Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 9 - Bad Blood - full transcript

Danny and Baez investigate a homicide in which Baez's estranged brother, a former drug addict, is the lead suspect. Meanwhile, Frank learns one of his most highly decorated officers, a ...

3 percent rise
in domestic violence calls.

So the Thanksgiving week
always brings an uptick.

Families starting to gather.
In-laws in town.

If the pilgrims and indians
could find a way.

Maybe the first Thanksgiving
was cause they were

just to worn out
to fight anymore.

Where's the file
I asked you for?

It's on your desk, sir.


Thank you Baker.

What about this Raymond thing?

Corporation counsel was served
today with a lawsuit.,

alleging police brutality.

It claims, that two days ago,

Raymond assaulted an
eight-year-old boy

living on the same block
as his partner, Officer Donohue.

Is the boy ok?

After two hour in ER,
and multiple stitches.

His father, an attorney,

Preston Morris, says his son is

"totally traumatized
by the attack,"

and went straight to the
media after filing the suit.

And we have no idea
why it happened.

Not even from his partner.

Far as anyone can tell,
Raymond just snapped.

Goes without saying,
the optics are bad on this.

Sterling record,
decorated twice for heroism.

This is not that.

He is entitled to the same
presumption of innocence

afforded any other member
of my department.

You'll let Legal handle it?

Yes, Mrs. Reagan.

Moving on.

Vic was a hell of a cop.

But he would be the first to say
he wasn't the best

in the family.

That would belong
to Colleen over there.

In fact,

we partnered for a while.

And then she was assigned
to Vic,

who said that that was
the happiest day of his life.

Until, of course,
Brendan and Meara

came along.

May the Lord bless
Vic McGuire

and keep his family
in His heart.

You did good, Reagan.

Thanks, Roy.

Fly was open
the entire time though.

Up yours, Roy.

Thank you, Henry.

How you doing?

I'm hanging in there.

This place

already seems so empty
without him.

You'll see him again one day.

Don't be a stranger.


This doesn't make sense.

Brendan, I am not
imagining things.

What you're saying is crazy.

Hi, kids.

Hey, Mr. Reagan.


I've been through this
a little bit.

You got to go day by day.

But it will

get better.

Go on. Say it.

Say what?

Unless Dad didn't just die.

What do you mean?

I think Mom might've had
something to do with his death.

Meara, your father died
of cancer.

He's been sick
for the last eight months.

No, but he was better last week.

Mr. Reagan, she is just upset.

And you're not?

Listen to what
you're saying,

Meara. It's your mother.

I know how it sounds, and maybe
she didn't do anything to Dad.

But I think she did.

How the hell can you
not love Thanksgiving?

Six hours of cooking,
ten minutes of eating

and then a food coma?

What's wrong with a food coma?
Give me

any other holiday, please.

What do you got, Sarge?

Hispanic male,
stabbed to death,

found by the owner
of this bar over there.

Yeah, I came out to
take out some empties,

and I almost stepped on him.

You ever seen him before?

Just inside,
watching the football.

I'm missing
a football game tonight?

I think he means soccer.
Yeah, Venezuela versus Chile!


Soccer's not football.

And it looks like the game
is officially over for this guy.


appears to be intact.

Wasn't a robbery.

Single stab wound
to the chest.

Judging by
the angle,

the killer is left-handed.

Gabriel Vega, 26 years old.

He lives about three blocks
from here.

I'd say Mr. Vega came
out for a smoke,

killer approached
to bum one,

stabbed him before he lit up.

You psychic?
'Cause I only see the one.

Uh, no. There's another one
right there.

Saw it on
the way in.

You got

security cameras

No, I don't but other businesses
in the area do.

All right. Uh, Sarge,

can you have your guys round 'em
all up, everything within

a five-block radius?
Of course.

Well, if this isn't a robbery,

you got a motive for why
somebody wanted him dead?

Maybe he was cheering
for the wrong soccer team.

Step aside. Kill those TVs.

Please, sir, this is one of my
biggest nights of the year.

Not anymore it isn't.
Por favor...

Terry Giondo here

for Master Blend 3000.

Hey! A minute left in the half!

Shut up!
And we're kicking

their asses!

Shut up!

Now, here's how
it's gonna go down.

I want Chile fans
over there on the bench,

Venezuela fans over here
on the bar.

Move your asses.
Let's go. Let's go!

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Bad Blood
Original Air Date on November 22, 2013

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20 possibles in that bar
and not a suspect among 'em.

