Blue Bloods (2010–…): Season 4, Episode 8 - Justice Served - full transcript

Following Frank's dinner with mob lawyer Angelo Gallo, Gallo is shot, and Frank narrowly escapes with his own life. Meanwhile, Danny is called for jury duty, and winds up being the sole dissenting opinion in a murder trial.

Ella was
a sweet 18-year-old young woman.

She was a straight-A student.

She was working
as a cashier in that deli.

You know why?

To help her parents
with some extra money.

She was viciously attacked
as she closed

the shop.

You just heard her
as she begged for her life,

begged for help, begged
for mercy as he stabbed her

not once...

not twice...

but eight times in the chest

till she bled out.

Were her cries in vain?

That's up to you.

And you.

And you.

(phone rings)

JAMIE: You have the right
to consult with a lawyer

and have that lawyer present
during questioning.

If you can't afford a lawyer...
Hey. will be appointed for you.
Yeah, uh, we, we are, but I...

Get in.

I might be
delayed at work.


I'll call you.

You got a date?

It's a hot guy
from my yoga class.

Ugh, a granola cruncher?

No, a commodities trader.

Where are you going
on this first date?

Well, nowhere now that
somebody decided to make

a felony arrest ten minutes
before end of tour.

Tell you what-- I'll take
the collar, do the paperwork.

You can have the night off.




This guy know you're a cop?

Come on, sport,
it's a real romance killer.

But chicks like dating
cops, right?

No, no, no, no,
chicks like dating firefighters.


You ever see a beefcake calendar
with the NYPD?

You don't.

Maybe I'll start one.

You know where that old lady
lived, you know,

the one that wouldn't give back
the balls that went in her yard?

And smoked the Tareytons.

Yeah, that's her.

Her house just went up
for $1.6 mil.

Brooklyn has become

the new Manhattan.

Then, what's that
make Manhattan?

I don't know, the new Hong Kong?


Yeah, you got the last one.

I won't argue with you.

You make a lot more
than this civil servant.

Hey, when you quit that job,
you can write your own ticket.

At what, corporate security?

Sounds like one of those
euphemisms your clients use.

Hey, hey, hey, watch that.

Riding a desk is nowhere
on my bucket list.

What is on your bucket list,

Kicking your ass at poker
on a weekly basis.

Well, that is never,
never going to happen.

We'll see.

MAN: So, um, you know,
I'm skating along

and I hip-check this guy,

and he goes flying
over the wall.

(laughing): I know, and we,
we won the game.

That's great.

Yeah, it was awesome.

You didn't learn
those moves on Wall Street.

Never know.

(both laugh)

Uh, we play
down at Pier 62.

You should come
watch me sometime.

Yeah, okay.

The place has
thinned out.

You want to grab a table,
get so-- some dinner?


I would, but I, I got
to be in work early

and I got a lot of stuff
to do before I hit the sack.

Okay, that's fine.

Oh, h-hang on, I can take...
No, no, no, no...

Are you sure?
This is on me.

There you go.

Thanks, Jake.


I'll walk you home.



guilty... guilty,

guilty... guilty,
and guilty.

So that's...

Wait a second.

That's only 11 guilties.

Who didn't vote?

(clears throat)

That'd be me.

You know, this is supposed
to be anonymous.

Anonymity is overrated.


Uh, so I take it we're
all in agreement here?

(jurors affirming)

All except one.

(jurors groaning)

All but one.


(engine starts)

Friday night at Primo's, 8:00.

I'll give you a shot
at that bucket list.

And I'll kick your ass.

Yeah, right.

Never gonna happen.

Look, see,
everything's fine.

Thank you for the drink.

W-Why don't I come in,
you make me a cup of coffee?

I can't.


Well, thank you
for the lovely evening.

Hey, Jake.

Jake, you need to go home...
What's the matter? What are you doing?


Stop, come on.
No, no.

Get in there.


♪ Blue Bloods 4x08 ♪
Justice Served
Original Air Date on November 15, 2013

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He had two bullet wounds, was
hit in the shoulder and chest,

but he is out of surgery
and stabilized.


When he wakes up,
he will be moved

from ICU
to a general floor.


Read it and weep.

Does it say I shot him?

Of course not.

He's going to be
okay, by the way.

