Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 16 - In the Box - full transcript

Baez is held hostage in an interrogation room by a distressed man who wants to see his daughter. Elsewhere, Garrett's son gets in trouble with the law, so Garrett turns to Frank for help, ...

You're so scared
of a pot charge that you peed

your pants?
Come on.

You're just gonna walk me
through here like this?

What's wrong, frat boy?
Not feeling so tough

since you
sprung a leak?

This is a violation
of my civil rights.

The only violation is what
you did in our backseat.

Now we're gonna have
to clean it up.

Hey, Reagan.
Heads up.

Forgot we told
him to come in.

Well, at least he looks sober today.
You want to start the paperwork

on frat boy here while
I go talk to Mr. Drake?

Uh, nice try.

Come on.

Mr. Drake,

thanks for coming in.

Of course. I, uh, came
as soon as I got your message.

What's this about?

Let's find a room
where we can talk.

This has something to do
with Heather, doesn't it?

She called you guys again,
didn't she?

We'll talk
about it inside.

Look, whatever she said I did,
I promise you, I didn't do it.

It's all in her head,
I swear.

Ever since we separated,
she's-she's just not herself.

After you.

I don't understand.

I just saw him an hour ago.

I should have gone
with him.

Why didn't I go with him?

Mrs. Jackson, you
can't blame yourself.

Yeah, blame the gang members
having a shoot-out

in the middle of the street.

Do you know who did it?

Do you know
who killed my Reginald?

The detectives are working
on it as we speak.

In the middle of the street?

There must have been
witnesses. Surely someone saw

who shot my husband.

at this time, no one has come
forward with any information.

No one will talk to you
because you're the police.

We are having some
difficulty finding witnesses

willing to come
forward, yes.


How much does a funeral cost?

Usually a few
thousand dollars or so.

Oh. I-I...

I don't have that kind of money.
In the event

that you're unable to
afford a private burial,

one will be provided to you
by the city on Hart Island.

That's potter's field, isn't it?

No-no ceremony?

No tombstone?

Don't worry about the cost,
Mrs. Jackson.

We'll take care of it.

You can't do this

to me.

Mr. Drake, I'm not
doing anything to you.

I am simply carrying out
the orders of the courts.

A restraining order?
Do you know what this means?

I only know what it says.
That you are prohibited

from coming within 500 yards
of your soon-to-be ex-wife.

This says I threatened her.

That's not true. I never said
I was going to hurt her.

Well, the judge felt differently
after your wife's lawyers

played your voicemails for him.

Come on.

You never said something
you didn't mean

after a couple of drinks?

She was keeping my daughter
from me.

She wouldn't let me talk to her.

She has no right.

Look, Mr. Drake,

I think deep down
you're a good guy

who's just in a bad way.

Why don't you look at this
as a wake-up call,

you know? A-a chance
to get some help

with the drinking.
And maybe then the judge

will reconsider.

You don't understand.
This is exactly

what my wife wants
to have happen.

She's trying to force
my daughter out of my life.

Please, just sit down...

Don't you see
this is all part of her plan?

You know why she's doing this?

Because she knows now
that there is no chance in hell

that I get shared custody

with something like this
on my record.

Mr. Drake, just listen to me...

you listen to me.

I am not going
to let this happen.

Penelope is my daughter,

and no one is going
to keep her from me.

Okay. Look,

just sit down...

Anthony... please.

You do not want to do this.

Put your gun on the table.



Shots fired?

No, sir. Report has
Detective Reagan

with the suspect
at this time.

Who's on the scene?

The precinct C.O., ESU,
and the borough commander.

Do you want me
to go down there, sir?

Quick math says
it's a full house as it is.

Monitor it from here,

and report back
as the situation warrants.

Yes, sir.

And say a prayer.

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In the Box
Original Air Date on February 20, 2015

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What do we have,

Guy's name is Anthony Drake.

My partner and I met him on
a domestic a few weeks ago.

He's going through

a nasty divorce.

And he's here today

Word came down from the court

to serve him
with a restraining order.


He's got a drinking problem
that went from bad to worse

when his old lady called it
quits. They got a 12-year-old

who's the rope in the
middle of their tug-of-war.