Remember when staying up
all night was fun?

Oh, yeah.

Reagan, Baez. How's your
Spanish Harlem slaying?

Ask me after my nap, Sarge.

Not till you go
through those.

Secu tapes?

Maybe we'll get a look at our killer.
TARU just

dropped 'em off so get crackin'.

I'll divvy 'em up,
you make the coffee?

Oh, and, uh...

good morning!

Mr. Reagan.

Hi, Meara.

I'm so glad you called.

Your mom isn't here?

No, she's at the store.


Are you, uh...

you feeling any better?

I tried.
Brendan says I'm wrong.

But he didn't see what I saw.

Which was?
The way Mom's been recently.

I saw her reading
Dad's life insurance policy

over and over.

And a week ago Saturday,
I swear to God,

she was on this computer
doing a search on euthanasia.

Well, people look up
all kinds of things online.

Even when your husband is dying?


what you're describing

is a crime
and a mortal sin.

I know that.

I'm neither a cop
nor a priest.

Well, you better
show me.

She searched "euthanasia"

and clicked on this link.

"Last Exit Collective,
helping you

face the end with dignity."

"Doctor consultation.
How to order

pentobarbital and methaqualone."

Oh, my God.

Did your dad ever talk
about ending it all?

Never. You saw him last week.

He was sitting up,
he was making jokes.

Has she received

any parcels recently?

She got a box last week.

It had a U.S. Customs
stamp on it.

Then she was
shredding something.

Oh, Meara.

I'm not sure what you want
from me here.

Please prove to me
my mom didn't do this.


You home?
In here, Mom.

Honey, I wanted
you to help me

with this...


What are you doing here?

Well, I got all the way home
last night and realized

that I left my glasses right
here on your kitchen counter.


I sweated enough perps
in my life to know

when I'm getting fed a line.

You told me not
to be a stranger.

Did I tell you

he was the flirtiest partner
I ever had?

And that includes your father.

Doesn't surprise me.

Come on.
Help me unload the car, Romeo.

That's not Raymond.

Commissioner Reagan.

Officer Donohue.

Raymond's kenneled,
per protocol.

I'm just helping out
with Kurtis here and...

trying to stay busy.

Pretty serious lawsuit
we got on our hands.

It's a load of crap,

Raymond's the best partner
I've ever had.

He's never gone after anyone
other than perps

and, then, only on my orders.
And he loves kids.

Plays with my niece Annie
all the time.

Maybe that boy provoked him.

We're not gonna blame
the victim here.

Yes, sir.

How did Raymond get out
of your yard?

Sir, I have no idea.

He's getting up there.

His days of jumping the fence
to get laid are over.

And I keep that gate padlocked,


Yet he got out.

Well, there's
no evidence

of that. But the padlock
had disappeared.

He also had points deducted
last year

at the National Field
Trials after making

a secondary bite
on the simulated attacker.

Raymond got kicked
in the takedown.

But he's never had a negative
incident with the public.

He's given his life to service.

He deserves a happy retirement,

not some shyster
says he's a killer.

It's not right.

I want to see your partner.

This way.


Five more days like this.

If the rabies and
behavior evaluations

come back on time.

May I?

Sir, he's confined
to kennel. I...

I'm the police

You use "Ray"
for command purposes?

Yes, sir.



You know something about this.

I do.





Good boy.

Good boy.

He didn't do it.



All I got are a bunch
of dark, empty streets.

Well, I'll trade you
for the cross-dresser

that looks just like
Sergeant Gormley.

Come on, killer, killer,

where is our killer?

Hold on.

I found a guy running
out of that alley.

Time code matches Vega's T.O.D.

Hello, dirtbag.

You mean, hello, Tic-Tac.

What, you know the guy?

Wish I didn't.

Why do they call him Tic-Tac?
Because if it

looks like a pill,
he'll swallow it,

along with any other drug.

Uh-huh. So he's a junkie.

Is he capable of murder?

Tic-Tac's capable of anything.

Nice neighborhood.

Tic-Tac lives in
one of these dumps

when he's not nodding off
in some shooting gallery.

Yeah. You seem to know
a lot about this guy.

What's your history with him?

There he is.

All right, I'll go around.

Flush him out to me.
Actually, can you do the flushing?


Where you going?

Look what the cat
coughed up, huh?

What do you want with me?


Put it down.

I'm clean!
Put it down!

