other girls
have gone missing

the same way
over the last six months.

So you need someone
to retrace Ana's steps,

and find out where
the missing women went?

You'll be wired up,
we'll stay close,

but I do got
to be honest with you.

It's... it's a total unknown.

Well, uh, why me?

Is it because I took the
undercover training course?

That's part of it.

The other part of it is,
when we were calling The Wheel

looking for an officer
who spoke Serbian,

you were the only one
in the entire department

who fit the age
and physical profile.

Yeah, I hope that means
young and hot.

That is the type
they're luring in, yes.

You think it's some kind
of trafficking ring?

Like I said, it's an unknown.

Excuse me.

Well, when would this happen?

Soon as we can get it running
if you're up for it.


Hell, yeah.
It's a great opportunity.


What is it?

Ana Marcovic is dead, right?

That's what that was about?

We don't know that yet,

but her cell phone
and backpack were found

along the side
of the expressway.

Her bag was covered
in blood.

Clinton Hills just faxed over

the psychiatrist's report.

It's more of the same.

Lines up
with the counselor's report

and the note in his file
from the chaplain.

So it's official.

Donald Berry
is the most rehabilitated killer

in the history
of the penal system.

They're just opinions, sir.

I can't figure out
what this son of a bitch wants.

I thought he wanted to make amends.
Maybe he just wants

to get out of his cell,
break routine,

get another chance
to torment his victim.

The thing is... Sarah,

to me,

he's always going
to be this guy.

It was the single most
disturbing crime scene

I've ever witnessed.

And no amount of counseling
or medication

or prayer
is ever gonna change that.

I understand how you feel, sir,

but... may I say something?

Go ahead.

People can change.

That's it?


with the right help,

sick people do get better.

Maybe even Donald Berry.

I think that where there's life
there is always hope.

And if you ever get the sense

that I have lost
that conviction,

please fire me on the spot.

So, what
can I tell you, Erin?

What do you mean?

I just thought it would be nice
to have lunch.

Oh, come on.

A mystery woman suddenly starts
dating your grandfather?

I'd want to know everything.

Okay. I might just be
a little curious.

Okay then.

Here I am, Sylvia Hayden,

in, uh, 30 seconds or less.

Ready? Set your watch.

I was born
in the Bronx--

well, Riverdale-- and I had
a quickie marriage at 19.

He was so boring,

I was a little crazy,

and it lasted about 90 minutes.

And then I was single
for a long time.

I had a lot of fun.
And then, much later in life,

I fell in love,
and I got married again.

F-For real this time.

And that was my Max.

And, uh, unfortunately, he...

he passed away
about ten years ago.

Mm. I'm sorry.

So was I. But I wound up
reinventing myself

as, of all things,

a romance novelist.


Sylvia Attenberg
wasn't a catchy enough name,

so Sylvia Hayden was born.

Here I am.

So Sylvia Hayden
is your... nom de plume?

Yes. But...

please don't bother
with those books.

They're trashy.

It's just that I feel, uh,

a little less lonely
when I write them.

Mm. Well, hopefully Henry

is making you feel
a little less lonely, too.

Let me be clear
about my intentions, Erin.

I don't plan to marry again,

but I think, your grandpa and I,

we can be great pals.

I hope
that sounds okay.

Of course.


So let's order.

And I insist
that it be my treat.

Henry won't let me pay
for anything.



Two menus, please.

There she is.

for coming so fast.

FBI? What's going on?

We took all the
information we had,

we ran it through
SafetyNet, we found out

the Feds were investigating
the missing women, too.

They have some good Intel
and much better resources,

so it makes sense
to combine our cases.

So they're in charge now?
No, no.

This is a
joint operation.

We will be with you
every step of the way,

just like we told you.

This is Hill.

Hey, Danny. Detective Baez.

This is Officer Janko.
She'll be the uncle.

I'm Marcus Hill

from the Bureau.
It's good to meet you.

Our Serbian expert
is waiting.

All right, come on.

This is your Serbian passport

under the name Edit Jankovic.

And, uh, here's
your boarding pass

for your flight into JFK.

What airport in Serbia
did you fly out of?

Nikola Tesla in Belgrade.