What the hell? The entire
SWAT team is showing up?

You brought a gun
into a police precinct.

You must have thought
something was gonna happen.

You think I
planned this?

I didn't plan it.

- It just happened.
- Why didn't Detective Baez

toss him before she took him in there?
All due respect,

Chief, we weren't
arresting the guy,

so we didn't need
to toss him.

Chief, my snipers
are ready when you are.

Lieutenant, maybe we
ought to slow down

with the snipers
a second here.

Is there a problem, Detective?
Yeah, this guy Drake

is the fragile
type, you know?

We don't want
to spook him.

All right. Hold your position,

but nobody moves
until I give the order.


Now, how do we talk to this guy?
We got a phone

set up over here,
Chief, but...

But what?

That's my partner in there.

Detective, we don't need a hero.
And I'm not trying

to be one. But I've been
decent with this guy Drake,

and maybe that'll buy me some
goodwill and I can help.


You're on.

Something's going on.

I debated whether to talk
to somebody downstairs,

but I was afraid you might think

I was going around you.
Duly noted.

It's my stepson, Sam.
Cynthia's boy.

Yeah, the hockey player.
What about him?

He's in jail at the 3-5.

He was arrested
for scoring oxycodone

in an observational buy
up in Washington Heights.

I'm sorry.

He's a good kid, Frank.

How bad is it?

Two years now.

You think the
heroin situation

we have out there is a mother?

You ain't seen nothing

until you've watched someone
you love try to kick oxy.





Well, then I can't see the D.A.
making more of it than it is,

a first-time offense.

I can't take that chance. H-He's
got to go back into rehab,

not into prison.

On top of everything,
that'll crush him for good.

What are you asking, Garrett?

Get the charges dropped and
him released into my custody.



Chief Daniels at the scene.

Uh, hold on a second, Baker.

It's Borough Command
on the scene.

There's a clock
on this, Frank.

I won't be long.

Thank you, Frank.

I haven't done anything yet.

This is embarrassing,

you've made it less so.

I'll get back to you.


Put him through, Baker.

Yes, Chief.

Yeah, I

It's not
too late, Anthony.

You can end
this right now.

Just put the gun down, and it'll
be like this never happened.

Don't lie to me.
I'm not lying.

Yes, you are.

She's not lying to you.

She's trying to help you.
Who is that?

Detective Reagan. Okay?

Anthony, look,
I just want to help you, too.

Who are you kidding?!

No one
can help me now.

The only way out of here for me
is in a coffin or a jail cell.

No. No. Slow down. Nobody's

dying here today.
Not on my watch.

I'm not gonna lie to you,
Anthony. You're looking

at some jail time, okay?

But trust me,
there's a big difference

between one year
and a life sentence.

I already got a life sentence.

They're never gonna let me see
my daughter again.

Is that what this is about?

You want
to see Penelope?

She's my daughter, too.

Of course she is.

She loves you.

I just want to talk to her.

I want to tell her
what's going on!

What her mother is doing to me.
Why I did

what I had to do.

Okay, then, so...

how about I work on getting
Penelope down here for you,

and in exchange,

you do something for me.


You will not hurt my partner.

She's fine.

She'll be just fine.

Doesn't this get old,
even for you?

I don't need another lecture.
And I don't feel

like giving you one.

But maybe if you'd listen
to me, the first 500...

I'm sorry.
So what do you need, huh?

I need help.

I mean besides the
obvious-- the oxycodone.

I said I need help
and I'm sorry.

It's not enough!
It has to be. That's all I've got.

Oh, you're gonna cry?
You want me to get your mom?

Man up.

Screw you.

This is the last time,
I swear.

The hell it is.

The earliest they can arraign
you is this afternoon.

I'll see what I can do
in the meantime.

Thank you.

You really want
to thank me? Don't put me

I know.

in this position...
Position again.

Heather Drake on one for you.

Mrs. Drake,
this is Detective Reagan.

Did they explain to you
what's going on down here

with your husband?

And yes, they did.

Can't say that I'm surprised--
I've been saying for months

that he's not stable.
Okay, well, look,

we think we may have a solution
to the problem,

but we're gonna need
your cooperation.