I didn't do anything!
I don't give a damn!

I said drop it!

What is this, Baez?
Something I'm missing here?

I guess I should've said--
his real name is Javi.

He's my brother.


Come on.

In a cell;
lock it twice.

Yeah, I gotcha.

All right, this way.
To the back.

When were you gonna tell
me he was your brother?

You do realize I almost
shot him, right?

You would've
done me a favor.

Whoa, whoa. What's
the story with you?

What do you want to know?
How me and Javi

were best friends growing up?

How he wanted
to stay back a grade

so we could be
in all the same classes?

Or how that all
ended when he met

a new best friend
in a bag of dope?

You know, maybe you ought
to sit this one out.

Excuse me?

You're his sister.
Not as far as I'm concerned.

No, you are, and you proved it
by pushing him through a glass door.

You're busting me on how
I took down a hump? You?

Oh, come on...
Everything okay out here?

No, Sarge... the guy
we like for Vega's murder

happens to be Baez's
older brother.

Which is irrelevant,

unless family is now
outlawed around here--

which means Danny's
gonna get pretty lonely

without somebody from his
dropping by every other day.

My family members
aren't murder suspects

who I pushed
through a door.

It doesn't matter
who Javi is.

It only matters that
he killed Vega.

No, it matters how you
handle the situation...

All right,

listen up, listen up.

Both of you talk to him.

But I'll be nearby.

I figured since you
used to work in the lab...

that you might help me
piece this thing together.

Does Colleen know you went
digging in her shredder?

Nah, I had to grab it
when she wasn't looking.


Let's start sorting this mess.

By hand?

Whatever it takes
to prove to Meara

that her mother didn't do this.

What I mean is, they got
computer programs now

that use algorithms

to put these together.

Match shred marks,
predict word patterns.

I didn't know you kept up.

Some of us stay young, Reagan.

Says the guy who's taken
three leaks since he got here.

Now I just send this scan
to the laptop,

and let the program
do its thing.

I'll be damned.

So, you don't think
she offed Vic.

No. Not the Colleen I know.

I always wanted
to ask you about that.

Yeah. I know.

There was talk.

Can't say I'm surprised.

Colleen and I...

Not that we ever acted on it...

So what are you telling me for?

I don't know.
I never told anyone.

Family, friends.

No one.

She feel the same way?

Not that she ever
came out and said.

But I had the boss reassign her.

That's how she and Vic
got partnered?

That's how Betty and I
stayed together for 46 years.


It's a drug receipt.

She bought

a bottle of pentobarbital.


You hang back.

Your homework assignment
in 1,000 words or less

is to write down

why you killed
Gabriel Vega.

Who is Gabriel Vega?
The guy

you stabbed in an alley
in Spanish Harlem last night.

You're out of your mind.

And you're high as a kite.
Just go ahead and confess, Javi.

We got you coming
out of the alley on video

moments after Vega
was stabbed and killed.

I already told you,
I didn't kill anyone.

And why should I believe
a junkie like you?

Because I'm clean.

Three months. Look.

I don't have
any fresh marks.

So, where are you shooting up
now, between your toes?

People change.

Not you.

What were you doing
in the alley?

I was coming
home from work.

Where do you work?
Who the hell would hire you?

You want to know? Huh?

CZE Tech.
You always knew

I was good with computers.

Oh, so what now, you're hacking
people's credit card numbers

and buying drugs?
I don't...

I don't do drugs.

That's enough, all right?

What were you doing
in the alley?

The gu..

um, Vega, he's smoking,

and I-I bummed a smoke from him.

Some other guy
comes out of nowhere,

and he just starts stabbing him.
This other guy,

what'd he look like?
I don't know.

I was... I was running.

Just like you ran from us.

You think I want to talk
to a bitch like you?

What did you call me?

You cut me off

two years ago.
Yeah, it was 20 years

too late,
All right, all right...

you stupid piece of crap!
Officer! Step outside.

You. Hey.

Start writing.
Everything you remember,

put it down.

You know, you two are
worse than my kids.

You didn't buy any of that.
Actually, I did buy it.

Look, your brother's no angel,
but he looks clean

and his work I.D. seems legit.

You kidding me?
Did you see him catch the pen

with his right hand?
The stab wounds

on the victim
were consistent

with a left-handed killer.
Hey, boss,

you were listening--
you can't agree with him.

Actually, I do.

