Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 14 - The Poor Door - full transcript

Danny and Baez look into the murder of a lower income resident living in a luxury building where a percentage of units are available for lower income housing. Frank disagrees with a detective friend of Gormleys.

Danny: This is the conway residences.
Where's the crime scene?
Baez: Central said to use the auxiliary entrance.
You want the door next door.
What's wrong with this door?
This must be an 80-20.
We're going to the poor door.
The what?
Real estate developer wants to grease the wheels
To get a luxury high-rise built,
(rings) he's gotta make 20% of the units affordable housing.
So this is the door the affordable people use.
Yep. The poor door.
(door buzzing) got it.
After you.
You the first on the scene? Yeah.
You speak to the neighbors?
Anybody hear anything? Not that they're saying.
Apparently, the victim didn't show up to work,
Wasn't answering his phone,
So his mom came by and found him.
She had a key.
That's her, down there.
Thank you.
You better talk to her.
Ma'am, i'm detective baez.
I'm very sorry for your loss.
(speaking spanish)
(speaking spanish)
Deputy commissioner moore
Is on his way up, sir.
Did he say what he wanted?
Does he ever? I had a heads up from teddy nelson
At the daily news.
They're going to run this tomorrow on the cover.
Thank you, baker.
Nice car.
And that nice car is a ferrari
With a fraternal order of detectives plate
And an nypd placard on the dash.
Whose car is it?
It's registered to a veteran narcotics detective,
Louis weems.
This thing's gotta be
Three years of a detective's salary, before taxes.
Almost to the dollar.
And the press is going to do the same math.
A narcotics cop who, routinely,
In the course of his duties,
Seizes piles of drugs and cash.
Is he known to i.A.? No.
Record's spotless.
Does his family have money?
Parents own a dry cleaners in st. Albans.
But we are going to assume
There is a legitimate explanation
We haven't thought of right off the bat.
But there's another thing.
He's a former partner and drinking buddy
Of lieutenant gormley's...
...Who wants to quarterback
Whatever digging we do from here.
Because he says weems is one of the good guys
Who's gonna get burned at the stake
Just for being savvy.
Savvy, huh?
All right, what would you rather do,
Lick the tiles on the lincoln tunnel
Or... Go skinny-dipping in the gowanus canal?
You're sick, you know that?
You have to answer the question.
Ooh. I don't have to answer the question.
Dispatch (over radio): Be advised we have a confirmed 10-13
From the officer, front of 3491 lexington.
Units responding?
Central, 12 david. Show us responding.
Here, take this.
(siren wailing, tires squealing)
(woman screaming)
(gunfire continues)
(tires squealing)
Whoa! Get down, get down!
(gunfire continues)
Let's go, let's go. Okay.
Jamie: Let's go, let's go!
(panting, grunting)
Sproles, you hit? I'm fine. Go get 'em.
(man groaning)
Hey! Stay down! Stay down!
Janko: Keep your hands where i can see 'em!
Where's the gun?
Man: I ain't got one.
Central, be advised perp fled the scene in a late model...
Where's the gun? I don't got one!
What? I took a bullet. I need some help.
Eddie: Oh, you need help?
30 seconds ago, you were trying to kill us
And now you need help?
I didn't shoot nobody!
I don't have a gun. Hey, shut up.
You cover him, i'll cuff him.
Roll over. (groans)
Shooter got away.
Eddie: Yeah?
We got the booby prize.
I-i knew him to say hello to.
He came and introduced himself
After he won the lottery.
What do you mean, he won the lottery?
Not like you're thinking.
To get into this side of the building, they have a lottery.
Like 9,000 applicants for 58 spots.
He's paying, like, $600 for this apartment
And market value's two, three grand.
I think you mean he paid $600 for it.
Yeah, paid. Paid, yeah.
Come on.
We're going to need security surveillance video, all right? Yeah.
Can you help us out with that? Yeah, management company.
I'll give you the guy.
You ever see any suspicious-looking types
Coming in and out of that apartment?
Any criminal activity?
Oh, no. I mean, not him. He's a school teacher.
He taught up in the bronx-- like, fourth grade or something.
Super healthy guy, too.
He'd go for a run in the morning,
And drink green juice, like that.
In fact, he got caught using the gym here.
What-what do you mean, he got caught?
Well, the gym is off-limits to the poor door side,
And, uh, he got into it with a guy,
Couple weeks ago.
