Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 5, Episode 10 - Sins of the Father - full transcript

Frank pushes to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry's fellow officers years ago. Meanwhile Danny and Baez investigate a string of murders involving adult film stars.

Just pile on the sauerkraut and onions.
Sure thing.
You better load mine up, too. Okay.
Baez: Well, this is a new record.
What, for how long we'll have to ride around
With the windows down
After eating these?
No, how long my new year's diet lasted.
Mine lasted ten minutes into the rose bowl.
There you go.
Thank you. Come to mama.
(people screaming)
(gunshots continue) you see the shooter?
Danny: Heavy coat with a mask.
(people screaming)
Help him!
I got the shooter!
(brakes screeching)
Move it!
(panicked shouting)
Get out of the way! Move!
Move! Watch out!
(gunshots, tires screeching) move.
(car alarm whooping)
Stay on the ground. You okay?
Yeah, i'm fine, i'm fine.
Where'd the shooter go?
Hey, man, we need help over here!
All right, just step back!
Call 911!
Officer brent miller
Is promoted to the rank of detective third grade.
Thank you.
Congratulations, detective.
Thank you, sir.
Our final promotion goes to
Sergeant sidney gormley.
He is promoted to the rank of lieutenant.
(camera shutter clicking)
Congratulations, lieutenant.
Thank you, sir.
And again, congratulations
To all of you
And, just as importantly, to your families.
A lot to be proud of here today.
Commissioner reagan, my wife sheila.
Nice to finally meet you.
Nice to meet you, too.
Look, uh, i gotta make the rounds.
I'll be right back. Sheila: Okay.
Detective miller.
How's that sound?
Fantastic, sir.
This is my mother, phyllis.
Nice to meet you.
We're lucky to have him.
Well, thank you.
And my father, don.
Don. Congratulations.
Thank you. Yeah.
Tell me where we've met.
We haven't.
Well, enjoy this day.
Thank you, sir.
Sid, baker.
Detective miller's dad.
Have him detained as soon as he leaves the room.
As discreetly as possible.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Jamie: No, no, no. I'm just saying...
Remake all the movies you want,
Just don't touch jaws.
Don't you think a cgi shark would look better?
One more word and you're out of the car.
Stop! Whoa! Whoa! Crazy lady!
Please, stop!
Officer, please, help!
Officer, they're gonna kill him!
What happened? A guy hit a girl, but it was an accident.
Where is he? Okay, right around the corner, right over there.
Right around the corner.
Oh, wow.
Oh, geez. She wasn't kidding.
(siren whoops) here we go.
12-david requesting a 10-85, forthwith.
Numerous additional units for crowd control,
Corner of 34 and lex. (crowd shouting)
(angry shouting)
Man: Gotta do something about this street!
You set?
Yeah. All right, keep it tight.
Yeah. Let's go.
Here! He's over here!
Okay, ma'am,
Please back up. Step to the side.
Back up! Back up!
Step aside! Back up!
Back up! Police!
Step back! Step back! Get away from the door!
(horn honking) tough guy? Huh?!
(indistinct shouting)
Get your hands off him! Help me!
Help me! Get off!
(angry shouting)
Get back! Off!
Get off! Let go!
Hey, you!
Back off! Back off!
(indistinct shouting)
He almost killed mia over there!
All right!
(panting, sobbing)
Back off! It was just an accident!
All right, calm down! Stop talking.
Stop talking.
All right, calm down! Calm down!
Son of a bitch tried to get away,
So he's getting what he deserves, ain't that right?
(shouting) ain't that right?
Huh? Back up!
We got it. We got it.
Is she okay?
She's doing okay. Just call a bus.
Central, 12-david, we need a bus at this location.
Re: Young girl, hurt. Hit by a vehicle.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Blood trail goes from here to duane park.
Get photos of it all.
Dead guy's name was curtis fallows,
22 years old.
I can't believe this guy ran three blocks
After being shot in the marbles.
Well, adrenaline's a hell of a drug.
I'm guessing shooter knocked
On the front door over there, curtis opens up,
Takes a shot to the groin,
Runs down the fire escape
And the chase is on.
Any clues to what this guy did for a living?
I don't know, but whatever it was,
It wasn't enough.
He's got collection notices up the wazoo over here.
Danny: Yeah, what do you got?
Lady across the hall
In 2b says two nights ago
Some guy was banging on your deceased's door,
Yelling he better "pay back the loan he got,"
'cause if he didn't, he was "dead meat."