Look, Lord knows I have
my problems with Anthony,

but by no means

do I wish him any harm.
I'll do what I can.

Great. We have a squad car
coming to your house right now.

We're hoping
that you'd get inside,

come on down here with Penelope.

What?! Absolutely not.

Mrs. Drake, all Anthony wants

is a chance to explain himself
and to see her.

Oh, is that all Anthony wants?
To send his daughter

I give you my word
into a combat zone?

nothing is gonna happen to her.

I'll be by her side
the whole time,

all of us behind
bulletproof shields.

Oh, good. That makes
me feel much better.

I know this is the last thing
you want to deal with,

but just a few minutes
with your daughter

could end all of this

I'm sorry, but this is
really not my responsibility.

No, it's not
your responsibility,

but you have an opportunity here
to save a cop's life.

You said a car is on its way?

Five, ten minutes, tops.


Thank you.

It's bad enough her
husband of 50 years

was just murdered,
and without a witness,

we're probably not gonna be
able to collar up on this guy.

The least we can do is help
him have a proper burial.

Hey, I got no problem with that,
but I don't have that kind of money.

Unless you won the lottery
earlier this morning

and forgot to tell me,
neither do you.


you know, listen, maybe
I don't have three grand,


I got a couple of bucks.

Great. Now where do we get
the other $2,995?

We'll ask around
the neighborhood.

We'll have it by
end of tour easy.


We got anything?

Officers are at the scene
at the Drake residence now.

All right, let's get
them here. Come on.

Damn it!


Heather's gone.

What do you mean, she's gone?
Neighbors are

telling our uniforms
she took off with Penelope.

Excuse me, sir.

The men are in
position, Chief.

What the hell
you talking about?

They're in position for what?
What is she talking about?

Plan B.

What, snipers?

You realize

that is bulletproof glass,

A coordinated blast
from three high-powered rifles

takes out that glass.

And then another shot takes out the target.
That's right.

Yeah, and what if my partner
is too close to the target?

She will be fine.

Oh, because you've taken
the shot before?

Many times.

Really? In training
or in the field?

Thought so.

How you holding up
in there, Anthony?

What are you doing?

I got good news for you,

Penelope's on her way down.

Oh, yeah.

Yep. City traffic,
it might take a while,

but she's coming--
so you just hang in there, okay?

I talked to her, what,
five minutes ago?

Five minutes-- how far could she
possibly get with her daughter

in five minutes.

Let's ping her phone,

track her down, get her here,
and we can end this peacefully.

You heard him.

Ping that phone.

I don't mind what you did,

but I mind how you did it.

This is Heather.
You know what to do.

This is Detective Reagan.

You know what to do, too--
pick up your phone

and call me back immediately.

We've tracked down
Heather's phone.


It's in her house.
She left it behind.

Smart lady.
Look, we're gonna need

a safety net.

I need to put
those sharpshooters in place.

Whoa, Chief, Chief, Penelope's
got a cell phone, too.

Why don't we track that?

Well, if the mother left the
phone behind, don't you figure

she would have done the same
with the kid's phone?

Not if she didn't know
Penelope had a phone.

When we met Drake,
he kept going on about

how he had to sneak Penelope a
phone behind her mother's back.

It's the only way
he could talk to her.

You got the number?

It'll take hours

we don't have to contact
every phone carrier

to find out that number.

What if it's right
under our noses?

That's Drake's
cell phone.

He's got to have
his own daughter's number

stored inside, doesn't he?

So you're planning
on just waltzing in there?

Or do you have an invisibility
cloak I don't know about.

I got something
better than that.

I got bait.

Uh, excuse me? Can I have
everyone's attention, please?

Hi. I'm Officer Janko,

and this is my partner,
Officer Reagan.

As many of you know,

a beloved member of the community,
Reginald Jackson,

was gunned down
just a few blocks from here

earlier this morning.

Yo. Nobody in here knows nothing
about that, all right?

Listen, it's okay,

we're not here to...

We're not here to ask
anyone what they know,

or even if they saw anything.
Right. It's our understanding

that Mr. and Mrs. Jackson
eat breakfast, lunch,

dinner in this place together
here at this table.