Wow. For using the gym?
Yeah. The roof deck, pool, gym...
They're all for the retail side only.
The guy got all up in diego's face.
This "guy," he have a name? Yeah.
Mr. Carstairs, 22b.
Got a minute?
Of course, boss.
I just got a call from the mayor about detective weems.
About the car thing?
He feels that when this hits the paper,
He will be vulnerable on his
Tale of two cities re-election platform.
This isn't a tale of two cities, boss.
This is more like one of those horatio alger stories.
How's that?
Louis weems is one of those guys
Who would've succeeded no matter what field he went into.
I mean,
He sees value where other people miss it.
Guy could be an entrepreneur.
Guy drives a ferrari on a detective's salary.
He must be an entrepreneur in some sense.
Boss, i've known louis weems since i came on the job.
We were partners together when i worked narcotics;
He's the godfather to my son brendan.
So your vision could be cloudy where louis weems is concerned.
No, i looked under all the rocks.
The ones he showed you?
Even his personnel file,
Including everything i.A. Poked around in.
I-i-i put it all in a 49 for you.
Uh, last few years he made
300, 400k.
The extra income
Coming from real estate transactions in brooklyn north.
It's on the up-and-up.
I swear, boss.
They call him lightning louie
Because he's a real savvy kind of guy, that's all.
When this hits the papers tomorrow, sid,
We're going to be the punch line of the day.
All due respect, sir, that's not his fault.
But i hope you're clear on what your job is in this.
You're part of my command staff now.
There's no room for looking out for your buddy;
Your job is to look out for me.
Yeah, i know that, sir.
You still want to quarterback this?
Yeah, yeah.
Yes, sir.
I don't gotta tell you nothing, all right? Listen...
Why don't you make yourself useful just calm down, all right?
And pour me a glass of water, huh?
(grunts): Come on. Hey!
Any leads on the shooter?
Car got ditched by chelsea piers.
Csu is going over it right now, as we speak,
But five'll get you ten it was reported stolen.
He's giving up nothing?
A lot of attitude, that's it.
Keep your ears open.
If he lets anything slip, let me know.
Man: Could i get a little help in here, please?
I can't reach my water.
Let's get this guy to give up the shooter.
Easier said than done.
Good cop, bad cop?
How about bad cop, worse cop?
What's the problem?
That other cop moved my table.
I can't reach my water.
(indistinct announcement over p.A.)
Can you reach it now?
What about...? Can you...
Oh, can you reach it now? Oh, come on!
Again with the games? Please!
You know what? I'll just call the nurse.
With this?
What, seriously?
Go be worse cop.
You know how we feel about you?
Let me guess-- not real hot.
You shoot a cop, you shoot a brother.
I didn't shoot that cop.
Somebody else did.
But i'm sorry, all right?
Please, come on, i got cotton mouth.
Thank you.
Is that the new issue?
Well, can i see it when you're done?
Baez: I think that's the guy.
Martin carstairs?
Detective reagan, this is detective baez.
We need to ask you a few questions.
Saw this coming.
Here's my card.
You're a lawyer, mr. Carstairs?
I assume this is about the little shoving match
With the dead puerto rican kid?
Why don't you tell us about your little shoving match
With the dead puerto rican kid?
What am i supposed to say?
Puerto rican american?
It's a tone thing. Okay.
Look, just tell us what happened, all right?
I'm in the fitness center and this puerto...
This gentleman... He's in there, like, every day.
I know he lives behind the poor door,
So i call him on it.
Says he's a guest.
A guest?
His girlfriend gave him a swipe card.
White girl from the penthouse.
A white girl? Yeah, so?
Well, you wouldn't have said "white girl"
If it was a white guy.
Hey, (stammers) just keep going.
What happened next?
A couple of shoves, i called the management company,
He never showed up again.
Where were you the night before last?
I was out with a white girl.
All night. All right.
Great, we're gonna need to speak
To this, uh, white girl.
You know, talking wasn't her strong suit.
We'll be in touch.
Yeah, adios yourself.
What the hell? You asked for it.
What a jerk.
All right, then just give it back.
No, come on, come on.
What do you got?
A bullet in the gut, you know that.
No, i mean, car.
Geez. Why do you think i got a car?
Anybody over 16 who reads that's either got one
Or is buying or selling.
Even in mineola.
I'm from uniondale.
Even worse.
I had a '65 goat.
What do you got?