You say you're from Ecka?

That's way out
in the Valley.

Why the hell
would you fly out of Tesla?

It's an international airport.

So is Morava,
and it's 300 miles closer.

Yeah, I was visiting
a friend in Belgrade first.

Ah. What neighborhood?

Barajevo? Novi Beograd?


Novi? Is your friend Chinese?

Novi is the only
Chinese quarter in Serbia.

Okay, uh, how did you travel
to visit your Chinese friend?

Car? Train? Bus?

What-what company?

Arriva? Kevim? Severtrans?

Uh, what highway did you take?

How long
was the trip?

Stupid bitch cop.
You're dead.

Hey. Take it easy.

You think
they're gonna take it easy?

This is stuff
any Serb would know.

You got three days.

You better cram.

What am I missing here, Sid?

If the crowds
are blocking traffic,

have Patrol break them up
in an orderly fashion.

The crowds are there
because apparently

an empanada
in the bakery's window

looks like the Virgin Mary.


Looks like her how?

I don't have the forensics, sir,
but it's clearly more

of a cultural religious thing
and not just a traffic thing.

Uh, have Patrol
put up barricades

and punt this over
to Community Affairs.

Commissioner, I'm sorry

to bother you,
but Sarah Grant is here.

She said she could wait, but...

I'm gonna need ten.


I'm so sorry.

I-I told her I could wait.

Well, Baker's pretty good
at reading faces,

and yours says
that something can't wait.

I can't stop thinking about him.

That he actually wrote me

and that he wants to see me.

Do you want to read the letter?


I want to go and meet him.


To what end?

I try and push him out
of my head, and I can't.

For the first time in years,

I just can't.

So I need to do something.

Something or only this thing?

Talk me out of it.

You could've tossed the letter

like you said,
but you brought it to me.

Some part of you knows
it's time to deal with this.

Oh, that's not talking me
out of it.

Yeah, well,

I've been around long enough
to know that's not gonna happen.

But I'm going with you.

You'd do that?

Strength in numbers.

Thank you.

Who was that?
Just work.

Don't kid a kidder.

We can talk
about it later, Grandpa.

Uh-huh. Something about Sylvia.

I heard you two had lunch.

What do you know?

I had her checked out.

Sylvia Hayden is not

her real name. In fact,
she's had many identities.


she has a history
with older men.

You think I don't know that?

Erin, I'm an ex-cop.

You think
I didn't do my own digging?

Of course she's got a past.
Who doesn't?

I don't want to make you angry.

I'm just enjoying
the woman's company,

and I don't see any reason
to stop.


there's an active warrant
for Sylvia's arrest

in Palm Springs
for grand larceny.

What do you want me to do?

You want me to drop it,
I will.

A warrant they'll extradite on?



We're supposed
to have a drink tonight

later at the Hotel Elysée.

Come on, you two.

Everybody's ready.
Yep. Coming.


We can have her arrested there.

But are you sure
that's what you want to do?


Anyway, it's just a...

- simple ceremony.
- I'd give anything

to see you walk her
down the aisle.

It's really sweet
what you're doing.

I think it's amazing
how she stayed

in touch with you
all these years.

Someone saves my life,

I'd stay in touch.

It's an unusual bond.
A very special bond.

Good to protect
the people you care about.


always bashing
the cops.

This is exactly
the kind of story

that the public needs to hear.

Well, Dad will never allow that.


He's too private.

You know, the real story
isn't the wedding.

The real story is,
the day before,

Sarah is going to sit down

with the guy
who murdered her family.


Because he asked for it,
and... she wants to go.

It's a program

called Restorative Justice.

Oh, I think that
is a terrible idea.

Maybe some good gets done.

Maybe she finds some closure.

No such thing
in a case like this.

But if it works,

maybe he haunts her less.

Is it like when
the principal

has the bully apologize
for what he did?

That's exactly what
it's supposed to be like, Jack.

Yeah, times a hundred.

Maybe that works
for eighth graders,

but an animal
like Donald Berry

does not deserve
this chance.

I don't disagree.

But if it can
help Sarah at all,

it's a chance you take.

Really? What if it backfires?

You're putting a lot
of trust in this guy, Dad.