Have csu dust the front door for prints asap.
And watch the blood. Got it.
Guess he didn't pay back the loan.
Yeah. And now he is dead meat.
No pun intended.
(indistinct radio transmission)
Oh, whoa, hey.
Hold-hold up, hold up.
Hang in there; you're gonna be fine, okay?
Thank you. Okay.
Thanks, guys.
(distant siren wailing)
Is she okay?
Just cuts and scrapes.
See you got the crowd calmed down.
Yeah. They're still pissed.
Mia's the third kid who's been hit
On this street in two months.
The city hasn't done anything.
Well, i'm not sure human sacrifice
Is the way to get speed bumps installed.
Woman: Hey! Excuse me.
You two were the first on the scene?
Yeah. And just in time, detective.
How's the driver?
Rattled, bruised. (handcuffs clicking)
Claims he didn't even know he hit someone
Until he turned that corner
And saw people waving behind him.
Circled round the block and came back to see what happened.
I did not mean to hurt her.
I tried to be responsible, but they all attacked me!
Relax, mr. Santiago.
You'll get your day in court.
Look, this is a crapfest all around.
Highway's en route to give him a sobriety test,
But i want statements from everyone
And i want the guy who was trying to string him up.
I know who the ringleader was.
And i'll interview witnesses.
All right. Then let's get to work.
Gormley (over speaker): You admit you've been living
Under an alias-- donald miller--
When your real name is donald decarlo.
And you knew you were wanted
In connection with the shooting death
Of police officer steven dixon back in 1976.
Could i get a glass of water, please?
(knock on door)
That's your guy, pop.
I can't believe we finally got him.
Walked right into one pp.
He gave himself up?
Well, not exactly. I promoted his son
To detective and he came to the ceremony.
Does danny know?
Yeah, i got word to him.
30-some-odd years,
Three generations of us trying to find him,
And he falls right into our lap.
I never would've recognized him.
Last time i saw him,
He had hair down to his shoulders.
I had taru
Age-progress his teenage
Mugshot every five years.
Bald, not bald.
Beard, no beard... All the variables.
I guess i got used to the idea
That the "one who got away" really did.
(door closes)
Gormley: Here.
Thank you.
Yes, i was the kid
That officer dixon was chasing that day.
But someone else shot him.
Oh, the ever-popular "someone else."
If you weren't the shooter, then who was?
I don't know.
Someone reached out from behind me and fired.
I never saw who it was. Yeah?
I have never so much as
Even touched a gun my entire life!
I saw you do it, pal.
Gormley: Oh, yeah, so you're telling me you did time in spofford
As a juvenile for robberies and burglaries
And then went out on the lam for almost 40 years
For a crime you didn't commit?
Because i knew that no one would believe me.
But from that day, i have turned myself around.
I got married, had brent.
I mean, if i were a cop-killer,
Would i have encouraged him to become a cop?
That's why
I had to come see my boy get his promotion.
Come on, officer, we weren't really trying to hurt that guy.
Yeah, you were just pulling his ass out of that car
To see if he was okay, right?
He almost killed mary.
She's like a kid sister to me.
Mia. Her name's mia.
That-that's what i meant, mia.
You don't even know her.
You just wanted to beat someone up.
You know what? Here's your chance.
Go on. Have fun.
I'll get my cuffs back later.
So, that's our ringleader?
Yeah, not so tough now, is he?
How'd that breathalyzer go?
Mr. Santiago blew a .12.
Which means we got him for leaving the scene,
Reckless endangerment and dwi.
Sounds like a good day.
Thanks to you and your partner.
We got a problem.
That woman...
Says there were two people in the car.
Come again?
Yeah, she says the guy you collared
Wasn't even the one driving.
So, who was?
She couldn't see,
But she swears mr. Santiago was in the passenger seat,
And when the car came back around the block,
He was behind the wheel and alone.
Maybe she's confused.
She seems sharp as a tack.
How long you been on the job?
A little over a year.
So you're barely off probation and already playing detective?
I have a credible witness.
I have the guy who hit the girl
In the box right now writing out his confession
And still a little intox while doing it.
Thanks for your help, guys.
(scoffs) you believe me, right?
I believe you believe your witness.
That's it?
She's one witness out of a hundred, eddie.
And my gut.
Which is all you usually have
When you drag us deeper on some case.