Had a '71 chevelle ss.
Tremac transmission,
Hooker headers, roller cam.
Mm, nice.
So, why did you sell the goat?
I didn't.
Idiot friend of mine wrapped it around a pole
On the southern state doing 110.
Did he die?
Broke an arm.
Guy gets away with everything.
Same guy who left you high and dry?
Some friend.
Yeah, like i said, he's an idiot.
That gto had original drum brakes on it, huh?
That was the thing-- that beast could move,
But it took forever to stop.
Well, those brakes suck.
Jamie: Cantwell had a '65
Gto that got into a big wreck
On the southern state parkway about a year ago april.
Driver in the accident report is likely our shooter.
Okay, will do.
Thank you.
I can't believe he gave you the shooter.
Yeah, not on purpose.
Guy's a real box of rocks.
You don't got to pass a test to become a criminal.
(phone ringing)
The girl from the penthouse?
Yeah, rada radchenko.
Oh, she's a real looker.
This is her father, he owns the penthouse.
Ivan radchenko.
What do we know about him?
Uh, money comes
From russian oil and gas.
He's former kgb.
Well, those kgb guys made off with big money,
Throwing elbows all the way.
Well, he's certainly trying to make a legit life here.
On the board of the ballet,
Honoree at big time charity benefits.
High society stuff.
Yeah, a real fancy-pants.
(clicks mouse)
And there's the happy couple.
So diego and rada start dating,
Kgb dad doesn't like it.
You know, kind of like romeo and juliet.
Well, as i remember from high school english,
That didn't work out too well for them.
(sobbing continues)
Baez: Is that radchenko with the mother?
They sure don't seem like the capulets and the montagues.
The who?
The two families from romeo and juliet
(phone ringing) that hated each other.
Yeah, this ain't that story.
You're kidding me. How much?
Yeah, thanks.
Csu found a half a key of coke in diego's closet.
Well, that definitely didn't happen to romeo and juliet.
Well, like i said,
This is a different story.
Hey, reagan.
Nassau county pd came up with a name
On the possible shooter-- theo salzer.
Good work. They gonna talk to him?
Yeah, we're sitting on his apartment out in hempstead,
But i don't think he's coming home anytime soon.
He's got two other warrants out on him.
Both for armed robbery.
They gonna offer cantwell a deal to cooperate?
Cop got shot.
No discounts for nobody.
See if you can squeeze another nugget out of your boy.
He's not my boy.
(men laughing)
As you were.
Boss, this is detective weems.
Commissioner, this is my privilege.
This is my union delegate,
Detective tim cafferty.
I assure you this is meant to be an informal discussion.
Please. Understood.
I-i wanted to come stag, but, you know,
The union insisted, so...
Anyway, here we are.
And here this is.
Yeah, i saw that.
And it makes you feel...?
Like it must be a slow news day.
Cafferty: There's no infraction here,
Legal or departmental.
I understand you've been speculating in real estate.
Yeah, well, i've been working brooklyn north narcotics now
For, like, 12 years,
And thanks to a lot of hard work from all our guys,
You know, we're bringing back a hellhole.
Block by block.
So, yeah, you know, i bought a house, i made some money.
After i flipped it, i bought another house,
Kind of like that.
And as a narcotics detective,
You're in a unique position
To see a change in the neighborhood.
Oh, yeah, well, i mean,
You clean out a crackhouse,
That block just got better.
You can see the value.
You ever buy a crackhouse, then clean it out?
No, no, that would be against the law.
You clean it out, then buy it,
That's legal.
Uh, what's the timing on that?
For instance, raid a building on tuesday,
Put in an offer on wednesday?
Well, all business is timing.
So is all insider trading.
Internal affairs already looked into this-- it's all legit.
I know, i know.
And i understand.
Say you're a rookie,
And you find out
That a detective in your precinct is driving around
In an expensive car and buying up real estate.
What would you think?
And he's legit?
Not really my point.
I'd make it my business to buy that detective a drink
And get to know everything about him.
Thanks for coming up.
Get in touch with carla brooks at the department of buildings,
Use my name and get me everything they have
On the detective's activities,
Then send it over to ada reagan.
May i ask why?
Do you need to ask why?
Sir, it's been gone over.
I mean, why are you going after a guy for being savvy?
There's that word again.
Why are you pushing back, lieutenant?
I'm not, i'm just... Standing up for a stand-up guy.