And I just
called Javi's boss

at CZE Tech,
and he's confirmed

he's been employed
for three months

and passed every blood test.

He's not our guy.

Innocent people don't run

from the cops.
Your brother might

be guilty of something;
he's not guilty of murder.

Get his statement;
cut him loose.

I'll but him loose.

You see if you can
come up with some reason

why someone would want
to kill Gabriel Vega.

You talked to the dog's handler.
Yes, I did.

After you said you'd stay away.
Cut it out.

You cut it out.
I can't do my job

if you're gonna undermine me.
How is getting

a firsthand field report
undermining you?

You talk to the kid who got bit?

Dog bites boy,
Reagan checks in on dog?

What's wrong with
this picture?


"Oh"? That's all you got?

It's a shakedown, Garrett.

Well, score one
for their side.

Well... we got the
truth on our side.

They've got

the optics on theirs!

Does the name Greta
mean anything?

Yes, it does.

It's also my job
to know things, Frank.

Like, motivation?

You ran a dog

named Greta in K-9
back in the '80s.

But only that one. Why?

I couldn't cut it.

And that has nothing to do

with Greta being shot and killed
by the burglar

you sent her in after?

Let's just leave it at that--
I couldn't cut it.

I know you're not gonna
let this go, but...

let me do my job.

I know how these things
are supposed to go.

It is cheaper and quieter
to settle out of court.

But any settlement would include
an order to put that dog down.

And that can't happen.

Gabriel worked
at my tire shop.

He was a good boy.

He loved soccer.

So no enemies you know of?

Who wouldn't want
to be his friend?

The only bad thing
he did was smoke.

I'm very sorry for your loss,
Mr. Vega.

This officer is gonna take you
to identify your son.

And if there's anything else,
here's my card.

No enemies, no debts.

Why is this not
making any sense?

Hmm. Maybe we're looking
at it wrong.

How so?

What if Vega wasn't the target?

But then who? Javi?

The killer was going
after your brother,

and somehow Vega got himself
in the way.

Who would want
to kill my brother?

He's a nobody.

Well, all your brother's cases
are connected

to one man-- Benny Russo.

Who is...?

Mid-level heroin dealer.

Narcotics has never been able
to pin a case on him.

Launders everything

through a legit business--
this lumberyard.

And my brother was
in bed with him.

Your brother was a cross-town
mule in exchange for drugs.

Seems this Russo's
a bit of a hothead,

and is a little paranoid

when it comes
to his ex-employees.

He thinks
they're all gonna rat on him.

Like... his former
accountant here,

who was shot point blank
in the forehead a year ago.

Well, that's a different M.O.
than stabbing.


Both crimes are up-close
and personal,

which would indicate rage
or revenge.

So, maybe
your brother gets clean,

walks out on Russo,
he gets paranoid, thinking,

Javi might run
to his sister, the cop.

Russo decides
to go after him.

And Gabriel Vega was just a good
Samaritan who tried to stop it?

Sounds right.

I'm gonna kick his ass for
not telling us any of this.

Yeah, well, now you're gonna
have to wait in line.

Coming in, Javi!


Son of a bitch.

Call a bus!
Oh, my God.

Call a bus!

Is... Is he alive?


This is Detective Reagan.

We need a bus forthwith,
re apparent overdose.

I knew he wouldn't
be able to stay clean.

Yeah, and I knew this was
gonna be too personal for you.


Partner, you've been screwing up
since we got started,

and I'm not letting
either one of us get killed

'cause you're too close to this.

Not everyone has a family where
the worst thing that happens

is someone's late
to Sunday dinner.

Just try to understand.

Javi tore our family apart.

The lies, the stealing,
the money my parents spent

trying to keep him clean.

They split up because of
what he put us all through.

That's why
you don't like Thanksgiving.

After everything Javi did,

there was nothing to celebrate
or anyone who wanted to.

'Least I saw a lot
of cops growing up.

Made me want to become one.

Yeah, well, something good
came of it, I guess.

Can we just go nail Benny Russo?

I don't know, partner? Can we?

I'm fine, Reagan.

All right.

Go sit with your brother
till he wakes up.

I'll see if I can't make
some traction with Benny Russo.

Go ahead.

Mr. Irving
to Volunteer Services.

Mr. Irving
to Volunteer Services.

So, who's Benny Russo?

Benny Russo is a drug dealer

who laughs in our face
every time he skates,

which is every time
he gets pinched.

Okay, so, what do
you need from me?

I need a warrant
from your bosses.