So we're here asking if you
can help us raise some money

for Alice Jackson,
Reginald's wife,

to give her husband
a proper burial.

Come on, I...

I know you all know
this family.

So any little bit
can help.

Thank you.

I'm sorry for interrupting
your meals.


Hey, excuse me!

Hold up a second?

Could you take your hands
out of your pockets?

Look, alls I got to say

is I ain't got nothing to say
about what it is you want.

Yeah? What do I want?
You want to know how

that old man got got.
I don't know nothing.

Yeah, is that why you were trying
to disappear behind that menu?

Huh? Why you snuck out here

the second I turned my back?
Because you know nothing?

Straight up.

Look, Mr. Jackson was killed
earlier this morning

by a member of that gang, okay?

But tomorrow
it could be your grandfather

of your brother
or maybe even you.

Wouldn't you want someone
to speak up then?

Look, it don't matter what I want.
This just not how

things are done,
and that's that.

Well, it doesn't have
to be that way.

Yeah, it do.

'Cause anyone tell Five-O
about the dirt this crew do...

guess what?

You the next one to get got.

Until someone takes a stand.

Till someone says
enough is enough.

And that's the day the good people
can take this neighborhood back

from the gangs.

Oh, yeah, you know a
lot about gangs, huh?

Had a lot of bad-ass crews
rolling through your hood

when you was coming
up, didn't you?

I didn't think so.

N-Now, unless you're
cuffing me, I'm out.

Hey, everything okay
here, partner?

Yeah, I hope you did
better than me.


What are you looking at?

I wasn't looking
at anything.

I'm warning you,
if you try anything...

You think I don't know that?

You have a gun pointed
at my face--

of course I'm
not gonna try anything.

I'm sorry.

My nerves
are just...

getting the best of me.

Well, how about something
to drink? Some water?

Yeah. Sure.

Maybe something
a little stronger?

You mean like...

I got a bottle of scotch
in my drawer

that's ours for the asking.

You think they'd do that?

You think they'd let us?

You're holding the gun, Anthony.

You're the boss--
they'll do whatever you say.

DCPI Moore called in a favor
from the Chief of Narcotics

on a buy Sam made
in the Village last fall,

and on a straight possession
collar by patrol last summer.

Arrests and convictions
outside the city?

In White Plains,

where he lives.

Two arrests, both got squashed
before arraignment.

Because of calls
from this department?

I don't know that for a fact.

But what do you think?

That's not for me to say, sir.

Sorry to bother, but...

Step in.

I can come back.

Step in, please.

Thank you, Baker.

You spun me.

Yeah, you did.

I asked you
if Sam had priors.

And he doesn't.

you interfered,

because you used the influence
of your office!

And that crap
about not wanting

to look like
you were going around me?!

Frank, listen...
I did listen.

The hell do you expect me
to do!? I raised that boy!

What kind of father wouldn't do
all he can for his kid?

What kid?

Sam! I raised him from five!

He's not a kid anymore!

We're not talking about a kid.
He's, what?

Age doesn't matter!

It does matter! At some...

Stop! Please!

Just stop.

Consider the request withdrawn.

Just like that?
Just like that?

No. You raised

Joe, Danny, Erin and Jamie.

You didn't raise a Sam.

You have every right to refuse
my request to help him.

You're not helping him, Garrett.

But you have no right
to judge me for what I do

or try to do regarding my boy.

Your pockets!

Lift up your vest.

Show me your ankles.


Come around.

Come in... slowly.

They're gone. It's just me.

One false move, and
I'm gonna end this.

Just bringing the booze
like you asked, okay?

Okay. Put it down.

It's my new window.

All right? Be careful.

Can I say something?

Put the gun down
and come out peacefully.

Not gonna happen.

Not till I look
Penelope in the eye

and tell her my side

of the story.

I'm with you on that, okay?
Trust me.

Just do me a favor. Look at all
those cops out there, would you?

Look at them all.
They're nervous.

They're getting tired.
I would hate to see something

happen to anyone-- you or them--

just 'cause we're all a little
skittish right now, you know?

Thanks for the bottle.

You got it.


Let's get a trace on it.

Pray he doesn't notice.

You first... in case
they slipped something in it.