Good, but people are going to
want to know why you're dining

with the most notorious
mob lawyer in New York.

Because I was hungry.
Who paid?

Cut it out--
we grew up together.

Well, then, why can't you just
send him a card at Christmas?

And he's a lawyer,
not a mobster.

I don't know many lawyers

who get targeted for
a hit in Midtown.

He works for
the acting head

of the Rulanti crime family.

That's how he makes his living.

Frank, he's defending
Phil Romano.

Baker, please notify me

as soon as Mr. Gallo
regains consciousness.

Yes, sir.

I'm advising you not to get

further involved with this.

This how you treat your friends?

(line ringing)

Hey, Janko, boss said
you banged in sick today.

I didn't hear from you,
you haven't returned my calls.

Just want to make sure
you're okay.

I'm gonna keep checking
on you till you answer.

The necklace
was never recovered,

the murder weapon was
never recovered.

So what?
He ditched 'em.

This case is
circumstantial at best.

What are you talking
about, circumstantial?

Just what I said.

We heard from the
eyewitness Shania Costa.

She saw the
whole thing.

And she was convincing.

Was she convincing?


What color is the necktie
I'm wearing right now?


What color is the tie

that I have on right now?


Excuse me?

Point taken.

His prints were
all over the scene.

He admitted to being there
earlier in the day.

The D.A. thinks he did it.

The D.A. didn't do
a good job of proving it.

The detective from the case
thinks he did it.

The grand jury thinks he did it.

And I don't think he did it.

We've got an uptick

of robberies in the 5-1,
year to date.

We've got Anticrime
addressing it.

Has OCCB picked up
any chatter on the wires

about the Gallo hit?

No, but they monitored
Gallo telling Romano

that he's no longer
representing him.


They had to minimize, so we
don't know any more than that.

Thank you, Dino.

The D.A.'s office is
in the pretrial phase

against Phil Romano, right?

Charges include racketeering,

murder, and
bid rigging.

Case solid?

Well, it was
until the key witness

against Romano disappeared.

According to the D.A.'s
office, if that witness

doesn't surface,
they're going to be forced

to make a plea deal with Romano.

Gallo tells Romano he's not
going to represent him anymore.

Romano would know that that ends
attorney-client privilege.

Then he finds out
Gallo is meeting

with the police commissioner.

What do you think?

Sounds like a motive.

Sometimes a fresh set of eyes

can make
a big difference in a case.

I mean, look
at the crime scene photos.

Look at all the blood
at the crime scene.

Yet when DeShawn
Williams was arrested,

he didn't have a trace
of blood on him,

not on his clothes, not
on his shoes, nothing.

It's because he got rid of them.

He was arrested one hour
after the murder.

How could he get rid
of all that blood

that quickly?

If you ask me, this looks a lot
more like a crime of passion.

DeShawn Williams
had no connection

to the victim prior,
which would eliminate him

as a suspect
in a crime of passion.

That's true.

I mean, she was stabbed
eight times.

I personally am not gonna
convict an 18-year-old kid

solely on the testimony
of one eyewitness

without one single piece of
physical evidence to support it.

That's where I stand.

I agree.


I'm changing my vote.

Not guilty.

Anyone else?


What is wrong with you people?

And you. You're a cop.

Your father's the police
commissioner, for God sakes.

I think you should stop
right there.

Your sister works
for the DA's office.

Your entire family is
involved in law enforcement.

You looked up my family?

And you-- you went on a rally
just last year

for tougher sentences

for criminals
just like DeShawn Williams.

All right, I think
it's time to shut your mouth.

In order to cut down...
I think you should shut your mouth!

And now you want us
to let this kid go?!

I said, shut your mouth!
WOMAN: Stop it!

Well, so much for impartiality.

I'm getting the judge.

(door creaks open)

(door closes)

Mr. Reagan, you accuse
Mr. Polaski of bias?

No, I did not,
Your Honor.

Clearly, he had a chip
on his shoulder and had it

in for the defendant
from day one.

Which is exactly
what bias is.

And Mr. Polaski, I believe,
brought up personal information

about your family's involvement
in law enforcement?

Yes, but...

Your Honor, the integrity

of the jury has
been compromised.

And given that,

we don't believe

my client can have a fair trial.

No, no, no, no, no!
Mr. Reagan!