Off of what evidence?

He tried to have
my partner's brother killed.

He's a customer.

And this guy killed
an innocent bystander instead.

For the record,

I do love this song
you always sing.

I don't sing any song. What
song are you talking about?

It's called "I'm Danny Reagan
and I Know Someone's Guilty

Even if I Don't Have
Any Evidence to Back It Up."

I do have evidence
to back it up!

So, you have a murder weapon?

I don't have a
murder weapon, no!

Legitimate threats
against the brother?

Baez's brother said
that Russo tried to kill him.

Any witnesses
that are not junkies?

Listen, Russo is a murderer.

He killed his accountant!

And he skated
because there was no evidence.

He's a nut!
And you are halfway there,

if you think
I'm gonna bring charges

on a he said/he said

between one guy who's never
spent a day in jail,

and another who's been in
and out his whole life,

when he's not too busy OD'ing.

You know, I need to
find a new sister.

You need to find me...
when you have more.

So I didn't die.

Not for lack of trying.

Did you get Benny Russo?

My partner went
to talk to his sister.

She's an ADA.


siblings can get along, huh?

Weird, huh?

I'm sorry...

I didn't...

I didn't tell you that
it was Russo who was after me.

I just thought that...

it would be one more thing
for you to hate me for.


you know, he does a, uh...

good thing...

and I ran like a coward.

Maybe we can go talk
to Vega's family

and tell them
how he tried to help you,

after we get Russo.

Which may not happen
any time soon.

You're not the only one
with a difficult sibling.

My sister says
we got no case,

unless, of course,
we catch Russo in the act

with about 50 witnesses
and 12 video cameras.

So we're screwed?

Unless we give him another
chance to finish the job.


We use your brother
to flush him out.

Like, dangle him
like bait? No!

Russo's gonna come
after him again anyway.

Unless he's cooled off.

Do you think
that guy's gonna cool off?

He's right, Maria.

No, you shut up.
You're still groggy.

No. I... I still know people.

So I get the word out to Russo

that I'm gonna be where
I used to score, tonight--

Tenth and Butler.

It's secluded.

And he'll think
he has the drop on me.

It's a good plan, partner.

It's crazy.

It's the only way we can make
sure your brother's protected.

He's got to go down, Maria.

And I... and I could help.

And I want to help.

Least I can do, right?

Mr. Morris,
Frank Reagan.

I know who you are.

But I can't imagine
what you're doing here.

I just like to get out of
the office once in a while.

So, the department
is settling our suit?

Depends on what
you mean by "settle."

Well, by settle,
I mean monetary compensation

for physical injury
and emotional stress.

Then, no.

But we are prepared
to forego a countersuit.

Then this conversation's over.

Not quite.

We looked you up.

Good for you.

You go after deep pockets,
but always settle for less.

But a lot of less
adds up nicely.

Your dog bit my bo

A dog bit your boy.

I saw Raymond do it.

Well, you told
the investigating sergeant

that you were inside
at the time.

What I mean is...

I heard my son scream,

and by the time I got outside,

I saw your police dog
running off down the street.

There were no witnesses

that saw Raymond get out
of Officer Donohue's yard.

So, you're saying,
I framed Raymond?

No. You just said that.

And if it wasn't him,
what dog bit my kid?

I don't even have a dog.

I don't know.

The dog at your mother's house
in Queens?

The rescue dog

that you've tried repeatedly
to get them to take back?

I don't know.


We're done here.

I've got a big megaphone,
Mr. Morris,

and I know how to use it.

Know one thing.

We will not settle.

I know you love your son.

Do you really want to put him
on the stand to tell your lies?

You're a real piece
of work, Reagan.

Oh, please call me by my
first name-- Commissioner.

What's going on?

Tell me Vic was
in on this.

I knew you didn't come here
to find your glasses.

Was he?

It was a decision
we made together.

Check the seal.


Last Tuesday...

he was in so much pain.

Oh, Henry,

I, I came so close.

But you didn't need to.

I was going to say, I,

I don't know if I could
have had the courage.

Not sure that's
the word for it.

Oh, believe me, Henry,
I've been there,

and that is the word.

We still friends?

From the first day
we met.

Henry, I want
to thank you... for caring,

and I mean for all of us.

When the time is right and
you want to have a meal,

go see a movie...

I'll know who to call.

You okay up there, Javi?

It's cold here, man.

I still don't see Russo.

Same here.