You put it that way, well, yeah.
Then don't.
That is not your job in this,
And if you can't do your job in this
Because of your friendship with weems,
Say so right now.
Well, what is my job in this?
Something is not proper simply because it is permissible,
Nor is it ethical because it is legal.
Cops have to be held to a higher standard.
And if there's a way to stop this, to thwart him,
I want to know about it.
Any more questions?
No, sir.
Carla brooks, use my name.
Loop in ada reagan.
Yes, sir. That's all.
They'll be right with you.
Wow, fancy.
M-o-n-e-y fancy.
Ivan radchenko.
Detective reagan.
Detective baez. Welcome.
She's very fragile right now.
We understand.
You were in law enforcement yourself,
Is that right, mr. Radchenko?
Yes, i was.
Now you'll ask me if i have any theory
About who did this terrible thing?
Do you?
As a father to a beautiful young woman,
I was skeptical about this man.
Yes, naturally.
Over the time i came to know him,
He was a good man.
He was... He was a striver.
He was a hard worker, uh...
Uh, i don't know why anyone would do this.
(door closes)
Uh, detective reagan...
Uh, i apologize.
Baez. Right.
Hi, rada.
You've had a couple of days to think
About what you knew of diego. Did you?
Yes, of course. Is there anything
You can point us towards,
Someone he might have had a conflict with?
Even the smallest thing could be helpful.
He just wanted to bring light to the world,
To the kids he taught,
To everything.
Uh-huh. And how 'bout the drugs?
Was that how he wanted to bring light to the world?
What are you talking about?
Cocaine that we found in his closet.
Cocaine? Oh, yeah. A whole lot of it.
That's not true.
We have no reason to lie to you.
Is there something you're hiding from me?
No, i know him...
Rada. (speaking russian)
Rada: No.
I know everything about him.
(speaks russian) was diego having
Any trouble with money, student loans?
Did he talk about anything like that?
He would never go near drugs. He...
He was a schoolteacher.
Right. So maybe you just went down to his apartment
And did some cocaine
With your drug dealing boyfriend?
Please. I can't listen to this.
Rada, rada.
(door opens, closes) rada.
Hey, can you do me
A solid and take these cuffs off so i can cut this meat here?
Where's theo salzer?
More like, who's theo salzer?
The guy who wrecked your gto with a 1.2
Blood alcohol level and 40 pounds of stolen shell steaks
In the trunk. Oh.
That theo salzer.
Yeah. I get it.
Where is he? I don't know.
Where is he?
I don't want to talk about that.
You don't want to talk about it?
What... What do you want to talk about?
You want to talk about
How the cop downstairs took a bullet from him?
I just want to eat, okay?
You want to talk about
How it shattered his elbow?
So he'll never regain full use of his arm?
Yeah, so he can never come back on the job? Huh? Not my problem, bro.
I'm not your bro.
Yeah, whatever, man.
Whatever, man. Yeah.
Yeah, you just want to eat, right?
Yeah, now you're catching on. Yeah.
Yeah. I'll help you eat, huh? Why don't i help you eat!
Help! Ow! Want me to help you eat?!
Reagan! Help! Help! Where's theo salzer?
Where's theo salzer? Ow!
Reagan! Where's salzer? Police brutality!
Where's salzer? Reagan, come... Reagan, enough. Go.
Get out of here.
Ms. Parsons?
Lieutenant gormley, nypd.
Look, i told y'all everything i know.
It was my cousin's boyfriend.
He was not supposed to be in there.
I did not give him a key
And i didn't have anything to do with them drugs.
Ms. Parsons, i'm not here to investigate the drugs.
I'm here to find out if you were
Wrongly evicted from your home.
Hell, yes, i was.
Can you tell me what happened?
I had to go to north carolina for a funeral.
My cousin shania came to stay with the girls.
Shania, she hooked up with this guy,
Roscoe, from downstairs.
And she's always get...
Anyway, the police raid roscoe's apartment
And he takes the fire escape up to my place
With a bag full of drugs.
Police come up, arrest shania and roscoe
And put my kids in child services.
And you came back...
Somebody changed the locks
And me and the girls wind up in this shelter.
And now they tell me the building got sold.
Look, ms. Parsons...
I'm sorry about all this.
I have a lawyer who can help you.
Assistant district attorney erin reagan.
Here's her card. All right?
She's expecting a call from you, okay?
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Te con leche.