Your Honor, we can
work this out.

Mr. Reagan, one more outburst,
and you'll be in contempt.

Please don't do this.

Sit down... now!

I'm going to declare a mistrial.

The jurors will
all be released.

A new date will be set.


Hey, Eddie,
can you please open up?

I took a sick day.

Why can't you just
leave me alone?

I'm not feeling well.

Open the door,
and I'll leave, okay?

(metallic clinking)


Oh, my God, Eddie, what...

what happened?

I got in a car accident
on my way home.

Did someone hit you?

I got in a car accident.

I don't think
that's what happened.

Well, I don't really care
what you believe, Reagan.

It's-it's none of your business,
so leave me alone.

(phone rings) MAN: Yeah, that's the guy
right there.

Sarge, can I talk to you
for a second?

I just got off the phone
with Detective Alvarez.

The detective
in the DeShawn Williams case?

Yeah, that's right. He wants to
know what your beef with him is.

I don't have any beef with him.
I never even met the guy.

But we had a weak
case, at best.

Oh, you call an eyewitness
who identifies a kid

with a rap sheet
and motive weak?

Plus, his prints
at the scene?

Come on, the kid admitted

that he was in the store
earlier in the day.

Yeah, shoplifting. Nice kid.

There you go.
Knock yourself out.

What is this?
The DeShawn Williams case.


You think the detectives
got it all wrong,

you solve it.

DeShawn Williams didn't do it.

Great, Reagan. Then prove it,

'cause he's scheduled
for a new trial in two weeks,

and I'm damn sure
there won't be

a detective Reagan
on the jury,

because, thankfully,
there's only one of those.

As you were.



and prosciutto on foccacia
with roasted peppers.

Tiramisu, cappuccino.

From Di Palo's.

They said it was your usual.

Yeah. Well, did they say
it was, uh, unusual

for NYPD's picking up
my lunch for me?

Talk to me, Ange.

Talk to you.

Uh, there's a nurse
on the night shift.

You got to see her, Frank.


About the hit.

About the hit. I don't know.

Probably some random
gang initiation, you know,

or something along those lines.

You have a tell, Ange.

You play with your ring.

What do you know

about the witness
against Romano that disappeared?

You talk to me like you don't
know how this works, Frank.

Then, why'd you bail
as his lawyer?

How do you know that?

It's none of your business.

It is now.

Frank, please, don't push it.

You need to tell me
what's going on, Angelo,

or next time,
you're not gonna be so lucky.

I'm not a rat.

You're not a fool, either.

Only a fool protects a guy
who tried to kill him.


(horn toots)

I'll be right upstairs.

I'll meet you, okay?

(phone rings and buzzes)

Central, show us 98.

Ten-four, 12-David.

Been working an
hour and a half now,

and you haven't
said two words.

(phone rings and buzzes)


I don't feel like talking.

You want to tell me about
that date the other night?

Who was he, Eddie?

Some guy.

You need to lay off
the questions.

Maybe if I was
getting some answers.

You are my partner at work.

That doesn't make
my personal fair game.

Okay, you want to get
something to eat... partner?


I'll stay with the car.

Turkey on a roll.

(birds singing)

So, how has everyone's
week been?

Good. (clears throat)


Would someone mind telling us
what's going on?

Why is everyone so quiet?

Well, I got jury duty.

Yeah, I heard
there was a mistrial.

I can't talk about it.

How about you, Dad?

I saw on TV
that Angelo Gallo was shot.

I can't talk about it.


Jamie, got anything
you can't talk about?

As a matter of fact...

a friend of mine got herself
into some trouble,

and I want to help her out,

but she won't tell me exactly

what's going on, and
I'm not sure how hard to push.

I can relate.

Any advice?

I don't know.

In my case, I'm thinking,

if I can get past the fear
of losing a friendship,

I'll know what to do.

Anyone else got something
they don't want to talk about?

Hey, I got something
I can talk about.

I got a tattoo.

Excuse me?

I'm kidding!


I think we should go back

to when we weren't talking
about anything.

Don't even think about it.


You have no alibi.

I have an alibi!

I was at home.

At home... alone
with no one to verify.

You don't even got
a phone record.

Why do I have to prove
to you where I was?

Is it because I'm black?

It's not about that,
and you know it.