That was, uh... nice, Reagan.

Thanks, Chief.

More. Come on.

Erin, listen, I got RMP
on the way to pick you up.

- What?
- Just get in the car.

I'll explain on the way.

On my way where?




Oh. Oh.

Do you think I'm stupid?

You think I'm gonna
let you get me drunk?!

Here? Now?

If Penelope's not
here in an hour,

she dies.

Excuse me, ma'am.

Would you and your daughter
mind stepping out of the car?

She's in there, but
you better hurry.

Okay. Thanks.

Heather, I'm Erin Reagan.

I'm with the
DA's office.

You got no right
keeping me here like this.

No right at all.

You're absolutely correct,
and I apologize.

I have done nothing wrong,
I haven't broken any laws.

I should be free to go
wherever and whenever I please.

That's true,
and you are.

So I can leave?

I just wish you would
listen to what I have to say.

I know what you have to say.

I'm a mother, too...
of an only child--

a daughter, just like you--

so, I know a little bit
of what you must be feeling.

Then you should know better
than to ask what you're asking.

You have a point.

And if the tables
were turned,

I'd probably say exactly
what you're thinking,

which is,
"Get lost, take a hike."

I'm sorry.

I really am.

I do not want that
police officer to die, but...

but I cannot put my daughter
in that situation.

I'm sorry, I just can't.

It's not

just Detective Baez's life
at stake here.

Typically, these things

do not end well.

There's a very good chance your
husband is going to die today.

Miss Reagan...

I am not a heartless person,

but Anthony is not well.

I have tried to save him

more times
than I care to count,

and I just can't do it anymore.


But Penelope can.

Will she ever
forgive you

if you deny her the chance
to save her father's life?

How dare you?!

How dare you put that on me?!

En route from where?

What's the ETA?

Calling you right back. Boss.

Still no shots fired.
It's about the guy's daughter,

a custody case.

Trying to bring the mother
and daughter to the scene.

How far out?

Up by the GW.

Order an escort.

It's already been done.

You talk to Garrett?

Yeah, all the time.

About his stepson.

Oh. Yes, sir.

He came to you first.

Not for the favor.

Just for the support
in asking you for it.

It's not the first time
he's used pull,

nor even the fourth.

Yeah, I know, Commissioner.

Would you have pulled
the collar if you were me?

Not a fair question, all due respect.
Why not?

Well, clearly, I'm not you, and
I don't have that relationship

with Garrett that you have.

Oh, come on, Sid,
give me a straight answer.

Absolutely I'd help out.

But I'm a sucker for people
trying to help their kids out.

And anybody who knows you
knows you're not.

No, that came out wrong.

I mean, um, boss,
you're built differently.

And anybody who knows
any of your kids,

how they turned out--
they'd wish

they could have talked to you

when they were raising
their own.

Hour's almost up.

It's time to tell him
Penelope's not coming.

But I want you to know,

if he doesn't take it well,

I've given ESU the green
light to take their shot.

It's the right call.


Wait a minute.

Bless me, Father,

for I have sinned.

It's been four months
since my last confession, and...

What are you doing?

I'm saying confession.

Here? Now?

Whatever happens, I want
to have a clear conscience.

You're Catholic,
huh? Just like me.


Oh, she's running a game.

She's conning him.
It's all an act.

When was the last time
you went to confession?

Huh. Too long.


Sit with me.

We can... we can do it together.

No. No, I...

I-I don't...

It's okay.

Just... it's okay.



We got to go.

She's making her move right now.

Come on, we got to help.

We could just pray, okay?

Here, take my hand.

Our Father,

Who art in heaven,
who art in heaven,

hallowed be thy name.

Thy kingdom come,

thy will be done,

on earth as it is in heaven.

Give us this day
our daily bread,

and forgive us our trespasses

as we forgive those
who trespass against us,

and lead us not into temptation,

but deliver us from evil.


Get out!

Don't move!

- Don't shoot. Don't shoot.
- Hold fire. Hold fire.

Nice and easy,

give me your gun.


I can't give you my gun.

Do you want to die today?

I'm not giving you my gun.
If you don't give me your gun,

you're going to make me
use mine. Back off!