We can speak english,
Okay, ms. Torres.
Listen, i know you don't believe
Diego had anything to do with drugs,
But the fact remains we did find drugs in the apartment,
So i'm gonna have to question you about that.
Okay? I understand.
Was diego in any kind of money trouble that you knew about?
No. And he would have told me if he was.
Do you think he felt inadequate
Dating such a rich girl? Like maybe he needed
To prove himself by making big money?
I don't think so.
Do you have any idea
Why there would be cocaine in the apartment?
I don't.
But i know he wasn't selling drugs.
What do drug dealers want?
They want money, right?
Ivan offered my son $200,000 to go away,
To leave his daughter alone.
He did?
Diego told you that?
You think ivan wanted diego out of the way?
They say money changes everything.
But it couldn't change my son.
He was a good man.
Can i offer you anything?
Yeah, how about diego's killer?
That i don't have. As you... You know.
Manuela said you offered diego
Money to stay away from rada, is that right?
Absolutely true.
You must have really wanted him out of the picture.
If he'd taken the money, i would have.
Okay, tell us what you mean.
Of course i tested diego.
Of course.
For a schoolteacher this is a lot of money, for me...
It's an efficient way to protect my daughter from the dogs.
That's all.
We have to ask, mr. Radchenko,
Where were you wednesday night?
I was in brooklyn to see the nets play.
If you need the proof,
I was with steve warren,
Brooklyn borough president. You can call him.
You can look at the television coverage.
We were right behind the visitor bench.
Baez: Here's radchenko leaving the lobby at 6:05.
Go back over that.
Baez: Okay.
Did you see that?
He nodded at the other guy.
Let me find a better angle on him.
Let's try that one.
Was that a nod?
That was definitely a nod.
What are you thinking?
Janko: You want some?
Janko: It's really refreshing.
It's got, like, negative calories
And great mouth feel.
Mouth feel?
It's a real thing.
They talk about it on cooking shows.
Hey, what's going on?
The wound's infected. He's developed sepsis.
What does that mean?
Means we hope the antibiotics work.
But if i were him, i wouldn't be
Taking out any magazine subscriptions.
The d.A.'s office determined
Ms. Parsons has rights to tenancy.
And where's that leave weems?
Well, he can't flip it with her
Still in residence, so he's settling.
Happily? I wouldn't characterize it as that.
Begrudgingly, then?
300 grand, so yeah.
And what are you gonna do to him next?
To who? Weems.
I wasn't gonna do anything.
You're not getting this, are you?
This kind of thing,
You see it through, they talk about it.
How sid gormley got wind that an old pal
Was using his shield to game the system.
And how sid gormley
Made an example out of him.
I don't want to do this-- he's a friend.
Yeah, you want to do this. Why?
It's how you make your bones in this building.
You set standards.
And not just for your ride-along
Or your rookie tail.
You set standards
For all 35,000 of 'em.
Any suggestions?
If i were you--
And right now, i am--
I'd figure i could come up with something on my own.
All right, here we go.
Baez: Oleg kaus. Known ties
To the russian mob, criminal possession of a weapon,
Assault, assault with a deadly weapon.
This guy runs his daughter's life
Like it's a kgb operation.
So she falls in love with a kid from the wrong side
Of the building, he tries to buy him off, it doesn't work,
So he makes like it was just a test...
The actions of a concerned parent. Thank you.
But now he really has to do something. Uh-huh.
So he hires an assassin, creates an alibi...
Right. Plants the drugs in diego's closet,
Throwing off the investigation
And discrediting diego at the same time.
Too sad to be true?
A human tragedy.
My blood pressure's in the toilet.
They said i could die here.
We all got to die somewhere.
What do you expect from me-- a get well card?
Let me make a phone call.
No, you had your call.
No, come on, i got to call my mother.
All right, i'll tell you what...
I'm not gonna give you salzer. Just let me call my mother.
You dial, but i talk first,
All right? Verify that it's her.
(keys beeping)
(dissonant tone)
Says it's out of service.
You sure the number's right?
I don't know. I haven't talked to her in a couple years.
Maybe she moved again.
You got any other family,
Anybody else that might know where she is?
You know, just in case,
Uh... Could you write something down for me, please?
To my mom?
In case she comes for the remains.
Okay, shoot.
I'm not saying that i feel sorry
For him-- he's got a record goes back to his teens.
His partner shot a cop.
I know that.