Well, all I know is

that I'm on trial for murder,
and I didn't do it.

And I can't get a single person
to believe me.

I believed you!

Well, then, you screwed me,

because now I got

a new jury
that'll be glaring at me

every time the DA's office
shows them an autopsy photo,

or plays that damn tape.

If you want my help,
you have to help me.

You got to give me something
that I can work with.

I wish I could!

Do you have any idea
what it is like

to have your mother
sitting behind you in court,

listening to all this stuff?

Listening to everything
that they say I did?


No, I don't.

But what about this witness,

Shania Costa?

Hmm? Do you know her?

I seen her
around the neighborhood.

I didn't ask you if you saw her
around the neighborhood.

I said, do you know her?

You don't know her at all?


You think you're the only person
alone in this?!

'Cause you're not!

Do you know what it feels like

to have every cop in this city
look at you

like you're a crazy person

for trying to help you?

And you won't even help

Here's another question.

Why the hell would that girl
pick you?

Of all people, why you?

Maybe you should ask her.

(indistinct chatter)


Detective Black.

Hi, this is Officer Reagan
out of the 12.

I'm looking for some information
on an arrest

that you made back in August.

The perp is Jake Singer.
It was a rape collar.

Shania, we'd like you
to take a look at these photos,

see if any
of these men resemble the guy

that you saw kill Ella Martin,

Has DeShawn been cleared?


We're just, uh, taking
another look at the case.

I'm sorry. No.

I don't recognize any of them.

How sure are you
that it was DeShawn Williams?

You don't see someone getting
stabbed every day.

I'll never forget it.

Why don't you tell us
what happened.

I was inside the Laundromat
across the street.

Where exactly?

Just inside the front window.

And she was screaming "please,
please," begging for her life,

and he wouldn't stop.


are you telling us
that you actually saw

DeShawn Williams
stab Ella Martin?

Yes, I did.


Stop asking me
how I'm feeling, please.

I was gonna say
you look like crap.

Yeah, well, they won't let
my manicurist up here.

Can you believe that?



I know that look.

I didn't like it when we were
kids and I don't like it now.

Too bad.

Frank, everybody's entitled
to legal representation.

You didn't have
to take on mob guys.

Did I know
Romano was doing illegal things?

Sure, I did.

But he's still entitled
to a defense.

And to a kid from Bay Ridge,
I liked the challenge.

And the money.

Yes, and the money, too, Frank.

This is America

and, last I heard, it's okay
to like the money.

But that doesn't make me
one of them.

I didn't say you were.

Yeah. You
didn't have to.

Those eyebrows of yours got
their own language.


What's your legacy gonna be,

What are your kids and grandkids
gonna brag on?

I'm a great lawyer, Frank.

I'm good at what I do.

You could be too good
at the wrong thing.

Yeah. And where's that line?

It's one thing
to know Romano's a criminal.

It's another to become complicit
in his crimes.

And you're not just
betraying the law.

You're betraying the values
your pop drummed into you.

Yeah, well,

I seen PD many times
cross the line

in order to snag Romano.

Is that what you're telling
yourself to make it okay?

Frank, let's be honest.

There are no saints
in this room.



All right, Frank.

Here's how it's gonna be.

I want no DAs,

no detectives
and no recording devices.


I don't want
to get whacked, Frank.

I am not leaving this earth

until I dance with my daughter
at her wedding.

The only thing I can promise

is my best efforts to keep you
from testifying

in a public courtroom.

Well, your best efforts
are better

than most people's end game.

I trust you, Frankie.

Shut the door and turn up
your hearing aid.


So, the eyewitness Shania

says she would've been standing
right around here

when she saw DeShawn
Williams kill Ella Martin.

Way over there.

The view's a bit

Yeah, and the street light's
busted in front of the bodega.

That's over 200 feet away.

Didn't his lawyer point that out?


Excuse me.
Can I help you?

Yeah, I'm Detective Reagan.

This is my partner
Detective Baez.

The street lamp in front
of the bodega over there,

how long has it been out?

Almost a year.

I called 311, but they don't come.

I called four times already.

Were you working the night
of the murder,

the young woman got stabbed
at the corner?

I was in the back.
I didn't see it.

But that's a very bad corner.

How so?

There's a young man sells drugs
on that corner.

Really? This young man,
he have a name?