Just sit tight.

Ghosts 1 and 2,
when Russo shows up,

do not make a move until
he makes a move first.

You copy?

Copy that.

Reagan, I don't know
about this.

Javi's got a stab vest
on under his jacket.

He'll be fine.

In fact, here
he comes now.

Hey, Javi.

How you doing, my man?

Okay, Javi,
stay calm,

stay in the light.

Now act surprised
to see him.

Hey, Benny.

What you doing
out here?

Well, a little bird told me you
might be out and about tonight.

Don't worry,
I just want to talk.

Won't take long.

All right, wait
for my command.

Copy that.

Tell 'em to move in.
He's going to stab him.

Give it a second.

Hey, you tried
to kill me, man.

Oh... yeah,

you-- but you know
I get nuts sometimes.

Little bird told me that
you also fell off the wagon

last night.

Sucks being clean, huh?

Look, I just want to know
everything's good

between me and you.

No hard feelings, right?

Come on.


I don't want
to kill you, Javi.

But I am going
to make you disappear.

What the hell is this?

Get in the van!

Move in, move in!

Move your car!

Where the hell did
they come from?

Are they giving you anything?

We don't even know
if they're still going

in this direction.
Sarge, you locate

the GPS signal
on my brother's cell phone yet?

Hold on, still trying.

Got it-- the cell phone's
signal is pinging

off a cell tower in Queens.

East on 73rd Avenue.

East on 73rd Ave.

Must be headed out of the city.

Hollis Hills--
Russo's lumberyard

is in Hollis Hills.

That's where they're taking
your brother.

Tell the sarge to send backup.

Come on, let's go.

I didn't rat on you!

Let's go.

What are you doing?

You're a junkie and
your sister's a cop.

Turn that thing on.

I didn't do it, I didn't do it.

No... no, no,
what are you doing?

Listen to me.

Chop you up...

...hose off the back of that truck...

...and it'll be like you never existed.

Let go of me!
Police! Let him go!

Let him go!

Hey, hey, hey.

He's my brother,
I'm the only one

that gets to kill him.

Hey, look at me.

Don't waste a bullet
on that scumbag, all right?

Me maybe
but not you.

It's not you.

Then there's that.

You okay, Javi?

You saved me, Maria.


He's coming along.


About Raymond...

Yes, sir.

The lawsuit is dropped.

I want the two of you
back on the job forthwith.

For those who are about
to die, we salute you.

He's already dead, Pop.

It's the thought
that counts.

How's Colleen holding up?

About how you
would expect.

You know, I don't think we
ever really talked about it.

I was only 11 or 12
when you two were partners.

Yeah, so?

And I certainly
wasn't going

to bring it up
in front of Mom.

What's to bring up?

Oh, come on.

Come on, what?

I had the biggest crush
on her.

She was a babe.

Yes, she, uh, she did
have her admirers.

I'll bet.

There we go.

Everything looks so good.

Smells even better.

Wait, do we give thanks
before or after grace?

Always before, Sean.

Linda, go ahead.

Oh, okay.


this Thanksgiving
I am thankful for...

Why do I have
to go first?

You always go first.
- I'll go. - No, no, it's okay.

Okay, um...
Time's up.

Uh, my boys.

Eh, you said that last year.

I did?

Well, let me do another.

No, no, that was lovely,

and the food's
getting cold.


I'm thankful to have Drew Brees

on my fantasy football team
this year.


I'm thankful I
have the 2013

New York Jets as
my real football team this year.

Go, Gang Green!


And I'm thankful that
I have a beautiful wife

and two sons who
put up with me

'cause, believe me, it's not
that way in every family, and

I'm also thankful
for that drumstick

on the right,
which has my name on it.

Me-- I'm just thankful for
what I'm always thankful for:

to be happy to be kicking around
this place with all of you.

I'm thankful

for all the ordinary citizens
who have come up to me

on the beat over the past year
and thanked me for my service--

all two of 'em.

Also, bulletproof vests.

I'm thankful I only have
a year and a half left

before I go to college.

I'm thankful that she still
has a year and a half left

before she goes
to college.

And I'm thankful
for four generations

of this family at this table,

safe and sound and starving.


Bless us, O Lord,

for these, thy gifts which
we are about to receive

from thy bounty.

Through Christ, our Lord, amen.


Who wants sweet potatoes?

I'll take some.

The turkey looks

Yeah, keep your hands off
the drumstick-- that one's mine.

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