What, i said i would go and talk to her.
You know what, don't worry about it.
Eddie, please.
Nice car.
Yeah, maybe i can take you for a ride.
I'll show you a place you've never been before.
Max murdock, police.
What'd i do?
Same thing you always do when someone doesn't pay.
You whack 'em.
I don't whack people... (grunts)
So there's another max murdock at this address
Who's known to work as a leg-breaker for loan sharks?
I mean, i-i quit that job. Really?
'cause two nights ago, you were banging on some guy's door,
Saying you were gonna kill him.
You left your prints all over it.
What guy? Baez: Curtis fallows,
The guy you gunned down this morning in duane park.
Curtis is dead?
Oh, look at that, he does know the guy.
Okay, i didn't quit that job.
But you did kill him 'cause he didn't pay up.
(breathing excitedly) these porn types always pay up.
Whoa, slow down, back up.
What do you mean "porn types"?
My boss is branching out.
He's financing films of an erotic nature.
Ends up making loans to some of 'em, too.
Yeah, i'm not really catching an alibi in any of this garbage,
Are you, partner?
No, just a bunch of words like, "films of an erotic nature."
(cell phone rings)
I suggest you come up with an alibi real quick,
And make it a good one.
Otherwise, you're gonna be starring in your own pornos
In the joint, you follow me?
I was in bensonhurt.
Uh-huh. Breaking a guy's arm.
I'll give you his number,
He'll tell you i wasn't in duane park.
Copping to assault so you don't get locked up for murder.
You're almost not as dumb as you look.
His alibi will check out.
What, you're psychic now?
Ten minutes ago,
Patrol responded to a homicide in kips bay.
Some guy wearing the same kind of mask knocked
On a woman's door and killed her as she opened it.
I'm guessing that's the guy we're looking for.
(exhales, coughs)
Alana robbins.
26, rhode island license.
The neighbors all describe the killer as the guy
With the heavy coat and mask we saw in duane park.
Stabbing's a different m.O., though.
Yeah, but i think this was plan b.
Killer must have got the gun jammed, tossed it over here.
Got up close and personal with her.
What kind of pistol is that?
Well, it's at least a .45.
Choosed for hunting, same as that knife.
An outdoorsman in the city?
Maybe he's from out of town.
Though that doesn't explain why he'd kill her.
Because she was a porn star, too?
Big apples 6.
Huh, i didn't even know there was a one through five.
And taxi driver secrets and maids in manhattan.
All produced at some place called cinema kitty studio.
Well, i guess we're gonna be calling l.A.
Actually, just a drive over to chelsea.
They make pornos in new york?
Since when?
Since the internet
And the 12-megapixel camera phone came along.
Well, i mean, that's what i heard.
Right. I'm sure that's just what you've heard.
Hey, lenny.
Can i have a minute?
Hi, mr. Santiago, i'm officer janko.
I know, you and your partner saved me-- thank you.
The way you're trying to save whoever it was
That was really driving your car?
I was driving.
You were in the passenger seat.
No, it was me.
I'd been drinking.
Yeah, that's probably why they were driving.
But after they hit mia,
You made them get out of the car.
And then you drove around the block.
Can you take me to jail now?
Mr. Santiago, just talk to me.
I wrote down my confession.
That's called making a false statement.
Jamie: Hey, eddie.
Hey, what's going on here, partner?
She's saying that i'm lying.
I'm saying you're doing something wrong
Even if it's for the right reasons.
Eddie, let's go.
Because he's already been interrogated.
Detective, i was just...
Going on a little crusade, like your partner?
Excuse me?
Yeah, reagan, everyone knows you like to kick over rocks,
In hopes of finding a promotion underneath.
But your old man is not his old man.
So, you screw with my case again,
You will regret it.
I'll take him down to central booking myself.
Let's go.
Move it.
Eddie: Mr. Santiago.
Eddie, what the hell are you doing?
I'm trying to find the truth.
You got to have more than your gut.
I have a witness.
Who you wouldn't let me talk to.
You know what, reagan?
I learned, like, a million things from you.
In fact, i learn something new from you every single day.
So it's time that you learned something, too.
Yeah, like what?
Like to trust me.
This ought to warm you up.
(clattering) man: Watch out.
Wait, cut.
She seems talented.
I'll be sure to let linda know you're a fan.
I'm just saying, i recognize a talent when i see it.
Well, maybe we can get you a dvd.