So end of story.
Is this going somewhere?
Let me finish?
Come on, guys. Okay, so you
Don't feel bad, but...
Mom... Erin, haven't you ever prosecuted someone
You thought to yourself how much more
Punishment can one person take?
What do you mean?
Everyone has a choice. Free will.
Yeah, but some people, you look at 'em,
You think, there but for the grace of god go i.
But this guy, it's like god's got it
Out for him and everyone else
Should just stay back 500 feet.
Well, is there anything you can do? I don't know--
I was the arresting officer in an incident where a fellow cop
Got wounded. I don't think it's my job to make his life easier.
Well, if you could, say,
Show some act of kindness, god would follow it up
By dropping a piano on his head anyway-- like that?
Ex-exactly, yes, thank you. Well, we've all had those.
When i was working patrol, we had
A b and e out in, uh, rego park.
Homeowner hears a noise downstairs, calls it in.
I come in through the kitchen and
I find the guy in the living room
Unhooking the tv.
But he's blind drunk and he can barely stand up.
So? So...
The 911 call came in from the mom.
He'd broken into his own parents' house.
Seriously?! Yeah.
(all laughing)
What an idiot.
So, what happened to him?
Mom and dad pressed charges.
I think he did 18 months for it.
Pass the potatoes, please.
Got a minute?
Sergeant gormley.
You mean lieutenant gormley?
You are the one who promoted him.
I know that.
It's kind of my question.
Do you think he has what this takes?
In terms of?
Can he leave the need to be liked down in the lobby
When he comes to work up here?
I think so.
You do?
Half his "just one of the guys" act is an act.
He's smart.
And more ambitious for himself than he wants to let on.
I could be wrong.
Have you ever said that and actually meant it?
It's over.
Is that what they said?
Pretty much.
You want to talk to anyone?
You want to see anyone?
I'll break a rule.
I'll get them up here.
I got no one.
A priest?
Or a reverend? Nah.
They never did nothing for me.
If there's a hell,
I bet i go.
You can still ask for forgiveness.
No, i think it's a little late for that.
But i can do this.
Salzer's at his cousin tommy...
He's at his cousin tommy's place.
39 oak street.
New hyde park.
Swear on my own grave.
He's the one that shot the cop.
Want to write that down for me?
Sign it?
You're doing good, wally.
Says you.
Diego invited me to his class one time.
He taught the fourth grade in the bronx, poor school.
Very chaotic in the hallways.
But these children,
They listened to him.
He was tough
And gentle.
And funny.
Everybody loved him.
Including you.
Especially me.
But not your father.
Not at first.
He's protective.
But he grew to like diego.
He offered diego money to stay away from you.
A lot of money. Did you know about that?
He did that with other boyfriends, too.
He did?
I told you.
He's very protective.
Rada, honey...
I'm really trying
To understand what happened here.
And i agree with you.
I don't believe diego was mixed up with drugs.
I think they were planted.
But who would do that?
I don't know.
Do you recognize this man?
Oleg kaus.
He worked for my father back in moscow.
Why are you showing me this?
This was taken
In the lobby of your building
The day diego was murdered.
(shuddering breath)
My father?
We can't prove it. (exhales)
But you can believe it?
Rada, i'm so sorry.
I have to leave now.
No, please stay.
Wally, someone here to see you.
(labored breathing)
Hello, wallace.
(stifled sob)
(stifled sob)
How'd she get into diego's apartment?
He gave her a key.
Of course he did.
Live with yourself.
I asked the building inspector to look for violations
In all of weems' buildings. Major?
Major enough to kill the deals.
You think he's underwater?
Back of the napkin figures? Drowning.
Just don't ask me to do anything else to the guy.
You think it's overkill?
I don't question your command.
I didn't ask that.
Sit down.
What are you doing up here?
Sid, i thought everything was on the up and up.
No, you didn't, louis.
Don't insult us.
Sid tells me you're a savvy guy.
Don't make a liar out of him.
All right, i cut some corners.
You're getting warmer.
I just thought that i'd ask an old friend
To save my job.
Every time i turn
The corner, i'm putting out another fire.
It was all on the up and up, louis.
I can't lose my job.
Louis, that's not up to me.
Actually, it is.
It is?
In this instance.
You can keep your job.
But one misstep,
One cut corner,
And you're gonna be in the trial room
Fighting for that job!
Thank you.
Don't thank me.
Thank him.
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