I'm not putting
any trust in him,

and I'm sure as hell not gonna
let her go in there alone.

You could bring all the
apostles and all the saints,

and it wouldn't
make a difference.

The really bad people--
they don't change.

They just come up
with new ways

to trick you
into thinking they did.


Can you help me make sense
of all this?

No, I don't
think I can.

You came all the way uptown,
you went through security,

and you're not gonna
help me prep?

No, because I don't think
you should do this.

Why? Because I'm some
scared little girl

who can't take care of herself?

No, Eddie.
You could be a Navy Seal,

and I'd tell you the same thing.

This operation was thrown
together way too fast.

You haven't had

enough time to prep, and
you don't understand the risks.

That I'm going in blind?

That my life could be in danger?

I agreed to that.

I made peace with that the day
that I entered the academy.

Besides, this one's personal.


Because of my mom.

She was a young girl
from a small village in Serbia,

and all she ever dreamed about
was coming to this country.

And that dream came true
for her,

and I think that Ana Marcovic
deserves the same chance.

I'm doing this, Reagan.

Okay, if I can't
talk you out of it,

then... I'll say this.

You should use
your mother's story.

What do you mean?

The best covers are the ones
that are closest to home.

That way, under pressure,
you can just tell the truth,

which is easiest
to remember.

Did you ever have
any close calls?

When I was a U/C?

Yeah, the Sanfino Family
put a hit out on me.

My father had to put me
on house arrest.

Eddie, I was lucky
to get out alive.

That was your first assignment,

They took a chance on you?

That's all I'm asking for.

I want to see
what I'm made of, too.



Don't you look handsome.

Last time I was
in here was 1973.

I was a detective.

This place was the scene of
one of the biggest robberies

in the city's history.

A robbery here?

Well, in the Hotel
Elysée above us.

Did you catch 'em?
Oh, yeah.

That's what you have
to understand, Sylvia.


We get everyone in the end.

What do you mean by that?

I think you know what I mean.

Dating a Reagan maybe

wasn't the smartest
move on your part.

That's because
it wasn't a move, Henry.

You think I didn't expect
an ex-police commissioner

to check me out?

Or that I didn't notice
your granddaughter

putting a teaspoon with
my fingerprints in her purse?

Then why did you stay?

I haven't done anything wrong.

The DA in Palm Springs
says different.

Palm Springs.

Right. What a joke.

We were both adults who knew

exactly what we were
getting into.

A man can't give a gift,

and then expect it back
when things go sour.

Sounds like it was
a pretty big gift.

Well, I'm a pretty great gal.

Henry, breaking
someone's heart is painful,

but it doesn't make you
a criminal.

You'll have to tell that
to the grand jury.

What? Henry, please.

I really like you.

I hope you believe that.

I choose to, Sylvia.

Okay. Okay.

I'm sorry I ruined this
for you, Grandpa.

You were just
looking out for me.


Edit Jankovic?

You're here for
the hostel, right?

Yeah, we're supposed
to give you a lift.

I'm Tatiana, by the way.

Hi. Call me Eddie.

Oh, Eddie.

Um, let me take your bag.

You can, um, sit up front.

Where are you from in Serbia?


Oh, in the Valley.

Yeah, I know Ecka well.

When I was a kid, my family

used to go
to, uh, Ecka Castle.

So did mine.

It's beautiful there.

So sad it burned down.

Oh, you must be confused.

It... the castle
didn't burn down.

They just turned it
into a resort for tourists.

Same thing.

Where are we going?

I... I picked this hostel

because I wanted
to be in the city.

I need your phone,
your passport and your bag.


You do as we say.

Wire's out.

All right, that's it. Light 'em
up. Danny, we're taking the van

right now. Danny.
Hold on. Wait a second.

We still got GPS?

Then we wait.
Let me see if we can get a visual.

Car two, you still
got eyes on our girl?


She looks okay... for now.

Roger that.

We're gonna see this operation
through, kid, all right?

We got to let Eddie
do her job.

Mr. Berry is on his way.


Commissioner Reagan,

you can watch through the glass.

I'm staying with Sarah.

There's no protocol for that.

I'm staying, and if he so much
as looks sideways at her,

I'm pulling her out.