Woman: Hi.
I'm cat holloway.
Detective reagan and baez.
This is about curtis and alana, right?
You already heard, then.
Yeah, we all have.
Everybody's been freaked out all morning.
Matter of fact,
Can we go over here?
It's kind of a mood-killer, and we're way behind.
So, how often did curtis and alana work for you?
Him a little, her a lot.
Cinema kitty produces women-centered
Sex-positive erotica.
Oh, you mean like those r-rated soft-focus, uh, porns?
Uh, no, it's x-rated, but we cater to women's fantasies.
Anyone's fantasies go unfulfilled?
A disgruntled employee?
Overeager fan, maybe?
Not that i know of.
Only problem that we've ever had was josie phillips.
That's, uh, one of your stars, i take it?
Yep, from montana, i think.
Last year.
Baez: What was the problem?
Josie started partying too much.
She stopped showing up to work.
I had to let her go.
And then three months later,
She jumped off a building in madison square.
So? Small town girl moves to the big city,
Lives the wild life and commits suicide.
Couple days later, the cops came by.
Said somebody from montana called and claimed
That curtis and alana had, uh, seduced her over the internet.
But her death was ruled a suicide.
Thanks for your time.
Let me know if you need anything else.
So, maybe the "someone from montana" wasn't happy
About that, and decided to get even?
Yeah, her dad.
So now you're a psychic?
No, but i am a father.
The cold case squad has sent over their file on decarlo. Mm-hmm.
I have our people tracking down all of the old witnesses.
And your 4:30 is a half an hour early,
So i put him in your office.
Uh, okay.
What was wrong with the lobby?
He said the chairs suck.
Thank you, morgan.
Look who's raring to go.
I've been waiting a long time for this.
Okay, then why don't you walk me through the facts of the case.
Do you want to refresh your memory?
Don't need to.
Remember that day like it happened yesterday.
Well, i wasn't even born, yet.
So i'm gonna cheat.
Report says that at 10:45 hours on january 14, 19...
I'm in a radio car in the bowery
When steve dixon calls for backup
Because he's chasing a kid for a burglary,
When a bunch of other kids start throwing bottles at him.
Are you sure about that?
Which part?
Dd-5 says 1976.
What'd i say? '77.
Same difference.
Anyway, i arrive on the scene.
And, sure enough, there's steve,
Surrounded in the courtyard of this apartment building
At 444 south doyle.
Uh... (clears throat)
And... (sighs)
It says 448 east harvey.
The only thing that matters is that i saw donald decarlo
With a saturday night special in his hand,
And the next thing you know, dixon is dead.
That's all a jury needs to hear.
Detectives baez and reagan.
We're looking for jerry phillips?
My husband went for a walk.
Do you know where to, ma'am?
No, he just likes to walk.
We called your place in montana to ask you some questions
And found out you were in new york.
Oh, well, is there a problem?
A lot of people visit new york.
Do you mind if we come in, mrs. Phillips?
Oh, not at all.
Forgive the mess.
Housekeeping hasn't been by yet.
So, how long have you and your husband been in town?
Uh, three days.
It's a little overwhelming.
You on vacation?
Yes. Well, i mean, not exactly.
We came to lay roses
Where our daughter passed away last year.
But you haven't yet?
Every day, we say,
"today we'll go."
And then jerry says he's not ready.
It's got to be tough.
Does your husband hunt, ma'am?
Why are you asking me this?
I got something.
An indentation from the top page that's been ripped off.
Did you write this, mrs. Phillips?
No, jerry did.
It's an address.
You think?
Only one way to find out.
Wait, what's going on?
Sorry to take up your time.
Have a nice day.
Be safe in the city.
Well, how many details did he get wrong?
More than he got right.
He can review his notes before he takes the stand.
Dad, we're talking about grandpa here.
A defense attorney starts hammering him
About some inconsistency,
Grandpa is gonna start hammering back
And down goes the gavel.
Yeah, i know.
He's the only witness we've got.
There were ten other witnesses there.
And half of them did not see decarlo with a gun.
The other half are either dead
Or unreachable.
Which is why i am thinking of a plea deal.
You don't want to plead out a cop killer.
No, i don't.
But it's better than nothing,
And that's pretty much what i've got right now.
Pop's been after this guy for 40 years,
And he handed it down to me.
And i gave it to joe,
And then to danny.
I can't let it go at a discount.
You can't look at it that way, dad.