I know he was arrested once,

but then he was back again
the next week.


(phone ringing)

(ringing stops)

The guy you went on a date with,
he ever call you again?

That's none of your business.

It may not be my business,
but I'm gonna make it mine.

If something happened to you,
Eddie, you need to report it.

If he hit you
or he assaulted you in any way,

you need to report it because,
if you don't, he's gonna

do it
to someone else.

You want me to walk
into this precinct

and announce that...

some guy sexually assaulted me?

You don't think every guy
in this place will secretly

be thinking, "She
shouldn't be a cop.

She can't even
defend herself."

I won't be thinking that.

A lot of people
won't be thinking that.

You know, it's bad enough that I
constantly have to prove myself.

I know there are guys in here

who don't even think
I should have this job.

And you want me to admit
that this guy punched me

and hit me

and he groped me?

It took every bit of me
to get away from him.

And do you know what I did?

I ran into the bathroom,
I locked the door.

I hid like a little girl.

I stayed in there all night.

I'm sorry, Eddie.

I want to forget about this.

Will you please
not bring it up again?

He was accused of rape
in the past.

How do you know?

I got his number out
of your phone

and I ran it through the system.

The charges were dropped.

You did what?

I'm trying to help you, Eddie.

I don't want your help.

I don't need it.

And if you bring this up again,
I'm gonna report you

for unauthorized use
of a police computer.

There was an arrest on that
corner in March of last year,

possession of cocaine.

A... Jose Otero.

Wasn't in the case file.

Well, maybe no one
questioned him.

But according to this,
he had 25 grams on him.

So intent to sell.

That doesn't explain his beef
with Ella Martin,

unless, of course,
he thinks it was her

that called the cops on him.
Was he sentenced?

He was arraigned
and given bail.

Bail? Who paid his bail?

Our witness, Shania Costa.



Whoa. What...

what are you doing here?

I could ask you the same thing.

This is getting really annoying,

Do you really think
you can make this better

with a little bit
of street justice?

Maybe this isn't
about making things better.

Maybe this is
about evening the score.

Hey. If the job finds out
about this

or he makes a complaint,
you're done.

After what he did to me?

Listen, it won't be
about what he did.

It'll become about what you did.

This is not the way
to get this guy.

I can't be seen as a victim.

If you stand up for yourself,
you won't be seen as a victim.


I can't.

Yes, you can.

It's humiliating.

You won't be alone.

Sit tight, Otero.

Keep an eye on him.

what's going on?

I still can't make a
connection between Ella Martin

and the other two.

What about the drugs?

Otero was definitely selling
drugs on that corner.

It's possible Ella
Martin flipped on him,

which gives him motive,
but I can't find a trail

and this kid is not cooperating.

I think we're gonna
need a search warrant

for his apartment, Sarge.

I'll work on it.

Is Shania

She claims she didn't know Ella
and never set foot in the deli.

Maybe they're covering for each other.

I got an idea.

Go for it.

Is that him?




Jake Singer.

You're a cop?

Yeah, and I'm gonna arrest you.


Uh, what are you talking about?

Get up, on your feet.
Hands behind your back.

Get him up.
Get up.

(clears throat softly)

Turn around.

(laughs softly)

Turn around.
Come on.

(people gasp)

And now I'm gonna add
resisting arrest.


What's going on?

Jake Singer,
you're under arrest

for sexual abuse
in the first degree,

and assault in
the second. Get up.

Sexual assault?

Yeah, this is all
a misunderstanding.

Hey, he attacked me because
I wouldn't have sex with him.

Consider yourself lucky.

Just like you said,

the body of Gerry White,
the witness against Romano,

was found in a shallow
grave in Great Kills.

What about Crime Scene
and the M.E.'s office?

En route.

The D.A.'s office can add murder
to Romano's list of charges.

And under federal guidelines,
he can be charged

with conspiracy if he ordered
the hit on the witness.

Romano not only ordered the hit,

he supplied the victim's address
and personal information.

Here is the shooter's
name and address.

If you'll permit me, sir,
how do you know this?

I'm the police commissioner--
I know everything.

OCID has been putting
all of their resources

into figuring out
who killed the witness...

and they came up empty.

Thank you, Dino.