Donald Berry-- Sarah Grant.

Commissioner Reagan, Miss Grant,

I would like to thank you both
for coming all this way

to participate in this process.

Before we start,
I just want you to know

that I will never
forgive you, never.

So if that's your purpose here,
then we can just leave now.

Oh, I don't expect you
to forgive me.

I don't forgive myself.

So you understand what you did?

I want you to look at these.

I'm getting married tomorrow,

and my family won't be there.

My mom didn't help me
pick out a dress.

My dad...

won't get
to walk me down the aisle.

And my brother--

his name was Steven.

Steven Evan Grant.

Look at him.

He was five years old,

you pig.

You animal.

He didn't have a chance
to do anything.

He didn't have a life.

And you're still
sitting here,


watching TV,

writing letters.

And I'm
supposed to care

that you're sorry?

After what you stole from us?

Who do you think you are?

You don't deserve
to breathe air.

I know exactly
what I was, Sarah,

but that's not what I am now.

That's why I asked you here.

Go on, Donald,

say what
you came to say.

It was only when
I was locked up

that I was finally given a
full psychiatric evaluation

for the first time.

I was diagnosed
as paranoid schizophrenic.

I was prescribed
the proper medication.

And it's only when the voices
in my head stopped

that I realized

the truly evil things
that I'd done.

I couldn't
handle it.

Commissioner, I dreamed
the bullet you fired

hit three inches to the right,

put me out of my misery.

I had the same dream.

But that's not
what happened.

I saw the
horrible things

I'd done to your family.

It played
over and over

and over and over and over
and over and over in my head.

It drove me crazy.

You should've killed yourself.

Oh, I tried.

It's what
I deserved.

And I was so angry
at the guards when they

saved me.
For what?

What purpose? Why, why?

But there was
a prison chaplain that...

in the infirmary,
and we started talking,

and we talked.

And talked.

And something happened.

I found God, Sarah.

Or God found me.

I found
a purpose.

And whatever's left of my life

I've dedicated it to other
prisoners in crisis.

And it's made me
feel human again,

and to know
what it is

to try to be
a good person.

But I know the only person
I can't save is you, Sarah.

And I'm so...

dreadfully sorry for that.

If you're really sorry,

you will try
and kill yourself again.

And you'll
get it right this time.

I think we're done here.

They stopped.

We got to get there.

we know where she is, okay?

5-4 detectives requesting

a 10-13 at 1399 Claremont.

We have a missing undercover
at this location.

We can't wait
for backup, Danny.

You know what can happen
in 30 seconds.

On our way to location.
We're going in.

Roger that. Make sure
you put your vests on.

We better get her out.

We'll get her out.

Take off your clothes,
get on the bed.


Why do you think?


I want to take a shower first.

I want to be clean for you.

Make it fast.

All right, you guys take
the back entrance over there.

We'll go up front.

Come on, we got to move.
Let's go.

I told you fast.

Why don't you join me?

Police. Police.
Police. Police.

Get on the ground, right now.

Get back against
the wall, back up.

Right now.


Cover me.
Yeah, I got you.




Police, nobody move!

Get down, get down on
the ground. Eddie?

Danny, what
do you got?

Drop the gun.
Drop the gun.

On the ground, right now.
Get down on the ground.



Show me your hands,
show me your hands.

Get down on the ground.

Hands behind your back.

Back up against the wall.

Back up against the wall.

They tried to kidnap me.

We're gonna help you.
Stay put.

No, they raped me.
I said stay back.

Don't even think about it.

Hands off the gun. Now.


This is the ringleader--

she was in the van.

Game's over, kucka.

Hands behind your head.



Good work.


Sarah asked me to say a few
words, so thank you in advance

for indulging me.

I've known Sarah
since she was six years old

and I couldn't
be happier--

or more proud of her--

than I am right now.


You're a lucky guy.

Before I turn this show
over to Father Barnes,

I would like to take a moment

to remember Sarah's father,

Steven Grant,
her mother,


and her brother, Steven Jr.

I know they're happy
for Sarah today.

Sarah, David,

will you please join hands
and face each other?

We are gathered
here today

to join this man and this
woman in holy matrimony.

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