Erin, i can't look at it any other way.
All right, thanks.
You find out who lives here?
The porn director from that set we were on,
Jake gayley. Jake gayley.
(gunshots) shots fired!
Coming in!
Everybody okay?!
Don't move, you.
Get the mask off.
Come on.
Jerry phillips?
They killed my daughter.
Detectives, i don't know what you want me to say.
Okay, so you confess to killing alana robbins,
Jake gayley and curtis fallows.
For what they did to my daughter, they deserved it.
This department didn't think
They even deserved to be arrested.
This department?
You heard her.
All i heard was excuses
Why nothing could be proven,
Why none of them could be charged.
There are such things as laws.
There's also what's right.
So you decide to play god?
Is that what you did?
"for if there was harm, you shall appoint as penalty
Life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth."
Exodus 21:23.
"do not take vengeance against evil,
But wait for the lord, and he will avenge you."
Proverbs 20:22.
You ever had a child die?
And a broken heart is no excuse for what the hell you did!
I came to you people for help,
And nothing happened!
I am not
A smart man
Or a rich man,
But i am a family man.
And as such, i did what's right.
Really? Yes, i did!
Henry: ...Which we are about to receive from thy bounty
Though christ our lord. Amen.
All: Amen.
Lot of opinions being thrown around on talk radio
About what to do with that decarlo guy.
Since when do you listen to talk radio?
Since you haven't fixed the cd player in the car.
Talk radio is just that: All talk.
Is he the man you looked for forever?
Yep. Then your grandpa
Took over, and then your father.
What did he do?
He shot and killed a cop, that's what he did.
Pop saw decarlo shoot steve dixon,
And eyewitness testimony from a fellow police officer
Goes a long way.
If that's what i really saw.
Look, i know i screwed up
A lot of the details with erin the other day.
It's almost 40 years.
I'm sure your original report reflects what happened, pop.
I wish i was so sure.
40 years is a long time.
Danny: Come on, gramps. You've been carrying this around
Half your life.
You're just gonna pull the thread on it now?
Jamie: Yeah, no matter who remembers what,
Decarlo still has to pay.
But first, we got to build a case.
You know what you saw, pop.
I didn't say i changed my mind.
What are we doing here?
Seeing if you're right.
I'm not following.
I called the lady who thought
There was another person in the car.
You did not.
Yeah, then i did
Some poking around ted's life.
Saw what he might have been up to the day that mia was hit
And who he might have been with.
(school bell ringing) well, who was it?
I'll talk to you guys later.
Carlos santiago?
Relax. You're not in trouble.
Yeah, in fact,
Uh, congratulations are in order.
Heard you had a great meeting with the recruiter
From vanderbilt last thursday.
How do you know that?
Uh, we're cops.
We find out stuff.
Yeah, you know, i always wondered about those meetings.
What do they do?
Like, get you into a fancy hotel suite,
Give your dad a few drinks, loosen him up,
And then they hit you with the pitch?
My dad doesn't drink.
Well, he was arrested for driving while intoxicated
About an hour after your meeting.
I mean, i didn't see him have any drinks that day.
Yeah, you did.
That's why you drove home.
Like a good son.
No, i-i took the bus home.
Yeah, you took the bus home after you accidentally hit mia,
And your dad made you get out of the car
To keep you from losing everything
You've worked so hard to achieve.
Like a good dad.
Listen, carlos,
We can't force you to tell the truth.
In fact,
You can walk away right now,
And all this goes away.
Jamie: But how is it gonna feel,
Playing without your dad cheering for you
In the bleachers
All because you let him go to jail
For a mistake that you made?
He was alone in that car.
So i am walking away.
Danny: What do you mean,
There's something hinky with our case?
Would prefer "funky"?
We caught the killer, doc.
No, you caught a killer.
First and third victims.
.45 caliber bullet
Through the scrotum and torso. Right.
Angle of indicates a shooter
Who's approximately five-foot-ten.
That's what our guy is.
Your second victim, however,
Killed using a different m.O.
His gun jammed; he improvised.
Right, serrated hunting knife,
Single stab wound to the left chest.
What the hell is hinky about that?
An attacker who's five-foot-ten would angle more down
Into the victim's sternum.
The angle on ms. Robbins is more level
Indicating an attacker
Who's no more than five-foot-six.
So a shorter man.
But the depth of penetration is markedly less
Than typically associated
With the upper body strength of a male.