Back up! Back up!

Give me your gun!
Tell you what I'll do.

I'll put this right
on the floor.

I'll lay on top of it,

arms and hands
where you can see them

so I can't grab it
or do nothing.

You do what you want after that.

But I'm not giving you my gun.

You think I'm stupid?

You think I don't have the balls
to shoot you, is that it?

I didn't say that.

You're giving me no choice.

If you don't give me your gun,
I am going to shoot you.

I'm not giving you my gun

so you have to do
what you got to do.

As you wish.

Got your daughter here!


Stay down.

Get in there!
Come on.

Come on.
Suspect down.

Restrain him.


Got a minute?

Sorry, no, I do not.

What's this?

The who, what,
why, when, where

on the outcome at the 5-4.

I scheduled a briefing
for half an hour from now

and I've asked Tomlinson
to do the hand-off for me.

Because you're where?

Sam's arraignment.

Meeting his lawyer,
posting bail.

Anything you need?


I could at least...

Nothing. Thank you.

I'm going to walk him through
the processing

as far as I can go
and that's all.

I'm sorry for your troubles,

I really am.

Thank you for that.

And I'm not on any moral
high ground here.

I'm just trying to say
that I understand.

More than you know.

Don't get me wrong,

you own a lot
of that high moral ground.

Well bought and fully paid for.

Cut it out.

As you own what's right
for you and yours.

But nobody's idea
of what is right

is everybody's idea
of what is right.

I know that.

I have a blind spot
where Sam is concerned.

And a whole lot of coulda,
woulda, shoulda's.

And I'm left with a deeply
flawed way of showing him love,

but it's what I know.

I could try to make it tougher,

more pragmatic,
but I'm pretty sure by now

it just is what it is.

See you Monday.

Good luck to both of you.

She really saved his life,

didn't she?

She saved mine, too.

Thank you.

It wasn't me.

How long does it take

until the hurt and anger
start to go away?

Longer than it should,

but what you did here today,

it's a really big step.

Why did you do it, Daddy?

I wasn't thinking, sweetie.

I was scared.

I was...

scared I would never
see you again.

Daddy's not well.

I need help.

I want to be better for you.

Time to say good-bye.

I love you.

Will I ever see you again?

Of course you will.

He's your father.

Okay, thank you.

You're welcome.

Thanks for taking
my spot in there.

How you doing?

Just another day at
the office, partner.

You were tough as nails
in there and very brave.

You saved my life.

Oh, I know I did,

and you owe me.

Whatever I say,
whenever I say it from now on.

Oh, yeah.

In your dreams, Reagan.

Mrs. Jackson.

Can we have a moment?

Mrs. Jackson, we, um,

wanted to give you this.


Oh, my.

Th-This is a lot of money.


Officer Janko

was able to get every cop
in the precinct to do his part.

Well, we're still
a little short,

but a new tour
comes on shortly

and I'll be waiting for them.

I can't believe
you really did this for me.

Everything okay
over here, Alice?

Everything is fine.

I'm just...

I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.

Thank you.

What's going on?

Now she has enough money

to afford a proper burial
for her husband.

Because of these two
thoughtful souls.

Is that true?

The cops raised
the money?

Yes, they did.


Thank you.
You're welcome.

Thank you.

Look at that.


Bless you.

Thank you.

Good people.

Thank you. Thank you.

Give me a call.

I'll give you what you want.

Thank you.

Okay, so

whose turn is it to say grace?

Not me.
I said it last week.

- I think it's Nicky's turn.
- Is not.

- Come on, Nicky.
- Come on, Mom.

I'll say grace.
Uh, no, please no.

Some of us are starving.

What is that supposed to mean?
It means your grace

can take longer than
an Allman Brothers song.

I don't do that.

Yeah, you do.
Yes, you do.

All right, hold on a second.

Is there anyone at this table
who is not grateful today?

If only for the fact that we are

all together again this Sunday,
safe and sound?

I know I am.

Okay, let's all
say grace together then.

What a great idea.

Let's join hands.

Absolutely not.

Every man for himself.

Bless us, O Lord,
and these thy gifts

which we are about to receive
from thy bounty.

Through Christ our Lord. Amen.

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