Just so you don't get caught
with your foot in your mouth,

I'm asking the D.A.'s office
to charge Angelo Gallo

with hindering prosecution

for his refusal to cooperate
in the investigation.

Your good friend?

I don't care who he is,

or how well I know him,
I want him arraigned,

in his hospital room
if we have to.

And I want to see it
on tonight's news.

Perp walk?
The whole thing?

I'm not shying away
from publicity here.

Let's hold a press conference
first thing tomorrow,

full-on victory lap.

And that's that.


Get to work.


All right, Otero, you understand
you got two strikes against you.

If I find out you had anything
to do with that girl's death,

even if you just lied
to protect your girlfriend,

you're gonna get
locked up for a long time.

Go on, sit down.

I want you to write down
that you have no idea

who killed Ella Martin.
And I want you to write down

where you were
at the time of her death,

and I want you to write down
every detail,

everything you did
that entire day.

Wait, you want me to write down
that I don't know anything?

You don't know anything, right?

Okay. Write it down.

Go on.


Sorry to tell you,
but Jose flipped on you.

He's writing out his statement
as we speak.


Yeah. Oh, you don't believe me?

Take a look.
He's right over there.

Come on. Look.

He's just spilling
his guts.

Why don't you have a seat.


Don't let him put
the whole blame on you.

Why don't you talk to us
and maybe

we can help you.
You're lying.

Come on, we got
no reason to lie to you.

He told us everything

about him and Ella,
you know, the thing.

He didn't have a thing with her.

It's not like
we're telling you something

you don't already know here.

He loves me!

We're going to get married.

No, you're going to jail.

And he's gonna be looking
for another girlfriend.

All right,
so let's go over this now.

You found out
about Jose and Ella,

you got pissed off,
you wanted to confront her,

I didn't confront her,

I just asked her
to back off, that's all.

But she wouldn't.


uh, between you and me...

I don't believe Jose when he
says that you killed her.

He said that?

We... believe it was
probably just an accident.

You didn't mean to do it.

You were just angry
and wanted to talk,

and things escalated
and got out of control,

isn't that right?

That's right.

Of course.

I didn't mean it.

I swear.

You were just angry.

I was angry...

and I was high off of the drugs
that he gave me!


Why don't you settle
down, all right?

And I-I think I need a lawyer.

Have a seat.

Thinking of becoming
a detective?

Nah. They said
I could wait here.

Mm-hmm. They released you
already, huh?

About a hour ago.

And you came straight here.

You remember that lawyer?

The one that was at the trial?

Oh, yeah.

Well, that's not the first one
they assigned me.

The first one said
I should take a deal

that the D.A.'s office offered.

You know what that deal was?

I could probably guess.

15 years.

Out in ten with good behavior.

All I had to do was confess.


Confess to a crime
you didn't commit.

You know, the funny thing is,
I actually thought about it.


'Cause I didn't think
anybody would believe me.

Well, I'm glad
you didn't take that deal.


Thank you.





So, he won't be arraigned
until tomorrow.


Yeah, yeah. Um...

I just wanted to say that...

you're a real pain in the ass.

Thank you for convincing me
to come forward.

No problem.

How you doing?


I guess.
(laughs softly)

I'm really hungry.

We skipped our meal today.

Wow, and you haven't
collapsed yet.

Want to go to Anton's
and get some ribs?

It's all-you-can-eat Tuesdays.

Yep, with your appetite,

we might just put
them out of business.



Hey, you went to DiPalo's again.

Corner liquor store.

Hey. All right.

You missed my arraignment.

I'm telling you,

first time I've ever had
to hire my own attorney.

Was he any good?

Yeah, $10,000 bail.

Not bad.

And I wish you would've told me
you invited the press, you know?

I would have changed my robe.

You hear from Romano?

Yeah. He reached out for me.

Wanted to know
if I needed any help.

Offered to pay my lawyer bill.

How do you like that?

Wise guys get a lot of perks.

Yeah, they do.

So do police commissioners.

How could I ever
thank you, Frank?

You up for it?

You're kidding, right?
All right.

But I call the game, all right?

Chicago Night Baseball,
with a buy.

What are we, 14?


Well, I hope you brought
an extra shirt...

because you, my friend,
are gonna lose yours.

Shut up and deal.

Oh, put the pin away; this
is getting serious now.

Go ahead, cut.

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