So, a shorter woman.
Son of a bitch.
It couldn't be.
Women hunt.
Who else could it be?
Thanks, doc. Come on, we gotta go.
Detective miller, sir.
Thank you, baker.
As you were.
Have a seat.
Do you know why i detained your father
After the promotion ceremony?
Yes, sir. He told me about it.
Told you what, exactly?
Well, he said that there was an incident when he was a kid,
A... A cop that had been shot and killed,
And that he might have been at the scene at the time.
"might have been"?
Yes, sir.
He said that it was almost 40 years ago.
He said he barely remembered it.
After the shooting,
He went into hiding and changed his name.
He left that part out.
Your father's real name is donald decarlo.
My father
Was on the job and on the scene.
He thought then, and we think now,
That decarlo was the shooter.
Sir, i swear, i have no knowledge of any of this.
(clears throat)
The district attorney's office believes that, uh...
We do not have a solid case,
As is.
Look, uh...
I would never ask you to testify against your father.
Commissioner, i have no testimony against him.
But if you asked him...
...Would he tell you the truth?
I don't know.
Would you be willing to find out?
Ask my dad if he killed that cop?
While wearing a wire?
As an nypd detective,
Trying to close the case
On a murdered fellow officer.
Detective miller,
This is not an order.
I want you to know i am sincerely sorry
For what i'm asking you to do.
I think i understand the burden,
The... Sheer weight
That i am putting on your shoulders.
And i will understand if you don't do it.
In which case, this conversation never happened.
But i am asking.
Janice phillips!
When we served the search warrant,
She said she was going back to montana right away.
Maybe she had more hunting to do.
Not using a gun. We found all of jerry's.
Well, she's handy with a knife.
You could find those easy enough in the city.
Well, who would she go after?
Cat holloway would know.
She might even be on the list. (line ringing)
Come on, come on, come on, come on.
Cat (recording): Cinema kitty studios. Leave a message.
No answer? No.
I'm driving.
You try her again.
(clattering, glass breaking nearby)
Is somebody there?
Is there anybody there?
(moans, grunting)
It's your turn.
It's your turn.
Danny: Let her go, janice! No!
Let her go!
Help. (coughs) no.
Let her go right now.
(sobbing): No. Help.
Cover me. Help.
Help... Me.
No, no! No. No!
Let her go! Let her go. (coughing, gasping)
(sobbing): No.
She killed our daughter.
They all killed
Our daughter. 5-4 detectives to central.
We need a bus at 182 west 20th street.
Female's been stabbed at this location.
We had to make them pay for what they did to j-josie.
All you did was make other families pay in the process.
You and jerry can think about that while you're locked up
For the rest of your lives.
(siren chirping) (jamie sighs)
Another day, another dollar.
How 'bout uptown burger palace? My treat.
What for?
Believing me about ted santiago.
I just wish it worked.
Buckley: Janko, reagan,
You two really are something, aren't you?
Got to get the gold star, even if it means
Stepping on another cop's back?
That's not what we were doing, detective.
Then why the hell do i get a call
From ted santiago yelling about cops
Harassing his son at school?
Oh, you mean the son you never interviewed?
You know what, let's find out what your sergeant thinks
About you going off the reservation.
I'm sure he'd like to hear about how you handled the case.
Great. Great.
Detective buckley?
Here you go,
A formal complaint.
Only complaint i have is about these two.
Go on. Tell her.
My dad wasn't driving when that kid got hit.
I was.
Then i took the blame and tried to keep him out of trouble.
Bad enough when he got arrested the other day.
Then i find out what they really did?
Nuh-uh. Not in my house.
Baseball isn't half as important as doing the right thing.
Smart lady.
Yeah, she is.
All right, let's go up to the squad
And get this all sorted out.
(quietly): Thank you.
You still want to go get that burger?
Donald decarlo.
What is it now?
We got you.
You got squat.
Confessing on tape.
I didn't go on any tape.
You didn't know you were going on tape.
Big difference.
Did you order him to do it?
Yes, i did.
But you're the one who raised an nypd detective.
What are you smiling at?
I've waited 40 years
To see the look on your face.
It was worth it.
Donald decarlo, you are under arrest
For the murder of police officer steven dixon.
(handcuffs clicking) you have the right to remain silent
And refuse to answer questions.
Anything you do say
May be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to consult an attorney
And to have an attorney present during any questioning now
Or in the future...
And that's that.
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